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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  June 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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responsibilities at the bureau of engraving and printing. this is his signature, on the new $5 bill. the bills will hit our wallets as of this fall, thus solving the national disaster of having these words on our money, also helping the obesity epidemic by not making us crave the cup cakes every time we decide to pay cash. now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. the republican party allegedly knows what it did wrong in 2012. i say allegedly, because well, let's just go to the videotape. >> it has been a wild day in washington. with the raucous caucus, a full day of carnival-esque rallies. >> surely they know how ridiculous they look. >> i stand strongly for the
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defense of marriage act. >> this is continuing this agenda. >> what is the best circumstance for a child. >> the message to women is you really don't count. >> part of the problem is we need to go back into the school and have a class. they're more concerned about doing what they want. this is what a father does. this is what a mom does. >> your mother has been worried sick. and i have been watching tv. >> they need a shared partner. >> stop talking in this way. >> what are they thinking? >> the republicans have been wrestling with this since the election. >> you won't believe what another republican congressman has to say about fetuses. >> if they're a male baby they may have their hand between their leg, they feel pleasure. >> the problem for republicans, they don't have a strong national leader. >> any reform bill ought to have the majority of both parties. >> even speaker john boehner, he has the party, he is not a
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strong speaker. >> if they called him a woman, he would be a weak speaker. >> she knew my one weakness, and i'm weak. >> maybe. >> somebody get that man a bourbon. i'm alex wagner, in for lawrence. after the republicans lost the presidency and seats in the house and senate, the republican party released a 97-page autopsy to determine what exactly went so very wrong. it included diagnosis like this, when it comes to social issues, the party must indeed be inclusii inclusive and welcoming, if not, we will not gain others in the party, including women. regarding roe v. wade, eliminating the right of a woman
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choosing 20 weeks after conception. it didn't prevent the republican, phil gingri making the defense of marriage act, using this particularly terrible argument. >> maybe part of the problem is we need to go back into the schools at a very early age, maybe at the grade school level and have a class for the young girls. and have a class for the young girls and say you know, this is what is important. you know, this is what a father does that is -- may be a little different, maybe a little bit better than the talents that a mom has in a certain area, and the same thing for the young girls. you know, this is what a mom does. and this is what is important from the standpoint of that union. which we would call marriage. >> congressman gingrey is the newest addition to what politico
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dubs the caucus. the party has found itself stymied over and over by what leaders call a tiny rump of hand-fisted polls with the knack for stumbling on the news. >> the results of rape and pregnancy are very low. >> both parents started working. and the mom is in the work place. >> if it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> here is an assessment of the grand old party delivered today by its most popular commentator. >> the republican party is embarrassed by the base, they don't like the base. the pro-life, the gun-toting, tobacco-spitting crowd.
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wouldn't be embarrassed or bothered at all if those people said to heck with you, we're leaving, even if it meant losing a couple of elections. the republicans can't afford defections, because they don't have people picking up the slack. >> joining me now, an msnbc contributor, robert gibbs. r robert, i would like to start with you first and draw you to an interview, in playboy magazine -- >> you don't get it for the articles? >> i don't get it for the articles or for anything else, for that matter. and playboy asked sean hannity, can the republican party save itself? he responded it can, and by doing it with very simple ideals. obama has incredible message discipline. what is amazing to me, despite
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this autopsy a lot of republicans still believe their only problem is messaging. what do you make of that? >> well, if you're in aa, there is a 12-step process to recovery. the first step only happens after you get past denial. and it appears as if most of the republican party has not gotten past denial, therefore can't begin the steps for recovery. and i think that is what you see here. i'll leave aside the commentary, that he made, whether it is on gay rights or women's rights, the republican party continues each and every day to demonstrate how vastly out of step they are with an electorate that is changing right under their feet.
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>> congressman, i think he makes a fair point about denial, but there are some that are very far away from denial indeed and think they are barking up the right street in terms of policy and education, and everything they did on the house floor. i'll read an excerpt, most americans do not support amnesty, especially without securing the border, as for abortion, flemming said, there is growing public concern about second trimester abortions, so we're actually gaining ground. congressman, if you look at the numbers on everything from immigration, the path to citizenship, to a woman's right to choose, to gay marriage, the polling is not on the side of the republican party as it is made manifest in congress today. >> i would also say the numbers are not on the side of any public figure in washington today, from the presidency to the senate. but here is the problem, this is a struggle within the republican party.
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after the 2012 sort of blow-out, we did have this post-mortem, you saw the anc come out with their report, i thought it made sense, we have angry white guys in their 50s, they're not going to vote for us. on the other hand, there are latinos, asian-americans, gay americans, i am a simple guy from ohio. what happened in the last three weeks, the worm has turned a little bit. there is a new set of polling data out showing that obama care, is at the height of unpopularity. we're now approaching the president's six-year itch, and they begin to sort of in this echo chamber saying man, if we could just get conservative enough, and in the woman's womb enough, and talk about guns
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enough that is what the people are begging for. and i think that is the wrong course. >> robert, in terms of the excuse-making that has gone on in the last few months, there is an idea that somehow this is about having multiple messengers, and they tell p politico, whoever is in the white house has a single spokesperson, and robert at one point that was you. you have random, scattered voices, setting as a side the denial question is this just having bigger band width as opposed to narrow band width. >> well, i am not sure it is band width, if you're in the white house, and the party in power, what the congressman laid out i think is part of what the republicans are going to struggle with, because they are going to appeal to a
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congressional base to hold onto. and likely hold onto their majority in 2014. but in becoming that regional congressional power, they don't -- i think they don't have what it takes to win a national election. and i think you know, one of the things that quote mentions, you're not going to get to that point until you have a nominee in the republican party in 2016's election. that is a long way off. the republican national committee in an era of weak parties is certainly not strong enough to do this. the speaker is not strong enough to do this. and therefore, it divolves to a series of congressmen and senators or governors who say the craziest things and get on tv doing it. and i think that is a real danger for the republican party. whereas, the white house has the president and they can do a set play every day. they can do speeches, they can
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do events and they can control the message in a much better way. >> well, and also the democrats, it seems as if they are more on the same page than republicans are, and senator murckowski came out today in support of gay marriage. there is still a raging debate in many corners of the republican party about whether or not a marriage should be between only a man and woman, as evidenced by gingrey's comments today. what happened to the moderates? >> well, there are not any moderates, because the swing districts are the battleground states. you had them come in, they got wiped out, what happened in 2012, the moderate republicans are sent screaming to the hills. the red seats get redder, the blue seats get bluer, there really is no moderation in the house. >> in fairness, the reason anything has gotten done is
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because democrats have come to the house -- >> that is not only not fair, it is not accurate. the democrats are as splintered as anybody else, they are just in the moment where they don't have to decide anything. you don't have to dispose of anything. the problem is in the republican conference where you have 40 or 50 members who apparently ran against washington, ran against the congress. and i'm at a loss to figure out why they wanted to be in the congress if they hate it so much. and once here, they don't want to govern. >> robert, i have to ask you if you agree with that, the democrats are splintered and don't actually have to do anything. >> no, i certainly don't agree with that, i think there is more agreement on the democratic side than there is on the republican side. look in 2007 and 2008, you know, we had a primary that was not based on ideology.
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in 2012, you in very many ways had an ideology primary. look at marco rubio, the news out of marco rubio was not the progress he made in trying to moderate the republican party to appeal to hispanics. the immigration reform, it is allen west who can't keep the district he was in, who may challenge marco rubio. the republican party is not going to get challenged in many ways. the congressman is right about red districts and red states getting redder. those are challenges coming from the right. and to win the primaries, people in power now are going to have to move to the right, therefore further isolating themselves from i think a national governing majority. >> robert gibbs and former congressman, steve latourette, thank you. coming up, immigration
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and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . even the pro-immigration republicans's tone can be a little clumsy. >> immigrants are more fertile and they love families, and they bring a younger population. >> well, i know you're trying to help. but i don't think your strongest argument is that they're baby machines who love to [ bleep ]. >> up next, republicans are trying to stop republicans from joining democrats to pass immigration reform. karen finney and sam stein join me next. [ male announcer ] citi is over 200 years old.
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in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our history matter to you? because for more than two centuries, we've been helping ideas move
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from ambition to achievement. ♪ and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ the gang of 8 along with the republican senators may be on the cusp of reaching a deal on border security. if all goes well, this plan could be the thing that draws in enough republican support to pass the bill in the senate. no deals are finalized, but it could include as much as 20,000 border agents along the u.s.-mexico border. >> i don't know what the heck is going to happen, but we're on the verge of doing something dramatic on the border. and if it happens, it would be due to hoven and corker and a lot of our colleagues. if we pull it off it will be the
7:19 pm
most dramatic effort i have seen since i've been in congress to secure the border. if we fail, we fail. i know this is the key moment in the effort to pass this bill, sort of the defining 24 to 36 hours. >> this effort comes on the heels of some positive news out of the congressional budget office. the cbo estimates that the gang of 8's reform bill, known as senate bill 44, would cut the budget by $94 billion in the first ten years. but good news for most people is not necessarily good news for the right flank. >> under the cbo budget, it almost happens for ten years. guess what year they become eligible for the benefits? would it possibly be the 11th year? this is a city of lies. >> a city of lies.
7:20 pm
or the nonpartisan fact-based congressional budget office. it would allay the heritage concerns, the cbo noted that it does not generally provide cost estimates beyond the standard ten-year projection period. however, senate bill 44 would allow benefits in the decade following 2023. so cbo and the joint committee on taxation has extended their efforts on the legislation for another decade. and what was that verdict? the net reduction in deficits would total close to $700 billion over the next decade following enactment. joining me, sam stein, i want to focus on the cbo can do no right if you are a republican that doesn't want to see immigration
7:21 pm
reform passed. the whole idea for the cbo to extend its projection was requested by republican senator jeff sessions, who is now calling the gang of 8's immigration bill the biggest setback for poor and middle class americans of any legislation congress has considered in decades. sam, did you realize that jeff sessions, somebody who voted against the payroll tax cut extension, the jobs act, was such a champion for the poor and working middle class? >> i did not realize that, alex. i'm shocked that jeff sessions is opposed to this bill. it seemed like he was hinging his opposition on the second ten-year window in which he thought the entitlements would just fall apart due to the immigration bill. now that that is not the case, he has conveniently found another reason to oppose this bill. i think there are going to be
7:22 pm
ways this bill has changed in order to bring in more republican support. what we see now with the border strengthening provision, in the comments, is one the ways -- i think the office, at some point they're going to have to say well there is only a limited amount of benefits we can do in terms of vote gathering. there is going to be a staunch opposition of republicans whether it is jeff sessions or house republicans who will never vote for this thing. so at some point they have to step back and say is what we're adding to the bill, whether it is in terms of border security or not, is it beneficial for the legislative outcome or the vote outcome? you are getting to the point where those calculations have to be made. >> when we talk about staunch opposition, we just heard lindsey graham say i don't know what is going to happen on this immigration reform bill. we know there is a lot of
7:23 pm
filibustering and grand-standing on opposition to this, in terms of opposition and objection to that opposition. and i want to play more sounds from robert recter from the heritage foundation. let us hear what robert recter has to say about him. >> what this bill does is take a minimum of 11 million illegal immigrants who have an average education of tenth grade. and it makes them eligible for all of that. no matter what marco rubio has said, who has not read his own bill, incidentally. well, senator rubio says they're going to have to pay -- >> karen, that is what we call a two-fer, not only has he
7:24 pm
maligned millions of workers, but has also maligned somebody who may be a rising star in his party. >> how about those who may actually only have a tenth grade education, but who contribute to our society. i don't know if he has been out in america, but he is making certain assumptions about people right there. we knew that the report that came from heritage was racist and terrible. the numbers have been sort of disputed. i think the key that that clip shows is that the real difference between what the national republicans want and the sort of establishment national republicans want in the house, more of the fringe, more of the right wing who are in safe gerrymandering districts, they don't care, if the party is going to win the white house they have to have votes
7:25 pm
somewhere. and so this is the challenge. the lindsey grahams of the world get -- like you said, a demographic death spiral. >> i slightly disagree with karen, i think the republicans are sincere in their efforts to try to enhance border security whether it is through drone security or plain old-fashioned boots on the ground. i think they're sincere, i think the cbo report, to their credit did say that the proposed bill wouldn't do a great job stopping the flow of illegal immigration in this country, which i think is roughly 30% decrease. however, i think the biggest overriding concern for republicans has to do with the fact that they think once you start legalizing many hispanic voters that it will be an advantage for the democrats politically. they have already broken ground voting-wise to be pro democratic, and if you make 11 million more of them legal residents -- >> and sam, you know, hispanics
7:26 pm
are not a monolithic voting block, it is unfair to say 11 million of them -- the thinking that all of these hispanics are going to be democratic voters ignores the multi-facetted sort of culture within the hispanic race. the many cultures and many positions. and parts of the republican platform that i think probably appeals to some of them. >> i'm not ascribing to their belief. i think this is definitely a motivating factor, when you watch their comments they constantly bring up as a problem with the bill. >> but here is a problem, they created that upon for themselves. i'm not suggesting that some of these guys are not sincere about the efforts they're making, that is not what i'm saying at all. what i'm saying with regard to this, this is their own rhetoric coming home to roost. there was a point with president bush, where they were making inroads.
7:27 pm
and guess what, you had hispanics and republicans saying that is too much. and the congressman, somebody yelled to him, learn english at the tea party rally. so part of this, they have is so blocked themselves into a corner with this very hateful rhetoric they can't even untangle themselves from it. which is a part of the problem. >> and look at mitt romney, talking about a gift to hispanics, the rhetoric, that got republicans in trouble. >> and that is the kind of rhetoric that is not easily forgotten, karen finney and sam stein, thank you for joining us. if you thought it couldn't get crazier than darrell issa, watch this. why is it that only democrats have to keep their promises in the senate and the republicanss get to break their word? that is coming up. and i shop at walmart. truth is, over sixty percent of america
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>> when we are told that the irs, the atf, the others, when we're told that it is okay to hassle, threaten, or intimidate others because of their skin color, their religion, their political belief we stop being the country all of us want to build. and start being the country all of the world should fear. >> in the spotlight tonight, we
7:32 pm
save the craziest for last. glenn beck headlined the tea party rally at the capitol today to protest the irs. it was a fiesta of factual inaccuracies where senator ted cruz said that president obama directed the irs to go after the tea party organizations. >> when richard nixon tried to use the irs to target his political enemies, it was wrong. and when the obama administration does it, it is still wrong. so what is the best solution? the very best solution is we need to abolish the irs. >> ted cruz is taking abolish the irs cause to a radio station near you. >> hi, i'm ted cruz, and this is the freedom minute. the irs scandal revealed the targeting of the groups, the tea party groups, pro-life groups,
7:33 pm
and others and harassed them. it has too much power, now the irs is supposed to be put in charge of administering obama care. enough is enough. we need to abolish the irs, eliminate the intrusive agents and replace the irs with a simple flat tax todcode. >> meet ted cruz, the advocate for the u.s. postal service. but the agenda doesn't end there, it is breathing new life into the campaign of obama-care fear mongering. >> anybody want to fire some irs agents? why don't we start with the 16,000 irs agents that are going to implement obama care. we all remember that the irs is the enforcement arm for the aca,
7:34 pm
for obama care. do you trust the irs with your health care? >> no. >> do you want the irs to know about your health care? >> no. >> joining me now, "the washington post," ezra klein, and jonathan capehart. it would seem that the irs is not at the head of this controversy, and yet, the republicans seem to be incapable of admitting that. let's hear what rush limbaugh had to say. >> on this business of obama, well, he didn't tell people at the irs to do it. the manager does not tell the pitcher to throw a brushback pitch after one of his gets beamed. the pitcher just knows to do it. >> he just knows to do it,
7:35 pm
jonathan, because president obama is sending brain waves out to liberals everywhere. >> to liberals everywhere maybe -- but aren't we talking about a division that was run by a conservative republican? >> indeed we are, my friend. >> so what rush limbaugh is saying that the president is so overwhelmingly powerful that he could get a conservative republican to go against his own deep philosophy to do the president's spin. it is ridiculous, this whole thing has been ridiculous from the very beginning. and if there was a there, there, you better believe that chairman issa would have had it out there from the moment he started. instead, he sent out e-mails making it look like there is a scandal, when there is no scandal. >> you know, when we talk about there, there it is, it is in the transcript. and the irs screening group was
7:36 pm
asked several specific questions. but the most telling answer he gave was this one, he said at one point, it is just the volumes, i hope you can appreciate the volumes that we're dealing with there. and you know, with limited resources the 70 thousand cases a year, it gets to be daunting sometimes. >> the fact that the 501 c 4's are very difficult. one thing you get if you read the aig report, they were not competent, they were under-staffed, didn't know what they were doing. if you read a bunch of material out of the office in cincinnati, looks like people didn't want to work there. there is a sense of condescencion that comes through. i wanted to make a point about ted cruz's comments, every time he does the little rift about abolishing the irs and
7:37 pm
re-creating the flat tax, what if nobody sends in their post card? well, you don't send the postal system after them. somebody -- >> he is the biggest advocate for the u.s. postal service, apparently he wants post men and women to take up the tax collection. >> even if he has a flat tax, you need somebody to enforce that, the kind of few deductions in there, like the charitable. and all of a sudden, in ted cruz's world, you have created a new irs, whatever you call it you need somebody to run it and you need it run well. you can't not have a tax enforcement agency, and ted cruz knows it. and everybody who does the flat tax knows it, you need the irs. >> you know, jonathan, speaking of ted cruz, he suggested we take the irs agents and put them on the border. he was sort of joking about it. but what it brings to the fore is hypocrisy from the republican
7:38 pm
party. other parts of the government like the irs should be abolished. >> yeah, it is sort of the schizophrenia of the republican party. it is not just right now, but sort of been there since the very beginning. government is too big, involved in all aspects of our life. but if you're a woman who wants choice over her own body and her own health care, well, government must be involved in th that. if you are -- if you are a same-sex is couple and want your government to treat you equally under the law like everybody else, well, no you can't do that. government must be involved in this. so this schizophrenia that ted cruz is wonderfully displaying when it comes to the irs, he is just living the republican dream for lack of a better description. >> he is living out the republican dream for all of us, jonathan capehart, and ezra klein, thank you. thank you. and what they're using to
7:39 pm
grind the government to a screeching halt. how they will keep the democrats from using it, if the republicans ever get back in power. .
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and a 30-tablet free trial. vo: i've always thought the best part about this country is that we get to create our future.
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representatives, the senate has long been considered a more civilized and deliberative chamber of congress, where roadblocks are removed. but these days, congressional inaction is at an historic high, why? the filibuster. who is using it? republicans, last year, 60 votes were required to stop the threat of a filibuster 115 times, a near historic high. it was so fever-pitched, that last year, senate majority reid and mitch mcconnell tried to stop it with the simple goal, stop the legislative logjam and start to compromise by passing bills. part of their gentlemen's agreement meant that harry reid promised not to resort to his controversial threats known as the nuclear option to change the rules via 51 votes, in other
7:46 pm
words, harry reid promised not to overrule the filibuster votes with democratic support, presumably because that would not have been gentlemanly, and this was a gentlemen's agreement. but now, republicans have not kept up their end of the bargain. the gentlemen and women of the grand old party have nearly ground the judicial process to a halt, to say nothing of legislative affairs. in fact, president obama has only been able to feel a quarter of the empty court seats since the beginning of his time in office, while 71 empty seats are in the court of appeals seat. and now, harry reid signals he is tired of the difficulty, and may put the option back on the table. that earned a reprimand from
7:47 pm
senator alexander. >> mr. president, for the last few weeks i've been listening to the republican leader ask the majority leader not to turn the united states senate into a place where a majority of 51 can do anything it wants. in 2007, the majority leader said to do so would be the end of the senate. there have not been many majority leaders in the history of the senate, and i know none of them want to have written on their tombstone he presided over the end of the united states senate. >> and then senator alexander reminded harry reid of the promise he had once made. >> senators keep their word. >> the majority leader has given his word. >> the problem with that, this is a senate where republicans only expect democrats to keep their word. in march of 2003, lamar alexander made this promise. >> i don't know what happened in the past, but i know what this one senator would do in the future. if there is a democratic president and i am in this body,
7:48 pm
and if he nominates a judge, i will never vote to deny a vote on that judge. and if two or three more -- >> time has expired. >> would do the same thing, we could go back to more respect for our judicial nominating process. >> two years later, senator alexander reminded everyone that he had made that promise. >> i said two years ago that i would give up my right to filibuster a president's nominee for an appellate judgeship, even if was president clinton or kerry, i may vote against that nominee, but would never filibuster if i were a senator. the right thing to do would have an up and down vote on any president's federal appellate judicial nominees. >> but senator alexander has not
7:49 pm
kept his promise. the senator made those promises not to filibuster the nominees when george bush was president. and here is what has happened under president obama, lamar alexander filibustered goodwin lou for the ninth circuit. and robert bacrach for the tenth circuit in 2012. also, he filibustered her twice when she was the nominee for the u.s. court of appeals, once in december of 2011, and then again in march 2013. the white house ultimately with drew halligan's nomination. without acknowledging his contradictions, today, jeff jeffreys remarked on the senate. the senate is a body of precedents, since 2005 in the
7:50 pm
case of court of appeals judges or supreme court justices, i have followed the precedent established that year by the gang of 14. i reserve the right to vote against allowing an up or down vote in an extraordinary case. i consider this to be an extraordinary case. it seems to senators like lamar alexander that there have been a lot of extraordinary cases since president obama took office. and that a senator's word, these days, is not worth very much at all. >> well, i pledged then and there that i would never filibuster any president's judicial nominee, period. i may vote against them. but i would always see that they came to a vote. tious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home.
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while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] republicans in the house of representatives voted down a democratic amendment to the farm bill today. one that would have restored $20 billion in cuts to food stamps. the vote was largely along party lines, 188 to 234 with only a handful of defectors on each side, it cuts billions over ten years. republicans argue that because more people are using food stamps an increase of 134% in the past decade alone, that they need to limit eligibility. up next, republican governor bobby jindal is having a hard time explaining why expanding
7:53 pm
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7:56 pm
condescensi condescend . the republican governor did not budge on his medicaid expansion, louisiana is one of two states opting out of medicaid expansion next year, several states are still undecided. bobby jindal seems to ignore that many in louisiana are still not insured. it would cut it in half. despite the staggering figure,
7:57 pm
jindal maintains that medicaid expansion is bad for louisiana, against that backdrop, msnbc is partnering with the national association of clinics to bring a free health care clinic to new orleans on july third, uninsured adults will receive free medical care, and today these have helped thousands. joining me now, the director of the national association of free clinics. nicole, what does governor jindal need to know about the 400,000 people in his state and insurance? >> i think he needs to know he needs to stop being irresponsible. you know, in louisiana, they're in the top five worst states for diabetes, cholesterol issues,
7:58 pm
hyp hyp hypertension, this is putting people's lives at stake, why don't we help them? this is putting up a roadblock to health, being at the center of health is important. he is just being irresponsible. >> nicole, you will be in new orleans on july 4th, when you are there, what are the needs people see? and how do people respond to getting health care for free? >> i have to tell you i see the best and worst of america in one place, the best are the msnbc viewers who have made these clinics possible and come and volunteer is and donate with us. the worst are the people who have to come to a convention center and swallow their pride to get the health care they need, and all we need all day long, is gratitude, thank you for being here and helping me and making me feel like i'm an important member of our society. it is overwhelming, people just
7:59 pm
want to be healthy so they can work. 83% of our patients come from a working household. not people who are just living on the dole, they just want a hand up, not a hand out. >> it is truly an indignity that nobody should suffer. what can people do? >> you know, they have been amazing, we are asking everybody to help us do this again. please donate, because you will help us make a statement. you're going to help us say that we understand the battle for health care is not over. you're going to help us say that nobody in our country should live without health care. and you're going to be helping us through donate iing and volunteering, say that we're going to build a healthy america one patient at a time. and we're going to start in new orleans. >> nicole lamero, gets tonight's last word, thank you, and thank
8:00 pm
you for your efforts. >> and just to remind you, reverend sharpton will be there on july third, i'm alex wagner in for lawrence o'donnell, you can catch my good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, thank you for joining us. tonight on all in, if you think i'm the only one who believes that immigration reform is the single biggest policy priority of president obama's second term, well, then wait until i show you the circus on the capitol lawn today. this 66-year-old man has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking in south carolina, his story is proof that criminalization of marijuana is well passed ridiculous. plus, yes right wingers people are going hungry in america, and the gop's jihad on those in need