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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 10, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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background checks would be expanded to all commercial gun purchases, including on-line sales, that close the gun show loophole as well. compromise makes sepgss for person to person exchanges between family members and hunters and gun sale records by dealers, not the government. but despite the deal from the two long standing supporters of the nra, reaction from the powerful gun lobby was quick and uncompromising. quote, expanding background checks at gun shows will not prevent the next shooting, will not solve violent crime, and will not keep our kids safe in schools. that the reaction from the nra. heritage action, group led by former tea party senator jim deminted this to say, quote, lawmakers will not get a pass on any bill that infringes on the constitutional rights of the american people. now from the gun compromise to what president obama is calling a budget compromise. the president unveiling today his proposed budget plan to 2014 at the white house.
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>> for years, the debate in this town has raged between reducing our deficits at all costs and making the investments necessary to grow our economy. this budget answers that argument because we can do both. >> the president's's budget is drawing criticism from both the left and right. >> the president's budget never comes to balance. every family has to balance its budget. washington should as well. >> he said that he would not cut social security. >> we want the president to remember what he said and not go back on his word. >> joining me now with reaction to the day's event is minnesota congressman keith ellison. thank you so much for your time. i want to get your reaction to all of us. first, though, let's start with bernie sanders there saying the president is essentially going
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against a promise he made to protect social security. what is your reaction. >> i'm starting with bernie's comments. the fact is the president is someone who i support and campaigned hard for. but it is not about the president. it is really about somebody, low income seniors, struggling to get by on $12,000 a year. about a person, a veteran, it is about americans who depend upon a fair cost of living allowance and this particular proposal doesn't meet the test. so i oppose it and i'm organizing members of congress to oppose it. >> we know this proposal will regard the chain cpi has been on the table for months tp p was a part of the deal the president pro monthsed back in 2012 when he was negotiating with republicans while the republicanes have said they're not budging an inch on new revenue and this have essentially shot down this budget from the president calling it status quo. many wonder if the republicans
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don't compromise, if progressive democrats don't compromising with. anything get done? the president said there needs to be a balanced approach here. >> you know, we cannot sacrifice the interest of low income seniors simply because john boehner and the republicans will not close a loophole for rich people in the highest income earners and most wealthy people in our country. it is not anything close to fair. so we are taking a principled approach and we have an eye toward compromise. i think we should raise the cap on social security and fully implement the affordable care act which will bend the cost curve on medical inflation, which will help medicare. but at the end of the day, we're not in a position to say that it somehow balanced or symmetrical to throw the interest of low-income seniors and veterans under the bus. can't do it. it's an fair deal. >> let me transition to the other big story. this compromise of bipartisan crowmize, expanded background checks, there are caveats of course, person to person sales
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can still continue. the government will not keep records of these gun sales. however, this is considered the most significant proposal as it relates to guns in decades here. what is your assessment? will you see republicans in the house give in to the heritage foundation and threat from the nra or vote for this legislation? >> you know what, i hope that they will support it. i think it is would hefully little, but you know what, progress is progress. >> wait a minute, you're saying would hefully little. i saw the flint in your eye. is this a disappointment? >> absolutely it's a disappointment. we had children mowed down in sandy hook only a few weeks ago. and this is the best we can do? i think that's really sad but you know what, i think it is something we all ought to pocket. take it and look at it as a smell step on a long journey towards real gun violence prevention. i mean, the fact is, you got
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these two triple anra guys coming to the deal. that's too bad. that's disappointing and after the murder of our children, i would think we could do so much better than this. but at enof the day, i'm not going to say this i'm not going to take it because it is more than we got now. but it is -- it is disappointing. >> with that said, why do you believe more could not be accomplished given what you just talked about? and i should point out, if this legislation does pass, it does help for example in cities like chicago where the first lady is right now where the gun violence, much of it is blamed on the gun show loop holes. guns coming in from states surrounding illinois. >> you know, tamron, i didn't say i wouldn't vote for it. what i said is after all of the carnage on our streets, i'm disappointed this is the best we could do. at the end. day, i mean, like for example, why can't the government hold the records in its own -- in its possession. that seems like the logical
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thing to do. and then also, there's a lot of gun sales that go on between individuals. if i were to transfer my car to my son, he would have to register that car with the department of motor vehicles, the government. why not a gun? i mean, at least a car has a remdemptive value of getting people one place to another. a gun is an instrument to kill something. whether you know, so i would think that we would be able to make more progress than this. as i said before, it is not something i would oppose because it doesn't actually do something bad. but it is so much less than the people, the american people deserve. it's so little and so meager and to think that they're running into opposition for doing something this small, the fact is in my own district, we had people, we add gun violence prevention forum in my district just last week. we had a lot of people in attendance telling stories about how they lost their fathers, lost their children, lost their
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son. it is just so sad. you mentioned chicago, they've had an ep dem ib of gun violence there. i just think we ought to be able to do more. and i think we shouldn't settle for this. although, we ought to take it, move forward and keep on plugging. >> thank you so much for your time. i appreciate you joining us today. >> yes ma'am. >> cnbc's chief washington correspondent and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. let me start off john with gun violence. you heard congressman ellison saying he is disappointed but he won't say no that this is not the what he feels is the best that can be done at this time. what is your reaction. >> i think this is a disappointment. >> i think this is a significant deal between toomey and mansion. if this does clear the senate filibuster is expected and
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ultimately clears the senate floor. this would allow the president to say, i met the test that i laid out after newtown which is we are going to do something significant. not everything, there's a lot of disappointment, people want more on things like assault weapons and high capacity magazines, but on background checks, this is a significant deal and something that will be difficult for the house to resist. >> john rosenthal, let me bring you in, at the beginning of the debate after the newtown, mayor blockburg alk with your organization, that questioned the power of the nra. it was said they are all bark and no bite. here you have the nra statement immediately rejecting this and heritage foundation, conservative group, saying they will score republican nets house who support this. so is it proof the nra still has a voice and power and that this is a disappointment to congressmen like keith ellison. >> it is true the nra intimidate
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but it is also proof congress can be bought. this is not significant legislation. it will help close the commercial gun show loophole. >> why isn't that significant? >> because it will do nothing to close the dangerous criminal loophole. so criminals can continue to buy gunnes from private individuals who they call their friends without an id or background check. so this -- this isn't significant as far as reducing access to guns by criminals. it is significant in requiring gun shows to do a background check. well, if criminals can continue to go to 33 states, where private sales are legal among private individuals, they will be able to buy a thousand guns a day, privately without an id or background check. and the fact that members of congress think that somehow they have found their backbone to close a gun show loophole but allow criminals to continue to buy guns without detection, you
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know, is just an indication of how spineless congress really is. >> keith, let me bring you in on this. we note first lady is preparing to speak in chicago. her hometown. we know the record, the sad record, as it relates to the violent crimes especially on the south side of chicago where she's going to be speaking, where she grew up here, is this a disappointment? you're a democrat. i know you wanted to see more on the table here. universal background checks supported by nearly 90% of the public, and it seems that this may be where the buck stops. >> yeah , it is a disappointmen. it is not something everybody wanted. >> and the nra says, this would not have prevented newtown or the aurora theater shooting. >> here is the problem. it is a double-edge sword. on one hand, this bill won't solve every problem, won't solve every crime. but if it stops one crime, if it stops one person who shouldn't have a gun from getting that gun, it has done some good. it has done some value to our
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see site. the problem with this legislation, if it passes, is that it becomes an excuse, much like the assault weapons ban in the 90s. if it fails to prevent another mass murder or shooting, then people say it doesn't work, it is ineffective. instead of saying it is watered down and that's the reason it is not working. so we need comprehensive gun control legislation. >> but it does not appear we will see that in the near future. at least if you're reading the tea leaves here, through the polling, the tolerance of the can conversation, as well, it seems -- and i don't want to sound defeatist to those who want to see more legislation on the table, but to get this passed with 90% -- >> 90% public support. >> and the deal is not done, by the way. >> it shows me, first of all, how powerful the nra is and how far right the the republican party has moved. >> there are democrats too. >> there are democrats too.
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you have here, this week, we are celebrating republicans and conservatives are celebrating margaret thatcher and her life. she supported gun checks. the nra says back ground checks is something they believe in. 90% of the american people support, can't even get support in the u.s. congress. >> john rosenthal, part of your organization is to rally your troops, if you will. what is the next step as we wait to see, honestly, what happens with the legislation. no one is done, we just know a compromise wab proposal is on the table. >> well, we will continue to push for universal background checks that over 90% of americans support, including nra members. and gun owning households. and we are going to continue to support a prohibition on the sale of ammunition magazines used in all the mass shootings.
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think about the parent of the dead kids at newtown. and the 9,000 other people that have died since the massacre at newtown. all they are hoping for is that they might be able to dream about their children at night who they will never see again and hope they will see them in their dreams and our members of congress can't require a background check or prohibition on the sale of the magazines, large capacity magazines, for criminals. so we got a long way to go, tamron. >> john har wood, let me get you back in. i want to get you back in on the budget, the president's proposal. we knew what would be there, but $3.7 trillion spending plan. 1.8 trillion deficit reduction, 580 billion in new revenue, 400 billion in medicare. more in infrastructure. we will talk about that more as it relates it jobs. but paul ryan saying there is as
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article in "politico" pointing out, this is the same before. why would they believe it this time. >> paul ryan doesn't have the final word on whether this budget goes anywhere. the people the president is trying to communicate with are he is not rate republicans interested in some sort of a long-term deal who don't like the sequester for the republican perspective because of defense cuts and want different way that more rational going forward. there some space in congress for republicans and democrats to talk about a deal that has a different framework for cuts that does something about entitlement programs that raise smes revenue. can you get that through the senate? can you get the house to go along? we don't know. but the whole purpose of this budget is to provoke that conversation and see if he can move the ball a little bit down the field. >> to your point, tonight, john, president meeting with he is not rate republican groups there, what can you tell me about that meeting tonight. >> it is more of the president's attempt to try to talk to what
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he calls the common sense caucus in the congress. and find some space for a discussion. the leadership level negotiations as we saw the fiscal cliff deal, as we saw in 2011, didn't go anywhere. john boehner says i'm not doing back room negotiations. these senators want to go and see if they can have productive conversations. we will see over the next few months, leading up to august, when the debt limit becomes an issue again, whether or not we have got the conversation into a new place that could result in a deal. if not, there won't be any more deficit we duckses and the president will challenge republicans to not raise the debt limit and take the consequences economically that result from that. >> john harwood, thank you very much. john rosenthal, thank you. keith, always great to have you on. first lady michelle obama said to address congress from
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chicago. we will bring you the first lady's remarks from her hometown. congress saying they are poised for more progress .
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not a lot of smoke and mirrors in here. and if we can come together, have a serious reasoned debate, not driven by politics, and come together around common sense and compromise -- >> that was president obama just
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a few hours ago unveiling 2014 budget plan. it includes nearly $4 trillion in spending, cutting deficit by $1.8 trillion over the next decade. the plan calls for reductions in social security and medicare. new investments in education and infrastructure and taxes on the wealthy through the buffett rule insuring those that make more than a million a year pay their fair share of taxes. >> this does not represent some grand pivot from left to senter. it is really just a pivot from left to left. >> why don't we do what we can agree to do. why don't we find the common ground that we do have, and move on that. president got his tax hikes in january. we don't need to raise taxes on the american people. >> joining me now, zachary caribou. zachary, we hear the same counter, honestly, on both side. but president said today that he
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believes his proposal, his budget could create jobs if washington doesn't get in the way. we could see progress with this economy. what's in the budget that proves that statement? >> what president obama is saying is in the budget and proves that statement is $50 billion in infrastructure projects and there's a lot of really good stuff that is particularly long. like cutting o out red tape. allowing contracts to be awarded more quickly. because it takes months and months and months. so there is some really good stuff in there to get government to spend money constructively and more quickly. the problem i think is this whole sort of political fiction you can just pass a budget in washington and poof, you know, several hundred thousand or several million jobs will be created. and i personally, you and i talked about this, are -- i'm concerned about the overpromising of jobs now adds opposed to laying the conditions of really good employment for the long-term which might mean a year or two of bumpy waters. >> let me play an expert from the dpost government's remarks
11:22 am
about jobs. >> nothing shrinks deficits faster than a growing economy. at a time when too many americans are still looking for work, my budget begins by making targeted investments in areas that create jobs right now. to make america a magnet for good jobs, this budget, invests in new manufacturing hopes to help turn regions left behind by globalization into global centers of high-tech jobs. >> that looks far reaching. >> right. >> that is not a, you will have a job tomorrow. that a far-reaching. which is part of your argument. >> yes. the issue thereof course is that these high-tech jobs are much, much more minimal than massive construction jobs. you open a factory in small town in america now, you hire 500 people, who are highly skilled with robotics. that same factory 20 years ago is 5,000 people. that is a huge difference. that the world we are living in and we should do this and it'll be productive. i think we are in for a long transition time. there's a lot that is good in the budget. it rejects the austerity of the
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eurozone and the austerity that we have cut deficits, cut deficits. it also says we need to be wise about deficits. this is a very balanced approach and given the skepticism that attended the white house and the fact this is his first budget in a while, there's a lot to be lotted in here. i'm just concerned about the, if you say we will create jobs in 2014 comes, we've got 7.3% unemployment and a lot of work force out of work force, it is still a liability. and i think no matter how much gdp growth we have, a lot of output and minimal job creation, that we've got to work through this for a long time. >> zachary can karabell, thank you. we appreciate it. >> sure. >> south korea's warning about a quote, vital threat. the country's foreign minister says the possibility of a north korean missile test is imminent. well have the latest update for you. can former congressman anthony weiner pull a mark sanford? go from scandal to election victory? there is word he is weighing a run to replace new york city
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welcome back. south korea raised its threat level to its highest level. they are warning north korea could launch a missile, quote, any time now. it is believed the north will test a immediamedium range miss capable of flying over 2,000 miles. it could reach over japan and reach the u.s. base in kbaum. jim joins us from seoul, south korea. i believe it is referred to as missile watch at this point that we're under. >> that's right, tamron. it is missile watch. it feels like the whole region is lit up with tracking devices. on land, on the sea, in the air. everyone is waiting, as we have been waiting all day, for any sign of that missile launch. north koreans are calling it a test fire of that untested
11:28 am
musudan missile. but south korean intelligence is reporting prelaunch type activity which would suggest there could be multiple launches, including some shorter range systems like scuds. like nodongs which could still take out target in south korea and japan. that means north koreans may be planning on firing missiles in tandem. of course that could dramatically increase the possibility of an accident or mishap. today, tamron, it is april 10th. this was supposed to be the first probable launch date because it was mentioned by kim jong-un's regime. but there was no launch today. still, significant dates are coming up. you've got tomorrow already, which is the first anniversary of kim jong-un's rule. monday marks the big birthday of kim's grandfather and founder of the nation, kim il-sun.
11:29 am
j pan, as we know, are very worried about missiles going overity territory. they have missiles around their territory saying they will take out anything. either missile or flying debris, even if it is unintentional. that's how intense it is in japan. >> thank you for the latest. out of seoul, south korea. we also have new development in immigration reform. as tens of thousands prepare it rally in d.c. within the next half hour. in fact these are live pictures as that event get under way. there's word, a deal could be announced as early as tomorrow. we will get the first read with nbc's senior editor mark murray. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast.
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rally in washington, d.c. for immigration reform. protesters are demanding, these are live pictures, a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants. the event coincides with march's door to door campaigning in cities like l.a., orlando and portland. portland, maine. the gang of eight senators are come close to a deal. a draft proposal could come as early as tomorrow. bob menendez said today they are close to releasing a framework. >> all the major issues on a pathway to legalization, on border security, on future flow of workers, on ag jobs, on dream act, all of those have largely been agreed to. now of course putting legislative language as you know, takes time. in that process, when people read the language, some member might say, that's not exactly what we meant. so you have to redefine it.
11:34 am
but we're there. mark murry, you and the team point out that some of the language, some of the details that need massaging have a lot to do with republican senator marco rubio. >> well, he has played a very big role in this whole legislation. and his primary goal from the get-go has been to win over conservatives. also people in the conservative media to get them on board of comprehensive immigration reform. at the outset, tamron, you mentioned that it looks like comprehensive immigration reform aep the gang of eight legislation could be introduced as early as tomorrow. i'm hearing from my colleague whose been on acapitol hill tha tomorrow looks like a few days. senator menendez did mention they are still working on details. they are very close, as he said. but it might not be tomorrow. it may be the next couple of days or few days. >> is the hold up, and i don't want to call it that necessarily, but working out of the language, does that surround
11:35 am
boarder security? do we know what they are massaging as far as language is concerning right now. >> all of the language is dotting i's, crossing t's. what we do know is that senate judiciary committee, pat lachey, there will be more a week from today and the mark-up legislation would be may 6. so incremental progress, the senate moves slower than other bodies but that's what we have right new. >> it is interesting, mark. several cities will see a similar site. maybe not as many people but passionate voices who want immigration reform. what was it like seven years ago or longer that we saw rallies with immigration reform. we talked about the pressure from groups when it comes to gun
11:36 am
control on both sides. lobbying here. but to see this show of force, we are so close to hearing framework is interesting as well. >> tamron, it is also one-sided. i'm struck by the healthcare debate of a couple years ago, the rallies you see are in opposition to the bill. that could come to immigration once there is legislation. once we get to those infamous town hall meetings. but right now, it is very one-sided in favor of people who want immigration reform. and that have to feel very good about that and perhaps the most important part is that boj political parties right now, democratic party and republican party see it as their benefit to pass that. >> we know the path to citizenship as it relate it republicans and conservatives, that's not a one-sided issue. >> oh, it isn't. we will have some brand new nbc wall street journal planning tamron to plug that. that is tomorrow morning on
11:37 am
immigration on pathway it citizenship. so a lot of good numbers for us to crunch starting tomorrow. >> okay, that breaking news. i didn't know you would have that coming, so there you have it. we will have that new poll out. love it. thanks, mark. >> thanks. >> wild weather across the can country. take a look at this. it may feel like spring if you're in the northeast. but it looks a lot like winter if you are out west and there's a threat for severe thunderstorms now moving across the country. we will check the forecast. that seems to be all over the map these days. but first, there's a lot going on today. here are some things we just thought you should know. nearly two years after he resigned because of a sexting scandal, former congressman anthony weiner of new york is considering a possible come back. in an interview with "time" magazine, he is mulling over a run as mayor of new york. it may be, quote, now or never
11:38 am
for me. we will see what he decides. john mccain is still benefiting from his 2008 presidential run. the arizona senator recently transferred more than $1.3 million in left over money to his senate campaign committee. that would indicate the 76-year-old senator plans to run for reelection in 2016. and did you hear this news today? probably not. postal service just announcing it is canceling plans to end saturday service mail delivery starting in august. the agency says the funding bill congress recently passed prohibit the move which was designed to save $2 billion a year. but funding runs out september 30. so stay tuned on this one. those are the things we just thought you should know. [ female announcer ] new york strips. sudden trips.
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welcome back as congress prepares to debate gun control. first lady michelle obama is speaking about gun violence in her hometown of chicago in a few moment. the first lady will speak at a
11:42 am
fund-raiser to curb youth violence. the city has an epidemic of gun violence. joining me from california is jackie speier. congresswoman, it is always a pleasure to speak with you. particularly on this issue, you were a survivor of gun violence. what is your reaction to the proposal unveiled today regarding expanded background checks? >> i am very hartened by the proposal that was presented today. it goes a long way to closing the loop holes that exist in the universal background check law today. and i think if we can keep it in tact, that we will have a very strong bill. now, the question is, based on the number of amendments that are going to be taken up on the senate, based on what the house is going to do with that proposal, that what we've got to prevent from happening, that it gets watered down so that it is just a ghost of what it should be in terms of providing americans across the country, who believe 91% of them that
11:43 am
universal background checks is just common sense. >> you will have people who wonder how much more could this be watered down and the sense that compromise for example, the government will not keep record on gun purchases as far as person to person gun purchases. those happen without a background check. we're looking at these gun show loop holes for example, and on-line internet sales of guns. what else could be put in it or taken out of it, i should say? >> well, my understanding of the proposal is that gun shows and on-line purchases will be subject to the universal background check. >> right. >> the one area that will be the person to person sale and purchase. now, that concerns me greatly. everyone should be subject to universal background check. that the way we have it in california and it has not been burdensome on the purchaser or the seller. there were 600,000 guns
11:44 am
purchased last year in california. so i would have gone the full mile on this. we're negotiating here. it is a compromise. if we can keep this particular package together, it would be a huge step forward and we can thank the newtown parent and president and vice president for keeping us focused on what is really important here. >> and you mentioned the newtown parent. there are others right now who are conducting what they refer to as filibuster. the filibuster event. many of these folks are associated with the mayors who have been fighting for legislation. and they are right now congresswoman reading the 3,300 names of all of the people who died since sandy hook. to bring home to your point, the names and face of people who have died as a result of gun violence. and this brings me though to the nra's reaction to this proposal and their statement and the statement the nra says this
11:45 am
legislation proposed would not have prevented what happened in newtown, would not have prevented what happened in aurora. so their stance is, this means nothing. this is an infringement on someone's second amendment rights. what is your reaction to the fact that what we are looking at would not have prevented those two massacres? >> first of all, they are not supporting an assault weapon ban either. if you have an assault weapon ban, you wouldn't have had adam lan saturd lanza with the ar-15s. the gig is up. they've had a lock on congress for two decades. in 1999 wayne lapierre who after columbine said we should have universal background checks. that's what he said. now he has flipped. now, i don't think the nra has a lot of credibility right now because even their members support a universal background check.
11:46 am
and i would say further, there are 32 americans who are mowed down everyday in this country. and a universal background check would stem the number of deaths that take place due to gun violence. >> do you believe we will see a significant number of republican nets house who support this -- i mean, where is your confidence level on this as it relate to your republican colleagues in the house? >> i think my republican colleagues in the house are going to have to look at some polls. because the american people are really clear about this. and once they see the senate take action, i think they are going to be hard-pressed not to do the right thing. common sense proposal here. universal background check. everyone want to make sure that felons don't get guns. and people of domestic violence don't get guns. and people that are a threat to
11:47 am
themselves or others shouldn't have access to guns. we have got to get sensible about gun violence prevention in this country. >> congresswoman jackie speier, thank you for joining us. anita mcbride served as chief of staff to first lady laura bush. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> we are awaiting this event in chicago. the first lady is expected to give remarks, commenting on the gun violence throughout the country, but also certainly in the city of chicago, who are hometown. and valley, the white house senior adviser, said that this speech is very personal for the first lady. i want to hear a perspective of having worked with the first lady laura bush, what this means when we have a first lady who steps out on a limb, on a controversial issue. but one that equally emotional. >> it is very emotional. of course it is very personal to go to your hometown and know the number, statistics are terrible for chicago. i know, i visited chicago with
11:48 am
laura bush on a number of occasions. a program there is called cease-fire chicago, trying to get alt the root cause and work with people and communities across all sectors, including clergy and parent. and law enforcement. to try and turn back this wave of violence. so i'm sure it is very personal. it is important that the first lady is out there using her voice, trying to, you know, appeal to the community. to get involved. and do what they can to stop this. and also, the other, on a broader level, for the first lady's involvement, this is one way where, and all first ladies are good at this, they want their husband's administrations to be successful. the administration staked this in the ground on gun control and gun violence. and she is out there as a very powerful speaker. >> what is interesting, i want it bri to bring of laura bush. there was an article in the
11:49 am
times in 2011. it referred to mrs. bush and she said she radically reassessed her role for the country since september 11th. she started this a administration nine long months ago as the quietest first lady sinces about truman. now all of that has changed. no one could plan for that carnage or sadness that follows it butra bush who talked a lot about obesity and military families and and stepped into a different role as a result of a tragedy. >> it is a multifaceted role to be first lady. there is no job description. but you have the opportunity and ability to use your plate form, your voice and use it wisely. use it in ways that country need. you're right on 9/11, laura bush says she found hire voice. and how she comforted the nation and went about really working on other issues that supported the war on terror, including what
11:50 am
was happening to afghan women in justifying our liberation of the can country. and the same for mrs. obama. this is a tragedy in our country. gun violence around the can country, young people, what are at the root causes that young people do this and use guns. and here she is and in her community. 32 children of the same high school hit by gun violence and eight died. that a bad number. >> that absolutely is. anita, we appreciate you joining us. again, the first lady is in chicago and we hope to have some of her remarks before the end of our show. thank you, greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. >> still ahead, whether you think the bipartisan deal on background checks will do anything to reduce gun violence. a lot of you have sent in your tweets on this. well tell you where you can officially chime in and be sure to like "news nation" on face back. we check out our facebook page regularly.
11:51 am
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welcome back. we are taking you to the nation's capitol. there is a huge rally there. they are expecting thousands of people to participate. there could be a word in the next couple of days. senator menendez says the framework should be coming among the bipartisan group of senators working diligently on immigration reform. you see, this is actually just one after number of rallies, vigils, even folks going door to door across the country in an effort to bring attention to immigration reform as if our attention ever left this complex issue pop you have 11 million undocumented workers in this country right now. and we see this huge rally on a beautiful day in washington, d.c. a number of people who continue
11:55 am
to put pressure on law makers to come up with a deal. so we just wanted to bring you that latest development out of washington, d.c. and the meantime, time for the "news nation" gut check as we reported earlier. joe mansion and pat toomey reached a bipartisan agreement that would expand background checks to background checks including gun sales at gun shows an on-line. but the proposal makes exceptions for transfer of guns between family members, neighbors. it still falls short of the universal background check the white house called for after newtown. so here's the question today. do you believe that the mansion/toomey deal on background checks will help gun violence. what does your gut tell you? that does it for this edition of "news nation." i will see you back here tomorrow. meanwhile "the cycle "is up next.
11:56 am
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i'm ari melber. right now on "the cycle", congress is back and wait for it, they are actually getting to work. we are hard at work bringing you all the action. >> i'm krystal ball. we are getting details on budge straight from the source. >> i'm toure. we talk about immigration, and few better are better informed than we are. he is we have details and victoria in the guest box. ari melber refused to focus on the future. so we are living the po'80s tod on "the cycle."


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