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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 4, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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god, rear admiral with 27 years in the navy adds some heft off to it. sure. without that. these increasingly hard hitting daily prayers, are doing a pretty good job of laying down the shame. every single day. god bless him. and now it is time for the last good morning police say a woman
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tried to drive her car through a white house security fence. she was later shot and killed. we'll have more on that story in a moment. first, during the incident, senators said they were told to find cover fast. >> we have heard what seemed to be unfortunate. >> then the police told us to go back. we were simply walking back to the office. >> the cops said to get down then said to come back. we were told to come back. >> this morning, we are learning more about the suspect. 34-year-old miriam carey was a dental hygienist with mental issues. tracie potts joins us from washington with the latest. good morning, what are we learning? >> reporter: we are hearing about her background and her
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family history. not necessarily connecting it all to what happened here. today, investigators will be trying to figure out why this happened. >> this does not appear to be in any way an accident. >> reporter: that's all we know about why the 34-year-old, rammed the barrier near the white house with a child in the car, hit an officer, then took off speeding toward the capital. she got away and crashed near a senate office building. she was killed. authorities learned later she has no gun. >> report of gunfire on capitol hill. >> i hear, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: there was chaos near capitol hill where chaos broke out. >> she had mental issues. she was a loner. >> she didn't want a personal
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relationship with anybody in the office. she came in, did her job and left. >> reporter: back at the capitol, an officer was injured in the chase. >> i work every day to make sure you are safe. >> reporter: when it was over, a massive show of thanks from lawmakers to the capitol police who, because of the shutdown, aren't being paid. back live now. a lot of people wondering about the little girl, the 1-year-old in the car when all this happened. mara, she is safe and placed in protective custody. >> that is a relief to hear. thank you. a state of emergency declared in three states as the gulf coast braces for hurricane karen. jay gray is live in pensacola beach on the florida panhandle. good morning. are people nervous down there? >> good morning, mara. i wouldn't say nervous, but
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cautious with winds near hurricane strength. it's causing concern here in pensacola beach and across much of the gulf coast right now. after a quiet summer, tropical storm karen is churning in the gulf and could be a hurricane before land fall. >> we are preparing for category one and deploying assets. >> reporter: preparations that stretch from louisiana through the florida panhandle. the gulf coast, for the first time this hurricane season is on alert. now that we are in a hurricane watch, we have removed the items from the beach area. >> reporter: windows boarded up, sandbags stacked and ready. some who planned for a few days on the beach decided -- >> i'm getting out. >> reporter: to move to higher ground as karen starts to move in. now we have seen a bit of a spitting rain this morning.
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if the storm stays on the current path, we should feel the real effects later today. it's forecast to make land fall late saturday into sunday morning. mara? >> jay gray live in florida. thanks. kill karins will have more on karen's path and intensity. first, on day four of the government shutdown, the impact is growing more apparent. states could run out of money for a special food program for women, infants and children by the end of the month and others waiting for drug trials. the shutdown is really a matter of life and death. >> every day counts, every second. i promised my daughter i refused to let her grow up without a mom. >> she's told her rare cancer -- drug trials are on hold. with lawmakers still at odds, many americans are noticeably frustrated. a protester heckled congressman
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steve king at a world war ii memorial tuesday. republicans and democrats are pushing their strategy. wtsb captured these moments between mitch mcconnell and rand paul. >> i just didn't see an end. i go over and over again. we're willing to compromise and negotiate. i think it's awful for them to say that over and over again. >> i think if we say we wanted to defund it and now we are willing to compromise. i know we don't want to be here, we are going to win this, i think. >> on "the late show" with david letterman, brian williams said we are in a very dark time. >> they have a point to make. they don't like how it's being governed. it's easier to do it from their set of seats in the house. it's a heck of a lot tougher
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when you have bottled things up and you are where we are. day three, complete paralysis. when i called the u.s. capital of a shooting in washington, i couldn't get anybody. the government workers had been furloughed. >> the latest in sports from betty. good friday morning. >> happy friday to you, mara. >> let's talk about thursday night. buffalo takes on cleveland. the browns are hungry for a third win and tied with the ravens. the browns travis benjamin with an unstoppable touchdown. late in the fourth, t.j. ward with the pick six sealing a victory for the browns, 37-24. the st. claire hospital in pittsburgh decked out babies in pry rats swag. precious. including bandanas and bats there. game one of the series. beltran blasts this 443 foot
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three-run homer in the third. he's tied with babe ruth for 15 postseason home runs. both are in eighth place overall. cardinals down the pie rots, 9-1. dodgers handle the braves winning, 6-1. >> squirrelling shenanigans. take a little nap there. he adopted a squirrel that popped up when a rainstorm came through. tiger seemed unenthused when she put him on his shoulder. he kind of warms up to it. i'm afraid they would bite. hey, you know what? sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. check this out. during a high school game, see that? it happened in iowa. a quarterback attempting a two-point conversion. he flips the ball behind his back before getting tackled and it's caught in the end zone.
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way to go. some people would not dare to bungee jump, myself included, but this australian, jay phoenix, broke the record for the most jumps in 24 hours. take a guess how many? >> 10, 15? >> try 150 times in 21 hours. the guy is probably still sick from all that. dizy. the previous record was 105 jumps. who needs a bike lane? this is the first man to bike across the hudson river. yes, biking across water. >> you don't have to deal with the traffic. >> good point. he founded the bay cycle project in san francisco. he says any bike can use these pontoons and cylinder that activates a propeller when peddling. >> looks like a good idea until mid february. >> or until everyone tries it and no one is going anywhere. >> thanks, betty.
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it's time for business. kayla, good morning. >> good friday morning to you. twitter is making details of the upcoming ipo public. they look to make a billion. they will not say weather they will trade on nync or nasdaq. there are 250 million active users and gets revenue from mobile devices. amazon plans to sell a box to stream web content to your tv in time for the holidays. they hope to secure content partners this month. facebook is adding ads to insta grachlt users will only see ads occasionally and provide feedback as to which ads they do or don't like. nothing good can stay. we knew an ad free instagram would not be around forever. >> thanks so much. a winter storm hits the rocky mountains in montana over
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ten inches of snow have fallen. temperatures down in the 30s. the snowplows are out in full force. none of that bothered this little guy, a golden retriever. looks like he's having fun. bill karins is here. >> tornadoes this afternoon. we are going to get a blizzard tonight and tomorrow a land fall tropical storm. >> you are a busy man. >> it's a trifecta. our friends in california are going to have horrible winds. the new update from the national hurricane center on tropical storm karen. karen weakened overnight. winds went from 65 down to 60. it's still a strong tropical storm. there's no signs of it becoming a hurricane anytime soon. it may never be a hurricane. tropical storm warning is not extended to the north. here is the storm path. they think it will get to 70-mile-per-hour winds at the
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max. it can do minor damage and heavy rain as it goes to the southeast. we have the blizzard warnings in effect. it is snowing in wyoming. it's going to be quite a snowstorm. some areas are going to get one to two feet of snow. it's a trouble spot. on top of that, we could see tornadoes in iowa throughout the evening. not a lot, but a couple. >> we'll keep an eye on that. thank you, bill. we have a trivia question for you with tropical storm karen coming up, we want to ask you, what's the costliest hurricane in u.s. history? is it 1992s andrew, 2005 katrina, 2008's ike or 2012 sandy. we'll have the answer coming up next. [ male announcer ] mmmm.
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before the break, we asked, what's the costliest hurricane in u.s. history? is it 1992s andrew, 2005 katrina, 2008's ike or 2012 sandy.
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the answer is hurricane katrina, which struck in august, 2005 causing $108 billion in property damage. it was the third deadliest hurricane on record. now it's time for your first look of scrambled politics. in deep thought or sleeping? during an hour long speech, the camera moved to george holding, caught with his eyes closed and his head in his hands, oops. open for business, the supreme court website said they will conduct normal operations through october 11. the first monday in october and for at least the first week, they will hear cases and the court's building will be open. the navy football game against air force will be played saturday. some sports are suspended because of the shutdown. it's not funded by the government. the home football game brings in
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$4 million from tickets and other revenue. nbc "nightly news" anchor brian williams talked with david letterman. he was going to talk about barry black, the chaplain of the u.s. senate. >> i brought a quote, the chaplain who started services. quote, deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable while being unreasonable. that's in the opening prayer! >> yeah. [ applause ] >> and that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. now for the first look of politics we are joined by kevin. good morning. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me, happy friday. >> you, too. we have been focused in terms of the shutdown on negotiations with obama care. when it comes to spending priorities, how far apart are the two sides? >> they are far apart. when you talk about things like
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entitlements as well as more nuance issues, they are far apart. that being said, there is enough for a compromise if speaker boehner is willing to go against the tea party and not follow the rur that requires them to listen to the majority of the majority party. >> we saw the open mic moment between mitch mcconnell and rand paul going over the talking points. the republicans are willing to compromise, but is there an argument when all their demands are tied to weakening obama care? >> right now, no. i was speaking with republican senators yesterday on the hill. every one of them says it all goes back to what the house wants to do. so, if speaker boehner is allowing that compromise to happen and override the tea party members in the caucus, there would be a compromise. it comes back to the personal drama unfolding with speaker
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boehner and the tea party. >> it seems everyone from white house to house republicans is committed to avoiding debt default. the deadline is approaching fast. what is the most likely resolution here? >> there's never been a time lawmakers have not acted to raise the debt ceiling. you know, the longer the government shutdown goes down, the worse off this is going to be for the economy. it also sends awful implications abroad and if the tea party wrangles this into the debt ceiling, it could have, as i'm hearing from republicans, mara, catastrophic effects on the nation's economy. >> we are hoping it does not come to that. kevin, thanks so much for that. >> thanks for having me. new details on the new york biker attack. plus, details on this special two-headed calf when first look comes back. -yeah! go, angie! -whoo-hoo!
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2:23 am
her husband off the cliff to his death. she'll be arraigned in court on charges including first degree murder. california governor, jerry brown sign as law to apply for drivers licenses. california is now one of 11 states that has been enacted a law for immigrants to get drivers licenses. coming up, bill karins will be here for first buzz. we'll tell you about the story that is caught our eye today. ♪
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it's time for first buzz. all the story that is caught our story. i'm joined by richard -- ahh, richard. it's friday.
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bill karins. i'm going to start with you. you have an update? >> earlier this week, we saw video of her dancing through the office there saying take this job and shove it, i am done. there she is. she has gotten a job offer. you knew this was going to happen, right? queen latifah invited her on her talk show and said hey, we may be interested in a digital content producer. they are trying to create a position for her. she said let me think about it. >> let me think about it? >> yeah. you can't do that. >> now that you have national attention, you have no idea how many offers she could be getting. i want 10%. you heard it hear. >> i don't know if i want an employee that would quit that way and post it public. it seems tacky. >> depends on how she was treated there. >> i don't know, maybe it's just me. >> i don't know if i would want
2:28 am
all that trouble. >> i'm guessing you would not like a surprise wedding. this guy did it and he did it up here. ryan lee, his girlfriend, not even fiance pinned all this stuff on pinterest, the dress she would like, the ring and the cake and everything else. based on that, he invited everyone to miami, 100 people, had her go to miami, proposed, she said yes. in the same hotel, they walked down the hallway and boom, there was her wedding. >> it's sweet but i think it's odd, planning the wedding when you are not engaged. >> they have been dating a long time. maybe she knew it was coming. >> it was her hint. >> what are you working on? oh, our wedding. >> you are saying he should have ran? >> reran to the alter. >> we have a two-headed calf. >> i don't want to be left with
2:29 am
this. >> it's freaky. >> they say it's healthy. it moos with both heads and eats with both heads. it was a twin that didn't split properly, but it's healthy. have a great weekend. i'm mara mara schiavocampo. way too early starts right now. i hear boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, as, you know, the gunfire is unloaded. then it's like, at that point when you want to think that it's not that and things haven't gotten that bad. they quickly came out here and everyone swarming around and, you know, the police and everything. you pretty much know at that point what had happened. >> extreme tension in d.c. it had nothing to do with politics. a live report with what it was like to be on the capitol as a woman tried to use her car as a
2:30 am
weapon. how did you read up on it? twitter, of course. they want to be the news wire of the world. it's going public. how much money it's worth and should you be paying attention to it? thursday night football. buffalo/cleveland. it was a nightmare for both quarterbacks. this is "way too early." we are finally here. it is a friday. good morning, everybody. october the 4th. filibuster wendy davis gearing up for a run in texas. her popularity doesn't make her a lock in the lone star state. we are monitoring tropical storm karen which has parts of the gulf coast under a warning. bill karins has more on that. we want to start in washington. a day of


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