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tv   Inside the Mind  MSNBC  December 24, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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joran van der sloot. >> there's two major traits that describe him. one is narcissism. tremendous feeling of self-centeredness. egotistical. arrogance. >> he was the sun, and everyone else was the moon and stars that revolved around him. >> there's also another element of psychopathy. the individual functions like a psychological machine. they're devoid of human emotion. >> this is somebody who has a very sick mind. >> the young dutchman has been surrounded in suspicion ever since the disappearance of american teenager natalee holloway in aruba on may 30th, 2005. >> he was forever labeled the guy in the natalee holloway case. >> five years later, to the day, another young woman, stephany flores, goes missing. she is then found brutally murdered. the last person seen with her, joran van der sloot. >> he was in the room when she died. >> just who is joran van der
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sloot? where was he in the five missing years between natalie and stephany? why does trouble seem to follow him? joran van der sloot, under the microscope. >> van der sloot's most recent set of problems stem from the events of may 30th, 2010, five years to the day after natalee holloway disappeared. the location? the atlantic city casino in lima, peru. amid the din of music and the well-heeled crowd, to the black lights and the blackjack tables and the slot machines, there he was captured on video. twice arrested, never charged, joran van der sloot was the chief suspect in the natalee holloway case. the poker-playing, self-style playboy with the notorious past sauntered into the casino and
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hit the tables. outside, in front of the casino's parking facility, another camera captured the image of a 21-year-old peruvian woman, stephany flores. a college student and avid poker player. in the final hours of her life. from there, she entered the casino, where yet another camera captured a fateful moment, stephany sitting down with joran van der sloot. they played together about two hours and then another camera shows stephany flores' cashing out. later, as night turned to day, they left for van der sloot's $40 a night room at the hotel tac. the hotel's surveillance camera picks up van der sloot getting his key at the front desk. behind him is flores, head bowed. 5:33 sunday morning, they proceed upstairs and enter room 309.
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8:36 a.m., van der sloot now wearing a different shirt is locked out of his room and has apparently called a hotel employee to let him back in. 20 minutes later, he's seen leaving by himself with a backpack. the tv is blaring and van der sloot has report lead told the front desk, "don't disturb my girl." and apparently the staff didn't for at least two more days. former new york city special prosecutor linda fahrensteen has more than 30 years of experience evaluating the behavior of criminal suspects. >> how do you kill a young woman in a hotel room in peru and walk out, past cameras, this time we have video cameras where he walks out with his own luggage as cooly and as clinically as though he's just going to get the bus. >> forensic college dr. louis b. schlesinger has never treated van der sloot, but he has evaluated and treated hundreds of patients with what seems to
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be seemingly similar personality traits and disorders. >> about 60 years ago, they coined the term psychopathy being the mask of sanity. the disturbance internally is profound because the individual functions like a psychobiologic machine. they're devoid of human motion. >> but it's this frightening ability to detach one's self from human emotion that many have come to expect from joran van der sloot. after all, it's how he is said to have acted five years earlier after natalee holloway disappeared. >> even if he was innocent, he has no compassion for a mother's daughter who is missing. he had no compassion for anyone, even the tourists visiting the eye law and. >> in peru, as van der sloot leaves his hotel room, he doesn't appear the least bit concerned, even though we now
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know stephany's body was in his hotel room. >> it's not accepting any of the responsibilities. it's leaving. it's leaving her broken body there and that body was terribly mutilated almost, if you will. and he walked out, leaving her in that room, even though it was linked to him by name. it was his -- he was registered there. he'd paid for it. so it was inevitable that this would get tracked from him. >> within hours of the may 2010 disappearance of stephany flores in lima, peru, the flores family who are prominent in peruvian society, reported their daughter missing to the police. using surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts, police determine that the 21-year-old gambling officianado met up with joran van der sloot in a lima casino and then went to his hotel room. >> translator: he claims that they were playing up until the early morning hours of may 30th in that casino. and then he invited her to this room to show her a poker game on the internet. so the two of them went to the hotel tac.
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this is duly documented in the videos. >> a security camera shows joran entering and later leaving. the video footage of stephany the video footage of stephany shows her entering, but never leaving. early wednesday, someone from a casino called the hotel tac. peruvian investigative reporter rose vailleos picks up the story from there. so somebody from the casino, an employee, presumably calls, looking for joran van der sloot. >> yes, yes. says, hi, how are you? i want to talk to van der sloot. he's in the room 309, but nobody was in the room. >> so she goes upstairs? >> yes. and calls that stephany has died. >> is dead? >> yeah. >> since stephany was found in van der sloot's room and she'd
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been seen on video with him, interpol quickly issued an arrest warrant, but van der sloot was long gone. an international manhunt was on. van der sloot had hit the road and was sighted at the chilean border. on thursday, june 3rd, while traveling in a taxi outside of santiago, van der sloot was captured by chilean police, although in a september 2010 jailhouse interview, he told a different version of events. in his alleged confession, van der sloot told police, he and stephany flores had come to his hotel room to play poker on his laptop and things quickly went downhill after he says he checked his e-mail with stephany watching and found an insulting message linking him to the natalee holloway case. there was a confrontation, van der sloot claims stephany hit him first and then he hit back with fury. >> translator: he says with his elbow, i hit her in the nose. it is a sensitive part and brought about bleeding in the victim. he wasn't happy with that so he started to choke her. put his hands on her neck on the back of her head and started to choke her and shake her. and he noticed that the girl was still breathing. she still had signs of life.
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and with his shirt, he covered her face in order to choke her. obviously, the girl was still bleeding. those circumstances, according to what he said, and in that way, he victimized stephany flores. >> just when peruvian authorities were sure they had their guy, van der sloot took it all back, claiming that he was coerced and misled into signing the confession. in june 2010, a peruvian judge denied van der sloot's motion to void the confession. peru's national police maintained that it was done by the book in the presence of a translator from the dutch consulate. >> translator: and they can attest to the fact that the foreign citizen testified spontaneously. as i said, that the evidence was so overwhelming that they
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may 2005, natalee holloway and a group of friends from alabama are on a high school graduation trip to aruba. at the casino inside their hotel, they strike up a conversation with a 17-year-old local, a dutch ex-patriot named van der sloot who lives on the island with his well-to do family. >> i met him in the casino and i
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didn't shake his hand or anything, and i just said, who is that? one of my friends introduced me. >> what did you make of him? >> he just looked like an average, normal high school guy. i mean i remember he was really tall. i remember looking at him thinking, oh, who's that guy? you know he's hanging out with my friends. >> did he create any suspicions? >> not really. i just was curious to see who the boy was. i didn't -- i wasn't really suspicious. i knew that he would come out with his later. >> van der sloot fit in easily with the 100-plus kids from mountain brook, appearing to blend in socially is a skill that comes in easily to psychopaths and some have suggested that van der sloot's alleged behavior resembles that of a psychopath. >> as ironic as it may sound that the psychopath has no bonding to another person, many individuals bond themselves to the psychopath. so it's not at all uncommon for a psychopath to have an entourage or to have hangers zahn. they tend to be somewhat
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charismatic, somewhat likable in many respects. and other people become attracted to them. but internally, the psychopath really doesn't connect in a human way. >> the next morning, monday, the group was scheduled to catch a flight taking them all home at the holiday inn no one had seen natalee. >> so i'm boarding my plane with one of our friends, francis, comes running throughout the airport, grabs me as i'm getting on my plane and says natalee is not coming home. we can't find her. and i say, beth is going to be so mad. because my initial reaction is she's overslept, where is she? you know, it wasn't panic. >> but as the plane pulled away from the gate, panic did begin to set in. what was it like to be on that plane and have it take off from that island without natalee on board? >> it felt like i was leaving something behind. it was just a horrifying feeling, knowing that she was supposed to be there and she wasn't. >> back in the united states,
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beth holloway got the ominous message, her daughter had not shown up in the hotel lobby to go to the airport. >> i knew instantly when i received that call that -- just from natalee's history and character and just her record, i knew instantly that she'd either been kidnapped or murdered. there was no hesitation, absolutely none. >> back at his home in mississippi, natalee's father, dave, also got the frightening news. this is not a young woman who missed airplane flights? >> right. and it hit me and a grown man don't usually cry, but i knew, this is bad. i knew then that i was going to have to go to aruba to find her. >> within 12 hours, beth holloway was on the ground in aruba, joined by a few friends from home. dave holloway was not far behind. the group wasted no time tracking down clues about what had happened to natalee. their first stop, the holiday inn where natalee had stayed.
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there, they began asking questions about that young man named joran, the same young man who'd been seen with natalee. >> i gave this little bit of information to the nighttime manager and she knew instantly who he was. >> and who was he? >> she said, oh, that's joran van der sloot and he liked to prey on young female tourists. and i said, dear god, he got one. >> we knew with bed in that very first night in aruba that it was him. and i've never let that go. i mean, we're sitting there, all of us girls saying we know it's him. you've got to get him. and this is less than 24 hours? and when you know -- you know, you just follow your heart in this and your instincts. >> the group from alabama soon arrived at van der sloot's home, while beth sat in the car, her friends grilled joran, pressing for details about what had happened after he and natalee had left the bar. >> the words that he uses are
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sexually explicit and graphically detailed of what he is engaging in, the conduct he's engaging in with natalee in the backseat of the car. >> and if i'm one of these guys -- >> oh yeah. >> -- that's going to be enough to make me come unhinged. >> yeah, that was -- >> i mean grab him by the -- >> you got it. >> by now, police also arrived at the house. joran's father and a politically connected lawyer hovered as police questioned his son. beth's brother, paul reynolds, recalls joran's reaction. >> when my sister met joran, he was defiant, he was arrogant, he was beating on his chest. he said, do you think i know something? why do you think that i know something? who do you think you are? >> and when it came to the key question, when did joran last see natalee, he said that he and two friends, brothers deepak and satish kalpoe, had dropped her off at the hotel around 2:00 a.m. end of story. >> he was very adamant about,
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you know, that he did the right thing, that he took her back -- you know, he wanted to show us where he last left her. so we all loaded up in the car. >> here at the holiday inn, joran himself showed beth and the rest of the group where he supposedly left natalee, here at the hotel's front entrance. >> so he spread his arms out, said this is where i dropped her off. and he explained how she got out of the car and she stumbled and he said that she fell and she hit her head. >> when you're really not involved and when you really didn't know what happened to her, then why should you lie? and then you could easily say, i don't know what happened to her, and maybe she will show up. but he already knew that she will never show up. >> meanwhile, joran van der sloot's story kept changing, which will become his m.o. in the coming years. ten days after natalee was last seen, van der sloot was arrested along with the kalpoe brothers. beth thought the case was closed. >> there's not a chance in hell
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that they will see -- >> the light of day. >> huh-uh. no. >> but she was wrong. three months after their arrests, first the kalpoe brothers and then joran van der sloot were released. no charges were filed. joran was a free man. it was five years to the day after natalee's disappearance that stephany flores went missing in peru. but the second case had something the first one didn't -- evidence, including surveillance tapes, and more importantly, a body. >> i'm convinced that joran van der sloot knows perfectly well what happened to natalee holloway. she died in his appearance, no doubt about that. and he disposed of the body. and he knows exactly where she is, where she was, what happened. and the same thing with stephany flores. he was in the room when she died.
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a psychological evaluation conducted at miguel castro castro prison in peru revealed disturbing traits. >> a psychological evaluation of van der sloot is very brief, but very little to disagree w the psychologist who did it found that he was anti-social and that he is easily set offer in his own desires and wishes are
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frustrated in some way. and i think that summarizes a great deal about van der sloot's psychology. there's two major traits that describe him. one is narcissism. tremendous feeling of self-centeredness, egotistical, arrogance. and there's also another element of psychopathy, the disturbance internally is profound because the individual functions like a they're devoid of emotion. and yet when you interact with the person, they're very friendly, they relate well. >> dutch crime reporter and author tse tse vanderflee. >> he's a guy without emotions, without remorse. he knows what's happened with natalee holloway, you know, but he's not flinching. >> the most extreme examples of psychopathic behavior can be seen in people like serial killer ted bundy, who confessed to more than 30 murders before he was executed by the state of florida in 1989.
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like van de sloot, bundy was good looking, charismatic, charming, but underneath, he harbored deep secrets and a dark troubled past. a dutch journalist interviewed nita van der sloot after 2010 arrest and says she doesn't understand what went wrong. >> anita said, i don't understand. i have three kids. i give them the same upbringing and only joran is -- yeah, is -- what he is now. my other two sons are doing well. she said but our -- she said, is it our fault? she doesn't understand why he's so crazy at this moment.
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>> after holloway's 2005 disappearance, prime suspect joran van der sloot traveled the globe, jet-setting from one exotic location to another while basking in the media spotlight granting interviews and even writing an autobiography. >> he was living an easy life. he was gambling, playing poker. dating with women. >> dutch crime reporter peter r. devries has devoted the last few years to investigating the disappearance of natalee holloway and tracking joran van der sloot. >> the reason that joran started to give interviews and write a book, in my opinion, he somehow enjoys all the attention. and it makes him feel superior to all other people. >> but if van der sloot was reveling in his infamy, it seemed to blow up in his face in a hidden camera sting in the netherlands. >> by 2007, devries believed that van der sloot was responsible for natalee holloway's disappearance but could not find a smoking gun, until the day he was approached by a 34-year-old gambler named
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patrick vanderem who had a high-stakes' gameplan. >> he contacted me and said, well, i'm very close with joran van der sloot and i think that i might get a confession from him. i noticed that they were really friends. from that moment on i started to think about a hidden camera operation. >> the sting was on. devries had a team of technicians outfit a range rover. >> the car was loaded with electronic equipment with mics and cameras. we had several backups in the car as well, because you only have one chance to get a confession. >> vanderem picked up joran van der sloot and the two began talking. the conversation quickly shifted to natalee and the investigation. >> when you are in a car with another person, you feel safe. there's nobody else there. and when you tell somebody
1:29 pm
something or you do a confession, you can always deny it afterwards. unless the car is completely equipped with mics and cameras. >> joran went on to describe the moment dutch police arrived to arrest him in 2005. >> on another car trip, with joran smoking marijuana, vanderem rolled the dice. >> but just as devries and vanderem were making progress, joran van der sloot was arrested again in the natalee holloway case. >> we thought, well, it is over. >> but joran was not charged. only weeks later, van der sloot was released from prison in aruba and returned to the
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netherlands, allowing devries to reignite his sting operation. >> he said, well, they had nothing and i kept silent and i was only smiling at them. and he was very, very arrogant. coming up -- the devries sting continues and joran van der sloot describes what he says happened in the last moments of natalee holloway's life.
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hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. here is what is happening. a massive christmas storm could produce storms across the south. two firefighters are dead, two others being treated after they were shot while responding to a fire in upstate new york this morning. the christmas eve fire burned four homes. officials telling nbc news the shooter is also dead. more news coming up later. now we send you back to msnbc's documystery.
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in early 2008, not knowing he was being filmed in an undercover sting operation by journalist peter devries, joran van der sloot started to detail what he says happened to natalee holloway on an aruban beach that fateful night in 2005. at first, van der sloot claimed he simply left natalee on the beach and went home. but after several more hours in the car, vanderem cut to the chase.
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>> when we were looking at it and then wow, wow, he's confessing. did you hear that? and wow, we were all very excited, of course. and after that, when he said the first thing, well, then it -- it was a snowball. >> joran never said, my father was involved. he denied it. but he said other things. he said to patrick vanderem that he was helped that night by a guy who was much older than he was. and that he would never, never ever give the name of that person.
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>> in the darkness of night, van der sloot said he left natalee with his friend and headed home. >> patrick, of course, wanted to know who was that guy. and at that moment, patrick was a little bit too pushy. and he said, who was it, joran? tell me, who it was? you can trust me. and then we could see that joran was a little bit uncomfortable, because of the fact that patrick was pushy and didn't stop with it. then he said, well, it was lowrey. and we could see at that moment that he made it up. >> de vries didn't believe that van der sloot was being truthful about his friend's identity, but the sting continued on. continued to talk about his involvement with natalee.
1:37 pm
>> as the conversation continued, for the very first time, van der sloot described what he says happened in the last moments of natalee holloway's life. >> van der sloot claimed he picked up natalee and moved her then-motionless body away from the water. >> a few minutes later, she was lying dead in his arms. >> he said that he panicked at that moment. didn't know what to do. he was on the beach with a girl dying in his arms and he wanted to get rid of the body and he phoned somebody. >> as van der sloot continued to tell his story over the next few
1:38 pm
days, he said he helped load natalee onto his friend's boat. and in the darkness, they threw her overboard into the ocean waters just off of the coast of aruba. >> and at the end, he said, i'm relieved. i never told this to anyone and they shook hands. >> i have a lot to tell you. >> soon after van der sloot's alleged confession of being with natalee in the last moments of his life, peter r. de vries screened the video with natalee's mother, beth holloway. >> he got it all, every bit of it. that son of a bitch doesn't even care that -- oh, dear god, they don't even know if she was dead. it makes you wonder what path is he on? how many women could he do this to? this has to be it. this has to be it. you know, i guess enough was enough.
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when i think back on it, when i first got to the island of aruba, i couldn't look at the water. something just seemed so evil about the water. something seems so evil, so bad. and i didn't know why, but i know why now. i know why now. >> but later, van der sloot claimed that he had made up the whole story while he was stoned on marijuana. nevertheless, the holloway family expected charges to be filed against van der sloot. after the footage aired, aruban prosecutors did seem to arrest van der sloot but judges denied the request. van der sloot's former attorney in the natalee holloway case, joseph taka pena. >> the prosecution was looking to corroborate this story to see and each and every one of them was fairly simply disprovable. >> critics of the sting accused vanderem of tricking van der sloot into answering his
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questions a certain way. >> joran told his story and he told it several times and he was not leaded by patrick vanderem. it was his story and it was the truth. >> his globe-trotting high-life would come to a halt in february 2010 when his father, poulis, suddenly died. van der sloot says he was not only depressed, but felt responsible for his father's untimely death. >> his father had always paid for him. his father's not there. obviously that income is gone. his mother was not working. he was a little bit desperate. coming up -- joran van der sloot makes a shocking offer. >> i want to help natalee's
1:41 pm
family, put in a price for you know a quarter a million dollars -- >> for a quarter million dollars? >> for a quarter million dollars, i'll tell you what happened to natalee. no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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in the spring of 2010, with growing money troubles, his father dead and a life spiraling downward, joran van der sloot made a bold move. he contacted john q. kelly, the attorney representing the holloway family. >> i got the first e-mail from van der sloot on march 30th. he said he wanted to discuss something with me and i basically said, tell me what you want. >> what went through your mind? what did you think he wanted? >> i had no idea. i was more than amenable to talking to him or hearing what he had to say, just because, you
1:45 pm
know, i was still committed to finding with what happened to natalee. and so any chance that i had to open a door, i was willing to do it. >> kelly says van der sloot quickly raised the stakes. >> give me a sense for the e-mail communications that ensued. >> it was about money. it was, you know, i want to come clean. my father's dead now. i have nothing to hide. i want to help natalee's family, but at a price. you know, for a quarter million dollars -- >> a quarter million dollars? >> a quarter million dollars, i will tell you what happened to natalee, where she is now, so you can help beth bring her home. but after all the heartache and grief, after all the stories he
1:46 pm
had told, can van der sloot be believed? kelly says he immediately went to beth holloway with the offer. how hopeful was beth that this might develop into some sort of closure? >> she's always been hopeful. i mean, she can't be anything but hopeful as i mother. >> according to kelly, with beth holloway's blessing, he traveled to aruba to meet with van der sloot, who was expected to receive a down payment of $25,000. for kelly, it was a test run to see if van der sloot was for real. kelly didn't actually have the money. and what did he tell you during that meeting? >> he alluded to where natalee's body was and how she had died and you know, i asked him, well, what if i don't pay you the $25 grand? and he said, beth can wait another five years. >> another five years? >> yep, he was well aware of the five-year anniversary coming up and was sort of -- it was almost like he had a clock ticking with him. >> describe his demeanor during this initial interview. >> he was -- he was agitated, nervous, and desperate at that time.
1:47 pm
>> in van der sloot's september 2010 interview, he admitted to meeting with kelly but disputed the way that the deal was arranged. >> but after returning to the u.s., kelly and beth holloway went to the fbi and the feds agreed to work with them on a sting operation. kelly would set up another meeting with van der sloot in aruba, and this time bring $10,000 cash from beth. she would wire an additional $15,000 to van der sloot's netherlands bank account. if van der sloot took the bait, they might be able to charge him with a crime. >> if he took the money and he took a wire transfer with false information, which he'd always done in the past. >> wire fraud. it's wire fraud. and if for some reason, he took the money and his information was true, the aruban authorities pick him up on the murder charge. >> according to kelly, the fbi sent an advanced team to aruba to coordinate with aruban authorities and set up for the sting, outfitting a hotel room and rental car with hidden cameras and microphones. how did you think this was going to play out?
1:48 pm
>> i wasn't sure. i was just holding my breath the whole way, every step of the way. >> after a mostly sleepless night, kelly arrived in aruba with fbi agents monitoring, kelly returned to the marriott hotel, where he says van der sloot met him. >> what does he say first? >> how are you doing. he's covered with sweat. he apparently walked from his house to get there. and you know, just told him have a seat, gave him a diet coke. we split a three muskeeteer. but at the very beginning, i showed him the $10,000 cash. >> he knew that you had the cash. >> and he was, like, give meet money now and i was like no you're not getting the money now. >> and what did he have to do to convince you to hand over the $10,000? >> to take the wire transfer and sign the documents i had there too. >> strangely enough, kelly says van der sloot had insisted kelly draw up a document for both beth holloway and van der sloot to sign. and what did those documents say? >> that he would take me exactly to where natalee's body was and tell me how she died.
1:49 pm
and once i had confirmed that, he'd get the other $225,000. >> with the documents signed, kelly says he handed over the cash and confirmed the wire transfer. then kelly says they got into the rental car that had been wired by the fbi and drove to the site where van der sloot claimed natalee's body had been buried. and precisely where did he say natalee's remains were? >> he pointed to a specific room on a house right by the aruba racquet club. you know, the foundation hadn't gone in yet. >> so the story was that there was a house being constructed, the foundation was about to be built or poured? >> right. >> and he put natalee's remains in there and the house was built around it? >> correct. >> and then kelly says they got back into the car and that's when van der sloot told him how he says how natalee died. >> this was the first time that he admitted being personally responsible for physically causing her death. >> according to kelly, van der sloot claimed that he and
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natalee were at the beach, and when he wanted to leave, natalee tried to stop him. >> he got angry and actually threw her. he actually made the gesture in the car on video, showing me how he threw her in anger because she wouldn't leave at that point. and according to him, she hit the back of her head, lots of blood and she was dead. >> did you think at the time that he was telling the truth? >> no. >> but kelly says he played along, and van der sloot told him he hid the body on the beach with the help of his father, who the following day buried the body. he implicated his own father in the disposal of the body? >> along with himself, yeah. >> why wasn't he arrested on the spot? >> that i don't know. >> aruban authorities determined that van der sloot's story could not be true because the house he pointed out was not under construction at the time natalee disappeared. in the meantime, kelly had no way of knowing that after the
1:51 pm
handover of $25,000, joran van der sloot would leave aruba and find his way to peru, setting the stage for a fateful encounter with stephany flores. coming up -- what happened next would bring new anguish to natalee's mom. >> it's probably the most horrific, unanticipated nightmarish ending for beth that you could ever imagine. [ nyquil bottle ] you know i relieve coughs, sneezing, fevers... [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal congestion. [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion. yeah...i heard him. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't.
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working with the fbi and aruban authorities, kelly and
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holloway hope that van der sloot would be arrested, if not for allegedly implicating himself in natalee's death, then at the very least for extortion or wire fraud but van der sloot was not arrested. after kelly left aruba, he says van der sloot continued to e-mail him. >> he was telling me how he was first thinking of turning himself into police and then he needed more time and i was pretending like i believed all of this just to keep a line of communication open. >> kiley assumed that van der sloot was still in aruba, he wasn't. just days after you give him $25,000, he goes to peru. >> correct. >> then on may 30th, 2010, exactly five years to the day after natalee holloway's disappearance, stephany flores' lifeless body was found in joran van der sloot's hotel room in lima, peru. >> i was dumbfounded. >> did you have to break the news to natalee's mother about, about the death of this woman in lima, peru? >> yes. >> what did she say? >> she you know just stunned. just how could this happen? >> according to kelly, for beth holloway, the thought that her money may have facilitated van der sloot's travel plans was almost too much to bear.
1:56 pm
>> it's probably the most horrific, unanticipated nightmarish ending for beth that you could ever imagine. her money may have financed his trip to peru. she's just really upset. everything was just like an instant replay of what had happened five years ago. >> deja vu? >> deja vu. >> in the aftermath of van der sloot's alleged crime in peru, the u.s. attorney's office in birmingham, alabama, charged van der sloot with extortion and wire fraud. >> this morning, my office obtained an arrest warrant for joran van der sloot. >> the fbi received scathing criticism for not arresting van der sloot immediately after the sting operation. in a joint statement with the u.s. attorney's office in birmingham, alabama, the bureau said the case was not sufficiently developed to bring charges prior to the time van der sloot left aruba. >> aruba has a history of arresting or releasing this guy already and he slipped through
1:57 pm
their hands. so, i think, like the fbi, let's take our time, let's build a good case. i don't think that there is any way anyone could have predicted that with a few dollars in his hand, he would go to peru and commit this crime. >> on june 11th, 2010, joran van der sloot was officially charged with first-degree murder and robbery in the killing of stephany flores. the peruvian judge said the suspect acted with ferocity and great cruelty. dave holloway's aruban attorney is highly skeptical about any information from van der sloot. >> he said so much and so much has been said and that's what he's been playing with and toying with all along. shortly after joran van der sloot was imprisoned in peru charged with murder and robbery, a dutch journalist, a crime reporter for more than 20 years, traveled to aruba to meet with joran's mother. anita van der sloot agreed to
1:58 pm
the interview, hoping to shed light on what might have gone so terribly wrong with her son. >> she was angry with joran. she said, we gave him a lot of trust. and now in this situation, we must say we gave him too much trust. >> according to the reporter, anita confirmed joran's claim that he was to receive mental health treatment in holland for depression. >> she said we had contact with some doctors. and they said it's better that joran goes back to the netherlands, goes to a clinic because of his mental situation. >> for joran, anita says she can cry no more. >> she still loves her son and i think deep down, she still wants to believe that he had nothing to do and he's wrongly accused
1:59 pm
of in peru. she wants to believe that. but she is disappointed in the things he's done to put him in the position he's in. he has really pushed her to the limit. >> those following the case for years wonder if clues about the holloway case will ever come out. >> maybe needs some more pressure. maybe when he knows that he has to stay a very long time in prison that he tells something. >> joran is always calculating. so when they can give him the impression that it's in this position better to talk, maybe he will. >> it will just go on and on and on. he is never gonna tell you what happened. he just won't. >> two families linked by sadness and unimaginable tragedy. for the floreses, the devastating loss of their only daughter, once filled with hope and promise. hundreds of miles awake the holloways continue to pray for answers. >> i


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