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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 1, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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"caught on camera. caught on camera, teens pushing drugs on a toddler. >> to think that people would still do that to a young child is amazing. >> a car crashing into a diner. >> i just knew somebody had got killed. >> a man trashing a supermarket in his birthday suit. >> this is the first time i ever had to handcuff and shackle a nude man, and hopefully it's the last time it has to happen, too. >> an innocent passenger violently attacked with a hammer. >> his intention was to kill. >> stories that are shocking. >> somebody detected a small pulse in his leg and said, this
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man is not dead. he is alive. >> behavior that is strange. >> he threw the bag out, the marijuana out on the table. nonchalantly, like, i want to bet this. >> acts that couldn't be more sinister. >> that one shot hit the ground. then he shot another time. >> "caught on camera: sinister, strange, shocking, 2." welcome to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. these days, it seems like everyone has a video camera and is eager to share their private moments online. but the video you're about to watch was never meant to be shared. it's a video that wound up as evidence only by chance. and it's a good thing. the scene it recorded is disturbing and illegal.
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>> you want do smoke? >> no! >> i just couldn't believe somebody could do that. >> it was pretty shocking. i've seen a lot of things but that was a first for me. i couldn't believe that this would happen, especially here in pataskala. >> it's a small city in ohio about 20 miles east of columbus. the population, less than 15,000, but it suffers from an unusually high crime rate. >> you know, we get this small town feel, but we have big-town problems here. >> here. >> but even the most jaded residents here can't believe their eyes in april of 2008 when this shocking video surfaces. it shows two teens forcing a toddler to smoke marijuana. >> people were outraged about the video. they just -- nobody likes seeing anything done to a child.
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>> the video is discovered when it's left on a camera sold to lev's pawnshop in nearby columbus. manager shannon sprouse is checking the camera before putting it on sale. >> all right. what have you got, steve? >> i don't know. >> at first, everything seems normal. >> i was looking at the camera and i was just playing with the volume to see -- make sure the volume worked and basically going through all the functions and options of the camera. >> luckily they were doing their job and they looked through everything to make sure there was nothing on the tapes or memory cards, and that's where they found this. >> the footage shot two years earlier starts innocently enough. it shows two teenagers melvin blevins and angel daley baby-sitting for a bunch of kids. but then the video takes an awful turn when a young toddler enters the scene. >> i just couldn't believe what i witnessed. it's just something i do not want to see again. >> here. >> the child sat on ms. daley's
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lap and at one point in the video, the male asks if the toddler wants to hit the bowl. >> want to hit the bowl? >> at that point the female held down the toddler and the male put the marijuana pipe into the toddler's mouth. [ coughing ] >> he's basically taking a glass bowl and forcing a child to smoke pot through it, trying to, you know, put it to the baby's mouth. and a little smoke is coming out. you see the pipe actually glow so you know the baby is inhaling it. >> she appeared to inhale and then coughed. >> then you see the baby choking and you're just like, i can't believe this. >> then they gave her a drink and said, hey, you're good, right? you're good. >> this is good stuff. >> drink your water. >> she legitimately doesn't want to be there, and they make sure
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for their entertainment she's there and doing whqá they want her to do. >> here. >> i really don't know what they were thinking. i mean, i know they knew what they were doing because they were holding the camera doing it. so i don't know. i don't know really what they were thinking. >> it's over. you're the blame for it, babe. >> no, i'm not. >> all i thought was, first thing, we have to let the authorities know about this video because what i'm witnessing is child abuse and a crime. >> the pawn shop owners call the columbus police department and help them identify the person who sold the camera. melvin blevins of pataskala. they call in the police department and soon it's revealed the video is of blevins and his 16-year-old girlfriend, angel daley with blevins' 18-month-old niece. >> the first reaction i had was shock. >> after the police department took the camera, later on we
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were watching it on the news that they were being arrested for the footage that was on the camera, and we were just amazed that it happened that quickly. the police department wasted no time. >> two teenagers at the center of a disturbing, even horrifying form of child abuse. a 16- and 18-year-old were accused of forcing a toddler to smoke marijuana. >> at first, blevins, the baby's uncle and daley both plead not guilty. blevins even claims the incident never happened. >> i do recall him saying he didn't remember -- that maybe it was possible but he didn't remember doing it. until he got on video and it's hard to dispute that. >> angel daley is charged with corrupting another with drugs and endangering a child and she's sentenced to a minimum of six months in juvenile detention. >> angel changed her plea to
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guilty and she is serving six months or until she's 21. i think it's based on good behavior. melvin blevins is in federal court right now. >> it's discovered blevins is no stranger to law enforcement. he's already in federal custody for a separate incident, charged with possessing ecstasy with intent to distribute. >> it's being dubbed one of the largest cash and drug seizures in central ohio. >> it's reported he's dealing for angel's father, john daley, who himself was arrested with his brother, tim in april of 2008. daly winds up being sentenced to 21 years in prison. blevins receives 10 years for his crimes. they have pled not guilty and the case against them is still /lejdtqi tq'ding. and it turns out blevins and angel are not the only teens guilty of sharing drugs with minors. >> two teenagers are in texas behind bars this morning, accused of showing two little boys how to smoke pot. >> in march 2007, police in a ft. worth, texas, suburb find this videotape.
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it shows a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old smoking a marijuana joint given to them by two teenagers. [ coughing ] >> it's disturbing. i have never seen a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old that were coached into smoking marijuana and into doing narcotics. >> the two teens in this case eventually plead guilty and sentenced to 7 and 8 years in prison. people who see these tapes are outraged. >> just because somebody is a teenager, it doesn't make a difference. you're supposed to be more mature than what was shown on that video. >> to think the people would still do that to a young child is amazing. >> i really wouldn't ever want to see video like that again, but i'm glad in this case it was found. it was given to the authorities. and i just hope if anybody would see anything or find anything like this that that's what they would do.
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coming up, a car smashes into a diner at 55 miles an hour. >> i just knew somebody had got killed. and an unusual bet leaves casino workers stunned. >> this is the craziest thing i've seen here. i have never seen anything like this. >> when "caught on camera -- sinister, strange, shocking 2" returns. i bought the car because i could eliminate gas from my budget. i don't spend money on gasoline. it's been 4,000 miles since my last trip to the gas station. it's pretty great. i get a bunch of kids waving at me... giving me the thumbs up. it's always a gratifying experience. it makes me feel good about my car. i absolutely love my chevy volt. ♪ ♪
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recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place.
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let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this. kenneth anderson is enjoying an evening cup of joe and the day's paper when in a split second everything changes. >> no one seen the car coming whatsoever. one of my waitresses said it sounded like a bomb went off. >> all i heard was a loud bang. oh, my god, i was like, what happened? >> it's not every day a car drives into the wall of a building but what's even more unbelievable is that the suv that crashes into this wall is moving at the speed of 55 miles
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an hour and the victim on the other side walks away. >> it's really shocking how he just got up and moved. i think he was just totally shocked. >> the story made its way from the coffee house in wilkesboro, north carolina -- >> this is "today" -- >> -- to the national airwaves. >> and now to the most dangerous meal one man will ever have. kenny, good morning to you. and first off, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good considering what happened. >> what happened can only be believed because the diner's surveillance cameras caught the entire event as it played out. the coffee house is known for its delicious waffles and fresh brewed coffee, and it's a place where locals feel at home. >> it is like a family. most of the customers here are regulars. most of them we know by name. the waitresses about know everyone by name. >> kenneth anderson has been
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enjoying a hot cup of coffee here for as long as he can remember. >> i've been coming here since the doors opened, really. >> july 16th, 2008, about 8:00 p.m., kenneth is in his favorite booth as he always is. >> it's called number 8 booth and mr. anderson, he's always there. you know, it's his seat. >> i had just walked out and got a newspaper. came back and sit down, opened it up and started to read. >> outside, an elderly woman has just lost control of her car. >> she was coming from town and she was coming up through the road. and they say that some cars behind her said that she was kind of weaving a little bit. >> as she enters the restaurant parking lot marilou shepherd hit a vehicle ready to pull out of the bp station. right next door. >> she hit another vehicle sitting in the parking lot of the coffee house. and a steel post. then she comes through the windows of the building. >> the car crashes into the booth where anderson is sitting and he's thrown across the diner. >> i didn't realize what was going on at all.
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i didn't see anything. >> the vehicle pushed the booth all the way under our counter. he went through two of our rotating chairs. he went through them. >> next thing i knew, everything was on top of me. >> i didn't even see kenny. i just couldn't see him. >> i just knew somebody had got killed. >> but anderson is alive. >> i couldn't breathe at first. and i was trying to get up. and a lady helped me -- she came across the counter and helped me get up. but like i say, i didn't realize what happened until i did get up. >> after he was pushed up against the wall, kenny just politely reaches down, picks his hat up, puts it back on his head and he starts climbing out. but he's looking for his cigarettes. he wants to know where his cigarettes is at. >> i never did find my cigarettes. >> miraculously, his injuries are just minor. >> well, the doctor, he checked me three times. he couldn't believe that i
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didn't have a broken bone. he said it's just amazing. but they did x-rays and a c.a.t. scan and everything, but they never found any broken bones. just cuts and bruises. >> i was really shocked he wasn't hurt at all. the gont lord was looking after everybody that day. >> the driver was also very fortunate. >> the lady that come through the building wasn't hurt. it's amazing neither one of them was hurt. she hit three vehicles and wasn't hurt and come through a brick building and she wasn't hurt either. >> she was cited for speeding and for failing to stay in her lane. >> she thought she was pushing the brake and was hitting the gas is how she come through the building so fast. >> as for anderson, his survival is still a surprise to everyone. >> i was pretty shocked. i really thought he was dead. >> they really feel if he had seen it or heard anything and moved, it would have probably hurt him really bad, if not killed him. >> the diner, on the other hand, has substantial damage,
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estimated close to $20,000. >> we started cleaning on thursday morning and we cleaned till sunday at 2:00 at night. >> the coffee house re-opens five days later and kenneth anderson is there as if nothing ever happened. >> kenny was here at 5:00 in the morning, sat down in that same booth and sat there. and i was like, i can't believe he sat down in the same spot and drunk his coffee like normal. he said, this is my seat and this is where i'm going to sit. >> anderson receives free coffee in the weeks following the accident, but he h's lucky just to be alive. next a crime so blatant it leaves even the police amazed. >> what exactly were you thinking at the time? >> i don't know. >> you don't know what i'm talking about? okay, that explains a lot. and later, a man rampages through a market in his birthday suit. >> i had gloves on, but that's about all you can do at that point.
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what exactly were you thinking at the time? >> don't know what you're talking about. >> you don't know what i'm talking about? well, i just saw a video of you placing down a couple of buds as part of your bet. >> fresno, california. a regular walks in and sits down at the black jack table. >> i actually dealt him a couple times before that. he was a nice guy. he was calm and never acted up. >> he's a model black jack player. never once got upset about losing. never. 2 1/2 years. >> but on the night of april 12, 2006, he doesn't need to worry about losing money. he's decided to bet with his own quite unusual form of currency. >> so he comes up. he pulls a bag of marijuana out on the table nonchalantly, like, i want to bet this. actually, i almost -- because i wasn't looking what he had in his hand. i said, you can't bet that. it was total shock. what are you doing?
3:21 pm
are you crazy? i was like, put that back in your pocket. >> other players didn't move except for their facial expressions. that was more like a smiley smirk, like is he for real? >> we're all looking at him like, what is this guy doing? everybody could tell that he was drunk and high or whatever he was. so he put it back. and he was like, is that too much? can i bet this? he grabbed like two chunks or three chunks of bud of marijuana and puts it on the table. he said, can i bet this? he was thinking i said that's too much marijuana, he couldn't beat that much, like that was a table max or something. >> the dealer tries again to alert the gambler of his illegal actions to put an end to the situation before it gets out of hand. >> he was so wasted that he didn't know what was right from wrong. i was trying to be real calm about it, quietly tell him to put it away, not to make a scene. and maybe he could just leave without getting in trouble, you know. >> but when none of his efforts to get through to the player
3:22 pm
seemed to be working, the dealer calls for backup. >> that gentleman in the black suit is the pit boss. when he shows up to a table, that usually means there's a problem. >> the pit boss quickly realizes that security needs to be called. >> when i arrived at the table, i was kind of shocked like everybody else. so i asked him what was he doing. and once he -- oh, oh, oh -- so that meant that there's no talking to him. what made it shocking to me is that i'm part of the law and he just committed a crime right in front of me. i mean, it's one thing to be in a place with it in your pocket and feel nervous. but it's another thing to sit under a surveillance camera and pull it out. so obviously, it's either two things -- either something major or he ain't playing with a full deck. >> as the dealer tries to keep the black jack going, security guard jimmy jones takes control
3:23 pm
of the situation. >> i know that i can't get him away from the table and leave his marijuana behind. so i get his marijuana up first while he's watching. because i couldn't remove him without removing the marijuana first. those two have to stay together. >> it took jimmy about maybe two minutes to pull the pot off the table, brush it off. it stuck to the table because the felt is really sticky. >> finally jimmy escorts the lawbreaker to the door of the casino to wait for the police. >> after he was gone, we're all looking at each other, thinking, what was he thinking, is he that dumb, like is he that stupid? >> officers from the fresno police department arrive. >> they talked to him a little bit but they couldn't understand nothing that he said. >> what happened? >> nothing. >> nothing at all happened? why are you in handcuffs then? >> he still didn't think he did anything wrong even when the police got here. >> when they search the culprit's body, officers find
3:24 pm
this gambler's betting pot is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this guy was packing. i would say he had at least an ounce in every pocket. >> they also discover the reason the man is behaving as if he's done nothing wrong. >> he had a cannabis card so he is thinking that he wasn't going to get in trouble because you can legally carry marijuana in california with a cannabis card. >> you do have your cannabis card on you? are you like frequent flier miles with that? >> but his cannabis card was fake. he got it off the internet, which a real cannabis card, you have to go to the doctor. the doctor has to give you one. >> he truly believed that cannabis card would make it okay with him. the only reason that was so is because of whatever he was on. because if he was straight, he never would have tried that, even with a real cannabis card. >> the criminal is taken into custody and charged with possession. and because he tried to bet with the pot he may face additional charges _juáqáárjru)u$
3:25 pm
intent to distribute. >> after they put him in the car and locked -- and handcuffed him and everything, he still thought he did nothing wrong. >> what exactly were you thinking at the time? >> i don't know. >> you don't know what i'm talking about? i just saw video of you placing down a couple of buds as part of your bet. you don't know what i'm talking about? okay, that explains a lot. >> this is the craziest thing i've seen here. yeah, i've never seen anything like this. i was totally shocked and surprised. it was pretty crazy. >> that totally flipped the script right there. so that tells me always expect the unexpected. coming up, a brutal attack on a complete stranger. >> his intentions was to kill. plus, a gunshot, unintentionally saves a man's life.
3:26 pm
>> it seems like the whole thing was like an act of god. that's the way i look at it. >> when "caught on camera -- sinister, strange, shocking 2" continues. i went to a small high school. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful.
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you should see november! oh, yeah? giving you more. now that's progressive. call or click today. i'm milissa rehberger and here is what sis happening. more than 3 million people in the mid-atlantic region are sweltering for a second day in 100-degree heat with no power. violent storms friday knocked out power in several states and kied 13 people. officials say it could be days before it is up again. about 7,000 people who evacuated their homes because of wildfires in colorado have been allowed back to assess the damage. 3,000 residents are still displaced. now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. all of the videos in the program have a certain shock value but some of the videos are also
3:29 pm
unbelievably sinister like the one coming up. it shows a brutal attack on a complete stranger by a man with a hammer. the only thing more shocking than this brutal attack caught on surveillance camera is how random it turns out to be. >> actually seeing that tape was just, it was horrifying. yeah and yes, his intentions was to kill, you know, someone but it just happened to be my son. >> it is about 12:15 in the morning when 20-year-old dewayne taylor, a lab technician from the university of pennsylvania boarding the broad septa train after a full day's work. he gets on the rain listening to the ipod. and standing next to him is a man with his son. the little boy is told the sit down and then for no apparent
3:30 pm
reasonings the man pulls a claw from his back pocket and turns to taylor and starts to attack him. him. >> the victim did not know the man, and he just assaults him. >> i didn't know him from a can of paint. >> the assault lasts five long minutes and the passengers, ten of them leave the tranin or just watch. amazingly none ofç them try to help. >> there was an element of fear. a fear of retaliation, and a fear of becoming another victim during the incident. there's a fear of being involved in the legal system. >> it is a sad state of affairs when somebody is attacked that viciously, and nobody attempts to help. there are a couple of men on the train as you can see from the video, and large men and in fact the victim dropped the cell phone in the course of the attack and one of the men picked up the cell phone and put it in his pocket. >> the train stops, but the
3:31 pm
attack continues. the suspect pulls taylor on to the platform and then flees the scene with the young boy. a rider eventually pulls the emergency switch to alert the train operator and a woman who did not witness the attack helps taylor get to the local hospital. >> i ran behind him, like this, are you all right? he said, yeah i'm all right. i asked him, do you want to go to the hospital, and he said ? yes. >> she took me to the hospital and i talk to her everyday. she is a good person. >> taylor is treated for a broken finger and cuts to the head and neck. >> i have this right here and here and this broken finger and the six stitches in the back of his neck. >> several stitches and broken fingers, but i don't know what kind of psychological impact this could obviously, riding home from work asleep on the subway and all of the sudden a man attacks you with a hammmr/ he is fortunate that those are
3:32 pm
the only injuries. >> police release the video to try to capture the attacker. >> well we did need the video to help identify the attacker, and we made an arrest last night after the video came in. >> the information comes from a woman named tony frazier who identifies the thug, her own son, thomas scantling. >> my son is very paranoid. he is a schizophrenic. lately, it has gotten worse. he needs heldp. >> he is a vicious individual. you can see from the tape, he even had his 6-year-old son with him there at the timef of the attack. he is 26 years old and has a long criminal history including rape robbery assault, narcotics violations. >> he was arrested september 9th, 2008 and charged with attempted murder and simple assault, and endanger with a
3:33 pm
deadly weapon. he is sentenced to prison. >> this shows that we have to look after one another. if we see something going on awe of us as citizens have to step up to take some action. you cannot have something like this happening. >> i don't expect somebody to help me but it would have been all right if it did happen. >> 2700 miles from philadelphia is bakersfield, california. >> okay. take a little. >> where another sinister act is caught on camera. [ gunshots ] >> i kept my eyes closed and tried to remain calm. >> donald ray batch owns an rubs the chester market. february 2006 begins as just another day at the store for him. >> i was at the ending to the customers and doing my normal stuff and selling stuff and
3:34 pm
working on the cash rejgister. >> at 8:36 p.m. the scene changes dramatically as he is getting ready to close the door. a man walks in with his face covered in war paint. >> you get a lot of weirdos that come into the store. so when i saw him out of the corner of my eye i thought it was another weird doe comingeweirdo coming in. i could not understand him, because he was gritting his teeth. i didn't think anything of it, until he pulled out the gun and fired that one shot. [ gunshot ] and the first shot was a popping sound. i was thinking that maybe he had blank s blanks, and that is when, you know, i stepped back from the register and i was concerned about what he was doing, and bam. [ gunshots brkts [ ] >> i hit the ground. >> after the gunman fires a
3:35 pm
third round at the wall, he runs from the counter. >> it hit me in the arm and the left side and went out my back through the wall. >> were you shot? >> customers in the store are terrified and stunned. >> don't move him, honey. >> one of them calls 911. >> and he had a mask on. >> donald is rushed to the hospital where in the process of saving his life doctors make a shocking discovery. >> my spleen was obliterated so they had to do a spleenectomy and when they took it out, it was a tumor attached to it. i didn't even know i had that. >> the docktors say that the tumor might have gone undiscovered if it hadn't been for those bullet wounds. >> it is like an act of god that this guy comes in and he was like the hand of god --
3:36 pm
[ gunshots ] >> and the bullets were like a surgical procedure, and it seemed tlik wholeseem ed ed like the whole thing was an act of god. >> donald goes back to work, but he installs bulletproof pro protection. >> and these people who like to rob. they can't jump over it and can't go around it and too much problem to get through it. so it is a good protection. >> the glass helps donald in more ways than one. >> a lot of people come in quick, and it stops bullets, but it also stops germs. >> as for the man who fired the e shots, the cops think that the suspect has been in jail since 2007 on separate charges of multiple counts of first-degree murder, but still, no charges have been filed in the shooting of donald batch at the chester
3:37 pm
lane market. >> if he's the guy it is good to get him off of the street, so he does not hurt anybody else. >> next, the wild rampage of a naked man in a super market. >> that made me very angry to get this going on and this de destruction going on in a place that is my livelihood. >> and a victim is left for dead after a horrible crash. >> he was a smoky gray his lips his skin. he was not moving. >> when caught on camera, "strange and shocking and sinister 2" continues. as you experience every moment, every emotion every four years... for the rest of your life. visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. people everywhere go with visa. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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h i i saw a chair fly from one side of the room in front of the rejgister which is on the other side of the room. >> in this market, a naked man
3:41 pm
shocked the people of lancaster city. >> it is quiet and cows and there are amish people here and that's about it. >> the fact that it is a naked rampage makes it all of the more stunning. >> that rampage started friday night when a guest staying at the willow valley resort stole a forklift and drove it into a wall at the hotel. >> march 14th, 2008, about 11:00 p.m. becky bed nar is end ging her shift, and she is the shift super visor across the hotel. >> it was a usual friday night. >> but things changed dramatically when nicolas hadzik wearing nothing but his birthday suit broke through the storage room. >> he came in through a back door from the loading dock. >> he opened up the back door and looked around a little bit and at that point he realized that he was alone. he even closed the door behind
3:42 pm
him as he came in. how thoughtful. >> the man is naked. that is a startling striz, but the nudity is only the beginning of the shock. he exhibits destructive manic behavior, and he rages through the store in a violent frenzy that will last eight long minutes. >> he went into the cafe smashed his head into a cooler shat shattered the glass on that. >> but that is just the beginning. next, he hurls a chair at a cleaning guy seen here trying to escape. then he continues his destruction, tossing a 300-pound pizza oven to the floor. >> he ripped the door off of the pizza oven and they are heavy. >> this is a big piece of metal and big chunk of metal. i don't know how he did it. >> he had to be pretty strong and came out and broke a couple of the registers in the cafe area, and toppledle the turkey hill cooler and toppled meat
3:43 pm
scales off of the counter, before a bystander told him to calm down. >> that bystander is matt erwin. >> matt erwin was there to talk him into let's not do anything else. let's take a walk. he was very, very helpful and a god send at that point. >> at that point, becky, the only manager on duty that night, locks the doors. she wants nick there when police arrived. >> i love working here and i take pride in the place where i work, and it made me very angry to see this going on and this destruction going on in a place that is my livelihood. i wanted the police to check him. >> on the other side of the doors, he is still trying to calm down the naked man. >> he asked nick, what is wrong? what would you like to do now instead of throw ging things, and that is when the naked man said i could use a cigarette. >> the two men walk over to the cash register.
3:44 pm
>> there was a man who was in line, and he told the customer to get out of his way, and he did. at one point he had take anne hold of the debit and the credit machine, and he had tryied to pull the debit and credit machine off of the cash stand, but he was not able to. by then, he had calmed down a little bit. >> but just when it seems like 1u)j(p&ming down, he erupts again and heads for one of the grocery baggers and raise ss his hand to punch him and then casually walks away. after eight long minutes of destruction, confusion and disbelief, officer david coevy shows up. >> the cops arrived in the nick of time. >> he and two other officers had been across the street responding to a naked man running amok at the willow valley resort. they are pretty sure they found their suspect. >> the dispatcher advised me that there is a naked man
3:45 pm
running around the area there causing damage to the place. i rolled my eyes back and kind of laughed, because we don't deal with that stuff back here often. it was not something i was looking forward to dealing with. as we entered the store, we found the naked man standing in front of the registers yelling at the clerks. we told him to get down in front and get to his knees. i had gloves on and that sis about all you could do. that was the first time i had to shackle a nak man, and hopefully the last. >> he had one last request. >> he asked the officer for a light. >> and apparently, he is not supposed to have alcohol, and that is how the night started. but in my experience, it is more thanle alcohol. >> when he came down from whatever he was on he wanted to know where his clothes were and
3:46 pm
he wanted to know if he had hurt someone, and that was a concern of his, and that touched my heart, because he was concern ed that he might have hurt someone. >> he told us that he had weird dreams that he was doing these things, and we pointed out that they were not dreams, but actual facts, and that sunk into him. >> by the time it is over nick has caused thousands of dollars of damage and he is convicted with risking a catastrophe and criminal mischief and nudeness. >> i recall that his bail was $250,000. $250,000. >> he is sentenced to six months to a year in jail. back at the store, it is business as usual, except now folks who frequent the market can't forget the naked man who put them on the map. >> you have clothes on today. >> yes, and i keep them on. >> i'm waiting for a woman to
3:47 pm
come through. >> and we have thought about changing no shirts, no shoes no service, to and underwear and pants. >> h and they thought he was dead, so they covered him up. >> you won't believe what is caught on camera as "sinister, strange and shocking 2" returns. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ]
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let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. tragedy strikes. a p.t. cruiser speeds through an intersection and smashes into an suv. a man runs for safety, but it is too late. the suv rolls over him, and he is pronounced dead. >> someone told us that scott had been in an accident. >> sad thing that happened. >> 12:40 p.m., sunday, may 23rd, 2004 dayton ohio. 75-year-old betty haslip is
3:50 pm
driving her pt cruiser. and 42-year-old scott ted meyer is calmly crossing the intersection. the next 12 seconds changed all three lives. that oo lightens forment camera. it is recently installed by the dayton police to reduce crashes caused by drivers ignoring traffic signals. >> i was driving my subaru forester and i was probably going about 35 when i approached the intersection. i looked up and i actually saw a man proszing the street, but we made eye contact, and it is clear that he was go ging to, you uno, get to the other side before i entered the intersection. >> then a pt cruiser comes out of nowhere. >> when she attempted the left-hand turn she hit the blazer causing it to go airborne. >> the pedestrian tries to get out of the way. >> everything happened in slow motion, and then things
3:51 pm
darkened. there was a kind of dark-light experience of the tumble. the sound was horrible, and i just said to myself at that point, don't die, don't die, don't die. >> witnesses rush over to help. >> my leg was pinned under the car, and so i asked the gentleman if they could lift the car. one gentleman said, ma'am, we can't lift this car. and then another guy in the background said, get in the car. and they lifted the car, and then someone helped pull me from the car to the side of the road there. at that point i looked to my left and i saw a gentleman lying at the corner, and i asked, what happened to him? >> ted maier lies a few feet a away. >> he didn't look good. he was a kind of smoky gray. his lips, his skin everything. he looked serene. he was not moving. >> and sure enough the ambulance was there right away. >> when they went over the scott
3:52 pm
scott, they thought he was dead, so they covered him up, and they went to the other two ladies. >> neither betty haslip who was krooifing the pt cruiser nor hughley had life threatening injuries. >> i had 62 stitches between my legs and hands and face. the internal bleeding was a concern, but wubs they discovered it was just the multiple cuts to the liver doctors said that i could allow that to heal naturally. >> but ted meier isn't as lucky. >> the guy who was out here he was mangled pretty bad and bleeding from just about everywhere. >> then something remarks happens. >> and evidently somebody detected a small pulse in his leg. and said this man is not dead, he is alive. >> ted maier is rushed to the hospital and his family is there by his side. >> when we first seen scott, he
3:53 pm
was just cut -- well he had burns all over his back, his leg, and it was just like, it was just awful the skin was gone. he had this huge cut on his head. and he just looked like he was dead lay ging there. >> he's alive, but in a coe marks and remanins in one for five weeks. >> we got pneumonia and i guess things did get worse, and then they began to get better. after five weeks, he was moved out of the hospital into the nursing home. >> in his first interview since the accident scott ted meyer who is dubbed the miracle man by the media tries to recall what happened. >> from that day i don't remember. from that day, it has been real
3:54 pm
difficult. according to the video, what i have seen, it is done and overwith before a person could blink their eye. the first thing i remember is waking up in the hospital bed with oven mitts and a safety belt strapping me to the bed. i was told that i was trying to pull the trach out of my throat. >> the fact that ted maier is alive is amazing, but how he survived is unbelievable. >> i was told later that when she hit my car, the dent that she put in the left side of my car turns out to have been very important, because if you watch the video closely you will see that by the time car rolls over scott, he is actually protected somewhat by that dent in the car. >> but i was in that cubby hole a and that kept my head from being paper thin. i gather. >> the car still caused massive damage. >> 16 broken bones.
3:55 pm
three in the neck and three in the pelvic, and then broke arm. some fingers and few other things. >> he had three break ss in the back of his neck or in his spine that he had if he moved his head or anything that he would, could be paralyzed. >> i remembered them showing me the x-ray, because it looked like my bones were clouds. it was just powder. that is what the steel plate is for, and to give the bone something to grow back to according to what they say. they didn't think that i would ever walk again. >> after four years of therapy, scott tedmeyer beat the odds, and he is walking again, but still, there are injuries that he feels daily.
3:56 pm
>> aches and pains and pops and cracks with the weather changes all of the time. i'm off in my balance and still can't taste or smell, and my hearing is down. >> he was a tiger to endure that, come out of it and not be hateful to anybody. >> the driveridhe pt cruiser was charged with running a red light. as for deborah and scott, they are just lucky to be alive. >> i feel very lucky. >> i thank the lord i'm alive everyday. >> despite his injuries, he is trying to move forward with his wife. if you have a video you can logon to our website caughton
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