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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 1, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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chaos in the streets. >> the crowd was chanting burn it up, burn it up. >> a bridal alteration, altercation. >> he is the guy who throw us out. you need to kill this guy. >> a video vigilante confronts a cop in a no-standing zone. >> what are you doing? >> you can't touch me. >> i can do whatever i want. >> and -- >> show me which one. >> bullies scared straight. >> i'll [ bleep ] you up. and a case of sticky ç fingers. devastating day care and a battle for the space.
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>> she managed to actually move the car completely out of the space. "caught on camera: bad behavior." welcome to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. bad behavior can sometimes seem like an epidemic, from road rage to bullying over the internet to fist fights on reality tv. our first video is a prime example of bad behavior. a mob erupts in violence, and not out of anger or frustration, but to celebrate the home team's victory. [ chanting ] >> mayhem in the streets of los angeles. june 2010. 19-year-old student and part-time graphic designer jun
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gatuna ducks into a downtown bar to watch the last moments of the nba finals. the los angeles lakers versus the boston celtics. >> i just wanted to see what was going on, see if the lakers won or not. and if they did win, i just wanted to see how the victory celebration went. >> the final score, lakers 83, celtics 79. in game seven, the lakers ç clinched the title, and gatuna heads toward the arena. >> the atmosphere was very energetic. a lot of people were shouting celtics suck, lakers won, lakers won. i headed to staples center because i heard from a lot of friends that that's where a lot of crowds were forming. and once the lakers won, you know, a lot of people got excited, and i just decided to head on home. >> but on his way home, gatuna encounters an unruly mob. >> i caught a bunch of people
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surrounding a taxi, and it seemed kind of interesting because they were pushing the taxi back and forth, and so i decided to take out my camera and start recording the event. >> the mob had pulled the taxi driver from the car and soon, the jubilant celebration turns into pandemonium. >> when it first started, everyone was just excited, and they were just showing a lot of emotion. not really violent, but the taxi incident, people were very violent. people were very rowdy. >> as gatuna watches through his camera lens, the bad behavior escalates. a man writes "stoner" on the taxi's hood while others punch and kick the vehicle. >> they're shaking the taxi back and forth. some people come and they throw objects at the taxi, kick the 9 doors. one gentleman came with a knife, slashed the tires. one gentleman came with a skateboard, beating the taxi's window. some people were actually digging inside the taxi and trying to see if they could get something, some sort of money or property they could steal. >> one man tries to smash in the
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windshield while others kick the cab and cheer. the pack of vandals begins to grow, and gatuna catches the bedlam on his camera.ç >> once the crowd saw what was going on and what was going to happen to the taxi, a lot of people jumped in and started doing some acts of their own. they were jumping on top of the taxi, stomping the roof down, stomping the front glass, shattering it. one gentleman got his leg caught in the glass because he made a hole in it. people were just going insane. >> but then the volatile situation gets even more out of control. >> the crowd was chanting burn it up, burn it up, and from that point, a gentleman yelled, does anyone have a lighter, hand me a lighter. someone offered him a lighter. >> give me a lighter! >> so the young gentleman received a lighter from one of the members of the crowd. he lit up a flammable object, he
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tossed it into the passenger's side of the taxi. from there, he threw a bunch of paper and foreign objects into the taxi to help the fire grow, and once the crowd saw that happening, they joined in. they threw in plastic cones, you know, anything they could find on the street to help the fire grow. once that happened, the fire just literally consumed the taxi. >> gatuna spots the shaken taxi driver, abraham tafari, standing beside the vehicle just off camera. >> as one of the gentleman starts the fire and tosses in a lot of objects to make the fire grow, you can see abraham tafari trying to go in and reach for his license and documents, things that belong to him inside the taxi. >> the taxi driver doesn't own the car, but watches as his only source of income goes up in smoke. >> just from looking at the cabç driver's face, you could tell he was very scared, shocked, you know. he just couldn't believe it. at one point he told me, you know, i came to this country to work, you know, why does this have to happen to me. >> as the fire roars, gatuna looks on in disbelief.
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>> i can't believe this is happening. i live so close. this is something that's so shameful. >> still filming from about 50 feet away, gatuna is amazed by the vandals' apparent pride in what they've done. >> when the taxi was on fire, people were still on top of the taxi getting ready to take photos, thinking that this was some sort of event that they have to share. i'm just hoping that no one catches on fire. fire did come very close to a few members of the crowd. people from the crowd were telling them to back off because the fire was just getting bigger and bigger, consuming everything. >> oh! oh! run! run! >> the crowd breaks up when they hear sirens approaching. >> there is a bunch of police right across the street from the incident, so they're coming towards the taxi, you know, trying to disperse the crowd, and from that moment, i knew that they were going to start shooting at us with pepper spray. >> to avoid getting gassed,
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gatuna runs and hides behind a parked car. >> i continued filming the event, and in the video you can see police officers shooting and tear gas exploding. >> with the taxi completely engulfed in flames, gatuna walks over to the driver standing nearby. >> he was looking at the ground, bewildered by what happened to him. you can tell from his face he was very scared ands&ocked. >> gatuna provides a copy of his footage to fire investigators and also makes the video available to local news stations. >> i was hoping that the video would catch a lot of attention and hopefully, you know, open up a lot of hearts and help the taxi driver out. >> and help, it does. >> the owner of the staples center did get to see that video on the news, and from that, he awarded abraham tafari $10,000 to help him pay his bills. >> tim krass, an arson investigator for 20 years, examines the charred car at the scene. >> there was nothing in the front seat that would have
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started the fire accidentally. based on that, we determined the fire was intentionally set. >> krass and his partner head back to the fire station and watch gatuna's videotape to see if any suspects can be identified. >> we could actually see who it was, the individual that set the fire, and several other individuals had contributed to this. >> the investigative team releases a picture of the main suspect to the media, looking for leads. >> the individuals involved haven't been identified yet. we did receive a few tips, but none of them panned out. >> according to the los angeles police department, nearly 40 arrests are made throughout the city. gatuna laments the black cloud hanging over what should have been a day of peaceful victory celebration in his hometown. >> once the victory's brought to our city, a lot of people were just excited and needed to get some excitement, emotion out. some people do it the good way,ç
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and some people do it the bad way, and i think the bad way, those kind of people are the ones who ruin it for everyone. coming up, a bridal brawl. >> he put his head in my stomach and then he pushed me. he hit my back here in this showcase. and -- >> ow! what are you hitting me for? >> officers on the beat behaving badly when "caught on tape: behaving badly" continues. commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. constipated?
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with this ring, i thee wed. >> with this ring, i thee wed. >> the perfect wedding, months in the making. the venue, the music, and, of course, the dress. >> dress, dress, dress, dress. >> to make that momentous day even more special, brides-to-be
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search high and low for the perfect dress, and each year, thousands line up with their friends for one chance to snag the ultimate gown at bargain basement prices. and they're off! the strategy is simple. run as fast as you can and start grabbing. pull as many dresses as you can carry before other ladies on the hunt steal away your favorite designer. the scene is chaotic. dresses flying, snatching, shouting, hoarding brides-to-be pile up their poofy wares while friends protect their stash. and when the stakes are this high, tempers can flare, with brides behaving very badly. at the end of the day, most shoppers head home with a smile on their face, but sometimes during the quest for that tr(h&ittle wedding ballistic. case in point, what happened in this bridal shop in detroit, michigan.
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hekmat has owned and operated the first lady bridal shop for more than 25 years, but it wasn't until march 2010 that he truly met his match. >> that bride was annoying from the beginning, but we cope with it. this is our business, and we have to treat everybody, you know, fairly. >> the bride had purchased a wedding dress from him. after several fittings, she returns to the store for her gown, but there's one small problem. >> she wanted to take the dress without paying the balance remaining on the dress. i told her dress cannot leave the store unless you pay for it in full. >> he says the irate customer refuses to pay on the spot, but promises to bring him the money the next day. >> i said, look, we cannot give you the dress unless you pay the money. so she went outside and she came back with a credit card. >> but the credit card is not hers, and he will only accept cash.
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>> she became more agitated, louder, and she says i'm going to call police and so on and so forth. i said, go ahead, call the police. so she went outside and called the police. >> according to him, the police give the woman a simple choice. lay the money down or drop the gown. >> they went home. two hours later, they brought the money. we gave her the dress, wrapped it and wished them well, and they left. >> but the ve) next day, the bride is back for more alterations. >> she came in with another five, six of her sisters, sisters-in-law, close relatives, and so on. >> at first, he is accommodating, but the bride-to-be and her wedding party all demand immediate attention in a store full of other customers. >> i told her, look, you are taking over the store, demanding alteration. yesterday, you called police on us for no apparent reason. it was unwarranted. now we're not doing any service anymore for you. you need to take your dress and
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go, do it somewhere else. i don't need this business anymore. >> after the bride exits the store, he says her bridesmaids begin to bad-mouth him in front of other customers, and then the threats start flying. >> her sister-in-law started shouting, oh, you don't know who we are, you cannot throw us out, and i call my husband to come and teach everybody a lesson here. you know, all this crap. >> he asks the wedding party to leave, but they refuse, and the stand-off begins. >> my son was there, and i told him call the police, and make sure you lock all the doors down so nobody can come in. >> as he and his dissatisfied ?l customers wait for the police in lockdown, three male relatives of the bride arrive on the scene. >> she was in communication with the three men. so when the three men arrived here basically behind this door and she was talking to them and she just opened the door because this door does not open unless somebody opens it from here.
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they came in straight from the ç door to the counter. my wife was there with another five, six customers around her. i had no idea what was going on. >> his son rushes from the back of the store. >> and he said, hey, hey, what are you doing? everybody out. you need to go out. >> but in the blink of an eye, with security cameras rolling, a bridal brawl erupts. >> those three people, they just jumped on him and put him down. >> the three men would later say they didn't start the fight and were forced to defend themselves against the man's aggressive son. however the brawl began, in the scramble, he says his wife is slapped and knocked down. >> i tried to pull one of them and now this lady, here's the guy who throw us out. >> with merchandise flying, one of the men tackles him, slamming him into the display counter.
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>> he put his head in my stomach, and then he pushed me -- he hit my back here in this showcase and i fell over there. >> in another part of the store, mannequins dressed in formal attire are used as weapons. losing his shirt in the scuffle, his son tries to move the melee out of the showroom. another flustered customer dials 9-1-1. >> she called the police. she said, oh, my god, a man is hitting a woman here and this and that, and now the police called them outside while they were trying to flee. he stopped everybody, pulled his gun, this and that. we had another three, four ç police cars immediately. they surrounded the place. >> police interview everyone on scene and turn to the videotape. >> we explained to them what happened. they explained what happened, and they reviewed the video clip and saw all the shots. >> police arrest the three men and haul them away.
2:19 pm
he and his son are left with substantial injuries. >> i suffered two fractured bones in the backbone, and a black eye, a little bit of concussion to the head. my son also suffered concussion and went to hospital. he was checked. >> patruce is shaken by the violent confrontation, but working in the wedding business for many years, he understands how the situation got so out of control. >> when the wife called her husband, tell him, oh, if you don't come and kill this guy, you are not a man. well, what is this poor man supposed to do? she made it sound like she was under attack or she was getting killed or something like that. that's how she sounded to him. >> with broken fixtures and torn dresses, damages to the store total more than $20,000. to avoid trouble with borish brides in the future, patruce
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has made a few changes. >> i have instructed all my employees the minute we feel or see a potential problem, we don't want that customer because we don't want to cope with these problems. >> the accused are each charged with two counts of assault and battery, but claim they are theç victims, attacked by patruce's son and forced to fight back. in january 2011, a jury finds all three men not guilty. coming up -- strike! cops on the clock hit the virtual lanes. and -- >> get off him! get off him! >> a battle on the bus when "caught on camera: bad behavior" continues. if you made a list of countries from around the world...
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a s.w.a.t. team storms a drug dealer's home, but after the all-clear, this raid is right up their alley. march 2009. polk county in central florida. wearing bullet-proof vests with guns drawn, an anti-drug task
2:24 pm
force busts through the door. after an initial search, officers determine no one's at home and begin their investigation. but as some start picking up evidence, others pick up the wii remotes. the officers of the anti-drug task force are unaware that video surveillance has been set up by the homeowner, a convict already in custody. caught by a wireless computer web cam, several officers can be seen bowling on the drug dealer's nintendo wii for hours. one detective documenting evidence, repeatedly puts down a clipboard to hit the virtual lanes. 13 detectives and three sergeants spend nine hours searching the home, with some trying to perfect their game. the county sheriff calls the incident embarrassing. a gutter ball for the cops with a little too much time to spare. >> what are you doing?
2:25 pm
>> what are you doing? >> you can't touch me.ç >> an off-duty police officer lashes out after a video vigilante confronts more cops behaving badly. at home or at work, he goes by his real name, but on the streets, he's known as jimmy justice. >> it's about justice. for the average joe in new york, who's trying to get to work and is constantly being given a hard time by the cops for every tiny parking infraction that we do, and i've turned the tables on them. >> jimmy justice works as an audio systems engineer, but in his off time, he hits the road to catch what he says is a blatant disregard for the law by authorities. >> they have this sense of entitlement that because they work for the police department or because they work for the
2:26 pm
government or for a city agency in new york, that they can do whatever they want. >> according to jimmy, many officers tasked with enforcing traffic and parking laws are also breaking them. >> the same people who write these tickets have these placards they put in the windshield of their cars that identify them as traffic cops, as police officers, as court officers. then they use these parking placards illegally. >> april 2009. jimmy justice is on patrol in brooklyn, new york. >> i notice a vehicle with a police department placard in it parked at a fire hydrant, and ç that raised my suspicions. >> jimmy breaks out his camera and starts recording. >> so i waited a couple of moments, and then i see an off-duty police officer with his wife and kid holding shopping bags coming out of a store and getting into their car. they had gone shopping, personal shopping, while he was parked at a fire hydrant, endangering the
2:27 pm
community. what if a fire would have broken out? >> after loading his young son into the car, the off-duty officer spots jimmy justice and is not too happy to be filmed. >> what are you doing? >> what are you doing? >> you can't touch me. >> i can do whatever i want. >> why are you allowed to touch me? >> i didn't touch you. where did i touch you? >> i told him, hey, buddy, you're taking this a little too far now. you're not allowed to touch me, you're not allowed to assault me, and his response was i didn't assault you, all i did was hold my hand up and you ran into my hand. >> looking at the video again, the passenger can be seen removing the placard from the dashboard as the officer grabs the camera. >> do you normally block fire hydrants and misuse your official police department placard when you go shopping with your family, officer? >> the officer drives away, but only after one last moving violation, an illegal u-turn over a double yellow line. by filming their activity over the last several years, jimmy
2:28 pm
justice has established a special relationship with authorities. >> i've been doing this for a few years already, and all the traffic enforcement agents in new york city are aware of who i am. they don't like me.ç >> jimmy justice says he often films on the streets, even if there are no violations to record. >> sometimes i like to just keep rolling tape. that's my system. that's how i operate. i'm not sure when action will happen, so i always have the camera rolling. and in this instant, these two female traffic enforcement cops walk into the scene and notice me and got in my face and started pushing me. she took a swipe at my camera. >> why are you following me and harassing me? >> you're harassing me.
2:29 pm
>> i want your badge number. >> as she waits for the police, the officer covers her badge. >> let me see your badge number. >> i'm not going to let you see my badge number. >> you're harassing me. >> when the cops come, you'll get it. >> that woman was just trying to intimidate me, and it doesn't work. i don't get intimidated. i know that what i'm doing is right. >> i want your badge number. >> it's video camera versus cell phone camera. the battle is on. >> we can stand here all day. all day. >> why are you harassing me? >> we can stand here all day. >> i want to know why you're following me around harassing me. >> we can stand here all day. >> we caouched my camera. ay. >> we can stand here all day. >> that's attempted criminal mischief. >> we can stand here all day. >> attempted criminal mischief, ma'am. >> we can stand here all day. >> that's a misdemeanor in this county. i want your badge number. >> you have nothing else to do, right? you don't have anything else to do? >> i want your badge number. >> get back. >> i reminded her that it's not illegal to take photographs or video on the street, and if she's trying to say that she was doing her job properly, why would you go around smacking people and trying to break somebody's camera?ç >> eventually, tempers cool and no charges are filed.
2:30 pm
as both parties walk away, jimmy justice heads off to his next mission. he spots an officer ticketing an suv illegally parked in a bus stop. when the officer is followed to the next violation, she lets jimmy justice know he's in a no-standing zone. >> ow! what are you hitting me for? >> move away -- >> why are you hitting me? you have no permission to touch me. you just broke the law. you broke the law. you assaulted me. >> as quickly as she arrives, the parking enforcement officer moves on. again, no charges are filed. it's all just a typical day on the streets for a video vigilante. >> i've been assaulted, i've been spit at, i've been pushed and i've had cameras broken. i've been threatened with arrest. i've been threatened with bodily harm. the only way that i'm going to stop is when police officers and other city officials stop breaking the law. >> for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps, jimmy justice says he has some rules. >> never, ever interfere with
2:31 pm
the police while they're doing their job during an emergency. always keep a safe distance. and never physically confront the police. coming up -- >> everybody sit down. >> a father pushed over the edge by school bus bullies. and a hidden camera catches a nanny on her worst behavior when "caught on camera: bad when "caught on camera: bad behavior" &h(lc,i. you know, those farmers, those foragers, those fishermen... for me, it's really about building this extraordinary community. american express is passionate about the same thing. they're one of those partners that i would really rely on whether it's finding new customers, or, a new location for my next restaurant. when we all come together, my restaurants, my partners, and the community amazing things happen. to me, that's the membership effect.
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zlrchlgts i'm milissa rehberger, here is what's happening,ç millions across the midatlantic are fating 100 degree temperatures with now air-conditions. 13 people were killed friday night due to the storms, and in mexico, voters are choosing a
2:35 pm
new president today. the drug war and economy could force the ruling conservatives out of office. now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. pack a bunch of kids into a school bus, and you might expect them to be a little noisy or even rambunctious from time to time. but in our next two videos, we'll see a whole different level of bad behavior, shoving, shouting, punching, and what's become unfortunately all too common, bullying. a disturbing confrontation on the way to school turns into a full-blown brawl and it's all captured on camera. may 2005, in punta gorda,
2:36 pm
florida. a school bus driver pulls over and calls for backup while trying to control a group of rowdy students. >> i need a deputy out here. >> according to the sheriff's report, the fight begins when 66-year-old albert taylor orders a 13-year-old student to sit and fasten his seat belt. when he refuses, taylor tells the boy to move to the front of but again, the young man refuses. >> get up here. >> as taylor makes his way down the aisle toward the back of the bus, the boy's 15-year-old stepbrother can be seen approaching the driver from behind. according to taylor, the boy curses at him and the argument quickly becomes physical. >> get off me! >> get off him. >> the driver lunges and grabs the boy by his neck. as other students look on, the driver and two boys fight for several seconds, moving from the front to the rear of the bus. in one last act, the 15-year-old attempts to punch taylor in the head, but misses. the driver is arrested and
2:37 pm
charged with misdemeanor battery. while maintaining his innocence, taylor enters a plea deal and the charge is dropped. for their roles in the incident, both boys are arrested and face possible felony assault charges. but after reviewing all the evidence, the state's attorney's office does not file charges against the two teenagers, determining the case can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. show me which one. show me which one. >> a father pushed over the edge lashes out at his daughter's school bus bullies. >> everybody sit down. everybody sit down. >> september 2010, just outside orlando, florida. shatari jones, a soft-spoken sixth grader with mild cerebral palsy, enters middle school and says it wasn't long before the relentless teasing starts by boys on the bus. the continual bad behavior ç includes calling her names, even
2:38 pm
throwing an open condom shatari says hit her in the head. >> they was like throwing it in people's hair, and it was just -- it was just all over the bus. >> some mornings, shatari hides in the bushes instead of getting on the bus. >> it got bad enough that i locked myself in my room. >> james jones, shatari's father, is unaware of his daughter's torment until the day shatari flat out refuses to go to the bus stop and tells james exactly what's been happening. >> the teasing, condoms on the bus, the poking her, the touching her, spitting in her hair, i mean, they're literally torturing her. >> james escorts his daughter to the bus stop. >> my plan was to go out there to the bus and talk to this bus driver. >> but after hearing what shatari has endured, james is overcome with emotion. >> that's my daughter. i love her so much, you know? >> caught on two bus security cameras, the protective father
2:39 pm
boards the bus and orders shatari to come along. >> everybody sit down. come on. come on. now. now. listen, man. i don't care if you don't speak english or nothing. my daughter's been getting on this damn bus. and now this. yes. yes. show me which one. show me which one. yeah, you all call the police. call the police. >> the bus driver tries to intervene, but james has more to say. >> after shatari takes her seat, james confronts the bus driver.ç >> you better watch. if anything happens to my daughter -- listen. i'm telling you this. anything happens to my daughter, i'll [ bleep ] you up and everybody on this bus. >> the video of this tirade goes viral. james is arrested for disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function. >> i wasn't going to put my daughter in that harm no more. i don't care. that's my baby. that's my baby.
2:40 pm
>> some understand james' reaction and send donations for legal fees. >> the support that we have had for our family is overwhelming. >> a hero to some but a bully to others, james admits he could have gone a different route, and apologizes publicly. >> i handled it the wrong way when i went on the bus. >> show me which one. show me which one. >> i was going to be a dad and i was going to at least talk to the bus driver and find out what was going on with my daughter and why my daughter felt that way. when we was going to the bus stop, all this started coming out, and when i seen my daughter just break down, as a dad, i snapped. >> i'll [ bleep ] you up. >> and i apologize again. i deeply apologize for that. >> in november 2010, a plea deal is reached. in exchange for six months' probation, fines and an anger management class, prosecutors drop the case against james
2:41 pm
jones. shatari is now home-schooled and while the bullying still saddens her, she says the bus incident has given her a little more confidence. >> i know i have to stand up foç myself in the future. >> james and shatari even fly to portland, oregon, to speak at a conference of school bus drivers, hoping their story will help shine a light on an epidemic of bullying. >> we still want to empower other kids and families to be against this bullying. we don't need nobody bullying the next person, be it walking to school, be it on the bus, i mean, on the job, anywhere. we want to stop this bullying. it's a cancer we need to kill. >> jones says adults need to pay attention and when necessary, intervene. and for all the bullies out there, james has a stern warning. >> we're here. we began this fight. we're not going nowhere. bully, be aware. coming up -- caught stealing. and a race for the space gives
2:42 pm
new meaning to double parking. >> she actually pushed this car all the way out of the space. when "caught on camera: bad behavior" continues. test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
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cameras, cameras everywhere. on our phones, in the hallways, and out on the streets. but it's cameras of the hidden variety that sometimes capture the worst behavior. may 2009. pam suspects her friend of t-ealing her money. >> to catch rose ann in the act, she puts a hidden camera on the
2:46 pm
kitchen shelf. with small children in the room, 59-year-old rose ann reaches for a bank bag on the kitchen table and grabs the money. the former school board president shoves the bills into her bra. moments later, after checking to see if the coast is clear, rose ann is at it again, stealing funds meant for local little league baseball teams. for the second time, she hides the cash underneath her blouse. >> to have her arrested was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. >> rose ann faces charges of misdemeanor theft. according to the complaint, rose ann stole $60 from the wallet of her friend, $50 more on another occasion and $880 from the franklin little league. rose ann admits she stole, but under a plea agreement, the charges are dropped after she returns all the money, immediately restoring the funds, but not her reputation. a happy ending for small town little leaguers. but sometimes, hidden cameras
2:47 pm
capture much more violent behavior. in our next video, a parent's worst nightmare. disturbing and graphic footage of a child being severely mistreated. >> i couldn't believe that anyone would attack a baby that way, let alone my baby. >> march 2010. amanda and charles hammock, parents of a 2-year-old and 11-month-old, install a surveillance camera in their living room to record their nanny of more than two years. the images they capture are first, jeanine campbell can be seen forcefully grabbing the 11-month-old by the arms, spinning the child, and tossing him into his playpen. later, as the infant plays alone in the corner, campbell returns to the living room, lifts the baby into the arm by one arm, and slams him onto the floor. moments later, campbell drops the boy on the floor again and
2:48 pm
slaps him on the bottom. then with the baby's back to her, campbell kicks the ball at him, picks it up, and with arms raised over her head, hurls the ball at the baby's head. the force is so strong, the 11-month-old is knocked over. campbell emerges from the kitchen, throws a rag at the infant, and slaps him on the head. again, the boy falls over. campbell grabs the child and smacks him with either her hand or his sock 11 times. in just under two hours, the 11-month-old is thrown, hit with his toys, and slapped. immediately the hammocks turn the video over to police. campbell is arrested and charged with abuse. >> nothing in a family cuts to the core more than harm brought to bear on an innocent child.
2:49 pm
>> on the stand during her trial, campbell expresses remorse.ç >> it's hard to cope with what i did. i can't believe that someone could do it. my heart is screaming. every day it's horrible. he never deserved it. it was uncalled for. i hope this doesn't sound so straightforward or dull or unthoughtful because i really am extremely sorry. >> campbell says she is still dealing with the consequences of her actions. >> not one minute goes by 24 hours or seven days a week that i don't think about what i've done. >> when prosecutors ask why she did it, campbell has no clear answer. >> i'm not certain. >> you're not certain? >> i don't -- i cannot explain my behavior for that day. i'm not usually that way so i can't give you really an answer.
2:50 pm
>> during her testimony, hammock describes her feeling of disbelief when she watched the video for the first time. >> when i was around the defendant, she acted kind, soft-spoken, and loving towards both my children and myself even on the same morning prior to abusing my baby, i was completely shocked and appalled by what i saw on the video later that night. >> the court then provides an opportunity for the shaken mother to speak directly to her children's former nanny. >> my husband and i trusted you with the two most precious ra$q of our hearts, and not only did you betray that trust, you betrayed the trust of our children. we are so lucky that you didn't dislocate one of his shoulders or cause any more harmful injuries to him. when you pick him up, he just wraps his little arms around
2:51 pm
your neck and gives you a big hug and tries to give kisses. and that morning, all he did was look at you and smile. >> remarkably, the child did not suffer any obvious injuries. for her abuse of the infant, campbell's convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison, followed by seven years' probation. for parents who leave their children in someone else's care, the hammocks have some words of advice. >> no matter how much you trust the person that's watching your children, make sure that you take every necessary precaution and put in those nanny cams because you never know what may happen with the person that they're with. coming up -- mom always said don't play with your food. >> did y'all see that? he just blew a booger on the sandwich. >> when "caught on camera: bad behavior" continues. why not try someplace different every morning? get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred.
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madness in great britain, when a race for the space turns into full-on road rage.
2:55 pm
december 13th, 2000. caught by a nearby surveillance camera, 20-year-old melanie andrews, seen here in the red car, is waiting for a much coveted parking space in a very crowded shopping area. on the opposite side of the street, julie brown also waits patiently in her white toyota. as the blue volkswagen pulls away, both women make their ç move. brown prevails, but andrews is not leaving without a fight. she can be seen pulling her car up to brown's white toyota and revving her engine in an attempt to push brown's car out of the parking space. from inside their vehicle, brown and her son watch in amazement as smoke billows from the spinning tires. when the toyota doesn't budge, andrews throws it in reverse. >> as she was repositioning, i thought that she was going, so
2:56 pm
we got out of the car to get a ticket. that's when she managed to actually move the car completely out of the space. >> brown's 12-year-old son tries to push his mother's white toyota back into the parking space, but in a match between man and machine, he quickly throws in the towel. an eyewitness describes the scene. >> you could smell burned rubber for ages afterwards. she shunted this car all the way out of the space, left the white car abandoned there, got out, went, i think she went and got a parking ticket. >> a nearby traffic officer witnesses andrews' bad behavior and she later appears in court, where this video is shown to the jury. for her parking space battle, andrews is found guilty of dangerous driving and sentenced to 100 hours of community service. in somebody's cheesesteak. >> "caught on camera." the pizza employees in this video call it a harmless prank, but after watching their bad
2:57 pm
behavior, you might just lose your appetite.ç >> come to our store. we'll give you a lot of love. >> two employees in north carolina find themselves in hot water after a video they posted on the internet reveals their bad behavior in a fast food restaurant kitchen. >> this is michael's special italian sandwich. >> in the 2009 video, michael setzer can be seen sticking cheese up his nose, then placing it into a sandwich while his co-worker, christie lynn hammonds, cheers him on. >> and into the sandwich it goes. >> it's our special ingredient. >> then setzer holds slices of meat up to his rear end. >> he just farted on salami that goes on sandwiches. >> later he wipes his bare bottom with a sponge typically used for cleaning dishes. hammonds, seemingly delighted,
2:58 pm
continues filming and gives a play-by-play of setzer's shocking mistreatment of the food. >> they'll never know there's snot on it. our manager is unaware of what we are doing at the moment. while we're up here clowning around, putting snot in people's food. >> the two are fired immediately after the video goes viral. >> going to miss domino's. they were a very good company. >> they are each charged with felony adulterating food but insist none of the food seen in the video was ever served to ç customers. >> having 25,000 employees around the country that work for us, all of them are doing it the right way, and, you know, two idiots, you know, get to make it a really hard day for all of us. >> the health department closes the franchise to be sanitized from top to bottom. in a video statement, domino's condemns the disgusting and unsanitary acts.
2:59 pm
>> it's not a surprise that this has caused a lot of damage to our brand. it sickens me that the actions of two individuals could impact our great system. we want to thank you for hanging in there with us as we work to regain your trust. >> setzer enters into a special plea deal, not admitting guilt but acknowledging he would probably be found guilty and is sentenced to two years' probation. hammonds pleads guilty to a lesser charge and for her stomach-turning directorial debut, receives a suspended sentence and 18 months' probation. >> now it's time to sign off. good-bye. we've seen some of the worst behavior caught by cell phone surveillance and laptop cameras. most of the offenders were unaware they were even being filmed. before you lose your cool and flip out in the checkout line, you might want to keep in mind cameras could be rolling. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of


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