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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  November 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i'm like a vulture. i go for my pray. >> a transgender inmate undergoing hormone therapy uses his femininity to manipulate others. >> show a nipple here or there and take my bra off and walk around in a t-shirt.
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>> when an inmate charged with assault faces the judge, it's more than her young daughter can bear. and -- >> my real parents are jfk and marilyn monroe. i was their love child, so -- >> an unusual inmate with an unusual charge. threatens. >> dead man when i get out on the street. >> you don't listen. >> no, you don't listen. >> you can go back to your cell. you have had enough of an audience. >> and even slips free of his restraints.
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in a popular section of downtown cleveland stands the cuyahoga county correction center. every day countless people pass by the 11th story building having no idea of the drama inside. >> we have to come back every week, every day, every shift, we will. >> well some of the 2,200 men and women incarcerated here have been convicted of crimes, most have only been charged and are awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. >> we run the gamut on the type of individuals here. charges range from misdemeanor charges to the highest felony you can think of. it's different every day. you meet people that you never thought you would meet before. everybody has a different story. >> and hardly anyone has a story or as many stories as john schmidt.
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>> i'm going to clean my room. this whole town is going to be broke. >> he's been charged with inducing panic to which he has pled not guilty. it's not a run-of-the-mill charge, nor has schmidt proven to be a run-of-the-mill inmate. >> i ran out of gas, went to use a pay phone, and by the time i came back, there was like nine cops there, maybe ten, streets blocked off, and then they ran up to me. they said, what are you doing? put your hands up. do you have any weapons? i had no weapons. they are like, what's that silver container that's in your car that's attached to your key ignition? because a parking lot attendant said you told them it was a nuclear bomb, atomic bach, and
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if they undo the key chain, it will ignite and go off. >> according to the police report, schmidt told the parking lot attendant he had an atomic bomb in his car and planned to blow up the city of cleveland. the attendant called police and schmidt was arrested, and no bomb was uncovered in his vehicle. they know him well enough not to take everything he has literally. >> you've been watching outside. what's going on out there? >> there's lots of secret service and they're locking down the city because there's a threat of atomic bombs, so -- >> all day today he's been awake the entire time, continuously hitting the windows every couple of minutes, and i continually go up and see what his issue is. it's ranged from being the new sheriff to that he's won the presidential election. >> he has numerous stays over the past 11 years. convicted of crimes including theft, credit card fraud, and writing bad checks. many of those stays have
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included evaluations by the psychiatric staff to disruptive behavior and what he says. >> my real parents are jfk and marilyn monroe. i was their love child, so -- >> my name is really john schmidt. i'm not a -- >> well, i know who you are. >> all right. >> i'll be back. >> in the system for like 11 years now, and basically kept me in here because i found out a lot of dirty secrets about cleveland. osama bin laden is still alive. he never left the country. we could never find him because he was in cleveland. >> osama bin laden is in cleveland? >> yes. he was at the horseshoe casino. and he's small, lost weight.
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nothing like the pictures. >> if outrageous claims were his only issue, he would probably spend less time in segregation, the housing unit where problematic inmates are confined their cells for 23 hours a day and enjoy few if any privileges. >> inmate schmidt does not care about being locked up. it's obvious he doesn't care how long he's in a cell, so he's a harder inmate to deal with because lockup doesn't work. >> he is currently back in segregation for taking his cleaning duties in another housing unit to an unacceptable level. >> schmidt was sweeping around here with his broom and everything like that, and i had to talk to an inmate around the corner. i came back and seen him pull telephone wires out of the wall. what are you doing? and he told me that there was a bomb in the telephone and that he was diffusing the bomb. >> schmidt, are you ready? >> he is charged with a 219,
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which is major disruptive conduct. >> while schmidt will not likely receive criminal charges for pulling out the phone wires, officer may will attempt to take a statement from him about the incident. schmidt, however, seemed determined to talk about other matters. >> just because i don't have a title as an attorney, you may want to do a little research on me because i'm not from cleveland at all. i'm from atlanta, okay? >> what does that mean? >> that means that all of this bull [ bleep ] you are running here -- >> watch the language. >> with aces in the sky and getting me to sign with atlanta, i was already signed with atlanta. i'm not going to play for new york. guess what. i'm not going to -- >> okay. >> i'm going to atlanta where i'm from. >> okay. he started off good, but then he seemed to be a little confused about playing ball and signing for atlanta. okay. >> one last thing. >> yeah. >> just remember all of this is being video recorded, so
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everything you said, okay, will be counted against you. >> okay. and everything you said will be taken into consideration. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. he seemed to be a bit threatening to me. this is the first time i met this gentleman, so i'm sure i'll have further meetings with him. coming up -- >> you seem like a very bright guy, but i think you kind of sabotage your own self. >> i do? >> yeah. you must get off on it. >> the jail psychiatrist gets to the bottom of john schmidt's stories. and -- >> i never hung around a lot of gay people before. it's just not my thing. >> a special housing unit for seniors and gays. >> this is very interesting. you're intelligent. you're articulate.
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while most clevelanders have never stepped foot inside the cuyahoga county correction center, the jail's 2,200 inmates reflect the diversity of the city itself and 70 housing units. none of them as diverse as 9-d. it is dedicated to male inmates who might be considered prey. >> they are your transgender inmates, homosexual inmates. they mix them in with the older inmates because they're less likely to assault them for the lifestyle than if they would be in a younger pod. there would be a lot more assaults on them. >> i am in here because of my age. i'm a heterosexual. i'm not a transgender or any of those guys. i'm just a straight guy. >> 65-year-old mason says 9-d exposed him to people he might never have met on the outside. >> this is an interesting
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experience. i just never hung around a lot of gay people before. it's just not my thing. this is really interesting. they're intelligent. they're articulate. and they definitely have a lifestyle that i choose not to live. they don't choose to live mine. that's the way it is. and it's a relatively peaceful place, not a lot of screaming or yelling here. >> but he was not feeling painful the day he was arrested on vandalism charges. he's entered a not guilty plea and now awaiting trial. >> i broke a smoke detector at the retirement community where i live. i was going to an aa meeting and my car broke down. i became very angry and sat down and there was a smoke detector sitting there. i ripped it out of the wall and tore it apart. a security guard saw me doing it and arrested me. here i am, five weeks later. it's been very disconcerting to be here to tell you the truth. i see young people that have been here many, many, many times
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and i think to myself, when you get to be my age, you look back at your life and you realize that you made bad decisions in the past, and they always come back to haunt you when you get older. they always do. always. >> clarence culverson is one of those inmates. who has been through cuyahoga's county revolving door. over the past 14 years, culverson, who identifies as a transgender name ceecee, has done time for convictions, including forgery and theft and felonious assault. >> this right here is a safety zone for me because out there i'm self-destructive. i think i'm above the law. i like to steal cars and i like to rob old men and sell drugs, and i'm at the point where i would do anything to maintain gucci. i like the best. >> currently awaiting trial on drug trafficking and burglary charges to which he has pled not guilty.
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culverson said he's been planning for a sex change operation. >> i'm a woman, got a 34-b, all right. and i'm still taking hormone pills, it will help me make the process exchange a little easier because it's painful, and i i've got to make sure that it's something they want to do. so they give me extra time to make sure it's what i want to do. once you get it done, there's no going back. >> are you scared to get your [ bleep ] cut off? >> i thought they would splint it and push it up in? see, i don't think i could do that. >> you would think being at a male dorm that i would have a field day? that's not true. they are 60 to 80 years old. the crypt keeper, that's how they look here. half dead and limping and not physical fit. ooh, please.
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>> for the time being, john schmidt need not be concerned with the other inmates in his housing unit. >> [ bleep ]. >> yep. >> finish your lockup time up, all right? >> yeah. >> he's in a one-man segregation cell after damaging some phone cords. >> same old bull [ bleep ]. >> schmidt was arrested on a charge of inducing panic after claiming to have an atomic bomb in his car. he's made some other questioning claims in jail as well. >> my real parents are jfk and marilyn monroe. i was their love child, so -- >> are we ready? >> yeah. >> now he has to meet with the jail psychiatrist, leslie kopitz, who has to try to determine if he is mentally ill or just a troublemaker. >> any thoughts that somebody is
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following you, watching you, keeping track of you, other than the cos, that's everybody's job and they are paid for that? >> no. >> what was going on that the police ended up hauling you in? that's what i want to know. >> well, because somebody told them i had an atomic bomb detonator in my suv. >> who told them? who did you start yakking to about it? >> i planted this seed with one guy -- >> you must like action. >> i do. i like action movies and like to see people look like complete idiots. it's kind of funny. >> you seem like a very bright guy but i think you sabotage your own self. >> yes. >> you must get off on it? >> i do, i like excitement. >> it's too bad you don't use it more productively -- >> i'm going to start. >> well, you're 40 years old, when are you going to start, when you're 60 or 80? >> 40 is the magic number.
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>> well, you know what? you have to not just talk it. you've got to act it. all right. thank you, john. >> all right. >> my take is he loves drama. he's probably more personalty disorder than anything. truly he's very rational. very logical. a lot of people love to exaggerate. they want to think they're very important, and it's not a psychiatric illness. it's more a personality. they like to think they are more important or narcissistic because people don't give them that validation. coming up -- >> we're got not going to play games. he's not going to have us roll around with his nonsense. >> the warden cranks it up a notch on john schmidt. plus -- >> if you can't pay me, you sure enough can't [ bleep ] me. >> charged with assaulting her girlfriend.
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are you cheating? you tear your seven. >> the 225 female inmates at cleveland's cuyahoga correction center make up 10% of the total population. some prefer to keep a low profile, but not felicia smith. >> my girl, felicia. >> i'm a lesbian. i love women. any man i ever lay with had to pay me, and mine any man. if you can't pay me, then you sure enough can't [ bleep ] me. i acquired a lifestyle being a dancer, big money. 12 or 13 i was in the club stripping and doing anything else i could do to get money. i was a pretty little girl and all the men knew that in the
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club, and there's ways to get money in the club, if you want to call its prostitution. but in the clubs it's called dates. you come home with money. >> smith danced under the stage name stormy. >> stormy because the first time i got on stage it was a storm, biggest storm in cleveland where the cars were floating. when i got on stage, all the lights went out, and a car went right through the front of the window and the owner called me stormy. i've been stormy ever since. and i think i'm kind of a storm when i dance. >> stormy might also describe the kind of relationship smith had with her former girlfriend, which is what brought her to jail. >> we befriended each other and she needed help and i took her in, but she had never been with a woman. >> smith says things got out of hand after a night of drinking. >> she just came out the blue and [ bleep ] she grabbed a knife.
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and i grabbed it from her and restrained it. i had her down and cranking her until she went to sleep. >> smith was charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence. she entered a not guilty plea, but still must face the judge. in the meantime, smith says the one relationship in her life she hopes to improve upon, the one with her 16-year-old daughter diana. >> diana doesn't judge me. diana loves me, and she'll tell you in a minute that's my mother and the only mother i have. she's a cheerleader and playing soccer right now. she started dating boys and things and needs her mother. i can't relate to the stories but i listen. that's about it. as far as talking to her, i'm her best friend, and she's been mine. i talk to diana all the time. i used to let my kids come every now and then. wu she would may me want to cry. i don't like visits and all of that.
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i did this to my damned self. >> smith has a court hearing in a few days that she hopes will result in her release. but if found guilty, she could face up to two years in prison. >> everything i've been through is something i had to go through. she is not going to go through with it. she loves her mother, if i didn't do nothing right, i did right with that, right with her because she is a beautiful smart child, top of her class. i'm very proud of my daughter. coming up -- >> i'm trying not to be emotional, but i am, because she's my best friend. >> felicia smith's daughter watches as a judge decides her mother's fate. and -- >> cut and dry, cut the [ bleep ]. the yankees, i already signed with the yankees. >> you know what, john? >> you listen. are you going to listen? >> at your age, there was no signing with the yankees.
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>> it's round two between john schmidt and dr. kopitz. you have had enough of an audience. >> boom. >> send him back. @ñ
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>> due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. inside the cuyahoga
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inside the cuyahoga inside the cuyahoga inside the cuyahoga inside the cuycorrection sent at the, housing unit 9-d is an open door, not unlike the other security housing units. >> bunch of homosexuals. >> the terrible with, you know, the people you associate with, people -- got nobody pick my own. i'm a grown man. >> picking you up off the floor, right? >> 9-d is reserved for inmates who might be victimized by a younger tougher crowd in other parts of the jail. >> you've been around homosexuals before? >> yeah. >> you have no problem with the lifestyle? >> no. >> it's not like if i touch you it's going to rub off on you? >> right. right. >> i can touch you. see how he's blushing in his cheek. >> most of the men here are either older, gay, or transgender. like clarence culverson, issued
11:31 pm
an article of clothing not typically found in men's units. >> this is a county-issued jail bra. i keep up -- only issued one, so i take care of it like it's my very own. >> he is growing breasts due to hormone treatments and says he uses them to his advantage. >> i'm like a vulture. i go for my prey. when i see somebody vulnerable in there, take to my advantage and get what i want. i might show a nipple here or nipple there or take my bra off and walk around in a t-shirt, it turns them on. i've got to give them something to look at. i know how to use my femininity to my advantage. >> flirting in jail comes with risks. he has been sexually assaulted in another facility. >> before i go to bed, i put like a trap, you know, like a booby trap so if somebody comes near my area, i hear it. i'm crafty.
11:32 pm
so if somebody comes near my area, i used to break and enter, i know the dos and don'ts. they have to by pass my shoes, and they are out in the open like that. this right here is a lotion bottle. that one i have my spoon and cup. this -- if this falls because it's quiet at night, got to be quiet, that's my traps. >> while culverson attempts to ward off unwanted attention, john schmidt, currently awaiting trial of inducing panic, seems to welcome it. >> what's going on today? >> since he's been here, he's flooded his toilet. he stuck his sheets in there. went bathroom on top of that. flushed the sheets down the toilet. disrespectful to officers, calling them the "n" word. >> we need to up the ante on this guy. let's move him over and place
11:33 pm
him in ad seg and shut his water off. we need to take some action with this guy. >> all right. >> associate warden eric ivey has decided to send schmidt a message. >> pull him out. >> he instructs the special jail response team to extract him and place him in a restraint chair for a face-to-face meeting. >> he's not going to have us running around with his nonsense. >> mental health deemed him to be behavior which means he knows what he's doing and he's trying to manipulate us. >> step back with your feet. don't move! behind your back, behind your back.
11:34 pm
>> why are you guys so nervous? bunch of [ bleep ]. what the [ bleep ] wrong with you? straight up [ bleep ]. boom, you're dead. you little see you bitch. [ bleep ] with the wrong president, idiots. secret service, take him out afterwards. what's up? what's going on with you? >> nothing. it's your guys' crooked-assed system, so -- >> okay. i'm just concerned about the way you're behaving since you've been here. >> what was i doing wrong? >> issued -- from my understanding, you snatched the phone cord -- >> no, i'm not going to talk like that -- >> we're not going to talk like that.
11:35 pm
>> i'm going to talk -- >> no. >> you're not going to talk. >> let me tell you what's going to happen. >> from this point forward, your actions is going to dictate our reaction. >> what are you going to do? i'm in a chair. you're not going to take care of [ bleep ]. i'm going to kill myself. i'm going to go to mental health. >> that's what you were trying to do? why don't you just say that? >> because i'm playing you like a fiddle, ivey. >> listen to the musical then. we'll take you down. >> wouldn't let me shower in five days. i'm cleaning your mess up. >> take him down. >> are you the associate warden yet? no, loss. >> threatening suicide, schmidt is taken in to meet with the doctor. >> well, john, tell you, i'm a little confused. >> mm-hmm. >> on the one hand, i heard you want to kill yourself. on the other hand i heard you're
11:36 pm
busy flooding your cell and calling everybody every name in the book. you know what? the two don't go together. i'll tell you why. it's been my experience that most people that truly want to kill themselves -- >> do it. >> -- they do it. they cry out for help. you're just an attention getter. you just love -- >> you know what i hate? >> i can't imagine. >> i hate when people [ bleep ] people and lie. >> i don't bull [ bleep ] though people. >> right. >> i told you that yesterday. >> but you listen to bull [ bleep ]. that's your problem. >> why aren't you behaving like a guy that used to be a manager, was it true value? true green? >> here's what it is. let's cut and dry -- cut the bull [ bleep ]. i already signed with the yankees. >> you know what, john? >> listen. are you going to listen? >> at your age there was no signing with the yankees, trust me.
11:37 pm
>> calm down and work with her. >> cut the [ bleep ]. you did not sign with the yankees. >> you know what? no, no, trust me. >> because i'm 40? >> now you're putting on this crap that you were not doing yesterday. and that's not bipolar. let me tell you what that is. schizophrenic? >> manipulative. >> you got it, you're going really well. >> really. >> why would you say you're suicidal when you're not? >> i didn't say i was suicidal until they put me in the chair. >> then you became suicidal? >> right. >> you really became suicidal? >> i know how to play the system. >> that's it. you know how to play the system. i don't even have to diagnose you. >> the system taught me how to play it. >> well, it's a new day, my dear. i'm here. >> i know you are. right, mom? >> and i don't put up with that grab. i told you that yesterday and i told you that today and i keep telling you that.
11:38 pm
>> i have been sentenced to anything so technically -- >> you don't listen. >> no, you don't listen. >> john, you can go back to your cell. you've had enough of an audience. >> boom. boom. >> send him back and take him back. he can go back to 7-d and be without his clothes -- >> that's right. >> when you say you're suicidal, i have to view you are. i'm not taking any chances. your safety is my most important issue. we're here to help anybody with true mental illness. but when i get the sense that i think somebody is scamming me, you know, then i really get very angry. he's a manipulator. >> have fun. enjoy yourself in hell. have fun with the devil. time will pay off. coming up -- >> don't be mad because [ bleep ] waiting -- >> john schmidt makes it
11:39 pm
personal and this time not even a straight chair can keep him down.
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unlike prison where inmates are convicted, sentencing, and serving their time, jail inmates like smith have court dates that impact their future in unknown ways. today smith will face a judge regarding her alleged assault on a former girlfriend. >> i'm anticipating him giving me time served. 106 days, time served. i'm looking at going home. i already got a ride. >> i want to get out of the here to get right with my kid and get home. i need to get home. she need her mother. smith's daughter is 16-year-old diana. >> how are you feeling about today? >> i'm trying not to be emotional, but i am because she's my best friend. i mean if she's getting locked
11:43 pm
up, it will have an effect on me. >> diana is escorted by her father's mother, deanna mcgee. >> i know how much she loves her mother, and i've known felicia for most of her life, and she's a good girl. she's got caught up in some bad situations. and she had a rough life growing up, which has affected her, and i hurt for the both of them. >> that's my daughter. >> all rise. >> okay. >> you may be seated. we are here on case 565333. this is the state of ohio versus felicia smith. >> if convicted, smith could face up to two years in prison. but rather than go to trial, she's decided to enter a guilty plea to aggravated assault and domestic violence in exchange for what she hopes will be probation and her freedom. >> and you understand that by changing your plea here in the manner as indicated by the
11:44 pm
prosecutor, you would then be admitting the truth of the charges to which you are pleading. you would be waiving your right to go to trial and the court could proceed to immediately sentence you. how do you plea? >> guilty, your honor. >> is that made knowingly and voluntarily and of your own free will? >> yes. >> after several minutes to make sure she understands all of the implications, the judge accepts her guilty plea, but decides to hold off sentencing for another month while the probation didn't reviews her case. her attorney would still like to secure her release before then. >> currently felicia is in jail on a $25,000 bond, your honor. we're wondering if the court would grant felicia a personal bond. she's been in jail since the event happened, june 9th of this past year. she's approaching four months in jail. apparently her mom and her daughter are in back of the courtroom here today. she would have a place to stay. i'm fairly confident she would show back up to court, your
11:45 pm
honor, so we would ask you to take that into consideration. >> all right, thank you. the court is aware of the defendant's prior criminal history, which does not argue in favor of substantial reduction of bond or personal bond in this case. i will grant some concession in that regard, however, i'll lower the bond to $15,000 property or 10%, but until then, she is remanded to the custody of the sheriff. >> thank you, your honor. >> we are adjourned on this matter. >> the judge would have released smith until her sentencing date had she or her family been able to post $15,000 but they cannot. smith is returned to jail. >> i don't know what the lord has in store. you just say a prayer and -- >> i ain't seen my baby in four months, and she loves her mother.
11:46 pm
my ex-mother-in-law is crying. yeah, that's when it hits you. it's real. >> while felicia smith suffers the pain of being separated from her daughter, john schmidt seems eager to once again engage jail staff. >> he's been quite problematic, now i've heard he's urinated out the cell and kicking and banging. we want to place him in and show him we have other things available to us to use as far as force goes. >> warden ivey deploys the special response team to extract schmidt for the second time. >> get down! crawl backwards -- >> clear the windows. >> crawl back. >> clear the windows. >> come to me. keep down and keep your stomach on the ground. keep coming back.
11:47 pm
stale there, face down. >> go. >> not afraid, huh? [ bleep ] yourself. you're a dead man when i get out on the street. all of you. you hear me? i know where your family lives. i'm going to burn each one of them. you're dead. >> chair is secure. all secure. >> you think i'm playing with you? >> mask going on. >> neither the restraint chair or spit mask do anything to deter schmidt's verbal abuse and threats on staff. >> point that gun at me, and you're [ bleep ] dead, man. on the streets you're dead. i know where you [ bleep ] live and know everything about your family. >> officers have come to know schmidt as a big talker, but never take threats lightly.
11:48 pm
>> it kind of hits home but you have to understand that this is the job and that's something you have to put up with every day in here. >> schmidt next aims his insults at warden ivey and his wife. >> you've got to do better than that. you can't get me upset. >> officers remove schmidt's spit mask and place him in a holding cell until he's ready to be compliant. >> they're coming. they can't stop me. they made me what i am. >> rather than let time in the restraint chair alter his behavior as it does for most inmates, schmidt attempts to escape its bonds.
11:49 pm
>> all right. he's out of the chair. >> he's out of the chair. >> have a seat. sit back in the chair. >> have you ever seen this? >> have i ever seen this? one other time. >> we're getting ready to remove an inmate from the chair. >> the special response team is once again mobilized to secure schmidt. but this time they'll place him in a new restraint chair in case there were any defects with the first one. >> is he secure? >> [ bleep ] restraints -- i'm a lycan -- i am undead. that's why they keep trying to kill me.
11:50 pm
i'm always one step ahead of you because i am the antichrist. coming up, john schmidt and warden ivey have a final face-off, and felicia smith learns her fate.
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the system threw me away, and here's what you get. man on fire. i'm done [ bleep ] around with these little kids. >> confined to a restraint cell at the cuyahoga county correction center, john schmidt continues his tirade. >> when i get out tomorrow and i'm on the streets, i'm going to kill one of them.
11:54 pm
>> why are you threatening people's lives? >> because i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> warden ivey decides to make one more attempt at reasoning with schmidt. >> every time he "x" out, we have to have some sort of interaction, and we're trying to change the way we utilize force and less hands-on. ivey asks the camera crew remain outside of the cell but the conversation will be recorded on a body camera. >> what's going on? people's families and all that kind of stuff? >> well, the man-up stairs in second shift all week long has been treating me like an animal. keeping his eye on me, giving him my [ bleep ], coming in -- >> wait a minute. what's that got do with you making these comments about our family and the officers here
11:55 pm
now? seems like you keep doing things and creating lockups after lockup after lockup. for a man that wants to go to population, seems like at some point you would sit down and do your little lockup time and going off into the population, just that simple. but you keep doing things to bring us to the -- you cursed out the warden and all of the corporals and telling everybody to suck private parts of your body. you have to control your behavior. at some point you have to try to control your behavior. >> okay. >> i want you to behave and act like the inmate -- like we expect an inmate to ask. >> all right. >> that's what's expected of you. we're going to come back a little later and get you out of the chair and try to start playing this -- we're going to try with a clean slate. >> i appreciate that. >> i apologize for [ bleep ] --
11:56 pm
>> i'll let her know. >> weather ivy and schmidt's talk will bare permanent change is yet to be seen. predicting the future in jail is never easy. one month later, change is very much a part of life at cuyahoga county. for felicia smith, change is good. >> miss smith, it's time go. >> for real? >> time to go. >> for real? >> awesome. >> her judge has sentenced her to two years' probation, and today she is being released after nearly six months in jail. >> i'll see you in two weeks. >> never. probably in seven years or five. >> you got the seven-year itch then. >> whatever. look at all of these books. >> come on, santa claus. >> about an hour later, smith is bound for home.
11:57 pm
i need a cigarette, y' all. see how dirty it is, disgusting. it seems john schmidt has also embraced change, and it's not just limited to his appearance. >> oh, look at that. see, that's called the dirty bird. like -- this is the best meal. >> why you get two pieces? >> because i don't lie around when i come out. i clean up. if do you the right things, they'll look out for you. if you act like a jerkoff, you don't get nothing. >> schmidt has earned the trust of staff. they let him resume his job cleaning the housing unit and compensated with a couple extra servings of food. >> oh, thank you, jesus. number six, oh, look at that. see, look out for somebody on
11:58 pm
the tip and then he looks out for you with some food. see, that's how jail works. if you're good to people, people are good to you. if you act like an [ bleep ] -- >> over the last several days, we're starting to see the behavior change because we've been giving him less attention, having one or two people dealing with him. we've started to kind of trim the numbers down so when he does act up, we just have the necessary people around to deal with him, and up to this point, we have seen some improvement in his behavior, and things are really starting to get better with him. >> while staff has adopted a new approach to dealing with him, schmidt feels he had part in his apparent transformation as well. >> yoga keeps me calm. i don't lift weights so it's
11:59 pm
stretching and cleaning and -- that happens once in a while. >> schmidt says his years of yoga training helped him get out of tight spots. >> my ligaments are so limber that unless they strap it down where there's no room for fingers to go in, then i can get out of it. but being able to contort after doing yoga for four years, practicing, it calms me down. most people when they get in there, they want to fight it. the more pressure you put on it, it tightens it up. >> cross my legs like this and sit here like praying in a fetal position and then they give me my wisdom. then i read my bible. i got it marked. let's see what i'm reading right now. look what i'm reading, revelation. this tells you everything that we're in right now.
12:00 am
don't grab my wrists like that! what is wrong with you? >> an inmate's troubled past leads to angry outbursts inside the jail. >> if i'm to the point i'm mad at you here in my face, we're going to have a problem.


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