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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 11, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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sitdown coming up on "morning joe". good morning. i'm bill karins. this is "way too early." gun control topping the headlines this morning, april 11th. a senate vote on the gun issue is scheduled for later this morning after senators joe manchin and pat toomey suggested a compromise on background checks. both conservatives and liberals are criticizing the budget plan. speaker boehner said he's impressed with parts of the plan. is this the first step towards an agreement? we're just hours away from a vote on a gun violence bill in the senate. it will allow the debate to begin on the senate floor. it will be the background check compromise from senator joe manchin and toomey. it does not call for checks between family members and neighbors. bipartisan compromise is giving legislation new life. they both have a ratings from the nra. they say it's the right thing to do.
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>> i'm a gun owner. and the rights that aren sidelined in the second amendment are very important to me personally. my record shows this. i've got to tell you candidly i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. i think it's just common sense. if you pass a criminal background check you get to buy a gun. it's no problem. it's the people who fail, criminal or mental health background check we don't want having guns. >> the proposal is getting mixed reaction from other members of congress. the manchin-toomey proposal is a good faith but unworkable plan. the proposal will impose new taxes and unreasonable burdens on law-abiding citizens. in the house, speaker john boehner said it's nowhere near a done deal. >> any bill that passes the senate we will review it. it's one thing for two members to come to some agreement.
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it doesn't substitute the will for the other 98 members. >> meanwhile, the families of the newtown victims continue to push forward with new legislation. they said it's not a partisan issue. >> we're not sitting across from these people and these meetings in a divisive spirit. there's a spirit of listening, unity, respect. and i'm so grateful that my daughter taught me that and that i can do this in her name now, and for my son. >> now they get the idea we are some sort of lobbyist. we have no intention of infringing on anyone's legal ability to own a firearm. we don't go there. we don't talk about that. we're trying to bring sanity back to the table where 90% of americans say, you know what, that just makes common sense. >> the first lady is joining the gun debate. during a speech, michelle obama
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became emotional when she talked about high dee pendleton. >> as visited with the pendleton family i couldn't get over how familiar they felt to me. because what i realized was hadiya's family was just like my family. hadiya pendleton was me. and i was her. but i got to grow up and go to princeton and harvard law school and have a career and family and the most blessed life i could ever imagine. and hadiya, well, we want that story. >> so as all this political and media focus impacting public perception? take a look at this new nbc news/wall street journal poll. while 55% of respondents are in favor of stronger laws on
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firearms sales, that's actually down from 61% from just a month ago. the poll shows 82% of democrats are in favor of stricter gun laws while only 27% of republicans feel the same way. turning now to the debate over immigration reform. tens of thousands of immigrants and activists turned out for a nationwide rally calling on congress to approve measures that would give 10 million immigrants a pathway to citizenship. at the same time it appears a bipartisan group of senators made progress on a bill that would do just that. but only after the nation strengthens its policies on our border. senator john mccain addressed the issue at a committee hearing yesterday. >> how many people cross the border. how many people do we apprehend or turn back? that allows us to -- >> have you developed metrics or not? >> we have, sir. >> you have? >> yes, sir. >> you have? >> yes, sir. >> and we're using them?
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>> we are at the tactical and the strategic level trying to understand where it makes sense to capture them. >> i'm not asking if it makes sense. what can we have as a basis to determine the level of border security. >> well, one of the things we're doing -- >> are you sharing that with congress? >> we're just starting to, sir. >> you're starting to. >> yes. this has been an evolution. >> that's good to know. and according to the nbc news/wall street journal poll, 54% of all believe it strengthens. the roll out of president obama's 10-year budget proposal got off to a rocky start after he was greeted with mixed reviews for republicans and progressive groups on the left. the plan calls for $300 billion in spending for job creation,
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public work, expanded preschool education while creating close to 800 billion in new revenue. it cuts two programs championed by democrats for decades, medicare and social security. the president said this budget is not his ideal proposal but believes it's the best chance at a bipartisan deal with republicans. >> i don't believe that all these ideas are optimal, but i'm willing to accept them as part of a compromise. if, and only if, they contain protections for the most vulnerable americans. when it comes to deficit reduction, i have met republicans more than halfway. on the coming days and weeks i hope republicans will come forward and demonstrate they are as serious about the deficits and debt as they claim to be. >> the house speaker john boehner praised before standing his ground on tax increases.
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>> he does deserve some credit. i would hope that he would not hold hostage these modest reforms for his demand for bigger tax hikes. listen, why don't we do what we can agree to do? why not find the common ground we do have and move on then. the president got tax hikes in january. we don't need to be raising taxes on the american people. >> patty murray, wisconsin congressman paul ryan released a joint statement saying they were committed to finding common grouped to reconcile the senate and house budgets. president obama pushing forward to strike a grand bargain with republicans. the president had his second closed door dinner date with senate republicans in the past two months calling it
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"constructive discussion." in case you were wondering what was on the menu, green salad, steak, sauted vegetables. no dessert? u.s. and south korea troops on raised alert as tensions with the north remain very high. there is a very high probability north korea will test launch a medium range missile. in d.c., chuck hagel said american forces are prepared to respond to any move by pyongyang. north korea has been with its rhetoric, with its actions have been skating very close to a dangerous slide. their actions and their words have not helped de-fuse a
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combustible situation. in pyongyang, no sense of panic at all. north koreans celebrated the first ascension to the workers party one year ago. now, to business. wall street will be keeping a close eye on today's weekly unemployment numbers after last week's disappointing jobs report. stocks were way up across the board yesterday. the dow and s&p hit new record levels, while nasdaq had its best close since the year 2000. for more on this gravity defying rise of our markets, steve sedgwick is live. whatever happened to that correction? >> what did happen to it? and i want to know who those guys were. were they buying when it was 4% or 5% lower than it is. they were waiting for equities to be low. 1589 was the day high soon after the open on the s&p. whilst the dow has been hitting daily record highs, they have been a leg up. from october 11th, 2007 and they're in record territories.
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some were the season's own so far. they have reported of those 5%, 75% of them pretty much beating expectations. we had the fed minutes yesterday slightly more hawkish. still no tapering just yet of that easing which is propping the markets up, bill. >> one of the stories that caught my attention yesterday, con cophillips putting off plans for drilling because of new federal regulations. will this have any impact on the global oil market? >> no, i don't think so. i was thinking long and hard about this story, bill. it is symptomatic of what we are seeing around the world. there are concerns about global growth. at the moment the benchmark is pretty steady. the old price. $95 a barrel. don't forget, alberta, shell. all kinds of new techniques. there are a lot of choices to
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get oil out of the ground. in the united states alone, peak gasoline usage was years ago. we're off the peak. there are real concerns where they put their money and where they invest in this current environment where demand is slightly contentious. >> that's a crazy fact. we use less oil now than we used to. steve swepblg wick in london, have a great thursday. shoot us an e-mail or tweet me @billkarins. still ahead on "way too early," hours away from the ceremonial first shots at the masters. tiger is back on the prowl, there's a 14-year-old stealing a lot of his spotlight. you'll hear from him next. you may not feel like dancing but this woman does. why her jackpot was bigger than she thought.
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what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. well, we all know how extreme the weather has been across the country. we were doing good. yesterday we didn't have a lot of tornados but one hit arkansas, just north of little rock. one church was destroyed, three homes were destroyed and numerous phoenix, including that semi tossed. thankfully, no injuries, no fatalities. what do we have in our forecast today?
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so happy to say dylan is back to help us. more storms? >> more storms, yes. today, alabama, georgia, panhandle of florida. they could see an isolated tornado or two. the crazy spring storm continues. and you can see where the warm is just hanging on down across the southeast. but it has dropped into the 40s in texas. 34 degrees in kansas city all because of this cold front moving eastward. and you can see right along that cold front is where we have the potential of stronger storms. no tornado watches in effect just yet. western kentucky and tennessee expired. the best chance of seeing damaging winds, large hail will be across the gulf coast states for today. right now the heavy rain continues from louisville, into bowling green, memphis, tennessee. and lots of lightning with this storm system moving across parts of louisiana. on the backside, we have a lot of snow. the snow is coming down very
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heavy. northwest of minneapolis and st. cloud, minnesota where we could end up today with up to 9 to 12 inches of snow. so this is just a big spring time snowstorm in the northern plains. we'll have to watch out for severe storms later this afternoon in the gulf. >> rain coming our way friday, too, friday night. >> after a nice stretch a couple of days, we're due for some rain. >> the roller coaster continues. thanks, dylan. >> the opening round of the masterser will begin in augusta. tiger woods will tee off 10:45 a.m. phil mickelson takes the tee at 1:30. and rory mcilroy slated to tee up shortly after. certainly of interest this year is a 14-year-old eighth grader from china who will become the youngest ever to compete in the masters. guan earned his spot by winning in november in thailand.
2:48 am
he will play at 12:45 p.m. here's what the 130-pound middle schooler had to say after his practice round. >> i'm really looking forward to the tournament. i think it's going to be a little pressure to me, but i'm not going to push myself too hard. and i'm going to enjoy the game so far. >> we wish him the best. don't expect a lot. he only hits 250 yards off the tee, which is not enough to play well at augusta. in baseball, impressive red sox streak is over. the team had claimed to sell out fenway park for 820 consecutive games. that includes 794 regular season games and an additional 26 in the postseason. well, that all came to an end last night against the orioles. could the sox at least walk away with a win? jump to the top of the ninth. this should have sold out. this was a great game. home run by machado, batting for the o's with two men on.
2:49 am
deep to the left for a three-run homer. orioles go on to win 8-5. to seattle where one thirsty fan didn't let a baseball get in the way of his drinking habits. see what he does with this foul ball. he got it. then he drinks the beer with the the ball in it. a well deserved standing ovation from the crowd. and a watered down souvenir. kobe bryant single handedly keeping the lakers playoff hopes alive. scored a season high 47 points in last night's 113-106 victory over the trailblazers. think he wants to miss the playoffs? it puts them a full game up on utah jazz for the eighth and final spot in the western conference race. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe", we have an exclusive round table on gun safety with a variety of panels, including vice president joe
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let's gather around the water cooler for your fuzzy monster update. this guy dresses up as cookie monster in times square and is facing assault charges for injuring a young child. >> i think it was just like a few months ago did you see him on intervention? >> i have an eating disorder. >> 12, 13 times a day. >> i get this high in the moment of bingeing. it feels good. i enjoy it. >> because of the disease, he's very unstable. >> he's very angry, very hateful towards us. >> deranged. >> leave me alone.
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>> next week on "intervention," a bird that believes he an imaginary friend. only on a&e. >> it was all right. so how good is your happy dance 1234 this grandmother thought she won $40,000 in the canadian lottery. turns out she was off by a few zeros. she had actually won 40 million. >> i was like this shaking. and i said oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god. i'm going to hawaii. >> we told you earlier about the gun background check being proposed by joe manchin and pat toomey. >> before we get too caught up in the sighting of two bipartisan men making sweet, sweet law with each other, that's the number one thing.
2:55 am
>> it starts with a healthy debate that must end with the senate and the house. passing common sense measures and the president signing it into law. >> huge break through announced on the news is a poeroposal by these two guys. it must get through the house and the senate. we all know when this proposal leaves the house it will have been slightly transformed. yeah. that's it. >> joining us here on "30 rock", comedian vince vaughn. >> so this is the control room. this is where the magic happens. >> this is incredible. what's happening? >> you know what's happening. you know what happened the second we walked in here. >> i don't think i'm comfortable with this. >> i just want to hear you
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breathe. >> i wonder what happens if i press this. >> i guess nothing. vince, you probably haven't done live tv. >> this is live on saturday? there's no way i can cancel my swim class. i'll bring in my double, though. >> what's popping, swinging, wedding crashers. >> don't worry. we'll put him in a sweater. >> everyone here in the studio shows robbed to show you the happy dance from the lady who won the lotto. what's your happy dance look like? still ahead on "way too early", everyone wants me to show mine. "morning joe" live from washington coming up next. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors?
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