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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  April 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you can photo shop that. >> i love it. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> "morning joe" time. >> now what do we have? >> chuck. >> have a great day, everybody. >> president obama takes his message on changing the nation's gun laws to colorado where the horror of last year's aurora massacre is very raw and very real. >> mark sanford is a step closer in his come back quest winning a run off and basking in the victory of a surprise supporter by itself side. fair warning. if you think it's too early to talk about 2016, you better get over it. every time joe biden and hillary clinton walk into the room, that's the only thing anybody
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talks about. what's what happened last night. good morning from washington, it's wednesday, april 3rd. a jack packed edition. which one of you opens on thursday. go to send it in. let's get right to the first read of the morning. with gun legislation stalled, president obama heads to denver to tell congress to act more like colorado. a state with a long tradition of gun rights that expanded background checks to all private gun sales and place restrictions on high capacity magazines. the president will speak before heading to san francisco for four fund-raisers tonight and tomorrow. just miles from the movie theater, the president will take his message to connecticut where families of the newtown shooting have been invited to join him.
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jay carney was peppered with questions about whether momentum for restrictions is stalled because the president has not been involved enough on this issue. i have a list of everything the president and vice presidency has done. january 19th, january 26th. january 28th. >> the truth is the fact that the president and vice president are pushing the gun issue is virtually the only reason guns have stayed in the news and in washington. let's noot lose sight that leaders on both sides would prefer this issue went away. in the past two years, two narratives surfaced. it will be difficult to pass any gun control legislation and two, that public opinion for new gun
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control is beginning to slip in the months after newtown. the first is definitely true. the second, not according to new member numbers from a "morning joe" poll. 6 in 10 americans believe laws should be stricter with gun sales. that is unchanged from the 61% who backed them when the journal poll asked the same question in february. what is not on the president's side is republican support. that's why getting congress to pass legislation will be a tall order. 83% of democrats and 55% of independents support the laws, but 37% of republicans say the same thing. the one measure that receives overwhelming bipartisan support is expanded background checks. 87% of americans support them for private gun sales and sales at gun shows. broken down by party, 94% of democrats and 81% of republicans favor that. that's why it's supporters's
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best chance to achieve any significant legislation. the republican dos not. the trip comes a day after a task force led by the former congressman released a 255-page report on school safety, calling for armed police officers, security guards or school personnel in every american school. >> the presence of an armed security or personnel in a school adds a layer of security and diminished response time who can address assault weapons and it doesn't stop someone bringing in a 45-caliber firearm into the school. >> armed guards and schools can
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carry everything from head arms to shotguns to ar 15s. >> the online tool to evaluate allowing perm to carry guns while in training. more coordination with the agencies and encouraging thome make school safety a part of requirements. they paid for the study and claimed the task force was independent and the group would not necessarily follow recommendations. the american federation of teachers called it a cruel hoax and attempt to distract probably the most notable part of the press conference yesterday, the extreme security. at least 10 officers stood by. people were asked to open their
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bags and they were quizzed about the extreme security measures. >> you go into the mall and there is security here at the national press club. >> there is not security at the national press club like that. number two, i'm trying to figure out which part of tyson's corner or other shopping mall has that kind of security. it mostly seems aimed at keeping the press at bay. moving on, if it's wednesday, we have election results. everything went as expected in the republican round off where the former governor said being out of office is unlakely to prevent him from this part of the come back. i used to cringe when somebody said i want to thank my god, but when you receive god's grace and
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seen it reflected in others, you cannot stop and stop for a moment and acknowledge that grace. this has been an amazing journey. god may be a god of second chances, voters are less forgiving. >> sanford defeated former councilman curtis bostick. the percentage margin is 57-43. the woman he went to see in argentina is now his fiance. >> i thank you. i guess to my fiance who is behind me for her long suffering as she put up with me being on the road for more than a few months. >> maria had been largely absent on the campaign trail. his opponent, elizabeth colbert bush is making the past affair an issue. the spokesman said the families of this district need a representative who they can
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trust. mark sanford simply has the wrong values for our community. earlier today, mika asked why he chose to put himself and his kids back into the political spotlight. >> i will be honest with you. a lot of fear and trepidation in human terms before you hop into this particular frying pan. what happened was about once every 1,000 years in south carolina, a senator retires. it doesn't happen. it's a real odd lightning strike. the governor appointed the guy who used to sit in the seat they once held when i served with joe. the next thing you know the phone lines light up. >> yesterday we asked whether they play financially to help colbert bush. we asked as the national republican committee gets involved. it's not on the nrcc side. they had no choice. they lose the election and we
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will have to do it all over again. the deal with the contestant primary and win the seat on november 14th. it's in your interest now. they do lose and there is an obvious reason. because of the candidates and not because of a message issue and not because of a party tactic. it won't be seen as a larger play. it's about mark sanford. what will be border line absurd coverage, we are well aware it will get overreport and overanalyzed. perhaps every one of these events this early are truly meaningless as far as 2016 is concerned. clinton is in rare air and even if they wish it weren't so, this was the crowd that greeted her where she delivered the first
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public remarks since leaving office. it's a global women's organization she founded 14 years ago. every word is more carefully orchestrate and that was on display last night. she and vice president joe biden who may be watching in the early move will most carefully appear on the same place as they did last night. taking everything and multiplying it by two. they fell over themselves to praise each other at the event. >> the vice president biden and i have worked together on so many important issues. i know what a personal victory it was for him to see the violence against women act reauthorized last month. >> there is no woman like hillary clinton. hillary clinton, that's a fact. >> biden knew this as well. it was clear this was a clinton crowd.
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>> we have shared struggles and successes and even fox holes over the years. it's a little bit like a family reunion. >> clinton clearly aware of her legacy and talked about her time as secretary of state and appointing the first ambassador for global women's rights. >> our unwavering faith in the potential, the untapped potential of women and girls is at the heart of the work we have done together. when i became secretary of state i was determined to weave this perspective into the fabric of american foreign policies. we did put women on the agenda and made it a centerpiece of all that we did. >> meanwhile biden presented an award to three brothers who founded an organization to fight human trafficking in india was well-received and feeling like the underdog in the room, perhaps by an overcompensated a
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bit. he ad libbed a joke about his first presidential campaign sunk by plagiarism charges. >> i have been trying to get your cell phone. i wanted permission to quote the speech you are about to give. i want to ask permission now wherever you are in front of everyone. is it okay? you have not given the speech yet. but i want to quote from it. during the speech she let me read that she is about to deliver, i want to make it clear, i am attributing this to valerie. >> a lot of folks that went over very well. >> rocky road as president obama heads to denver to press for gun control laws. we will talk to the colorado governor who had his own change of heart. first a look ahead at the politics planner and in addition to the presidential trip, he has two fund-raisers.
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. >> i wanted a time of information where there is access to all kinds of information. it's a human issue.
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how are we not able to identify someone like this who is deeply disturbed? >> that was governor john hick am days after the theater shooting in aurora expressing skepticism whether or not skrikter gun legislation would prevent the shooting. president obama is visiting the state to highlight the state's new gun law which is one of the tougher ones in the nation. good morning, governor. what changed your mind? >> not in the sense that they have $20 million a year, but how do we try intercept someone who is unstable and might be a danger to themselves or someone else. we are going after that full force. as i talk to people around the state, i also heard that democrats and republicans and independents, when you talk about back ground checks, almost everyone supported it.
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>> what is it about the universal background thek check that you put in that you think can be replicated? >> we had an existing check system from gun shows and gun dealers. we are expanding to everywhere. we went back and got the facts for instance in 2012. 38 people were trying to buy a gun 1300 assaults and there were 400 people that had a restraining order and they showed up to arrest them. >> what do say to the critics and republican senators said he
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is for expanded background check legislation, but not anything that could keep records because there seems to be a fear with something on file on a background check of who owns guns and if there is a paper trail that that's a violation of personal rights. how did you strike that balance? >> we have that same fear in many parts of colorado. what we did was they are going to keep gun control. as long as we focus on that, colorado has a history and we
6:20 am
had guns from children. we want to reserve that in a way that keeps people in the urban areas keep them safer. >> every one of these incidents, the two in colorado involve young men in their teens and 20s. whatever it is, what is it that government can do on this front? we hear a lot of talk about this, but what is the tangible legislation that is going to put it at the center of the issue. >> many states have consistently 99 jully cutoff funding. we are making sure the hotline
6:21 am
where people make sure they are neighbors and family members are exhibiting signs of instability, get them in front of a professional and someone trained to intercede. we are setting up five crisis centers all over the state again so that anyone no matter where they are, they are not far away from getting help. we cut things back so drastically that we were just getting the help. >> the school security or recommendations that the nra funded study make that you think is a good idea? >> i'm sure there good suggestions in there. the notion of making sure that there is an armed camp in every school.
6:22 am
do we need armed guards a& presence in every shopping center? >> what is it that you want to see president obama do with congress? he is highlighting what you guys did, but realistically could you have done it without control of your legislature? >> we couldn't get republicans to support the bills, idea when i would go around the state, they would say background checks, make sure there is not a centralized feel it's a vital campaign issue. i think they are mistaken and
6:23 am
the voters next have a chance to electric at who was supporting background checks and who wasn't, the voters are much more sympathetic to the benefit. you going to campaign on this during reelection? are you going to campaign to make it one of the central accomplishments? >> we are focused on jobs and have a lot of intense focus on that. it's something i am happy to back up on. for a moment. go down the list and there is over 2500 violent criminals who tried to buy guns who stopped to expand that to make sure that everyone was trying to buy a gun goes through the simple background check and doesn't take forever. costs less than $10. republicans, democrats and colorado holes close to 90%. i could tell there was that
6:24 am
support. >> 81% of just republicans supporting the background checks in the survey we had out this afternoon. the governor from colorado, thank you for getting up early and we will see you in a couple of hours. >> thank you. >> up next, sweet 16 time and our senate madness tournament and out of bounds, the viral video from new jersey that has chris christie outraged. the latest move. first today's trivia question. who is the most recent sitting house freshman to be elected to the senate? a couple of freshmen thinking about running for the senate. the first person to tweet the correct answer will get the on air shout out. the answer and more is coming up. mom always got good nutrition to taste great.
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is. on the radar, john kerry plans a return trip to israel
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and another republican said i do. the world's most exclusive club plans a getting to n texas. first another bay, another escalation with an intense standoff to a joint factory zone. chinese diplomats met with ambassadors to express concern about the north. >> we heard an extraordinary amount of unacceptable rhetoric from the north korean government in the last days. let me be perfectly clear here today. the united states will defend and protect ourselves and our treaty ally the republic of korea. >> china has verbally done what they could to warn kim jung un. are they going to do something
6:29 am
more than that? headed back to israel according to officials and the israeli media. the secretary called leaders said to say he was returning in an effort to jump-start peace negotiations. he is expected to discuss the syrian civil war. mark kirk has been the second senator to come out in support of same-sex marriage. he said life comes down to who you love and who loves you back. the government has noplace in the middle. he declared his support for same-sex marriage last month. chris christie is naming answers after mike rice physically and verbally attacked players during practice. the spokesman said he was depply disturbed and wants to know why he was suspend and not fired when the school was made aware of the incidents in december.
6:30 am
>> in all five living u.s. presidents will be reunited at the george w. bush presidential center in dallas. the white house confirmed that president obama and the first lady will attend the dedication for former presidents bush and clinton and carter along with their wives. nancy reagan is not expected to attend. by the way, folks, we will be there and broadcasting for that day as well. up next, a deep dive into one of the questions right now. how will the president's health care law hit people's wallets? we will break down the numbers next. senate madness updates. four senators in each are still standing including the number one seeds. here are a couple of contests we are watching today. the highest seed still in the game. henry scoop jackson faces off against number two seed and after upsetting three seed,
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jesse helms, joe biden takes on moynihan. go to nbc news to find out about the rest of the matchups and vote. in this one, you can vote mull pell times. msnbc. t cleaning lady. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday. ♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills could get expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent. from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, please? thank you. that's three new paper shredders.
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thanks so much for coming today, everybody. ugh! ugh! give me the purse! ugh! great job, julie!
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that why i eat belvita at breakfast. it's made with delicious ingredients and carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts. hi-yah! yes! that is what i'm talking about! so i can keep inspiring my students, all morning. ugh! ugh! belvita breakfast biscuits. steady energy. to do what i do -- all morning long. today we take a closer look at one of the key promises president obama made when he pitched health reform. here's what he said three months before the bill was signed. >> we're agree on reforms that will reduce the costs of health care. families will save on their premiums, businesses that will see their cost rise if we do nothing will save money now and in the future. >> his critics say it has done the opposite and premiums are on the rise and they have used the
6:35 am
third anniversary to make their point. >> everything they promised about obama care is not coming true. premiums are going up, not down. >> it is basic common sense that if you require individuals to buy a one size fits all government mandated plan, choice will be limited and premiums will rise. >> let's dig into the numbers. there have been studies looking at the impact on the cost of your insurance. one of the most recent comes from the society of actuaries released a week or so ago. by 2014, the average cost of premiums, that will rise 32%, $100 a month. the insurance company suggests the numbers could be higher. according to the "wall street journal" and officials with blue cost and blue shield estimated dha pay 40 to 50% more. newly inshirted customers said
6:36 am
individuals could see costs double. the white house is pushing back against the report and said numbers tell a different story. >> they have actually noted based on their nonpartisan analysis that once the affordable care acts take effect, it will drive down costs and result in average premiums being lowered to the same benefits. that is a clear assessment from a nonpartisan group as opposed to a study that was funned by the health insurance industry. >> the actual impact is hard to pin down. kathleen sebelius said your premiums will likely go up with men and younger people. it depends on where you live and how much you make. single people making under $45,000 will get federal
6:37 am
assistance. if you are newly insured, you will pay more, but it will be worth it. folks will be moving into a fully insured product and there may be a highier cost associated with getting into the market, but they are really going to see much better benefit for the money they are spending. lisa meyers spend a lot of time looking at this and joins me now. i want to pick up with two things. that kathleen said and he has done the press briefing, the exact same benefit. the reason they are going up is these policies are going to be covering more than they covered before. that's the biggest thing. >> that's one factor. the standard policies now are going to have a richer benefit package. >> the floor is higher. >> much more than a lot of folks
6:38 am
in the individual market and in the small group market have been buying at this point. the other thing ha is going to cause cost to go up is new taxes and what's more, there is something called an age rating that dictates insurance companies can't charge an older person more than three times more than a younger person. >> that used to be five times. >> for did. all those things are working against people who are getting low rates because they are healthy or young. we have also looked at examples where people are getting virtually the same benefits because they have been getting benefits or an advantage from being healthy. >> those disappear because of preexisting conditions. >> those who are healthy and have chronic conditions. if you are older, you probably have been paying through the nose. your costs will go down.
6:39 am
a lot of people will be helped. the whole idea that there no losers in this law. >> every system there is winners and losers. the geographic disparity here, in ohio, wisconsin and indiana, price guess up 81% and 68%. they are going go down. explain why vermont and massachusetts and new york will see lower cost and the other states are much higher. >> they have instituted a number of reforms before the federal government got into the act. their population has been living under these rules. in most states they will be new. one of the projections that was by 2017, the people in california will be paying an average of 62% more.
6:40 am
that's because they have not had these rules in the insurance system so far. >> i want to put up a hole here. do you understand the impact. kaiser has been doing this more than any other organization doing terrific polling going through all americans. they say they understand the impact of this. 57% don't. this goes to nobody explained this. people have used from the political and only cherry picked worst and best to make their point. >> as you have pointed out, it varies so much, you can't. >> you can do this. ohio is one thing. new york is another. both very large states. >> they are going to be winners and losers. presumably more winners than losers, but that won't make them any better when they are paying 30, 40, twice as much for the individual health insurance. >> one other piece of vocabulary that i meant to put in english for us. small group individual. it is the smallest part of the
6:41 am
health insurance pool. large company stuff won't see much of an impact if you have the policy on a large company. >> that's correct. most have had a large pool of people who are getting insurance anyway. fairly high standards. they will not be impacted much. the people impacted the most are self-employed or somehow buy insurance themselves. to a lesser extent the small group market. a lot of folks have been offering some insurance, but not a lot. >> catastrophic and things like that. >> not what the law requires. >> they are forcing the raising. we will look at the implementation of this that will be one of the biggest challenges. >> a huge challenge. >> brand-new numbers on the economy this morning and shiny metal object alert if clinton and biden share a stage.
6:42 am
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. >> i've seen the promised land. i may not get there with you, but i want you to know the nights that we as a people will get to the promised land. >> gives you chills listening to that on this date in 1968, 45 years ago when he delivered the mountain top speech with strikes workers in memphis. less than 24 hours before he was assassinated. >> new numbers show when it comes to job creation or deficit
6:46 am
reduction, they are focussed on creating jobs. they focussed on creating jobs and some say reducing the deficit should be the top priority. the republican pollster and the "washington post" anderson. we will go to the pollster first. make you have to defend our p l polling. this issue, bobby jindal has been critical of this. republicans in washington sound like book keepers. seems as if the white house polls a lot better than house republicans. >> i don't know that it's house republicans. take a look at how they did in the 2010 elections. where are the jobs? they got this this was the dynamic. >> that was in 2010. you bring up the point. >> they are still focused on that. they have a caucus that is focussed on 16 trillion.
6:47 am
there a lot of priorities. they think it's a challenge to get everyone to focus on the number one issue. >> where are they today is a good question. where are they today applies to the republican party with respect to a wight range of issues. even talking about the accountants and the american people talk about the anxiety. they are not hearing what the american people are saying. that's one of the reasons that they won more votes. they picked up the seats. >> they were never able to make a convincing argument as to how it connects to people's lies and jobs. >> you feel the president is speaking to the average joe. >> exactly. romney obviously wasn't. that's what the polls showed. they haven't been able to make the connection. not for the people who have been unemployed and obama has made a better case. he talks about infrastructure
6:48 am
investment and it's not going to happen. there is a log jam in washington where people are on different pages. >> they showed who is better dealing with the split decision. you hope that they are talking about the debt enough to be at about where the president is. it is almost right along party lines. >> that doesn't surprise me and the issue where the republicans do the best with the democrats. are they winning on issues of the jobs and the economy? republicans were talking about are you better off than four years ago? that wasn't the right question to ask. now the challenge is to refight the battle that should have happened in the election about how are you going to do it? >> it's a little early to sit here and say for sure. it's possible health care implementation could end up being a top five issue at least in 2014. what will the economic question be?
6:49 am
>> it's going to be do people feel like -- this is almost anywhere. do people feel like this or not. if they feel like things are getting better and the president's party more credit. if they feel like things are not getting better fast enough, then the opposition party to the president does better. that's going to be the question, but it seems to be favoring the president right now. >> that's interesting. in 2010, the public was impatient and threw out the democrats. two years later, that is that much better. >> they showed patience. the question is, is this the new normal. are people used to this stagnated economy and the sequestration, there was a battle over that. maybe evenings over that going forward, but people see that. >> smart point. is this the new normal. i think nia has got it. let's not forget the crude
6:50 am
votes. that's the other normal. trivia time. we asked who was the most recent sitting house freshmen to be elected to the senate. he was elected to the1996. he ran in the special, if you will, against an appointed senator. congratulations to our returning champion bradley america. not just any bradley, america's bradley. if you have a political trivia question for us, e-mail it. by the way, mr. cotton in arkansas is the freshman. we'll be right back. # ♪ i've got the power snoo people lose 5x more weight following the weight watchers approach than trying on their own. you can too. ♪ ♪ you've got the power ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ get the power
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the new weight watchers 360 program. ♪ whoo! join for free and check out the new risk free guarantee today. because it works.
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we were just talking about the jerry brown for president campaign. >> the old one. >> i don't know.
6:54 am
all right, i am not mature enough to be able to let hillary and biden walk into the room and not talk 2016. we saw them together. this is shiny metal object, probably a meaningless get-together. >> none of them are. >> is that frtrue, though, nonef them are meaningless? >> everybody is looking wondering what's happening. >> hillary -- >> biden is not going to run. >> i wouldn't presume that. everyone is looking to see what happens. anytime they appear together people will size them up and compare them. they know that. the president knows that we all know that. they walk into it with their eyes wide open. >> anytime you hear biden speak, the guy is a good campaigner. >> he brings in that sort of reagan democrat, he can go for that blue collar northeastern type. but remember joe biden thought about running for president in 1988. >> he was in what it takes, so
6:55 am
was george w. bush but he was looking for his dad. biden was in it as a profile person. >> i did a focus group of young voters and asked about p up-and-coming people on the republican side. rubio, they're exciting. it was crickets on the democratic side. >> what about cuomo? they're not up-and-coming? there's not a big -- >> it's amazing. it's hillary, and it's bietden. >> it's the "b" team. so she scares away the field. i think she's got to up her game in terms of speaking. >> you weren't overwhelmed last night, were you? >> she doesn't have to up her game. she just has to be in the game. >> you see her dipping her toe in, coming out for gay marriage. >> that video thing, i'm running out of time. it was -- >> it was a little weird. >> it was on odd way to do it. i know she had been looking for a way to do it. shameless plug.
6:56 am
>> somebody's mind putting together a power action group. way to train young center right -- >> our friend phil musser? >> no. patrick ra feeney. >> i love following him on twitter. obsessively fascinated by the obama campaign. >> story on cory booker, it's early on him considering a race. flying too close to the sun and how newark is going to be front and center in this race. >> my baby sister anne, number eight in our family, had the 33rd grandchild of my mother. 33rd yesterday. congratulations, anne. >> can your mom name all 33? >> oh, my god, are you kidding? of course she can name them backwards, chuck. >> thank you all al. this is it for the edition of "the daily rundown." coming up next is my friend chris jansing. bye-bye. music ...
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