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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  September 26, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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class. gentlemen, good to see both of you. >>. >> i don't know if you've seen these numbers, 80% of the american people in this latest poll say it's not acceptable to shut down the government and i think it's also worth saying that for republicans who really are supposedly concerned about how much things cost, the last government shutdown cost $1.4 billion. what's going on here with the gop, bob so? >> maybe it is reality intruding. if you look back at the gingrich years they get killed when they shut down the government, the other thing is ted cruz did not help the party's case at all. you know, the public is looking at what's going on and saying, my god. it's a fiasco down there. what's the matter with these guys? >> on the other hand, edward, when you look at the debt ceiling this is more complicated and i'm not sure everyone understands it. that same "new york times"/cbs poll says more than one in five
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wants the debt ceiling raised without condition, but i wonder if it's a better idea politically, strategically even if no one thinks default is a good idea. >> it's because most people don't understand what the debt limit is, and that's always the case when this conversation comes up and it's something to the political advantage of the republicans talking about it because it seems like the debt limit is allocating more money for the government, but in fact, it's not really that. it's a way of forcing the government to look at its spending, but raising the debt limit is a much more complicated phrase than government shutdown which seems that everyone thinks it would be a bad idea. >> this is the case where obama and the democrats have not done a good job. they have not explained this issue very clearly and they have not done it in the limit fight. you can make the case to the american people about distinguishing about what the debt limit is really about and what you have to do to go about doing it and the other issues that are open to negotiations.
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>> there is agreement among the democrats that the white house hasn't done a great job on explaining any of this stuff. on the other hand, most think ted cruz gave a pretty big gift with this marathon. let me play a couple of things from "morning joe." to create the impression that we can defund obama care when the only thing we can control and barely is the u.s. house of representatives is not intellectually honest. >> is he a fraud? >> yes, he is. what i'm saying directly is what other people like tom koburn are saying more politely. he's pursuing a policy that is not intellectually honest and he was using that this summer to put pressure solid, conservative republicans in their districts and pushing them to the point that if they didn't support defunding, somehow they were not rhinos and they were not real conservatives and not real republicans. >> how did we get to the point where peter king and tom coburn
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sound like pod rmoderate republ. >> it's about a civil war in the republican party and the people like ted cruz and people, as you said, amazingly in a way like tom coburn, and people who see what the government has to do here in moving forward on some of these budget arguments. >> and nobody has a more conservative rating than tom coburn. >> he's one of the most conservative guys in the federal government and the the people on the right are trying to portray him as a rhino. it's absurd. >> we're in a very strange spot for the republican party and a real identity crisis and it's something that the republican party was fighting with and struggling with in the primaries last year with the presidential election and clearly, it will be a big factor in 2016. >> nick christoph wrote about this today ski want to read a bit about his column.
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the right wing echo chamber breeds extremism, intimidates republican moderates and misleads people into thinking that their world view is broadly shared. that's the information bubble that tugs the entire republican party into the right into kcrew aiding don quixote. >> all of a sudden it ree energizes the tea party? >> these folks have to face primary challenges and there's a danger that they lose their seat in the house or the senate or something like that and then we see the impact that it has on the operations of the federal government so there is a real world impact, but ultimately, we've seen, you know, almost forever the american people do not favor extremists on the right or the left. i mean, ultimately it's not a winning strategy, and i, you know, it seems to be the gop is
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having a tough time understanding this. >> let me bring you into the conversation, congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz. >> thanks, chris. >> i got a lot of emails from conservative groups say and one was from the tea party express, while you slept he fought to keep people from obama care and it asked people to tweet and call representatives. with what ted cruz did yesterday is it a concern that it energized that wing of the party? >> oh, you know, that wing of the party is at its lowest point in polling that they've ever been. the the tea party is ranked extremely low, looked very negatively upon by the american people, but the bad news for the american people is that the civil war that the republican party's been engaged in is the victor is clearly the tea party and to the victor goes the spoil. so now, you know, with the republicans in their caucus meeting as we speak, it's really
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because they're so reckless, you don't know what is going to come out of there, but it is very clear that the next fight whether we're going to default and whether we'll pay our nation's bills, to the victor goes the spoils, a smorgasbord for extremism is on the table in exchange for raising the debt ceiling including tort reform and really significant deregulation and delaying obama care by a year instead of defunding it. none of those things should be tied to the debt ceiling and paying our bills and defunding obama care and those things are not going to happen. we need to come together, find common ground and be fiscally responsible. >> but here's what the republican side would say and peter king talked about this on "morning joe" is that the president said unequivocally that he's not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling and their argument is you've got to come to the table. you've got to talk. >> look, if you were in your own
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home and you had bills that racked up and they were just too high, you thought, you know, my gosh, how did my bills get too high? would you argue over whether you would pay them? do you think you can call up your credit card company and negotiate with them and say, gee, i'll pay the bill if you -- if you decorate my house. it's just ludicrous to suggest that there should be negotiation over whether or not we pay debt we've already incurred and it's dangerous. the republican party led by the tea party has set us on a dangerous path that really will threaten to jeopardize the health of our economy and our future. it's reckless and it has to stop. >> i want to talk about the president's health care push today. >> sure. >> his axe proval rating and i'm sure you saw it this morning tied for the lowest it's been on health care.
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49% disapprove. how does he turn this around? >> we need to make sure we can find the common ground. the president has repeatedly said that we need to work towards getting this economy to continue a robust recovery. we had good economic news with the unemployment filings today. we can see that we've had 42 straight monthses of job growth and so what the american people want is they want their leaders to work together. what they don't want is for republican tea partiers to engage in more fiscal sense. they did not want a delay? obama care tied to those big, economic decisions whether we pass a cer that is clean or delayed or increased the debt ceiling, the the republicans continue to drag us down that reckless course. we've just got to be responsible
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and that's what the american people want and that will improve the perception of everyone who is trying to lead in washington. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz. good to see you, as wualways. the president will be out there again and he'll be talking about the middle class and obama care. bob, he's had three years to convince the american people it to sell it. what does he do and what is he saying today? >> one of the things that's really weird. i don't think he can change the calculous on obama care. they don't want the government shut down. most americans figure whether they like it or not, it's the law of the land. let's move forward with it. one of the things that's really weird is we're still talking about obama care and we're still talking about the affordable care act. we are well into obama's second term now and that is one of the reasons his poll numbers are so low and actually everybody in the government's party is so low
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and many people want the economy to focus jobs. it is the number one issue in polls facing the american families and the folks in washington just won't address it. >> what's going to happen with the debt ceiling? where do you see this going? >> into many long nights and they'll lead us right into the deadline and maybe passed it. every time we have one of these fights, the people involved is this is really it and we're not going reach a deal and we saw it in 2011 and they caught it just in time and not in time to stop the credit rating and the fiscal cliff needed to be done by january 1st and that meant by the end of january 1st and it wasn't over the edge. it seems like we're going to be at that same point this time around and every time we do this, people say you warned us of the consequences and you never see them and it may be that these time we may get into the factors. >> and we need to stop playing these games of chicken because at some point something bad will
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happen. you will get a market collapse and you will get a default of some company, you know? or you will plunge the country into another deep recession. you need to stop. >> it's not a political game that happens in a bubble. it's something that's happening while the market is watching, while everybody else in their daily lives is thinking about what's going on in washington and hating what's going on in washington. it's clear it's not just obama's approval rating that's lower, everybody's is low. the polls show everyone hates everyone. >> and this is a global economic question as well. edward isaac, bob herbert, great having you here. thank you so much. this morning we have a new and chilling look into the mind of the killer aaron alexis. alexis was ready to die when he opened fire on the washington, d.c., navy yard. in this disturbing surveillance video you can see alexis arriving in a rental car. 15 minutes later he walks into building 87 with a bag. he picks up when he comes out of
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the fourth floor bathroom. more angles show him on at least three floors wielding a shotgun. federal officials declined to release the more graphic detail of the attack. he carved his shotgun in etched messages end to the toment, not what you all say and my elf weapon explained by the fbi as this. >> alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or e.l.f., electromagnetic waves. >> the fbi also released some of his writings, in part to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this. ♪
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in a surprise move, at least three medical schools are shaving off a full year of their degree programs to get more physicians into the workforce sooner. there's already a shortage of primary care doctors, but as obama care takes effect the majority of the 48 million people without health care coverage right now will suddenly be insured and need doctors. one study predicts a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians in the next seven years. joining me now is assistant professor of annes thesology and rehabilitation at nyu school of medicine and chair of medicine at newark beth israel medical center, dr. bob mahita. good to see you. >>. >> good to see you. >> we were talking about this in our staff meeting and when you say let's go from four years of training to three, everyone says i don't want that doctor. you say it's a good idea, why
7:17 am
some. >> the four-year school idea goes back to the turn of the last century when flexner said we should have, as the european system, two years of basic science, with the science. with the elimination of vacations and primary care and the clinical training with the elimination of some electives in the fourth year, we can decrease medical education by 30% which is about right so that's a year off. >> i get it, and i know we need more doctors. still, it makes me nervous and it makious nervous, doesn't it, dr.? >> yes, it does, chris. the idea behind shortening medical schools is people will get their training during residency, but the importance of the last two years of medical school is people learn about other fields of medicine. they learn about things they're not going into. that's important because people are living longer with chronic, medical conditions and so the the doctors they're seeing need to treat these other things or at least be aware of when they
7:18 am
need to send people to a specialist. >> that would be my question. obviously, if you're not going to go into a specialty, while you might not need to spend a lot of time studying pediatric medicine or studying orthopedics, if i go in and i think i've sprained my ankle or whatever it is i would like to know that my g.p. has a cursory knowledge of whether or not it's nothing or he needs to send me to a specialist. >> well, in our primary care physicians are excellent and we can enforce primary care which say general understanding of the path of physiology which means thefunctions, and anatomy. you don't need four years. we can understand the disease processes. what the doctor really has to do is look at you and be able to make a cursory diagnosis. if he or she needs a specialist she or he refers the patient to a specialist. we're not calling these physicians nurse practitioners
7:19 am
or mid-level physician assistants. they have extensive training in pathophysiology and they'll be a contracted education. it's not for anybody. it's going to be quite intense and there won't be free time. >> it's not intense enough in medical school now? >> it will be more intense without vacations and without elective time. >> one of the things obviously that's at play and the reason we have a shortage of primary care physicians is frankly, money when you look at the numbers of what the debt is of people who graduate, the average medical school student debt is between $150,000 and $210,000. 14 years of school and training and then you've got the interest on that debt, and frankly, if you're looking at paying that off there are -- you know, it's a lot better to be a dermatologist than it is to be a general care practitioner. so is there some other way to help with this, dr. debi? >> it's a tremendous burden and it helps you choose the field you'll go into and the other
7:20 am
issue is diversity. if people can forgive the debt somehow or shorten medical training that would be more important because right now with this tremendous debt, people who have low incomes already they may not choose to go into medicine even though they might be great doctors. so that's a tremendous loss for us as a field. >> it's going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out. what's your speculation? will more schools follow suit? more medical school, you think? >> i think they will because of the position shortage because the lowering of the cost of education that you just mentioned and we have a major doctor shortage coming and it's not all here yet with obama care and affordable care coming forth we'll need many, many doctors in a short period of time. >> dr. debi, welcome. you're also studding journalism and working with us here on msnbc at "jansing & company." got to have you here. house speaker john boehner held a news conference after his caucus with republicans.
7:21 am
he had met with the leadership for 90 minutes last night trying to figure out how to move forward on the whole question of funding the government and obama care. here's what he had to say. >> good morning, everyone. listen, the american people don't want the president's health care bill, and they don't want the government to shut down. republicans are listening. we passed a bill last week that would do just what the american people have asked. it's time for the senate to listen, pass the bill that we sent over there. on the debt limit, we're going to introduce a plan that ties important spending cuts and pro-growth reforms to a debt limit increase. the president says i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. >> and this is a live picture steny hoyer. we are waiting for the president to come to the podium. he's expected in half an hour from now to talk about the affordable health care act and we will have that for you when it happens. we'll take a break and be back with more of "jansing & company"
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to politics now. everybody went crazy for bono's impersonation of bill clinton. now president clinton is doing bono. [ laughter ] >> well, i'm irish, you know. and we irish, we can imitate anybody, but i've been singing so long and screaming loud at these concerts that i'm hoarse. so i've got to be careful with my voice. >> the former president also said he thinks over the long run his daughter chelsea would make a great president. newark mayor cory booker has 1.4 million followers due to his prolific tweeting. lindsay lee is showing their rite private twitter messages.
7:26 am
>> the east coast loves you and by the east coast, i mean me. >> now i'm blushing. >> it's only fair, booker answered. a spokesman responded to all of this by saying, mater talks to people of all walks of life on twitter. the most shocking part of the story is there is a vegan strip club in portland which is apparently where she works. check out the picture of george h.w. bush. he was a witness for a same-sex wedding. a spokesman for the former first couple said they were there as private citizens at a private reception for two friends. >> the race for virginia governor stayed really negative last night with the tax coming from terry mccallive and ken keusch nelly. >> he runs on and serves the agenda and the health centers where he bullied the board to shut it down and he would outlaw most forms of contraception and would make the pill illegal. >> it would be false and no one up here -- no one up here has
7:27 am
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[ male announcer ] invest in your heart health could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. when california sneezes the country catches a cold. well, let's see if governor jerry brown leads the nation on this one. he just signed a bill raising the minimum wage in his state and called it, quote, a matter of justice. >> our society over the last 30 years since last time i was governor has experienced a growing gap between those who do
7:31 am
the work at the bottom such as some of the folks you see before you and those who occupy the commanding heights of the economy. >> the law gradually raises california's current minimum wage of $8 an hour to $9 on july 1st of next year which is what president obama has advocated as the federal minimum wage. on january 1st of 2016 it would jump to $10 an hour. i want to bring in senior vice president for public affairs and columnist of your way, and matt bennett, of course. >> good to be here. >> the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and the federation of independent businesses has been against this and here's what they say, quote, small business owners will now be forced to make tough choices including reducing employee hours, cutting positions entirely and for many, closing their doors altogether. there is a lot of pushback
7:32 am
against this, as you know. what are the chances that the nation can follow california? >> well, at the moment, it's not very likely since it doesn't appear that the nation can do anything. the federal government -- the congress, at least seems totally frozen, but ultimately we should. we should raise federal minimum wage. look, what we always hear from folks in the nfib and people on the right is that raising minimum wage will be a job killer, but it just isn't true and the studies show it's not true and since 1980 when the minimum wage was $3.25, and it does help enormously to lift people out of poverty. >> one thing we do know is that the rich are getting richer and when you look at the numbers they're pretty astonishing when you compare that federal minimum wage, $7.25 an hour and 15 million workers, by the way, earn that. look at the ceo average.
7:33 am
$5,000 an hour, and i think someone did an analysis of the coke brothers and they earn something like $3 million an hour just on their investments, and maybe you think it's not a fair comparison. >> no. >> but the gap is huge, noel, you have to acknowledge that the gap is huge. does jerry brown have a point when he says this is a matter of justice? >> oh, man, chris, of course, my side, the republican side we're going to look like the big, bad, mean, gop coming down on this, but what nobody has realize side this minimum wage hike, this is going to be passed down to somebody. do you really think that the $10 eventually in 2016, the $10 an hour for minimum wage, do you really think that -- who's going to absorb that? don't you think that's going to be passed on with goods, with some sort of payment that the consumer, the low-dollar worker that's out buying these goods, they're going to end up having things jacked up and they're going to end up paying the price in this.
7:34 am
this is what a lot of people don't understand and unfortunately, the gop, we have to fight this fight and oppose it looking like we're trying to come down on the little guy because we don't want them to make minimum wage. >> right. >> is it that the little guy ends up paying more and so it it doesn't end up being a raise at all? >> look, noel, you ask anybody making minimum wage if they would prefer to make more money even if they have to pay more for goods on the back end, i'll bet you they'd rather make money. the bottom line is this, if you make minimum wage, the current minimum wage, and you have a family of four you live in poverty and if you make $40 a week, you shouldn't live in pofer. >> what if you asked the minimum wage worker would you like the minimum wage where it is right now or would you rather have your job eliminated because a lot of companies will eliminate jobs because we have obama care coming down the pipes. think about the double whammy
7:35 am
that small businesses are getting and did jerry brown make any provision that could give corporations or small business some tax cuts for doing this? no. no. not at all. >> here's part of the problem. i mean, and i would like to get both of your takes on this because i just spent a couple of hours last night on a new documentary on robert reish, and his position is this and shared by a lot of economists. if the rich would only spend more that would drive the economy. what drives cheat and traditionally has driven the economy is the strong middle class and the middle class is going away as we see the disparity between the rich and the poor. it is the spending of the middle class buying new cars, new refrigerators and buying new pillows if you're not buying a pillow there is some worker that is not going to have a job and does in raising the minimum wage and having more equity overall actually drive the economy and
7:36 am
not hurt it? >> what about the entry-level jobs, think about it. when someone is 15, 16 years old and they're trying to get a job as a greert at walmart or stacking boxes at mcdonald's. what about the entry-level job. >> isn't the problem that the entry-level jobs that went to me when i was 16 years old or you when you were 16 years old are now going to people who have to support families. that's the real change in this economy. >> that's right. it's not true across the board, but a third of the people who make minimum wage don't really need it. they come from middle-class family, but two-thirds of the people do really need it and to the point that robert reich was making to the point you made earlier, if you make minimum wage, virtually every dime you make is going back into the economy very quickly because you don't have a lot of money to save so that's helping to generate growth. >> noel, matt bennett, it's a
7:37 am
great conversation and it's an important topic. thank you both. >> thank you, chris. the middle class will be the cornerstone of president obama's speech today, just 15 to 20 minutes from now. he says he will focus on how the middle class benefits from obama care and he will go drilling down into the real costs to consumers so stay with us and watch it live. time to check the news for you this morning. we learned that the wife of civil rights leader laurie has died. she was a leader herself forming groups like women's organizational movement for equality. now and bridging the gap, girls to women mentoring program. a few weeks ago she was with msnbc as we covered the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. she was 85 years old. the obama administration is increasingly worried that al shabaab, the group behind the kenya mall attack could turn its sights on american interest interests more directly. "the new york times" reports the fbi is in nairobi right now digging through the rubble to see if there is any evidence
7:38 am
that would indicate a direct threat in the u.s. it's the same -- the cleanup continues in kenya. the army just released video showing the collapsed top-level parking lot. cars were piled up like toys. more than 60 people were killed and another 175 were hurt. the hotly anticipated meeting between secretary of state john kerry and his iranian counterpart will be going on this afternoon. the highest-level, direct contact between those two countries in six years. it's hoped that the discussions will pave the way for the first round of substantive negotiations on iran's nuclear program. meantime, an american father who is dying of a brain tumor has appealed to iranian president hassan rouhani to release his son. amir is a former u.s. marine accused of being a cia spy. he was arrested in iran in 2011
7:39 am
while visiting his grandmother. he is hoping his more moderate tone and warming relations with the u.s. will help the father and son reunite. just about an hour ago italian search crews may have found the remains of the final two passengers missing on the costa concordia. 32 people were killed when it ran aground. prosecutors are repealing the decision allowing the release of 911 calls from sandy hook elementary school. the connecticut freedom of information commissioner said that prosecutors did not establish that those calls are legally exempt from state law. the associated press requested copies of the tapes the day after that shooting. team usa's win in the america's cup is being called one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. after trailing eight races to one, the team rallied to win eight straight races to defend the trophy. on today, the winning skipper said his guys seemed to thrive
7:40 am
under pressure. >> this is one hell of a time. we've worked for a lot of years now. we've fought adversity in the past and i feel that prepared us for this, and we knew it would be a fight on the water, but we never thought it would be these sort of epic proportions and one hell of a comeback from the guys. >> team usa's owner is oracle headed by billionaire larry ellison. right now on capitol hill, a senate hearing on the future of the cash-strapped postal service. this hearing comes a day after the postal service announced a plan to raise the price of a first-class stamp by 3 cents. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. 3 cents, but small potatoes compared to what taxpayers would have to shell out and the post office can't stop bleeding and it is really bleeding. >> it is bleeding a lot of money. it is in such a bad position financially and stamped mail is the most profitable business of
7:41 am
this agency. it it accounts for 43% of revenues, but as you can imagine, chris, i'm sure you pay your bills online, i pay my bills online and stamp sales are plummeting as we move everything to online. it is losing $25 million a day and of course, it is under pressure to raise revenues or it will risk requiring a -- excuse me, a taxpayer bailout of nearly $50 billion by 2017. it has lost about $740 million so far in the third quarter that just ended june 30th and $16 billion over the course of last june. so we are talking lots and lots and lots of money that is bleeding from this postal agency. >> speaking of money, a lot of businesses as you know, mandy, have made and lost money based on these websites that have real-people reviews and now we're finding out that maybe a few of those reviews are fake. >> yeah. the office of new york's attorney general is targeting these so-called phony online reviews because according to one
7:42 am
report up to 20% of all yelp reviews are fake, but in an effort to weed out professional reviewers masquerading as consumers, they're encouraging users to use their real names as much as possible and obviously they expressly forbid paid reviews which begs the question, who is writing them? in some cases it's been unearthed that freelance writers in philippines and bangladesh have been paid $1 to $10 per review and as we all know, a really good review can make all of the difference and can make obviously a significant revenue bounce for a company. you can see why it would work to write a good review. >> they never eat there, and stay there, they just make it up and the place pace them a buck or ten bucks? >> yeah. the problem is if you had a really good experience at a restaurant, for example, you might not go and say i had a great experience, but if you're like someone who is angry and
7:43 am
had a bad experience. >> that is true. >> you're likely to go and vent, you're likely to get bad reviews. online fake reviews is a whole different ball game. >> cnbc's mandy drury. always good to see you, my friend. thank you. >> thank you. here's forbes new list of the best states for future job growth. number five is florida, north dakota, number four, followed by colorado. the runner-up is texas. you probably know governor rick perry has been making a pr push to bring people to his state and arizona. a list of the full list is before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future the wonderful thing it turned out to be... at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life,
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7:47 am
read green eggs and ham. i do not like this, mr. cruz. i do not like him on the news. i think he is a total snooze. i much prefer obama care. i hope to see it everywhere. it's time for our weekly snapshot of who's hot and who's not according to social media. we call it it "the reputation report" and we are joined by howard bragman, vice chairman of, chairman of 15 minutes public relations and he's here with an exclusive analysis for "jansing & co.." welcome. >> before we get to ted cruz, and iphone and apple release. there were incredible lines. >> iphone frenzy is sweeping across the country, three hours before those doors open and there were 450 people in line and the line only grew. >> record 9 million new iphones in just three days. that's an 80% jump from its last record. >> so i guess i don't need to ask how the iphone is doing.
7:48 am
>> no. as she just mentioned, 9 million phones the first weekend, way above projections. the stock's up 5%. gold has sold out. everyone wants their gold and a bigger screen one coming next year. apple is riding high and everybody loves this. what's important is the tech community is extraordinarily critical and they're trending 5 85% and that's a home run. >> they find something to complain about. >> exactly. the president will be on in a short time and he'll be talking about the obama care and the enrollment begins next tuesday. what's the verdict on social media? >> the president office tv recently and he said people in d.c. are more concerned with style than substance. well, mr. president, i would say respectfully, style and substance go hand in hand. everybody acknowledges the administration's done a really mediocre job of selling it and in social media, it's fairly even, but it should be through
7:49 am
the the roof and it should be through the roof because congress passed it and it's a law that allows millions of people that couldn't get health insurance. it was ratified again and the supreme court liked it, but here we are and it starts october 1st and people don't know how to access it and there are still glitches in the system. he's still got some selling to do and that's why he's down this week. >> that's what we'll be watching in five minutes or so. last, but not least, ted cruz. let's set it up first with some of his greatest hits from the past 48 hours. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am, i do not like green eggs and ham. >> does social media like ted cruz? >> social media is mixed and
7:50 am
it's hardly any wonder why it's mixed. this is a guy who spoke for 21 hours and then voted against what he was railing against. even his own party was very anti-ted cruz, and even people who don't like obama care like ted cruz. he's making a big name for himself as one of the junior senators out there. he's doing it. a lot of buzz, very mixed feelings about ted cruz. >> that's obviously, he wanted to get his name out there and a lot of buzz about 2016 and we'll see if the in the long run people forget exactly what he was talking about. >> he'll make a lot of money on the speaking tour. >> that's not a bad thing. howard bragman, thank you so much. we'll see you next week. today's tweet of the day comes from politico's robert simon who tweeted a quote from david letterman. ted cruz wants obama care to only cover visits to dr. seuss.
7:51 am
and the president has just taken to the podium. this is a very big speech for him. he is pushing obama care and he's going to put it in the context of what it means for the middle class. let's listen. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's good to be back in pg county. give it up for one of the hardest working, most effective governors in the country, governor martin o'malley!
7:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] well, it is great to be with all of you here today. i love you back. [ cheers and applause ] >> we all said a few folks who worked so hard on behalf of the people of maryland every single day. senator ben carton is here. congressman, steny hoyer is here. and congresswoman donna edwards is here. and all of you are here. [ cheers and applause ] you know, sometimes you just need to escape beltway politics for a little bit even if you're just a mile or two outside the beltway. now, i know that a lot of you have seen some of theant ant ii
7:53 am
going on in congress right now. so i want to take a little bit of time today to speak with you, the people who send us to serve, about something that is critical to our families, critical to our businesses, critical to our economy, and that is the reforms that we are making to our health care system. there's been a lot of things said, a lot of misinformation, a lot of confusion, but there are a few things more fundamental to the economic security of the middle class and everybody who is trying to get into the middle class than health care. for a long time, america was the only advanced economy in the
7:54 am
world where health care was not a right, but a privilege. we spent more, we got less. we left tens of millions of americans without the security of health insurance. by the time the financial crisis hit, most folks' premiums had more than doubled in about a decade. about one in ten minutes who got their health care through their employer lost their coverage. so the health care system was not working, and the rising costs of health care burdened businesses, and became the biggest driver of our long-term deficits, but this has always been about more than just statistic statistics. everywhere i went as i ran for
7:55 am
president in 2007 and 2008, every place i've gone as president, i would hear stories from folks just like you. i've met people who were denied coverage because he had a pre-existing illness like asthma, people who had to choose between their home or health care, of small businesses who wanted to do the the right thing by their employees, but had seen their insurance premiums go up so high that they just couldn't do it anymore, and these stories were personal for me because i remember my mom worrying about how she was going deal with her finances when she got very sick. i remember the fear michelle and i felt when sasha was a few months old and she got m meningitis and we raced to the hospital and we had to get a spinal tap and we didn't know what was wrong and we were terrified and never felt so scared or helpless in all of my
7:56 am
life, but we were fortunate enough to have good health insurance, and i remember looking around that emergency room and thinking what about the parents who aren't that lucky? what about the parents who get hit with a bill of 20,000 or $30,000 and they've got no idea how to pay for it? what about those parents whose kids have a chronic illness like asthma and have to keep on going back to the emergency room because they don't have a regular doctor and the bills never stop coming? who is going stand up for them? in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one should go broke just because they get sick. [ cheers and applause ] in the united states of america, health care is not a privilege for the fortunate few, it is a right, and i knew that if we didn't do something about our unfair and inefficient health
7:57 am
care system, it would keep driving up our deficits. it would keep burdening our businesses and it would keep hurting our families and it would keep holding back economic growth. that's why we took on a broken health care system. that's why with the help of folks like steny and ben and donna we got it through congress, that's why we've been implementing it it. that's why we are going to see it through. the affordable care act is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't have to tell you it was a challenge to get it done. a lot of special interests who liked the system just the way it was fought us tooth and nail, and then republicans decided it was good politics to fight it
7:58 am
even though the plan we proposed drew on a lot of republican ideas. but despite all the obstacles, the affordable care act passed both houses of congress. i signed it into law. [ cheers and applause ] the supreme court ruled it constitutional. republicans in congress have now voted more than 40 times to undermine or repeal it. their candidate for president ran on a platform to repeal it. and in every step they've been unsuccessful. [ cheers and applause ]
7:59 am
>> now -- five days from now, five days from now on october 1st millions of americans who don't have health insurance because they've been priced out of the market or because they've denied access because of a pre-existing condition, they will finally be able to buy quality, affordable health insurance. [ cheers and applause ] >> in five days. pre-existing conditions, whether it's back pain or allergies that were sticking you with sky-high premiums, those no longer will prevent you from getting affordable coverage that you need. that's going to happen in five days. now, of course, the closer we've gotten to this date, the more
8:00 am
irresponsible folks who are opposed to this law have become. some of the same republicans who warned three years ago that this law would be armageddon, that's what they said, armageddon. now they're threatening steps that actually would badly hurt our entire economy, not because of the affordable care act, but because of what they're threatening to do. some have threatened a government shutdown if they can't shut down this law. others have actually want a government shut down by not paying bills. that's not going happen as long as i'm president. [ cheers and applause ] the affordable care act


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