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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 15, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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smiling. he needed two holes to beat angel cabrera. we'll have much more of the drama in sports including where tiger woods finished and how 14-year-old gaughan tianlang played. good morning, i'm bill karins. this is "way too early." thanks for being up with us this morning. we have a lot of news to talk about monday, april 15th. secretary of state john kerry said he is willing to hold talks with north korea if the north meets certain conditions. we'll tell you if that's a realistic step in the right direction. senator marco rubio has quite a busy sunday. how the republican made television history and the key points he made on both gun control and immigration. like the brady bunch. venezuelan successor nicholas muduro won 56.6% of the votes.
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the challenger is refusing to accept the results. it is calling for a recount. maduro was a close confidante of chavez who died of cancer early last month. it's a relationship that was cited repeatedly during the campaign heckling the late president's attacks against the united states. as president maduro will face significant challenges at home including high inflation and shortages of food and medicine. he's set to serve out the remainder of chavez's six-year term which began in january. secretary of state john kerry returns to the united states today after a six nation trip to asia where tensions continue to rise on the korean peninsula. kerry told reporters in tokyo that the united states is open to negotiations with north korean government but only if the regime takes measures to abandon its nuclear weapons program. >> i think it's really unfortunate that there has been so much focus and attention both within the media and elsewhere on the subject of war when what
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we really ought to be talking about is possibilities of peace. and i think there are those possibilities notwithstanding the rhetoric and the provocations. the united states will do what is necessary to defend our allies, japan, republic of korea and the region against these provocations, but our choice is to negotiate. our choice is to move to the table and find a way for the region to have peace. >> over the weekend north korea rejected calls by top korean officials to talk about talks between the two countries. meanwhile, senator john mccain addressed the countries's policies towards north korea. they may be on the way to developing a nuclear missile capable of launch. >> i think it is probably more serious because of their increased capability. this has been going on for decades, cycle of confrontation,
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negotiation, aid, and the false hope that somehow the north koreans would give up their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. without that, north korea is totally irrelevant. i mean, both republican and democrat administrations have fallen prey to this. well, if we give them food, if we give them oil, if we give them money, if we do this, then they will come around, and they take our money and run. if you watch any, any political shows yesterday, you likely saw senator marco rubio who appeared on seven different programs, including two spanish speaking stations. it was part of the florida republican's push for immigration rainstorm. he's part of a bipartisan group of senators that is set to unveil a proposal tomorrow. rubio is often mentioned as a possible presidential contender looked to answer conservative scrutiny about the issue. >> why isn't it tantamount to amnesty as your critics say? >> well, first of all, amnesty is the forgiveness of something.
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in fact, there will be consequences for violating the law and there will be consequences. no one who has done it the wrong way will get it for you. it will be much cheaper, faster, easier and less bureaucratic if you're doing it the right way. in no way will having done this the wrong way be a reward for those who are waiting to come here illegally or those who have come here illegally in the past. >> they could apply for temporary legal status almost immediately allowing them to live and work in the country. then after a series of steps of government to strengthen the border, those immigrants could begin a lengthy process for a green card and later u.s. citizenship. debate begins this week on gun legislation that faces an uphill fight in congress. the bill made it to the floor without facing a filibuster. that doesn't mean it has all of what it needs to pass. there are growing risks in both parties and even threats of primary election revenge. background checks could be the president's best chance for
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meaningful reform. the final bill is also likely to include more funding for school security and heightened gun trafficking restrictions. on sunday senator rubio said the bill will not make it any harder for criminals to get guns. actually, he tried to shift the debate altogether. they are highly ineffective in terms of accomplishing the following goal, and that is to protect the right of law abiding citizens to possess weapons which the second amendment guarantees and they're ineffective in keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. if the reason why we're doing this, in essence we are spending all of our time about talking about background checks as if criminals will no longer get guns, we're lying to people. that isn't true. the fact of the matter is that we have a violence problem in america. guns are what people are using but violence is our problem. no one is having a debate about the violence problem. this is a missed opportunity to have an honest and open discussion about why these horrifying things are happening. congressman peter king is
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expected to introduce the house version of the bill as early as today. overthe weekend backers of the legislation picked up support from the gun rights group citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms. the whoit house continued its pr offensive keeping the parents of newtown victims front and central. >> sometimes i close my eyes and all i can remember is that awful day of waiting at the sandy hook volunteer fire house for the boy who would never come home. the same fire house that was home to then others. other times, i feel ben's presence filling me with courage for what i have to do, for him and all the others taken from us so violently and too soon. we have to convince the senate
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to come together and pass common sense gun responsibility reform that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. prison guards are looking to restore order at guantanamo day after a clash with detainees over the weekend. the guards were hoping to break a hunger strike by placing them into individual cells. the prisoners reportedly attacked the guards with weapons made from broomsticks and mop handles. military officials said they responded by hitting the inmates with rubber bullets. the hunger strike began after the detainees accused the guards of inappropriate searches. in today's new york time a gitmo detainee who has been held at the prison since 2002 explains his decision for going on a hunger strike saying in part,
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quote, the only reason i am still here is that president obama refuses to send any detainees back to yemen. this makes no sense. i am a human being, not a passport, and i deserve to be treated like one. the situation is desperate now. all of the detainees here are suffering deeply. at least 40 people here are on a hunger strike. people are fainting with exhaustion every day. i have vomited blood and there is no end in sight to our impress sonment. denying ourselves food and risking death every day is the choice we have made. i just hope that because of the pain we are suffering the eyes of the world will once again look to guantanamo before it is too late. in texas a former justice of the peace is a prime suspect in the slaying of a district attorney. the d.a.'s wife and the prosecutor according to a dallas news. eric williams was arrested saturday on a terroristic threat charge. the report says he could be charged with murder as early as tomorrow. in the wake of those killings officials in kaufman, texas,
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have been on heightened alert. they traced an e-mail. he stole county equipment last year in a case prosecuted by mike mcclel land and dan hasse. williams attorney says he has had no involvement in the killing. he has been cooperative. finally, ending on a much happier note, former president george w. bush and his wife laura welcomed their first grandchild. jenna gave birth to margaret laura mila. both jenna and mila are healthy. the familiar will is, as expected, elated. congratulations, jenna. as always, why are you awake? send us an e-mail or tweet me. we'll read the best responses
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later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," adam scott is your masters champion. this one needed more than just four rounds. we'll show you all the drama that led the australian to his first green jacket. then we'll head to the water cooler. why will ferrell was kanye. it had nothing to do with will ferrell's awesome suit. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> jackie robinson opens the dodger's second with a home run into the left field seats. they beat the braves by a run in their home front. jackie robinson is the spark plug. he gets them off and running to prove how rough it can be. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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way up 50 floors from where i am in this studio, we have a camera pointing to lower manhattan. a nice start in the new york city area. nice little dry stretch for many people in the northeast. i think we deserve it after the spring we have. i've always encouraged weather watchers to send me pictures. on saturday i have a new weather watcher. so does everyone else. lebron james posted these weather photos on instagram in miami. they were taken apparently while he was driving and showing the flooding on the streets. it includes the caption, miami ain't always sunshine. mother nature ain't nothing to mess with. the national weather service actually caught on to this post. they issued a formal flood alert because of lebron's photos. this is what the world has come to. let's talk about the weather. i have to apologize to everyone in the northern plains. north dakota is just a winter wonder land mess.
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in areas like bismarck they had 17 inches on the ground yesterday and last night. it is snowing hard in fargo. you have about seven inches on the ground. schools are going to be canceled throughout much of the state. interstate 94 is closed across the state of north dakota. it's still snow from bismarck, grand forks, fargo, the heaviest being up towards grand forks. it's just cruel. this is now mid april and we just have one snow after the other. if you watched the masters yesterday, you saw some of that rain. it hit the southeast hard. now that rain, what is left of it, is up along the carolina coast line. raining hard in wilmington. showers in richmond, danville. some of that could move towards virginia beach. maybe washington. d.c., a sprinkle or two. primarily the rain is going to stay south of there. here's the bad news. i still can't put away my snow map. snow starting today in wyoming will drop 6 to 12 inches of snow in cheyenne, wyoming.
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then 3 to 6. the white is 3 to 6 from nebraska to minnesota through the dakotas. they have reported up to three feet of snow still on the ground. your forecast today, it at least feels like spring and summer throughout the southern half of the country. the northern plains, apologies all around until at least next week. to sports now. he needed two extra holes to get it done. adam scott your masters champion. angel cabrera, both had their springs working as they worked through the back nine. scott tied with cabrera who was one group back. one shot lead if he makes the put in the clubhouse, and he nails it. that's a 20 footer. high fives all around. cabrera playing in the group right behind. his approach shot. how pretty was that? and he nails it. that's for the tie. scott had barely gotten off the green celebrating when cabrera came up right behind. so we have a masters playoff.
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the first holes they both parred. this is the second playoff while cabrera puts first. just misses a birdie. so this is a win for scott. no question about it. perfect feed. perfect everything. it turned out to be perfect for scott. so did cabrera. good if you win the masters and not lose it. scott, he also wins the green jacket, 1.4 million, and a spot in the history books as the first australian to win at augusta. >> i'm a proud australian and i hope that it sits really well back at home and even in new zealand, you know? we had the combo out there with steve on the bag. incredible. i just -- it's hard to exactly put it altogether in my mind at the moment. it's surreal and amazing.
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>> that little inside joke there. scott's cadkacaddie is steve williams. he used to hold the bag for tiger woods. speaking of tiger, he was never able to battle completely back from the two-stroke penalty he was assessed after making the illegal drop on friday. the four-time champion tied for fourth place. not bad. would make bogeys at the 5th and 7th. he did have three birdies making a minor comeback. this is his 11th top five finish at the masters. the last time he won the masters, by the way, is all the way back to 2005. that's where chinese eighth grader guan tianlang. he's one of the highlights. i'm sure we'll hear more from him. to baseball. why didn't everyone tell me to buy stock in the nationals, not
2:49 am
the braves. the atlanta braves capped off a three game sweep in the nationals with a 9-0 win. the braves are a major league best, 11-1. the nats, still respectable, 7-5 overall. onto the nba, the knicks clinched the second seed with a 90-80 win over the pacers. it was their 15th win in the past 16. the first two rounds in the advantage assuming they beat boston. last time they finished as a two seed they went onto the nba finals back in 1994. and in the west, the lakers play to lock up the final spot. they'll have to do it, of course, without kobe brian. he has a torn achilles heel over the weekend. he's out six to nine months. that didn't slow down the lakers who beat the best team in the west, the san antonio spurs, 91-86. l.a. needs a win or a utah jazz loss to clinch the last playoff spot in the west. without kobe, difficult to say the least. coming up at the top of the
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hour on "morning joe," hunger strikes lead to violent clashes at the american prison at guantanamo bay. we'll dig into the controversial prison. when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler. snl takes on the gun debate. see what senators manchion and toomey think about their high profile compromise. why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious! it's not for colds. it's not for pain. it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing™. ♪ zzzquil™. the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil®.
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real news, gather around the water cooler. what do you have today? >> it was a great weekend, i saw mika running a half marathon. >> that's what you do on your weekends, watch mika? >> yeah, that's what i do. will ferrell donning a full blown money suit is in the midst of accepting an award for comedic genius. take a look. >> thanks to mtv but i -- what's happening? are you okay?
2:54 am
aubrey plaza, everyone. just like we rehearsed it. perfect. it was perfect. not too long, not too short, right on the money. >> awkward, funny. it was pretty good. >> somewhere in between. >> gun control was front and center on "saturday night live." joe manchin and pat toomey let their guard down with their high profile compromise. take a look. >> is this bill what we wanted? no. no. is it what the nra wanted? no. but does it at least help in some small way. >> no. >> no. nothing at all. >> we are confident that this bill will pass the senate and it will then go to the house of representatives where it will immediately get shot down. >> that's right. and that is not a metaphor.
2:55 am
no, they will literally throw the bill up in the air and shoot it with a gun. >> pretty good. >> funny script. they don't look the part enough. >> i don't know. i think they did a good job. finally, pop star justin bieber has been the target of an internet target. he left a message at anne frank's house, truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a believer. i don't expect anything less from justin bieber. a belieber is what his fans say. he spent an hour learning about anne frank's life. he hoped his visit would bring awareness to his story. >> now it's official. i officially have to get rid of my justin bieber tattoo. >> that's too much information. >> i didn't say where it was. >> it's getting weird here. still ahead on way too early. >> it was weirder when you were
2:56 am
watching mika run. >> "morning joe" is now just moments away. >> do you want to see me run? >> no, i don't want to watch you run. [ male announcer ] the first look is only the beginning. ♪ ♪ this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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at the top of the show we asked you why you were awake. producer john tower. >> laura, these are at the very important demographics. i'm awake because my husband is snoring. i am not abused. >> pinch his nose. >> anthony writes, i'm up unfortunately, waking up to use the bathroom and not being able to fall back asleep. >> that's a key, key audience for us, people with weak bladders. you'll never see a commercial for that. great job, everyone. i'll see you back here. "morning joe" starts right now.