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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  December 9, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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i did it because of a sense of duty and a sense of honor to the community. and i'm very, very proud that i did what i did that night. >> every now and then we come across exceptional moments, when the normal routine becomes anything but. >> the only thing i could think of was get the fire out. >> when the day leaves us battered. tossed around and falling flat on our face. moments when we can't believe what we're seeing or who we're seeing, and moments we never see coming.
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>> when i came to, i trued to get up, but i couldn't. they all share one thing in common. >> i didn't expect that. >> it was totally unexpected. completely unexpected. caught on camera: when you least expect it." a full blown riot breaks out after a national league championship game. it's a mob scene. smashed windows, cars on fire, stores looted, and a man stealing -- a kid? june 15th, 2011, vancouver british columbia. its it's the nhl stanley cup
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finals. fst where the canucks take on the boston bruins in a winner take all battle. rich is a photographer who shot the games for the past decades. >> they're huge. i mean, it's the hottest ticket in town. >> when the bruins win the game 4-0 and claim the stanley cup in the canucks backyard, the fans don't take the loss well. vancouver sun editor dean waton witnesses the riot firsthand. >> i walked downtown and there were pillars of smoke coming out. you just knew it was a bad situation. they were flowing rocks at police officers and kicking in windows and it was a frightening experience. >> guys were coming out of the store like clowns in a mini car. just one after another. it looked like a mad black
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fry pie /* friday sale. as early evening turns tonight, tensions escalate and there's no end in sight to the looting an vandalism. the riot police take a stand, forming a wall and marching toward the rioters. local photography student records the actions from above when something catches her attention. >> i was shooting the video of people running through the streets. i focused in to sort of see what was going on. back on the street, rich notices the same thing. >> my initial thought was that someone was hurt, another person was helping her. >> he quickly rattles off a few frames. >> that was a picture i thought was my picture of the night. just the way i saw it in the frame, i knew it was a good picture. >> by midnight police take back control of the streets, but not
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before nearly 150 people are hurt. 100 people are arrested and $4 million in damage is done. after a long night, rich returns to the arena, dropping off photos to his editor. he's half way out the door when someone stops him. >> another photographer in the editing room came back and said nice picture of the couple kissing, and i'm thinking, well, i never shot anyone kissing. i shot someone helping another person who i thought was hurt. so she's like, well, they're right in the passion of it, kissing. and i looked up at it, and they were kissing, and at that point i didn't know what to make of it. >> the following morning, rich's photo spreads like wildfire, and the image of the vancouver riot kiss takes on a life of its own. the two love birds in the midst of the mayhem are compared to
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the famous scene in "from here to eternity" and other iconic kissing photos. >> you have mayhem all around and this couple in a tender kiss that really sparked people. >> just who are the two people caught kissing in the chaos? it's an aussie native scott jones and his girlfriend, canadian, alexandra thomas. as it turns out, they got caught in a police surge and alex falls down. >> i was trying to calm her down. it was pretty scary for her. it seemed like the best thing to do. jones and thomas are stunned by the attention they receive from the photo as they explain in an interview with the "today show." >> it was kind of amazing that there was someone there to
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capture that and take that photo. i would always know the feelings and emotions but that there's a photograph that so clearly shows it is pretty incredible. >> i guess it was such a good shot people couldn't believe that was what happened. it was the perfect lighting, perfect focus. >> rich is also amazed at how his single snapshot has been called the most compelling sports image of the year. >> it was quite interesting to see a picture i took is that popular. to have one photo going everywhere to all corners of the market, it was quite surreal. >> rich's photo will no doubt live on as a special moment captured in time. however, it's part of a moment most vancouverites would rather forget. a whole bunch of people went out the next day and went to clean up, and that's the representation of the vancouver that i know. >> it's a shameful moment, but i don't think it's going to tar the city's image. >> it was senseless violence over hockey.
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it wasn't a wrongful death or wrongful shooting by the police. it wasn't a rally against poverty. it was a hockey game, and we lost. coming up, a car plows into a supermarket, mowing down everyone in its path. and, what's gumby doing on a late night run? when "caught on camera: when you least expect it" continues. wears off. been there. tried that. ladybug body milk? no thanks. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. it's so powerful you can skip a day... but light enough you won't want to. dermatologist recommended eucerin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing.
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food shoppers get the surprise of their life when a car comes barrelling in through a supermarket. >> the car just came through the publix. >> is anybody hurt? >> i don't know. >> when i came to, i tried to get up, but i couldn't. >> it's saturday, april 14th, 2012. a typical afternoon for lashanda hampton from palm coast,
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florida, and two of her five children. 3-month-old tyshaun and 15-year-old marshauna. >> we come out on a saturday afternoon, nice day, go for a walk and go to a store, and that happened to us, and it's heartbreaking. >> they finish their food shopping at the publix store and are about to make their way to a nearby nail salon. before they leave they pause for a moment to place some groceries beneath the baby's stroller. >> she sat down at the bench and started putting them under the carriage, and i was standing up. by the news stand. >> as i finish putting this up, i stood up and heard a loud boom. >> that's when out of nowhere a car comes plowing through the glass door, mowing down everything and everyone in its path. >> it came in so fast to the point that it swept us away like there was no tomorrow.
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>> i was laying there with blood all over me. i'm like, what just happened? what just happened? the lady was like, a car just hit you. >> the car's impact caught on the store security camera is like an explosion, sending glass, metal, shoppers and tyshaun's car seat in the air. >> i was looking through all the debreis looking for him. >> i screamed out, "where's my baby? where's my baby? where's my daughter?" i was thinking the worst. i didn't hear him. i didn't hear her. everyone else i heard laying on the floor. >> the car bowls through the checkout lane and comes to a stop 60 feet from the store's entrance. an 83-year-old man is pinned under the vehicle. a store manager and other bystanders react quickly and lift the car off the victim. rescuers are immediately called
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to the scene. >> 911, what is the emergency? >> a car just came through the publix. >> is anybody hurt? >> i don't know. it came all the way through. >> in all, ten shoppers are injured. to everyone's amazement, tyshaun remains strapped in the car seat, suffering only a bump on the head after being flung 50 feet from the point of impact? >> i kept looking at his body, just feeling his body, his arm, his neck. i was like, is he okay? does he have a scratch on him? a lot of glass was everywhere. >> on august 16th, 2012, thelma wagner of palm coast is found guilty of careless driving. her license is suspended for three months, and she's required to take the exam to get it back. >> i had to get 32 stitches all together. i have lumps on my body. >> i'm still pulling glass out of my leg. >> the florida highway patrol
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doesn't find any mechanical problems with her car. a 2004 toyota camry. as for lashaunda and her children, they're recovering from this harrowing ordeal the beast they can. >> i thank the lord that i'm still alive right now. >> a lot of people said that they're surprised that nobody actually passed away in the accident. so i really feel lucky that i didn't. for far less impactful yet oddly curious entrance, you wouldn't expect to see america's most beloved green latex character in a 7-eleven late at night. this time gumby is caught on the store security camera, and he's up to no good. it's monday morning of labor day weekend, 2011, when detective
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gary hassen of the san diego police department is briefed on a strange incident that occurred the night before. >> a person in a gumby costume walks in the door, throws his hands up in the air, and says this is a robbery. the clerk really didn't know if it was serious or not. when his manager came in at 6:00 in the morning and reviewed the tape. the manager said, no, that was an attempted robbery, and they called the police. >> after viewing the store footage, san diego police draw some conclusions about gumby's scheme. >> when gumby came in, he had an accomplice that came behind him. the plan is gumby would distract, the partner would shoplift. it wasn't going the way they thought it should. the partner left, got into the van, came up to the front door.
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gumby turned around and got in the door. wasting little time, they release the video. >> and gumby has taken himself in. >> we wanted that video out to the public as soon as we could possibly get it. and literally by friday night the phones were ringing off the hook about not gumby, but the chap who came in behind him. >> long time pals 19-year-old jacob kiss and 20-year-old jason jeroma have a history of goofing around together. >> my face is showing up on a camera. it says san diego police department. i'm like, oh man. that can't be good. they're looking for us. you can see my face clearly. so we're thinking we're definitely done. >> it's jacob dawning the gumby cost tomb. and jason is his side kick. his pokey, if you will. jason explains his version of that late night run. >> he walks in the store, and you know, you see me waving or whatever.
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stupid me, i take something from the back and i walk out. that's what really got us in trouble. >> after seeing the video, the boys turn themselves and the gumby garb in. they're ear released on their own recognisance and given a court date before they were let go and police make an unusual request. >> gumby was asked to put the costume on, you know, make sure it fit. and it did. >> they plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor burglary and are given three years probation. still detective hassen wants the guys to realize how lucky there are. >> there are other markets they may have tried to stunt with, and it's very likely he could have or would have been shot and
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killed. >> at the time we didn't think it was a big deal. anybody could be in the store and have a gun and want to be the hero, of course. >> after his 15 minutes in the spotlight, jason says he intends to grow from this lesson. >> we're not bad kids, we just made a stupid decision. and of course, we're taking full responsibility now, paying for it. all you high school students, just think twice. you never know when you're going to get caught on camera. >> coming up, she's racing for the big ten title and then takes a big time tumble. >> it was like the wind got taken out of the whole crowd. >> when "caught on camera: when you least expect it" continues.
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talk about an unexpected ending, falling flat on your face in the middle of a race and then coming back with a chance to win it the very next minute. >> i think the first thing i said was "i didn't expect that." >> march 2nd, 2008, at the university of minnesota in the twin cities. it's the last day of the tightly contested big ten championship of women's indoor track. >> unless you win the national title, nobody really cares if you're 10th or 12th.
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or whatever. but if you win a big ten title, that's a big deal. >> senior, heather, is in the 600 meter finals. >> i think my coaches were kind of expecting me to really put it forward and try to win that race, and i'm sure my parents thought the same thing. >> throughout her college career, heather set several school records for the track team. a win here will help propel minnesota to the top of the big ten standings. the home crowd can barely contain the enthusiasm as the gun sounds for the three-lap race. one lap down and all is going well for the nine-time all american. >> my plan for the race was just hang out behind whoever was leading it and then take it at the end. >> but as the pack finishes lap number two, something happens.
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>> i was cutting in to try to get to the inside lane before the first curve. i was kind of running, and then felt something on my right foot, and then when i tried to correct that, somebody must have stepped on my left foot. i kind of felt like i was hog tied and just went down. >> heather does a face plant in the middle of the track. >> it was like the wind got taken out of the whole crowd. it was just like -- ah. >> didn't know what happened on the first step. the second step is when i really went down. and i think i got the words "oh no" out as i was falling. >> friend and former teammate elizabeth can barely watch. >> the whole stadium just like -- oh my gosh, you know. and of course, you're thinking she's done. >> the rest of the pack bolts past heather, leaving her several yards behind, entering
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the final lap, but with the heart of the champion, heather gets up. >> it took a while for everybody to catch their breath, and then go, oh my lord. something very, very special is happening here. >> i knew that i needed to continue to run and just earn the points for this team. she starts to make her move. >> to me they're all bodies and targets out there. i had my first target in sight. i started catching her. and after i passed my first person, then i saw the other two weren't that far away. and then as i was coming around the final curve of the race i heard the announcer race and watch out for heather. >> she's going strong. >> the crowd can't believe what they're witnessing. >> oh my word! she's going to do this. she can do this. people were just jumping up and down an going crazy and in awe.
3:25 pm
>> the decimal level went way through the roof. and that was what was so electrifying. it just crescendoed. it just got louder and louder and louder. we had more energy and electricity in that meet than the hoover dam. heather runs her heart out, catching her competitors one at a time. she inches her way to the lead runner. the race is neck and neck. and in the very last moment she edges out her teammate by .04 seconds. heather's parents, connie and frank, are in the stands awe struck by their daughter's accomplishment. >> just to see someone fall down and get up and put that effort in at the end, it was just amazing to watch. >> i never felt anything like that before. it's just amazing. people crying, laughing, screaming, jumping.
3:26 pm
people are going crazy. nobody could believe this. officials were coming over. but everybody just was so energized after that. that there was no way we were going to lose that meet. >> heather herself can't believe how she did it. i don't know really where it came from. everybody says how hard it must have been to finish that race like that. honestly, i think it's the most effortless i've ever felt in a race. it was truly like i was lifted up on angel wings. >> with the crowd still in a tizzy over the feat, heather decides to take her spot on the podium. that's when audrey takes here back down to earth. audrey won the first heat just before heather's. beating her time by slightly more than one-tenth of a second. but she didn't fall down. she's like, um, i actually won.
3:27 pm
i just said oh, sorry. had to scoot on over to take second there. it was a funny thing that i was just on cloud nine and thought i won everything, and then it took someone to say, hey, move over. >> heather's second place overall finish in the 600 meters adds a crucial eight points to minnesota's team total. >> eight points was exactly the margin of our victory for the team that day. it was kind of a happy coincidence that if i hadn't gotten up and finished the race, we would have lost or tied. >> heather graduates for the university of minnesota in december 2009, but coach wilson will never forget heather's golden moment. >> she's got the heart of a lion. we may never see that again ever in our lives, something of that nature. >> coming up, speedboaters make a hard left and then exit stage right. and, there's nothing routine about this villa.
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it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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i'm melisilissa rehberger. the defense department says a navy s.e.a.l. is killed during an early morning rescue of a doctor in afghanistan. a jet disappeared from radar near monterey california. the associated press is told the wreckage of the plane is found and there is are no survivors. back to "caught on camera." >> imagine the thrill of going along at high speeds, burning around the buoy when all of the sudden, watch out! you go flying into the water. [ scream ] >> it looks like i'm doing a
3:32 pm
backwards choreographed dive. >> terry and david have been together for nearly two decades and they're both at home on the water. >> probably in my life i've owned 10 or 12 or 13 kboets. >> i've driven pleasure boats plenty of times. >> in the mid 1990s clay has an idea for the two of them to try their hand at offshore power boat racing. he will steer the boat and she will make sure they don't get lost. >> he said, i need to you navigate. >> so basically, all i have to do is hold on? he said yes. i said, i can do that. >> the pair purchased the first power boat and named it pure energy. >> the pure energy boat was the fastest boat which would run right at 90 miles an hour. it was a 26-foot single engine boat. >> they race pure energy for three years, finishing at or near the top at several events. in 2000 they decide to up the ante by getting an even bigger boat.
3:33 pm
>> the lady hustler was a 38-footer with twin engines. it would top out about 85 to 88. >> clay figured since they have a new boat, why not try a new driver to boot. he asks terry to get behind the wheel of the lady hustler, and she agreed. it's april 9th, 2000, at the florida spring fling in east lake in st. cloud. >> it was an opportunity for everybody to get the bugs worked out. we were a new team as terry driving and the first time racing the lady hustler. >> it was nerve wracking. but he said he wanted us to stay in the back and let everybody go so i could get comfortable with handling the boat. >> the race begins, and a scene from the camera mounted on the front of the boat, things are going smoothly for team lady hustler. so smooth that clay encourages terry to pass a couple of boats ahead of them.
3:34 pm
>> forget the plan, we're going to stay back and be conservative. and he's like, okay, let's take them. i either wanted to go in between the two of them or i wanted to go on the outside of them. and he said no, go on the inside. so i did. and i listened to what he said. >> when i tell you to turn, turn. >> all right. >> and when clay gets excited about something, he repeats the same words over and over and over. so he kept saying turn, and he kept repeating it. >> turn, turn. >> and i kept turning it and turning it. >> straight now. >> and at the same time one of the wakes from the boat in front of us hit at the bow. >> jump over the wake. >> it does it so fast that anything that's loose inside the boat comes out. >> including them.
3:35 pm
without warning, terry and clay are launched from the lady hustler into the lake. >> it was totally unexpected that we would ever be thrown out of the beat. the first time i hit the water, my arms and legs were going every direction. i skipped just like a stone. >> going 80 miles an hour, the couple is ejected from their racer. >> if you listen to it real close you hear a -- ugh, and then you hear me scream. it was the impact of the wake hitting, and i just remember my head hitting, and then i went in. >> the whole scene just slowed right down for me. i didn't know what had happened. >> the kill switch goes off as they're flung out to sea, shutting out the engine and giving terry and clay a chance to gather their bearings, swim back to the boat and complete the race. they finish dead last. >> there was only one other girl that was racing, and she did earn the respect for getting back in the boat and finishing
3:36 pm
the race. >> they come out of the boating accident unscathed. the couple goes onto race the lady hustler for two more years before drifting away from the racing scene in 2002. >> it's not a sport where you really make any money at it. it's really self funded. it's a hobby. >> with offshore power boat racing in their wake, these days terry and clay have switched gears entirely, focusing their attention on land. in fact, you can see that they've gone to the dogs. >> it's been ten years now working at different shelters and rescue groups and currently the president of the humane society here in bay county. >> they're also parlaying yet another passion of theirs into helping man's best friend. they own a wine shop called the wine dog. looking back they have cherished memories of the ups and downs and ins and outs of their racing
3:37 pm
days. but this video caught on camera was surely not their finest hour. >> and you have to remember how fortunate we really were. we were very, very lucky. >> in canada's north bay, ontario, 212 miles north of toronto, a routine fill-up unexpectedly blows up. threatening everyone in a half mile radius. october 16th, 2008. it's a crisp fall night at the mister gas fuel station. it's conveniently located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. corey darison is the loin employee on duty that evening. >> it was a typical, clear, quiet october evening. not too much going on. >> at about 9:00 that night,
3:38 pm
grainy security camera number four captures a young man in a red cap popping off the sedan. one of the passengers steps out laughing with the driver and two others who remain in the backseat. no one is prepared for what happened next. as the passenger reaches down near the pump nozzle, this mundane task goes bad in a flash. the situation quickly worsens when the driver panics, pulling the gas nozzle from the car, spraying gas across the vehicle and pavement. >> was dealing with one customer, and the next thing i know i see a flash in the corner of my eye. i look out and sure enough there's a car on fire. >> as trained, corey hits the emergency pump shut off button. this prevents thousands of gallons of gas beneath the station from adding more fuel to the fire. the driver and all of his passengers flee from the blaze. >> the fire ball was pretty big. when it hit the top of the canopy, it spread half way across.
3:39 pm
>> in all the excitement, corey relies on his instincts and takes matters into his own hands. >> i ran around the counter. ran around to the side, grabbed that fire extinguisher there. pulled the jacket off it, pulled the pin. >> in less than ten seconds, corey single handedly snuffs the fire, saving the gas station, surrounding home and everyone nearby. >> i don't like to think about what could have happened had i not gotten that fire out when i did. it could have been catastrophic. >> with disaster averted, one question remains, what caused the fire? reviewing the security tape, investigators believe it's caused by gas vapors that had built up near the nozzle. >> one kid leans in where the gas is being pumped, sticks his hand in there, and the next thing you know there's a fire
3:40 pm
inside the car. it could have been a lighter, a static shock, who knows. >> however it started, it's clear from the video why the fire spread. >> the pumps have a lock on the nozzle that keeps it pumping. so when he went to grab the hose, the pump was still going and pumping fuel. that was why there was an initial fire ball when he pulled it out. with without the safety shutoff switches that we have in place, that gas nozzle was a giant flame thrower. >> to help prevent gas station fires like this, many states and provinces have required the lock on the pump nozzle removed. that way gas stops flowing when a customer releases the handle. when fire personnel show up later, they have only praise for corey who saved the day. coming up, is the caped crusader joking around, or could
3:41 pm
he be in serious trouble? >> batman! >> i was really not expecting it to get physical. >> when "caught on camera: when you least expect it" returns. ♪
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try a free sample at las vegas, nevada. sin city, a town known for hosting the great fight. hag letter hagler versus hearns. tyson versus holyfield, and fat man versus a tourist. >> that was completely unexpected. bfat man versus a tourist. >> that was completely unexpectedat man versus a tourist. >> that was completely unexpected. at man versus a tourist. >> that was completely
3:45 pm
unexpectedbat man versus a tourist. >> that was completely unexpectedt man versus a tourist. >> that was completely unexpectedat man versus a tourist. >> that was completely unexpected. >> it's early may, 2011, and marcus tate of huntsville, texas, is visiting fight town for the first time. he's walking on the strip with some family members when something catches his eye. all the sudden i see two guys arguing. it went from playful to serious. >> marcus can't believe what he's seeing. it's a scene right off the comic book pages, only this is no joker. >> that's what turned my head to the whole situation, was batman getting loud. >> maxwell allen, aka, batmax, has been making a living by dressing up as the caped crusader for more than a decade. first on hollywood boulevard in los angeles. and in 2010 he moved to the las vegas strip. >> i like being my own boss. i like working with kids. and i kind of like being out there. >> like virtually all of the street characters on the strip,
3:46 pm
batmax works solely for tips, posing for photos and relying on the generosity of batman's adoring fans for his income. >> everybody thinks you're making great money, every, every day, which is not true. i mean, one day you can do really well. up to 100 bucks a day sometimes. and other days, you can be there two, three hours, and not hardly anything. not even bus fare. >> we do work for the photos. now did you want all of us? >> of course, an unsteady income is just one of the many factors batman and other street characters take into consideration when dressing their parts. >> you get a lot of drinkers. a lot of comments. a lot of insults. a lot of people like to come by and just slap you for no reason because they think it's funny. as i go out there, i try to do
3:47 pm
the best persona of batman that i can be. but then there are times when you run into it that it's really hard to keep in character. >> which brings us back to the battle between batman and the tourist he calls polo boy. max tells his version of how it the confrontation plays out. he's posing for a picture with two women when -- >> he snuck up and punched me as hard as he could in the chest and more or less knocked me off the box i was standing on. at the time, i wasn't going to do anything about it, but then these two old ladies say, batman, you're not going to let him get away with that, are you? >> bat max then dashes down the strip and catches up to polo boy. >> i was a little ticked off because i just didn't understand you know, how you hit a perfect stranger. it doesn't matter how he's dressed and think it was funny. >> max admits he has issues dealing with his temper, as is
3:48 pm
depicted in the 2007 documentary "confessions of a super hero." >> i let a lot of people walk away. some i don't. they need it. they need to be beaten down to open their eyes and all i'm doing is volunteering for the job. >> but this time max may have bitten off more than he can chew. the confrontation quickly escalates as bat max whips back his cape and prepares for battle. poloboy taunts him with his impercentation of superman. max is not amused, and before you know it, holy fists! it's on. >> i didn't expect that at all. i knew it was going to get verbal, but i was really not expecting it to get physical. >> smack, bang, pow!
3:49 pm
it's a mano e mano two-man melee. bat max gets polo boy in a headlock. but the tides quickly turn as poloboy lifts him in the air, slams him onto the pavement and follows up with a serious of fists to the head. >> when he slams me, he slammed me onto the water bottle. so the impact on me wasn't that bad. it looks like it's really brutal, but it didn't hurt. it hardly affected me at all. the rubber took a lot of the impact. >> shop owners call the police who quickly close in on the scene and stop both men for questioning. no charges are filed, and they're told to go their separate ways, marcus who is filming everything sees polo boy afterwards, shows him the video and gets a post fight interview. he posts the video online, and over the next few months his
3:50 pm
video, batman beat down on the vegas strip, gets more than a million views. with polo boy having left vegas, a frustrated bat max hopes to get vengeance and one day have another shot at him. in fact, in september of 2011, he posts his own video online, calling out his new arch nemesis. >> i put it into a rocky montage kind of thing. >> it shows me working out, doing my martial arts and showing that i do know how to fight, and i'm not as big of a sissy is everyone is taking me for because of the original video. caught on camera reached out to adrian, aka polo boy, but he declined to participate in this story. back on the strip, things have changed for several street characters since the bat max-polo boy smackdown.
3:51 pm
>> i work with five guys besides myself. and we call ourselves the avenger league now. so a lot of us are working in teams now. a lot of characters also carry pepper spray and tasers and other weapons that are legal to carry. >> and what if polo boy ever answers his callout? >> if we see each other again, i'm going to ask him, are you sorry for it or not? if he is, i will forgive him, but if he's not, then, let's set it up, buddy. seriously. coming up -- holiday shoppers stair stunned. who is making a scene at this new jersey mall? ♪ i want to sit on you if wee our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings?
3:52 pm
what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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>> when "caught on camera: when you least expect it" continues. when it comes to holiday shopping at the mall, we pretty much know what to expect. the crowds, the long lines and santa listening to christmas wishes. >> but the line mall in pramus, new jersey becomes an ambush for a christmas celebration. ♪ hey santa, santa ♪ i want to sit on you >> shoppers are about to witness a whole different kind of christmas carol. as hidden cameras are set up throughout the mall's atrium. ♪ you're never too old to sit on santa ♪ >> once the stage is set, people step out of the crowd once at a time and sing a verse in this jingle. >> you can keep your holly and your christmas tree, i want to put my butt on santa's knee ♪
3:56 pm
♪ you're never too old to sit on santa ♪ >> as soon as the second person comes on doing the same thing, particularly if they don't seem to know each other, then it becomes really something that you have to pay attention to. >> mall santa musical is the most recent gorilla musical from improve everywhere. a new york city based prank collective that's been bringing the absurd into every day life for more than ten years. >> everybody has to have their holiday special. i felt like this was our chance for a holiday special. >> the idea of people standing in line for santa is a fun thing to play with. and there's sort of a built-in audience already passing by and waving. >> it goes from like confusion to like, questioning, to just getting on board and being really elated about it. >> 9-year-old sebastian thomas is the youngest person ever to participate in an improv
3:57 pm
everywhere mission. ♪ i think santa's stupid ♪ i'm almost 10 years old now ♪ he turned 9 in july ♪ mom last year i asked for a robot ♪ ♪ that was your father's fault >> fourth graders singing about santa, it's pretty funny. ♪ you're never too old to sit on santa ♪ >> onlookers aren't sure who to trust. take this woman, for instance. >> she went up and said, what is this? they were commiserating on why this guy was singing. then lawrence steps out and starts singing. ♪ you're never too old to sit on santa ♪ >> the same woman maybe a minute later is talking to the actor, jim santagelea, and then he starts singing too. ♪ i would like to sit on santa
3:58 pm
>> you should. ♪ but i'm worried i'm too fat ♪ you're not fat you're just a little husky ♪ ♪ thanks so much for saying that ♪ >> internet musical comedians evan and michael gregory, leapt at the chance to move the scene forward. >> we had been fans for a long time. so we were very familiar with the concept, and it took very little explaining. we were on board from minute one. >> hey! hey! ♪ hey look up ♪ dudes, i am high above you ♪ ♪ i've got a box and i love to sing ♪ ♪ everyone looks so warm how's about a snowstorm ♪ >> being the guy that brought the snow to the party just kind of took everything to the next level. >> snow. hey, do you want to sit on santa's lap. >> i don't think so. i'm jewish. >> happy hanukkah. >> anyone! >> it would be an honor and a privilege. ♪ i'm a humble christmas
3:59 pm
present ♪ ♪ probably socks or a pair of shoes ♪ snoest expensive shoes ♪ ♪ but i believe in magic, i will sit on santa too ♪ >> i couldn't possibly see how such a song filled with so much christmas cheer could not be a winner. >> and just when the crowd thinks it's over -- >> wait! you're never too old to sit on santa! >> santa, you're going to let all these people sit on you? >> i'm santa claus! everyone can sit on me! >> oh, yay! >> who wants to be first? >> me! >> ho, ho, ho! >> so next time you're in the mall, a food court, or a lecture


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