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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 5, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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got it! i...did not get it. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best with a smart phone but you know what's best for your kids. so we listened when you said gogurt should have only natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. thanks, mom. "news nation" is following what could be a rough night for the tea party, as voters head to the polls for election. but the results could reverberate throughout this country and have huge implications down the line. the two most closely watched races today in new jersey and virginia, where voters are picking their next governor. the stakes are the highest in virginia where republican ken cuccinelli is hoping for a victory that would be a referendum on the president's health care law. while democrat terry mcauliffe
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is hoping to pull off a win that would be a referendum on the tea party. both candidates punched ballots early this morning. voter turnout has reportedly been high throughout the morning in virginia, a sign that could be good for democrats. in new jersey, hot race, of course involves republican chris christie against barbara buono. he is looking to accepted a message to his own party get democrats to support him as well. his supporters are hoping for a romp that would shatter the record margin for new jersey republican in a historic kri blue state and propel an all but assumed bid for president. richard liu is in the garden state where he spoke with voters. first let's go to luke russert in mclean, virginia, where both
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are expecting more than 2 million people to vote. luke, i know earlier today you were dissecting the map in virginia, cutting up the state and what we'll be watching in the results. >> reporter: yeah, tamron, turnout is the name of the game here in virginia. it's really important for terry mcauliffe, the democrat, since it's not a presidential election year. he has to get high density urban areas to vote in an off year. you'll see a real turnout operation in places like richmond and northern virginia and norfolk area. specifically where i am in this precinct in northern virginia which used to be a republican area but gone more towards democrats for the last few election cycles, turnout is around 20 to 25%. if you go around to other parts of northern virginia, there's reports of turnout being up. we're hearing increased turnout in the most southwest region of the state, around roanoke. but so far overall from folks
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i've spoken to over here, get individual anecdotes, they have said i used to be a republican but the republican party has left me. i heard that a number of times from voters who come up and talk to me here. more interesting enough, what you mentioned earlier, this is really a referendum on national issues. one issue in the back of voters mind, the government shutdown. so many federal workers were affected by that. so many contractors around that norfolk area depend on the military contracts and they were affected about that. that's something which is really turned the race in mcauliffe's favor. lastly sarvis, questions on whether or not he could get 10%. if he gets that high, that hurts cuccinelli. you could if mcauliffe wins have the fourth governor in the state of the virginia above the mason dixon line -- >> no state has better reflected what they call the center of american politics or the nation's changing demographics,
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which is your point. and the numbers here in the last two presidential contests, the state's popular vote exactly matched the national popular vote as well. >> it's remarkable. and since 1973, every time there's been a democratic president, the state goes opposite of whose in the white house. if mcauliffe wins, he would end that trend, which would be quite significant because it could be a about barometer of where the country is going. since 2010, you've seen within virgin virginia huge increases of latino voters and asian voters. democrats have really moved to get them to the polls and from what we've heard so far, they seem to be doing a decent job of it. thank you, luke, great pleasure having you on. >> let's go to richard liu, who spoke with voters who cast their ballots. i want to play a little bit of what chris christie said last night, using his classic humor, but hitting on a serious set
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about democrats in the state who may be willing to vote for him today. let's play it. >> i absolutely believe that what you're going to see tomorrow is something that hasn't happened in this state in a generation. i had all kinds of folks whispering in my ear today. i'm a democrat. don't tell anybody, i'm voting for you. right? >> richard, what did you hear today? >> reporter: you know, that's a very great piece of sound you are playing there. that's what we're hearing also from some of the voters we've been talking with that have come through the fire house in moorstown, new jersey, and although the numbers don't appear to be that great as you can see here, they say they are about average or above average. i want to play some of the sound of voters that we have spoke with because it is consistent with what chris christie was saying. take a listen. >> i voted for -- wanted christie to be governor because he did a real good job in sandy.
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even though i'm a democratic voter, i voted for him. >> i really voted only when i really affiliated with was christie, i like what he's doing and have faith in him. >> reporter: what do you think barbara buono needed more of it to get your vote? >> publicity. one thing that actually also, i saw a commercial with christie when he had shaquille o'neal in there. >> reporter: tamron, shaquille o'neal was the reason he had given as to why barbara buono may not have been the top choice there. this is completely great contrast of what luke was telling us. in virginia they have the rock stars of the democratic party out there, the clintons and biden down there. here for barbara buono, that has not been the case. as governor christie has faced the question is he running for governor or running for president of united states. one paper i want to finish with,
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a local paper, christie hopes for big margin, that's what he's measuring how large of a margin will he win by? this particular article boils it down, it comes to the underdog versus the alpha dog. >> interesting way to put it. now let me bring in malika henderson and jimmy williams. let's start with you and chris christie here, you heard him say there are people who say i'm a democrat, voting for you. richard liu spoke with a african-american man. we know that's pack of the shaq attack, if you will. but the reality is, chris christie when you look at his credentials and what he represents, being against same-sex marriage and the other things that might be a turnoff for democrats, seems to not stand in his way at least this time. we don't know what will happen in a national election. >> that's right. if you look at all of those things, be it same-sex marriage
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or even obama care, he isn't that supportive yet, at the same time he's expanding medicaid in his state -- >> and taxes. >> and he hasn't put up much of a fuss around same-sex marriage. so in that way, i think people sort of excuse where he falls on some of these issues because he has cut such a wide swath in that state, particularly around sandy. it was very much the perfect political storm for him because he was able to really grapple with that story in a visible way, of course, embracing obama the way he came to that state and obama came back to the state after the storm had passed to see the cleanup work they had done. african-americans are going to turn out for him. he should get something like 30 to 35% of the vote, up from 9% is what he had before. his argument will be nationally he can do the same thing. i think that's still very much an open question. >> what is interesting, jimmy.
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okay, listen, the most conservative in the republican party, don't seem to like chris christie, numbers are down with the tea party. while cuccinelli not expected to win tonight, very close race, was invited to that annual conference. when you look at chris christie's record, yes, all is local and we know the impact sandy had and continues to have. when you look at his stance, abortion, president's health care, taxes, unions, some issues that would turn democrats away from even consider gs a republican when you look at that, have not bothered them about chris christie. >> i think there are three things happening here. sandy is one of those things. if i were a voter in new jersey, i would look at sandy and that would probably be at the top of my list. the second thing is, chris christie is coming in now to -- at the descendancy of the tea party. the tea party was never that massively strong in new jersey
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to begin with. in 2009 when people like bob mcdonnell got elected, that was the senate seat of the tea party 2010, republicans take the house and now here we are three years later and what are we finding? the tea party is at all time lows. chris christie, traditional republican candidate is doing remarkably well in a state that votes for democrats on a national level. the third thing also is this, chris christie is someone who just speaks bluntly, whether you like him or not -- i disagree with him on women's rights issues but he tells any what he thinks and doesn't lie as typical politicians do. there's something refreshing about that. >> even if someone is against the things that you stand for, social issues, again, some of these things that certainly matter, pocketbook issues, you're willing to forgo that because the person shoots it out straight to you? >> i'm not saying i am. i'm just saying appealwise, if
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you look at the electorate as a total. most people would look at that, he took care of us during sandy and didn't run from the president, trying to help people with medicaid expansion, et cetera, et cetera, doesn't run on social issues. >> that's right, democrats didn't have much of an alternative here, barbara buono. >> is that the bigger issue here? you don't have a cory booker and decided to go for the senate. >> you wonder how this race would have looked if cory booker had decided to run against chris christie rather than barbara buono. she's a nonentity in that state. >> i'll belt you shaquille o'neal would not have cut an ad for chris christie if cory booker -- >> i think that's exactly right. >> let's switch to virginia quickly. a letter mailed out yesterday from hillary clinton writing to people in virginia base he canally saying the state elected barack obama to a second term so our economic recovery could keep moving forward and americans would continue to lead the
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world. you have a chance to keep virginia moving forward by getting out and voting for terry. where there was not the big star power supporting barbara buono in new jersey, all of the stops had come out for terry mcauliffe in the democratic party. >> absolutely. everyone was there. even the first lady cut an ad for terry mcauliffe. they are very much looking at the african-american vote there. that's a state that's about 14, 15% african-americans so they are going to try to pull out that obama coalition. again, i think you have a situation here with ken cuccinelli, very weak candidate. the party there decided to choose their nominee through a convention rather than the typical primary. might have been different if it was bill bowling, a lieutenant governor down there. but again, i think we see that the tea party has a ceiling, especially in states like virginia. >> jimmy, we talked about this yesterday. if democrats win these five big
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spots here, first time in 0 years that they would have swept virginia in this way. >> that's huge. i voted this morning and i can tell you the turnout where i was was pretty high. i'm in the mountains of virginia. in a swing county by the way. but let's be clear. this is not -- again, i think this goes back to the fact that conservatives are dismayed. keep in mind, in 2009, bob mcdonnell ran on jobs, jobs, jobs, unemployment in the commonwealth of virginia was 6%. national average was far higher. we were still in recession. all he talked about, the only thing he talked about was how he was going to bring jobs to the commonwealth of virginia. all cuccinelli talked about banning oral sex, making divorce harder, et cetera, et cetera. women don't want to hear that. look at the gender gap it is remarkably evident. it's just a massive turnoff to a young are electorate and the
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turnout in virginia is always bigger than rest of virginia. if he's counting on southwest virginia coming up for him, his lack of a jobs agenda was a huge, massive speak and voted against the transportation bill also. >> thank you, appreciate it. coming up, a stunning admission to say the least from toronto's mayor, rob ford, today just shortly coming clean about smoking crack ach months of denying that video exists of him getting high. >> yes, i smoked crack cocaine but no -- do i? am i an addict? have i tried it -- probably in one of my drunking stupors about a year ago. >> we'll play more of what the mayor of toronto had to say and repercussion. he's been voted the quote, dirtiest player in the nfl and
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now dolphins guard ig kncognitos been suspended. next i'll talk with the nation who says the villain is not only incognito and believes it's the football culture. more election day coverage, including fight for new york city mayor which could result in the first democratic mayor since 1989. join our conversation on twitter. you can find me at tamron hall and my team at newsnation. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
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there's new fallout in the bullying scandal swirling around the nfl and miami dolphins. according to front page of the "miami herald", offensive guard
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richie incognito is done with the dolphins and will not play another game for the team. he's been suspended indefinitely by the dolphins following accusations that he threatened jonathan martin and even used a racial slur against him. the union representing nfl players released a statement saying in part, we expect the nfl and its club to create a safe and professional workplace for all players. the nfl players association will insist on a fair investigation for all involved. gary sanders is following the story at the dolphins training camp in south florida. this is quite a talker. everybody has an opinion on this one. >> reporter: everybody does. it begins with a lot of people who initially think of bullying on a school yard where maybe a big boy pushes around somebody else, maybe beats them up. what we're talking about here at the dolphins training camp are men. we're talking about people who are like 300 plus pounds who are paid each week to go on the
11:20 am
field and crush the competition. now there are signs this may go beyond bullying. richie incognito was voted in 2009 by fellow players, the dirtiest player in the nfl. >> on the field, players have called me overly aggressive. >> reporter: an image he had been trying to escape, even making light of his public person na in this announcement, urging miami fans to behave. >> be respectful and civilized and be sure to follow the code of conduct. >> reporter: amid allegations he bullied jonathan martin, new allegations have surfaced that incognito called martin the "n" word. there are multiple sources have heard a voice mail incognito allegedly left for martin in april. a hate filled message that
11:21 am
includes, what's up you half, you're still a rookie, i'll kill you. >> what i like to make sure everybody understands, there are not going to be comments during the course of this investigation until we get all of the information and we come together on that information. >> 24-year-old martin left the dolphins training camp last week after incognito and others repeatedly and systemically taunted him. beasley covers the dolphins for the "miami herald." >> the league and certain outsiders see it as abuse. but in the locker room, they don't see him as a bully sochs someone trying to toughen up a younger player. >> reporter: neither incognito or representatives have responded for comment. >> thank you. let's bring in dave ziron, how
11:22 am
politics have turned the sports world upside down. dave, before i left you launch in. i want to read something. jim trotter writes for quts sports illustrated. there are active and former players who believe martin handled the situation poorly by allowing it to spill out of the locker room and into public. they believe there's an underwritten rule that plalers business should be handled in the locker room by players themselves. >> i do want to praise jim trotter on his reporting on this and spoke to a dozen personnel leaders who described him as soft and coward and richie incognito, tough as nails the type of guy you want to get in a bar fight with. nfl locker room is not a schoolyard, a frat house. it is a workplace. it is a unionized workplace. as it in workplace where you have a workplace protections,
11:23 am
people should have the right to go to work without feeling threatened. so this is so much more than a richie incognito issue. it is an issue the way bernie madoff is a madoff issue. as trotter's reporting shows and at the blind comment by nfl personnel director shows. >> it's a biggish issue about us as a society. not just people with the nfl that said martin should man up. i talked to somebody earlier today, he's a big guy, bigger than incognito, should have punched him. and maybe initially when you see the story you think a big football player, why didn't he go after him, but he shouldn't have to because it is a workplace, to your point. he shouldn't have to brawl it out. and this notion of toughening him up, he made it to the nfl. he's pretty tough. >> and anybody who is hes that jonathan martin should have manned up, seriously needs to hit themselves over the head with a polo mallet until they
11:24 am
think it through more quickly. we have to redefine our very definition of what we mean by moon manhood and adulthood. the real man in this twisted upsidedown logic is the bully and the person not a man is the person who stands up and says i don't have to deal with this crap and i'm going to break the nfl code of silence and go public? it seems jonathan martin is giving a crash course in what it means to be a true grown-up in this situation. >> richie incognito did not comment. there had been posts on his twitter account about clearing his name. that's all f now come down. we'll probably hear more from him and in kerrie sanders report, the allegations are against him but there may be others involved. without the allegation of the "n" word, do you think this conversation would be where it is now as well? >> absolutely not. i'm so glad you raised that as a question.
11:25 am
because when this got -- i was following this closely. when this got racial, the narrative changed dramatically. you had people all -- this is part of a problem. you had people all over the nfl spectrum defending incognito, blasting martin. but then as soon as it became racial, it became a different question. i think we should ask the question, why? why is it okay to say you're going to beat somebody up and say you're going to intimidate somebody, to extort thousands of dollars from them? why is all of that okay and when it gets racial, it's not okay? because this is a public relations question for people around the national football league. that's a real problem because so many people in the country take the social cues from the national football league. it is what kind of society we want to live in. >> and also a league with a high percentage of african-american players. so then the next game, let's say incognito stays in, the next game he's got teammates who are black and other team is black. you wonder where it can go. >> before we go out, the real
11:26 am
tragedy here is that i guarantee you this, richie incognito in the future will be signed by an nfl team before jonathan martin. >> that's our gut check. we're asking -- there are some who say he should be banned from the league. we're going to ask "news nation" viewers what they think about. coming up. we're learning more about the gunman who caused panic opening fire at the new jersey mall, the larnlest mall in the state, before killing himself. what his family is saying today. that is new information and we'll get a live report. we're following voter i.d. law on trial right now in wisconsin. could have an impact on similar laws in other states. one witness testified about getting a new i.d. for her elderly mother saying, quote, i cannot express the amount of time, energy and frustration it required to get the i.d. so that her mother could vote.
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following months of accusations, the mayor of toronto now admits he smoked crack cocaine. rob ford made this admission to reporters today right outside his office. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when -- >> but do i? am i an addict, have i tried it? in one of my drunken stopors. yes, i've made mistakes, all i can do now is apologize and move on. >> the allegation that mayor ford had been caught on video getting high surfaced back in may. police said last week they obtained a copy of the video. here's what the mayor said about that at the time. >> been times when i've been in a drunken stupor, i want to see the tape.
11:31 am
i want everyone in the city to see the tape. i would like to see the tape. i don't even recall there being a tape or video. i want to see the state i was in. >> that was from today. joining me now by phone outside of toronto is the mayor's office -- as i understand, the mayor plans to speak again. are there calls for him to resign? >> that's right. there is an absolute crush of cameras and reporters outside his office as there have been over this past six months but now this mob of media is even bigger than it was before. what we've been hearing since he made that admission is from his counselors, very people calling for him to step down, there's actually a motion going to be presented next week at the city council meeting, which is put together by a couple of city counselors calling for him to take a temporary leave of absence. what we just heard from his deputy mayor is that the mayor
11:32 am
will be making a further statement. we don't know what that's going to be but there's a little bit of insanity now outside the mayor's office. >> absolutely, the thing that is also interesting in the mayor's comments earlier today, basically he said okay, i've admitted and we can now move on, which seems to at least at that time imply he was going to go back in the office and everyone would move forward now that he made this admission. >> interesting. and the other thing he said, journalists you weren't asking the right questions, making it sound like people were only asking him, are you addicted to crack cocaine. which he says he's not. those questions -- other questions were there all along as well. i heard a radio interview just yesterday where he was very specifically asked have you ever done crack cocaine? and he just sort of laughed at that point and then said, quickly, i'm not an addict of crack cocaine and not an alcoholic.
11:33 am
so what he had made as an admission earlier was to just a couple acts of public drunkenness. now this coming today is pretty amazing. >> it is to say the least. we'll see what he says in this second news conference of the day and what happens next. a stunning story there. coming up, a showdown between the tea party and the gop establishment in alabama. we're going to look at today's special election in that state in our first read. plus rand paul facing new allegations of plagiarism for an op-ed he wrote for "the washington times." it is one of the things we thought you should know. exclusive video of the terrifying moment two sky diving planes collided. we'll show you more in our stories around the "news nation." you're giving away pie? would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made with hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream.
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what this could mean for
11:37 am
both parties in the coming years, however, there are also smaller races that are being closely watched as well, including a runoff in alabama between bradley and dean young. bradley represents the establishment wing and the young tea party candidate is said to be one of the most conservative of congress. this race matters because we'll find out which side is winning the gop idealogical war in red states. joining me live, senior political editor, mark murray. mark, we're going to talk about new york as well. here in alabama, at a time when we have the government shutdown and all of these other issues in the house, being seen by some as obstructionists and others by true representatives of their constituents when you have somebody who's saying we're going to be most conservative in that environment is quite an interesting assertion. >> here's what's on display in the alabama runoff going on for
11:38 am
that congressional seat. no longer if the tea party backed candidate dean young ends up winning, no longer is it good enough to say i'm conservative and oppose abortion rights but i will be the most conservative candidate in the u.s. congress. i guarantee you are there are a lot of republicans incumbent senators from the south watching this primary to see how it unfolds. you have people like thad cochran and lamb lamar alexander and mitch mcconnell from kentucky. and all of a sudden if the message is i am the most conservative person, vote for me. if that's the winning message, that has to frighten those folks up for election because they are very conservative senators but make deals with the opposition. >> i want to read a little bit of what the daily beast wrote regarding the runoff election and what it may predict. they say the divide is about what tactics republican
11:39 am
activists think will be most successful as the next budget showdown loomz. do they have a fire brand that believes barack obama was born in kenya or political veteran who emphasizes the need to work with people and at washington and at home. their answer may influence strategy in capitol hill in the months to come, which is what you were saying in your analysis there. >> right, as we saw during the government shutdown, mitch mcconnell, even though he supported the republicans almost every step of the way, if he ended up negotiating a deal to reopen the government in the standoff over the debt limit, and he in his campaign for re-election on the primary side, he is saying i was somebody who was willing to make the type of deals. in this alabama contest, if the tea party candidate ends up winning, dean young, then all of a sudden, i think you're going to see fewer and fewer republicans who say i can be a deal maker, i can -- when there's a compromise to be made, it's good for the country, i'll
11:40 am
make it. you may see fewer and fewer who do it. if bradley burn, the establishment candidate wins, the establishment and chamber of kmergs and business groupz will have a bill sigh of relief and say maybe we have the ability to take back red states in the south. >> new york city and the mayoral race, we know that the mayor of new york is seen as mayor of america here. it could -- looks very clear it will be the democrat here. >> and bill de blasio the democrat has been leading in the polls by 40 percentage points. it looks like it's going to be a blowout. of course, tamron, several months ago during the democratic primary season, there was a lot more scrutiny and attention given to anthony weiner, he'll be the first democrat elected mayor since 1989. it will be as people see as a progressive liberal democrat held in the office held by bloomberg over the last two terms. >> and strong views on stop and frisk, one of the major issues
11:41 am
that was a turning point some believe for him as well. thank you very much, mark. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> all right. >> wisconsin's tough voter i.d. laws on trial right now in federal court in milwaukee, the trial actually started yesterday. civil rights groups sued over the law passed in 2011 after a 77-year-old could not provide the documents necessary to receive the driver's license she needs in order to vote. the case also includes a challenge from the american civil liberties union which says besides the elderly, minorities and students and low income voters are disproportionately impacted by this. the outcome could affect similar laws in half a dozen other states. lena, taylor, thanks stoch for your time. >> my chief of staff, you are his favorite msnbc host, so he made sure we make this happen.
11:42 am
>> i'm speechless. thank you very much. but to this issue of this trial, some of the testimony of the daughter of 77-year-old betty jones, one of the plaintiffs, testified yesterday in her words, quote, i cannot express the amount of time, energy and frustration it required to get a license for her mother to vote. that is some of what we're hearing and what you've said all along as well the obstacles you believe are being put in front of people who want to vote. >> correct. the thing is my republican colleagues have seen errors in many ways of their actions. they are trying to fix the issue related to students. even the government accountability board had to backtrack on its position related to the effect this law would have on students. we haven't touched the effect it would have on veterans. they give their lives for us to have the freedom to be able to vote and have a democracy. and for us to then not allow
11:43 am
their veteran i.d. to work is truly unacceptable and of course our elderly. this law is a reflection of the same kind of things that i think the judge in indiana stated about the voter i.d. law there. >> wisconsin assistant attorney clayton, defending the law, said voter fraud is real. it is not a myth. your reaction to that? >> that's completely ludicrous. he knows as well as i do and every time it's been stated in this state that there is no evidence, zero evidence of widespread voter fraud. of the type of incidents we've had have only been is dents that ironically the law doesn't address, which are someone who was in another state and then one -- the other was fell ones, individuals on probation or parole who might still be voting because rights are restored after probation and parole. this is really only about
11:44 am
politics. it is not about clean elections because our elections have had such a minimal -- i can't even remember the percentages so far less than 1% and you know, of fraud. it is ridiculous. most voters have an i.d. card but the issue is for those that do not. and the imposition that it puts on them as well as we have poll workers who don't have training and they are having difficulties using the identification to verify -- >> the trial is expected to last two weeks. the wisconsin law remains on hold. the governor, scott walker signed in 2011 an told reporters he believes the law will be found constitutional and people can easily get free i.d.s from the state. we'll updamt the audience. >> december 17th, we also have the state case going on. there are several different pieces to fighting this law.
11:45 am
>> we greatly appreciate it and tell your chief of staff thank you for getting you on the show. the follow-up to what happened in new jersey after terrifying moments, a popular mall, people packed inside, a gunman enters and starts shooting. new information on why police say he may have acted out. ♪ ♪
11:46 am
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the brother of awe lone gunman says he did not set out to hurt anyone but himself. >> he's a great person, well liked by the community and friends and family and everybody. my brother was a sporadic act and this was something that none of us saw coming. we're not sure exactly what caused him to do this. we're all devastated. >> 20-year-old richard shoop walked into the garden state pla
11:49 am
plaza mall and open fire. shoop left a note with his family. officials are not calling it a suicide note but they say it did express, quote, that an end is coming. and nbc's ron allen is in paramus, new jersey. what do police know about his background, particularly his mental health here? >> reporter: they are looking into that. what the authorities are saying, they knew of him because of problems with drugs, details about exactly whether he was arrested or not. but they seem to be informing that there are drugs involved, that they motivated him in some way. what motivates someone to do something so crazy and so violent is really not clear. the authorities are saying that they are very grateful and gratified that in fact, no one was injured. there are thousands in this huge mall, close to 300 stores and 2.5 million square feet of space. at 9:15 or so at night when this
11:50 am
all happened, there were literally thousands in the mall, it was xbrust about to shutdown. witnesses heard gunfire and saw this man walking through dressed in black with a motorcycle helmet on shooting what looked like a long rifle, it was described as a modified rifle that looks like an ak-47. he entered the parking deck and went down an elevator and started shooting and disappeared into the bows of the back of the mall. he shot himself in the head. the situation could have been so much worse. >> as it relates to the security at the mall, we know that that's the biggest mall, very busy here in a couple of weeks. are they changing any of the security measures in place there, ron? >> reporter: well, they are not discussing the specifics of that. what a number of authorities have said to us, they feel the plan they had in place to deal something like this and they
11:51 am
train for this, they think it worked fairly well. the objective was for security officers and store managers to get people to shelter in place and barricade themselves and bring the metal gates down to secure it. we met in the parking lot as they were coming out later. after all outside the mall, hundreds of police officers arrived and quickly established a perimeter, sealed the area off. they were pretty convinced the guy was still inside and didn't get out. aside from that, everyone you talk to will tell you, it's a free society. you cannot barricade the doors or put armed guards outside the malls. it won't work in this type of owe society. you try to minimize the damage, again, big sigh of relief here that only the gunman was killed and no one else was injured. >> absolutely. thank you very much. two inmates part of a daring escape from an oklahoma prison are back in custody and that tops our look at stories around
11:52 am
the "news nation." the men were found hiding out in a home an captured without incident. they escaped at the end of october through a maintenance shaft above their cell. nbc news obtained this helmet cam video of frightening collision. nine skydivers crashed above wisconsin. one of the planes plummeted to the ground. the pilot managed to eject himself and other safely lands the plane. no one was injured. the faa is investigating what caused the collision. we'll be right back. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information
11:53 am
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the white house is open to advise tore tors after being shut down due to the sequester. the president and first lady were there to greet them. kentucky senator rand paul facing new accusations of
11:56 am
plagiarism. a september op-ed written by senator paul in the washington teams appears to have been copied from article another in another magazine a few days earlier. paul's office acknowledged some of the material used in his speeches and op-eds have been attributed properly. they promise greater oversight in the future. you know to watch rachel maddow on this. time for the gut check, richie incognito is as you ssuspended allegations that he sent a racially charged message and voice mails to his teammate. and pending an investigation, they are going to give us the results. some those are saying he should be banned from the nfl entirely. what does your gut tell you? should richie incognito be banned from the league, out of
11:57 am
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