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tv   Twisted Sisters  MSNBC  December 9, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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be able to go on to an not every husband can say this about his wife and mean it in any way. >> i call her my freak show. anywhere we go, she was skinny but over the years started getting fat, just like i did and had quite a big butt on her and
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i had quite a big belly. i was 300 pounds. >> after my husband took pictures and i look at my pictures, you start seeing the results after a while and then i just started liking it. and then i just pray that that's it. >> well, i've got no more big belly. >> and no more fat wife. >> and no more fat wife. kurt and kim work hard on kim's body. spend thousands on it, fighting about it, sometimes kurt even thinks about divorce over it. >> kurt says, okay, i'm not game for this anymore. my wife is not going to be parading around in a suit in front of all of these guys. >> prepare to enter an american su subculture, dedicated to the human female body as her cu lease and super hero. how does a woman go from there. >> before she move to california. >> narrator: to this. >> the level of the sport
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demands a lot of things to get that hard and that big, then you do have to take steroids. this is a part of my sport. it may not be a part that people are always comfortable about, but it is a part of the sport. everything we put in our bodies that is male testosterone based is not supposed to be there, so you're going to have negative side effects. i wouldn't have a voice this deep if i didn't take male hormones. i wouldn't have to shave my face on a daily basis if i didn't take male hormones or the density i have if i didn't take male hormones and you don't magically appear on stage and look like that. that's six days a week every week of the year in the gym and 16 weeks of hard dieting. >> narrator: what's behind the fixation? what would any woman expose herself to the health risks of competitive bodybuilding? you're about to find out.
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my name is bea smith, i'm a competitive female body-builder. i've dedicated 20 years of my life to the sport. i love it with all my heart. there aren't many of us that are special and magical. bodybuilding in its purest form is perfect symmetry and very beautiful. >> narrator: a competitive female body-builder's goal is not unlike her male counterparts. about creating a physique increased by increasing muscle mass by decreasing body fat. to do this, bodybuilders work out and watch their diet obsessively year round. >> when you're doing an off-season cycle, you're doing things that will help you build muscle mass or put on weight. when you're getting ready for a show you're doing like a cutting cycle using things to help decrease your body fat, define the muscles. >> narrator: the things include anabolics and male growth hormone that help build muscle mass. >> when you see those people in
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magazines, that is an attained look for that day only. that papery look is created by critical dehydration. >> narrator: removing all the water from the body's underskin, an extreme form of hydration and can be a life-threatening condition. >> people that make fun of it just don't understand. just like their passion may be collecting stamps mine is going to the gym and flexing my muscles. >> narrator: the international federation of bodybuilder or ifbb is the sports governing body and overseas all competitions and sets the rules. the federation complies with the world anti-doping code and shares the same policies on drug testing. >> the level of the sport demands a lot of things, and to get that hard, get that big, then you do have to take steroids. this is a part of my sport. it may not be a part that people are comfortable talking about,
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but it is a part of the sport. >> narrator: anabolic steroids which includes synthetic male testosterone tops the list of what's used by bodybuilder yet violators are rare ly cited. >> everything we put in our bodies is male testosterone based and not supposed to be there so you're going to have negative side effects. i wouldn't have a voice this deep if i didn't take male hormones. i wouldn't have to shave my arms on a daily basis if i didn't take male hormones and wouldn't have the thickness of muscle density i have if i didn't take male hormones. >> the side effect of the female body, you're hairy like a monkey. i've said it time and time again. >> narrator: bea ramped up her training to compete in her 30th competition. >> we don't just magically appear on stage and look like that. that's six days a week every week of the year in the gym, and 16 weeks of hard dieting. >> narrator: women peak at bodybuilding between mid-30s and 40s.
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she's right on target at 43. >> 14th week out. i still have to drop a significant amount of weight. >> narrator: bea competes as an amateur. >> there are only eight pro cards awarded each year in bodybuilding. the pro card is a requirement to be able to go on to an international professional level. i'm preparing for nationals right now. there's four of those cards given out at that show. i look at nationals as my chance to either go pro or to consider my option to retire. i'll see where that goes from there. if in fact it is, i'm kind of at the point that i've achieved everything i wanted to achieve in the sport. i grew up in louisiana. as a young girl, as a gimmgymna and we had to weigh in once a
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week. when i would hit 90 pounds she would tell me i was a fatty, my coach, and i develop an eating disorder. i was bulimic and anorexic. even as college gymnast, two heads of lettuce and a tab a day. that's what i thought i had to live on to maintain a body weight of 100 pounds as grown woman. so it may have to do with that body morphia, because i don't see myself as muscular. i'm never big enough, never hard enough, i'm just tiny. i'm that tiny little gymnast. >> she is always tumbling, walking on her toes, doing something. in fact, her dad made her a balance beam in the back when she was in gymnastics and she lived off of that thing walking it daily with balance. >> my gymnastics coach forced me into the weight room. i didn't want to do it and i was really resistant. then i just loved it. ever since the first moment i started training at 16, i have never lost that love to be in the gym. i love the power to know you control everything around you in the gym. it becomes your own.
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i was 16 when i first saw my first female bodybuilder and was like, man, i'm going to be that when i grow up. i loved it. i thought it was beautiful. >> she was always very active in sports and power lifting in colleg college. >> that was the closest i could get to body building and went to louisiana tech with a competitive scholarship. >> she got married. unfortunately things didn't work out. >> narrator: money's tight. now bea needs to sell the house where she lived with her husband and daughter aubrey. >> this was my place. you know? it's like i have such a different role here. this is actually where i had my home gym, right here. when i lived here i always thought i was going to be a housewife and live here and have grandbabies here, and this is my home. this is what i sunk everything i had into. >> being a single parent she decided she wanted to be a
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fireman. she completed and graduated the fire department here. >> after the fire department, she went and done nursing. >> decided she wanted to be an rn. >> completed that, worked in an emergency room until they closed the emergency room down. >> aubrey was 12 weeks old when i competed for my first show. i was pregnant when i made the decision i was going to get ready for a show. so throughout my entire pregnancy i continued to lift. i pulled down to 88 pounds. >> i loved it. >> i figured she would go a long ways. >> this was her before picture, before she moved to california. and then when she went out to california -- >> she really got into the body building. >> really got into the bodybuilding. >> my daughter and i made a pact. we waited for her to graduate high school.
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i wanted to move to california for some time. so that's when kind of my story started. i was so fresh and sweet and innocent and unknowing. >> narrator: coming up, they say love is blind. >> in my opinion she looks phenomenal. she is just awesome, but a lot of people don't like it. people may think she looks like a man. >> narrator: but what's a little muscle between a husband and a wife? >> after my husband took pictures, we started seeing results and then i just started liking it. and then i just kept my eyes closed and pray that that's it. ♪ plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no! ♪ festive. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn.
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i was always very small as a kid, tight little body because i was a gymnast.
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>> kimm is 38 years old and a mother of two. she and kurt have been married for 14 years. he's a ceramic tile contractor. >> she was skinny but over the years she started getting fat just like i did and had quite a big butt on her and i had quite a big belly. i was 300 pounds. >> i weighed about 170. 170 pounds, sloppy 170 pounds when i stepped into the gym. i had to do it. he signed me up for a year so i had to go in. i just went in to do what i needed to do, lifting little five-pound weights and stuff like that. >> both kimm and kurt decided to get in shape with the help of a trainer at iron bodies gym in costa mesa, california. >> when i train people, i tell them it's not -- you're not going to get in shape in six months. it's going to take a whole year. >> all of a sudden larry starts increasing all these weights on me and i was complaining, yes, because i didn't want to lift heavy.
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i just wanted to go in and lift some weights and leave. >> she has an inner drive and strength that most females don't have. >> after my husband took pictures, and i would look at myself every month, you start seeing results after a while and then i just started liking it. uh! and then i just keep my eyes closed and pray that's it. >> so i've got no more big belly. >> and no more fat wife. >> and no more fat wife. when i saw all these changes happening i was like, ooh, this is kind of cool. >> in my opinion, she looks phenomenal. she is just awesome. but a lot of people don't like it. people may think that she looks like a man, and, in the body, she's got muscles. you know, who is to say that women can't have muscles. >> after four months larry and kurt asked kimm if she wanted to shape her body like a bodybuilder. >> come on. drive it. >> at first it was, oh, we need to get kimm in a show and was all game, gung ho, let's do it. then all of a sudden it was like, no, no, i don't want you doing it.
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>> my biggest thing was it being a freak show. more like a strip club, you know, with all the women running around in bikinis and guys hooting and hollering. because i'll tell you right now, i wouldn't have made it out if that happens. i'd mav -- have been in 100 fights because you're not going to disrespect my wife like that. >> i was like, okay, no, way. we're not doing this. so, i talked to larry and i told larry, kurt doesn't want me doing this now, but you want to do it. he goes, okay, we just won't say anything to kurt. we'll keep training like we're training. he'll come around, though. he'll come around. i'll counsel him. and i'm like, okay, you know, so larry would talk to him, dude, it's okay. we're just training now and curt goes, okay, because i'm not game for this anymore. no, my wife is not going to be parading around in a suit up there in front of all these guys. so larry talked to someone who was doing a show and we went to the show and we saw how the people there appreciated all the hard work that these people put into transforming their bodies into something spectacular. and then after the show, he goes, do you really want to do
3:17 am
this? i looked at him and go, yes. he goes, okay, you can do it. we stayed strong and i was up on stage within a year. >> i am very protective over my wife. anybody that approaches her, i more or less scare them off because i have a good tendency of intimidating people and i enjoy doing it. because the way i feel is if you're some kind of a photographer and you want to approach my wife and i walk up and you get scared and leave, you're up to no good. now if you stay and face me like a man and want to talk to me, then we're probably on the same page. >> i feel that sometimes he's too overly protective and he does scare people away, you know? i'm, like, you're scaring people away who might, you know, be a benefit. i'm going into my fourth year now of doing this. my first couple years i was a little worried about how big i
3:18 am
was getting and worried that it wasn't -- i guess you can say sexy. >> i obviously don't want her running around with a voice as deep as mine and i don't want her to be bigger than me either. >> i look in the mirror right now and to me my arms look small. i look at the shows when we're walking around expos. you're comparing yourself to other women thinking that you need to get bigger than her and then she needs to get bigger than you. >> i can see where, you know, everybody's got to beat the next person but then i mean once it goes so far, what do you do? >> bodybuilding competitions are all about showing off the quality of muscles. that means density, separation and definition. size does matter, too. iris kyle is one of the most successful female bodybuilders. for years she set the standard but in 2005, the ifbb started changing the rules. >> the judging has pushed bodies harder and harder and harder. then all of a sudden, they said there would be 30% less muscle on stage for women.
3:19 am
so there's a lot of confusion. once you get to one point, you cannot put the genie back in the bottle. >> in other words, once a woman beefs up it's not that easy for the body to revert to a natural look. the effects of anabolic steroids use can last for years, if not a lifetime. >> when i told her as long as her facial structure doesn't change, we're good, but we're not going to get into that level of so-called gear that does that. >> the variety of gear or accessory supplements can suck the water out for definition, lower one's weight, pump the muscles up and keep the juices flowing when the body is ready to collapse with exhaustion. what a bodybuilder puts in their system is personalized and kept private. everything kicks up a notch when there's a competition around the corner. >> i'm feeling really good right now. a little tired. 2 1/2 weeks away from the usa. can't wait to get up on stage and have some fun. this is what i've trained a year for. >> the trainer in bea smith had her eye on kimm.
3:20 am
>> and kimm's competing in the usas in 2008. she had a lot of good quality mass but really wasn't in condition as the girls that were placed in the top five. she was light on her hamstrings. her quads were small and she had some electrolyte problems. her diet was off. as a competitive package everything kind of fell apart for her. >> going through competitions and not quite hitting my qualifications, we decided that we needed to bring in someone else. >> yeah, just get a good warm-up. just get a little blood in there. not that we're not going to do plenty of getting a little bit of blood in there. >> kurt and kimm chose bea. >> i think she has astounding potential. i think she's going to have to put a couple more years into building a more solid base but then i'm not so sure once she gets there it's going to be what she anticipated it would. meaning the look she's going to have to achieve may be a look that she and kurt decided from
3:21 am
the beginning they didn't want. >> up next, the countdown begins for the most important competition of bea's career. >> 127 1/2. still two pounds heavy. there are no miracles left to pull me down three pounds. >> it's always been me and kimm. all of a sudden, she's all over the internet and people are telling her how sexy she is and almost made me think of divorce. [ emily jo ] derrell comes into starbucks with his wife, danielle, almost every weekend. derrell hasn't been able to visit his mom back east in a long time. [ shirley ] things are sometimes a little tight around the house. i wasn't able to go to the wedding. [ emily jo ] since derrell couldn't get home, we decided to bring home to him and then just gave him a little bit of help finding his way.
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the national female body championship is only four weeks away. for bea smith, it could be her last opportunity to win one of the coveted pro cards that would allow her to compete as a professional bodybuilder. her competition class is determined by weight. >> i'm fairly lean right now. about 140 pounds. but i've got to lose so much more weight. >> push on the back. lift them up. there it is. four weeks as of today so she'll make it. it's not a problem making the weight. we know we can make the weight but have to have the force with it and not cramp or anything on
3:25 am
stage. it's going to be perfect. >> bodybuilding is a science. it's not just a random act and unless you know how to dial it in, then you're not going to be able to capitalize on your genetics. there's only so much you can do in this sport as a natural athlete. then you have to make decisions. >> and that decision is usually about taking a cycle of anabolic steroids or human growth hormones. >> and as a woman more so than a man, those decisions can be life altering. the voice deepening, clitoral enlargement, facial hair growth, body hair growth. those are not things that women classically want to have happen. i had just won an overall in a contest. everything that i have i genetically pushed it to the max and then, i started using something to enhance what i had. i just made my decision and went with it and i discussed it with aubrey. >> when my mom asked me when she was going to start taking things or questioned how i felt about it, i was like, it's your body. if that's what you want to do, and at the time i think she was
3:26 am
looking to move up to a different level for the career there's some things you had to do. how do you know you wouldn't step over the line and be that? so you're there. >> you take a cycle and then it's like all of a sudden bam, it's there. and sometimes, because you look at yourself all the time you may not see it until it's too late. if you're doing things like high doses of growth hormone that can distend your jaw and increase your forehead and nose size or earlobe length, stuff like that, that doesn't go back. that's not going to change. where you are is where you are. chemical enhancement is in every sport all the way from women's gymnastics to golf. it's just that in our sport, it's a main component. in 1980, the standard for female bodybuilding was rachel mclish. rachel has a beautiful body, but i don't know.
3:27 am
i've seen girls with that same body that never worked out. then, they were refining it towards a more muscular-type body to prove that you worked out. the girls went from looking like fitness models to looking real close to the guys at that point. yes, the supplements are a part of it. that's a very small component. if you're not exercising the right way, eating the right way, training the right way, you're not going to get that kind of body. you're going to be just a fat lady with a beard. >> narrator: bea is three weeks out from the competition and still 8 to 12 pounds overweight. >> 12 days from the competition. yes, i can't even think or count. i'm between 136 and 138, so between 11 and 13 pounds out. a week from tomorrow, seven days to lose 11 pounds. and i'll do it. people are terrified when you show up at the gym, you look like you have been on the triple "c" diet, coffee, cocaine and
3:28 am
cigarettes. you just sucked in. i'm four days out. pretend you're a little kid. how old are you? i'm this many. if you have that face of walking death, you're doing your diet right and that's the goal to get down to that low percentage of body fat. once we get the weight we have to keep me from rebounding. my body's going to want to retain fluid after that. so, i have to do another phase of diuretics. 12 weeks, 10 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks, showtime, 26 of them and you get fixated in your brain, i've got to accomplish this. now i still got to make weight and 129. i just checked myself on the scale again, so i'm holding 129. i have another good four or five pounds on me i can get off and probably be 128, 127 by about 2:00 this afternoon. >> narrator: bea's fat content is down to 5%'s like other competitors, she's given up showering and brushing her teeth in fear her body will absorb any
3:29 am
excess water. it's a grueling and obsessive process. >> to achieve the look that is a winning look, you have to dehydrate. you don't get it any other way. come on. >> nice. >> hey, i just got on their scale. i'm 129.6. what do we need to do? this is where i get to that point where i just want to cry because i'm just like, why am i doing this to my body? 128.5. three more pounds. oh. i don't think i got three pounds. i think i'm down, but we're going to go down the treadmill one more time. i'm going to try it. maybe i'll get that scuba suit
3:30 am
on and walk one more time and be enough to drop me down into the 125 something range. and they'll bounce me. 127.5. i'm still two pounds heavy. there are no miracles left to pull me down three pounds. i would rather compete as a light heavy and have a moment on stage than try and make middleweight and go to the hospital tonight because that's where i am. i am lethally dehydrated. i don't look that i'm going to make the top five. the girls are just so big and so muscular that, if that's what they're looking for, over the top muscularity, then i'm not going to make the top five, because i'm just too small. just going to be a light heavy. old college try, though, we're here. >> narrator: bea ends up competing in the light heavyweight division, just three pounds over the 125-pound cutoff. >> i just love being on stage. i have loved it since i was 4 years old in gymnastics all the way through.
3:31 am
it's just electric. there's nothing like it. >> narrator: bye places a disappointing 12th in her division. she does not get a pro card. coming up, how do these women make a living when all their time is spent in the gym? >> there's not a lot of money to be made in this sport unless you have an angle. >> drop down, there you go. >> and he kind of just brought out the craziness in us both real quick. ladybug body milk? no thanks. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. it's so powerful you can skip a day... but light enough you won't want to. dermatologist recommended eucerin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at
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i'm veronica de la cruz. here's what's happening. u.s. forces rescued a doctor held five days from the taliban. hugo chavez announced his cancer has returned and will return to cuba for another surgery. nelson mandela has gone to the hospital in south africa but
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the government says there's no need to be alarmed. let's get you back to the program. >> narrator: bea smith is now at a career crossroads. after many weeks of training she placed only 12th at the nationals. female professional bodybuilders who place well at competitions rarely make any money at all, but their costs to compete can run into the tens of thousands of dollars a year. in short, it's no way to make a living. >> i'm tired of not having money to go to the mall. i'm tired of not having money to say, oh, you know, i'm going to buy groceries this week even though in my heart there's nothing more i want to do than get ready for another show. >> narrator: bea tried to walk away from the sport after her poor showing at the nationals. she lasted just two months. >> i'm disappointing droves of people because i can't be a grownup and take an 8:00 to 5:00
3:36 am
job because i want to bodybuild. i came here to bodybuild. >> whoa. ready? >> i want to be a bigger girl. i want to be a heavier weight class and that can take me from being in the top ten being in the top five in years to come. >> nobody is going to give up anything. come on. >> narrator: bea earns some income from teaching exercise classes and private clients. >> smile on your face. drop this arm a little bit. drop this arm back some. but to me, that's not like real work. you know, that's like you get to get up every morning and get to go play. there's not a lot of money to be made in this sport. >> narrator: but bea, like a lot of other bodybuilders, has found her moneymaking angle, live webcams for hundreds of fans. >> i do live webcam shows. i strap on my fake hair. i put on my makeup. put my tiny bikini on and pose in front of the camera for $3.99 a minute.
3:37 am
legs. the fact that i've got huge calves or biceps or whatever, that may appeal to somebody in a sexual way. >> they want to see your calf. >> their sexual fantasy is built upon us being she rock kind of warrior women that carry a refrigerator all day long over our head and it's not based in reality but, again, that's what makes any good sexual fantasy is it's not based in reality. he wants more. of course, he does. >> legs. >> it's their fetish. bodybuilding is their fetish. it's not personal. they don't know you. this is the image of what they think about you or it's the shell that you have and that is your marketing tool. i don't take myself too serious though, for me, i think it's funny. >> can you zoom in on the booty. >> oh, no. >> that's too much. >> that guy's name is jolly rocks and he'll drop like $100
3:38 am
in my account extra. >> really? >> because he's in love with my butt and calves. >> okay, he wants the butt zoom. >> he's a regular. as female bodybuilders, we're already kind of cartoons of humans to begin with. and so, you know, roll with it. >> have enough of this? want to say good-bye? >> yeah. yeah. that's enough. yeah. >> ooh. >> get the hair and the shoes off. so that is webcaming and that is a large majority of how a lot of girls make a living. >> james cook is a website producer. >> the fans of female muscle are very loyal, so when you're a fan they're like movie stars to you, so for a person to pay $4.99, $5.99, $6.99 a minute, they like that because they do feel like they're supporting their favorite competitor. >> my image is how i make my money. you got to get that $1.50 when you can. >> go to a dozen shows a year.
3:39 am
my partner gene axe will shoot the girls on stage and pick out who we want to work with. >> bea always has great outfits and has a lot of enthusiasm and good physique. she's easy to work with. >> nice, great. >> i just did a project with james cook. >> this person gives a specific set of instructions what he'd like to see. >> $800 video that was like 15 minutes long. me putting on high heels, flexing my calves. >> just focus on that one leg right -- the back leg. the other leg. other one. >> not a bad way to make 800 bucks for 15 minutes. i touch my own calves anyway. i'm like, yeah. i don't do nudes and i don't do porn, just a personal preference for me. i feel like, number one, when you just saying she's almost 44 years old, i really don't want to see her naked. some of the avenues that i've pursued is trying to get out to mainstream. i found an application, ibuff,
3:40 am
in commercial calls for both commercial work and print work and movie roles. i got to make a dollar so i can head to the gym and do what i really love, work out and get on stage. >> narrator: but unlike bea, a lot of women give up competitive bodybuilding. >> five years ago, nobody would even think about asking us to take our clothes off. now it's become so mainstream for bodybuilding, that's how the girls are making a living. i consider the dark underbelly of most of my female bodybuilder friends either resort to doing sessions or crossing over and going into porn because that's where the money is. if we're designated as freaks then we can make some cash. >> next, lauren powers used to market herself as the muscle goddess. today it's her moves on the dance floor that are sweeping men off their feet. >> transitioning into a girlie girl. nobody can believe it. >> later -- >> people get stupid and then i get stupid. and cruze... more function in equinox and traverse...
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lauren powers is 48 years old. she's always been a jock. a jock who only took up bodybuilding in 2001. she won a few competitions over the years, but found that the sport didn't pay. >> the rewards are not there like any other athlete. that's why i stopped. i mean, i'm like, okay, you spent $20,000 to get on stage and you win a $10 trophy, if you win. okay, let's put it this way, she did more in gear, if you will, to get there for that one show than she won and that's winning. did not make sense to me so that's not where it's at. the competition thing but you -- again, you have to love it to do it. and you have to be willing to do what it takes to be up there. >> what lauren discovered did pay was promoting and marketing herself on the internet. >> people all over the country will pay you to meet you and
3:45 am
actually feel the muscle, get to feel the power and how hard it is. it's very popular. i mean, i have been doing this the last six years and i have literally have been around the world and back and that's what, you know, my business, whatever, it's like some people frown upon it. who cares? like i said, they don't pay my bills. i don't sleep with my clients. that's not my thing. it's not about that but being a female with this physique, the strength, the power that comes with it is the attraction. i've said, no, to people. like, i'm sorry, i'm busy. if i don't feel comfortable or don't like the way they sound or what they want, asking for something weird i never heard of, hello, no thank you. wrong girl. >> that's just awesome that you have a business sense and you created this whole thing for yourself. >> that's right. yeah, because i don't have a husband and no one to look after me so i had to. there are men all over the world that are into this. it's allowed me great freedom, financial independence. i don't burn out on it because i
3:46 am
only do it when i want to. >> with an instinct for one of the latest pop culture trends lauren has literally taken a step in a new direction. >> from the bodybuilding scene i'm kind of crossed over to being a dancer. >> i am amazed how she takes the pressure. because when i met her, i was very sorry for her because everybody thought, oh, my god, she looks like a man. she's not like a woman at all. maybe she was a man. >> i get sensitive and get my feelings hurt because i think the general public are so mean. they're so mean and so quick to judge and you don't even know me. >> kimm and kurt found out it could take two to tango and earn some money with kimm's body. >> there is a business side and it's totally different than the competitive side. if you still move like a woman and look like a woman but have these ungodly muscles, that is what people like to see that are buying the things that female bodybuilders put out. >> at the beginning i was a little timid and shy so i would go with bea.
3:47 am
>> and she introduced us to rick dobbins. >> drop down, there you go. >> and he kind of just brought out the craziness in us both real quick. >> now i'm just a camera hound. i love it. >> it's just all fun and games now. we know where we stand in our relationship and everything else is about exposure and money. that's what it's all about for me. you know, how far can we get her to make money? i mean, it's life. >> lauren is no longer taking supplements to beef up her body. >> i'm trying to let my body recover and so i want to be feminine. i am all girl. i'm just a girl. transitioning into a girlie girl. nobody can believe it. as far as being in the female bodybuilding aspect of it i always try to maintain the feminine side of it. so even with the muscles, i've always wanted to be girly.
3:48 am
with the hair and the makeup, the nice skin, i mean all of that, i've always felt that that was important. and it's always been inside me so i think now even changing my body, i just feel it's more of my own persona coming from the inside out. i'm 12 stuffed into a size 2 dress. they want glamour. i just can't breathe. breathing is very overrated. it's just a whole other world. it's fascinating, a lot of fun. turn it back into a girl leaving the ranks crossing over to the other side. >> yeah, but crossing back. >> i know, right at the end. >> what is that called bicompetitor? >> yeah. that's funny. you're making a whole new label for the sport. >> the second you walk out you want that wow factor. >> that's right. >> that, oh, my god, everyone needs to look at you. if you overdo it as a newcomer they look at it as offensive. like going to a school dance in a little whore outfit. it's not appropriate, right?
3:49 am
you can't just go away. through the bra strap being with me, you can let this go away. >> oh. >> yes. >> okay. >> once a competitor, always a competitor. this was lauren's second dance contest. she did not win in her division, but she has no intention of giving up. coming up, a husband has to adjust to his wife's new look and fame. >> i call her my freak show because anywhere we go, heads are turning, people with mouths are hitting the floor. wasn't my daughter's black bean soup spectacular?
3:50 am
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marie callender's. it's time to savor.
3:52 am
not every husband can say this about his wife and mean it in a loving way. >> i call her my freak show, because anywhere we go, heads are turning. people's mouths are hitting the floor, and it's really funny to watch.
3:53 am
kim's new shape has definitely changed the way this couple lives their life. >> we don't go out that often. you know, when we do go out, i want it to be fun. >> people get stupid. then i get stupid. they want to start touching her and feeling her -- >> there's a time and a place. like someone might just say wow, can you flex for me because that's just amazing. hey, i don't got a problem with that, but i don't like people coming up to me and groping all over me because i know how he's going to react. >> i've got to relax. and i know i do. so i'm trying really hard. but i mean just with all the cruel stuff that goes on everywhere and the way a lot of people treat women, i just can't deal with it, you know. >> after training with bea and helping me out, my body has changed a lot just with this last year. >> how are you? >> you look good, you look good. >> bea smith has had several careers. firefighter, nurse, professional bodybuilder.
3:54 am
now it's training other women. in doing this, she's finally found some satisfaction. >> the girls that i train, i come to love and i'm really like, i'm stoked because i didn't have that as a young woman and i really love the team effort. >> your back looks good. yeah, your back looks awesome, i'm excited to be a part of that process to me, that's how we carry the torch on. >> i feel like my gut's just -- >> that's where you're supposed to be. you've got to have that now, we've got to get you high enough so when you hit your class, you're hitting the top of your class. because you're coming into a big class, you don't want to be the smallest girl in your class. >> kimm is in off-season training where it's all about bulking up her body. when it gets close to competition, she'll lean down with on season training. >> getting over the fear of getting fat is a major thing. because when you're training, all of a sudden,
3:55 am
they're telling to you eat. >> it gets me mad, i'm fat, fat, i can't do this, do that, i can't wear this. look at my butt! i go, yeah, look at it. >> when i bend over to tie my shoe -- i have my on season clothes and my off season clothes, and now my off season clothes don't even fit me. >> but it does bother her. >> it does. >> my legs, i don't feel like my legs have gotten -- >> you look good. >> people from different parts of the world, they write you. my fans and you have to really try to understand what they're saying. >> kimm now has an internet presence, too. >> it just took some getting used to. because it's always just been me and kimm. all of a sudden, she's all over the internet and people are constantly writing her on myspace or the facebook and whatnot, you know. telling her how sexy she is and at first, i had a real hard time
3:56 am
with it. i mean, it almost made me think of divorce. >> they're so cute. they take the time to write. >> but then i had to do a real reality check on myself and say you know, if my wife is going to leave, she's going to leave. so you know, i just come to grips with it or we're going to be fighting and it's not worth that. >> no, it's all good though. it's just quite costly. >> it is an expensive sport. during my bucking phase, my food bill can run $300 to $500 just pretty much for me in one month. then your supplements, there's another $300 to $500 a month. >> it's tough. it's tough, but it's all worth it. >> narrator: kimm is now preparing for the excalibur women's bodybuilding championships. >> i am nine weeks out as of today. >> she's applied an entire year to getting ready for the show. and that's the way this sport works. so we work on pulling her calves
3:57 am
out and reshaping her quads a little bit, developing her hamstring and those are the kinds of things that needed to be worked on. >> i just tan her and oil her. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's nine weeks later and a day before the competition. normally, they use three drops, okay. we went with eight on this to try and get a real nice dark base. >> when i started tanning her and she's a light brown, i call her rosalita. then we just get to, then i call her loquesha. i get all the nationalities. >> the lights are so bright on stage it bleaches your skin out, so the darker you get and the harder you are, you have a better reflection of the light. >> just see what tomorrow has in store for me what my body wants to look like, what it wants to do. i've done what i can do. it's a good test to find out if what we did worked good.
3:58 am
>> i think that's going to be a good color. >> i'm obsessed with worry being worrying about kimm. >> tie your top. i want her to be successful in this show so bad, i can't stand it. i'm just obsessed with it. >> the women pose for the judges and perform a choreographed routine to show off their best muscular assets. >> she was phenomenal. phenomenal. that crowd was roaring. and they all had kimm as the winner. >> in kimm's first showing, the judges placed her third, then when she appeared later that night, her score changed. >> in fifth place, kimm wynn.
3:59 am
>> i mean i had to pick my jaw up off the floor. when she came down, she said it's all right, kurt. it's all right. i said no, it's not. this is [ bleep ]. >> i was blown away when i saw who they placed first. they wanted 20%, 30% less muscle on stage, wanted us more feminine. the men's criteria never changes. ours is liquid. in the upper ranks in the last couple of years, it's gone back and forth. soft girls, hard girls. soft girls, hard girls. >> when we got into this, i thought people looked at the bodies and judged you that way not by who was the biggest person. i mean, if that's the case, there's ways i can turn her really big, you know, but we don't want to do that. >> if the girls are getting harder and bigger, then kimm is going to have to do what it takes to get harder and bigger. if that means taking more gear that's what she has to do or get out.


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