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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  January 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> joe and mika leaving us in the lurk, we can film "risky business 2." >> i learned if you want a spike in ratings film what we're talking about off camera when mommy and daddy are not here. >> the top five rankings would rate well. >> all right. we'll seal you -- >> this is the nighttime show i've been pitching. phil this is what you have. go for it. >> stick around for chuck. thank you, boys. the president set himself up as the mid of-class populist. he also used his time to push back at the collective criticism he's received from the republican presidential campaign trail. with some key lines that seem directly aimed at mitt romney. we'll break down some of the key moments and tell us what they reveal about the path ahead.
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plus president's speech drew fire right away from both romney and newt gingrich. new ads out this morning prove that the candidates have plenty left over to go after each other. six day toss go before the crucial florida primary. we're live in the sunshine state and we've got new poll numbers. also on his way into the chamber, we overhead the president great ladle leon panetta when something. >> good job tonight. good job tonight. well, this morning we learned what it was all about. a daring nighttime raid by navy s.e.a.l.s in somalia rescuing two hostages including 32-year-old american relief worker. we're going to go to the pentagon for the latest on this incredible operation. it's wednesday january 25th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. whew, i swear each day gets busier. my first reads of the this morning. the state of the union address
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was not a campaign speech per se, but it's clear the pop you list rhetoric will dominate. a country where the wealthy do really well while a growing number of americans barely get by, unquote. >> the state of our union is getting stronger. we've come too far to turn back now. we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of rules. >> there was an american first aspect to this speech. he went out of his way to use patriotic language. we heard "america" and "american" 88 times. >> what's at stake aren't democratic values or republican values, but american values. the america within or reach. >> an america built to last. we bet on american workers.
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we bet on american ingenuity. >> american-made energy and renewal of american values. america is back. america will always win. >> the president went after a couple easy targets -- wall street and washington as if to send an "i'm on your side" message to the rest of america. >> washington is broken. can you blame them for feeling a little cynical? i talked tonight about the deficit of trust between main street and wall street, but the divide between this sill and the rest of this country is at least as bad. it seems to get worse every year. >> and obama spent about as much time listen listing what he believes are accomplishments as he did laying out plans for the future. he talked more about the death of osama bin laden than he has since the raid itself. >> for the first time in two decades, osama bin laden is not a threat to this country. one of my proudest possessions is the flaing that the s.e.a.l.
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team took with them on the mission to get bin laden. on it are each of their names. some may be democrats. some may be republicans, but that doesn't matter. the presidential campaign was never farther from his mind. one of the his signature proposals, the so-called buffett rule. it's named after, of course, the billionaire warren buffett whose longtime assistant was in the first lady's box for a visual. well, the buffett rule would create a 30% minimum tax rate for multimillionaires and billionaires. it would eliminate tax subsidies and deductions for the very wealthy. >> you can call this class warfare all you want, but asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as husband secretary in taxes? most americans would call that common sense. >> well, the president could
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have been talking directly to mitt romney whose tax bill we learned would more than double under obama's plan. in an interview with brian williams, romney sounded focused on the general election trying to walk the line between optimism and sake america needs a course correction. >> he seems to think america is on the right track. here in florida, as i talk to people, yet with eight people who are out of work or who have lost their homes. 9.9% unemployment, home values down, foreclosures up, people are very concerned. the idea we're on the right track is something that's very foreign to the people here. >> you know, this morning on "today" newt gingrich was not so careful. >> i find the gap between president obama's words and his deeds to be sort of astounding. he ran on bringing us together. he ran on yes we can, yet last night he seemed to be setting up an entire year of divisiveness,
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an entire year of getting nothing done. >> the guy who had the thankless task of delivering the official response to the president, this time was, if you remember, bob,jindal's "saturday night live" start turned 2009, this time it was mitch daniels. he had a very grim message. >> on these evenings presidents naturally seek to find the sunny side of our national condition, but when president obama claims that the state of our union is anything but grave, he must know in his heart that this is not true, and he cannot claim the last three years have done anything but made things worse. >> it will be interesting to see how that speech plays in what i would call the opinion elite of the movement. they love mitch daniels. on paper it was a well written speech. acon the trail, big news in florida this morning when a new quinnipiac poll shows a
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two-point race. romney's lead has evaporated. in worse news for the romney campaign, gingrich is ahead of romney among likely voters surveyed after the south carolina primary. it's a 14-point jump in support from polls done before the primary, and with new millions from the addle son household, the gingrich super pac announced it is making a new $6 million ad buy in florida. mind you, a million dollars a day, that's a lot of ads. expect that number to go up. and the toughest ad we've seen this cycle hitting romney on the issue of health care. >> when mitt i don't remember any invented government-run health care, romney advisers helped obama write the disastrous obamacare. >> the president is copying that idea, i'm glad to hear that. >> i great with mitt romney.
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>> now desperate to save his failing campaign, he promises to repeal obamacare. how can we trust him? >> i'm someone who is moderate and my views are progressive. >> think again. >> meanwhile, romney is doubling down on attacks on gingrich's worse for freddie mac. >> i'm running against the guys in this primary who is not working for one of these guys. that's what's known as influence peddling. you get paid and say things that frontline other people. it's wrong, it must stop, we can't have influence peddlers leading our party. just hours after arizona congresswoman gabby giffords made an emotional return to the hill for the president's state of the union, she'll return this morning to officially resign from congress. later this hour, house leaders from both sides plan to discuss her service, this is congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz will read the her aloud. it reads in part -- every day i
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am working hard. i will recover and will return and we will work together again. then the house will vote on a bill that giffords cowrote designed to strengthen penaltieses for drug smugglers who use airports from mexico. she was greeted by cheers when she arrived last night, just her second appearance since being shot in the head last january. the president greeted her with a long hug. she stayed for several minutes afterwards to speak with friends and colleagues. it was quite moving to watch last night. well, back on the campaign trail, mitt romney and newt gingrich, still on the attack. neither have shown sides of easing up on their war of words. let's start with peter alexander. he's with romney in orlando, and ron mott is covers gingrich. he's in miami. peter, what's the agenda today, what's the message the romney campaign wants to move today? >> romney's campaign focused its
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attention on president obama. when they realized what happened in south carolina, they tried to make that pivot to knock back newt gingrich, but again they return to the president trying to demonstrate they say despite his rhetoric last night he's really not in touch with what's going on in america. hammering on that 9.9% unemployment here in florida. romney will speak at this metal manufacturing plant. this is one of the success stories, as he will communicate, 35 years in business, expanding to 11 cities across the east coast. one of the other interesting things we've witnessed take place the last 24 to 48 hours, chuck is both of them have allied themselves in some way with the charlie crist/marco rubio battle. neurogingrich trying to attack mitt romney for having some of his former strategists now on his team, including stewart stevens, his chief strategist. take a listen to some of the back and forth. >> we discovered last night that
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mitt romney has pick up charlie crist's campaign team. i thought that sort of told you everything you needed to know about this primary. >> he's consumed with other people's staff. i don't think this is about staff. i think this is about the candidates. >> charlie crist, of course, the former governor of this state, the republican turned independent. worth noting that marco rubio quickly came out and defended mitt romney on this. as his own staff said, romney endorsed rubio before newt gingrich did. chuck? >> thank you, peter. let's go to ron mott he's in miami. we've had heard from speaker gingrich this morning on "today" but what's the focus today? does he have any romney attacks? is he doing health care like his super pac is? >> reporter: good morning, i think the focus at florida international university will be immigration. he has a latin-american policy speech he's set to deliver at 10:00, but just stepping back a
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bit, you know, the former speaker has been hatchering the president hard, as you know, calling him the most effective food stamp president in the country. he thought last night's speech was full of beautiful rhetoric, but off in terms of reality. i think last night we saw this debate will be framed on the tax reform issue. the newt gingrich, the mitt romney campaigns are both saying in some ways this is class war fare that the most financialfully successful people are at a disadvantage, so what mitt romney and to a greater degree newt gingrich is saying is let's get rid of the capital gains tax all together, lower the corporate tax rate to 12.5%, so that's going to be the issue on that front. immigration is going to be keep here obviously in florida. it's not just border control. newt expected to talk about all those people who are here in
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america undocumented, and how to deal with that problem. so it will be interesting to see exactly what specifics he lays out here in the next hour or so. >> it was. i tell you, it was amazing, during our debate when newt gingrich said he wouldn't veto, and mitt romney said me too, me too, i have the same thing. they know they're in florida now. ron, thanks. well, as president obama takes his state of the union message on the road, we're going to check in on how the speech resonated in the chamber. we've got reaction from both sides, from two people who listened to the speech. and we're keeping an eye on that developing story on capitol hill, as arizona gabby giffords's prepares to resign her seat, but also try to get her final bill passed. but first a look ahead at the president's schedule. three stops in one day. three swing states. you're watching "the daily
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president obama did list several specific objectives he'd like to see happen in this congress. new government regulations during this state of the union address, but in an election year, with the congress in gridlock, what can the president accomplish? tom price in georgia, a gingrich supporter, chair of the house republican policy committee, congressman, thanks for coming on this morning.
6:18 am
what did you like in what you heard? >> i think the president appropriately bracketed his speech request commending the troops. he started with the military, ended with the military. that was the unifying feature. in the middle two thirds it was bakley a campaign speech. you didn't hear about the incredible elephant, if you will, in the room, which is the amount of spending here in washington, the debt and deficit being massive under this administration, and not a word that i heard addressing fixing that, which is what we've got to do to get our economy back on track. >> well, you say you doesn't hear anything. i think the white house would say one of the reasons to push this buffett rule, if you will, is in order to what they would argue to accomplish tax reform in a way that could also help with the deficit. you've got to recon figure some of the tax code, so let me ask you specifically -- >> sure. 30% basically an alternative
6:19 am
minimum tax, if you will, for multimillionaires. what do you think of it? >> well, if you want to disincentivize job creation, you can certainly do that. if you want to disincentivize investing in our economy and expanding in our economy, you can do that. the problem is that the tax rate is the capital gains tax. if you increase that to 30%, which apparently is what the president wants to do, then we will decrease job creation, decrease job formation, decrease the vitality in the economy, and all that did is further erode the confidence in this economy and make it so he'll drive more jobs offshore. there are wonderful positive solutions. the house republicans have passed tens of jobs bills that sit idle in the senate. i had hoped the president would recognize at least one of those and call on harry reid to pass them and get to to his desk so he could sign it, but that's not what we heard. >> why should -- we've seen mitt
6:20 am
romney is turning into the face of this, fair or unfair, but his tax return came out this week. it's an example we can look to fairly easily. he pays lower than a 15% rate, because it's all investment dividend income, and he's following the law, but is it fair that, you know, his income is all derived from old investments and he doesn't have any wajs in salary. is it fair that his income is taxed at a lower rate than, frankly yours, mine, a lot of people who work on capitol hill. let's just use those folks as examples? >> the money that actually is utilized to invest from which one derives capital gains, that money heart already been taxed. one could argue that the capital gains tax is a double tax, but the real issue is how will we turn this economy around? how do we get investments to increase, how do we get the banks move again? you don't do that by imposing
6:21 am
more regulations and rules from washington on the folks that have got to get this economy rolling. president obama's answer last night, is what it always is, washington knows best, we'll decide for you. we'll figure out whether banks ought to loan money or whether you can get a student loan, whether or not you can create jobs, we'll pick the winners and losers. that's not the way to get this economy rolling. you know that. >> you sort of were alluding to them, so let's start with the home refinancing. given the difficulty that many homeowners have had of getting a lone s. if the banks aren't going to do this, at some point doesn't the government need to step in and say, no, you've got to do this for people who have good credit? they do it now for the government, and he signed the executive order, but how else do you get the banks to moved? >> that's one of the big problems that's occurring right now is the government through the fdic is actually telling
6:22 am
banks not to loan money. they're picking who gets money. that's wrong. one of the big reasons we found this crisis, is because of the reinvestment act and other rules where the government was telling banks exactly who they could loan money to and who they must loan money to. so the last thing we need is going back to the situation of the government picking who gets loans. there are wonderful positive ways to solve this if you believe in economic freedom and equal opportunity as opposed to equal outcomes, which is what the president clearly believes in. >> let me ask you about the idea that they have of trying to disincentivize, quote, outsourcing, to incentivize companies to, quote, insource, meaning to bring factories, bring some stuff here. >> sure. >> it would mean government of closing some tax loopholes that reward them for shipping some jobs overseas. what about dealing with legislation like that?
6:23 am
>> well, we're all for closing loopholes. in fact our budget last spring virtually closed all of them. we were for it before closing loopholes was cool. but the last thing you said to do is put the federal government in charge of business decisions. that's the challenge we had with the national labor relations board and boeing, for example, and the same thing can be said whether businesses locate here in the united states. but the root cause of the problem, why don't businesses create more jobs here in the united states? it's the taxation level. the president alluded to it. it's the regulatory oppression, the president talked about it, but in fact his administration has put in more regulations and more oppressive to business, and it's the lawsuit abuse in this country. the presidents addressed that last year. i was hoping we would hear about it this year, in fact we didn't, which means it's clearly not a priors for the president. >> very quickly, tax reform,
6:24 am
isn't this impossible to get done in an election year? this is a case where both sides say the other side is playing politics. in an election year, am i being too cynical here? >> i hope it does happen, because we've got the highest business tax rates in the industrialized world. there's no reason from a tax standpoint why businesses would expand. we've got nearly $5 trillion of u.s. money sitting offshore in u.s. companies that have made that moichb overseas. we punished them for bringing that money home. the individual tax rates are higher. if we want this economy jump-started, reducing those tax rates so we can increase the vitality in the economy. i hope the president will be receptive to that discussion. >> this is the irony. i hear the rhetoric from their side, everybody agrees cements to agree. the disagreement comes with, how do you deal with some things having to do with the wealthiest. that seems to be where there's the sticking point. fair enough? >> it may be fair enough, but we
6:25 am
put a proposal on the table. let's have this discussion. then let's move forward with legislation hand put forward positive policy instead of spitting and shouting at each other. >> tom price, head of the policy committee on the house side, congressman, thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks so much, chuck. appreciate it. we're watching live pictures on capitol hill. the house is debating the final bill, designed to strengthen pents for drug smugglers who use airplanes from mexico. we're expecting the congresswoman to arrive in the chamber. and the daring rescues in somalia. but first today's tlrivia question -- which presidents never delivered a state of the union message. we'll get a follow wednesday from you if you answer the
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we're just about a minute away from the opening bell. time for the market rundown with becky quick. i know you have your own thing you were going to update me with, but patty dom yesterday talking about the market is about a day away from panicking about the republican primary race. tell me about it. >> things are getting interesting here, chuck. at this point people look at this and they realize that romney may be the one that some of the republican elegalities want and some of the independents want. you have gingrich really rallying up the base. at this point if you get to florida and there's no decision on this, if newt is able to walk away with florida, that has people in an all-out panic. there's a sense from a lot of wall street people that we talked to they don't think
6:30 am
gingrich is necessarily electable. that really is what has them worried. i'm going to turn the table on you, chuck, what happened in florida? is that a state where the winner takes all in the primary? >> it's winner takes all. some in the rnc tried to stop them. only 50 delegates, though, because they got it halved. >> because think moved up the primary. >> it's a long march, but the romney people earp acting as if they lose florida, they've got a big problem. so math matt you cannily how difficult is it for somebody to pick up? >> the problem is filing deadlines. there's a lot of filing deadlines that have already passed. if somebody else gets in, if somebody else gets in, they'll only be able to -- the whole point of getting in would be simply to deadlock things, create a new election, if you will at the convention itself. >> and then who knows what happens? >> i guess, but i'm a dreamer, but not that much of a dreamer.
6:31 am
we've got a lot we're following and it's really wall street watching washington today, because you guys are calling the shots. >> clearly. i'll do the market update. by the way, we're going to open mixed. >> we're getting yelled at. daily rundown will be back in 30 seconds. well, mission accomplished for a team of u.s. special forces. they freed a pair of hosages, including an american from the hands of somali pirates.
6:32 am
the president personally congratulated leon before the state of the union? >> good job tonight. good job tonight. >> that tipped off our man jim miklaszewski, now with the details, mick, in all honesty, would we have this story yet this morning had it not been for the overheard com from secretary panetta? >> when i started making phone calls -- as a matter of fact, i didn't hear a single word of the speech. after i heard what president obama said, i was working the phones and working them hard. it took several hours to actually get all the information, because the operation was still ongoing. this morning what we're learning now from d.o.d. officials is that because jessica buchanan, the 32-year-old american who was taken hostage, along with that 60-year-old danish relief worker, her health was failing.
6:33 am
fbi negotiators knew that. they asked the military to intervene. the president gave the order on monday to move against that encampment. u.s. military officials and d.o.d. officials say that the kidnappers were not pirates, they were pretty much local thus, criminals, apparently out for a ransom. nevertheless, the order was given on monday, tuesday the decision was made to go on wednesday, and then early evening yesterday, as the president was straightening his tie to go to the state of the union speech is when the mission began. the situation room lit up. secretary of defense panettwatc. the president apparently gotn his limo to go to capitol hill without knowing yet the mission, and it was during that interrupt he was informed apparently just before entering the house chambers that the two hostages were safe. now, all nine kidnappeders were
6:34 am
killed in that assault. no navy s.e.a.l.s were injured. there's some dispute now or contradiction to whether or not the kidnappers actually even ever fired a shot. it might have been one of those situations where they broke into the encampment and just took everybody out. >> jim miklaszewski, who broke this story last night in the early morning hours. i guess you need some sleep, my friend. >> not quite yet. fair enough. back on capitol hill, democrats are digesting. latest proposals. joining mess is nor ben cardin. the tradition is you ask the loyal opposition what they liked. i'll ask the loyal supporters this first, it's good to be with
6:35 am
you. all of his comments was to make mer competitive and create more jobs. i think he challenged congress to take up his initiatives and moves legislation forward. >> let me play a portion and get you to respond. where hard work pays off and respond is rewarded. let's fix what needs to be fixing and let's move forward. i want to speak about how we move forward. it's time for college and universities have to do their part by working to keep costs down. we've heard the white house push a lot of these proposals before.
6:36 am
>> reporter: well, there's no question we are recovering from the worst recession in our lifetime and we need to continue to get job growth. he said, look, let's focus on what we can do toke redo or energy grids, invest in job training, improve manufacturing, all of those are themes that we have heard in the past, but the president is right to say this is the time we could do things to create more jobs for people who need it in our country. you know how it town works in an election year. of what he proposed last night what are the two or three pieces that you think might get passed
6:37 am
before they heed up. we have a bipartisan bill. i think we can get that done to help rebuild or transportation system. on energy, i think there's bipartisan agreement to use every available way to become energy dependent, and then helping or veterans, he mentioned it again, we could do more in that regard. some of the tax provisions that need to be extended, including the payroll tax, i think we can get that do don, but what the president wants to do with sort of evening out the tax code, if you will, is that something that's basically going to be litigated by the voters and what happens then? you come back and that's the philosophy, the tax reform, the
6:38 am
prism of the philosophy that's used to take up tax reform in 2013? >> i think we have to be realistic what can get done this year. i know speaking from my colleagues, we don't want to waste 2012. it's a long time between now and november. we're going to try to move these issues forward. but i think realistically there's some issues that may have to wait. >> thank you for coming on and giving us your honest assessment. appreciate it. new poll numbers show the rates is tightening in florida. the hump day political panel will be here next. weesh expecting gabby giffords to hand in her official letter of resignation soon. the president is not there, but one of our favorite soups. you can never go wrong, trust
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me, i need it after this long slog over the next six weeks. ♪
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are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. president obama veered into campaign territory more than once last night. >> when americans talk about folks like me paying my fair share of taxes, it's not because they envy the rich. it's because they understand that whether i get a tax break i don't need and the country can't afford, it either adds to the deficit or somebody else has to make up the difference. >> "new york times" john herwood cnbc's correspondent as well, and gene cummings action and fred yang is a democratic
6:43 am
pollster. john harwood, how campaign-y did you think it was. >> he didn't just dip in, he was swimming in it the whole night. look, that was a campaign speech. the president has a lot of things he'd like to do, but knows he can't do it with the congress right now. he'll bet the payroll tax still edges, but not a lot else. he was sketching out a road map of his values and priorities. >> it felt like a vision speech when i look at bush '04, reagan, clinton '96, they all had the feel of it. >> it's the nature of the beast, the launch of his reelection campaign. in the end, this speech means a lot less than just the economy, because that's what's going to determine whether he wins or not. >> very quickly, fred, pulling bumps out of state of the unions in the middle of when everybody is focused on another race, it
6:44 am
will be almost nil, maybe it moves a bit or -- >> i think it will move some of the independents who are wavering. >> where will you see it? more in favorable rating? >> i think his favorable rating is actually pretty good. i think you'll see it in is the job rating. to go with what john and jean said, to me it's a long-distance debate, the president versus romney and gingrich. >> you definitely could feel that. inr new poll today shows gingrich closing the gap. romney was up before the south carolina primary. they were in the field after and gingrich was up. romney's strength. who has the knowledge and experience to be president, gingrich leads romney. which one would you regard have six days left? >> i think i would rather have
6:45 am
having the knowledge to be president. >> because voters aren't calculating? >> these aren't just regular republicans who will vote. these are super republicans. i believe they believe anyone they nominate will beat barack obama. we have two credible candidates. look, i think it's been obviously the start of a bad week for governor romney, and losing south carolina, releasing his taxes, you know, and then -- >> it's been about romney. >> right. >> speaking of on the defensive, the gingrich super pac, the sheldon addle son pac at this point since they fund everything from the venetian, it's going up with what may be the first negative ad on romney on health care with six days to go. thoughts? >> that's been a weakness for mitt romney throughout this process, but nobody las hit it really hard. >> nobody's done it, right. >> we have to see whether he does have a -- they're super
6:46 am
republicans, as fred said, things are going well no newt gingrich, and mitt romney needs to figure out a way to defend the plan better than he has so far and stay on a consistent message. he really needs to win florida. >> the romney campaign is pushing this freddie mac thing, and saying, look, whether he claims he was an official lobbyist or not, he was helping freddie mac figure out how to lobby. >> absolutely. the new contract that came out late last night, they uncovered their first contract with freddie mac, and that was valued at about a million, 1.2 million. that one has language in it that will be helpful to romney, because it says the paragraphs about what was his charge are a lot more specific. his job was to help freddie mac sell its business model. that is the very thing that republicans don't like about fred yik mac, so it gives romney
6:47 am
more ammunition to take against gingrich. in addition, the romney camp is also focusing a lot on his work on health care, right. >> which could be a richer vein. >> all right, john, jeannie, fred, stick around. trivia time. the answer -- william henry harrison and james garfield, because neither lived long enough to deliver any type of annual message. we'll be right back. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. e action. i go to e-trade and tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. [ birds chirping ] try bayer advanced aspirin. it's not the bayer aspirin you know. it's different. first, it's been re-engineered with micro-particles. second, it enters the bloodstream fast, and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain.
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we're going to go back to the panel in just a moment, but we're also watching the developments on the house floor this morning. the vote on congresswoman gabby giffords last bill is set to begin any moment. nbc covers capitol hill for us. luke russert is watching it all. luke, can you tell me what we know they're voting on, another bill right now. this bill, i assume, for gabby
6:51 am
giffords, is a done deal. they wouldn't want her final deal to actually go down. >> good morning. it's very much a done deal. it's a bill that's got a lot of bipartisan support. it strengthens the penalties for those who use light airplanes to smuggle drugs across the border. it's something she's worked on in her time in congress. she's had a very good bipartisan relationship with a lot of members in that region of the country on border security issues. it's a great issue for her to go out on. what exactly is going to happen here on the house floor is they're voting on a ceremonial bill for the buffalo soldiers. then they will go on to her bill. it's expected that once about 200 members vote, she will then walk onto the floor. there will be no doubt expect there to be a raucous sort of applause from her colleagues. speaker boehner is expected to be in the chair and at the conclusion of those votes debbie wasserman schultz, her good friend will read gabby giffords' resignation letter on the floor
6:52 am
and she expect her to hand deliver it to speaker boehner. gabby giffords will not speak we are told on the house floor today, chuck, and this really is the end of a year-long saga that has tapped into seemingly every element that's on this spectrum of human emotion. we started last year in january with despair and anguish that possibly gabby giffords could be killed. that's sort of bloomed into this feeling of hope that's radiated throughout the capital amongst her colleagues. no one will say anything bad about gabrielle giffords. they sort of look to her story for incompetent spir ration that they can come together and it challenged them very much at the beginning of the year. this was three or four days in speaker boehner's speakership that this all did happen. mark kelly was critical of speaker boehner for not visiting her, but then he has good relationships and has tried to bring this forward today, and eric cantor went out of his way to make sure this bill was on the floor today so that would be
6:53 am
her last moment here in congress. so overall bipartisan, everybody is a big fan of gabby giffords today. >> we will continue coverage and chris jansing will take it live when we see the congresswoman come in. luke russert, thanks very much. let's finish up with our panel. john harwood, jeanne cummings, and fred yang. all right. we saw the president, john harwood, take on wall street, take on congress. let me ask you about the wall street portion. how upset will wall street react to some of what the president proposed last night, in particular that criminal justice subbureau if you will he wants to create in the justice department. >> the real problem wall street has with this president is psychological. that is to say, they think the president is condemning them publicly, making them look like villains, making them look like criminals, trying to make them feel gilley for the money they make, and that's caused a big estrangement from a lot of people who supported him in
6:54 am
2008, but in the election environment of 2012 he'll take that estrangement and wear it as a badge of honor with independents. >> jeanne, hitting congress, daring them to do reform bills. i thought it was funny he mentioned this insider trading bill, which is this ability to take congress and wall street and lump them together. >> clearly he's going to run against congress, they will try to link this republican nominee to this congress. they began using it in september and we will hear it all the way through to this coming september and november. >> fred, how hard is it -- i got to think it's got to be pretty hard to sit there and say, hey, i'm not them. i maybe have been here three years, you know, it's a tough sell to the public who might say, you're the guy in charge of washington. you're the one that said you were going to be able to fix this divide, and you're saying you couldn't do it because it's their fault. >> it's hard, but he has a
6:55 am
unique ability to command the bully pulpit which by definition sets him apart from everybody else, and i think, you know, last night's speech and what happened overseas is actually a pretty good summation of the advantages he will have, and which will be a tough election. the three legs of the stool to re-elect a president is personality, commander in chief, and can you fix the economy. he's got the personality, commander in chief is one of his strengths ironically, and last night was the real start of who is on your side in terms of your economic future. >> that's what it felt like. it's like an old local news, channel 7, i'm on your side. there is this sort of feeling it's a little bit of a promo, but you can see -- >> and if you can combine that with the sense that the economy is improving, that's -- >> if the numbers back up that. shameless plugs. jeanne. >> i'm going to give mine to one of my colleagues at boom berg, michael dorning whose state of the union speech today i think is if you can only read one,
6:56 am
it's that one. he blends perfectly economy, politics and the message of the speech. >> john? >> spectacular story in "the new york times" this week about why apple, a company that had spectacular earnings yesterday, is creating jobs in china rather than the united states. >> it's really been a buzzy article. >> shows the challenge the president has laid out is very complicated about building an america that's built to last. >> it's interesting when you run an authoritarian government you can make the rules as you go. fred? >> shameless plug, shamelessly plugging one of my colleagues, jeff guerin, who conducted focus groups about the state of the union and wrote a great memo. >> can i see the memo, please? >> and me? >> do we have to pay for it. >> and mine is we're going to have a little bit of the nbc/"wall street journal" poll coming out a little early at 6:30. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." see you back here tomorrow. "jansing & co." is next. then at 1:00 don't miss "andrea mitchell reports." bye-bye. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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