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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  December 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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but the circumstances have to be right for her. i really do believe that. the economy has to be good and she has to decide that it the national mood is going to be such in 2016 that the country is going to want to stick with a democrat. >> michael tomasky, good to have you with us. that's "the ed show." and tomorrow night nancy pelosi will join me to talk about the fiscal cliff. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> good evening, ed. thank you. thanks to you at home for staying with us. if you get a tweet from president obama, you will know it by his signature. the president has an official twitter account from which all sorts of on message things get tweeted. but the white house says you know when a tweet has been written by the president himself because in that case the tweet gets a little initial signature. a "bo" in lower case. barack obama, as in i the
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president wrote this tweet. if it was a dog, it would be the paw print. the president was writing his own tweet this is afternoon. the string of twitter messages about the budget negotiations in washington. the white house announcing in advance today that the president himself would be answering people's questions about the negotiations in washington. he would be answering them directly on twitter starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern. it is kind of awesome that regular people can ask direct questions from the leader of the free world. it's like a town hall but you don't have to go to new hampshire in the winter to do it. but doing this shows the unique risks of totally unmediated communication methods for high profile people. like there was this exchange this afternoon which does make sense and it is on message, even if at first it doesn't seem that way.
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the person who's writing the president here is called, don't be a prat. that's their name on twitter. here's the president answering the question. @barackobama. as a recent college grad without a job, these cuts wouldn't help me, would they? here's the president's response. cuts without revenue equal reductions in student loans. also work study credits expire. bad for growth, like your hair. right. no.
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punctuation. end of one thought, those are bad for growth. also i like your hair. when you look at the avatar for her, nice hair. i myself had blue hair once. more blue, less purple, but still. direct public to president communications have potential risks. but paying those risks is one of the things that this white house has proven willing to do. it's part of the price of admission this they have been willing to pay for how this president is trying to win his first big political fight in d.c. after being reelected. the president's e-mail system for contacting his supporters, being employed to ask the people who just voted for him to now contact congress and take the president's side in these negotiations over taxes and spending. the president asking people to use twitter and facebook and anything else they can in social media to weigh in on these negotiations in terms of contacting congress. the president touring outside of washington like it was still during the campaign. building up support for his side of the argument.
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all to increase his political capital in this fight he's having with the republicans in congress. now the republicans have not been shy in condemning the president for taking this pop populist approach in the way he's trying to get his way in the fight. the republicans own strategy is basically the opposite to what the president is doing. they are keeping their side of the argument very firmly within the beltway. they are not out barn storming anybody on this. they are not asking the public to get involved. they are trying to make sure this conversation ventures no further afield than the sunday morning talk shows. let's keep this in washington. because it is in the beltway where the republican side of the argument makes the most apparent sense. there's no suspense in how washington, d.c. is going to vote in the election. but in the real world, out in the rest of the country, the president just won reelection and his party, the democrats picked up seats in the house and senate at the same time. before this election, which the
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democrats did very well and the republicans did not do well, before this election happened, the republican speaker of the house john boehner had proposed that revenues should be raised by this much. this was his pre-election offer. after the election, which his party lost, after contesting on these grounds, after the election where his side lost, look at his new offer. now he's offering this much new revenue. his offer has gotten worse. you cannot have what i offered you before the election. what election? that's how the republican house speaker is playing the game this week. maybe in the world of the beltway and the sunday morning talk shows, maybe that makes sense. in the real world, here's what happened. here's the bigger picture. our economy broke very, very badly. not long ago on a historic scale. now in the real world, we are having these tiny little
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glimmers of recovery of economic growth. the first blue bar, that's when the stimulus bill went into effect. the stimulus kicks in and the economy starts to grow after having fallen off a cliff. that's the real cliff. just the other day, we learned our latest glimmer of growth was bigger than we had thought it was, which was awesome. the bad news, though, is that we are in danger of falling back. we are in real danger. the deficit is not the biggest problem in the country. the deficit is shrinking by hundreds of millions of dollars every year the president has been in office. to the extent we need to use debt to accomplish other goals, you may not like the idea in the abstract, but debt is cheaper now than it has been in a long time. focusing on the deficit is like arguing about the color you might paint your car while you're crashing that car into a tree. in washington the republicans are arguing about not a pretend
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problem but something that's a secondary problem. a problem that has no need to be the one problem we wreck everything else to solve. if you look at the real economy in the real world, outside of sunday morning, what the economy needs is stimulus. you don't need to take money out of the economy. you don't need to further contract the economy. you need to stimulate the economy. the economists who track this stuff already think we're not growing enough to get back to a healthy economy. they cut the estimate to how much we are growing. people are not making enough money and therefore, not spending enough money and businesses are not hiring enough people. we need to be talking about growth. the problem in the country is an economic growth problem. the deficit, nobody wants there to be a deficit, but that's not the pressing need we've got as a nation. growing the economy, frankly, is the only way we have gotten rid of red ink in the past.
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when americans are better off, they pay more in taxes. the government can pay for the usual things and pay down the debt. president clinton, the surplus, he got that partly from raising revenue. raising taxes. but also he did it in a way that grew the economy and the nation prospered and the debt became no big deal and then the debt was gone and the debt clocks that were supposed to be scary got shut off. that was because of prioritizing economic growth and being willing to raise revenues. look when we started growing again after the recession. it was not long after the stimulus kicked in. the government spent money and the economy grew. that's how it works. that's why it used to be a beltway consensus when the economy needed to grow, you needed economic stimulus in terms of your fiscal policy. now the discussion about how we need to make sure we contract the economy and cause as much pain as possible to the people who will be hurt the most by
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that contracting, maybe that makes sense on sunday morning, but the rest of us go to work during the week and sometimes we go to parties. right now as we speak, here's the scene in washington. at the white house, which bo obama has shown us what it looks like for the holidays, tonight is the first white house christmas party of the season. it's the white house christmas party for members of congress. john boehner, eric cantor, the top house republicans are all there at the white house alongside president obama tonight. and so e.j. dionne, senior fellow, friendliest person in the sunday morning circuit, while those guys are standing over the punch bowl, what should president obama be saying to them to get them to focus on what the country needs? >> i think i might say and do a couple things. i would have two really beautiful leather bound volumes and say to them, merry christmas. these are the county by county
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returns from the last election bound in this beautiful leather. you might want to study these. it's not 2010 anymore so let's figure out what to do. the second thing i'd say is this is a religious season so we think of religious folks. dear lord, give me chastity, but not yet. that's how you guys are with taxes. you sent me this letter. you say $800 million in taxes from tax reform, but we'll figure it out next year. no, we need the money now. tell us what deductions you get rid of and maybe you can give me a specific proposal where you outline those cuts and then we can negotiate is and maybe we'll get this settled by christmas. >> the first point about the election returns i think is a beautiful idea and makes me want to commission that from somebody. but there is this remarkable thing that john boehner is doing, which is that he did have an offer on the table before the election. that got worse after the
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election. and i'm assuming this is a hard-nose negotiating tactic. but at some point, how does his bluff get called on that? he can't think he'll get more than what he wanted before the election. >> i think the bluff can get called in two ways. we can always go past january 1st and then all the taxes come back and we can start from there. and that's why i don't think people should be worried about the fiscal slope or whatever we want to call it. these are bunch of artificially-imposed deadlines to create a frenzy. that's one thing that can happen. but i think a second thing can happen. you have tom cole out there, the republican from oklahoma, who said we're crazy if we don't extend the middle class tax cuts. you could see more republicans get there. and that's why i'm really glad president obama is not
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negotiating both for himself and for the republicans, which was sometimes his habit the last time. he's basically saying you want a bunch of cuts i don't have. don't make me propose them. that's creating some pressure on them. i think both those things will have an effect. we'll get the taxes back if we do nothing. >> the conversation in washington being separate from what it feels like the real needs of the country, a familiar feeling for me. i often have this frustration that the beltway discussion is not what the important questions are that are facing the country. in this case, i feel like as long as we're willing to talk about the economic needs of the country, as long as we're willing to talk about fiscal policy, how can it be we're not talking about new stimulus. the republicans ran against that as if the stimulus was this awful thing. but the republicans lost and we have an economic growth problem now. i wonder if you see signs of hope in what the president is asking for there in the way
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people are talking about the need to goose economic growth. >> there were three good things in his proposal. one is $50 billion to create an infrastructure bank, which by the way, republicans ought to like because it's a public/private partnership. he also says, and i think he's right about this, we have to extend unemployment insurance and we should extend the payroll tax holiday another year. we don't want to take all that money out of people's hands when the economy is this shaky. the money to average americans is more stimulative than to rich folks. you wouldn't do damage by those on the rich. there are other things you could do. they should speed the resolution of the mortgages under water. we could take a lot of pressure off the economy. i'd like to see something like a holiday on student loans or something to cut back what people owe on that. an old idea that died which was an idea for school improvements all over the country.
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there are a lot of schools in our country, particularly in poor neighborhoods, that aren't in good shape. these projects don't need new permits. we could get good money out there and do something really good, which would make kids proud of their schools. >> e.j. dionne, relentlessly constructive as always. "washington post" columnist, thank you. >> great to be with you. president obama said he was not going to make a big speech this afternoon. but then he ended up kind of making a big speech about the subject he cared most about when he was senator obama. lots to get to tonight. that's coming up next. stay with us. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards!
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call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >> the president gave a funny speech where he talked about traveling as a new senator with dick lugar. they were in ukraine. senator obama had to be told by his hosts to please not touch the tnt. as in please do not touch the explosives, sir. this speech was full of thing its i had never heard him talk about before. we got some of the funniest stuff coming up in a moment. but there was one very serious moment in the same speech. it appeared to be a serious digression in the middle of this otherwise fairly informal set of remarks from the president.
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when the president made this digression in the middle of this otherwise informal speech today, his digression made headlines around the world. >> today i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those under his command, the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. [ applause ] >> there will be consequences. what will those consequences be? no one is saying, but everybody who is saying there are consequences are saying it in a way would be a very big deal. >> this is a redline for the united states. i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible
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evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people, but suffice it to say we are certainly planning to take action. >> apparently we are planning to take action. when a conflict has been going on somewhere in the world for a long time, it's sometimes hard to tell when a development in that far-away conflict in that war crosses the line into being a big deal, into being a newsworthy thing for the world. what is maybe happening in syria is one of those things that crosses the line. you can tell by the president and the american secretary of state talked about it today and threatened that the u.s. is going to act in response. i do not know exactly what that means and neither do you, but we're probably not talking about a sternly-worded letter. we're talking about the nerve agents.
9:21 pm
we're talking about mustard gas. do you remember the doomsday cult back in the mid-'90s that killed 13 people and seriously injured 50 people and temporarily blinded a thousand people? imagine that but with weapons grade disseminated by missile. associated press says that syria is believed to have several hundred ballistic surface to surface missiles capable of carrying chemical war heads plus several tons of weapons stored in large drums or in artillery shells. the cause for all the concern right now including the statements from president obama and secretary clinton is the reports from this weekend. reports from this weekend quoting intelligence sources saying there was "heightened activity at some of syria's chemical weapons sites". raising the prospect that the government might feel like they are losing the war they are fighting with conventional weapons and may be looking to
9:22 pm
their chemical weapons supplies out of desperation. there's no reason to be alarmist about this going on, but this is also alarming enough now that it makes sense to be paying attention and paying attention closely. and toward that end, i want to highlight one other detail of the story. the last time the international community noticed unusual activity around syria's chemical weapons site, the last time the world freaked out that maybe the syrians were going to gas their own people, the last time this happened was in july. and in july this is who stood up for the syrian government and said, don't worry it will never happen. >> any unconventional weapon that the public possess would never be used against civilian or the syrian people during this crisis at any circumstances. no matter how the crisis would evolve, no matter how.
9:23 pm
>> that spokesman assuring the world that syria would never use weapons of mass destruction against their own people, that guy, the last government spokesman who said don't worry about this, we won't use them. that guy today defected. fled the country. he's said to be on his way to london. even if you have not been paying attention until now, it is worth understanding why this is now a focus of international concern. and international focus. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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back in 2009 and 2010, republican protests against president obama's supposedly socialist kenyan secret muslim agenda were touted as grass roots events. most of them r were not grass roots events. most of them were organized by groups by freedom works, which grew out of a conservative advocacy organization that was founded and funded by the billionaire koch brothers. the front man was a congressman from texas. he was the house majority leader for the republican party, which
9:28 pm
is not a grass rootsy thing. but none of this is. today david korn had a scoop about the fake grass roots part of republican party politics. "mother jones" published an e-mail in which dick army quit. he then told "mother jones", the top management team of freedom works was taking a direction i thought was unproductive and thought it was time to move on with my life. don't know exactly why dick army and freedom works broke up, but there's discord at the conservative level. actually there's a lot going on. more on that ahead. stay with us. a cup of joe is a sedan. a cup of johan is a 600 horsepower sports coupe that likes to hug curves. ♪ your curves. smooth, rich, never bitter, gevalia.
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[ male announcer ] marie callender's puts everything you've grown to love about sunday dinner into each of her pot pies. tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a crust made from scratch. marie callender's. it's time to savor. once upon a time, the former president of the united states went out on his fast boat and took out on his fast boat with him these tiny people who are are too tiny to discern, but who include this man, who happens to be the current president of kazakhstan. they went boating together at the bush family compound in maine. he's been president of that country for 20 years. if you want to know what kind of president he's been, he got 95% of the vote in the last election.
9:32 pm
his government declared to be president's day and 30,000 people performed in a pageant devoted to expressing his personal awesomeness. he also controls the state media, naturally. not exactly a president in the way we think of a president, but that's the president. also president of belarus. he's been president there for almost 20 years. in an amazing q&a last week, reuters asked this guy his reaction to being called a dictator. i asked myself "what is a dictator? i sometimes in a nice way envy myself. i am the last and only dictator in europe and there are none anywhere else in the world. you came here and looked at a living dictator.
9:33 pm
where else would you see one?" imagine what it feels like to envy yourself. it would be totally inappropriate for our country to be friendly with guys who run these republics. that are psyched to be referred to as a dictator. but in the real world, we do have some relationships with these types of leaders and these types of countries. sometimes our presidents even go speedboating with these types of leaders. we do as a country, even when they are creeps, we do lead projects with them that our government sees as in our national interests. so in belarus, they gave up their nuclear weapons in the 1990s, but it was a big deal and a surprising thing when the obama administration got belarus to give up their highly enriched uranium too. their stockpile of the material was taken away and secured by the united states. the guy in kazakhstan, the guy who named a national holiday in his own honor, he agreed to give
9:34 pm
up a portion of his country's highly-enriched uranium and all the risk that goes with it. it's remarkable that coup tries that used to be part of a soviet union, these countries agreed to give up their nuclear weapons and that they also agreed to give up material used to make nuclear weapons. so while there are a lot of things to worry about with belarus, we can worry a little less about their stockpile because they let us lock some of it up. american policy that makes this a priority is now more than 20 years old. it goes back to 1992. it's the non lugar cooperative threat reduction program. it's named after the senator sam nun and richard lugar. this is one of the things that our government does. you may remember me wearing a funny outfit when we traveled to mexico while they were giving up
9:35 pm
the last of their uranium. working with our administration to safely contain and take away that material. from the beginning of this presidency, the work has been a priority for president obama. ten weeks after he was inaugurated in 2009, he traveled to prague and laid out his vision in front of 20,000 people. >> as a nuclear power as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the united states has a moral responsibility to act. we cannot succeed in this endeavor alone, but we can lead it. we can start it. so today i state clearly and with conviction america's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. [ applause ] i'm not naive.
9:36 pm
this it goal will not be reached quickly. perhaps not in my lifetime. it will take patience and persistence. but now we, too, must ignore the voices who tell us that the world cannot change. we have to insist, yes we can. >> that was in 2009 just weeks after he was inaugurated. the following year in 2010, president obama convened the first nuclear security summit in washington. more than 40 heads of state got together to discuss among other things how to best safeguard the nuclear material that already exists around the world. that same year president obama signed a new stark treatment. an agreement between united states and russia to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in each country's arsenal. he called that his top national security priority and he got the senate to ratify it. it's hard to put a bigger exclamation point on a policy
9:37 pm
than the way he's talked about nuclear disarmament. and counterproliferation. keeping the world safe not just from nuclear weapons, but nuclear material falling into the wrong hands. it's still this underappreciated it thing about what is important to him. and also how long it's been important to him. today president obama underscored how seriously he's taken this issue from the beginning of his career in a speech praising in part republican richard lugar's work on nuclear weapons and nuclear material as senator lugar prepares to leave washington after decades. >> it was dick who took me on my first foreign trip as a senator to russia and ukraine. i remember walking through one facility. i started leaning in for a closer look and one of the workers said don't touch that orange stuff. it it turned out to be tnt.
9:38 pm
at another point, the workers were taking gloves on their hands, masks over their faces. i'm thinking, why don't we have masks on? this is the kind of trip you take with dick lugar. >> it does not get covered that often by the beltway media, but nuclear material, reducing the number of them in the world, making sure that the material out there does not fall into the hands of crazies, these have been at the top of barack obama's to do list in washington since he first came to washington. >> you may remember this it, dick. i was in ukraine. we went to an old factory. we walked down these long, dark corridors. we're stepping over puddles of something, we're not sure what it was. finally we came across some women sitting at a work table. piles of old artillery shells and the women were sitting there taking them apart. by hand. slowly, carefully, one by one.
9:39 pm
it took decades and extraordinary sums of money to build those arsenals. this is going to take decades and continued investments to dismantle them. it's pain-staking work. missile by missile, shell by shell, we're putting an era behind us. >> joining us is the president of the global security foundation. also a member of the council on foreign relations. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> you were there when president obama gave that speech today. is this -- should we see this as a commemoration of richard lugar at the end of this senate career, or did this have policy significance? >> it's more than a commemoration, although that was a big part of the purpose. he told some funny stories and
9:40 pm
had warm reminisces about richard lugar. but then he turned serious. you heard this part of his speech. you quoted my favorite line. missile by missile, war head by war head, shell by shell, we're taking this bygone era apart. he chose this moment, this is the first national security speech since he was reelected. he chooses to talk about nuclear weapons. to underscore his personal commitment to it, to reaffirm his vision that he expressed in prague in his first speech as president that this is important to him and he did it at the national defense university with his entire nuclear security team in front of him. this was as much a message to the bureaucracy as it was to the american people in the world. this is important to me. i intend to see this through. >> his personal commitment on this issue is something that's made it an issue to watch since he first became president.
9:41 pm
frankly, since he first became senator. how do you judge his first term in terms of keeping his promises or aimed toward the things he wanted to get accomplished in this field? >> he's kept almost all his promises in this field. there's a fact checking site that ran the numbers down today and judged that in most cases, he kept his promises. he did a treaty with russia. he did increase and speed up the work to secure these nuclear materials. he made it harder for other countries to try to get these. he faced resistance particularly in russia and in political opponents in the u.s. senate. so he's only achieved about half of what he intended to do. and that's what made this speech so important today. he's saying the job is not yet done. we have a long way to go. i intend to see it through to
9:42 pm
the end. >> one of the last times you and i talked about this, we talked about the fact that what the republicans in the senate, in particular, demanded in exchange for ratifying the new start treaty with russia, they demanded many, many, many billions of dollars to be put into building new nuclear weapons and supposedly modernizing the nuclear arsenal. for a president taking this thing apart shell by shell, to also be making those big investments in nuclear weapons laboratories and manufacturing and modernizing, it seems like a bit of an oxymoron. how do you assess that side of his deal making? >> he said as long as the weapons exist, we have to make sure they are safe and secure and effective. which is true.
9:43 pm
we're stuck with the cost in the nuclear weapons complex. we spend $56 billion on nuclear weapons and related programs. we're scheduled to spend $640 billion on these programs over the next ten years. clearly this is excessive. clearly this can be cut back. this is the gap in the president's program. there's been a gap between his policies, which seek to reduce and eliminate these weapons. and the procurement for the systems which continue to go upwards. the policy has not caught up with the procurement. that's why it's urgent he act soon in his new term to bridge that gap, to want to gain control of the policy apparatus, to slow the contracts down before we lock in the building of an entire new generation of missiles, bombers and subs. >> president of the fund, thank you. it's great to have you here. >> thank you, rachel. anybody who has ever googled the word "santorum" knows how that turns out. now it's awkward for a new reason. stay tuned. rell comes into stars
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there's a bunch of new news today about how the republican party is trying to have talk amongst themselves about what went wrong for them this election cycle, how they positioned themselves to shore up what it is they stand for after this bad year. beyond the news about my
9:48 pm
boyfriend from high school dick army leaving his koch brothers mega group. there's more ahead about the party's strange new round of decision making. that story is coming up. before we get to that last story tonight, there's something that i think went unusually unnoticed, i guess, in today's news from washington. something that might end up being important. remember at the beginning of last week the republican party made news when they picked committee chairs for their 19 republican-led committees. they picked 19 white men. john boehner tried to do a little damage control with the two that he personally can choose. but he had a problem in trying to give one of those two to a woman because the republican membership of the committees contained no women. no women members.
9:49 pm
so no women to choose from in trying to find a female committee chair. ultimately john boehner decided to break all precedent going back to the 1800s so he could pick a woman to be a chair of one of the committees even though she was not a member of that committee. john boehner still has one to bestow. the man who currently holds the house ethics committee chair is bonner. he said he doesn't want the job this time. but again, how is it going to be a woman? there are no republican women on that committee. so who knows. there have been no republican women on that committee in years. this one might even be more awkward than the last one that john boehner had to go through gyrations to fix. good luck on that, mr. speaker. honestly, the problem that republicans have in trying to appear diverse in their leadership is that they just don't have a deep pool of republican-elected women to choose from. there aren't that many. here's what just happened to
9:50 pm
make that worse. republicans already had like no women in congress. before this last election out of 241 members of congress, only 24 24 republicans women heading into the last election. after this election, they went down. they went from 24 down to 20. a net loss of four. today that net loss of four became a net loss of five because jo ann emerson of missouri's 8th district just announced that she's quitting. she was just reelected to her ninth term in congress. 72% of the vote. but she's stepping down to become ceo of the national rural electric cooperation. basically, she's stepping down to be a lobbyist. by her leaving, the proportion of women among the republicans in congress drops into the single digits in the 21st century and maybe they will keep
9:51 pm
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rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. new york city in the new york city area has two football teams. one of them is pretty good. the other team is not good. they are called the jets. they wear green and even the people who like them now show up at their games wearing homemade jerseys that say this, buttfumble. this refers to the jets' quarterback in his day job when he's not modeling he's supposed to be playing football and last weekend he was holding the football and inexplicably ran into the butt of one of his own teammates and fell down and dropped the ball and the other team picked up the ball and got a touchdown. hence, the butt fumble. the jets are just not a good football team this year. you can address your hate mail to me at msnbc.
9:55 pm
the auto reply you will get will will you the word butt fumble. the owner of the butt fumblers is a man named woody johnson. he was a chairman of mitt romney's campaign this year. he hosted a luncheon for big time republican bundlers. the audience was reince priebus who attended the meeting. it was his rnc who hired the firm ran by the improprieties to run the voter registration efforts in five swing states. when that firm, ran by that guy with the shady past was inevitably accused of doing shady things this year with voter registration, the republican party in all of those states had to fire the firm
9:56 pm
which ended voter registration in the final crucial week before the election. there was no plan b. thanks, reince. the republicans just had to give up registering voters in those states. maybe that came up in today's meeting. also potentially on the menu today, the rnc field program, part of the ground effort that was just swamped this year. the republicans get out to vote technology crashed early on election day. one campaign telling the daily beast, everything about the system that was supposed to work actually failed. so these dozens of big-time republican donors meeting today to talk about what went wrong and reince priebus is there to listen, to listen to them vent about what went wrong but his answer to all of their complaints is, let's do it all again because reince priebus, after all he did, wants to be re-elected as rnc chairman. he was trying to shore up that re-election effort by meeting with these dozen of republican
9:57 pm
donors today, including the owner of the butt fumblers here in new york city. meanwhile, "the washington post" reporting today on the other guy who was responsible for the republican's very bad election year, reporting that mitt romney is mostly living in la jolla now in southern california and suffering from, quote, sustained boredom. speaking of bored, mr. romney has been put back on the board of the marriott corporation. he's subletting a private equity office from one of his sons apparently. but while republicans try to figure out what went wrong with their hoax of getting in the white house, what about the guy that came in more or less second to mitt romney this year? he's taking a job as a columnist for world net daily. you might remember world net daily as the birther website. that has not worked out all that well for them lately so they have branched out. it's your one-stop shop for a whole host of new conspiracy theories about president obama. they have been pushing the
9:58 pm
theory that not only is president obama secretly foreign but he's secretly gay and he used to be secretly married in college, probably secretly gay married and maybe secretly murdered his secretly gay boyfriend. world net daily also has a superstore for all of your conspiracy-related shopping needs. you can buy a defensive cane fighting with your cane. you can also buy a radiation detecting sticker to keep with you for any emergency radiation. or maybe you're in the market for a flash flight that doubles for field stripping a glock hand gun. this week, the world net daily columnist is writing about how a new secessionist party could help white americans start a new country. he rails about the u.s.
9:59 pm
bifactional ruling party's hate and contempt for white americans who still hold to traditional values believe in their constitutional liberties. they mock the celebrate the infestation of even the smallest american heartland towns by african and asian and aztec cultures as they worship at the nonexistent equality. so mitt romney has landed bored at his la jolla mansion. that's the one that's going to have the car elevators. they're not there yet so it's still boring. the guy who was essentially came in second to mitt romney this year, the guy who was a runner up in the republican party efforts to pick their nominee, the guy who could have been mitt romney if for some reason it wasn't mitt romney, he landed at world net daily.