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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 18, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the economy, immigration reform, national security, forget it. it the house of representatives wants to go back 40g years. -- 40 years. ♪ i've got the power >> one of the things you learn as president, you do have differing perspectives on problems. >> it is very easy to slip slide deeper and deeper. >> these programs have protected the u.s. and our allies from terrorist threats. >> the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls. >> over 50 times of since 9/11. >> i don't pay a lot of attention to what barack obama says. >> i don't think we ought to be playing games. >> women have said you need to do something about these late term abortions. >> we have got to get serious. >> we're going to take that action today. >> what have you done for me lately? that's my job. i accept that.
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>> it is a busy tuesday. we're following developments on multiple fronts this afternoon. the president has just touched down in germany after concluding some critical meetings at the jaxt sux mit in northern ireland. he arrives in berlin with a full slate of issues to confront on the world stage. as american officials announced this morning that the u.s. will be begin formal peace talks with the taliban and afghan officials on thursday, the president said the reconciliation process won't be quick or easy. today, today, the american-led nato coalition officially transferred security for all of afghanistan to government forces. a transition that opens the door for international forces to withdraw completely by the end of next year. afghan president hamid karzai called an ahistoric moment. meanwhile, a farless historic moment is taking place this afternoon in the u.s. house of representatives.
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with a new effort to limit a woman's right to coos. yes, a vote is due next hour on the pain capable unborn child protection act that would ban abortion 20 weeks after fertilization. earlier today, house speaker john boehner expressed his confidence in the bill's passage. >> a vast majority of the american people believe in the substance of this bill and so do i. i believe it will pass with a broad bipartisan majority. >> of course, the president threatened to veto such a bill if it were ever to make it past the senate which is it most certainly won't. never mind. speaker boehner had other tackles to attend to such as trying to close the door on immigration reform. >> i don't see any way of bringing an immigration bill to the floor that doesn't have a majority support of republicans. the senate bill is weak on border security. i think the internal enforcement mechanisms are weak and the triggers are almost laughable.
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>> speaking of laughable, i have to go back to this because earlier today, congresswoman marshall blackburn tried her best to claim that the doomed abortion bill currently occupying the house of representatives is anything more than a pathetic pander in an interview with my colleague craig melvin. >> is this purely pandering? >> no, it isn't pandering at all. it's saving the life of women and of babies, pandering? absolutely not. i can't believe you would say something like that. how dare you? how could you say something like that about a bill that has absolutely no chance of becoming law. don't be ridiculous. one texas congressman has promoted the bill because he claims male fetuses can be seen masturbating in the womb. more on that later. if that sounds like the party of stupid, bobby jindal is no longer having any of that business. in an op-ed today, mr. jindal a former whoeds scholar and the
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governor of louisiana tells conservatives to "put on your big boy pants, are stop the bedwetting, and unload on the democrats because "they believe that money grows on trees. the earth is flat, people of faith are ignorant and uneducated, unborn babies don't matter, wild weather is a new thing, moral standards are pass say, the second amendment is outdated, and the first one has some problems too." so no rebranding or revi advising for mr. jindal and his version of the republican party. just draw a cartoon liberal, throw darts at it, clog up congress with pandering politics. meanwhile the rest of the world moves on. let's get right to our panel. dana milbank from the "washington post." and in miami, msnbc political analyst michael eric dyson. dana, isn't bobby jindal clear
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and verifiable proof now that the rhoades scholarship is gravely diminished? >> well, it's an excellent case study there because this is the same bobby jindal who last year after the election was saying, look, guys, we got to grow up and get rid of these more recalcitrant elements of the party. he learned his lesson for that. you don't defy the sarah palin wing of the party. so he's. >> he's joined them. >> he has now joined them. he didn't want to get trampled by that parade so he's now the drum major. >> what you're saying is jindal complained about the stupid wing of the party but now he's joined it. is that correct? >> yes, reluctantly i'm sure. >> of course. thank you very much. professor, for many americans the issue of abortion is au know is a serious matter of faith and conscience. that includes those republicans in congress who are spending the day on had bill. but can you, sir, explain why none of them has done anything
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to stop the sequester from throwing 70,000 children off the head start program or removing the provision of meals-on-wheels from 4 million elderly americans? are we to conclude that the unborn life is more valuable than the living? >> well, in their narrow theological purview, i'm sure that's right, brother martin. the reality is their vision of conscience stops at the door of so many people of color, of so many women, so many vulnerable communities. they're concerned about preventing the, if you will, stopping abortion but they're not concerned about what happens after the children get here. they want to make sure they get a portal straight to earth but when they get here, they want to abandon them. reality is that the republican theology so far as we can discern it from this kind ofchy canary says on the one hand, they're not interested in getting into people's lives and want the government to say out of everything except the issues they want the government to be
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involved in. now instead of biolodge counsel science or people's different faith dictating what they believe as a matter of conscience, they want to dictate wholly willy nilly what everyone should believe and ought to believe as if there is no internal dissension in the ranks of the religious and the faithful. why make the litmus test for authentic faith what i believe only? as a result, they use their bully pulpit politically to reinforce their narrow religious bigotry which ends up a mess across the board. >> dana, even republicans are expressing concerns about the house gop. charlie dent of pennsylvania says this about today's debate. i'm quoting him "i'll be very dprank, i'm discouraged our leadership from bringing this bill to a vote on the floor. clearly, the economy is on everyone's minds and now we're having a debate on rape and abortion. the stupidity is simply staggering." but dana, it's not, is it, because the stupidity is now the
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standard for the house gop. >> you know, i covered this when it was in the house judiciary committee last week. it was not the best image for the party then because it was 23 men no, women on the republican side of the house judiciary committee voting this through without any exception for rape or incest or the health, life of the mother. they tried to dress it up here. that's why you saw marsha blackburn. she's leading this instead of trent franks hog had his own unfortunate moment before the committee last week. so they've tried to dress it up and add exceptions to it. but ultimately, they know that this isn't going through the senate. they know that the president isn't going to be assigning this into law. and the court has shown no appetite to revisit this anyway. so you know, clear will i had party under eric cantor tried to take a more practical approach to bread and butter issues.
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he got an earful from his caucus. now we're back to abortion legislation. >> professor the other debate on the house floor right now is over the farm bill. the president has threatened to veto the house version because of $20 billion in cuts to food stamps. bobby jindal suggests progressives have no morals in that op-ed. what kind of morality is it, sir, that takes food from the neediest? >> i don't under. our good friend ezra klein shall we say ezra pounded this particular party by in his column today by saying as you've said earlier instead of revolting against the very stupidity and crassness that he lamented, mr. jindal governor jindal has now joined that very wing to cut people off of food stamps when they're vulnerable, to take their resources 8 of out of their mouths to tie as a rider to a bill that is meant more broadly for the farming community and then to give with one hand and take back with
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another is not only a kind of rhetorical and ideological leisure doe pain and sleight of hand but playing to the worst elements of our communities. either we're going to be concerned about enabling those the most vulnerable to be helped or give up our democracy with a heart. these conservatives need to take a look in the mirror because one day soon it may be their families and communities standing in line. guess what, you vote against what happens in new york when natural disaster occurs but in your backyard in oklahoma, all of a sudden you have a change of vote. this kind of crass manipulation of the electorate for the pumps narrowly speaking of their ideology bespeaks volumes that's horrible about the republican party. >> professor michael eric dyson in miami, dana milbank in washington. gentlemen, thank you so much. coming up, we debate the 1984 games. is big brother watching?
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heard the comparison himself. that his national security policies are virtually the same as those of the bush/cheney years. and so on this point, the president has decided to correct the record. >> we ended enhanced interrogation techniques. we ended some of the detention policies that violated our values. some people say obama was this raving liberal before. now he's dick cheney. dick cheney says he took it all lock stock and barrel. my concern has always been not
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that we shouldn't do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism but rather are we setting up a systems of checks and balances. >> indeed. at today's hearing on intelligence gathering, the director of the nsa pushed back at the general criticism of the program. he will not only repeated the claim of the fbi director last week that these surveillance programs might have prevented 9/11 but that they continue to foil potential attacks to this day. >> these programs together with other intelligence have protected the u.s. and our allies from terrorist threats across the globe. to include helping prevent the terrorist the potential terrorist events over 50 times since 9/11. >> genuine is us now is alan grayson of florida and karen finney my colleague and the host of "disrupt with karen finney." welcome to you both. congressman, general alexander today revealed that this information helped prevent separate attacks on the new york
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subways and the new york stock exchange. has what you've heard today from him and what you heard the president say about these programs, has any of that assuaged some of your criticisms? >> no, it hasn't. the nsa is keeping a record of every single telephone call that you make, every single phone call that i make, every single phone call that every american makes. he failed to show that kind of basic big brother is watching you type surveillance is necessary or even that it helped in any of those situations that he described. similarly, with regard to the p-r- >> s-m-program, the document that was released in the leak indicates that there are e-mails that are being transcribed voip, the content of telephone calls. there are pictures being downloaded from apple, from google, from are microsoft and this has been going on now for seven years. no, i'm sorry.
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to say that they've done their job reasonably well overall and prevented terrorist attacks does not mean they have to induce this level of intrusion to keep us safe. as the a disconnect. >> okay, karen on sunday, dick cheney said the president hasn't done a very good job of defending these programs. i would argue he's done a reasonable job of defending them from the lax oversight during the bush/cheney years. he seems to be being criticized by mr. gray son and dick cheney. what's your analysis? >> number one, this is very hard. but i want democrats to remember we had warrantless wiretapping in the bush years. then we said we wanted a process that would the fisa courts and congress. if we want to have a conversation whether or not that is adequate in terms of transparent and accountability, let's have that conversation. but i don't think we should fault the president for following the process that we said ta we wanted. that being said, i also have to tell you, i'm very uncomfortable
1:18 pm
with how much credence we have given to one 29-year-old man. i've called him a kid before inadvertently. il say he's a man. i don't know that everything he's telling us is the truth either of the problem in the story is we're trying to sort out between two different opposites where the truth lies. i'm not shower we've gotten it yet. >> congressman, aren't you being as counter factual as the nra when you invoke north korea and nazi germany in the nra says a bill which prohibits a gun registry is actually an echo of hitler. and, of course, you've mentioned the nazis in connection with the nsa. >> martin, let me ask you, how do you feel about the fact that the government is ep cooing a record of every single phone call you make? are you happy or unhappy with that? >> if you wouldn't mind, sir, i'm merely here to ask you certain questions. our viewers have no interest in my view.
1:19 pm
they're interested in your view as he an elected member of congress and responsible member of congress. do you think you were were being as counter factual as the nra by invoking hitler and north korea? >> martin, you are completely missing the point. the point is we're taking measures not correlated in any sense with our safety. even if they were, it would be beneath our dignity as human beings. that's what this is all about. you could always make people safer by taking extreme measures. for instance, if we lowered the speed limit to 10 miles per hour, people would be safer. if we outlawed knives and forks, people would be safer. if we made everybody everybody fly on the airlines naked, people would be safer. none of those things corresponds to my sense of human dignity. i'm not the only one who feels that way. >> i'm not sure how safe they would be if i was naked on an airline. karen, you wanted to intervene. >> some of what i've read from technologists suggest that some of the characterizations ta we've gotten from snowden are inaccurate. so to say again, this is where i
1:20 pm
say trying to sort through and find the truth with all due respect, mr. gray son, i'm not sure it's accurate to say the livl of access that they will have and what that means. as they testified today, they said that some of the things we've been able to be actually trace through this program did lead to their ability to shut down these terrorism threats. and that being said, there's a real question as to, when you do a google search on google, are you accessing only a part of the system, not all of the system. so again, that's what i'd like to actually know more information about. and frankly, i'd like to -- i want members of congress asking more about why we've had this proliferation, frankly, of this intelligence state where we know, lee fong of the nation last week showed us in a great piece, these contractors are abusing the information, booz allen for example that they're collecting on americans for their own political purposes. >> right. okay. mr. gray son, willet me play you something else that the president said during his
1:21 pm
interview with mr. charlie rose. take a listen to this. >> what amuses me is now folks on the right who were fine when it was a republican president but now you know obama's coming in with the black helicopters. >> mr. gray son, do you find it a little bit galling to see conservatives who embraced these programs and in fact far worse and now they suddenly have a problem with this because of course, there's a democrat in the white house? >> well, yes. again that's beside the point. this is not about president obama. this is not about snowden. this is about us. about our conception how we want to live as i an free people. again, it grossly offends me to have a government surveilling individuals' e-mails, their photos that they post online. every single telephone call that they make. that is not my sense of the kind of country i want to live in. that is not america. it's irrelevant whether people are pinning this on president obama or not. it's about us. >> but just very quickly, yeah,
1:22 pm
you know, here's the thing about that. . when you talk about posting photos online. what do we all think when we talk about data driven campaigning that that is? that is all about collecting information assimilating that information, building a profile to then target you for your vote. in the same way on the consumer side you know, google and other companies do it to be able to sell you a product. again, i think if we're going to have this conversation, let's have the bigger conversation. there's not even an industrywide standard on do not track in terms of tracking us, tracking us through the cookies when we're online. we're not safe as it is. that's a mythology if we think that it just stops because google anya who are upset that this program was reveal. they're collecting on us too. >> karen finney disrupting the conversation and congressman alan grayson, thank you both. you can catch "disrupt rupt" with the karen finney every saturday and sunday at the best time of day, 4:00 p.m. right here on msnbc.
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coming up, after a busy weekend, sarah palin has just been muzzled in today's top lines. >> this is exactly what she wants. just because i walked into a turd supermarket doesn't mean i have to buy anything. this brings us to our new incredibly important segment "wait a second, we can just ignore her." i want to make things more secure.
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from small arms to big hair, here are today's "top lines." this is not a fraternity house. >> michael writes hey shack man it, straighten your tie. this isn't a damn fraternity. >> a. >> people think i'm sip poewitz or something. the bottom line is that my collar was too tight and i was asphyxiating >> i can't get over brian shactman being asphyxiated. >> he says it makes things more intense. >> it is 6:00 in the morning. >> do you have some fancy hair going? >> what are you trying to say? really? >> is it big hair today? >> meanwhile an ultrarare hearing. >> these programs have protected the u.s. helping pro vent the
1:31 pm
potential terrorist events over 50 times. >> we've got a guy trying to blow up a new york subway system. >> a nascent plotting to bomb the new york stock exchange. >> we are increasing our chances of preventing a catastrophe. >> his ratings will drop five points. obama of hires his utah as his speechwriter. >> people under 30 love their phones. >> the young people you always make fun on this show. >> i make fun of everybody. kids don't like it. >> we had an accident there. a stray elbow to the nose. >> what people typically want is a clean solution. >> the russians are all in. hezbollah is all in. >> hezbollah, iran and russia. >> here's what we're going to do and we just moord. >> we're talking about giving them more light weapons. >> it's never enough. >> it's insane.
1:32 pm
>> that happens in the best of families, doesn't it. >> right to our panel, joining us now to toure, also bus feed political editor mckay coppins and garantz frank aruta. garntz, interesting things happen even in the best of families but there's a lot of talk today about one of america's top.political families, the clintons. mrs. clinton who just opened up a new twitter account and is already taking selfies with chelsea her daughter, she hasn't said she's running for president yet. she's got a big endorsement in that race today. explain to our viewers how this works in precise terms. >> i think for clinton, you know, i mean she can't declare this far in advance because then she would have to be running for years where he's going to be opening herself up to attacks. i think that's the greatest danger she runs whether she declares sooner or later. but for the near term, having a claire mccaskill come out and
1:33 pm
say she's going to support her, a very early obama supporter sends a signal that lead ares in the party should get in line and back clinton. >> toure, on the very day mrs. clinton stepped down from the state department, senator mccaskill said this, i know hillary clinton will succeed in whatever comes next for her. if had your future plans include seeking the president iscy which i hope they do, then i look forward to being on her team. she's obviously applying for a job. last night mrs. clinton have reportedly said you can't win if you don't show up. isn't it time we stopped taking bets? she's definitely running >> i think he's definitely running. that's easy for us to sit here around this table and say she should not, right? because one of the big lessons of 2008 for her was being the early leader was the biggest problem she had. that and sort of overconfidence which comes from being the early leader. she wants to lay back. slow play it. slow roll it. maybe sort of appear to be
1:34 pm
organically drafted into the race rather than mushing ahead like the biggest elephant in the room and sort of trampling all the buildings or the trees. slow it. so claire mccaskill giving her a slight chance saying, be look, the people or a person in the senate is saying she should run. obviously, she's going to run for president. i don't see who could possibly beat her. do you? >> mccare, don't you think claire's action has done what tourry has suggested she shouldn't do? which she shouldn't be rushing in, yet, here's claire mccaskill saying i'm for hillary. >> i don't know if she would appreciate the elephant comparison. >> donkey. >> i think at this point, it's impossible for her to convince the broader public that she's not the candidate of the establishment's choice. everyone is behind her. everyone in the democratic party who has any kind i have sway is behind her. i don't think one endorsement here or there is going to make a
1:35 pm
difference. >> garance, there's still one wildcard in the 2016 deck, vice president joe biden. he spock today at the white house about gun violence. take a listen to. to this. >> because of the invocation of a rule perverted filibuster rule requiring 60 votes for everything in order to get a vote, we lost. 41 republicans and four democrats voted no. i'm confident some of them, i know for a fact some of them wonder now whether that was a prudent vote. >> garance for the 41 republicans and four democrats who took that vote against background checks, how much of a political price do you think that will be in 2014? >> i think it might be a little bit less of a price than some of the democrats think it will be. there's some polling out showing in some of the southern states in arkansas, in georgia, in
1:36 pm
tennessee, there's a great deal of support actually for the kind of proposals that were on the table and that got voted down. >> right. >> i agree with garance. the gun safety community is not punishing people who go against us at the ballot box. not yet. the gun control -- the gun rights side is absolutely punishing people and they know that lawmakers know they will be punished if they go across. >> joe manchin for example. >> we have to get into a position where they know that the gun safety community will punish them. otherwise, they're free to cross the aisle as they wish. >> for the first time after this failure to pass gun control legislation, we're seeing the gun control lobby come out with a lot of money and a lot of force for the first time, right? michael bloomberg's group among others is taking to the airwaves. i think that could be a game changer. >> isn't it the case mckay, that the vice president speaks ominously about those who voted against this background checks bill.
1:37 pm
the nra is still working hard at targeting on the other side. so this argument implying as the vice president just did, that somehow people are going to think, well, that wasn't a prudent prudent vote, as far as the nra was concerned, that's a very prudent vote, isn't it? >>, of course. there's always been a very active powerful influential gun lobby represented by the nra. that's not going to change. i think the fact that the gun control lobby and gun control advocates have finally gotten their act together and have money behind them and behind their effort could make the difference in terms of them going up against the nra. we'll see how it shakes out in 2014. >> tourry maki, and garance, thank you so much all of you. a dear john letter. if the speaker can't must ter a majority to back an immigration bill, does he really deserve to lose his job? >> maybe. what's the
1:38 pm
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this is what membership is. this is what membership does. >> i also suggested to our members today that any immigration reform bill that many is going to go into law ought to have a majority of both parties support. >> house speaker john boehner laid down the law in a way that only he can. no immigration reform, he said, unless majorities in both parties can support the legislation. of course, a majority of democrats like the american people themselves already support reform that includes a pathway to citizenship. but house republicans say that this is amnesty. lawmakers such as michele bachmann, steve king and louis gohmert will settle for nothing less than self-deportation. it's going to take a lot more than marco rubio to change their minds. loretta sanchez, democrat of
1:42 pm
california. good afternoon, ma'am. >> good afternoon. i want to talk to you about immigration in a second. first, do you have any comment on the fast that's taking place at the moment in the house of representatives, this day long debate and a vote which we're expecting sometime after 5:00 on abortion? >> well, as you know, it's never the democrats who really are trying to make this issue of abortion an issue. most of us think that this should be taken care of either at the state level or that people should or that the supreme court has already ruled on then before. the people have the right to their privacy, that women have the right to understand their own bodies. and so it's really sad to watch once again when there is no legislative agenda, when there's no jobs agenda moving forward by the republican party that they allow their conservatives to come onto the house floor and go after women once again. >> it's absolutely incredible because it's not as if you know employment is low. it's not as if student loans are
1:43 pm
not going to double in two weeks. it's not as if the nation's infrastructure is collapsing. but speaker boehner allows a whole day and a vote on something that will never become law. i just don't understand who the people in the house behind you think they're serving. >> well, you know, the reality is that the american public has spoken pretty forward on these issues. you know, stay out of our bedrooms. get out of the way. get people back to work. and so we have been working very hard on make it in america and an agenda that would allow jobs to be created on investing in our infrastructure, on putting people back to work and the reality is that, none of the bills that have passed so far in the house of representatives in this congress, i think there's 13 or 14 of them had anything to do with jobs. and that's really sad when the republicans control the floor. >> congratulations to speaker boehner on that. let's go back to immigration. it's a problem for the gop. that not even the talented mr. marco rubio can solve.
1:44 pm
and today speaker boehner really threw cold water on hopes for any kind of reform. take a listen to the speaker. >> so, i don't see any way of bringing an immigration bill to the floor that doesn't have a majority support of republicans. >> so in other words, congresswoman, sorry folks, you can forget about immigration reform because the members i'm supposed to be leading as speaker won't allow me to do it. >> well, you know, that is a sad commentary because leadership really is the one who stands up and takes the lead. and begins to work people and poof them in the direction where it's best for the country. and i truly believe that a comprehensive immigration reform package is so needed for america. it's needed so that working peoples' wages will stay up. it's needed because of homeland security. it's about traditional family
1:45 pm
family values in the sense right now families are being torn apart and put in different countries. i think it's incredibly important that speaker boehner be a leader and not just allow others within his party to push push him around. >> your colleague congressman louise gutierrez issued a blistering condemnation of the republicans anti-immigrant rhetoric today. he said this and i'm quoting when you reference gangbangers, drug drivers and rapists every time you talk about immigrants, it's hard to switch gears quickly when 500,000 latino citizens turn 18 every year and become potential voters, republicans seem hell bent onlining up and jumping off a demographic cliff. would you care to add your own sent mmts to mr. gutierrez' view? >> it's interesting. i was talking to well educated hispanic friends this weekend. some of them registered republicans who have said it's so hard to vote republican.
1:46 pm
some of them haven't for a while now because they just do not understand why this rhetoric and why this meanness towards hispanics when they themselves, the hispanic friends of mine have said you know, we would be more in line maybe with some of the republican party platform as it was a few years ago, but the fact that they continue to attack us as a community has just completely made them want to turn around and go to a different political party. >> once again, congratulations to the gop. congresswoman loretta sanchez, thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you so much. coming up, another republican man said what about women's reproductive rights? you won't believe this one. then again, maybe you will. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars...
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of the hands of women, their doctors, and their families, and instead we are back watching live debate
1:50 pm
of the house gop's 20-week abortion bill that we've been discussing. a vote is expected in about two hours. while there's already been a litany of ludicrous claims from the floor, it's difficult to top one comment made on monday by a republican congressman from texas who also happens to be an ob-gyn. take a listen to this gentleman. >> you watch a sonogram on a 15-week baby. they have movements that are purposeful. if they're a male baby they may have their hand between their legs. >> joining us is roy reed managing editor of the who physically shirked that description and the fine gentleman appears to be suggesting that the child in the womb is actually masturbating. >> when i saw that on twitter this morning, i was like this can't be real. this has to be the onion. just heard him now. that man is treating real live women. women are going to that person
1:51 pm
for treatment for obstetric treatment. i'm frightened by that. >> the bill's thor trent franks infamously said the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low. marshall blackburn inmanaging today's debate said this about those comments earlier today. that i can a listen to this. >> do you agree that the number of rapes from pregnancy is low? >> well, i think what you know is that representative franks has apologized for his comments. >> joy, did i miss the apology from mr. franks? i can't remember hearing it. >> you might have missed it. shame on the men of the republican party for pushing marsha blackburn out in front of them and hiding behind her skirts. >> tough guys. they're tough guys. >> these tough guys. right? they want to make a women submit to a vaginal probe but can't defend their ownen situation to try to challenge roe v. wade. they have to put that lady out there and she gets to be the spokesman to challenge the
1:52 pm
underpinnings of roe versus wade. good for them. so tough. >> now to the science of fetal pain. republicans say the science is with them with you but the current research i've read and nothing is entirely conclusive, it says fetuses may feel pain somewhere around the 29th, not the 20th and certainly not the 15th which is what you just heard. this party is fabricating science in order to make an aargument. >> it's so disconnected from the political reality that will republicans face. republicans face a tremendous deficit with women voters. so they keep putting on this spectacle over and over and over again. >> you're watching it now live. >> of challenging roe versus wade. they're obsessed with this idea of making women -- this isn't pro-life. this is forced birth. they are obsessed with this notion of shaming, compelling, coer coercing, whatever they have to do to make women give birth. it's bizarre but it is what they're about.
1:53 pm
the most of the legislation that these members of the house of representatives mostly all men have put forward have been about abortion. >> one of the things that i found most reprehensible is the implication underlying all of in that women lie about being raped. >> correct. and the idea that any woman would make such a scurrilous charge. essentially it's common. when women say they're rape, they need to problem it, we capital take their word for it and then we need to subject a woman who has been raped or made an allegation, subject to her to invasive techniques that are not necessary from her doctor to humiliation. when you ask people why they want to do these things, rolling back the time earlier to when you really may not even know you're pregnant is they believe they're saving lives. let's take them at their word, but what they're really doing is trying to force women to do what they want them to do, forcible birth. it's bizarre. >> it's worse than bizarre. joy reid, thank you so much.
1:54 pm
we'll be right back. >> thanks. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for dad's first job as dad. nissan tests hundreds of child seats to give you a better fit and a safer trip. snug kids, only from nissan. ♪ snug kids, only from nissan. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending.
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it's time now to clear the air. while edward snowden has garnered the title of leaker in chief, his position is now seriously under threat because one of this country's most accomplished and selective leakers is not hiding in hong kong but working in washington. darrell issa is the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. and he copies to accuse the white house of being behind the targeting of certain tea party groups by the irs. >> this is a problem that was coordinated in all likelihood right out of washington headquarters and we're getting to proving it. and the administration is still, their paid liar, their spokesperson, picture behind is still making up things about what happens and calling this local rogue. >> unfortunately, mr. issa has not been able to produce a shred of evidence to support his fraudulent claims.
1:58 pm
so now in an effort to keep the story on the summer barbecue, mr. issa has taken to selectively leaking portions of interviews with key irs staffers. according to the "huffington post," one reporter was given a sneak peek at interviews with two staffers at the irs office in cincinnati. though there were 300 plus pages of transcripts, says the writer, they were shown just 50 pages. and mr. issa has done the same thing with several other journalists. unsurprisingly, the ranking democrat on the committee elijah cummings suggested that all of the transcripts should be released by the end of business on monday. and since he didn't get a response, mr. cummings has just released an entire transcript about an hour ago. much to the annoysence of mr. issa. it isn't just the issue of transparency that is troubling mr. cummings. he's also concerned about mr. issa's crumbling credibility. by leaking transcript portions that omit key details from the accounts witnesses provided to the committee, chairman issa has
1:59 pm
now drawn condemnation even from house republicans. said the ranking democrat. sadly, mr. issa has chosen not to do the honorable thing. but this is no surprise. because he chose to do exactly the same thing when it came to the hearings on benghazi. you'll remember that the co-chairs of the independent review of september's deadly attack wrote to the mr. issa volunteering to give open testimony. the public deserves to hear your answers and our questions, wrote the ambassador thomas pickering and mike mullen. unfortunately, darrell issa declined preferring to hold secret meetings that he can leak at his own convenience. mr. issa himself must know the dangers of selective information. after all, he was connected to two allegations of car theft. he increased his company's fire insurance from $100,000 to $400,000 just three weeks before his warehouse burned down.
2:00 pm
suspicious circumstances. does that mean that mr. issa has stolen cars and committed insurance fraud? no. but it does problem the power of selective information. thanks for watching. chris matthews is next. you mean there's no scandal? let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews up in new york. let me start tonight with this. once there was a whiff of scandal, you know that whiff of can dal over at the irs. now we learn there's not even a whiff. no, just one desperate california congressman whose bluff has been called. and with us tonight, the man who called the bluff, u.s. congressman elijah cummings, ranking democrat on the house oversight committee. thank you about this whole thing. you have produced today a l


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