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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  December 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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but that is a shame that is the job that heritage seems to want done. the problem is, place could help reverse that trend. that does it for us tonight and we will see you tomorrow. check out or blog at have a great night. as fateful viewers of this show know ann coulter was right about the election when she said if the republican ares vote for mitt romney they would lose and now she is right again. >> the question is, are they going to raise taxes on everyone? >> they will push all of that and go to the senate and we will
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lose. >> why are we not here? >> it is the critical question. congress has to be here. >> why are we not here? >> the nation's finances are in a political cliff. >> republican ares are over the barrel are. >> obama is not letting up. >> this is a solvable problem. >> they are waving a white flag. >> in the 20 second sound byte world in which we live, that is the take away. >> they will be pushing that and it will go to the senate and we will lose. >> we don't have a revenue problem. >> we lost the election, sean. this is a solvable problem. >> he is not budging.
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>> obama is not letting up. >> there is no hard deal on the table yet. >> this is a dangerous game. >> they don't believe republicans are going over the cliff. >> let's go over the cliff. >> are they going to raise taxes on everyone? >> they will be push ping that and we'll go to the senate and we'll loose. ♪ ♪ >> there are 25 shopping days for a deal between congressional republicans and president obama before we go flying off the fiscal curb. today, from a kitchen table in northern virginia. >> this is a solvable problem. the senate at already passed a bill that would make sure that middle class taxes do not go up next year. to be clear, i'm not going to sign any package that somehow
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prevents the top rate for going up for folks at the top two percent. but i do remain optimistic that we can get something done for families like this one. >> that is the home of the santana family. house speaker john boehner could not find a table where he was welcome so he made no comment at the table. >> are are you saying that for pr purposes they should give give in? >> yes, i am. >> you are saying to obama, we don't have a revenue problem, an. we lost the election, sean.
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>> yes, america, it has come to this. ann is trying to get sean to face reality. let's watch a bit more of the intervention. >> if they are going to raise taxes and buy the argument and co opt his language. >> no, they are not going to allow taxes to be raised on 98% of america. >> you sound like obama. there comes a point in time when you have to ask yourself when are they going to fight? you say they are going to put them above your principles. >> not exactly. >> they are going to lose. >> well. >> you are going to lose. >> sometimes on principle. >> what is the principle? >> the principle is we want to raise taxes on everyone? >> if they block tax hikes on as
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they call it on the top two income earners not the rich. then taxes go up for everyone, how is that winning. >> oh, joy read. in my wildest dreams which never include ann coulter, never, did that happen. >> no. >> as i'm watching i'm thinking there are two kinds of retreat. >> that is the bumping into the retreat. if they block tax hikes on the top two percent, she says to sean. how is that winning? >> i have to say, i don't think it has been articulated better
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by any one. >> ann coulter is the reality cop. did you hear anything you disagreed with in there? >> is there a question there? >> she said republican ares are going to lose and how is it winning if tax rates go up on everyone. >> but there was the moment where she said what principle? >> and you know, the funniest thing why it is so bad for them, under bam's plan if you make $50,000 you get that $2,000 cut which you showed with the family today. if you make a quarter million or $500,000 you get about $10,000 cut. up to $12,000 if you are at the high end of the half million mark.
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so again, it is hard for them to go out and say that is not enough. they need more what principle i quote ann coulter with you tonight. she is the one who has to convince sean. bill crystal wrote, might it be prudent for republicans to accept for now a modified version of the proposal? >> nope, it can't be done. surely republican members of congress understand there is something crazy about appearing to fight for the death to the tax code. they pay a 14% tax on millions of capitol income on labor to go up to 15.3% for all the working stiffs.
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joy, i am reading conservatives giving democratic talking points here. >> yeah, and they are answering the question what principle. if you strip that away and then you talk about the amt. which give people up to $500,000, republican ares are only willing to sock it to people who are in the top 2%. the principle that they are fighting for is that the very rich are there. the only thing they care about is the top 2%. >> this is the quiet fight in the obama era. the one new tax that he did propose is on the superrism rich with regard to dividends on stocks. what you are talking about is that it is written by so many rich people. labor is harder, and you care
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about that money more. the obama proposal beyond what we are talking about goes after those dividends and that is a way to fight economic equality right now. >> we tax labor higher than we tax capitol. the republicans believe it does, they believe the higher you tax something the more you are discouraging it. there is bill crystal asking why do we want to tax labor more than capitol? that is the question. >> it is interesting. you are are seeing rank and file members of the party. you are starting to see the troops fall away. what would happen if for instance the senate bill were to be voted on in the house?
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>> they want to do it. and it would pass. we would have to get into these other questions. >> polls favoring the president in his approach and the outcome that he wants. and the polls i don't think that rush are limbaugh is reading those polls. >> there is no way to come to an agreement. the only thing that can happen is for one side to cave in. this is being realistic.
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there is no common ground here. there is no bipartisanship to be had. it ain't going to happen. there is no compromise. none. there is only concession. and that is what will happen. when rush doesn't want to sound defeatist. he has a way of sounding defeatist. >> it feels like a very last ending of the war. >> look, the deficit mafia has controlled the discourse for so long. what was so amazing, when you talk about the policies, it is obvious what you have to do here. >> coming up. mitch mcconnel did the most idiotic thing and coming up we will watch him do it. and why he wants to pay more
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taxes and jim demint is quitting the senate. who is happier to see him go? >> the people of illinois have spoken in a poll and they want michelle obama to be their next seb tore. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects.
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jim demint is going to quit the senate. and stephen colbert wants the job. and later how dysfunctional the senate has become. that is in tonight's rewrite. [ male announcer ] now's the perfect time to buy an adjustable version
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five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. the united states senate became a much saner place today and the heritage foundation became a more reputable place after jim demint announced that he was quitting the senate to run the heritage foundation. >> the idea of going to the heritage foundation which is the premier think tank in the country, this is a dream job for me. and it is critically important. i don't think republicans will win another national election
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unless conservatives convince the united states that it will work. >> oh, yeah, he is going to be in that powerful position currently held by -- um, let me no, i got it. no, um, okay. well, the current head of the heritage foundation, i'm sure, no, it is a powerful position so i must, okay no. like everyone in america that doesn't work there. i have no idea i have no idea who the current head is. but i know there has never been a member of the uts senate who is less powerful than the head of the foundation. what is behind the lie that he just told about leaving the senate for the more powerful job
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of running the foundation? the washington post reports that his estimated wealth in 2010 was $40,000 and the compensation package for the head of the heritage foundation was more than $1 million. there are senators who owe their seats to the political madness to him. the case can be made that no senator did more to keep the democrats in the majority in the senate than jim demint. they may have decide thad they needed him safely tucked away out of politics if they are going to have any chance of
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getting a good return on the money that they continue to invest in republican campaigns. south carolina governor will now appoint his successor until 2014 when the state will hold an election for that seat. >> are the democrats going to miss him? >> i don't think so. i think he will kind a way to be a thorn in everybody's side. >> john, who are the front-runners now to be appointed to that seat? >> well, i ent think you are going to be one of the front-runners. >> i don't have a strong connection to the state. i'm no stephen colbert who does have a strong connection to that seat. the two top front-runners will come back to her in a minute.
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the front-runners are tim scott and mark mulvanney and tim scott would be by most calculations the real front run arer there. he is african-american and would become the only senator if he were appointed to that job for a party that has problems with the coalition. and a lot of people think that they need to look more like the rest of america. that would be a smart move. and it is possible that she can appoint herself and i wouldn't put it past her. so, there is some chance that she will go that direction. and if hayley does appoint herself, she has two years to run for the seat and claim it in a real way. it seems that she would probably
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if you were having to bet on this be a stronger statewide candidate than the others. >> yeah, she probably would be. particularly, what john was saying, given what john was saying, i did read today that the former governor of the state is interested in running. that is how he is going to make his political come back. see ven colbert is honored by the ground swell of support from the palmetto state and looked forward to governor hayley's call. shouldn't governor hayley give him a call and have a little fun with this? >> she should give us serious consideration. you know karen finny mentioned
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governor sanford who i did not think will be aponant to this job. it is possible that genny sanford who is popular in the state and became a figure in the state and that she could be someone who would be considered. i think she has a far outside chance but it would be a thing for her to pick genny sanford and a woman and someone popular in the state of south carolina. probably more popular now. >> she said i'm sure many senators on both sides are clicking their heels. resisting all deals and ufring little in the way of attainable legislation.
10:23 pm
he has contributed more than any current senator to that bod yixt it seems to me that the republicans have to be happier to see him go than the democrats are. >> they probably are. somehow i don't think he is going to go off quietly in the night. he can anoint candidates and compete with grover north. he can give the republicans a little bit of trouble here and
10:24 pm
there. john, somewhere in the notes here. there is the name of the guy who runs the heritage foundation. come on. this is a glen beck move. for whatever he does now and no one has any idea what he does. that is what this is. you put your finger on it before. i was going to say there are three good reasons for him to move. and that is money. there are two other reasons car and driver. a compensation package at the foundation and you know, the value of car and driver. and senators do not get a car and driver. >> karen -- thank you both for joining me. >> thank you. >> coming up, the political future for the first lady michelle obama. majority of illinois voters say they would vote for her. and mitch mcconnel shows why she might not want to work in the united states senate and later interview with george mckai. why the wealthy should be eage rx to save us from going off the fis kalg cliff.
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president obama promised not to forget the residents on staten island. tonight, at the lighting of the national christmas tree in washington, president obama remembered the people of staten island.
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this evening, in midland beach, new york. great big christmas tree shines out of the darkness. just a couple of weeks ago as impacted families were seeking a sense of getting back to normal. one local nursery donated the tree and another chipped in for the lights and the star and 70-year-old tom and his buddies planted it at the end of the street overlooking the town beach. as tom says, the tree has one message. it is christmas time. not disaster time. coming up, hillary clinton ran for the senate and michelle obama can too.
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public policy poling which is one of the most accurate organizations is back in the spotlight tonight. showing 51% of illinois voters say they would support michelle obama for a run in the seat formerly held by her husband in the senate. 60% of illinois voters say they have a favorable view of the first lady just 33%. democratic congressman said he would love her to run. she is exactly what we need around here. the president and first lady were asked about running for
10:34 pm
office on the view before the election. >> she should run for office but says she doesn't want to. >> i -- [ applause ] >> look, michelle would be terrific. but temper mentally, i don't think that -- >> it is true. it takes a lot of patience to be the president of the united states. and i'm not that patient. you know, i am not. >> joining me now is anna marie cox. 51% where michelle obama is polling now is higher than where hillary clinton is polling the first time where they ran polls on her in new york. and then she went down to 42. it is michelle's if she wants it. any chance you think she might want it? >> we like to play this game
10:35 pm
where we think we might want this through someone we see on tv. i don't know. >> i do want to point out this is a very strong tradition the first woman elected into the senate. a third of the people elected into congress, because they die, i can't say this is my favorite way for women to get elected into congress. but right now, it is the most successful ways to get elected into congress. the parallels are getting too perfect here. last time around we had congressman charlie rangel urging him to run are and it takes the same shape. >> but to answer your question to anna marie coxe, whether i
10:36 pm
thought she would want to run for senate. hell to the nah. that is no way. that the first lady would run for senate. did you see her reaction on the clip that you showed on "the view"? >> she said no way. everything that we know about her. we know she doesn't want to run for elective office. politics is a hard game and she went through it in the first campaign. president obama's first campaign and it wasn't terply pleasant. can you imagine what it was like to put yourself up and stand on your own two feet? >> she watched her husband fight fights that she shouldn't have to. i think she knows there are other ways to impact the system from the outside in. she will find those but it won't
10:37 pm
be from public office. that reads like a semiofficial leak. it reads like someone who is running for congress. no, no i'm too much of a truth teller. that is like what is your biggest flaw? >> i work too hard. i would say it since the non denial category myself. >> and back to hillary clinton who seem to have a political future. if she wants it. abc news washington post poll. 57% support it 23% of republican ares support it. and know, john thon there is one
10:38 pm
that is absolutely something that makes sense for her. i don't think that we have temperment or guessing about his elective office for her. she has wanted it in the past. she game very, very close to getting the nomination. she was appointed secretary of state and has just been a star in that job as secretary of state. she is as popular as she has ever been and people like her within the democratic party. as much as it pains me to talk about 2016 now and talk about whether she is going to run when all i want her to do is leave state and take time off and
10:39 pm
relax, it makes sense that we would have this conversation because it does make sense for her to run for president of the united states. >> she is far more popular than she was when she ran for president. her disapproval rating was higher than her approval rating and it didn't get better by running for president. >> that campaign was unfortunate on many levels. when she was senator and not running for president. she has shown herself to be the hard worker that people expect. she is a gold star girl, the girl that is going to get that a plus and work her butt off if i can say that. >> i think that is what she tried to be the candidate that she thought she should be. she doesn't have to fit into a
10:40 pm
mold she can run as hillary and that will work. >> i have been told the official ruling is that you can say that but jonathan and i cannot. >> thank you both for joining me. >> coming up in the rewrite tonight mitch mcconnel rewrites himself. in the last 24 hours you have contributed $43,000 to the fund kids in need of desks. schools have never had desks. please contribute anything you can. $10 will help anything. go to our website, i give desks as christmas presents to friends and unicef sends and e-mail to friends.
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let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. being a republican are means you can't take yes for an answer. mcmcconnel has no chance of having a building named after him like everett dirkson. howard baker was a great leader and followed by bob dole. given the increased complexity of everything that the senate was dealing with, i think he was probably the best of all republican senate leaders. but when bob dole resigned to
10:46 pm
run for president greatness ended on that day. in the summer of 1996. minimally competent and instantly forgettable men, well on his way to being easily forgettable until today he was when he took his place in senate history as the man who has now done the dumbest thing any leader has ever done on the floor. he introduced the bill and asked for a vote on the bill where upon he changed his mind and opposed his own bill. mcconnell went to the floor this morning with a stunt in mind. the kind of thing leaders do all the time on both sides. bring something to a vote that the other party is supposed to be in favor of and then prove that the other party doesn't
10:47 pm
have enough votes to pass it. in this indication he asked for a vote to change the procedure on the debt ceiling in a way that it would empower the president to raise the debt ceiling. where did the president get this idea? he actually got it from mitch mcconnel when he proposed it in 2011 as one of the ideas that he threw around at the last minute. so here was mcconnel this morning asking for a vote that was his and he was asking for that vote to show the democrats would vote against what is now the president's idea and then harry reid shocked him by agreeing to have a vote on the stunt right away.
10:48 pm
>> is there an objection? of course there shouldn't be. he is now agreeing to what the majority leader asked for. reserve the right to object. what we are talking about here is a debt ceiling grant matters of this level of controversy always require 60 votes. so i would ask my friend if he would modify his on sent agreement to set the threshold at 60. >> what we have here is a case of republican ares heren the senate not taking yes for an answer. >> just now i told everyone that we are willing to have that vote. and now the leader objects to his own idea. i guess we have a filibuster of
10:49 pm
his own bill. so i object. >> is there objection he to the original request? >> objection is heard. >> whiplash. >> whiplash. okay i've spent more time watching the floor than everyone of you out there combined and you saw two things that have never happened before. one a leader who asked for a bill and then opposed the vote to his bill saying that it should be subjected to the vote. he was fill but bustering his own bill. and that the presiding off ter is usually in the struggle to stay awake, a punishment only reserved for the senators. not only wide awake, she
10:50 pm
actually comments on what has just happened instead of simply issuing the normal two or three word traffic cop directions that the officer is limited to. let's see what she did again. >> i got whiplash. >> that was a genuinely shocked united states senator. she wasn't trying to be a wise guy. she couldn't prevent the shock from forming words in her mouth. and you see her there. pushing the microphone away. pushing it away too late. what you are seeing in her state of shock. her instinks are out of sink. she had to push the microphone away. especially if she was going to mut ter something that shouldn't be heard. but the shock pushed the words
10:51 pm
out. in stanley the senate knew history had been made. >> this may be a moment in senatis this when a senator made a proposal and then filibustered his own proposal. i think we have reached a new spot in the history of the senate that we have never seen before. he was forced to rewrite this position on the senate floor today because he forgot the unwritten rule number one for the senate leader. if you pull a stunt on the senate floor, you have to know it is going to work. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
10:52 pm
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from beam me up scotty to tax me higher barack. star trek star posted this on his blog. tax me higher. as an actor today i enjoy a lifestyle my parents probably never dreamed up. so congress roll up your sleeves, compromise if you must but they must and they should.
10:56 pm
joining me now, author, actor and taxpayer. george, this is nick ram see, he is the last word's senior trekie producer. in case you use words that i don't understand. i only saw one of the movies. which was written by a friend of mine. >> that is six. >> that is the best one. >> i thought it was the best one. >> it has interesting political aspects to it. >> it is fantastic. >> you but it began with chernoble. >> yeah. >> and the real savior was captain subu. >> i have been at the helm but at long last i had my ownership and the real subtitle to that
10:57 pm
should have been captain sulu to the rescue. >> he is regretting that he didn't make that the subtitle. so you have been moved to come out and say look the increase in taxes makes sense. you went onto say the cuts were never meant to be permanent. we always knew that one day they would return to levels that they were during the clinton era. we are facing huge deficits and a looming fiscal cliff. i want to come out and say this and help the president get this? >> i use the word patriotism. when i was a kid i grew up in two u.s. internment camps. in the swamps of arkansas. we lived in california. >> you were hauled out there.
10:58 pm
>> to arkansas and later transferred to another one in northern california. but we were there because we happened to look like the people that bombed pearl harbor. a year into it the government realized there was a wartime manpower shortage. and when the military was opened up. thousands of young japanese americans went to fight for this country. they were put into a segregated unit and fought on the bloody battlefields in europe. and came back the most decorated and exercised something that was very important. they did it for their family certainly, but for the greater good because they loved america. they sacrificed themselves and many many perished on those fields and that is the kind of situation we are faced with now and those republicans can't seem
10:59 pm
to get it. they are so bull headedly when theed to their philosophy. we need to raise taxes to meet the crisis. and they would rather plunge down that cliff and plunge us into another economic catastrophe because the sequester is going to cancel the military contracts that we have and that means unemployment for many many years ahead. and all it takes is everybody rallying together and sacrificing a tiny bit. during what we enjoyed during the clinton jeers. lots of jobs being created. and cutting taxes creating jobs has never been proved to be