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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 2, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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phillipos. the "news nation" is following developing news. president obama traveling to mexico city where in two hours he will hold a high profile meeting. topping their agenda, immigration reform, drug violence and trade. the meeting comes during a shift in policy when it come to security cooperation with the u.s. now, mexico's government took steps to him the widespread access previously given to u.s. law enforcement agencies. the president's three-day trip will include a stop in costa rica where he will attend a summit with latin american leaders. earlier today from the rose garden, president obama announced two additions to his cabinet. she has been tapped to run the commerce department and economics adviser is nominated to be u.s. trade representative. nbc's kristin welker is in mexico city covering the president's trip there. and we know, of course, they want to talk about trade. that is a big focus. when you tie it into this
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current conversation in the u.s. regarding immigration, we know that it has to be a high priority with the president and his counterpart there. this is going to be his first extended visit with the new president there. and immigration will be one of the key topics they discuss, particularly on the issue of border security. 19% of the imgranlts in the united states hail from mexico. this is something this country cares a lot about. certainly that is going to be a key topic of conversation. there is some uncertainty about this because this is a new president. he is taking a slightly different tactic to approaching the drug war than his predecessor. he is limiting intelligence sharing with the united states. that has given some in the u.s. pause.
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they're saying he is a new president. he has the right to recess how he operates. that will be another topic under discussion today when president obama arrives in an hour. trade and the economy are other big topics. mexico a big trade partner with the u.s. the economy has been steadily improving. it grew by 3.9% in 2012 so that will be another topic of conversation. >> i have a question to ask you regarding this visit. i have to ask you, what is that happening behind you? we hear quite a -- >> reporter: i was not sure if you could hear it. >> yes, we can. >> reporter: all of the shouting is for a celebrity that is apparently going to be staying in the area. so we asked does this have anything to do with the president's visit, not as far as we can tell. they say they are waiting for a celebrity to come. we'll be on the lookout. >> a celebrity that is not president obama that is staying at his hotel.
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okay. now that we've cleared that up. i have to ask you as well, this administration has been criticized by some experts who believe that they've not paid enough attention to latin america and the importance that it plays in factoring out the global economy. talking about what's happening in europe. somehow latin america slipped through the cracks. >> reporter: that's a great point. one of the president's goals will be to reaffirm the relationship between the united states and mexico. that is going to be critical moving forward on immigration reform. certainly. and it is going to be critical because there is this new leader. i've been speaking to some experts in mexican-american foreign policy and they point to that exact fact. they say it will be key for president obama to make that point clear and one of the ways he can do that is by not necessarily focusing on the drug
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war and on imgras igs. by sure that their conversation is a broad based conversation that focuses in large part on trade, on the economy and on the bilateral relationship moving forward. i think that's a really important point that you bring up. certainly one of the key items on the president's agenda when he comes to visit here. >> thank you very much for the latest from mexico city. now to the investigation in the boston marathon bombing. we are learning new details on who the three new suspects are and why they were allegedly motivated to help the sigg bomber, suspected bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev. the father of one of the new suspects, dias kadyrbayev described his son as being very caring. he said what i can say about my son. he was a straight a student at school. he was really good in math. he is a great helper. likes to help people even when people don't ask for help. but he feel they do need help, he would help people always. let me go to michael isikoff.
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he is standing by in boston. and honestly, michael, the way this father describes dias is very similar to how the tsarnaev brothers were initially described by their parents. but very different from the allegations from police and authorities. >> reporter: exactly. pretty hard to square with the allegations in the complaint. what is particularly damning for these students, the time line of events. and in particular, the events of that thursday when the fbi at 5:00 p.m. released the photos of the two boston marathon suspects. not the names. just the photos. and one of the kazakh students, kadyrbayev, the son of the individual you were just quoting there, recognizes about an hour later that it might be his friend dzhokhar tsarnaev.
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at that point he has a discussion with his two other friends. there are those text exchanges with tsarnaev himself. in which when he suggests to tsarnaev that he might be the boston marathon bomber, tsarnaev says, writes back, lol and take from the apartment what you want. that's between 8:43 and 8:48 p.m. that night. they then go to the apartment. the roommate lets them in. they take backpack. they take laptop computer. and they go back to their apartment in new bedford about 10:00 p.m. that's a half-hour before officer collier is shot, allegedly by the tsarnaev brothers that night. it is about two hours before the mercedes suv is carjacked, and it is about two and a half to three hours before that shoot-out in watertown that essentially shot the entire city of boston down for the next day.
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had the students, instead of trying to protect their friend as they were saying they were doing, alerted the fbi, it is very possible that all of those events could have been avoided. so while their mother says they are cooperating, at least they are according to their lawyers, the fact is that damning time line makes it very difficult when this goes to court to try to argue that they were trying to be helpful. >> and michael, the father of dias has tried to explain that is something that has caught a lot of attention. his license plate on his vehicle read, terrorista number 1. what is the dad saying about that? >> i think that both the dad and friends are saying, this shouldn't be taken seriously. it was a joke of some sort. it hardly seems funny in
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retrospect but that's what they're saying. that's their explanation. as damning as that time line is, i should point out that there is one significant point that we've learned since that complaint turned out. as we said, they went to the apartment. they took the backpack and the laptop. the fbi complaint is silent about what happened to the laptop. the lawyer for kaz buyev told us last night that it was voluntarily turned over. if you think about all the pieces of evidence in that room, what would have been most important, most crucial to the fbi, it would have been the laptop. the fact that the laptop wasn't trashed, the hard drive wasn't removed. at least, there is nothing in the complaint that reflects that. according to the lawyer it was turned over. that does suggest if this was a cover-up, it was pretty amateurish one. >> mike isikoff live for us in boston. yet another day there. still ahead, new hampshire
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senator kelly ayotte holding another town haul. it was about an hour ago after receiving back lash on a no vote on the expanded back lash on guns. plus, senator pat toomey's explanation for why the bipartisan bill failed. and the judge giving jurors more options to consider when deliberating her fate. we'll get the latest in a live report out of phoenix. and join the conversation on twitter. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself.
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i really don't understand. it doesn't make sense to me. what is wrong with universal background checks? >> okay. thank you. i will tell you in terms of a universal background check, as it has been framed. i have a lot of concerns about that leading to a registry that will create a privacy situation for lawful firearms owners. however, i do believe that our current system should be fixed. that's why i supported legislation -- >> that's a bit of what republican senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire said after facing tough questions at a town hall in the past hour about our vote against the bill that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers. it comes days after she was confronted at another town hall by erica lafferty whose parent
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was a principal in sandy hook elementary and was killed. the town hall today come as polls show approval ratings have plunged 15 points following her no vote and she is not alone. the same polls show prove rating for jeff flake of arizona know down 19 points. republican senator of ohio down 18 points. lisa murkowski down 16. and mark begich of alaska, one of the four to vote against it, down 6 points. joining me now, democratic strategist chris kofinis. michael smerconish and "washington post" national political reporter nia-malika henderson. thank you all for joining us. so michael, we'll start with you. this is the second town hall. has senator ayotte's answer improved at all? >> my goodness. it has gotten far worse. i fear senator is spending too much time reading the internet and not the bill itself.
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because a registry system was expressly prohibited from toomey-manchin. so she is buying into a canard that this is some kind of a registry. you know what that means in certain quarters, it is a precursor of they're coming for you your gun. that is not an accurate response. >> when i say has the answer improved. it is not a judgment on her position as much as it is an explanation of her position. the first answer in the initial town hall was there needs to be more done regarding people with mental health issues in keeping the guns. to your point the answer this time around is not accurate. so whether or not you agree with her vote, she doesn't seem at this point prepared to explain as solution in her eyes in great detail, michael. >> i think that her constituents are owed a substantive response. this is a major vote. she is a member of the u.s. senate. if that's the best that she's
11:16 am
got, it is terribly lacking. >> nia-malika, we're looking at these polls. as i ran down the polls, they're seeing a drop here. is this a one-time only thing. a one-off situation. or will this continue until it is time for someone to perhaps challenge any of these individuals on that screen. >> it is hard to know whether or not this is a trend. whether or not it is a one off. whether or not the prove ratings in this dip is part of the overall sense of congress is broken or whether or not it is specifically about the gun votes. i think we'll have to see. does it actually bring the gun vote back up? do these particular individuals see these polls as a sort of wake-up call where they would actually change their votes? i think that's what we don't know yet. some of these folks like ayotte isn't up until 2016. will this still be an issue of going in 2016? >> and senator toomey and michael, i want to you give me your thoughts on this as well.
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obviously, you know him from pennsylvania. but he gave his explanation of why he believes republicans rejected this bipartisan bill he co-sponsored. let me play is it. >> i think in the end, we didn't. because our politics have become so polarized. and there are people on my side who didn't want to be perceived to be helping something that the president wants to accomplish. simply because it is the president who wants to accomplish it. it is a heavy lift to get five senators to change their mind about a high profile issue like this. so i'm just not sure that it is likely to happen any time soon. >> so nia-malika, he said they did not want to appear to be helping the president accomplish this. have we heard one single republican come out and say that is an absolute false. >> you know, i don't think we have. i think congress on s on recess this week. >> but their phones still work.
11:18 am
>> that's true. they find their cameras even in recess. >> i do think that is certainly part of it. and let's face it. they're just on different sides of the issue. i think there are obviously great regional differences in terms of how people view guns. the sort of anti-crime argument that might work in illinois or new york probably doesn't play in north dakota. the murder rate in north dakota is 11 per year. >> aren't we seeing in polls, for example, in south carolina, places that you might believe were traditional gun cultures, where the expanded background check was supported. >> i'm from texas and we grew up seeing gun racks on the back of pickup trucks. i think the energy in the organization still is on those gun rights activists' side. the passion so far hasn't really been matched on the gun control side. but this is what we're seeing the beginning of. >> and michael, what is your
11:19 am
thought that some of these people according to toomey did not want to be perceived as helping something the president wants to accomplish. >> well, first, don't leave my state pennsylvania out of that mix and with you and nia-malika. pennsylvania is a big gun state. what's interesting is that senator toomey has seen a significant bump, a rise in his numbers. probably the best that he's had since he's been in the u.s. senate. so i think there's great significance in that. here's what's distressing. today's new york time cbs survey goes into the internals of some of the data. while nine of ten americans say they're cool with the universal background check, that doesn't also enhance the president's numbers. even among some of the electorate, although they agree on a universal background check overall, they want to stick to their partisan turf. >> we've talked about the republicans. chris, you're a democrat. we're going with mark begich,
11:20 am
heidi higeitkamheitkamp. what happens to them? >> that depends on how long it lasts. >> that's what the republicans are saying. they're banking on this will perhaps die down. is that the same with the democrats? >> it is pretty obvious that what happened here was not a policy position. when you listen to senator ayotte's argument, that is being willfully inaccurate about the fear of registry. as michael said, it is prohibited in the ledgislation. i think they are up in the next cycle who are worried about the political consequences. i think they underestimated how serious and emotional this issue was after newtown and how illological it was to argue against simple background checks. >> i hope this doesn't sound naive but how is that possible? these people are in airports. they see the television screen with the news coverage.
11:21 am
if they don't pick up a paper, they are surely getting call from constituents. i don't know how it escapes anyone, the severity of this conversation and how it certainly tapped into something in the american people. >> i think what happens is they sit down and look at, for example, if you're up in 14. it's a mid-term election. an offyear cycle. a different electorate. it is there you have, republicans have the advantage. they're worried about, okay, if this issue, how does it play with republicans, independent voters, traditionally gun issues, if you saw for example last time this came up in' 94 had big blowback for democrats. i think what's changed, newtown changed everything. i'm not sure the political strategists and advisers, let alone the senators have figured that out yet. >> so let me ask you. whether it is a democrat or a republican. if that senator does not get that, would you say in the case of the democrats, that they should be out? if you don't get this basic
11:22 am
concern of the american people and even if you have a d behind your name, that programs you should be shown the door. >> let me put it real bluntly. i don't care if you're a democrat or republican. you're there for certain reasons. one of the key reasons is to maybe protect children and make the world a better place, the country a better place. on this issue in particular, if you cannot come to terms with the fact that this country needs background checks, background checks. then i'm not sure why you're in office. it doesn't, i don't care if you're a democrat or republican. >> thank you. nia-malika. we've got some breaking news out of southern california. these are some live pictures of another wildfire raging about 50 miles west of l.a. evacuations are underway. in a neighborhood, a university. we will continue to monitor these developments. we'll bring the very latest in a live report ahead. and also still ahead, settlement checks now going out to homeowners who fell victim to improper foreclosures. many are saying the amount they
11:23 am
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prosecutor juan martinez has been giving his argument for the last hour calling jodi arias a manipulative individual who wants to play the victim. in a big break for the defense earlier, the trial judge told a jury they can consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. arias is charged with
11:27 am
first-degree murder in the stabbing and shooting death of her boyfriend, travis alexander in 2008. she has confessed to killing him and could face the death penalty if convicted. nbc has been informing the proceedings out of phoenix for us. diana, back to the judge's decision. did that catch everyone off guard or by surprise? >> reporter: yeah, you know, everyone in the courtroom said, wow, now this jury has options. that is big a deal here. they can choose to go for a second-degree murder or a manslaughter. both of which carry sentences of years in prison as opposed to first-degree murder which carries the death penalty. so now if there is a juror that has any shred of doubt that she was a cold-blooded murderer, they can choose to go with a lesser option and that's considered a big win for the defense. i want to tell you though. this is a really tough decision for the jury. because that prosecutor juan martinez came out attacking. he went after her character and talked about how she was a deceptive person from her childhood. he talked about previous
11:28 am
relationships. he talked about how she lured travis alexander in and knew what she was doing when she went after him to try to ensnare him in a relationship. when she did not get what she wanted from him, she got mad and started resorting to out. to stalking him, engaging in abusive behaviors, all the while maintaining it was travis alexander that was the abusive person. and what they're trying to do is create this lasting impression for jurors before they go in and start deliberating that jodi arias did indeed commit premeditated murder. all of this as you can imagine has been really tough for everybody inside that courtroom. i had jodi arias's mother and her grandmother who was in a wheelchair right in front of me. they were holding hands and leaning on one another for support. i looked across the aisle. i could see tranld's sisters, one of whom was crying. very difficult on them. the one person who showed no emotion was jodi arias. >> that is interesting. people have followed her every reaction. they followed her as she answered questions directed at
11:29 am
her by the jury. and even her tweets. so to not see any emotion from her after this time after this exhausting trial to this point is intriguing, to say the least. >> absolutely. and everybody is watching jodi to see how she reacts. in previous days of testimony, she would hide her face with her hair. she would start sobbing. she would say it was too much for her. sometimes they ended the day early because she said she had a headache. to see her not showing any reaction is really puzzling. and that i know the jury is paying attention. i could see them. they were hanging on every word that martinez was saying. they were taking copious notes. this is a jury that is determined to get it right. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow this through the he said. the president has signed the bill sparing the faa from the brunt of the sequester cuts. and as politico writes now, advocates for other agencies and programs are lining up by the newly opened door. we'll get the latest on lou is
11:30 am
lined up and who wants the treatment the faa received. and 2016 watch. a group now putting a little pressure, gentle pressure on hillary clinton to run for president. why some are saying not so fast. there's speculation surrounding tea party senator ted cruz. and a question regarding his place of birth. mark murray will join us live. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up.
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the president is due to land in mexico in about 45 minutes. here at home there are reports that advocates from different agencies are for fixes to their own sequester problems. similar to what was achieved by the faa. the president officially signed the bill ending the faa furloughs of air traffic controllers yesterday. politico reports lawmakers like senator barbara mick you willsky want to, quote, fully fund everything from first responders
11:34 am
to emergency preparedness and cyber security and spend more than obama's budget on grant programs for firefighters. citing the deadly fertilizer plant explosion in west texas. joining me now, darren, thank you for your time. >> reporter: thank you for having me. >> does this come as a huge surprise? we talk about who is still suffering after this plan came up to shift some of the money for the faa. the door is open, it would seem. >> reporter: it is kind of inevitable that congress would go in this direct. we saw it when they fix the meat inspectors and tuition for the troops. the moment the dlinls started creeping up and the pictures of the long lines, 7,000 airplane delays last week alone. it was inevitable that congress would start looking for these piece by piece fixes. >> absolutely. if the squeaky wheel is getting the most attention, why not squeak? where are we seeing at least some of the people, or the agencies that are lining up specifically? >> sure. i think after boston, you have to be thinking about homeland
11:35 am
security and law enforcement. first responders. we were picking up on that. just in the days after that talking to people in charge of the homeland security spending committees. they have to do appropriations bills going forward. that would be a place where they can plus up money that will compensate for some of the cuts. you did already see eric holder, the attorney general last week announcing that they're going to not do furloughs for everyone who works at the justice department. did he say going forward, he was not sure what he could do for the next fiscal year. i think you can expect to see a push to get congress to do something to make sure the fbi agents are on the job. the prosecutors are bringing the prosecution. but also altogether, the u.s. prosecutors are some of the examples. and then public health is another great example. the nih has been seeing cuts. researchers are being sent home or told to pull back on their jobs. and you have a push from republicans and democrats. in the senate, the house they've been pushing to try to plus up the if you saiding for the national institutes of health. >> and how much of this is
11:36 am
divide between weak and the strong, the powerful voice versus those who may not have their strong advocates. we've heard a lot of people bring up 4-year-olds in head start. can't all get on a bus and head to capitol hill. >> yeah. that's very true. i think the people who rely on meals on wheels, some of the education funding are not able to make the same kind of case. they're hearing also from their advocates. people on the hill like chris van hol yep saying he would prefer an overall sequestration fix which is pretty much pie in the sky. if they want to fix all of it while others are going for the piece by piece attempts, i think they'll be the ones that have successful if the advocates for meal on wheels or housing want to make a play, they're going to need to get some powerful allies. >> you mentioned congressman chris van hollen. he will be a guest on the star tomorrow so we'll ask him about the pie in the sky analogy. thank you for joining us.
11:37 am
a great pleasure to have you on. this morning in washington, putting a woman in the white house was the focus of an event held by the pro-choice group, emily's list. our first read team says they are subtly nudging hillary clinton to make a bid for 2016. in fact, polling from emily's list shows a majority of battle ground state voters are ready for a female president. 86% support a woman in the white house. the efforts of the group also included a new video. >> i am here because of all the fearless pioneer women who fought 200 years ago at seneca falls. >> i am here because of the elected women that have come before me. >> they paint a path for the first woman president and the next. >> when women are heard, women lead. >> communities grow stronger. >> that's the american way. >> that is titled madam president. meanwhile on the publicity front, it was noted that senator ted cruz is considering a
11:38 am
presidential run. as our first read team notes on this one, you might want to tap on those 2016 brakes, given the conservative competition cruz would face concerns by the gop establishment and the fact that he was born in canada. >> domenico, it is so interesting. i'll start with ted cruz and we'll work our way to hillary clinton. i was home in texas easter. and there are ted cruz t-shirts. just about everywhere. and it speaks to his popularity in my home state. so i imagine, the chuck schumer t-shirt not widely circulated in new york. he is an acquired taste but he has his base in his home state. >> most new yorkers focused on totally different things. more likely wall street or some other things going on like the mets or the other team. >> you guys in new york have so much more going on. but it does speak to his popularity in the state.
11:39 am
>> it speaks to his support with tea party organizations who really fueled his bid to be able to run and really upset an establishment texas candidate at the time of david duehurst. so ted cruz and his fire bran style, upsetting protocol, those are all things the right really likes about him. and his supporters do as well. it will be difficult for him to find the space necessary. if he does decide to run in 2016. you have lots of other people in the mix who are conservative. marco rubio at the top of that. jeb bush, where ted cruz doesn't factor into poeg of but then ted cruz hasn't even talked about potentially running yet. once you throw his name into the mix there, you see things change. this far out on polling we really push things to the side. but some polling, you can't dismiss. that's on hillary clinton. where she is in the 60s in two
11:40 am
polls. poor joe biden down there at 12% and 13%. >> you said ted cruz hasn't brought it up. who is pushing this? >> when the national review went looking to see what is ted cruz up to? is he thinking about this? those with sources in seventh sources. you get close to some of those folks and they would really like him to run them do see some energy behind him. you have to remember that for the last two election cycles, conservatives have not thought that the problem was their principles. their problem was john mccain and mitt romney being too moderate. so that's the discussion that they're having in the republican party. as to who they're going to nominate. we'll keep hearing about this until 2016. >> it is kind of the blame everyone else but not look at yourself theory. some might say. what about this whole issue with his birth place? we know the constitution reads. and this could be an issue for
11:41 am
him. >> the constitution is not clear. that's the problem. natural born is what it says. but he was born in canada when his parents were working there. his father was born in cuba and later became naturalized. his mother was born in the united states. so is being born of an american citizen enough? it wasn't enough for people who are ironically supporters of ted cruz now of president obama. they thought it was born on mars or something. but you know, that is the ironic reality of what is happening. >> is not it? let's go back to hillary clinton and this gentle nudge as the first read team referred to it from emily's list. they say overall they would like to see any woman run for president and win. but we all know, obviously, the one that they're eyeing the most. >> the head of emily's list came out and said, everyone is thinking of hillary clinton. if hillary clinton doesn't run, there are plenty of other good women in the democratic party. we all know what this is about.
11:42 am
we know that there is draft hillary movement going on. we know that emily's list is going to be behind her and try to get her to run. we know that bill clinton is going to be there at home. whispering in her ear, telling her, look at these poll numbers. look how well you can do. it is in her best interests not to decide until late. she can hole the field on this for quite some time. she will almost clear the field if not clear the field because her poll numbers are so high because of the sort of nonpartisan role she has played as secretary of state. of course, benghazi took that down a little bit. the second she jumps back in the political arena is the second the poll numbers come back down. >> thank you very much. we want to update you on the breaking news out of southern california. a new wildfire now forcing evacuations. one neighborhood and a university. we'll get the latest on the ground. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea
11:43 am
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attention bald men. you may have a higher risk to develop coronary artery disease. a recent analysis of almost 40,000 men shows those who have lost most of their hair are 30% more likely to develop the disease. baldness is an indicator of insulin resistance and inflammation, both of which are risk factors for coronary artery disease. >> we're following news out of southern california. hundred of firefighters are working to control a fast moving wildfire that has burned 2,000 acres and is threatening homes just outside of los angeles. authorities have ordered mandatory evacuations due to the dangerous fire which is being fueled by high winds and dry heat. the officials say that it could spark even more fires throughout the state in the nearby community of banning. another fire last night burped
11:47 am
3,000 acres and destroyed at least one home. two firefighters were hurt while holding the line. that prior to we're will is 40% contained. joining me, bill nash from the ventura county fire department. >> the fire in ventura county is still burning out of control. it is more than 2,000 acres at this point. we have over 500 firefighters either on the ground or en route to assist in the site. four fixed wing aircraft and four helicopters battling from the air. we have conducted evacuations in the camarillo springs area and the thousand oaks area. newbury park and cal state channel islands which is a university within the cal state system. >> can you give me a rough estimate on how many people are being affected by the evacuation? >> i would put the number in the thousands. >> i didn't hear you. >> i would put the number in the
11:48 am
thousands. >> in the thousands. >> we've talk about, we're looking at some images coming into us right now. a major factor are these high winds, it difficult if not pretty much impossible for firefighters to get one up on this latest fire. >> that's correct. it is very hard to battle under these conditions. because we're giving wind gusts in the neighborhood of 40 miles an hour with single digit humidity and high temperatures. that's the weather recipe for fires in southern california. the challenge for our firefighters is to get out of this fire. create a fire break. and let the fire consume the fuel and get this thing out. >> we wish you all the best there. thousands affected by this manner to evacuation. we'll continue to update our audience. thank you for that update. >> thank you. the tragic death of a young wrap star, chris kelly tops our look at stories around the nation. kelly form half of the '90s rap
11:49 am
duo. official say he died in an atlanta hospital of an apparent overdose. he set trends from the way they wore their clothes, even selling millions of albums. chris kelly was just 34 years old. a funeral was held today at the grand old opry house for country music legend george jones. laura bush was among those to pay distribute uxt kenny chesney, brad paisley among others. george jones died april 26th at the age of 81. still ahead, homeowners speak out after receiving their settlement payments for having their homes improperly foreclosed on. some of them receiving just a few hundred dollars. we'll have that report. and be sure to like the "news nation" on facebook. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪
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11:53 am
part of a more gang abuses setment between big banks. these people won't have a lot to cheer about. nbc senior investigative correspondent lisa myers has the story. incredible numbers here. >> reporter: they are. for families who endured years of anguish or in some cases, even lost their homes. critics say these payments are cold comfort. the banks don't have to admit wrongdoing. even if there is evidence of illegal conduct, the government so far is not providing that information to homeowners. karen was fighting to save her home from foreclosure for three years and recently received her compensation payment from the settlement. $300. >> it was more than pathetic. it was insulting. >> reporter: timothy, a trucker, said he has been fighting to
11:54 am
save his home since his servicer made a mistake declaring his family behind on the mortgage when they were not. he received a post card recently saying he'll be getting a check. he too expects $300. >> it is kind of like a slap in the face. we've been trying to work through this for three years now. and we've lost lots. >> reporter: in all 13 banks will pay $3.6 billion to homeowners under the settlement. the five biggest banks alone earn more than $60 billion last year. the largest payouts, $125,000, go to more than 1,000 members in the military wrongly foreclosed on. and to 53 homeowners foreclosed on, even though they never missed a more gang payment. but most almost 2 million homeowners get checks of $300 to $600. >> families get pennies on the dollar in the settlement. for having been the victims of illegal activities or mistakes
11:55 am
in the banks' activities. >> platt was so upset, he wrote nbc news. >> the banks have misrepresented the facts. >> reporter: in the settlements, the banks promises to end abuses. but he said his bank has not changed. >> there has been no improvement whatsoever. you cannot even talk to them. >> reporter: both of their banks declined to comment. and platt now is suing his bank. as for information about wrongdoing by the bank, so far federal regulators are refusing even to provide that material to congress. claiming the bank's documents are their trade secrets. >> all right, lisa. thank you very much of we really appreciate you joining us for that report. time now for the news nation gut check. we told you earlier, the new hampshire senator kelly ayotte faced new questions at a town hall about her vote against the bill that would have expanded background checks. she then defended the boat despite polling that shows 75%
11:56 am
of new hampshire voters favor increased background checks. two days tag daughter of sandy hook elementary schoolary victim confronted ayotte. she respond by saying increased background checks would not have prevend the newtown school shootings. do you think town halls like this will change lawmakers' mine about gun control? what does your gut check tell you? that does it for this edition of "news nation." thank you for joining us. i'll see you tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next. that's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? this spring, dig in and save. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. keep you yard your own with your choice lawn insect controls, just $8.88.
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12:00 pm
boston. >> krystal is on assignment today. president obama is in mexico at this hour. he is preparing to talk about trade and the war on drugs. >> i might be surrounded by some massachusetts people but today i'm in a very empire state of mind. i'll tell you why. ♪ >> the three 19-year-old friends accused of interfering in the boston marathon investigation are in federal custody today. their next court hearing is later this month. the federal complaint details how they removed dzhokhar tsarnaev's backpack from his dorm room and then lied about it to police. now the fbi said tsarnaev bragged to two of them more than a month ago that he knew how to make