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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  October 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. it's always been rumored about this war between these two groups. when is the war going to happen? when is the bloodbath going to begin? >> an inmate with an influential family in one gang joins its archrival. >> i didn't want to be part of that organization. the female inmate also has ties to both gangs and now her mail has jail officials concerned.
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>> they are written in what appears some sort of code. >> another inmate is charged with sexually molesting his brother's daughter. >> we are friends. she talked to me about the things she didn't think she could talk to mom and dad about. >> but his brother is also facing charges equally as heinous. >> i could receive ten years per count for 38 counts, that's 380 years. >> and if one woman has her way, both brothers, to be charged with triple murder, in a devastating act of arson. >> there is no one else that would wish those beautiful girls that ill. no one else.
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san antonio's bexar county jail is a fortress of brick, steel and razor wire. capable of housing up to 4500 men and women. some of the inmates here have been convicted and are serving short sentences. but most have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial with the resolution of their cases. then there are inmates like benny alonzo, he's been convicted of felony gun possession. in less than 24 hours, he will appear before a judge to learn his sentence. >> i've been stressing a lot, too, though. i can't eat. i haven't ate lunch in three days already. >> do something, dog. >> i already know. >> alonzo will most likely be sentenced to state prison but it won't be the first time. >> how many times have you been incarcerated? >> oh, couple of times. i mean, every time i get locked up -- one, two, three,
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four, five, i can't really remember. maybe like seven times, six times. i don't know. >> sold heroin, crack, coke, weed, anything. one-stop shop at the house. started using drugs, started the cycle going down. just sucks, that lifestyle is no good. >> compounding the stress of his sentencing is the fear that it will cost him his girlfriend. >> i'm scared. that's one of my biggest fears, i'm going to lose my family. i mean, it happens. i've seen it too many times where people get -- i have faith. me and her are stronger than that. me and her are real strong. >> if alonzo goes to state prison he'll have to sort out just more than his relationship with his girlfriend. at bexar county jail he's segregated with members of his gang.
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in prison he could be exposed to his gang's archrivals, the texas mexican mafia and that is a conflict in more ways than one. >> the alonzos are a large family with in the mexican mafia, three or four brothers with in the alonzos all mexican mafia. >> in addition, alonzo's grandfather is reputed to be one of the texas mexican mafia's founders and current leaders. >> i didn't want to be a part of that organization, because there's things you got to do and i wouldn't want anybody to tell me what to do. say there is a hit you got to do and maybe it's on your brother whatever, and you got to do it or it's on you next. it's not for me, wasn't for me. i don't like their style. >> alonzo's gang, the tango
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orejones splintered in the 1990s, since then they have become enemies, but family ties like alonzo's have probably helped reduce the bloodshed. >> always rumored about the two groups, when will there be war, when will it carry into the streets, when will the bloodbath begin? i began asking where is there going. i got a very interesting answer. the mafia and the tango orejones said we don't like each other but can't go to war. why not? we're all related. >> alonzo is not the only inmate at bexar county with ties to both gangs. peggy perales has them as well. perales was recently sentenced to three years probation for drug possession. she's back in jail due to a failed drug test. now, her relationships with two other inmates have raised red flags with the jail's gang intelligence division.
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>> security intercepted some letters that she received from male inmates. one of them being a member of the mexican mafia, the other of the tango orejone, both are writing to her. >> the mexican mafia member is her boyfriend. but she says she asked few questions about his gang activity. >> i've heard stuff i don't want to do know, seen stuff i don't want to know. i was like, you hang around with me, don't bring it to me. he would just come home with money. i mean, i had a clue, not a rocket scientist to figure that out. >> perales says the orejone inmate who wrote to her is a pen pal, met him through a girlfriend after her boyfriend stopped writing her.
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said you don't got nothing do, your boyfriend ain't writing you, i was like, i guess, somebody just to make my time pass quicker, i was like all right. >> at this point i don'tfully the men know they are both communicating with the same person. it's possible but i don't think they are aware of it. once they find out, the only person that could be punished is the female receiving the two letters, we have to walk on this with kid gloves. >> in addition to perales' safety, officer rodriguez has a new concern, the last letter written by her orejone pen pal was intercepted by mail room staff because of suspicious content. each inmate part of a different gang but they are written with what appears some sort of a code. you see that. i need someone go through her bunk and pull the letters she's writing this guy because if they are coded messages we need that. they could just be love letters. >> gang members often use such
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codes to trigger criminal activity like drug deals or even hits on rival members. so officer rodriguez decides that all of perales' mail will be further examined for further codes or incriminating information. >> it's possible she may have negative involvement in the letters she's receiving but at this point it's too early to tell which way we're going on this. we'll continue the investigation and see how far we get. >> coming up -- >> according to the letter this was on there. what does this mean? >> peggy perales is confronted about her mail. >> and -- >> i saw myself on the news and saying horrible things against me. >> two brothers charged with chilling crimes and find themselves suspected of even more sinister acts. in the nation, we know how you feel about your car.
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supervising a large
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population of inmates who may or may not be guilty of crimes ranging from drug possession to murder can be a stressful job for officers in san antonio's bexar county jail. >> can i talk to you? i want to talk to you real for a second. >> even more so, when the jail faces staffing shortages. >> we're at least 120 officers short. right now we're doing what we call a mandatory overtime program where we're requiring officers to stay over after their shift is completed for at least a couple hours. talking to the officers, you can see this is stressing them, really stretching it and hopefully we can do something about that in the near future so it isn't the proverbial rubber band and snap. >> the demands on staff extend beyond inmate housing units to service areas such as the jail's mail room. >> the most overwhelming aspect is not the mail itself, it's the volume of the mail.
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on a busy day, we'll get about 2600 pieces of mail coming in. going out we probably send out half that, 1300 pieces. daily. then we'll go to the cutting machine and open them all up. and we start the inspection process. we don't read all of the mail. however, we do scan the mail. we open it, inspect it and once it passes our inspection we go ahead and reclose it and send it to the inmates. we're looking for gang affiliations, signs, searching for contraband, of course. >> most of the mail they process are letters written from one inmate to another, some 500 such letters per day. baron ochoa is a frequent user of the inmate to inmate mail
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system, the only way he can communicate with his younger brother. >> i want to know he's all right, keeping his spirits up and it really is real strange having to read a letter from my brother. i think he's on the same floor as me. so, it's like, he's right down the hall. i have to write letters to him. it's so hard to write letters to each other because it's the same stuff day in, day out but always at the end, there's always that stay strong or a hang tough or something, you know, words of encouragement. we always give each other words of encouragement. >> they are careful not to reveal much personal information in their letters. knowing that they could be read by authorities. >> yeah, we're certain that they are copying our letters, as long as i'm here they can read my mail, listen to the phone calls. they're hoping i will incriminate myself. >> the ochoa brothers face a
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complicated legal situation. they're each charged with serious crimes and considered suspects in another set of crimes. baron is charged with sexually molesting his 10-year-old niece. conrad's daughter, sammy. he has pled not guilty. conrad has been indicted on 38 counts of possession of child pornography, to which he's pled not guilty. according to authorities, none of the images confiscated from his computer were of sammy. the brothers were arrested and charged these offenses after an even more serious crime occurred. sammy, her mother and an adult female roommate were all stabbed to death inside their home, which was then set on fire. and burned to the ground. >> the homicide investigation when it first started, of course, we thought that they were just eliminating us as suspects. a few hours into the interview,
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it became very clear that they were looking at us as persons of interest. and that's how we were described on the news. >> though conrad and baron were immediately targeted as suspects, they have not been formally charged with any of the three murders. nor the arson. >> i was devastated. i couldn't believe it. on the news they put me as suspected of three counts of capital murder, stabbing, arson and that has nothing to do with my indictment. i'm not arrested on any of that but my character is being murdered on the media. >> days after the murder, rebecca gonzalez, conrad's former girlfriend filed a report with child protective services, stated that sammy told her that both conrad and baron were sexually abusing her. >> when i saw myself on the news and saying these horrible things against me, man, i can't stand that guy. wait a second, that's me. none of that is true. >> i've said more than once every human life is precious.
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and as much as i might have hated my niece's mom, she's still a human being and has just as much right to live as i do and i don't see killing somebody as a viable solution. >> baron admits to disliking sammy's mother but says he was a good uncle to sammy who was caught in the middle of a custody battle between her parents. >> we were friends. she talked to me about the things she didn't think she could talk to mom and dad about. so, i might not go so far to say i was her confidant, her soulmate but we were very close, very friendly. she was my little friend. >> during the course of their investigation, authorities say they found deleted images on baron's camera of sammy and another young girl engaged in sexual acts. he says the children might have gotten ahold of his camera and taken the pictures themselves.
8:18 pm
>> kids are playful, exploratory and when they have free rein over a camera they take pictures which out of context would look bad. >> authorities also say they found thousands of images of child pornography, though none involving sammy on conrad's computer. he says he has no knowledge of them. >> they haven't shown me these. i have no idea what they are talking about. i have a computer that is not password protected, it's always on. so, i can use it, my brother used it, sam used it. for homework, whatever. i don't know. nobody will tell me. as for discovery package, to see what evidence they have against me, i was told i can't have it because it has explicit pictures on it. >> if conrad is found guilty, the consequences could be severe. >> if i'm found guilty on 38
8:19 pm
counts of child pornography, i could receive ten years per count for 38 counts. that's 380 years. that's a lot of time. coming up -- >> i have to believe, i have to believe that one day as soon as possible, preferably, conrad and baron will be charged with their murders and with the arson. >> sammy's grandmother attempts to deal with her loss. >> and -- >> you'll be surprised with the love connections or the pursuing love that goes on here. >> inmate pen pals work for some but lead to trouble for peggy perales. >> this is garcia. she is a class officer here. she's going to be monitoring you from this point on. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations,
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county jail live in large, open dorms. outnumbered almost 8 to 1 by male inmates, the women usually find more things to bond over than the men. and those things often have to do with helping each other still feel like women. >> i'm everybody's plucker. but you can mess up pretty quick. >> andrea uses sock strings to help natalia nevin keep her eyebrows plucked and well-groomed. >> brianna mcfall has come up with her own way to meet another feminine need. >> we don't have tampons in here, we're not allowed. this is how we make a tampon. cut the end off like this. >> don't try this at home. >> take the pad off. then get this right here. we roll it like that. this is going to be a small one. i put it in here. roll it, roll it, and there is a tampon. you use it. this is contraband.
8:24 pm
we'll get in trouble for doing this. we get caught with this, making tampons, or if we have a tampon in our bed, that is a write-up. >> many of the other women spend time on what could be best described as the jailhouse version of online dating. they use the inmate to inmate mail system to write to male pen pals. >> how they meet each other is mutual friends from the outside, they know each other, they got arrested together, whatever. but you'll be surprised with the love connections, the presumed love that goes on here. >> i'm writing like six letters at a time. i was writing drone. where is his letter? i love to write drone, he's so sweet. >> this is for my pen pal, his name's juan. he helps me out when i'm sad. i have three pen pals but i write him more. >> i have everybody's name tattooed on me, i could have my own baby name book.
8:25 pm
it's embarrassing. >> oh, yeah, they're all pen pals and it's a big mistake and don't use tattooing for prison. >> since coming to jail, peggy perales has also developed a pen pal relationship. but the male inmate she writes to is a member of the largest gang, the tango orejones. she also writes to her boyfriend, a member of the archrival gang, the mexican mafia. jail officials intercepted a suspicious letter the orejone pen pal wrote to perales. >> a big concern to determine what information is traveling to and from the buildings and another big concern we have is why are two rival gangs communicating with one female. are they aware they're both communicating? we're going to talk to her to let her know we're aware of it. >> if officials determine perales is colluding with either
8:26 pm
gang she stands to lose her job in the laundry room and she could be assigned to a segregation cell where she would lose all her other privileges as well. >> i'm a gang officer here, yesterday they confiscated some letters from you. what's going on? what can you tell me about the letters? >> i was writing a pen pal and she didn't give me a chance to read the letters. i don't know what was in it. she said it was -- >> how many pen pals are you writing? >> just one. >> do you know what gangs these people are part of? >> i know that my baby's dad's confirmed -- >> you don't know what. >> the other gang? >> he's a orejone. >> according to the letter, this was on here. what does this mean? it's on the bottom part of the letter. >> i didn't write the letter. he wrote to me. >> he wrote that to you. this is garcia, she's a class officer here, she'll be monitoring you from this point on. any reports of gang-related activity i'll remove you from
8:27 pm
inmate worker status. you are not part of any gangs? >> no, sir. >> do you understand you're monitored for gang member activity? you are not a gang member? >> no. >> go back to your unit. >> thanks for your time. >> officer rodriguez and corporal garcia will continue to monitor perales and for now, would like to see her pen pal relationships continue. >> one reason why we're not jumping on that right at this point, we don't want to expose the fact that we know she's receiving mail. once we expose that they'll cut her off and this may be something we could potentially use to learn information. so, so far we'll go ahead and give her the benefit of the doubt that she's not doing anything, however we did warn her if anything comes out we'll take appropriate action. >> perales has no intention of giving rodriguez and his team any more to work with. she says her brief experiment with pen pals has been more trouble than it's worth.
8:28 pm
>> i mean, i don't even know who he is, i never seen that person. and, you know, i get letters and i can't even read them, i don't know what the hell it says and find out it has gsrp, whatever it is in orejone roman numerals. what the hell is that? i get in trouble for it, oh, no. you're not getting no letter from me ever again. coming up -- >> i've been accused with killing and burning a child. >> the ochoa brothers seek safe harbor inside bexar county jail. benny alonzo receives his sentence but his thoughts are elsewhere. >> my heart twists and turns, my head yearns for your touch and love of your kiss and hugs. color, and design. showing up where we least expect it. and taking inspiration from our wildest dreams.
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here's what's happening a. murder-suicide in phoenix. a man shot two men, a woman and
8:32 pm
teenage boy and two dogs before turning the gun on himself. the mother of a massachusetts teen accused of killing his teacher says she is broken hearted over the death. diana is asking for prayers for the family of colleen and what happened to her son phillip. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. in jails or prisons nationwide, those accused of crimes against children are usually marked for violence by other inmates. that's why conrad ochoa is housed in a special protective custody unit inside san antonio's bexar county jail. >> i've been accused with
8:33 pm
killing and burning a child. i'm here for possession of child pornography and one point i was accused with child molestation. many people in this jail would love to do me bodily larm. >> he learned that first time left custody to appear in court. >> i was put in a room sectioned off with other inmates and i was recognized by people who never talked to me, telling me horrific things they would like to do to me and if i was in general population i wouldn't live there very long. >> ochoa, who proclaims his innocence is charged with possession of child pornography. he's suspected of murdering his ten-year-old daughter, sammy, her mother, and her roommate and then burning their home down after the killings. before her death, sammy's mother filed a report that ochoa sexually molested his daughter. ochoa vehemently denies harming anyone, especially sammy.
8:34 pm
>> that's my little girl. she was my reason for living at that point. she was a bundle of energy. she always had something to say. she was a million laughs a minute. she -- that's my baby. >> we didn't get a mourning period. the day we were told she died, we were told we killed her and i remember mentioning to both of my parents, this time it should be all about sammy but it can't be. you know, it has to be about us because we're on the defensive. >> conrad's older brother, baron, is housed in a different protective custody unit. his is for openly gay men. >> i think gay people in general are a bit less aggressive than heterosexuals. >> baron is charged with sexually molesting conrad's daughter, sammy, and is also a suspect in the triple homicide and fire. even though news coverage has made other inmates aware of this case he says he's felt safe in this unit.
8:35 pm
>> the news likes to tell all, the juicier it is the more they tell and a child molester is juicy news, on every tv in every pod, everybody knows who i am. the people on my pod saw that i'm accused child molesting and no, nobody has given me any flack for it. >> baron feels others are conspiring against him, including the judge who set bail at $500,000 each making it impossible to leave jail until their cases are resolved. >> as innocent as we might be, because this isn't prison, this is jail, most of us here have not been convicted of anything. so, we talk about innocent until proven guilty but everything about this place, county jail, is designed to break your spirit amake you want to cop that plea bargain to hurry up and get out. to accept that plea bargain. and that just seems so unamerican.
8:36 pm
it's all meant to break your spirits and just knowing that makes it easier for me and i'll always say they'll never break my spirits because i know that's what they're trying to do. >> benny alonzo is struggling to keep his spirits up, but not due to the discomfort of jail. >> my head twists and turns. for the love of your kiss and your hugs. >> less than 24 hours earlier, he appeared in court to be sentenced on the first of his charges. felony gun possession. he had hoped to see his girlfriend there but did not. >> the sentencing wasn't what bothered me the most, just out the door. it just hit me and it hurt. kind of felt like i was abandoned. i was left by myself. i guess it's because me and my girl were close, fool. i really wouldn't think she would do that to me. i guess i got a lot of surprises coming up ahead. i want my girl to know how much that hurt for real.
8:37 pm
i mean. >> along with the pain of not seeing his girlfriend, the pain of alonzo's sentence has also begun to sink in. he was given seven years. >> they give me the seven, it wasn't -- it didn't hit me until i got in the cell and the doors closed. i cried. tears just came down. i couldn't help it. first thing i thought was, i'm not going to see my kids. they are going to -- they are going to have birthdays without me, christmas, just yeah. i mean, my girl, she might move on. >> if you had your life to do over again -- >> i would go to school. i would stay in school. i mean, that's the first thing. i wouldn't get into drugs. that's it right there. that's what turned everything,
8:38 pm
drugs and not going to school. so, if you're out there, stay away from drugs and stay in school. please. coming up -- >> i've been getting in a lot of trouble. i'm kind of, i guess, angry at the world. i got a seven-year sentence. >> benny alonzo lashes out but then receives life-altering news. and -- >> the fact of the matter is, if our faces are in courtroom, they know that we're being vigilant, that we're going to be there and make a loud noise the minute we can. >> a grandmother keeps up a vigil to make sure someone pays for her family's loss.
8:39 pm
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for six months, baron ochoa's world has consisted of little more than his small cell and the adjoining day room at san antonio's bexar county jail. and, occasionally, he's transported to court for pretrial hearings on his case. >> this is a red-button case, if i have to go before a jury, it's easy for them to get an emotional response out of them rather than a legal response out of them. >> ochoa is accused of continuous sexual abuse of a child. his 10-year-old niece, sammy. he's also a suspect, along with his brother, conrad, in the stabbing death of sammy, her mother, rebecca gonzalez, and a family friend. the house all three victims lived in was burned to the ground following the murders. at his latest court hearing baron learned of new evidence
8:43 pm
against him. >> i thought they were going to use pictures against me, which they are but using past statements. really? one of the things that pissed me off is a statement a family member made not so much against us, that he never trusted us around his kids. what do you mean you never trusted us around your kids? we're supposed to be family. if you feel that way, tell me, not the police, when you know this is the type of things being investigated. >> negative statements from family are but one of the pressures bearing down on the brothers. every time they appear in court there are familiar faces in the gallery. they are led by suze bianchi-pierce, the mother of former girlfriend and grandmother to sammy. >> if our faces are in the courtroom they know we're being vigilant and we'll be there and make a loud noise the minute we can. >> she lost her daughter and her granddaughter.
8:44 pm
she's extremely angry, she's hurt, she's devastated. she wants someone to blame. and the police are just straight up accusing me, trying to hang it around my neck. >> this is what's left of raggedy ann. that was sammy's. see, there is something melted to it. it's just, you can smell the house. smoke is just pervasive. found rebecca's jewelry box intact. you can see the shadows on the top from where the jewelry was laying inside. >> the charred mementos and family photos are painful reminders of the past. bianchi-peters also strives to create positive ones. >> i know that sammy would have been honored for your hard work. >> she's started the just love foundation. named for the tattoo worn by rebecca and matching stencil worn by sammy. the foundation funds an annual
8:45 pm
scholarship to send a child from a low-income home to a local performing arts school. >> sammy loved to perform. it was sammy's safe place and we're gonna fight this ugly, horrible event by providing as much love and positivity as we can. >> the ochoas were arrested the morning following the fire and the story was widely covered on local news. >> brother baron ochoa was interviewed and police found scratches on his neck, head and shoulder area. >> the little girl's father conrad ochoa smelled of the strong odor of the karen lane fire. >> the person interviewing conrad stated very clearly that he smelled like the house, the burned, charred, sooty remains that it had that same odor. >> both brothers deny all these allegations. >> the officer, he says i smell like smoke, i have ash on my shoes. of course i don't.
8:46 pm
if i had, i would been arrested for homicide already because they would have had evidence. they shave my arms for some reason and cotton swabs of my ears and nose, fingernail scrapings of my fingers, looking through my apartment for accelerants, which i don't have any. >> while the investigation did lead to their current charges, seven months after their arrest, neither of the ochoas have been formally charged with murder or arson. >> i have to believe, i have to believe that one day, as soon as possible, preferably, that conrad and baron will be charged with their murders and with the arson. there is no one else that would have wished those beautiful girls that ill. no one else.
8:47 pm
>> benny alonzo is dealing with his own feelings of loss, after he was sentenced to seven years of prison on a weapons charge. making matters worse, his girlfriend didn't appear at his sentencing hearing leaving him feeling alone and abandoned. still awaiting trial it would appear he is not coping well. >> i've been getting in a lot of trouble. i have maybe like six, seven cases. tampering with a tray slot. one, popping a door. one assault, one criminal mischief and checking medication. i guess that's the only way i know how to release my anger and whatever. my emotions. i'm kind of, i guess, angry at the world. i got a seven-year sentence. so i'm just bucking on the system right now.
8:48 pm
big time orejone. west side. >> now, alonzo faces time in segregation pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing. >> hopefully i'll beat it. if not, about a 30-day lockdown. >> if you beat it, on what grounds? >> i'm a good liar. they believe my lie, that's it. coming up -- >> you were in 3d, there was a report you threatened another inmate. do you remember that incident? >> more trouble for peggy perales. benny alonzo receives an important visitor but things don't go as planned. and conrad ochoa is offered a deal. >> first deal is, a cap of ten years and i can go for deferred, just get all ten years of probation. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much.
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8:52 pm
peggy perales' pen pal relationships with two inmates from rival gangs have already caught the attention of the bexar county jail's gang intelligence division. >> you got a guy that you have a child with but you're writing to somebody else as well? correct? >> one of the letters written to perales was intercepted by mail room staff, who suspected it might contain gang codes. now, she has some new trouble. >> perales? since the last time we spoke to her we did a background check in the facility and her last incarceration, involved in a report, she was an aggressor, and accusing the inmate of being an informant in reference to some narcotics that might have been in the unit. >> given this new information, officer rodriguez has read all of perales' mail to look for more gang ties.
8:53 pm
>> so, i was able to get letters out of your property. i did read them. i did find that you had nothing that was considered gang-related in there. but i cannot give these back to you. i'll put them in your property when you leave the facility you can get them from your property. do you have any questions so far? >> including my baby dad's letter. >> yeah. another question for you, the last time you were here you were in 3b, there was a report where you were threatening another inmate. you remember that incident? according to this information, you threatened her because she gave information about drugs in the unit and you threatened her. >> me? >> just telling you what's on your history. all of this is news to you? none of this you did? >> nope. >> because of the information we have here, you cannot work, because of this here, once again, we're very closely monitoring, any more instances i
8:54 pm
have to lock you down. >> that's fine. >> that's not fine. lockdown is 23 hours in a cell. >> i understand. >> you also understand if you get any letters, we want to know about them, correct? >> okay. >> go back to your unit. free time. >> while mail has helped put perales on staff's radar, the latest delivery has brought surprising news to benny alonzo. when his girlfriend did not show up at his hearing alonzo thought that meant good-bye but her letter contained a different proposal. >> i was happy. i thought she was going to leave, she said she wants to marry me and will wait a lifetime for me. >> his girlfriend, jennifer, knows he got seven years so she's proposed marriage by proxy. meaning, someone else will stand in for alonzo during the ceremony. >> i love him, it's that simple. i love him. it's just hard. i would like for him to be standing next to me, i don't know who i'll get to stand with me and he's really jealous, i have to probably pick a girl. >> the couple already has two
8:55 pm
children together. a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. but for her, her relationship with alonzo has come with a price. >> my family doesn't talk to him. they don't talk to me anymore because of him. my mom turned her back on me because i chose him. she said i'm by myself anyways. but he's here with me in my heart, you know? >> as she makes her way through security, she hits a snag. >> you won't be able to visit because of your shirt. >> i have another shirt. >> with one problem solved a bigger one arises. >> what's the number? >> 808134. >> 134? >> yes. >> unfortunately, you won't be able to visit because he's on restriction. he's on restriction until the 17th. >> really? >> yes.
8:56 pm
yeah. so i don't know what he done but he did something to violate his visits. >> all right. >> sorry about that. >> after his disciplinary hearing, alonzo was given an additional 15 days in segregation. which also prohibits him from having visitors. >> you haven't heard? >> no visit. i already know it's coming. >> he knew, i think but thought they would let him get away with it. >> i told her to come out here, to try anyways, sometimes you do -- they let you through. sometimes it's happened before that i got a visit on restriction. it's up to who is working downstairs. >> it sucks. it takes a lot out of my time and i have to get up early, prepare to come down here. just really sucks. >> sorry, baby. i'm sorry for having you waste
8:57 pm
your time and i love you and i'm going to chill. i'm going to chill for you and the kids. i know i told you that before, but i am going to do it. i'm going to chill out. >> i want him to know, i know he's good inside. i've seen the good in him. everybody else has given up on him and i just want him to know i'm not giving up on him. conrad ochoa isn't giving up on his hope of freedom. and he recently learned from his attorney that there has been a significant development in his case. >> he said legally i'm obligated to let you know that the d.a. has offered you the first deal, a cap of ten years, and i can go for deferred, just get all ten years of probation. >> ochoa's 38 counts of possessing child pornography carry maximum sentence of 380 years.
8:58 pm
but his attorney is not convinced that the deal offered by prosecutors is a good one. >> so he told me that the device the pictures were allegedly found on was in open communal area of the apartment, so all we have to do is get one person on the jury to believe that you might not have been the guy that put those pictures there. baron ochoa has not been offered a plea deal on his charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child. and he is certain he wouldn't accept one if it were. >> it's not like a robbery, okay, if it comes down to it i'll take time to go home. this is one of the things that can follow me forever. no. i wouldn't take a plea bargain. i don't care what offer me, you have to register as sex offender and tell friends and family i did it, no. if we don't get the case dismissed, we're going to trial. >> either way, both brothers still suspects in triple homicide that killed conrad's
8:59 pm
daughter, former girlfriend and their roommate. and they could still be charged with those crimes at any time. >> so whether i bond out or beat my case, i'm still looking at getting charged with the triple homicide and arson. i want somebody to blame only sapd is not giving me anybody but me and they asked me, well, would you be willing to cooperate with the d.a. against your brother. i was like if my brother did it, yes, i would. i want the person that stabbed my daughter to death and set her on fire, yeah, i want that person to burn, too. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is
9:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> stay in your cell! >> make sure your lockers are unlocked! >> a massive search for contraband turns up the heat on two inmates. >> i think they think we're getting high. a convict prompts an evacuation when he floods his housing unit. >> it was done accidentally when i was cleaning the feces out of the sprinkler. a serial banbb


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