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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  October 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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probably. >> you did it, buddy. now you're going to jail! everyday situations spiral out of control. >> it was just devastating, you know? it was just brutal. >> things escalate quickly from calm to chaos. and pushing the limits can sometimes spell disaster. >> oh, my god! >> i saw him lifeless. i was really scared. >> when the boundaries are crossed between right and wrong, clever and foolish, humble and
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arrogant. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> things can go too far. "caught on camera:out of bounds" fists fly on a california freeway when rush hour frustration turns violent. >> it's one thing to have a one-on-one fight, but to kick a guy on the ground when he's down? that's just brutal. that's inhumane. >> june 12th, 2012. los angeles, california. it's late in the afternoon when 24-year-old emile age is driving to school on the i-5 freeway. >> it was rush hour. people are so frustrated getting
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off work ready to get home. >> los angeles is infamous for its congested roadways. in fact, it's among the top three worst cities in the united states for traffic according to a 2012 forbes magazine study. california highway patrol officer chris baldinado knows these maddening conditions lead to road rage. >> road rage is more often than you think. from giving the finger to verbal arguments to people physically fighting. just a matter of how far it escalates. >> there's always road rage in los angeles. >> spotting some commotion ahead, emile begins inching on the freeway to take a closer look. two cars are blocking the right lane and an argument is underway. as emile slows down, he sees things are escalating quickly. >> i was like, oh, my god. they're going to jump him. i'm thinking i need to record
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this. >> emile rolls down his window with his radio blasting. he's inches from the fight. >> so i filmed it from the passenger seat leaning over. >> it intensifies in an instant. both men toe to toe, fists in the air, begin what look like a bare knuckle boxing match in the middle of the road. >> the guy by himself was giving one of the guys upper cuts to the jaw, like some gnarly punches. >> but it doesn't stop there. >> i guess one of the guys said i'm not going to let my friend get taken advantage of. so they started jumping him. >> getting both of his attackers in a clinch, the man in the brightly colored shirt is only able to hold them for a brief
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moment. >> and then somehow he lost his balance, and they both slammed him. they're punching him on the ground and they started dragging him. and then one of the guys went from behind him and kicked him in the face. >> the man is knocked unconscious. but the two aggressors continue to deliver blow after blow to his limp body on the ground. >> it was just devastating. you know? it was just, like, brutal. >> the two assailants quickly leave the scene unaware that the entire attack is caught on camera. witnesses rushed to the site. >> did you take a picture of that? >> i got the whole thing. >> get the license plate. >> i was thinking, like, this guy is either dead or he's suffering a major concussion. >> you all right, bro? >> onlookers call 911 to report the assault as emile continues to record and encourages the injured man back to his feet.
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>> get up. you can't get up? >> the victim not only survives the brutal beating, but the decides to drive away before the police even arrive. >> come on, dude. >> i said dude, you should wait here. you know? because i had to get to practice and everything. it's a normal day for me. he said he's fine driving. and he got in the car. >> by the time our units responded, all parties had left. traffic was moving. >> it's not until emile age uploads his video and it goes viral that the victim jerry patterson comes forward to police. patterson describes his side of the fight on the local news. >> i cut three guys off accidentally. i tell them i'm sorry, my bad. they got in front of me and stopped the car. and it just escalated from there. >> jerry never thought the fight would escalate to the point that it did.
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for him, the next day is business as usual. >> the next morning i was really dizzy and coordination was off. but i took some aspirin. i had to go to work, you know? >> the california highway patrol asks the public for their help identifying jerry's attackers. >> the video did help in the sense it was a clear image of all parties' faces. we got a plethora of calls coming in. that totally helped the department in obtaining those individuals. >> in response to the video, david menendez and ramirez turned themselves in and are charged with two counts of assault. they plead not guilty. the case is pending. numerous people have questioned why emile didn't do more to help defend the man who was clearly out numbered. >> my mind-set was i want to jump in, this is wrong. but the best thing i can do is get it on tape so that the chp
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can do what they do, you know. you don't always have to be violent and be a good citizen. >> to videotape it is perfect evidence and helped us in obtaining the individuals. i applaud him for doing that. i don't know if he got out and helped that that would have escalated the situation and hurt himself. >> everybody can relate to road rage and being in l.a. traffic. >> you just don't know who you're talking to. you don't know what they're capable of. they could have a knife or gun. is it worth it? never. coming up, when a dare goes too far, there are serious consequences. >> i literally thought i just saw my friend die. >> when "caught on camera: out of bounds" continues. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] experience new febreze sleep serenity and let the soothing scent of moonlit lavender lull you to sleep. ♪
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for a store near you go to a teenage boy takes a dare too far when he jumps off a cliff into the rocks below. >> i saw blood just sun burst
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around his head. i literally thought i just saw my friend die. >> it's the fourth of july, 2006, in belton, texas. a city just outside of the biggest army base in the united states. fort hood. to beat the texas heat, soldiers and civilians alike head to a local swimming hole. a group of teenage boys are there that day. >> the lake during the summer is
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all of us all the time that it can happen like that. and you're gone. and you're never coming back. so that alters some of the choices we make in life. >> with a little time and maturity, the group gains perspective on the traumatic event. >> i definitely think i took it a little bit too far. it was just dumb and reckless. not a very smart idea. i would tell kids to just chill out and think about what you're doing before you do something that could possibly end your live. >> oh [ bleep ]! oh [ bleep ]! coming up, a coach steps out of line. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> what he did is uncalled for. and it's horrible. >> and chaos erupts in the outfield. >> within that moment, they went at each other. >> stop it, guys!
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two young players on the ice. >> a full grown man picking on minors? it's ridiculous. what he did is uncalled for and it's horrible. >> the canadian culture has long been defined by its love of hockey. even the $5 pill shows children playing the sport. but at a rink in vancouver, one coach brings shame to the game. like many young players, elizabeth papasis' son showed a love of the game. >> he's played since age four. >> at age 10 he was wearing a number 4 blue jersey and playing
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in a championship game against the uvc who northwests in yellow. # >> we were all hyped up, like all the parents. my family members were there too. we were all rooting for them. >> team manager tammy holeg is there cheering for his sons also in blue. >> this particular league, everybody wants to win. it's good hockey. >> at the sound of the closing buzzer, the hornets prevail winning 5-4. the final game of the season may be over, but the action on the ice is just about to heat up. >> at the end of every game, you have your hand shake which is a sportsmanship thing. nhl does it when they lose a stanley cup. everybody does it. and that's where everything changed. >> coach martin trumble of the
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hornets doesn't look like a man who just took the gold. instead, he seems to rush through the line of the children barely shaking hands. >> seems like he was on a mission trying to get at a certain boy. so when we saw that he sticks it foot out and trips my son and the other boy, they both fall down. >> outrage erupts. it appears the coach intentionally trips two players. elizabeth's son is one of them. >> i was so angry that he did that. my son, he was pretty shocked. he's a very sensitive boy. why would he do that? i don't understand why an adult would do that. >> the other boy whose family requested he not be identified breaks his wrist in the fall. according to witnesses, this boy was a target of the coach's rage the entire game. >> it's horrifying, because it
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doesn't matter what the kid did if he did anything, that an adult had to do that. it's awful. >> the hornets coach denies the trip was on purpose and says he merely slipped on the ice. but parents on the richmond steel disagree. they call the paramedics for the injured minor and the police for martin trumble. >> we were all angry, the parents got up and were screaming. the coach gave the bird to us. so it wasn't a pleasure to watch. >> and then the icing on the cake? a hornets player follows his coach's lead and throws a water bottle at the crowd. >> a coach is not just a coach. they're also your mentor. they're showing it's okay for them to do it. >> in an ugly scene, the hornets players support their coach's
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bad behavior and skate off the ice taunting the angry crowd. >> the coach tripping really, really took away from the kids. >> martin tremble is sentenced to 15 days in jail and 12 months probation. he's banned from coaching in the vancouver minor hockey league. and since the video hit the internet, the court of public opinion has already connected him -- >> i mean, they won the game. that's it. should be happy. shake hands and go home. >> that's why it went so viral and went so big. because it's embarrassing for him. >> can you imagine if he did lose what would happen? parents at a little league baseball game strike out as role models when a fight breaks out on the sidelines. you hear people screaming from the field.
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at that moment they went after each other. >> stop it, guys! >> july 6, 2012. in columbus, georgia, little league is a big deal. home to the 1996 "lockup" softball games, the town has dozens of diamonds. >> there's a major little league pride here. we have a number of kids playing in the majors now from columbus. in our newspaper it says locals in the majors. >> it's midway through summer. but for little leaguers, it's the end of the baseball season. joe paul, a reporter for the local paper is covering the district championship game. >> it was the last night of a tournament. the kids are playing every night. i was shooting photos for a
3:27 pm
website. >> family and fans surround the field as northern little league take on the harris county all stars. he knows how important the win is to the players but also to the parents. >> the winner it meant going to the state tournament. losers go home. the fans were, you know, they were all revved up on both sides. supporting their teams. >> the game is a shutout. northern defeats harris county 10-0. >> they were jumping up. they were high fiving each other. everyone was excited. [ cheers and applause ] >> to celebrate his son's win, a father on the sidelines, charles davis blasts a not so subtle song "all i do is win." >> all i do is win, win, win no matter what. which kind of rubbed it in the faces of the losing team. >> probably was bragging.
3:28 pm
all we do is win. >> the harris county fans are not amused. >> one guy came over to tell him to turn the music down. he said i'm going to mess you up. and the other guy said here i am. and within that moment, they went at each other. and then you just hear people screaming from the center field. >> chaos erupts just over the fence with a fight between the family members of opposing teams. >> i see punching and mostly pushing and shoveling and wrestling. people trying to break it up. >> what are you doing? >> so everyone's there to kind of break it up, but they're also taking sides at the same time. >> the one-on-one quickly escalates into a brawl. >> you know, we always get a bit
3:29 pm
of bickering between parents. but nothing to this magnitude. >> wives worry about their husbands. >> i'm not in it, honey. i'm way on this end of it. >> i'm back here. i'm on the fringe. >> and coaches bring the children together to shield them from the drama. >> that's stupid. >> we told them, you know, it's nothing you did. you're all out here playing ball. they got out of hand. >> soon parents on both sides call the police. they arrest the two men at the center of the argument on charges of disorderly conduct. charles davidson and iram king. iram king pleads guilty while the charges are dropped against davidson. s despite the fighting among the grownups, the kids show great camaraderie. >> kids showed remarkable sportsmanship. they had a picture taken together. and normally the winning team
3:30 pm
will take the banner that we give them that says district 8 champions and take a lap. they invited the harris county team to go with them. >> in this instance, it's the kids who set the example for their parents. >> often said the only reason we need an umpire is for the managers and coaches. kids go out there and have a good time. coming up, a crowd is stunned when an escape act turns to disaster. when "caught on camera: out of bounds" continues. it guides you to a number that will change
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>> after three minutes in the air, jasen escapes from the straight jacket, and the crowd goes wild. >> he's not done yet. he's got the rope. he needs to make his way to the safety rope in time before the rope burns through. >> now i'm really relieved. all he's got to do is get the clip off of the harness and we're good to go. we're home free. and he starts pulling on the thing and tugging on it. you know, twisting it around. what's going on? why can't he get the clip free? >> panic begins to set in as it appears jasen is stuck to the burning rope. he cannot unclip from the harness and no one's able to reach him. >> bring it down, bring it down. >> oh, my god! >> in a terrible turn of events, the flaming platform falls
3:40 pm
directly on to jasen and it seems he is burning alive in front of thousands of people including his own family. [ screaming ] >> i didn't hesitate a nanosecond and i told that crane operator bring him down. we needed to get him down and close to us. >> jasen's sister yells in desperation. >> i remember people yelling go faster, bring him down. but he couldn't. he was literally going as fast as he could. >> the crane operator lowers jasen into the river as firefighters battle the flames. >> i saw him lifeless hanging back. i was really, really scared. i didn't know what the situation was at that point. i knew it wasn't good. >> but then slowly joe chasny
3:41 pm
sees signs of life in his friend. it turns out the platform hung only centimeters from his body. causing only minor burns. >> the only bruise i got was to the ego of a perfectionist who wanted to finish a stunt the way he wrote it on paper. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's give a big round of applause to jasen! >> i was so emotional. >> do you want to say anything to the fans? >> yeah. >> and now ladies and gentlemen, jasen magic. >> i took a big swallow, thanked everybody for being there. apologized to everybody. >> whatever you do, don't hang
3:42 pm
upside down with a burning rope. you'd be an idiot to. thanks again. >> jasen may have failed to complete the stunt the way he imagined it, but he does get the attention he had hoped for. and the entertainer in him will never let one disappointment stop him from going even bigger the next time. in fact, he performs this stunt again a year later over a bed of fiery nails. >> i think everybody enjoys just a little more. just give it an extra little kick. i think that's what the audience wants. i believe the next stunt is just going to have just a little bit more than this last one. coming up, a horrifying look inside one new york school when a teacher is caught on camera beating a student. >> nobody have no right to do that to anybody's children. >> and later, a grandma becomes a target of relentless bullying. >> oh, my god, you're so fat. >> yeah, you're fat. >> when "caught on camera: out of bounds" continues. michelle. michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store.
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caught on camera. a teacher goes too far when he disciplines a student with a beating. >> i thought when you send to school, this is supposed to be a safe haven. not knocking to the ground. >> june 2012. a reporter from "the new york daily news" ben chapman obtains disturbing footage from a high school in brooklyn, new york. >> i received an e-mail from a anonymous source identifying themselves only as angry administrator. >> the silent video is from three months earlier. and shows a 15-year-old student christoph john arriving in his high school. christoph's mom, diane.
3:47 pm
>> every child going to that school have a photo i.d. when you enter the school, you have to scan the i.d. >> according to christoph, the school security dean and teacher stefan hudson asks him to step to the side when his i.d. doesn't work. christoph says when he tries to go through again, the dean becomes enraged believing he is acting disrespectfully. >> immediately i could see it was in violation of the rules of the department of education and probably it looked like something that was illegal possibly criminal to me. we went to diane's house to show her the video of her son involved in this altercation with the dean. >> when i first saw the video, i got nervous. like my belly start hurting.
3:48 pm
my stomach left where it was and went somewhere else. i see the dean grab on to him and throw him down. picks him up, throw him into a table violently. picks him up again and throw him to the ground. >> at 5'5," 120 pounds, the 15-year-old boy is no match for the dean who is more than twice his size. >> they throw him around like a rag doll. so he was trying to get up. but he couldn't. the man had him in a lock down there. >> for christoph's mom, the only thing worse than watching the brutality against her son is knowing that when he came home that day and told her what happened, she didn't believe him. she says the school told her it was christoph who was aggressive toward a teacher. >> the same dean who was beating on my child is the same dean that call me. when my son came home, i asked him. i said what happened at school today? and he start telling me, but i said to him the school gave me
3:49 pm
one story and now you give me a different one. so i don't know who to believe. you don't think the school is going to lie to you. >> according to diane, the principal calls a few days after the dean to discuss the problem. >> the principal call and she told me there was an incident that happened in the school with christoph. she was going to look into it and get back to me. she never call me back. >> it's not until the reporter shows diane the beating that she realizes what happened. >> i was like, oh, my god. i can't believe this. i am pissed. that was my words. nobody have no right to do that to anybody's children. i don't care if my child was rude to you. you have no right putting your hand on him. >> christoph refuses to return to school for his sophomore school and moves to the native country of grenada to live with family. >> i know my child.
3:50 pm
i saw the change in him. he was not interested in school anymore. my son never behave like that before. >> they are suing the city of new york for $5.5 million. when the video surfaces, the department of education immediately removes the dean from classrooms. he is ordered to attend an anger management course. and the case against the city is settled for $50,000. and hudson begins the year in new york city's absent teacher reserve pool. >> we should belief our kids because you know what? when this kiem came out in the light -- coming up -- another case of bullying. but this time, it's the kids who cross the line. >> you're old. >> you're ugly. >> when "caught on camera: out of bounds" continues. back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat,
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"caught on camera" vicious behavior on a school bus brings a bus monitor to her breaking point. >> are you sweating? are you sweating? why is there water on your face? >> i'm crying. >> i thought it was only kids that got bullied. i really didn't think too much about adults. >> unless you have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. >> how about you shut the [ bleep ] up? >> june 18, 2012. greece, new york. for students at athena middle school, it's the last week of classes before summer break. 68-year-old karen kline is a bus monitor and has worked in the school system for more than 20 years. the bus driver asks her to supervise the back of the bus on the ride home from school. >> it was always the same kids
3:55 pm
that went to the back of the bus. every once in awhile, they'd make a snide remark. i told the bus driver i didn't want to go back there. >> oh, my god. you're so fat. >> out of earshot of the bus driver, the group of four rowdy boys start taunting karen. recording the whole thing on a camera phone. >> you're so fat. you take up the entire seat. >> when kids bully, what they're looking for is a vulnerable target and a big reaction from that target. that's what makes bullying fun. >> triple sag? >> triple sag. >> triple z. >> look at her [ bleep ] stomach. >> but karen keeps her composure for the time being. >> i was trying to ignore them. i really was. >> you're a troll. you're a troll. you troll. >> ugly. >> the bullies seem thrilled by
3:56 pm
the notion that the video will later be seen online. >> so you're putting this up on facebook? >> they thought this was a cool thing. they thought they'd get a ton of likes on facebook and get laughs. they thought they'd be heroes. they weren't thinking about the consequences. they're not connecting real things. >> i'm going to [ bleep ] take a crap in your mouth. >> i'm going to break into your house and then steal everything. >> wait. there's nothing to steal. >> they were increasing their taunts and harassment. even their physical touching of her. they were doing anything in their power to get her to react. that for them would have been the prize. but she was not going to take the bait. >> karen. he touched you. >> he freaking just touched your arm flab. >> the barrage of insults and profanity continues on the bus. no one appears to stop it. >> you old ass. you're going to die of [ bleep ] diabetes because you're so fat. >> i tried to make it go away so it couldn't hurt me. >> she's going to get her
3:57 pm
freaking sweat all over it. she's going to pick out which kid she's going to rape next. >> but i gave up. >> and then one particular dig that karen will never forget. >> but you don't have a family because they all killed themselves because they didn't want to be near you. >> tragically, karen kline's son did commit suicide years earlier. whether the students were aware of that fact is unclear. >> i was trying to think if i had told them about rusty. i don't know. >> the ten-minute video of karen's devastating bus ride home quickly goes viral. people worldwide are upset and outraged. including one man 170 miles away in toronto, canada. >> i couldn't watch it until the end. i was so shocked. i was so appalled, i almost
3:58 pm
started crying when i saw her getting abused by that. >> immediately max decides to take action. he starts an online fund raiser to give karen the vacation of a lifetime. the goal, raise $5,000 in 30 days. >> i don't think anyone could have expected what happened. i could never have expected what happened. >> within three hours, the site reaches the goal. within three days, people donate more than $200,000. >> this whole internet community, 86 countries, they all came together to help this woman out. >> after 30 days of fund raising, the grand told is more than max ever expected. karen kline receives more than $700,000. >> i was blown away. i really was. i still am. >> karen retires from the school system and intends on taking that dream vacation. she also plans on donating to charities that are close to her heart.
3:59 pm
but karen's greatest treasure from this experience is the outpouring of love she receives from around the world. >> wonderful, wonderful messages. letters, i mean, books. can't even begin to mention all the wonderful people. it's great. >> karen's middle school tormenters and their parents issue an apology. the school takes action against the children. 50 hours of community service with senior citizens. completion of a bully prevention program, and suspension from school for one whole year. >> in this situation, they clearly took it too far. but you have to remember that most of these kids aren't really bad kids. 95% of kids who bully can be rehabilitated. that's really our goal. >> i really hope they've learned their lesson. i really do.
4:00 pm
the most dramatic moments. the biggest explosions. unbelievable fires. >> i thought i was going to die that day. >> astonishing footage. hear from those who saw it. filmed it, and lived it.


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