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tv   Lockup Boston  MSNBC  July 15, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. it's a housing unit with a reputation. >> it's a party. it's a party. >> it can get pretty wild here in "g" dorm. >> it's like a big sorority house, but with a bunch of friggin' gay people in jail. >> and "g" dorm is about to turn
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one new inmight's livion side down. >> i'm just scared. i'm scared to death. i just want my mom. i feel like i'm a little girl again. life inside the maricopa county jail in phoenix, arizona, is constantly changing. due to a steady influx of nearly 400 inmates per day. unlike prison, where all the inmates have been convicted of a crime, the majority of jail inmates have either been accused
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of a crime or are awaiting sentencing. most of these new arrivals will stay a day or two before leaving on bond or dismissal of charges. others might stay for years, until their cases are settled. but no matter how long they're here, jail has a way of changing people. the dorms at maricopa's women's facility can be as transformative a setting as any. and one dorm in particular has earned a reputation. >> this particular dorm, "g" dorm, houses a lot of different inmates. a lot of them are repeat offenders and they come back in and see each other and they begin these relationships that are unauthorized or that we don't allow. so it can get pretty wild here in "g" dorm. >> one of those repeat offenders, kelly mcnaughton, is better known by her nickname. >> mcnaughty.
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as every officer here knows hee. the sergeants. i tried to get them to change my name tag to mcnaughty, but they wouldn't. >> kelly mcnaughton is a game player. she runs schemes, runs games, tends to become a controller of a pod. what we call pod boss. >> this is my entourage. i have two blonds that when i get real stressed out, jacky and courtney, i just call them the blonds. >> i know! >> but i lay between them when i get real stressed out and hold their hands and i tell them all about my problems or whatever and they just sit there and look beautiful. >> she seems to be able to talk inmates into things. manipulate inmates, weaker inmates. she's not small. she has a good size to her stature, so that usually goes a long way. and she just seems to have a way of talking inmates into doing things that she wants them to
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do. >> mcnaughton might be in control of her fellow inmates in the dorm, but she is not always in control of her temper. >> i was mad because i got put in the hole for nothing. a lady really just had it out for me. i turned to the wall and i just -- [ bleep ] my hand. like blood everywhere. >> how long ago was that? >> five weeks ago. and it's still really bad. >> mcnaughton also finds other ways to take the edge off the pressures of jail. the problem is, they all violate the rules. >> we've got beer made. it's all hidden somewhere. we've got like 30 cigarettes up the -- yeah. it's a party. it's a party. everybody else makes the worst hooch. i don't know why. i was taught in 2004 how to make it. and still, to this day, i make the best hooch. >> that's where we keep it because it's warm. >> like a baby.
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>> an incubator. >> oh, my god! that's what we call them. babies. >> tattoos is my best thing though. i give the best tattoos out of everybody. >> mcnaughton says inmates pay for the tattoos by giving her commissary items. >> unfortunately, my addiction is honey buns which is 560 calories apiece which is why i'm so overweight right now. >> mcnaughton is known for one tattoo in particular. her name. she gives to it inmates she is involved with. crystal deluna is the most recent to receive the mcnaughton brand. >> it was supposed to be the mcnaughty, but it was too long, so we got this and i think it came out really, really good. i like it. >> i've been waiting all year to be kelly's girlfriend but she didn't want to go out with me because i was pregnant at the time. now that i no longer have my baby, it's just like totally different. >> you had to work. >> i had to work my way to prove that i was girlfriend material.
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i had to manage the condo. this is our little condo. every time she rolls out of bed, she expects her bed fixed so i fix it. the things that she does that sometimes i don't like. like, she's a big flirt. >> in here, they call them lurds or lesbians until released date. which is the lurd part of it. that happens a lot. women that tend to be addictive personalities need some support. >> and mcnaughton claims she is just helping her dorm mates get ready for the prison environment. which is where some will be headed if their cases end in conviction. >> these girls aren't gay and they're going to have to be when they go to prison. so -- >> according to kelli. >> they will be. trust me. when these girls go, they'll come out with girlfriends, so i taught them like how to hop on and do weird things. with our stripes on and stuff like that. yeah. we had lesbian sex 101. >> she made us all try it out so that we could feel the feeling. >> yeah. and it was good.
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>> mcnaughton has recently set her sights on a new arrival. >> this is my new blond, jessica. fake boobs. really big fake boobs. nice ones. but she's kicking heroin. kind of like the other blonde. >> jessica arrived two days ago, still high on heroin and barely able to stomach the food. and though mcnaughton's gravitational pull in the dorm is strong, styx said she won't be sucked in. >> like kelley is, i guess, a pimp. she has everybody doing everything for her, which i'm not going to do. i don't like girls at all. >> you know what she said to me last night? she looked at me and she goes, he i'm not like you. i'm like good and i'm not in prison. >> oh, my god. >> she said i meant i'm not a hustler. is that what you meant? >> yeah.
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that's what i mean. [ bleep ] you looked at me and said i'm not like you. >> i meant i'm not a hustler. [ bleep ] because you hustle. >> how do you get pill money? >> what are the fake boobs for? if you're not hustling? >> because i had a good life one time. i just started doing heroin two years ago. i wasn't like this. i was a really normal person. i had two kids. i've never been a stripper. i've never got naked for anybody. >> you got naked for us last night. >> well, i got -- just because they can see me in the shower doesn't mean i got naked for them. >> i apologize, mr. and mrs. -- styx. >> styx says she is committed to her boyfriend, who was arrested with her. >> it's rare when you find your soul mate and it's like everything just fits. that's what's killing me. i don't know how he's doing. i don't know -- i'm not worried about me right now. i'm worried about him. >> stick's boyfriend is currently at one of maricopa's men's facilities awaiting trial. they're accused of robbing a food cart vendor, but styx says they're both innocent and it was someone else who committed the
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crime. >> i had nothing to do with it. i really didn't. everybody says that. everybody says they're innocent. i know that. everybody says that in here, i know that. but, i mean, this is how ridiculous it was. do you think i'm going to rob some poor little mexican dude that works in a car for $20? like i had no money on me. no weapon. nothing. the other dude, the dude that actually threatened him with a knife, he bolted. >> we want normalcy in our life. we want to have a house and kids and jobs and like normal day-to-day things and i feel like that can never happen now. that can never happen now. that's gone. and we had so many chances to make it right and we didn't. i really hate myself for that. like i hate myself. i hate who i am. i love him so much and like, this whole time i've been preparing myself for if he did
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to go prison, i could wait three years, i could wait five years, i could do that, you know? >> but if they're convicted, styx will still to have deal with her own prison sentence. a reality kelley mcnaughton is quick to point out. >> i'm the legal defender for everybody. i'm telling her exactly what she's looking at. but your first time is it felony two? >> yes. >> felony two, presumptive is five years. minimum is four. max is ten. you'll do five years. >> i'm not doing five years. i'm not doing none of that. >> okay. well -- >> i've never been in trouble before! >> doesn't matter. >> i got no priors! >> no? i thought you were in here for driving under suspended. >> what's that? that's not -- >> so presumptive. five years, minimum four, maximum, ten. mitigated is three. i'm just being honest with you. because people can sugar coat it for you and stuff. >> i'm not doing it. i'm not.
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i'm not. my kids won't even know who i am by the time i get out. my kids won't even remember me. my kids won't even -- >> listen. >> i don't want to talk about this right now. >> okay. california just let out like -- >> [ bleep ]. >> sorry. >> [ bleep ] i'll be right back. >> that's what happens though. >> when they are kicking heroin, they don't listen to anyone. >> they don't want to listen. >> it is upsetting and i hate bringing this thing out on people because they never want to listen to me. >> i didn't want to listen either. >> but it's the truth. where did she go? >> coming up -- >> like a big candy store to me. >> "g" dorm's other big player. >> daddy. that's what they call me. >> inmate mcnaughton manipulates and controls people more with intelligence. where daddy is more controlling sexually. the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge.
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inside "g" dorm at the
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estrella jail in phoenix, arizona, there is a gravitational pull that seems to have an effect on everyone. its name is kelley mcnaughton. >> come here new blonde. >> but a new inmate jessica styx doesn't seem to be taken by mcnaughton's charms or her legal insights. >> presumptive, five years, minimum four, maximum, ten. mitigated is three. >> i'm not doing that. [ bleep ] sorry. [ bleep ] >> i got to -- i'll be right back. >> okay. that's what happens. when they're kicking heroin they don't listen to anyone. >> i was ready to hang myself. trying to figure out a way to kill myself. and i'm not suicidal. i love life. you know what i mean? i have beautiful babies. i've had the most amazing life before i started doing heroin. i can't do this. i can't. i'm going crazy right now. i tried so hard to hold myself
3:16 am
together. like i'll just walk away, you know? i tried so hard to just hold myself. i don't want to [ bleep ]. i don't want to get in a fight. i don't want to get new charges. i don't want to hit the wall and break my hand like these retards, these dumbass girls, seriously stupid. you're going to hit the wall, really? you're going to hit a brick wall? >> smell the cloth. >> i don't want to smell it. >> though styx has not been in jail long, reality is starting to sink in. >> i'm just scared. i'm just scared to death. it's like, it sounds so stupid. i just want my mom. like i feel like i'm a little girl again. all there is to do in here is to think. think about why you're here. what you did wrong. you know what i mean? that's all there is to do. i can't sleep. i'm up all night long, all day long. that's the worst feeling in the world, is just being here all by yourself. like completely alone. like, yeah, there's 120 other girls, but i don't know them.
3:17 am
they're just people that are here. people that are stressing me out worse. >> but for the foreseeable future, styx will be stuck in g dorm, adapting to life without heroin and to the drama playing out around her, much of which is centered around the dorm's force of nature, kelley mcnaughton. >> kelley has all her new friends. so the whole year that i've known here, i feel like i've been replaced. mcnaughton has transferred her affection from crystal to one of her so-called blondes, jacqueline wadsworth. >> all of these girls came in. they all know her about two, three months and i've been like brushed off to the side. >> you can't do that. that's not cool right now. to pick you up? >> no! you guys are so oversensitive. all you girls are. so oversensitive. >> i'm not oversensitive! >> the only other "g" dorm inmate that can rival mcnaughton
3:18 am
when it comes to women is melissa molina. >> like a big candy store to me. me, i go all out. if i'm going to be with you, we're going to go all out the first day. >> mcnaughton's respect for molina is evident in the nickname she gave her. >> daddy. that's what they call me. it's crazy. mcnaughton made up that name for me. me and kelley kissed a couple times. and she said how does this guy work? i'm not femme. and you're not femme either. so how's it going to look, you know? but she's just crazy. i love her. >> though molina and mcnaughton might be "g" dorm's most dominant females, they're after two very different things. >> inmate mcnaughton is more of a, an intellectual type person. she manipulates and controls people more with intelligence. where inmate molina, who they call daddy, who would be more controlling sexually.
3:19 am
she is more physically looks more like a male. takes on more of a male persona in the housing unit and may bring comfort or care to another female inmate more sexually, as i will be your protector. i will take care of you. mcnaughton is doing the same thing. however, she is doing it in a different way. she is saying i'll take care of you, but we'll be sisters. >> it is about being someone's bitch basically. someone is cleaning my bed. cleaning my area. it is not about [ bleep ] girlfriends. it's gay. >> but for crystal duluth, being mcnaughton's girlfriend was something more significant. >> i was really, really upset and i tried to take her name off my leg. >> she went crazy. she tried to dig my name out of her leg. like kelley, she tried to dig it out. >> i got a staple and i scraped it up and down on my skin to try to pull out the "e." it didn't hurt because i was so upset that my whole body just went numb and i just blocked out the pain. i was upset.
3:20 am
because it's like a merry-go-round in here. once one girl breaks up with somebody, they end up with somebody else within two, three minutes. so i'm not going to let kelley bring me down. >> coming up -- >> i don't like girls at all. >> jessica styx has a change of heart. she joins the party in "g" dorm. >> i just have a girl that's just helping me, you know what i mean? she's just being there for me. ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream thought they were dead. huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup.
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heart. even for the inmates inside the maricopa county jail, appearance matters. >> too bad we couldn't get some highlights, huh? >> a group of professional hairdressers volunteer their time to give haircuts to the inmates. >> there are three or four of us that come. we are christians. we love jesus. that's why we're doing this. we are in service to our king. >> but some would say today's first customer serves no one but herself. >> this is a real interesting haircut that the girls are now getting. they're' bored and they want to do something different. >> is it a style you would
3:24 am
recommend? >> no! i'm a girly girl. i think you need all the hair you can get. when you start shaving that hair underneath -- >> it will come back fuller. >> no, no, it won't. >> why not? >> that's an old wives' tale. >> i've shaved my legs since i 12 and now i have three hairs growing out of each follicle. >> well, you know, someday, we'll have to ask god about that. i can't speak for him. he probably has a plan but i'm not sure what it is. >> with my hairy legs. >> yeah withy legs. >> the ladies love it them get in my bunk and they rub their legs up and down my legs. they say it reminds them of their boyfriend at home. it is a win/win situation for me, really. >> having come off a serious heroin binge prior to her arrest for armed robbery, jessica styx is ready to focus on her appearance. >> can you really razor, can you really thin it out? >> we don't have razors.
3:25 am
>> it is really thick and matted. >> it's going to be great. i'm going to put a good conditioner in you. >> all right. i'm so nervous. >> you'll be good. every time someone does my hair, they [ bleep ] it up. no offense to you. >> no "f" words, please. >> sorry. >> that's the "f" bomb. >> they screw it up. >> we're on holy ground here. we don't talk like that. >> we're on holy ground? >> that's right. anywhere i stand is holy ground. >> oh, okay. >> but a makeover isn't the only change styx has experienced during her first five days in "g" dorm. >> i got a little tattoo. j.d. my boyfriend. i told him as soon as i get out, i'll be there. put money on his books, write to him, put money on his books, do whatever i need to do. right now i don't have anybody visiting me. my mom i know she's not going to come visit me. i know she won't put money in my book. i know she's not going to write me. my parents never, ever, dealt with this in their life. my family is completely normal.
3:26 am
they work their asses off. nobody drinks, nobody does drugs. nobody in my whole family. so i'm a [ bleep ] up. >> you're adjusting to life in "g" dorm? >> i'm adjusting, yeah. because i have someone that's totally awesome looking out for me. >> tell me about her. >> i just have a girl that's just helping me, you know what i mean? she's just being there for me. >> yeah. she came in here and she's hot, of course. look at her. there is an attraction. and i knew she was straight and i knew she had a boyfriend. styx's new girlfriend is melissa molina. better known in "g" dorm as daddy. >> i noticed molina right away. i thought she was kind of cute. and i've never been attracted to a girl before. like ever. ever ever ever ever. >> so i was going to act on that and i was going to act on that fast. so we're all in the shower and it's shower time. everybody loves taking showers. when i'm in there. it's like a big friggin' party,
3:27 am
you know? we go in there and do some pretty off the wall stuff. we scrub each other's backs. we sing. we just have fun, you know? it's like a big sorority house, but with a bunch of friggin' gay people in jail. none of us have our degrees, by the way. so there is no shower for her and i told her, come in with me in my shower. and she did! everybody was like kiss her, molina. i was like, turned around and just kissed her. started kissing her. started giving everybody a show. >> it was pretty good. >> what do you mean? >> i mean, it was -- it's -- it's good. i mean, i told myself i would never do that. never. i've never been interested in that at all. but i don't know, there is something about her that i liked. >> i'm a good person. it was great for me too. after that, she fell in love with me. i didn't even know anything
3:28 am
about her! so i had to know everything about her after that. so then we sat down and we ate and we talked. you know? i know we should have done that first. but -- >> she thinks she is leaving in march but she's not. she's prolonging it so she can stay here longer with me. >> i got an attorney and i'm supposed to call him and tell him that i want to stay behind. i'm doing this for her. it's pretty -- it's love. >> it's love. >> when i first met you, you talked to me a lot about your boyfriend. you said, i love him and i want to wait seven years for him. was that heroin talking? >> no. that's like when i get out, i'm going to be there for him. >> styx has yet to be convicted, but she recently learned that her boyfriend was offered a plea of seven years for his part in the crime. >> i thought i was going to be out. i didn't think i was going to be in prison. i thought he was going to be doing three years, you know. and i thought that was realistic, i could do that. seven years? i don't know.
3:29 am
i don't know how long i'm getting now. i just got my court date. i'm getting grand jury indicted. so right now it's like, i don't know what's going to happen. as much as i love him, i don't know what's going to happen. >> coming up -- >> usually like i can bring up tears at the right time. >> kelley mcnaughton tries to beat the system. >> i'm serious! >> i'm thinking you're trying to negotiate your restriction with me and you know i don't negotiate. for a relaxing vacation. ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thank youpoints to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions. rewarding you, every step of the way.
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i'm veronica de la cruz. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
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>> it's not like jail when you're here. it's more like counseling, you could say. it's love. >> rosando lewis is serving three months for failure to attend court ordered anger management classes, works at the maricopa county jail's animal rescue program, known as m.a.s.h. >> m.a.s.h. is a great, great thing for us inmates. if they took it away, i think they would take away a big thing. it's a therapeutic thing. you know, it helps with your soul, i believe. >> these animals are here because their owners have been arrested for abusing them and eventually the jail will adopt most of them out to new owners. >> she came in two days ago. she was covered in feces. you could tell she's never had a bath in her life. they had her so long in her
3:34 am
feces that her hooves were just literally coming apart. crumbling. i wanted to actually break down and cry when i seen her come in. >> the m.a.s.h. unit is set up for the inmates to take care of theanimals. but sometimes the animals take care of the inmates. >> you're a good girl. >> loomis says caring for the horses has helped him cope with the anger problems with brought him to jail. >> i'm bipolar and i'm also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome. i stopped taking my medications and i started going off and blowing up at home. i'm starting to lose my temper, starting to do things that i normally don't do. and next thing i know, the cops are at my door and i'm getting arrested for domestic violence and criminal damage. and now i'm here doing my time. my mom owns race horses. she is a training owner. it's a loving, caring thing. you know. she babies the horses like they were little babies and i learned
3:35 am
to do the same thing. you got to have love and care for them. if you don't, what good is something if you can't really show it love? love is a big thing in the world and we all need it. horses are very beautiful. they're strong, fast, but yet they're very gentle if you train them right. i can't explain it. it is just a love for them, you know? you've got to have it. you know? that's how i came here to m.a.s.h. loving horses. m.a.s.h. don't make me feel like jail. it makes me feel like home sometimes. it don't seem like i'm locked up, a prisoner anymore. when i go back to the yard, it's a different story. when i get here, i feel at home. >> while loomis has discovered a sense of home, the women residing in maricopa county's estrella jail often find in it relationships. but relationships can lead to conflict. >> we're going to go see miss mcnaughton. she was written up again for arguing with an inmate that was
3:36 am
housed in "g" dorm with her. >> inside estrella's "g" dorm, inmate kelley mcnaughton is considered a force of nature with a powerful magnetic draw. recently, mcnaughton and one of her dorm mates had an argument that nearly escalated to a physical confrontation. detention officers were called in to break it up. now mcnaughton will have to face sergeant martinez to defend herself for the write-up she received. >> to be honest with you, i've gotten out of every single write-up i've ever had in my entire life. >> she likes to manipulate a lot. she always has a story. you'll see when we talk to her. >> usually like i bring on the tears like right at the right time. >> bunk 25! >> good morning. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm not so well. >> what happened? >> i've always told you the truth. remember? >> so what happened? >> okay.
3:37 am
do you want the truth this time? >> no. i want to you lie to me so we can start off on a good note and then i'll work the truth out and then i'll get new trouble for lying. no, go ahead. i'm only teasing. >> it was a loud conversation. it wasn't a fight. it wasn't anything. >> but they didn't write you up for fighting. >> i know. a loud conversation. this right here has been really stressing me out. this has been a really -- first of all, it's been, you know, however many days long and i've been stressing out on this every single [ bleep ] day. this is like a bull [ bleep ] write up. this is not -- she even told me that she didn't want to write me up. she told me that she wrote the other girl up way worse. but the other girl's write-up was way worse. i don't know. do you have the write-up? is it way worse? different? >> that's something i won't discuss with you. >> all right. well, that's what she told me.
3:38 am
i'll take whatever you want. but no days in the hole, please. i do not -- i don't know. i don't know. i don't want to cry. we're on camera and i'm freaking out. >> i think that the 20 days of restriction would be sufficient, though. >> are you serious? >> i'm as serious as a heart attack, miss mcnaughton. >> i'm really, really, really freaking out. and i need to be able to talk to my mother. >> you just said you could give me as much restriction time as you want, but you didn't want to go to the hole, right? >> can the restriction happen -- can we not have it around like the 23rd? >> i'm thinking you're trying to negotiate your restriction with me. you know i don't negotiate. right? >> yeah. >> okay. sign here. sign for your yellow copy. you do have the right to appeal my decision. you have 24 hours to do so. make sure to attach the yellow copies and thank you for being honest. >> that one wasn't good. i usually win everything. you know what i mean? that's the first time i've lost.
3:39 am
>> loss is permeating other parts of "g" dorm, as well. melissa molina has just received a sentence of seven years for her aggravated dui charge, and will soon be leaving for prison. it has put a damper on her relationship with jessica styx. >> i'm trying to distance myself a little bit and trying to push away because i'm leaving. and because she has a boyfriend, you know? and i don't want to get into whatever they have going on. so we're trying to figure out where is it going? where is it leading? >> she's pushing me away every day. she's like, i love you, then i don't know if i can be with you. it's very confusing. don't blame it on the leaving thing. because if you can't wait a little bit, i mean, don't blame it on that. >> that and, you know, i care for her. i care for her a lot as a person, as a friend. and i just want what's right for her, you know? and maybe this isn't what she really, really wants or what she
3:40 am
really, really needs, even though she tells me it is what she likes or what she wants. you know? but i want her to see for herself if this is what she really wants. you know? >> and the only way to do that is if you're dating somebody. not like when you're not dating somebody. so stop breaking up with me. >> she's crazy. >> coming up, a major shake-up in "g" dorm sends its ringleader to a new unit. >> it's not quite "g" dorm yet. it will be, though. >> while a second transfer results in betrayal. >> i've been flirting a lot. >> and painful consequences. >> i just snapped. i just -- you know. everybody has a breaking point and i just got really upset. me books and smash records and on small business saturday they remind a nation of the benefits of shopping small. on just one day, 100 million of us joined a movement... and main street found its might again.
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for the female inmates inside maricopa county jail's "g" dorm, change is measured in a variety of ways. new hair styles, different make-up, new tattoos and new girlfriends. but now the dorm itself is experiencing a major change. a magnetic personality is leaving. >> we recently rolled up mcnaughton. she's had a lot of issues over here in george dorm. we rolled her up to bravo tower. >> kelley mcnaughton has been moved from the dorm where she could roam free to a small pod of cells where the inmates could only see each other in a cramped day room. >> i'm in a pod. i can't -- i can't do this. you know i can't do this. this is too small for me. >> jail officials see a benefit in mcnaughton's move out of the dorm. >> dormitories hold from 80 to 120, depending on the day. if you have mcnaughton running
3:45 am
80 or 120 inmates and causing that strife between 80 and 100 inmates, that's going to be a problem. if kelley mcnaughton is in here and causing issues with 13 or 14, it's a little easier to deal with. >> but mcnaughton is determined to shape the pod to her liking. >> it's not quite the "g" dorm yet. it will be, though. when i first came in here, they're like, oh, you're really shy. >> no. she said we're going to be in lockdown by tonight. kelley is here. great. >> yeah. >> yeah, that's what she said! >> but in this unit, mcnaughton soon discovers that even minor infractions, like using a mirror to look down the hall, won't be tolerated. >> come on! >> are you serious? why would you take it away? >> you're using it for a purpose it is not intended for. >> it's not even a real mirror. dude. you can't even see anything. would it be a ticket, too? >> it could be. >> that's an awfully tight ship you're running. >> i run a tight ship. >> are you serious?
3:46 am
you'd take my mirror? that would never -- that's crazy! >> okay. >> jessica styx has also been transferred out of "g" dorm. >> love you too. >> and away from the first woman with whom she's had an intimate physical relationship. melissa molina, also known as daddy. >> when they see two people being happy, they want to just ruin it. so somebody told us on and they moved her out. >> i was finally settled and i was comfortable and i was really upset that they took me away from her. you know? >> but styx wasn't gone long before molina reverted to her old ways. >> she got moved out. i've been flirting a lot. >> molina rekindled a relationship with another inmate who's also about to leave for prison. >> so good to see her. she's in max, you know? she's looking at 25 to life. so it's probably the only time i'm going to see her. >> and it didn't take long for word of molina's infidelity to
3:47 am
get back to styx, who reacted by doing the one thing that only a few weeks earlier she described as stupid. >> i don't want to hit the wall and break my hand like these retards, like dumb ass girls. like seriously stupid. you're going to hit the wall, really? you're going to hit a brick wall? i tried calming myself down. i just -- i couldn't. and i finally just hit the wall like an idiot. i could be helping my family right now financially. i could be being a mom. but, instead, i'm here. i feel so guilty and i feel so helpless. just everything combined, i had it. i snapped. >> later, styx expressed her anger to molina in a letter. >> she's pretty pissed off. she wrote a messed-up letter that started off, it said, hey, ho, what's -- >> i put in the letter something like, you were my first, but you won't be my last. and i put, but i guess that's something that you're going to have to live with when you see me with another woman, knowing that should have, could have been you.
3:48 am
i just, i was -- i said a lot of mean things. . it wasn't nice. >> she's pretty pissed off. i really pissed her off. i got seven years to do, you know? i'm going to meet different women along the way. and i might see a more finer, more sexier one, you know? they just keep getting better and younger. it's crazy. >> she's very smooth. she had me fooled. >> fooled enough to get molina's name tattooed on her forearm and not just once, but twice. >> i did it without even saying anything to her. i had this one girl start it. they just messed it up so bad that i stopped. so she's like, i'll redo it for you on your other arm. so i did. i let her redo it. >> this is a girl you've known for one month. your first lesbian relationship. what were you thinking about? >> you know what? i was thinking that she is such
3:49 am
an amazing person. and no matter what, like i still wanted to have a friendship with her and that she is always going to be someone special to me. so i'm not going to have this covered up, even when i get out. i'm going to keep it. >> so when your -- >> when my boyfriend sees it? >> when your boyfriend says who is molina, what will you tell him? >> i'm going to say she was my good friend in prison and she just had my back. i don't know what i'll tell him. i don't know. maybe i'll tell him the truth. i don't know. if the consequences are that he can't forgive me and he doesn't want to be with me, then that's something i have to live with. >> coming up -- >> i'm going to visit with my mommy. >> jessica styx gets a visit from home. >> you have writing on your arms? >> they're tattoos. >> jessica! >> i know. ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪
3:50 am
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not long ago, kelley mcnaughton injured her hand when she punched a wall in anger. now shortly after her transfer to a new housing unit, she has injured the other hand. >> i went into the housing unit and i saw an officer talking with her and she seemed visibly upset at the time. i was standing by to see if there was any type of back lash on her behalf. i talked to the officer and she told me she got upset and hit a wall. >> caused a fracture or something like that. >> got into a fight with the wall, and the wall won. >> i fought the wall and the wall won. >> mcnaughton, however, disputes the officer's account of the injury and says it was an accident. >> i hit my hand on my door. why did you do that? trying to lockdown? >> no. it pops every time they get all mad. every time the door closes and then they don't want to pop it. so when it was going too fast, i turned around to grab it and it smashed. okay? i got caught in the damn thing. >> you're going to have to get some bubble wrap for you.
3:54 am
>> all they do is -- if i was in a dorm, you know -- >> oh. >> it wouldn't a situation. no, seriously! you know i hate being in the pods. >> i know, i know. but just think of it as like buying a condo. you want to try it out. >> i don't want a condo. >> see? exactly. i picked the right thing. >> i've got 11 more years in this county so she's going to be somebody i'll see throughout my career. when are you leaving? when are you leaving our company? >> every one of you guys asks me. never. . i'm here to stay. >> i don't think her charges ever get her more than maybe months, maybe a year here and there. all right. we'll let you rest. i don't want you to hurt your hand. good night. >> i'll see you later. i'll be here. >> so will i. >> that woman hates me. >> mcnaughton then admitted to us that her injury was self-inflicted. >> you did that yourself to get out of here? >> yeah. pretty [ bleep ] or messed up. excuse me.
3:55 am
>> then she demonstrated how she did it. oh, no. it was this way. i smashed my hand in the thing. i'm claustrophobic. it's not going to work well for me in here. they know that. everybody knows i can't work in here. i can't live in here. >> do you think they're going to move you now? >> no, no. i just wanted to get out of here for like an hour. this is not going to move me out of the dorm. this just got me to walk down the hall out of this same room. usually, that tv is blaring. you have girls slamming cards. i mean, it drives me nuts! so just to get out of here for a minute. yeah. >> jessica styx was also recently transferred out of g
3:56 am
dorm. but, today, she'll be dealing with the past. she has a visitation with her mother. >> i'm going to visit with my mommy. >> are you excited about that? >> i'm so excited. i haven't seen her in two weeks. i'm so excited. i can't wait. i don't even see my mom. >> she's probably not here yet. we'll put you at a table and then when she comes in -- >> okay. it will probably make her feel better to see me better. you know? >> visitation at maricopa comes with two major restrictions. the inmate is handcuffed to the table and is not allowed to touch or be touched by their visitors. >> what happened to your hand? >> i broke it. >> how? >> i punched the wall. >> what? >> i know. i'm sorry. i got really mad. >> your bad hand? >> this is my bad hand. they're both bad. >> why did you punch the wall? >> because, mom, everything just was building up. and then i just -- something set
3:57 am
me over the edge and i got pissed off. i got mad. i tried for two hours to calm myself down. i tried exercising and doing everything i could. i was still pissed off. i didn't want to go to the hole and get in trouble punching someone else. i've been praying every morning. i've been exercising like three times a day. healthier? do i look healthier? >> your face looks good. your face always looks good. except for them red eyes. >> oh, i know! i tried -- >> you look like a clown. >> i tried some new make-up. today i was bored and i tried using -- it's like we all wear like weird makeup in here. nobody sees us. we never wear it outside. >> what's all over your arms? >> where? >> black on both of them. have you been writing on your arms? >> huh? yes, you have. >> yeah, i've been writing on my arms, yeah. they're tattoos. this one is. >> how did you get a real one? >> don't talk about that in here. i'll get in trouble. someone gave me one. don't talk about that in here. i'll get in trouble.
3:58 am
i will go to the hole for that. there's people watching. don't talk about that. i know. >> what the hell were you thinking? holy moley. >> i know. i'm sorry. >> oh, my gosh. jessica. >> i'm sorry. >> what does the other one say? >> well, they messed up on my other one. i just redid it over here. it is just a scar. it's just a scar! >> would you say it is not permanent or it is? >> this one, well, this one is permanent. this one is a scar. it will go away. >> jessica! >> i know. what do you think jason will say about that? >> i think he's going to think you're retarded. >> i think he is going to think more than that. >> while styx might be explaining her tattoos for the rest of her life, her short time at maricopa has resulted in a positive milestone. >> today is one month clean. yeah. so you don't need to worry about me right now. this is the best place for me to be right now.
3:59 am
and i don't want you to worry about me. i want you to just know that i'm okay. i'm safe. it sucks, yeah, it sucks, but it's my fault. drugs got me here and it's my fault. i did this. and you know, i'm so sorry that i hurt you. i'm so sorry that you have to do this. i'm sorry! but i just think you should feel more comfortable knowing that i'm in here and i'm safe and i'm not out there and not knowing what i'm doing. knowing that this is going to change me for the rest of my life. that this five, six months, whatever it may be, whatever time i get, is better than me still being out there doing what i was doing. and now i can be a mom. i can be a mom to my kids. i can be a good daughter. i can do the things i want to do. you know? i can go to school. you know what i mean? okay. we got to go. >> i love you.


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