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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  December 5, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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either america wins or it loses. heading off the cliff is losing and we need a persuasive frightening message for the president to see they take it. we don't need a smile from this president or an inspiring speech. we need cold awesome words of warning. we need the president to scare the dick ens out of those people. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. thanks, chris. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, i will not play that game. president obama's holding all of the cards in the tax fight. the gop's on the ropes and they are ready to cave. but with all things republican, there's always a catch. that's right. speaker boehner and company are looking to hold the debt ceiling hostage again. willing to downgrade our credit rating again. willing to risk our recovery
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again. just to get their way on spending cuts. the only problem for them, the president is in no mood to play. >> so i want to send a very clear messageç to people here. we are not going to play that game next year. in congress in any way suggests that they are going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes and take us to the brink of default once again as part of a budget negotiation which, by the way, we have never done it in our history until we did it last year, i will not play that game. >> sorry speaker boehner. find someone else to play economic game with. the president isn't interested. he's done with their gimmicks. he's done with their ploys. he's done with the argument that they are the serious ones in this whole debate. >> so we ask the president, sit
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down with us, be serious about the specifics of spending. >> and i'll be available at any moment to sit down with the president to get serious about solving this problem. >> get serious? nothing about the republican side is serious these days. even one of the leading gop voices, former senator allen simpson, has released a video that has pretty much everyone scratching their heads. >> stop instagraming your breakfast and tweeting your first world problems and getting on youtube so you can seeç ganm style. ♪ and don't forget, take part or get taken apart. these old cook cans will try to get you out before you get there. >> horse, horse. get them ready. the cowboys ride.
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the cowboys ride. >> i'm not quite sure what that has to do with the debt talks or the republican position on taxes. maybe another prominent conservative can help me understand what the gop is thinking. >> any word from karl rove? >> he's been telling you it's over. romney lost. >> dammit, i gets it's time i explain to these good people about the fiscal cliff. think of the economy as the car and the rich man as the driver. if you don't give the driver all the money, he'll drive you over a cliff. it's just commonsense. >> finally someone on the right willing to tell the truth. but here's the thing. this time it doesn't matter if mr. burns, speaker boehner, or the tea party try to hold the
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american people hostage just to get what they want. the president isn't going to budge. >> so i want to sq thank you both for coming on the show tonight. congresswoman, let me start with you. is the gop serious about holding the economy hostage again just to get what they want? >> well, think about the cards that they are holding. they are in favor of tax cuts for the rich. they want to cut tax care programs and medicare and make seniors pay and threaten the economy of the united states of america by defaulting on
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payments or at least to threaten that. this is not a very popular position among the public. in fact, they will be -- i think it's a suicide mission that they are on, that the american people will make them pay the price. i really don't understand their strategy. >> margie, if you look at the fact that in the 2011 debt ceiling battle senator mitch mcconnell had this to say. he said, i think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage. you might take a chance at shooting. most of us didn't think that. what we did learn is this. it's a hostage that's worth ransoming. and it focuses theç congress o something that must be done. now, if this was their thought and attitude in 2011, do you think that's what we're dealing with, that kind of feeling,
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attitude of holding the hostage for ransom now? >> i hope not. it's bad for -- it's certainly bad for the economy and it's also been bad for the economy brand. it's the reason that they were unsuccessful in the polls and by two to one if we don't reach a deal for the fiscal cliff. and it's also the reason why you see voters very clearly support having the wealthiest pay a little bit more. it the one proposal that is consistently -- it received strong support from a ma sdwrort majority of reporters and they dig their heels in and say we don't support this. they are on the wrong side of politics, wrong side of what history supports. it's just a bad strategy all the way around. >> now, what happened last time we held the debt ceiling
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hostage, it led to the first credit down grade in u.s. history. the stock market dropped 1300 points in 2011 and the gop rating dropped 11 point, congresswoman. do we needç to play this game again? >> no. and that's why the president went to the business roundtable. this is a very unpopular and there are real kwens. the downgrading of our credit rating is consequential to say that he's not playing that game anymore in front of business leaders. >> let me ask you this, margie. nancy pelosi argued that the democrats must stand strong against raising the medicare
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eligibility age. will democrats hold the line on this? >> i don't think there's any question. we cannot raise the age of medicare. this would be a marriage major cut in benefits. it would hurt people from 65 to 67 because the truth of the matter is, many people in the united states are not living longer. those are people, poor women are actually living shorter. people who make less money are living -- i have not seen their longevity grow. we cannot do that. that is a cut in benefits that we don't want and the american people are adamantly against it, overwhelmingly against it. >> is that a deal breaker, then, for democrats if the ageç eligibility is on the table? >> i think if the age of eligibility is on the table -- and i doubt very much that it will be. i believe that the president is not going to support that. and i believe that the democrats are not going to support
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changing the age of eligibility. it is nothing more than a dangerous cut in benefits and that is just not going to fly either with the american people and i don't believe that it will happen in the congress and certainly not in the white house. >> marg, a leading conservative senator, tom coburn argued that it doesn't really matter with tax revenues come from. take a listen. >> i know we have to raise revenue. i don't really care which way we do it. actually, i would rather see the rates go up than do it the other way because it gives us a greater chance to broaden the base in the future. >> what do you get from that comment, marg? >> i do see that some republicans are trying to pavement way for there to be an agreement. i think it can be an encouraging sign. the trick is you have the rush limbaugh wing of the republican party that has really pulling john boehner and pulling
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republicans farther to the right and i hope that this is just posturing and that now that they have gotten their posturing out of the way, everybody can come to the table but certainly that wasn't what happened last year. so it just really remains to be seen. >> the president drove homeç t point today that tax rates need to go up. there's no other solution. take a listen. >> the holdup right now is that speaker boehner took a position i think the day after the campaign that said we're willing to bring in revenue but we're not willing to increase rates. and i just explained to you why we don't think that works. we're not insisting on rates just out of spite or out of any kind of partisan victory. but rather because we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. >> congresswoman, do the republicans realize the president did win the election?
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>> well, certainly some of the republicans have caught on and also realize they are just on the wrong side of the majority of americans by saying that they are going to go to the mat. they are going to fight to the finish. they are willing to bring the economy down to fight for the top 2%? really? this is not going to help them. if they want to win in any future election, they are taking the wrong positions. some republicans are definitely coming around to that conclusion. >> congresswoman jan schakowsky and margie omero, thank you botç for your time tonight. senator tom hawken joins us next. plus, the grand old party gets a grand old makeover.
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wait until you hear what paul ryan is saying about the 47%. the one and only rosie perez is in the house and i just learned today we have something in common. you're watching "politicsnation" on msnbc. get this, earlier today mitt romney was spotted on a costco shopping spree. that's right. he ended up buying 14 costcos. ♪ [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience.
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looks like the house i live in. karl says, and they wonder why they lost the election. we have more on this and what republicans should be learning. comi coming up, but, first, head over to "politicsnation" on facebook and "like" us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (together) happy. i love logistics. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink.
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it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. i have to just tell you, that is a bad strategy for america, it's a bad strategy for your businesses, and it is not a game that i will play. >> the president knows the game and he knows the score.
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the idea of a gop doomsday plan is picking up steam. they will cave on tax and come back ready next year ready to hold the economy hostage again. this is the danger that lies ahead. they will demand raising the medicare eligibility age to 67 and demand $600 billion in tax cuts for medicare and medicaid. and demand $200 billion be slashed from social security. that's the game the gop is playing. so who will be there to fight? our next guest. that's who. joining me now is senator tom harkin for iowa and champion for the middleç class. senator, it's a pleasure to have you here tonight. >> good to be back with you, al. >> this new plan is picking up steam. how can you and the democrats fight back if they give in on tacks?
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>> well, i'll tell you, al, what we're seeing is number one, medicare shouldn't be a part of this whole debate at all and neither should social security. let's take care of that later on. the most important thing we can do right now is to let people know, let the middle class know that we passed a bill last -- this last summer. it's 3412. s-3412. if the house passes it, president obama said that he would sign it tomorrow. that would extend the tax cuts for the middle class. that means the middle class can go out and do christmas shopping and buy thing for their families because they would know that their tacks are not going up. it's being held hostage by the house of representatives. that would be the best thing that we can do right now. >> now, if they, in fact, allow the tax cut across the board and then come back in, i understand that some are saying that it's better to have no deal than to have a bad deal.
3:19 pm
where do you stand on that, senator harkin. >> better noç deal than a bad deal. >> what do you mean by that? >> to make the elderly pay more on their deductibles or co-pays and to mess around with cost of living adjustment on social security, that's a bad deal. that shouldn't even be part of the discussion. if that's where they are headed, i say no deal. we'll discuss that later on. the most important thing right now is just to have the house pass the tax cut for the middle class. that would be the best single thing that we can do right now. but i'll tell you, i'm not going to fall into this trap of saying, well, we have to have some kind of a deal or we'll fall off this cliff. i'm not worried about that. the cliff i'm worried about is what is going to happen to the
3:20 pm
elderly poor, people on medicaid right now, what happens when they fall off their cliff? people like us, you know, and the rich and the people in this country, you know, they can fall off a little curb a little bit. doesn't bother them. but when you're attacking people on medicaid and on medicare and on social security, i'm telling you, that's when if they fall off they can't get back up. >> now, it seems as though from all of the polling, the american people are with you senator, what makes the gop plan most striking to me is that the american people are just absolutely opposing it. 82% oppose reducing social security benefits. 67% oppose raising medicareç eligibility age. meanwhile, 60% support raising taxes on the wealthy. so this is just not partisan. this seems to be where the american people are at. >> well, i think -- don't you think, al, the american people
3:21 pm
are on to what the republicans are up to? they want to balance the budget on the backs of low income, middle class, and the elderly. they are saying, we've got to cut all this spending, cut all this spending, but they don't want the wealthy to pay their fair share. the american people are on to us. that's what this election is about. if there was one thing clear in this last election is that president obama said, if you re-elect me, i'm going to be in favor of raising the rates and raising taxes on the super wealthy in our country. and guess what, al, he won. and he won big. that's where the american people are. >> one of the things that is also a major issue is they are attacking a stimulus portion of the president's offer because for $95 a billion to extend payroll tax cut, $50 billion to fund infrastructure projects like roads and bridges. so they are not only playing
3:22 pm
games on how they are going to deal with the question of tax cuts across the board but they are really attacking the stimulus part of the president's offer. >> well, you and i both know the best way to grow is from the middle out,ç not from the top down. the best way to get this economy going is to get some jobs out there for some people and that's in infrastructure, education, job restraining. we've got to get people back to work. then, when they've got the money, they can go out and start buying things and the business community will respond by hiring more people. that's the stimulus that we need. we know that the last stimulus program worked. i don't care what the republicans say. the facts are there. the last stimulus worked. what we need now is to boost that. we need more spending right now. we need more spending right now to put people to work in the short term. you do that and you'll get the economy going again. >> when you look at where we
3:23 pm
have had like natural disasters, like hurricane sandy in the northeast and other things that have shown the need to rebuild the infrastructure -- i mean, when a hurricane can close down the biggest city in the country for a week and the new jersey coast, we're not talking about handouts here. we need to rebuild tunnels and bridges and highways and roadways. you would think that would be above partisan bickering. >> it's been said before, al, we're still driving on eisenhower's highways and going to roosevelt's schools. you know, 60, 70-year-old things, we've got to rebuild this infrastructure. it will put a lot of people back to work. you're right on targetzez that. hurricane sandy showed that more clearly than anything else. >> senator tom harkin, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you, al. thank you for your leadership.
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up next, what does america look like? here's hant. it's not the republican party. you'll want to hear what nancy pelosi had to say about this picture. plus, the great rosie perez is here. actress, director, activist. she'll talk about change and progress after the election. stay with us. welcome to chevy's year-end event.
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one of the gop's many problems is they have become the party of old, white men and it's made them a punch line on ç late-night tv. >> i'll have you know, there's a great deal of diversity and variety in that group. for instance, these three gentleman alone look like the kind of guys that would sell you three very different types of insurance. and that guy looks like your average news anchor but that guy look like your average sports announcer. >> this picture was a big problem for them. they tried to fix it by adding one woman. that's it that was their big solution. that's their deaf anything
3:29 pm
definition of diversity. well, now it's a new line of a democratic leadership by minority leader nancy pelosi. >> about half of our committee chairs are women and minorities and that diversity is a reflection of america. they will ensure that the voices of all americans have a seat at the table every american represented in the halls of government. >> democrat look like america. republicans look like a party in need of a makeover. we'll talk about that next. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results,
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the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at we're back on "politicsnation" with extreme ç makeovers. kill the music. you may have heard it on daytime talk show. who knew it existed in the world of politics. let's get right to it. who is up first?
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paul ryan. last year he was mr. 30%. 30% didn't want the american dream. he was mr. makers and takers. everyone, get ready. here comes paul ryan now. oh, look at him. he's vowing to help americans rise up from poverty and he's slamming his old pal mitt's 47% comments. what a change. okay, who's next? none other than senator marco rubio. a few weeks ago he was proudly standing with mitt romney and he and agreed on tax reform. look at him today. he's mr. middle class. >> middle class. >> middle class. >> middle class. >> and we have a very special guest makeover.
3:34 pm
it's rick santorum. earlier in the year he ran for president on an anti-immigration platform. and look at this. now he's saying immigration will bring economic growth to america. incredible makeover. but stop theç music. the entire party is trying to cover up who they really are inside. the policies haven't changed is all rhetoric. like most makeovers, the gop is only skin deep. joining me now is abby huntsman, producer of huff post live and dr. james peterson at lihi university and contributor to the what do you make of these republican makeovers? >> well, they are not makeovers.
3:35 pm
they are mass ska raiding as they pivot to where they need to in the future. as you listen closely to what they are saying, you can see the seeds of the sort of old/new republican party. mr. rubio wants to talk about the middle class and mr. ryan wants to talk about welfare reform but you can't do that without understanding the midst of poverty that we have right now is exacerbating by the welfare that we had no those days. if you look closely at their speeches you can see the inconsistencies but it seems more for show right now. >> abby, in fairness, there are
3:36 pm
>> right. that being said though thrk , t the republican party and it's going to take a long time and there's a lack of leadership and e everyone is trying to garner that leadership. you see potential candidates wanting to be everything to all people. we saw that didn't work for mitt romney. they really have to find a way
3:37 pm
to be authentic. and at this point in the game, all voices need to be heard. all voices need to be on the table because that's part of finding their way. the democrats went back through this in 1984 after they lost a huge loss to ronald reagan. so this is very normal in politics. it's just going to take a lot longer than people think. >> now, james, paulç ryan took not so subtle shot at his former running mate on his 47% comment. look at this. >> both parties tend to divide americans into our voters and their voters. let's be really clear, republicans must steer far clear of that trap. we must speak to the aspirations and anxieties of every american. >> i mean, james -- >> listen, obviously this is so far away from where romney was, where sununu is today but here's
3:38 pm
what mr. ryan does know and this is actually an important note to strike for the republican party. when you look at the american map of poverty and when you look at the american map of those states that require the most from the government in terms of government support intervention, you're looking at largely red states. and so i don't know why it's taking them this long to come this conclusion but the republican party actually cannot exist with its sort of anti-poverty, anti-middle class, anti-working middle class policies. so let's get some rhetoric to try to change things around. let's hope that they put some po policies where the rhetoric cal mouths are. >> if you look at the plan that they are raising to the president, $2.2ç trillion in eligibility medicare age.
3:39 pm
the plan that ryan is a part of, the team pushing this plan doesn't speak to the rhetoric that he gave in that speech last night. >> well, you know, you brought up sununu in your comment james and last time i was here i said romney and karl rove need to run off into the sunset together. they are yesterday's party and it's scary to think that this guy was romney's top surrogate speaking all over the place for him. that's probably why he failed. but it's irrelevant to talk about these voices because that's not the future. you do have to give it some time. of course they are going to put out exactly what they want. they know that they are not going to get everything that they are asking for but they are going to put out everything that they can. obviously we're going to come to some sort of deal and i'll keep pointing to the fact that it's going to take time and it's going to take time for our leaders, or lack thereof to find the message. i'm just telling you guys to be a little bit patient.
3:40 pm
>> but i think you would -- >> james laughing at me. >> i would agree with abby, that there may be a deal and that they are putting out things that they don't think they will get all of. but if you know you just lost an election and if you know you have a certain image in the minds of the public, wouldn't you not want to come out with such extreme proposals eve% if you're not all the way there at the end, james? wouldn't you want to send a different signal to the public that you got the message they gave at the polls on election day? >> you absolutely will but my sense is that the more moderate republicans are being muffled and stifled. until they do some house cleaning in terms of those who spoke on the right and those who spoke with the tea party, it's going to be difficult politically for the moderate folk in the republican party to
3:41 pm
make the case that they have to make and it's not about the three of us or about pundits. i challenge any of your viewers, look at the map and see where there is the most red and those states are some of the most impoverished states in america. >> you know, abby, i must say this -- because i don't want to run out of time without bringing this up -- they are moving to try and change some things. they recruited none other than george bush to come out and speak about immigration today who has had some interesting things in theç past. listen to george bush on
3:42 pm
immigration today. >> not only do immigrant help build our economy, they invigorate our soul. as our nation debates the proper course of action with regard to immigration, i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit and keep in mind the contribution of immigrants. >> and that speech was last night, not today. but a benevolent spirit. they seem to be trying to move and whether this image is for real. >> you have to give bush credit. he tried to pass immigration in 2004 and no one wanted to go near him this election cycle. it shows the fact that he's speaking out, the lack of leadership, reince priebus, i
3:43 pm
guarantee he did not pick up the phone and say, let's build on it, this makes us look bad. that's the problem. there is a void of leadership altogether and it's clear when you see bush as the ring leader. >> so you think he could have advised romney? >> better than sununu. >> much better than sununu. >> absolutely. >> abby huntsman and james peterson, thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks, rev. coming up, the bully man isç back. rate until you hear the latest theory about president obama winning the election. and she's here. she's here. with me in the studio. she is the one and only rosie perez. she's very passionate about our politics. i'm so happy to see her. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'm actually looking at the wood grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. that pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep.
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increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to we all know rosie perez the actress. but what about rosie perez the activist? she has a lot to say about the state of the republican party. that's next. yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. before you begin an aspirin regimen. if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings?
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welcome back to "politicsnation." from her breakout performance in "do the right thing" to her oscar-nominated performance in "fearless," rosie perez has been one of the most distinctive voices inb(sq)ican film. she's also an activist. she fought furiously at justice in inequality and served on president obama's advisory board
3:48 pm
of hiv/aids and made headlines this year with a video mocking mitt romney's claim that it would be easier for him to win if he were latino. >> the advantage is obvious. think of all of our hispanic american presidents, from jorge washington to jorge bush and who can forget jimmy smith? >> welcome her to "politicsnation," actress, director and kt activist, the one and only rosie perez. rosie, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. i've been a fan of yours and respect you immensely. >> well, the feeling is mutual. both of us were arrested and jailed for protesting the navy bombing in puerto rico, causing environmental problems and you were arrested leading a demonstration here and i believe
3:49 pm
in the u.n. and i was in puerto rico. we have that in common but we also have in common looking at this last election and one of the things that you were very paying nate about is when mr. mitt romney said that the gifts to latinos and he gave african-americans and seniors. tell us why that upset you so. >> it upset me because it's a prejudice statement, plain and simple. what is he implying? that every single african-american, latino-american is poor, is on public welfare? i don't think so. and to categorize us and to make generalized statement like that, it just needs to stop. and i guess he did not learn anything from his loss. we are growing in numbers. we are recognizing our power and we are utilizing our power and
3:50 pm
we will continue to do so. i don't -- you know, i just don't what is the problem with gifts? i was a person who received gifts. first of all, they didn't feel like gifts to me. going to school on a lunch card was very hard. standing in line to receive a block of cheese was very hard. wearing hand-me-downs to school was very hard. yes, my aunt was on welfare. but am i? no i benefited from the program when carter was president. don't ask me how old i am. >> i remember the seater program. >> and i benefited from it and i worked hard for it and it was a program that offered employment for young people that were disadvantaged. and i bust my butpç for that. and i started that at the age of 12 and i never stopped working. >> just like many americans worked in public works programs with roosevelt. they were not getting gifts or handouts. government has always helped
3:51 pm
americans and why are some called gifts? the immigration question, let me ask you about that. you've been passionate. you fought for fair immigration. now all of a sudden republicans -- i just showed a tape of president bush and others -- are talking more humane about immigration. but can you have it both ways? people say that they want gifts and are takers and all of a sudden you are going to flip is 180 degrees and say, after you talk about self-deportation all year long? >> i just want to say this. it's kind of easy to kick them when they are down, the republicans. but i actually want to commend former president bush for coming out today and speaking on that. i think that he wanted -- well, we all know that he wanted immigration reform back in 2004. am i correct? >> yep. >> and then he kind of went back
3:52 pm
into the closet and a lot of republican went back into the closet in 2004 because they didn't get what they wanted. it's time to come out of the closet. it's time to say, you know what, iç really do not believe in ignoring the 47%. i really do not believe in doing away with any type of immigration reform. now is their chan. now is their chance to say, you know what, guys, you were right. and we want to work together. so these shows are fantastic because it brings the issue to the forefront and what we have to do is be very, very careful at this time when they are kind of groveling. oh, you want to go outside? now you do? we need to put away with the attitude and stop playing game. we need to get back to working for the american people, plain and simple. just stop. >> so are you optimistic, then,
3:53 pm
that we can get some real immigration reform in the next four years if some republicans do come over, for whatever reason, if they just come over for votes, if we can get it done, do you think there's a possibility? are you optimistic about that in the next four years? >> i'm very optimistic about it and i think it also goes back to latinos because we have spoken. 70%. we have spoken and our voices are being heard and i have to say this, i'm sorry, in regards to the immigration issue, it's also insulting to latin people because we are not the only people coming into this country illegally. you know, you have europeans, middle easterns, canadians laughing their butts off at our own prejudice. tje2%uz only concentrating on spanish people. let's all sneak in. >> let's profile it. people ask me, why do i talk about immigration? certainly latinos but what about people from trinidad and where i grew up in brooklyn, there are a lot of immigrant.
3:54 pm
how would you advise -- because you seem to be very inclusive in your activism, always have been. how would you say as it's a growing community, as you say? >> recognize us as americans and respect us as americans, plain and simple. for to you keep putting us in boxes and into categories, it's -- the insult is going to get so big that we might just attack back and you do not want that. you do not want that just plain and simple. give us the respect that we are a force in this country. >> why did you play the video of you answering mitt romney if he had been latino, he would have done better or won? >> because when i saw him on telemundo, he had a spray tan. i couldn't believe it. i was siting at home and saying, no, he did not.
3:55 pm
he didn't go for the spray tan. one of the greatest gifts that i've received in my life is is this. is the opportunity to have a platform to speak up and do something and that's why i did it and iç also did it for the 47%. you know? because it's like enough's enough, man. for real. >> you use your platform real, both as an artist and an activist. rosie perez, it's been an absolute pleasure. thank you for coming on tonight and being on the show. we'll be right back. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪
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finally tonight, i want to let republicans in on something i learned as a kid. come closer to the tv. here it is. the boogie man isn't real. but almost half of the gop hasn't figured that out. a new poll shows that 49% of the
3:59 pm
americans think that the group a.c.o.r.n. stole the ee lx for president obama of course there's no way president obama could have one the way he did without stealing it, of course that's true. so nearly half of the republicans say a.c.o.r.n. is behind it. but there's a slight problem with this theory. a.c.o.r.n. disbanded over two years ago. the organization doesn't exist. it's gone. done. doors shut. a little embarrassing, isn't it? but this is the classic republicanç boogieman theory. they want the president to look bad so they make things up, like when they thought president obama and eric holder were out to take your guns away. like when they said the only way the unemployment numbers could be going down was if the obama administration cooked the books.


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