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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 9, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PST

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stay tuned, "way too early" starts right now. during the first quarter of the game, the cameras found alabama quarterback a.j. mccarren's girlfriend in the stand, and brent musburger went nuts. >> now, when you're a quarterback of bm ma, you see that lovely lady there? that's a.j. mccarron's girlfriend. you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. >> that alabama game is the gift that keeps on gives. the real one, katherine webb, also selling newspapers now, on the cover of the "new york post." you want to see that? there she is right there.
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good morning. i'm brian shackman this is "way too early," the show that will not comment on your girl or boyfrien boyfriend. thank you for being up this wednesday, january 9th. new signs that the white house may be willing to withdraw nearly all troops from afghanistan by 2014. we'll explain what that means for our efforts there. also set your dvrs, we have a concrete date for the testimony of secretary of state hillary clinton on bengahzi. first a pair of state of the state addresses that are drawing national attention. in new york state, if governor andrew cuomo has his way, the state could be the first to push through sweeping new gun regulations. in today's state of the state address, cuomo suspected to outline one of the most comprehensive bans on assault weapons in the country. the governor who himself owns a
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shotgun said the state's current rest restrictions on guns and high capacity is like swiss cheese. cuomo also wants a thorough review of mental health records incorporated into background checks to buy weapons. he will also seek limits to magazine capacity. he stayed "conification could be an option" when it comes to certain types of guns. new york is one of several states with some sort of ban on assault weapons. the white house's own task force on regulation is pushing forward this week. tomorrow vice president joe biden meets face to face with some of those directly involved in the debate including representatives from the national rifle association as well as officials from the video game and entertainment industries. this comes as biden's team is putting the finishing touches on a package of gun reform
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recommendations to hand over to the president in the coming weeks. the nra called for armed guards in schools, you might recall, something president obama says he is skeptical about. former congresswoman gabe yell giffords is launching her own gun control campaign on the two-year anniversary of the mass shooting that nearly took her life. giffords and her husband mark kelly announced the americans for responsible solutions initiative. giffords and kelly, who also happen to be gun owners, say they hope to push back against the influence of the pro gun lobby. >> i bought a gun at walmart recently. i went through a background check. why can't we just make it more difficult for criminals to get guns. >> the nra would say to you they can get them illegally. >> i don't agree with you. the gun lobby opposes a gun purchaser being checked against the terrorist watch list.
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doesn't that seem like a commonsense thing? >> you have a gun. >> yes. >> gabby and i are both gun owners. we are strong supporters of the second amendment. >> it is the commonsense consensus you're going for? >> we are. i think most gun owners are in the same camp with us. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> good to see her up and talking and doing well. in political news, chris christie entering his re-election year calling on lawmakers in washington to quickly pass aid for hurricane sandy relief. he focused most of his state of the state yesterday on the storm that reshaped the jersey score line. he understood the delayed response in federal funding when compared to other disasters. >> we, as a state, have waited 72 days, seven times longer than the victims of hurricane katrina
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waited. one thing i hope everyone in america now clearly understands, new jersey, both republicans and democrats, will never stand silent when our citizens are being shortchanged. we have stood with the citizens of florida and alabama, mississippi and louisiana, iowa and vermont, california and missouri in their times of need, now i trust they will stand with us. >> christie also said washington could learn a thing or two from new jersey about the art of compromise. >> we've had our fights. we've stuck to our principles. but we have established a governing model for america, that shows that even with heart-felt beliefs, bipartisan compromise is possible, achievement is the result, and progress for our people is the payoff. maybe the folks in washington in both parties could learn something from our record here in new jersey. >> governor christie will join
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us live on set straight ahead on "morning joe." also we now have a likely date for secretary of state hillary clinton's testimony on the deadly attack on the american consulate in bengahzi. that, according to ranking republican in the senate foreign relations committee who tells andrea mitchell it will likely happen the day after president obama's inauguration. >> my sense is, andrea, that her hearing probably will take place the morning of the 22nd. i think they feel she's going to be healthy enough to come in that day. i actually sense, especially in talking to her chief just in the last few days, that she's anxious to want to come up and testify on bengahzi. and i think that's an important thing both for her, but obviously for our country. and very important to have happen before the kerry confirmation. i think it will happen that way. lindsey graham is
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threatening to delay the nomination of john brennan for cia director unless the white house releases more information about the bengahzi attack. senator graham claims the white house has repeatedly ignored his requests for information and calls the move "an unfortunate yet necessary step." last month an independent review found systemic failures in leadership at the state department. at least four department officials have been removed from their post as a result of that investigation. the only known suspect in connection with the september 11th consulate attack has been released by officials in tunisia due to lack of evidence. the u.s. preparing for a withdrawal from afghanistan by the end of 2014, the white house considering a plan that would leave no american troops behind, not even in supporting roles. that's according to a national security adviser in the administration. despite recommendations by general john allen for the u.s. to leave as many as 15,000 troops, this is the first
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suggestion that president obama could opt for a full withdrawal as he did in iraq in 2011. others in the administration are calling for a limited footprint, maybe as small as 2,500 troops. military officials say a force of that size would not be able to prevent a collapse of the fragile afghan state. afghan president hamid karzai scheduled to meet with president obama on friday to discuss exactly this, the u.s. role in afghanistan beyond 2014. now to business where the 787 dreamliner is turning into a bit of a night may for boeing as the airplanes are under investigation after back-to-back days of problems in boston. yesterday one of the jets spilled about 40 gallons of fuel on the runway at logan international airport. that's one day after an electrical fire caused by an exploding battery grounded a different dreamliner plane, also at logan airport. for more on boeing's troubles,
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let's go to jeff cutmoore in london. >> reporter: good morning to you. i suppose the good news here is ana has orders for 45 more jets, and they said we will to the change our orders. clearly this is a headache for boeing, because they have been beset by a slew of problems with the technicals on this wide-bodied jet. there are a whole bunch of other companies lined up here to take them, virgin airways, british airways, they will want to see some of these technical problems sorted out before they get delivery. worth pointing out the stock down over 4% over the last couple of trading days as a result of these concerns. >> we wonder if there will be cancellations because boeing doesn't collect their money until they deliver the planes. apple charges a premium for their product, always had pricing power, now there's talk out of the "wall street journal"
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they might offer a low-end phone. will that be in the u.s. or overseas? >> this is the "wall street journal" running on this story. it's not getting a lot of comment out of apple unsurprisingly. could it be a plastic iphone in the works instead of the body of the past? it would bring down the price, but would it still have that curb appeal that people want when they buy an apple product? back to you. >> geoff, thank you very much. have a great day. as always we want to know why are you awake? we're glad you are. shoot us an e-mail, "way too early" at or tweet me @bschactman. still ahead, the game is over, but the spotlight remains on the star of the alabama/notre dame bcs championship game. i'm talking about quarterback a.j. mccarron's girlfriend, a.j. webb. we will find out an update about
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right off. >> that was your snowman? >> yeah, it melted. he leans, leans, boom. >> you have to do the whole family, put the whole family together. >> we only did two. we'll do the other three next time. >> yesterday a timely announcement from the government that last year was the warmest ever recorded in the lower 48. we already knew that. it's timely that it's in the mid the of this january thaw. 51 as you're leaving the house in atlanta. 62 in new orleans. 40s in new york, a couple of cold spots, but overall another warm, balmy day. as far as the with the weather goes, soaking rains in texas. we need it, it helps with the drought situation, it won't cause too much in the way of severe weather or damage. just a soaking rain. louisiana, mississippi, tennessee, alabama and spreading into georgia. along with the warm air comes the rain and the clouds. we are getting drenched, so far two inches of rain from san
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antonio to dallas. that continues at this hour. that's where airport delays could be today. a picture perfect january day. chicago, detroit, ohio valley. more clouds today than yesterday. won't be that perfect blue sky. from new york to washington to boston, another great day out there. so let the good times keep rolling. >> thanks, bill. appreciate that. let's talk a little sports here, news from the nfl that will ratchet up the controversy for mike shanahan's decision to let robert given iii play hurt last weekend. a source says rg3 will have reconstructive surgery this morning to repair tears in his
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lcl and possibly his acl. he is expected to be ready for the 2013 regular season opener. yesterday dr. james andrews who was on the sideline during the game, tried to shed light on the decision to keep rg3 in the game. speaking to the "washington post," he explained coach shanahan looks at me and is, like, is he okay? i give him the high sign as in he's running around, so i guess he's okay. but i didn't check him out until after the game. it was just a communication problem. heat of battle. i didn't get to tell him that i didn't get to examine the knee. mike shanahan would have never put him out there at risk just to win a game. earlier in the week, andrews contradicted shanahan saying he had been examined. more from the nfl, rex ryan's twin brother, rob ryan, he's been fired as defensive
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coordinator of the cowboys. in keeping with the family tradition, he did not go quiet i will telling "i'll be out of work for five minutes. i enjoyed my time here, it's no hard feelings it doesn't matter if i coach here or not. i will find another spot, i'm too damn good." the jets have a vacancy at defensive coordinator setting up a beautiful opportunity to have both giant twins roaming the sideline next season. >> oh, no. i wonder if he'll cut the hair and shave the beard to look more like his bro. alabama head coach nick saban spent yesterday's post national championship news conference trying to convince reporters that he's not leaving tuscaloosa for the nfl. >> how many times you think i've been asked this question? how many times do you think i've been asked to put it to rest? and i put it to rest. this is where i belong. and i'm really happy and at
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peace with all that. so no matter how many times i say that, y'all don't believe it. so i don't even know why i keep talking about it. >> i believe him this time, but don't forget, he did the same news conference when he was the head coach of miami saying i will never coach at alabama. as coach of the dolphins, you might recall, he had a record of 15 wins, 17 losses. just to compare how he's done in college, 154-55-1. he is absolutely an amazing coach. and alabama quarterback a.j. mccarron's girlfriend is the most talked about of the title game. comments made by brent musburger during the game were the talk the following day on the web. she saw her twitter followers jump from 2,000 before the game to more than 200,000 by this morning.
2:50 am
when informed of his girlfriend's sudden rise in popularity, mccarron was a little bit unnerved. >> she got 100,000 twitter followers now. >> no way. >> she does. >> she went from 300 two weeks ago to 200,000. lebron james is following her now. >> say you swear. >> i swear, it's true. >> man. i'm going to tweet him, we'll get a follow. that's messed up. >> webb told the associated press yesterday she doesn't think her boyfriend minds all the attention she's been getting. that happened ten minutes into the game, mind you. it shows you how much the game was over by then. coming up on "morning joe," governor chris christie keeps up the pressure on congress. days after blasting his own party's leadership on capitol hill for delaying a vote on emergency aid following hurricane sandy. we will ask him about recovery
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we told you at the top of the show that president obama reportedly considering a plan that would leave no american soldiers in afghanistan when troops withdraw at end of 2014. the united states has spent quite a bit of money training
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the afghan army to take their own security lead. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends that according to "washington post" the united states has invested $50 billion training and equipping the afghan police and army. the cost to sustain the afghan army once the u.s. troops depart is projected at over $4 billion a year. enough of the real news, time to gather around the water cooler and talk late-night tv. a fixture in our culture since "the tonight show" began, now there's a new player in the game. jimmy kimmel goes head to head now with david letterman and jay leno. beginning last night, "jimmy kimmel live" was bumped to the 11:35 time spot by abc. nightline will begin an hour later in his opening monologue last night, kimmel explains how
2:55 am
the new time slot has improved his career. >> i used to be on at midnight. now we're on at 11:35. i'm now 25 minutes closer to my life-long dream to co-hosting "the view." i do not take this responsibility lightly, especially now with the kanye west and kim kardashian baby is on the way. this is the time i shine bright like a diamond. for those of you tuning in expecting to see "nightline" now, it's this is not it. night line is on after us. because this is not "nightline" that doesn't mean we will not talk about important subjects. did you know honey boo boo's mother was afraid of mayonnaise? >> anybody who knows me knows i'm terrified of mayonnaise. >> i think it's stupid your scared of mayonnaise. seriously. mayonnaise is white, it's mayonnaise. >> i don't see you eating it. >> because i'm a vegetarian. >> when did you become a damn
2:56 am
vegetarian? >> mayonnaise does not have meat in it. mayonnaise is not a meat. mayonnaise is something you -- >> okay. >> she's right. is it too late to call "nightline" and have them come back? >> that the the most of honey boo boo i've watched. turning to hollywood where a handful of movies are receiving new recognition today, even though they probably would rather avoid it. the picks for the worst accomplishments in film are out. also known as the razzies. among the nominees for worst picture of the year, "the twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2." and there's adam sandler's "that's my boy," "a thousand
2:57 am
words," "battleship". and we have clips to narrow down your choices. >> what did the irs say? >> you haven't paid taxes since '94. ♪ >> if i'm going to get up in there with you and spoon. >> they have clip-on frog earrings. >> oh. >> dude, don't wink at me. that's my mother. >> found my baby swimming in the toilet. >> no judging. >> we are the oogies. >> time for all of you kids to get out of your seats and join us. >> pregnancy sucks. making a human being is really hard. i have no control over my body or emotions. >> that's a ship. >> get on your gun. >> sir. >> i was born to be a vampire. >> so beautiful. we're the same temperature now. >> we better make sure he doesn't turn out to be the
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