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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 22, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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share "not even close."
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share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. hurry in for a droid incredible 4g lte by htc for $49.99. this is something within our capacity to solve. it doesn't take that much work. we just have to do the right thing. >> aloha, mr. president. he's in hawaii and congress is back home. when will there be a bargain to avert this fiscal cliff? >> the only way to stop a monster from killing our kids is to be personally involved and invested in a plan of absolute protection. >> the nr appeals a kickback after a group calls for more guns in schools to protect our kids. we'll talk to a mother, herself
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a victim of gun violence and an organizer with 1 million moms for gun control. >> they can keep pushing us and bumping us and moving us back. >> it's the holidays, you want to get home, but at the same time, what are you going to do? >> on this holiday weekend, thousands of flights delayed and we're watching that as the winter stom wallops the midwest and good day to you. i'm richard lui. the stalled fiscal cliff debate and the january deadline now just ten days away. president obama and his family are vacationing in hawaii and congress is on holiday recess after no new breakthrough and both sides are holding out and they'll be able to reach a deal. >> call me a hopeless optimist, but i actually still think we can get it done. >> of course, hope springs eternal and i know we have it in us to come together and to do the right thing. >> nbc's kristin welker is in hawaii and the president is
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still in talks while he's there or are the the talks on hiatus? >> richard, my sources tell me this is very much a working vacation for president obama and at this time there's no conversation between the president and congressional leaders and that doesn't mean that they're not going to happen. back in washington, d.c., staffers at the white house and on the hill are still there to some extent, communicating with each other and talking with each other, trying to get a deal going. it seemed earlier this week, richard, as though president obama and john boehner were getting close to some sort of a deal, a deal that would have dealt with deficit reduction as well as tax reform, but that all fell apart and now there's a big question mark about how they move forward and the president himself acknowledging when he addressed the nation on friday that given the tight timeframe, hopes for a larger deal have all, but faded and he's calling on congress to work together to just get a deal that would have at the very least extend lower tax rates for those making
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$250,000 or less and also to extend unemployment insurance and to help lay the groundwork for deficit reduction in the future. right now the expectations have been lowered a great deal in terms of what is actually possible and you heard the president say that he is still optimistic that something can get done before the january 1st deadline and of course, there's a lot of pressure for these lawmakers to get something done because if they don't the economy could go back into a recession eventa you willy. >> kristen well wiker with the president in hawaii. joining me now from his home district in vermont is peter welsh who is on the phone with us right now. congressman, it doesn't make sense and we were just talking with kristen welker in hawaii. does it make sense that the president is on vacation when we're days away from the fiscal cliff? some voters might be look at that. >> it's a perception issue and as a practical matter you can do your work wherever you are especially if you're the president. bottom line, it's become clear that mr. boehner, despite my
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view, his best efforts can't get the votes in the republican conference. so any -- anything that we'll do before the january 1st deadline will have to be negotiated with mr. reed and they'll come back to the house and probably be passed with democratic votes. that's the only path forward and it obviously would be a long way from a grand bargain. >> are you fine with that, congressman? that he's not going to go for the grand bargain recently saying that he'll go for something less? >> it's a disappointment. we need a grand bargain and this is a great disappointment to many of us on both sides of the aisle. the other thing is even if we get something that deals with the taxes, you know, for everybody 250 and below, we're going have that whole debt ceiling overhang and that again is the backdrop by which we have discussions on the spending restraint and that's just a -- you know, that's the economic
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weapon of mass destruction and it would have been preferable to take the debt ceiling fiasco off the table. >> lack thereof, then. what's your feeling on the compromise? the president coming forward with 400,000 and the first 400,000 not having a tax increase. would you be fine with that number or -- >> no, i wouldn't. i would support it if it was part of an overall bargain and the numbers would have made it up and we would have made up the revenue with tax code changes, but if we have this temporary situation, i actually hope that the president will stick with the 250 and that's what he campaigned on and he's got strong support in the senate and in the house and it would put us in a better position. >> you would be fine if the revenue numbers looked good enough. >> yes, i would. the president has been very good on the revenue side and, you know, even at a million, mr. boehner couldn't get them to
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support it, so there's a position among maybe 50 or 60 house republicans to have a nickel and new taxes and they're willing to go over the cliff to demonstrate that. >> before we have to go, congressman. i have to ask you this, despite the best efforts by speaker boehner, what do you mean by despite his best efforts and he's the best option for democrats. >> it's not up to me to support him. it's the republican conference. he's going to be the speaker. what you have is a situation, i think on the republican side where they're not angry at boehner for trying to get a deal done because they know that it has to happen and they know obama won the election and what they don't want is to have their fingerprints on it and if speaker boehner put on the floor something that would pass almost exclusively with democratic votes. >> right. >> i do not think there would be a revolt again. st speaker boehner because his members know he can't stop it
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and they'd be in a position where they can vote no and maintain their purity. i actually think the speaker is trying to be a constructive partner and he's just got a significant element in his caucus that will not vote for any new revenue. >> some might argue he's seen the revolt from the tea party section and constituency of the caucus right now. >> congressman, peter welch, thank you for stopping by. >> tomorrow we'll get another perspective from marcia blac blackburn, stick around for that. >> the only way to keep a monster from killing our kids is to invest in a plan of absolute protection. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. all right. we heard that a little bit earlier. three more first graders will be laid to rest today in connecticut. two in connecticut, one in utah,
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just one week after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. 26 were murdered including six adults at the school, and you just heard wayne lapierre speaking in response to the shootings and it didn't take dia dianne feinstein to fire back at the nra. >> there were two armed lauchl officers who twice engaged the shooters at columbine. that didn't prevent 15 from being killed and 23 wounded. >> joining me now, congressman, an accidental shooting left him confined to a wheelchair since he was 16 and congressman, you were with us last week and thanks for coming back. >> thank you, richard, for having me on the program. >> so you saw what lapierre said. what do you think about his plan itself and we'll put it aside for a second and what's the
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sentiment and the mood that he portrayed. what was your reaction to it? >> first of all, my thoughts and prayers are still with the families of newton connecticut who lost loved ones especially the children in that horrible, horrible attack. my heartbreaks for those families and what they're going through and they're in my thoughts and prayeris and know they're in the thoughts and prayers of people around the nation. with respect to the nra and the position that they have come out with, i have to say that i am personally, absolutely disgusted by the position of the nra that think that any problem with violence means putting more guns on the street and they have opposed reasonable things like an assault weapons ban and they opposed reasonable things like banning those extended gun clips of 30 or 100 bullets that can be used in assault weapon and those are weapons of war and they have no more business being on the streets than an army tank as i
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said many times before. with respect specifically with putting guns in our schools, let me say, having more guns around our children is not the answer. >> my accident, when i had my accident as a young police cadet happened in the work police station at the hands of two weapons experts on the police s.w.a.t. team. if that doesn't prove that an accident where the weapon can happen, i don't know what does. we don't need more guns being around our children in schools. what we need to do is prevent those individuals that would carry out these attacks from getting those weapons in their hands in the first place and that means having a weapons ban and tougher background checks which aren't happening right now if you're getting guns at a gun show or private sale and it certainly means more help and support for people with mental illness. >> representative -- >> i understand it -- >> yes? >> what lapierre also said is
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when you look at those officers that are placed in certain public schools they're not armed well enough, perhaps and that they do need to have proper defense. so for instance, the department of education study shows that public schools around the country, 28% have a firearm, and 22% a chemical spray and 17% have a stun gun on firepower alone when you look at these tragedy, unfortunately, even when you do have a police and security at those locations they're severely, severely overmatched when it comes to firepower. >> well, i think it shows in columbine, just for example, even there that having armed police officers at the scene at the school didn't stop that attack from happening. look, i have the utmost respect for men and women in uniform who every day put their lives on the line to protect all of us and
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i'm grateful for their service, but with security and police having them in the schools isn't the primary answer for protecting our children and it's about preventing people from getting these assault weapons in the first place and we can do that most effectively by passing assault weapons ban and eliminating these extended gun clips as being legally sold in the country and we also need more support for mental health services and there are studies that suggest that 10% of the population have some form of mental illness and only about 20% of the people that have mental illness actually get diagnosed and are being treated. we have a lot of work to do in other constructed areas and just putting more people with guns in schools isn't the answer. >> thank you so much, congressman, appreciate your time today. >> coming up, the house heads home for christmas. can speaker boehner rally his republican troops against all of
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they weren't taking that out on me. they were dealing with the perception that somebody might accuse them of raising taxes. merry christmas, everyone. >> all right. john boehner brushing off suggestions that his days could be numbered as house speaker and there were lots of questions as to whether he'll be able to hold on to his speakership when the new congress reconvenes on january 3rd. boehner has been taking lots of heat with conservatives. speaker boehner needs to resign. gop needs new negotiator and a
11:18 am
new plan. conn tweeted baner is useless. >> good to see both of you. mark, i'll start with you. how much trouble is john boehner in, do you think? >> it remains to be seen, richard. i wouldn't want to be in john boehner's shoes rooity now. the most likely path of averting the fiscal cliff before the new year would be getting what president obama laid out yesterday and that was extending the bush-era tax cuts of $250,000 or below as well as extending unemployment insurance and if it sails through the senate and gets to the house and john boehner allows that to get up to a vote it would most likely pass without a majority of house republicans and that could infuriate the republican caucus. the other option for house speaker john boehner would be to hold firm to hold their ground. however, that's actually the most likely outcome to going over the fiscal cliff and all polls, actually show that republicans would bear the brunt
11:19 am
of the blame for that. so i wouldn't want to be in john boehner's shoes right now. >> either way, if it is the first scenario that mark marked out for us, if not speaker boehner, then who might replace them should there be a revolt here? eric cantor, just a year ago we were watching 2011 and it seemed like he was waiting in the wings. when you look at that, what might be the situation here? >> well, i think the situation is, i agree with mark that speaker boehner is in a tough position and you can't beat someone with no one. eric cantor could not, as i see it right now couldn't get the support to be speaker and there's no one else out there right now that could make a move because there's no one out there who could necessarily do a better job than john boehner and john boehner is somebody who could bridge the various factions in the republican family. >> who is better for the democrats here. when you look at speaker boehner, they say he's the more moderate of the possibilities
11:20 am
that are out there, but if he's unable to whip his caucus, then who might they be able to negotiate with? who is better for the democrats? >> i think boehner is -- isn't bad because he probably is in a position to break what the so-called hastert role and pass a bill that could pass without the majority of the majority. it hasn't always been that way and all he has to do and this could threaten his speakership or at least have him run against somebody and not just gavelled in. let the bill pass,y free up 35 or so republicans and at least have the stop-gap measure passed by the end of the year because that's essentially what president obama was suggesting the stopgap. >> mark, one of those who was rejecting plan b and what speaker boehner was trying to do is consider republican tim hills' camp is the one who rebelled against speaker boehner. that's when he said on morning
11:21 am
joe. let's listen to him first. >> i disagree with john boehner caving on taxes. and we'll give you $1 trillion in tax revenue and we'll raise it for a year and take a lever on the hand of the republicans and he did that without the support of the conference, as we found out. >> i'm interested in terms of what you're hearing the number of votes he came up short. he came up short 21 in a bill related to softening the sequester that was done right before the plan b vote when the plan b vote was supposed to happen here. >> the numbers i've heard has been about 24. >> 24. >> already he could lose about 20 people going into that vote given the republican, the majority and the size of that, but you end up mentioning congressman huelskamp. he tried to punish members like tim huelskamp and one skill that
11:22 am
a sometimes a speaker has and we saw this with nancy pelosi and we saw this in 2009 and 2010 is actually fear. they don't fear congressman boehner. they don't fear him at all if they go break their own way and that is one of the reasons why you end up having people who seem to be revolting like congressman huelskamp. >> one other thing that a speaker does not have or even a minority leader anymore is earmarks which were these targeted spending gifts in effect to a house number that could be persuasive. >> right. the carrots and the sticks. >> yes. >> thank you very much. lynn and mark. we'll talk to you later this hour. stick around. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, it's election day in egypt and we'll get a live report from cairo and how the constitution has polarized that nation. plus ben affleck on capitol hill for good and what the actor is
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all right. let's see what's happening now in our political playground today. ben affleck is keeping mum about a possible senate run. of a look has been noted as a possible replacement for john kerry once he becomes secretary of state. in a pre-taped interview for "face the nation" affleck said he would not speculate about running for office, but did not rule that out. affleck was on capitol hill this week speaking about the house arms services committee to raise awareness about the issues facing the people of congo. senator affleck, how does that sound to you? senator mccain is feeling the christmas spirit. the senator tweeted this yesterday. wackiest christmas card i've received, thank you, loretta sanchez. she is known for her creative holiday cards. this year's theme is a riff on
11:27 am
the fiscal cliff. a million moms plan to march on washington in support of gun control. a survival of gun violence herself and that's coming up and what does that mean when even grover norquist cannot get the gop to march in lockstep. does this mean the republican party is in disarray? our war room has more on that. ♪ ♪ ♪ clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. hi richard lui. here's a look at the top stories making news. pope benedict has pardoned his former butler. the pope visited his former butler to pardon him when he was set free. it will help the man find a new job. a marine veteran is back in the u.s. after spending five months in a mexican prison. 27-year-old john hammar was jailed for trying to carry a family heirloom shotgun across the border. the president of south
11:31 am
africa visited nelson mandela and said mandela continues to respond to treatment. mandela has now been in the hospital for two weeks. he's been diagnosed with a lung infection and undergone lung surgery. more storms are disrupting holiday travel as you're try to get to where you're going. heavy snow snarled on the ground, and thousands in michigan are still without power. flights were delayed or canceled on friday. gabe gutierrez is at hartsfield international airport in atlanta. is the situation better? >> reporter: well, richard, yes, it is. it could be a whole lot worse in many of the country's airports in atlanta. if you take a look behind me, there is some traffic and for the most part it's moving along and many airports throughout the country not reporting many delays and there's a 15-minute delay in newark and not a huge problem. san francisco reported a bigger delay today due to rain. as we look at video from other
11:32 am
parts of the country, from st. louis and from kansas city, there's not much of a problem there. there are some long lines and for the most part travelers have gotten to where they needed to go. there are other problems, however, in the northeast and places like upstate new york, virginia and pennsylvania. snow has snarled traffic there and there is some concern that on the west coast, as well, there could be issues. for the most part, traffic is doing much better today than it did in the past two days, thursday and friday. more than 1600 cancellations throughout the country and so far today only about 75 according to flight again, here in atlanta, it could be a whole lot worse, richard. >> they have more runways and 405 will be more difficult. gabe gutierrez at the atlanta hartsfield international airport. we'll check back in with you, thanks. egyptians are going back to the polls on the constitution. the document is divisive and ignores the rights of non-muslim
11:33 am
egyptian ands and women. let's bring in nbc's eamon muha dean. >> when you look at that at the moment, the vice president specifically, what does that tell us about the state of disarray there? >> well, it's just an indication into the political turmoil that has gripped the country. keep in mind the president is the latest in the string of high-profile resignations. to explain more about the vrp's resignation, he did say it was not triggered by the political crisis and he wanted to resign as early as november 7th, but it was only accepted today and once the country passes political crisis. over the past several weeks you've seen close advisers and senior members to muhammad morsi who have stepped down because of the political turmoil and it is an indication in that the country is divided and polarized and even the top political
11:34 am
leadership is not on the same page when it comes to issues such as the controversial constitution and other political matters that is facing the country and this constitution highlights that polarization, richard. >> you talk about the constitution, if you could, ayman. what is the probability of this passing in the second round? two hours of voting to go. >> reporter: all indications are that it is going to pass. the first round of voting took place and in that first round of voting nearly 56% of egyptians voted yes in favor of the constitution and close to 44% voted no. this second round was actually expected to favor the islamist parties because it was in country side governors so they feel in the second round they'll have a higher turnout and higher vote in support of the constitution, but the constitution itself has divided the country into two camps. those who argue the constitution does not represent all of egyptians and it is dominated by
11:35 am
islamist political currents and then you have the opposition and the salvation front and others that say it does not protect the rights of minorities and women and takes the country back to an authoritarian regime under this new constitution. richard? >> you'll be visiting with us a little bit later in the evening there for you as the day closes out. thank you, aim ann. the failure of plan b shows that major challenges for republicans to come to any agreement on their own, much less the president. speaker john boehner explained the failure this way. >> that vote last night was going to increase taxes. i disagree with that characterization of the bill, but that impression was out there. we had a number of our members who just really didn't want to be perceived as having raised taxes. that was the real issue. >> as we saw throughout the election, the narrative of the republican party broadly led in
11:36 am
many instances by congressional races here much the way it was in 2010. so pushing forward to the 113th congress which convenes january 3rd, the new future of the gop may not be too far away and in fact, 25 republican representatives will not return and only have a week of work left. joining us in the war room, karen fin me and we also have robert trainam, msnbc contributor with senator rick santorum. was this like watching a train wreck in slow motion? a lot of people saying why? why did boehner do this? >> yes. but i think the reason why boehner decided to do this is because he thought he had a stronger hand. he thought going into these negotiations that his rank and file republicans were behind him and that he had his back. when he turned around, nobody was following him. at the end of the day, rep art,
11:37 am
this was a train wreck. and this is what i was taught in high school with basic civic class here. when you are a federal legislator, regardless of whether or not you represent a hard right or hard left district, you have to put the best interests of the country first because you, in fact, are a federal legislator here. you are not just a marginal legislator here and the problem is that we have a lot of republicans that understand the constitution and they're not willing to compromise and they believe the compromise unfortunately is a dirty word and i disagree with that. >> can he do that, though? does the speaker even know who is on his side? he looks over his shoulder and sees who is behind him. is it really like that? >> it is. we know that the speaker was whipping this bill himself. >> yeah. >> so by pulling the legislation he understood he did not have the votes and initially they were going to try to do two votes, one on the senate bill
11:38 am
and one on the plan b bill and all of that had to be scrapped and here's part of strategically may be happening here. clearly boehner understands that he is in a much more weakened position than he may have even previously recognized. so it sounded to me like part of what the president was putting out there was maybe, we can just get the patch done and something to get us over the hump of the december 31st, january 1st deadline and perhaps they'll try to kick some things down the road to the new congress when the numbers will be a little bit, slightly better for john boehner, but the other person in all of this who comes out with a much stronger hand in addition to president obama is leader nancy pelosi because clearly, anything and this has been true for most of john boehner's tenure. anything that will get past is going to require some democratic votes and that strengthens democrats' hands and some of those republicans coming who may think that compromise is a dirty word. it may be easier to keep them on the side lines and still get some things done. >> some say what a contrasted
11:39 am
leadership and you look at leader pelosi and she was tiebl get her caucus and not one to potentially jump lines and the difficulty speaker boehner has had so far. here's part of speaker boehner's statement that was made after that vote did not happen. he said the house did not take up the tax measure because it did not have sufficient support for the members to pass and now it is up for the president to work with senator reid to avert the fiscal cliff. he later said he wasn't giving up work on this, but is he really saying i'm throwing up my hands here and it is up to the democrats to work with this and i'll with them for a bill with a portion of my own caucus. is that what he's saying? he tried. no question about it that he tried. the obvious dilemma here is he tried to put up a bill and his caucus did not obviously pass it. what he's done here is he's clearly put the ball with the president and leader reid's court here, and to pass something not just with their
11:40 am
own partisan support and a little bit of the republican support and in a strange way, and i don't think speaker boehner meant to do this, but he put the ball in the president's court which i don't think the president wanted to do that, but he owns part of this. >> here is part of the problem. >> we're seeing the collapse in any effectiveness of the republican party when it comes to congress. you just lost the presidential election with a pretty definitive victory for the president and the majority of americans and even those who didn't vote for him agree with his approach on the economy and then you have the republican speaker, can't get his own people to support him and basically what it looks like is the republicans throwing up their hands and advocating their responsibility and the way the constitution is set up the congress does have a role to play here and essentially you have republicans saying mr. president, it's all on you and you just have to go home for christmas. i have to believe that at a time when you have 51% approval rating for the republican party, that does not help the brand of the republican party in trying to make an argument for
11:41 am
effective, competent leadership going forward. >> as i was mentioning on the lead-up to the conversation here. 25 gop seats and they're being replaced and when you look at the 113th here, robert, will this be a better environment for speaker boehner? there are these new members that are about to go to washington in january and they're watching the table being set and how both sides are plague off each other. what's your opinion come january? >> absolutely. the political environment will be much easier and here's why. you don't have a bombastic tea party leader, if you will, and adam west from florida and jim demint and you'll see a lot of new members coming in looking back at congress and saying, i don't even want any parts of that so moving forward i want to be able to move with the other side of the aisle to move pieces of legislation forward. look, 99.9% of what karen said i agree with, but the other 1%
11:42 am
here and this is a strange situation to be in, is that a lot of republicans, god bless them, quite frankly, are not willing to give up on their principles and, you know, again, when you're a federal legislator here i admire that, but in order to move things across the ball here you have to be able to compromise here and you have to give up something here and i think in the 113th congress you'll see more compromise. >> part of the problem is some of the principles are that there are people who simply do not believe in government. so for them, gumming everything up is part of following their principles. >> better than the 113th or not? >> yes. better. better. more democrats, so, of course, better. >> karen, i expect nothing less from you. >> the man speaking now for the 99%. i appreciate your time, too. now that it's official and president obama has nominated john kerr ty to head up the sta department, we'll talk to bill richardson. stick around for that. >> the horrific shooting in
11:43 am
newtown, connecticut, has prompted many to respond with activism including moms who will gather a million other like them and march on washington. one of them joins us next. new prilosec otc wildberry
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like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. were held today for victims of the newtown shooting. ana grace marquez greene were laid to rest in connecticut. emilie parker was burr ed in utah where she lived before moving to newtown. these pkt ushs are from josephine's service in newtown. she just turned 7 days before the shooting. gun control advocates say they're outraged by the nra's first statement since the shooting. its executive vice president blamed the media and violent video games for violence in our society. the social media campaign called
11:47 am
1 million moms for gun control. >> thank you for having me. >> you're a victim of gun violence, unfortunately. you were wounded in a robbery 13 years ago. when you heard what the solutions are coming from the nra and the sentiment. what was your reaction? >> i, like many mothers, was deeply disappointed by their response. i felt that they offered no reasonable solution whatsoever to this epidemic. we feel like there needs to be regulation. his suggestion seems to be that there are more guns and to us, this is not the answer. >> his suggestion was that if you had school administrators, officials, those who worked there who were able to have handgun, to be able to arm themselves, it would be a safer environment. that's what he's saying. >> i disagree strongly with this. in many cases when people have guns to protect themselves, oftentimes guns are used mistakenly by children.
11:48 am
they get into the wrong hands. i think it's a terrible idea and i don't think that our schools need to feel like prisons. >> one of your solutions here is to gather a million moms is to go to washington, d.c., next year. what do you think that will affect? >> we are hoping to make some real change. we are planning events also for january 3rd when congress reconvenes to have a web presence then. we are hoping to reinstate the ban on assault weapons. we also want to limit the amount of ammunition that people can purchase and we need to close the loopholes at gun shows. when you think about this, right now there's a lot of interest. there's a lot of energy and a lot of political will, but as the new year goes and as things pass and we have to think back to previous shootings, sometimes that wanes. are you concerned at all about this? >> none whatsoever. we have gotten support from all over the world and these women
11:49 am
are strong and they are smart and they are going to make change. we are going to represent ourselveses with a calm and intelligent voice and we are going to get change. >> one of the solutions and we were covering this last week, one of the ideas and these are often difficult to talk about. bulletproof backpacks. is it at that level right now? you being a mother must be strange to consider such a situation. >> i can't imagine anything like that happening. if there were anything that were required of my children to wear a bulletproof backpack i think i would leave. i would move to another country. that -- that would rob me of my freedom. >> are you hopeful? do you feel that this is different this time around that something will get done? >> absolutely. i am -- i am 100% positive that we will get this change in place. >> kim russell, thank you for your time from the brooklyn chapter of one million moms. appreciate it so much. for gun control. >> thanks for having me. 51% of those in congress
11:50 am
have gotten funding from the nra at some point in the in their career. can we see a change in gun culture? nnouncer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. at the doctor's office when they weigh you, and they have to move it over? my doctor does not have to do that anymore. [ male announcer ] for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. feels great. simple. effective. take that, 50 pound thingy. let's fight fat with alli.
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11:53 am
i'm back. welcome back, rather. police are investigating a deadly shooting at an alabama nightclub. police say a gunman opened fire late last night at the club in hoover killing a 19-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman. they believe the shooter knew the victims. there's no word on a motive there yet. that's just the latest example of gun violence in the country. as mentioned earlier, three more children victims of the newtown shooting are being buried today. meanwhile, we're learning more about the shooter. the a.p. reporting that adam lanza rarely spoke and spent most of his time in the basement of his mom's home. joining me again here's washington burr owe chief of "the chicago sun-times" thanks for coming back. lynn, we had heard from the nra not for a week before yesterday
11:54 am
and in fact, this is what wayne lapierre from the nra said in his call to action from yesterday. take a listen to this. >> i call on congress today to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation and to do it now to make sure that blanket safety is in place when our kids return to school in january. >> lynn, you wrote about his speech during that news conference and you call his performance, you were very clear in saying, quote, it was cringe worthy. basically saying he was tone deaf. what were you expecting here? >> well, i expected that they said that they would have a meaningful suggestion to come forth on friday and even if you
11:55 am
take seriously and no, you know, there's no -- nothing wrong with discussing if schools need beefed-up security and knowing that there's such a debate over the fiscal cliff did wayne lapierre think that with the few days left in congress they could get a report that no one would know what it would cost? it's mind-boggling. so i think if you're going to suggest something, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to have something that could happen rather than not happen. so school guards, he mentioned a lot of things mp media violence, video games, everything, but the gun component and that was such an omission that it made even somebody. this is not about the second amendment. this is about finding some practical solutions and he didn't seem to offer any of them. >> the gun component was brought up and his suggestion was to arm the schools and senator dianne
11:56 am
feinstein quick to criticize and they had a news conference to respond to the nra and i read from the police report from 1999 and she was noting that at columbine there were two armed guards that could not stop the killers. let's listen to that, and then, mark, i want to get your response to that. >> there were two armed law enforcement officers who twice engaged the shooters at columbine. that didn't prevent 15 from being killed and 23 wounded. >> mark, you know, the nra, we all know here in this conversation. it's been so powerful for so many years, in another day and age, lawmakers and the public might have listened to what he said yesterday, but this is now. what is different here in terms of his call for arming schools? will even be listened to? >> richard, normally the pr 101 is a group that seems to be under siege and of course, the nra was attracting a lot of
11:57 am
negative attention and you typically make a concession or two, even if it's a fig leaf, just to be able to strike the right tone and make sure you're not on the wrong side of public opinion and on the wrong side whof holds the higher ground. you were just interviewing a woman who was a survivor of gun violence before the break and right now, particularly after the tragedy that we saw in connecticut, those people were occupying the high ground in this debate and it is going to be interesting how wayne lapierre answers the type of question that you had feinstein and richard blumenthal just raised the press conference and i'm interested to see his response to the question that they raised about the flaw that you do have and you've had cases of violence when you've had armed people in these schools before. >> all right. the conversation is so important that you're talking about meet the press tomorrow and mark murray, lynn sweep. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next, we've been talking about the nra proposal to arm the police officers inside the nation's schools. does what does the mayor of one of the largest's cities think?
11:58 am
the new man at foggy bottom and john kerry ready to take the leap from senator to secretary. secretary of state.
11:59 am