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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 5, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hello, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following where things regard right now with the fiscal cliff and there's hot rhetoric to go around. >> our members believe strongly that raising tax rates will hurt the economy. closing loopholes, especially on those who are wealthy, is a better way to raise this revenue. >> in order for us to raise the amount of revenue that's needed just by closing deductions and loopholes for high earners we'd have to, for example, eliminate or severely cap the char itible deduction. >> an obsession to raise taxes not going to solve the problem. what will solve the problem is doing something about the entitlements, taking on the wasteful spending in washington. >> and meantime, "the new york times" jonathan wiseman reports
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behind the scene republican leaders are considering the president's plan to extend middle class tax cuts now an address the debt and spending in the new year. here's republican senator tom coburn on "morning joe." >> actually, i would rather see the rates go up than the other way and greater chance to broaden the base in the future. >> do something, a down payment on cuts, on investments and revenue this year. and then in the next year take the time to go over what we would do with real revenue reform. you can't do in it a matter of weeks right now. >> if they do not make this deal on tax rates for the top 2%, then they're going to go away and then we come back and pass tax cuts for everybody under $250. >> families are doing that now, budgeting every single dollar that they have to make sure that they can have the christmas they want for their children. they don't have to budget
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starting in january a tax increase. >> and throw this in to the pot. developing now, take a look. the house is now leaving town with just three days on the legislative calendar to avoid the fiscal cliff. let's bring in capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. kelly, the house majority leader eric cantor issued a warning and optics matter and to see that shot in the middle of everything else makes it even more interesting. >> reporter: it it can certainly ir rate voters. the practical side those members not at the table negotiating things like the fiscal cliff and the role is something to vote on and so getting back to their districts, some of them say to you having a chance to talk with voters at home is valuable. many of them have fairly packed schedules for events at home but then you have to weigh it against the appearance of people leaving the capitol and does that suggest to people at home they aren't really as nose to the grindstone as they might be? it's an eye of the beholder
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moment and when you talk about a lame duck congress, here we are with many of these members waiting to have their new colleagues come in this january and tackle some of the big problems and looming deadlines. how do they shake it snout over time we have seen that the lake duck sessions are sometimes not very productive. not a lot going on. but we're certainly heavily focused on it in the last couple of weeks because of the huge problems that need to be tackled. one of the big issues is anybody really talking about what to do with the fiscal cliff other than news conferences an the appearances on the floor and the message is there aren't really serious negotiations going back and forth just yet. the critical moments probably later in december when the pressure of the calendar is greater, tamron. >> all right. kelly o'donnell, thank you. joining us now is congressman
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yarmuth. about a week ago you were on with my colleague and said you were growing more pessimistic about reaching a deal before the back and forth we have seen. how do you feel right now? >> well, i'm still pretty pessimistic about a deal and optimistic to at least avoid the tax part of the cliff. i get the sense that a growing number of republicans are willing to let the senate bill come to the floor here in the house. which would get almost every democratic vote and a fair number of republican votes. as long as speaker boehner doesn't require there be a majority of his majority to pass that bill, i think we can get that done. i have a sense that's kind of a way we're moving. as to spending, and some of the other matters, i think that's going to be something where the can's kicked down the road in to next year. >> that seems to be the common theme today. i've watched your colleagues on our air and read comments in different newspapers. it seems that that's where we are right now. get this issue of the tax cuts
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complete so that the american people will have at least some comfort and then as you pointed out, kick the can down the road. i have heard people say this is groundhog day. this is the same thing over and over again. it seems that -- this seems to be a repeat performance. >> well, i think due to a certain extent that's true and happening -- will be happening at the beginning of a session. and we're going to about 85 or 86 new members here, a few more democrats and hopefully a refreshed membership that will actually look to do this. now, you talked about the schedule and actually next year's schedule's pretty disturbing if you really consider it. it's 129 total days but actually only 60 full business days in session the entire year and we won't have a lot of time next year either to deal with the very, very pressing matters but in terms of spending i think
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there's a realization that the cuts that were projected in the across the board cuts, the so-called sequester the other part of the cliff will devastate the economy, send us back to recession. there's people that want to see cuts but not prescribed there. >> you were on again as i pointed out last week on msnbc and said that the republicans trying to muddy the waters by including entitlement reform and other issues including debt ceiling talks, as well here. but does it matter how many days you have on the calendar, or the significant and ideological problems here and the pressure of speaker boehner? you can find multiple articles right now conservatives questioning him putting tax revenue on the table and certainly a couple of republicans were on our air referring to the debt ceiling and the president's request saying that he is not the emperor and they would not give him the ability to put the country in as much debt as the
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democrats want them to. tom cole was on, as well, saying a similar thing. >> it is interesting to go through a campaign and republicans were harping on the fact that we supposedly cut $716 billion out of medicare and now they want to make cuts to medicare and other entitlements part of the equation to get anything agreed to. we need to reform our social insurance system, particularly in medicare. we did that in the affordable care act and people forget the significant changes of medicare in that law and we ought to be content to let some of those actually play themselves out before we start messing around with something that's so important to 50 million americans. >> i believe you've pointed out in the past the cuts that were made with medicare are the same cuts that the president was attacked for during the election. >> exactly. these are savings, about a third of which were reducing the subsidy for insurance companies providing medicare advantage
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programs and the rest of them pretty much cut to providers and we didn't reduce services. we expanded some while leaving money over the long term and the cbo said the affordable care act will save $1.2 trillion. again, we need to be careful what we do with the medicare portion of the social safety net because we've actually made some significant changes that have yet to play out. >> all right. thank you very much, sir. we greatly appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> now, ab stoddard, erin mcpike and keith boykin. a.b. let's start with you. let's read what senator demint and senator paul had to say about the proposal of boehner and the republicans. the $800 billion tax hike will destroy american jobs. if neither party leadership puts forward a serious plan, we
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should end this charade. ran paul says, one party proposes $800 billion in tax increases to counter them and continue to be the low tax small government party. the other party leadership proposes, wait for it, $800 billion in tax increases. it's noted that the democrats have celebrated the proposal put out by president obama. meanwhile, you have a number of republicans slamming speaker boehner. how would you describe his position right now? >> well, he really didn't win for losing. he's trying to say to president obama if i wanted topaz your proposal i can't do it. he's really truly between a deal and promise and getting the fight over with and a conference that won't allow it. i think what senator demint is saying and house republicans are saying to john boehner is, let's go over the cliff. that we can live with the sequester and we absolutely will not raise tax rates no matter
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what. what that does is eliminate all of the tax cuts and then there's a new fight in january to push obviously by the democrats to restore tax cuts for 98% of americans. and then that will be muddied by the need for a debt ceiling increase and the fight goes in to february. it's government at the brink all the time. we don't know how the markets and the credit rating agencies will react. probably be bad ybut i think that's what you hear conservatives saying. >> erin, so far wall street for the most part reacting in a calm fashion. we know that could go out the window. no one knows what could happen and how long it would take for us to fall in to a recession. but with that said, our first read team points out you have to know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em. the song, i'm a texan. he's a texan. did we see this coming all along to see a split dealing with the
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tax cuts first and then kicking the can as you heard congressman yarmuth say down the road and a.b. pointed out on the other major issues? >> well, for one thing, i would say that it's clearly going to get worse before it gets better. last week looked like potential for a deal sooner. i still think that many people on capital hill think there's potential to get a sizable deal but as you pointed out with rand paul and jim demint, they were never going to come to the table for a deal that both parties could stomach, at least. so i don't think that john boehner is particularly worried about those two and some republicans on the far right not voting with him anyway. >> who then is worried about in he said that the president needs to talk at a table. they were at a holiday party. not the location perhaps to discuss the fiscal cliff but to show civility and speaker boehner as we understand it didn't go over to talk with the president as he is in the
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president's house technically. so, i mean, what do we make here? what's the logical next step, erin? >> there is frustration on capitol hill of a breakdown in communications between the white house and republicans on capitol hill. i talked to several republicans around here yesterday who are upset that president obama and some of his staff haven't been to the hill to meet with them so i don't actually know the next step and a breakdown in communication. >> keith, do you buy that, that there's a breakdown in communication? you have a proposal here. you have the counter proposal if you will. we have gone through this before, especially in the arena of the bush tax cuts. is that just the shiny object for us to talk about, whether the president is a hands on communicator and who's invited to what table? is that a distraction of the reality of tough decisions to be made by both sides and you can pretend it's about a dinner invitation, a drink, whatever it takes. what do you think? >> yes. you know, john boehner has
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president obama's phone number and he has used it and the president has answered the call unlike the night when president obama called john boehner on election day and john boehner didn't answer his call. i think that you have to have both parties willing to engage with each other and talk to each other. looking back at the 1980s, for example, when ronald reagan was president and tip o'neill was speaker of the house, they didn't agree but they sit down and talk and negotiate and compromise and today's republican party so hijacked by the right wing they're incapable of agreement. >> let's put aside the right wing here. we know that speaker boehner purged some of those seen as not being team players within his own party and we'll discuss the fact he's taken a hit for that. beyond the right wing or whatever you have numbers. you have exit polling. you have pew research poll that shows where the american people
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stand. if all of the people are there to represent us, meaning the people who are watching right now and the panel included here, we are all americans, we pay taxes, then why isn't this work getting done? >> well, just look at speaker boehner's fiscal cliff proposal. three-page letter with three simple bullet points. that's the entire proposal to deal with the fiscal cliff and starts out with the sentence that's remarkable, tamron. first sentence is because the election is a status quo, both sides have to compromise. they didn't see what happened. they just dismissed it as a status quo election and this is not just speaker boehner we eric cantor and paul ryan, kevin mccarthy. the entire house republican leadership signed on to the so-called fiscal cliff proposal letter. they're not serious about negotiating. i don't know the right wing and the tea party of who the republican party is nowadays but it's impossible to have a deal
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with one side refuses to compromise even after losing. they will not accept their own defeat. >> right. >> and that is the problem. >> a.b. let's play what congressman walter jones had to say on this boehner purge. i have the full screen of what he had to say when several members were removed as identified not being team players. he says, i was surprised but i won't sacrifice my integrity for anyone or any party. my integrity is what will get me in to heaven and i will vote my integrity. again, going back to the position of speaker boehner, pointing out what keith has said about what the american people indicated in their discussion, there could not have been a clearer difference between mitt romney and the president on this issue as noted a thousand times but hearing a congress saying my integrity means more to my party and he's a part of that party, what are we to make of that for speaker boehner? >> this is a time of struggle for the republican party. having lost the white house and
11:16 am
lost key groups very badly they need to win to win a coalition that wins them the presidency. they're really asking themselves tough questions right now. there's a broad reset to me going on and the house republican conference, john boehner, the speaker, told them last year in the congress we don't have the votes to get what you want, telling the conservatives that. this year, eight fewer votes and he has to govern and wants a deal and not the difficulty so there's a classic establishment tea party division going on right now and if you don't help him out and cross the line, you will get punished. timing is terrible for john boehner. he wishes we wasn't involved in the negotiations but this is the time when you organize new congress and give out assignments and punishing and that's why it happened now. >> quickly, erin, when's the likely next move you are watching for? >> you know, i think the white house is probably going to have to give up first the $50 billion
11:17 am
in that stimulus funding because republicans saw that as a slap in the face. >> erin, thank you. a.b. always a pleasure. thank you, keith. always good to see you. politico's roger simon will join us next to talk about the scathing new article on republicans. quote, republicans have found their stab in the back. it was the minorities what done them in. all right? so what does he think of paul ryan and marco rubio's comments to put space, a lot of space between themselves and mitt romney on a key issue? >> both parties tend to divide americans in to our voters and their voters. there are millions of mario rubios across america today. they're not looking for a hand-out. former senator alan simpson knowing for working out and tackling the national doubt and now a new way to get the message out regarding the fiscal cliff. take a look.
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not only do immigrants help build our economy, they invigorate our soul. as our nation debates the proper course of immigration, i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit and keep in mind the contribution of immigrants. >> that was, of course, former president george w. bush dropping in to the immigration debate in a rare public appearance yesterday at the federal reserve bank in dallas. he is the latest, of course, to attempt to bring up comprehensive immigration reform for the party, an issue that seriously hurt mitt romney with
11:22 am
latino voters. meantime, two possible contenders laid out their vision. paul ryan and mario rubio speaking at the leadership award dinner in washington. both made not so veiled references of mitt romney's 47% remark. >> both parties tend to divide americans in to our voters and their voters. let's be really clear. republicans must steer far clear of that trap. >> there are millions of mario rubios across america today. they're not looking for a handout. all they want is a job that provides for their families. >> with me now, roger simon for politico and quote a column "when all falls, gop could try democracy." roger, a great pleasure having you on. your reaction to ryan, rubio and
11:23 am
former president bringing up issues we didn't hear in that tone of republicans in the election. >> well, the republican party fell off the demographic cliff in the last election and trying to climb back up and seeing a change of tone. it's not a change for george w. bush. to his credit, he's always been pro-immigration. campaigned on it, even in 2000. but for the rest of the party, they're coming the realization that the republican party cannot exist nationally as a party of just old white men. nothing wrong with old white men. i happen to be one. but you got to reach beyond that and when your candidate, mitt romney says afterwards, after he loses, well, i lost because my opponent gave stuff to black people and hispanic people and to young people and how can i beat that? well, you can't beat it just by
11:24 am
nice words. you got to beat it with a change of policy. demographics aren't destiny. black people, hispanics, women, young people, they'll vote for republicans if republicans speak to them, speak to their aspirations and speak to what they need. >> well, it's interesting because you said romney lost according to romney because a secret kept from him, a trap was sprung on him at the last moment, black people can vote. hispanic people can vote. young people can vote. i thought about what's happening with the issue of the fiscal cliff and facing and there's a narrative, those critics of the republican party saying it looks like the republicans don't care about the middle class and care about the wealthy 2% so whether it's old white men as you and others have said or the 2% versus the 98%, either narrative is no good looking at race to how much cash you have in your pocket.
11:25 am
2% of a whole lot of 98% are trying to get their kids something nice for christmas and maybe if they're lucky get the kid in college with no debt. >> you're right, tamron. it is more than race. it is economics. and you're also right that the republican party will condemn itself to be on a national level, to be a party that's going to carry only a few western states, a shrinking number as the hispanic vote increases and a few states of the old south. and it will not carry the rest of the country. for reasons both of ethnicity and race and age and gender and, also, of economics. you can't sell the message that we're going to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires and forget about the middle class and expect to be elected
11:26 am
president. mitt romney proved that. but the republican party is now saying, look. there's not going to be a charismatic black candidate on the republican side in 2016. we don't have to worry. they do have to worry. minorities are in the middle class are very capable of voting for people other than charismatic black candidates. they have not had much choice in the past. the republican party can't sit back and say, well, in 2016, this will fall in our laps and be okay again. they have to be dynamic and simply change policies to attract more voters. >> roger simon, thank you very much. what a column you have written. everyone should check it out. thanks, roger. >> thanks, tamron, as always. >> absolutely. the photographer that took a picture of a man pushed to his deaths rather than reach out to help him. he's defending the decision to
11:27 am
take the picture. >> whether i had a camera or not and i was running towards it, there is no way i could have rescued mr. han. >> i'll talk with congresswoman schwartz last week calling on mr. boehner to meet with the president. now that he has, what are we are her thoughts? you can join us our conversation on twitter. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost.. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home...
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hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like our tender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. welcome back. police say the suspect in monday's new york city subway pushing death has been arrested and now charged with second-degree murder. davis was taken in to custody yesterday just one block from the subway station where a new york man was hit by a train after being pushed on to those tracks. meanwhile, the photographer who snapped a picture of the victim's last moments defended
11:31 am
himself this morning against accusations that he could have done more to help. >> if this thing happened again, with the same circumstances, whether i had a camera or not and i was running towards it, there is no way i could have rescued mr. han. if i was in a reachable distance, i would have grabbed him and tried to pull him. >> the photographer also said there were people standing closer on the platform who may have been able to do something but didn't. he also gave his condolences to the victim's family. coming up, bob costas gives his first tv interview with lawrence o'donnell since the controversial comments about guns and murder-suicide involving a nfl player. >> what i was talking about here, and i'm sorry if that wasn't clear to everybody was a gun culture. plus, legalizing pot gets the support after a majority of voters in the first national
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test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. in the fiscal battle with democrats and the obama white house. first read then asks, what does a smart poker player usually do when holding a bad hand? you fold to live another day. nbc news senior political editor mark murray, a gambler as i
11:36 am
hear. you're a texan. we all gamble. what would be the next logical hand? because it seems today a lot of republicans are saying let's get the bush tax cut issue dealt with and then wait until next year and would that be something that the democrats and the president would embrace? >> well, this is all about gaining maximum leverage and the better leverage of republicans right now to delay the bigger battle in to february when the debt ceiling would have to be increased. as youç mentioned, essentially acquiesing to the democrats and the white house for those making $250,000 and less and let's have the bigger battle when it comes to raising the debt ceiling. president obama essentially today said he's not willing to play that game. noting what happened in 2011 with the u.s. hurting its credit rating, just the political particular sis that brought on and said, look, we have been there. i'm not going to do that again. >> not to mention the white house and the president still, of course, would hold a strong
11:37 am
hand even if the bush tax cuts were dealt with which you mentioned earlier. >> there are a few cards that the white house would be able to play even if republicans said, look, we'll meet your demands and pass the extension on tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less and still undissolved fights of the estate tax and fight with the actual tax rates would be in some type of tax reform and as well as how much willingness there would be from the white house and democrats on entitlement. the white house and democrats would have a type of say in that and still have a leverage and make no mistake. republicans with more leverage going in to february or march getting rid of this tax cut situation that's really putçó tm at a disadvantage. >> thank you very much. joining me now is florida congress wwoman allyson çschwa. the president visited a toy
11:38 am
factory in your district talking about the impact of going over the fiscal cliff. that seems like 100 years ago when you look at the proposal that's been put forth by the republicans since that date and what's happened so far which seems like nothing. >> well, it's only been a few days and you are right. when the president came in to my district, it was last friday and met with a toy manufacturer who was both manufacturers, the owners were clear about tax cuts for the middle class creates more dollars in the pockets of his consumers and more consumers buying more toys and he manufactures more product and hires more people and that's the way it works and a great company and in my district an they sell a lot of toys at the holiday season. but the president was also very clear. he said, look, i was clear during the campaign. i was re-elected. the american people understand that we have a serious fiscal challenge in our country. we want to meet obligations to the seniors. we have work to do. we have committed to spending cuts. we need the republicans to
11:39 am
commit to some revenue while protecting and strengthening the middle class. protect the tax cuts of the middle class and expand opportunity for success in the country, that we really work toward economic growth the right way and a partner. it's got to be spending cuts and revenue. >> what do you feel about this proposal, if you will, that's been floated out by some to deal with the tax cuts now and deal with the other issues of medicare and i bring0u$ medicae because you have concerns about co-pay and other issues that could affect a number of people, not just in your state but of course we know throughout. >> there are a number of issues facing us. i think it's very important to extend the middle class tax cuts and it's great if it's true but we haven't heard speaker boehner say it yet that of course they'll extend the middle class tax cuts. so far holding middle class tax cuts hostage to make sure that the top 1% or 2% of americans
11:40 am
don't get the tax break on the first $250,000 and don't pay a dime more to contribute to the fiscal challenges facing our country, and so, that's a real problem. we need them to say that but there are -- >> the idea to embrace dealing with the splitting this up here? >> we have other work to do. the alternative minimum tax for millions of americans, it's not intended for, so we have to deal with that before january 1st. we have a cut of physicians' pay under medicare and risk a medicare accessibility for seniors in the country. we have to deal with that and responsibly and set us on a new path for paying doctors in the right way to incentivize quality and contain costs and get people the care. >> what would you like to see in the immediate future as we are days away. i know you said it's been a couple of days but dealing with i believe 27 days, every one matters. >> we ought to be seriously talking to each other about a balanced approach, revenues and the spending cuts we have committed to and i think the
11:41 am
best thingç to do is make very clear decisions in the next few weeks, make sure we protect the middle class and make sure we move directly on medicare and protecting that, as well. and then -- and a few other things we ought to do before the end of the year. help create that certainty for the middle class americans and the investor community and then ñ-0gy very short window to tackle broader tax reform, making sure that we have the resources we need to protect medicare and that we deal with it, the deficit devastation for a long term and nothing to hurt the growth for the future. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. and we have some developing news to report to you out of cairo, egypt. officials say at least 60 people have been injured in violent clashes in the past few hours outside the presidential palace. there are reports two people are killed but authorities deny it. tens of thousands of demonstrators at the palace and
11:42 am
president morsi reportedly slipped out a back door. we have more from jim maceda in cairo. >> reporter: tamron, this is what many here feared would happen. street battles breaking out between the morsi supporters and demonstrators. last night, it was opposition that seemed to score big, bringing out tens of thousands in to the streets and then of course marching on the presidential palace where eventually morsi andç his riot police were seen actually beating a tactical retreat leaving the palace grounds in the hands of baffled anti-morsi protesters. some of whom then erected tents as they have done in tahrir square. today it was the muslim brotherhood's turn calling a count count counterdemonstration and it wasn't long before they overwhelmed the 100 or so others
11:43 am
demonstrating there. some tweeting from the palace areas said that the brotherhood chased off the protesters with clubs and stones leaving several bleeding in the streets and broken glass in their wake, as well. but tamron, even as this was unfolding yards away, it appears that the morsi government blinked first today. the vice president held a press conference at the palace where he offered the opposition a compromise. he said it was his own ideas. but this is how it shook down. the government could be willing, could be willing he said to sit down and find consensus of 15 or so contentious articles that critics of that new draft constitution were finding either too restrictive or too islamist. if and only if the opposition agreed to morsi's december 15 date to hold that referendum of that constitution just ten days away. now, opposition leaders reacting almost immediately saying they
11:44 am
would not ignore somethingç formal of morsi himself and this may be a breakthrough. back to you. >> jim, thank you. up next, citigroup makes a big announcement. the company is cutting more than 10,000 jobs worldwide. we'll have more details. and our stories around the "news nation." [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, now is a good time to think about your options. are you looking for a plan that really meets your needs and your budget? as you probably know, medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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11:48 am
would support such a measure and 44% oppose it. quinnipiac university assistant director was quoted as saying leaguizati legal sooegs is just a matter of time. joining us is ryan grim. ryan, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> so there's a lot to talk about. the divide between men and women over legalizathón. women opposed 52-44. when's going on there? >> yeah. those are pretty remarkable numbers in that survey. you know, partly, i think it's smoking pot is very male thing to do. if you think of your stereotype of the stoners -- >> i never thought i would hear that. i'm stymied by that, i guess. >> you think it's like six guys around a dorm room. >> snoop dogg and i don't know
11:49 am
who. okay. >> it's not that college-aged women and women in general don't smoke marijuana but you don't think of six women sitting around a dorm room passing a bong around and the usage numbers back up the fact that more boys than girls smoke pot while in high school. and i believe that that carries on throughout. so it's experience with the drug but also, you know, women led the temperance movement that led to prohibition in the early part of the 20th century and that was a very woman-driven movement. >> well, and the age discrepancy is logical. older people, 65 and older do not. when you go back to the split among women and men, how might that impact? you have the pollster saying only a matter of time. the writing on the wall. we know women are important in every aspect of voting from the presidential election which we saw to ballot initiatives. >> right. while all women, you know,
11:50 am
oppose it in thisç survey, you women do not and i think the over 65 and the women numbers are actually related because there are a lot more people over 65 who are women than men and that's going to skew the numbers that direction, but for women who are, you know, 18 plus, 18 to 50 or so, you know, they're generally supportive of legalization and the men so prodly supportive of the it they can counteract them. i think 59% and all people including men over 65. >> 19 states plus d.c. medical marijuana laws in place there. if it is only a matter of time, i won't put you in a krystal ball situation, but never the less, when do you think this matter of time will come, especially seeing when's happening in washington state as of midnight local time there? >> i think a lot of it depends on what obama and holder do with regard to washington and colorado. >> right. >> if they take, you know, if they take an aggress approach it might quicken things bringing
11:51 am
things to a head. if they take a more hands off approach, it allows industries to develop in a more systematic and reasonable way and lead other states in 2016 to go for legalization. it's tough in a midterm with a ton of those over 65 voters opposed to it. 2016, 2020, you will have a ton of states where it's legal and with alcohol, you have dry co t countçie counties. even 40, 50 years from now you have states and counties prohibited but not like a war footing like it is right now. >> ryan, good to see you as always. >> thanks. we have new information about the nfl player jovan belcher. apparently just hours before he shot and killed his girlfriend, tops our look at the stories around the news nation today. officers reposponded to a 911 cl five hours before the murder-suicide. police say they let belcher go.
11:52 am
he did not appear to be intoxicated. nbc sports commentator bob costas responding after a firestorm of criticism in the sunday night commentary. he talked about guns saying he wished he had more time to talk about the issues surrounding belcher and perkins' death. >> what i was talking about here, and i'm sorry if that wasn't clear to everybody, was a gun culture. i never mentioned the 2nd amendment or used the words gun control. people inferred that. do i believe we need more comprehensive and sensible gun control legislation? yes, do. that doesn't mean repeal the 2nd amendment. and bank giant citigroup is cutting 11,000 jobs worldwide. this decision is part of a company's restructuring. and will save they say $1.1 million a year in expenses. it's the first actions by the it'sight back. actions by the
11:53 am
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time now for the "news nation" gut check. listen to "the washington post" reporter and author bob woodward discussing the deadlock over the fiscal cliff. take a listen. >> it's groundhog day. who's playing bill murray? and i mean, such a repetition. it's the same players at the same seats at the table with same doctrine and so, you know, where this goes -- i think anyone who thinks they know is wrong. >> so what does your gut tell you? anyone who thinks they know where this is going is wrong. go to to cast that vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." see you tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next.
11:57 am
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lauren wanted to introduce the korean cabbage dish to mainstream america using the former skills as a marketer, she created mother-in-law's kimchi. and the product is now carried in whole foods and fresh markets. for more, watch "your business."