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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 25, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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of people all around the world. >> the vice president speaking at the memorial for the m.i.t. police officer killed by the boston marathon bombing suspects. we'll hear more from joe biden and bring new information on how the bombs were detonated. this is "way too early". thank you for being up with us this april 25th. we are looking at the relationship between the marathon bombing and legislation on immigration reform. the questions lawmakers are asking that could put the proposal in jeopardy. george w. bush talks about his brother's bid. what he thinks of a bush-clinton match up in 2016. let's get to the top story at porock. before we get to the boston investigation. two fuel barges near mobile,
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alabama leaving three critically wounded. they decided to let the barges burn overnight creating a safety zone around the area. the cause of the blasts have not been determined. we know one of the natural gas barges was docked in the mobile river. dramatic images of the explosion. now to the latest in the boston marathon investigation. we are learning more about what u.s. agencies knew about the tsarnaev brothers before the attack. russian authorities asked u.s. intelligence twice about tamerlan tsarnaev, the older of the two suspects because of concerns he was becoming more radical. in 2011, the cia cleared him of ties to extremists and did not take action because the fbi interviewed him earlier that year and found no sign of terrorist activity. on both cases american officials
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asked the russians for more information related to the request. they did not provide further information. the cia recommended tamerlan's name be added to a government counterterrorism watch list. they are questioning whether or not the u.s. intelligence community adequately shared the information leading up to the boston marathon bombings. they write, it does not appear that the money spent or the information sharing environment put into place after 9/11 were useful in apprehending the tsarnaev brothers. they are turning to the suspects parents for answers. both are cooperating. the father is expected to arrive in the united states tomorrow for more questioning. yesterday, thousands of people honored m.i.t. police officer sean collier at a public memorial in cambridge, massachusetts.
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collier was on patrol last thursday evening when officials say he was gunned down by the tsarnaev brothers. vice president joe biden gave his condolences to the family and the community of boston before turning his attention to last monday's bombing. >> whether it's al qaeda or two twisted, perverted, cowardly, knock-off jihads here in boston. why do they do what they do? i have come to the conclusion, which is not unique to me, but they do it to instill fear. it infearuates them that we refuse to bend, refuse to change, refuse to yield to fear. the doctrine of hate and oppression. they found out cannot compete with the values of openness and inclusiveness. it's why they are losing around
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the world. >> senator elizabeth warren also gave a heart-felt speech invoking the city and her home state. >> we are strong. we are collier strong. we are boston strong. but the true source of our strength and our resilience is our spirit. we will miss you, sean. but, we will not forgot you. >> lawmakers pushing for immigration reform aren't just dealing with questions of citizenship, they are pressed to prove new legislation won't put the country at greater risk for a repeat of what happened in boston. marco rubio says while the terror attack may make the bill more difficult, it should not derail the process. listen, if boston exposes flaws in our system, immigration or otherwise, we should address that and address it in the bill.
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of course, we are open to those sorts of things. why have a tragedy happen in boston, which is horrible but we need to learn from it. why not apply those lessons in this bill or another bill. >> the presidential candidate weighed in on how the u.s. deals with those who come here to study. >> senator, very quickly, some are getting leery of all the muslim students in america. others have spoken of slowing down the number that get sboos the country, checking them out more closely, what do you think? >> i think we need to be open to changes that provide more security. it's important to understand. look, i don't like profiling or single out anybody. student visas are not a right. we can place whatever restrictions we want on student visas. i'm not ready to take a firm position. i want to look at what would have worked and what might have worked for past attacks.
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>> the former governor of rubio's state says immigration is an issue of national importance. >> we ought to be looking for how do we create a legal system where young, aspirational people of varying skills come to our country, learn our language, embrace our values and pursue their dreams with a vengeance. that ought to be the goal of the united states. guess what? you don't have to be a visionaire to understand the benefits of that. it is who we are. it is embedded in our dna. the american experience is the immigrant expierce. it makes us exceptional. >> former governor bush weighs his position. it's getting a big vote of confidence from someone who knows a thing or two about the white house. george w. bush is opening his
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library in texas. he's ready to back his young brother. >> he would be a marvelous candidate if he chooses to do so. he doesn't need my counsel, run. >> your brother versus hillary clinton? >> it would be a fantastic photo. i'm fascinated by the gossip and stuff that goes on but the field won't become clear until after the midterms. >> both jeb bush and hillary clinton will join president obama and the four living ex presidents in dallas when the museum is officially dedicated. there are plenty of topics to cover. the 43rd president addressed his record and the people he served, including dick cheney. >> i notice you say in the exhibit, no stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction were found. >> we are laying out the facts.
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that's a fact. >> 58% of the people saying it's not worth it in their view. >> i can't remember the numbers but 58% of the people originally said it was worth it. it's giving people a chance to live in a free society. as far as i'm concerned, the debate is over. i did what i did. his to historians will look at it. >> one of the saddest things about departing washington is that you miss your pals. a lot of people were there for all eight years. i became good friends with them. vice president cheney. you know, i don't see him much. i don't see many of the people i worked with much. it's kind of sad.
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>> former president bush kept a low profile since leaving the white house. he was asked about his newfound hobby. >> you are painting. >> much to the amazement of a lot of people. >> people have been looking at your feet in the bathtub. >> that's not that easy to paint, water hitting water, just so you know. >> how did you decide to do it? >> it's a beauty, isn't it? it may reflect by precocious nature, me painting myself in the bathtub or in the shower. i love to paint. painting changed my life in an unbelievably positive way. >> at least he's straight forward with us. >> this is fascinating, too. a new washington poll shows the approval rating for the former president stands at 47%. it's double the 23% that approved back in october of
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2008. it's a big move in a short time. gabby giffords superpac is on the background checks for gun buyers. the group is using a tool that automatically generates tweets to bring attention to the seven republicans and four democrats. one of the senators taking a major hit in the polls. her once solid approval rating in her home state now stands at 44% with 46% saying they disapprove. running radio ads in kentucky and new hampshire to hold senator mitch mccon nol accountable for their votes. shoot us an e-mail of why you are away or tweet us. we'll read the best responses, as always, later in the show. hours away from the nfl draft and the name many are watching, manti te'o.
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where he may wind up. the president doesn't want his daughters getting aull tattd up. that when we come back. grammy winning rnb singer was killed in an auto accident. she went fwi nickname left eye was driving an suv in honduras went it rolled over.
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to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. beautiful sunrise in washington, d.c. at 5:44 a.m. eastern time. let's go to bill karins for a
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check on the weather. i did not wear a jacket. >> 79 in d.c. it's a mild morning. not as warm this afternoon. the central plains is the only cold spot on the map. we finally turned the corner. 36 in minneapolis and 39 in chicago. you need a jacket in the great lakes and ohio valley. not for long. everyone is warming up. i mentioned the cold front going through the east coast. slightly cooler than yesterday. it should be, this time of year in the mid-60s. it's where we are going to be. the big warm up in the middle of the country has begun. there's a few sprinkles out there. boston has showers, providence. new york city, the showers have cleared out. the jersey shore another half hour, then dry for the rest of the day. this is perfect spring weather, low humidity, a cool morning and
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beautiful sunshine this afternoon. 70 in atlanta. d.c. 66. low to mid-60s into southern new england. it's chillier than we like in minneapolis and chicago. tomorrow is your day to play hooky, if you can get away with it. 67 in the twin cities. an interesting fact in north dakota, they have gone 47 days in a row with below average temperatures. not one day that's below expected. >> how many days in a row since on tv? are you a jet or giant fan or neither? >> a jets fan. it's rough. >> at least you have a couple draft picks this year. >> i know. i'm not getting excited. i know better. >> thanks, bill. let's turn to sports and talk about the first round of the nfl draft, 14 hours away. don't expect flashy picks at number one. offensive lineman luke joeckel
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and eric fisher could go first. you have probably never heard of these guys. it's a change from previous years. the quarterback selected with the top pick in four of the last five drafts thanks to a 2-14 record, the kansas city chiefs and the jaguars. all eyes will be on noter game's manti te'o. they wonder if he'll go in the first round. he was supposed to be a top ten pick. this is after the drama with his fake girlfriend. maybe the giants will take him. we shall see. stick around for "morning joe." we talk to roger goodell and jon gruden. they know all the quarterbacks you have never heard of. we want to switch gears to the nba playoffs, lakers-spurs without kobe can't get anything going.
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forces a turnover. finishes it on the other end. he had 16. check out this one, guys. behind the back pass. tony parker nails the three at 28 points. spurs win. they take a 2-0 series lead. oklahoma city thunder. love the hair. reminding his former team how he won last year. he is fast. blows by the defender. 36 points. there's this guy. ever heard of kevin durant? they are up. nets and dodgers take a tie. definitely need to be hooked on phonics for that one. that is a bases loaded grand slam to win the game. i want to point out, our new producer, eric schultz did the unthinkable, he left the game before that happened. he says it was to get rest to go
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to work. i mean pack a lunch, buddy and go straight from the game to work. anyway, we'll forgive him, i guess. finally, the rays off to a rocky start. what does joe maddon do? he brought in a pair of penguins. they hung out with the players in the clubhouse before the game against the yankees. he called it an attempt to get our players to chill out. ha, ha, ha, chill out. good one. pitched to a shut out of the yankees, 3 to zip. is "morning joe," the boston bombings. the panel will dig into whether they can bring the gun debate back to the senate floor. lewis and the water cooler. we are talking jimmy kimmel and
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my wife's favorite part of the show. >> she's a smart lady.
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>> she is a smart lady. >> get you in trouble. what do you have? >> let's begin with jon stewart. he's up in arms with a disconnect on capitol hill with the second amendment rights and the rights of terror suspects. >> i have an idea, since we are throwing amendments willy-nilly, why not track the weapons the america haters bought or do a background check if they try to purchase weapons. >> the right to bear arms should not be infringed. >> no ambiguity there. there's been 3400 deaths from terrorism. is there anything we can do about that? yes, it turns out there's one amendment that is exempt from statistical analysis or freak outitude.
2:54 am
god help us if the muslims decide to form a well regulated militia. >> the irony is dripping. >> pretty good. the president is revealing a little parenting strategy this morning. he told savannah guthrie how he plans to discourage his daughters from getting tattoos. >> we said if you decide you are going to get a tattoo, then mommy and me will get the exact same tattoo in the same place and we'll go on youtube and show it off as a family tattoo. our thinking is that might persuade them from thinking it's a good way to rebel. >> what do your mom and dad think about yours? >> what do you mean? oh, the "morning joe" tattoo i have on. oh, there it is. barack obama is -- that's great parenting on his behalf. sometimes you have to just do it. look at that. >> i hope you don't break up with "morning joe."
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>> you know, joe made me do it. so, let's go on to jimmy kimmel. he's on youtube's eighth birthday. >> to pay tribute to this digital titan, we put together a documentry that traces it from the origins to today. >> a marvel of internet technology. it's changed the way we exchange ideas. it is youtube. in 2005, the founders of youtube created a way to share meaningless videos across the globe. >> originally, if you saw it in a path tub, you had to make vhs copies and give it to your friends. with youtube, you can share iguana parts with the world. it changed everything. >> at the same time, everyone
2:56 am
here laughed with me. >> youtube has changed my life. i'm sure it's changed your life. it's like a constant stream of america's funniest home videos. >> it serves as a function. when i have a bad day, there's a couple things i go to for a pick me up. >> i put my tattoo stamp on my lower back and get thousands of people to look at it. maybe hundreds of thousands. >> joe saw the speedo thing. >> let's not talk about that. >> still ahead, why are you awake. your texts and e-mails are next. "morning joe" is moments away. ♪
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i'm still laughing about the iguana. we asked you at the top of the show why are you awake. john, what do you have? >> a day without brian is a day without sunshine. >> i have my first fan past my mom.
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that's good. anything else? >> vinnie writes, i guess it's been awhile since i watched. i spent the first part of the show wondering why willie was s >> who is the other one that compared me to chris? that is tough with '80s mullet look. i'll take a stamos comparison any day of the week. thanks, john. "morning joe" starts right now. >> the irony is we read about these events. we experience them. but the truth is on every frontier, terrorism is a weapon is losing it isot