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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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perception chul, and whether when subjected to the bigger scrutiny of a larger stage that will become apparent. weekdays in noon, thank you that is all for this evening, we'll be back life, 11:00 p.m. with more election results. i'll be joined with chris matthews. there's lots of caffeinated cold diet soda in my office if yaw need it. it's realthanks for your joinin on election night. i'm going to take my time and do it properly. please queue the election night music. ♪ >> always has the same affect on me. a very poz iffive effects.
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no matter what is going on in the election, no matter what the stakes are in the particular election, just the fact that it is election night, is a very exciting thing. these are the results we have got thus far, nbc is projecting that new jersey governor chris christie has been elected to a second term tonight. right now it's 19% of the vote in in new jersey. governor christie comfortably ahead. new jersey question two was the new jersey voters being asked if they wanted to raise the state's minimum wage by $1. right now the state of new jersey minimum wage is federally set at $7.25 it is a big margin, with 5% -- a small proportion of the vote in, but a big margin thus far in the early returns in new jersey. in virginia tonight t governor's race there, nbc news is
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characterizing that race as too close to call at this hour. with 76% of precincts in right now, ken cuccinelli with 48% of the vote and terry mccauliffe with 45% of the vote. we now have a projected winner in the lieutenant governor's race. ralph norths a am, with 54% of the vote. and the race for attorney general in virginia, it's still too early to call in the race. right now it's 81% of the vote is in, mark obenshane, this is the one race in virginia that republicans were most confident in, between the governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general. but, again, too early to call on the attorney general's race thus far in the commonwealth of virginia.
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in terms of the big mayor's races right now, in the mayoral race in boston, 26% of precincts reporting. right now, at this point, with only 26% in, there's no projection in this. obviously it's two democrats running against each other in boston as you can see from the onscreen graphics here. in houston's mayoral race, we only have early voting results so far, as you can see, they show mayor an niece parker with a healthy margin of victory, but this is 0% in, this is the early vote only, we'll be keeping an eye on houston. in the great state of alabama tonight, we have been watching a primary race to fill a house seat from the first congressional district in alabama. it's southern alabama to the area around mobile. and the primary there is between two republican can gats, bradley burns versus dean young who's
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more of the tea party fire brand candidate, he's also a very proud birther. at this hour in the race, we don't have any results to report. this is going to be closely watched as a sort of maybe a bell weather, maybe a sign, maybe a microchasm on the larger in party republican fighting going on in the country. that alabama race is going to be interesting. there will be a contest in december against a democrat in that race, but the primary is thought to be all but -- again the big story tonight, as yet s what is happening in virginia where nbc news is characterizing the virginia governor's race as to close to call at this hour. a slilg r slight up date, 86% of the precincts reporting, ken
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kuch with 46% of the vote. virginia always holds it's governor's elections in off years like this one. it's not only an odd year, it's an odd, odd year, 2013, a year after the presidential race. but that's the way that virginia always does it. and heading into tonight's elections, virginia had a really stark and really stable and really specific record of who the state of virginia would elect to be governor. since 1977, in every single governor's race in virginia, the state has elected a governor who is the opposite party to the president of the united states. so whenever there's a democratic president, virginia elects a republican governor. and whenever there's a republican president, sa virginia elects a democratic governor and that has held true for 36 years now. will that streak be broken
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tonight? at least with these very close results, these too close to call results at this hour, virginia is closer than ever to breaking that streak, and it looks to be largely on the strength of women voters. both republican and democratic candidates in virginia's gubernatorial contest are obviously guys. but leading up to tonight's election, there has been a huge gender gap in the polling in this race. in the last "washington post" poll for the virginia governor's race. democrat terry mccauliffe was leading ken cuccinelli by 12 points among voters in total. he was leading by 24 points among women. exit polling tonight in that virginia race shows that ken cuccinelli is losing women to democrat terry mccauliffe by 16 points. again, that's according to the exit polls. when virginia voters were asked tonight the single most important issue they took into the volting booth, surprisingly a high number of voters chose abortion as the single highest
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motivating factor for their vote. 20% of virginia voters tonight, one-fifty oe one-fifth of all voters said that abortion was the most important issue. and 65% of them voted for the democrat in the race, terry mccauliffe. joining us now from mccauliffe campaign headquarters, chuck todd, host of "the daily rundown." so nbc news originally said it was too early, now it's too close. what can you tell us? >> reporter: here's what we can tell you about what changed, frankly as the raw vote count came in, sometimes they can hold a have a margin of error. as the night goes on, the polls are corrected a little bit. but as we know, the vote was out, there's about 20% of the vote that's still uncounted,
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almost all of it is exclusively in northern virginia, why does that matter? because northern virginia is now a heavily democratic area of the state. so as you have noticed, as the vote count has come in, mccauliffe has closed the gap on cuccinelli. cuccinelli performed a -- if mccauliffe does end up performing at where democrats normally do in northern virginia and he does eke out a victory, he's going to have northern virginia, the issue of abortion and women to thank. because it's going to be essentially a tale of two states in virginia, the state of northern virginia voting in one direction, and the rest of the state going in more of a swing state, more in another direction. that's where this conversation is going to be had, that's where republicans are going to have a conversation about did they
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underfund cuccinelli. terry mccauliffe was all over the airwaves, those ads on contraception and abortion were all over the airwaves. from roanoke to richmond to the hampton roads to norfolk, cuccinelli wasn't that far from mccauliffe in organization and money and things like that. as we watch this northern virginia vote come in and you never know what happens until you count the vote, but just keep that in mind, the big fundraising gap, the lack of cuccinelli here in the northern part of the state and the issue of abortion, women and all the other issues you brought up. that is the recipe there, if mccauliffe wins, that's what he's going to have to thank for it. >> northern virginia precincts being slower to come in, essentially the northern part of the state is what we're still waiting for. is there any reason as to why
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those precincts are last to come in. >> fairfax county, that's just on the other side of the beltway here in northern virginia, they were the last precincts to report. that put jim westboubb on top o there's always that one county or two that are very slow to come in in the state of virginia, that county is fairfax, and in this state, it's a huge democratic number. we know democrats are going to wing it big, but how big? what's the raw vote? that's the unknown, that's why all of our models say too close to call, it's always in the margin of error. >> let me interrupt you for one moment to tell you the projected winner of the new york city mayor's race. bill deblasio, new york city
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will have a democratic mayor. that is now the projection. back to that virginia race, chuck. i did just have one question for you, mentioning the importance of turnout, are you hearing anything from either from the mccauliffe side or the cuccinelli side, what they're taking from what they saw today? anything anecdotal or -- >> no, other than talking to the republican campaign, cuccinelli's in particular, the numbers purchased at level. there was a lot of nervousness monk republicans who were not -- who thought turnout was going to crater at the end, that there wasn't going to be motivation. so there's going to be a little hand wrichking, a little second guessing, considering we know no matter what happens tonight,
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this is a very close race, the governor's race, there's a lot of republicans who sat on their hands and didn't give the muffin they normally would have given, ken cuccinelli would have had more money, would he have been more competitive? a lot of republicans believe, it doesn't matter because northern virginia is the blue part of the state. it's blue only by default these days, it's more this is where swing voters are, they've just been swinging in the same direction for the last few cycles. whenever the race gets nationalized, bob mcdonald, the republican governor that's outgoing, he didn't do that. he made it best to not nationalize the race, so he did better than most republicans do in northern virginia and that's essentially when you look at what happened in virginia this year and what may happen, what we're seeing in northern virginia, you can chalk it up to that, i think, the nationalizing
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of the issues in northern virginia. >> nbc news political director chuck todd, we'll be checking bra with you, chuck, thanks for being with us. joining us tonight, from terry mccauliffe headquarters in virginia. can we put up that board, the virginia governor's race too close to call. 81% of precincts, ken cuccinelli with a narrow lead over mccauliffe in virginia. cautioning, in terms of the interpretation of these results is that most of what remains to come in this state which in a typical year would be leaning more blue, more democratic, but you can't predict these things until you see them, particularly on election night. senior strategist for mccain-palin. thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> looking at these virginia fundings so far, they're not
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results yet. >> i think surprise, the political establishment across the country is surprised by it. this race was supposed to be a blowout. it was supposed to be called at the moment the polls closed. a hasn't happened. we're into part of the night where we have 20% of the vote left to be counted. cuccinelli maintaining a slight lead. if in fact the northern virginia votes come in like we expect them to be, terry mccauliffe will win by a small margin. the decision by republicans not to invest in this race, not to fund this race and the net effect of the ted cruz-led government shutdown will have disabled his candidacy, not his position on -- but a series of tactical mistakes that prevented him from getting over the top in a really close race. one of the things, when you look at the cuccinelli campaign is
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the fact that he was nominated through a convention, a sign of something, i think is a dysfunction in the republican party. and you see in new jersey, an expanding party versus when you get into a convention, a contracting party, where in the name of purity, all right, you try to exclude voices who aren't in total agreement on any one of a number of issues. so this was a race that republicans should have won, should have beaten terry mccauliffe, a very -- shows that it may have been a twice missed opportunity, both by nominating the candidate who could potentially lose mccauliffe out of the convention process, and then two, once you have him as a candidate, not properly funding him. but this is much closer than anybody anticipated. >> the next 19% of the vote coming in, who knows how the vote is going to change or how it's going to move from the side. we don't want to project too
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much, it is too close to call. that is kind of a scientific judgment. at the same time, i feel like the reason that more external funding from traditional funding sources didn't come in and support ken cuccinelli because he was polling so, so terribly. he hasn't led in the possibilities since a single sort of sketchy poll had him up in the middle of the summer. and that lead that terry mccauliffe has had shrunk a little bit getting close to election day, but he was always ahead. >> it's just not the public polls, the private polls and the public polls have all matched up in this race and they show a commanding lady for terry mccauliffe, then you have the shutdown which is a horrific period for the republican party, it's dropped the republican party to the lowest ever on record. but what happened last week is
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the debate on energy and politics has turned over to the implementation of the president's health care law. and you see the millions of people who are now being kicked off of their insurance. you see the president's misrepresenting statements that have come out on this. i think that you see the president's numbers now are pushing into the 30s. he has a major credibility problem on his hands. he has a major political problem on his hands. the country is profoundly unhappy with politics across the board. not just with republicans, but with everybody. the only good news for democrats is comparatively is they're not the congressional republicans. but there's a lot of downward pressure on everybody in politics. but when you look at a state like virginia and you look at the health care issue the way it's played out over the last week, it's some possible explanation for some volatility
6:18 pm
that would make this race closer. but everybody who's watching this tonight is deeply surprised that it is this close at this hour. >> we're going to be watching it closely over the course of the next hour. it should be noted that while the lieutenant governor's race there is no call as of yet on the attorney general's race, this is a state wide race with a lot of the same contours as the governor's race. senior strategist for mccain-palin here on msnbc. election night 2013 continues, it is a big night for the future of the republican party, not just tonight, but the next big election too. chris christie gets reupped as governor of new jersey. and katrina kentucky senator rand paul admits he may have a problem. stay with us.
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we await ruts in the virginia gubernatorial election. most of the political news in the country is obviously about it being election day. but in springfield, illinois today, the big, big news was not about elections, it was about marriage equality. the illinois house voted for same-sex marriage in illinois.
6:23 pm
the state senate has already approved it in illinois. so this passing the house today in illinois puts illinois on track to be the 15th state in the nation to legally recognize marriages for both straight and gay couples. 15 states. this is the map of marriage rights in the country right now. this is the states of equal marriage rights, with this vote today, illinois becomes the largest state in the heart of the country to recognize marriage equality after minnesota and iowa before them. it's a wonder in which states are going to be next. the debate is on right now and the legislature in the state of hawaii so that vote could really come at any minute, suspected sometime this week. in new mexico t matter is in court right now. there's no state law for or against marriage equality in new mexico. but a court ruling in that state is expected sometime in the next few weeks. so 15 states it's a done or basically a done deal, hawaii and new mexico may be next.
6:24 pm
before today, the big vote in illinois, the last state to okay marriage equality was new jersey just a couple of weeks ago. the state legislature in new jersey had okayed marriage equality but governor chris christie vetoed the law. when the courts overruled governor cristie and said marriages can go ahead in that state, governor christie appealed that ruling. then after the state supreme court weighed in against the governor again, governor christie eventually gave in and let same-sex marriages go ahead. governor crihris christie was re-elected as governor. new jersey voters also did not by and large agree with him on his veto on raising the minute muj wage either. the state right now in terms
6:25 pm
of -- about with 22% of the vote in, this is the vote right now on new jersey's question two on whether or not the state should rage the minimum wage to $8.25. chris christie had vetoed that measure. this essentially, question two is essentially the state taking the opportunity to overrule the governor on this issue as well. we'll be keeping an eye on those results. despite being out of step with his state on some big policy issues and despite governor cristie saying he might not serve out his second term in office that new jersey just selected him too, the state picked him overwhelmingly anyway. so, yes, new jersey you may think you have just voted for christie for government --. and because governor christie apparently has an angel in heaven somewhere who owes him
6:26 pm
favors, today was also the day that senator rand paul decided to melt down to the "new york times." potentially clear out of the way governor cristie's highest profile competitors for that 2016 nomination. after a week of plagerism -- paul -- he told them he will change the way he handless speeches in publications. quote, if will make people leave me the hell alone. whoa, easy, tiger. the senator who the times described today as, quote, drawn and clearly shaken by the plagerism charges, said that his office had made mistakes, then there was the senator's explanation for why this whole plagerism thing has happened. and this may in fact be the real explanation, but this is the kind of explanation that the senator is going to have a really, really hard time ever living down, if he ever does
6:27 pm
intend to run for president. mr. paul attributed some soft slopiness to being a senator in high demand. he says thing are done quickly and in a hurry and sometimes i get some things that are -- we write something every week for "the washington times" and i literally am riding around in a car in between things trying to figure out if i can approve it. we need to get stuff earlier, but it's hard, paul said, we probably take on more than we should be doing. if you can't handle the workload of a once a week column for a penny saver newspaper, in which you are the most junior member, or one of the most junior members, that is a hard admission to kick off your did for -- if you can't handle being a senator without screwing up like this, why should you get the really big job? and so the day goes to governor
6:28 pm
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we have some updates to bring you now on some of the big races we're watching right now.
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all eyes seem to be on the great commonwealth of virginia right now. here's where things stand at this hour in the race for governor there, with 87% of the precincts in, it's too close to call. 47% of the vote for ken cuccinelli and terry mccauliffe. chuck todd telling us earlier in the hour that the remaining outstanding votes, to the precincts they're still waiting to get in are mostly northern virginia counties, in a typical year those would tend to lean democrat, but there's no reason to projects from past years, it all matters what happens tonight. the lieutenant governor in virginia was not that close, nbc news has now projected the winner in that race, ralph northam. in the city of boston, where voters are choosing a repla
6:33 pm
replacement for that city's long-time mayor, tonight with 87% of the vote in, martin walsh with john connelly, seen as somebody who's prioritized education above all of his other issues in this race. it was thought going into this race it was going to be a close one, and it indeed looks close. i love election night, it's like christmas morning and birthday and new year's. we have got so much more straight ahead. in the nation, we know how you feel about your car. so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance. because what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love, love is strange just another way we put members first. because we don't have shareholders.
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nothing. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. happy election night. it is an off year, indeed it is an off, off year in elections, that doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on in terms of tonight's elections that's going to have a big impact not only in the relations between the parties but in the way cities and states are governed around the country. chris christie has won his re-election in governor of new jersey. we have invented this idea that somehow projecting from the
6:37 pm
total margin by which chris christie was a i believe to -- the presidential nomination in 2016. i have never quite understood why we should be able to project from one to the other? because nobody's ever made the case that the new jersey electorate is like the republican primary electorate. but there you have it. this is the race right now, it's called again, the projected winner but only 44% in, at this point it's a 22 point margin for chris christie, people will be watching to see if he breaks the record, in terms of new jersey margins of victory by brief yois governmeors and also what that means in his run for the white house. new york city is also being called there in the mayor's race. new york city the largest city in the country and it has been governed by mayor bloomberg and
6:38 pm
before that rudy giuliani. it's been 20 years since there's been a democratic mayor, bill deblasio. we go to terry mccauliffe's headquarters in virginia where the governor's race is as yet undecid undecided. polling has been strongly in mccauliffe's favor. but at this point the race is still too close to call. >> reporter: you're hearing the cheers, because they're now, the folks here at 45urs are seeing what we're seeing in our boiler room, the raw vote now has mccauliffe in the lead. so exactly what i was telling you, rachel about 45 minutes ago, as fairfax county comes in, we're about 57% of the vote
6:39 pm
count in fairfax. his lead right now is down under 10,000. he just went on the board with me. we have done this before, rachel. >> we have. i have the pleasure of interrupting chuck todd to tell you that nbc news projects that terry mccauliffe has been narrowly elected in virginia defeating republican ken cuccinelli. i imagine the crowd there with you at terry mccauliffe headquarters in new jersey is hearing this as i say it, chuck, what can you tell us about how people are feeling there? >> well, i don't think word has trickled in. they're watching another channel and i'll just leave it at that, rachel. if they choose to get slower news, what are we supposed to do? i think word will trickle in that maybe they ought to change the channel if they want to know who won the virginia governor's race. if this all goes to what we were talking about 40 minutes ago,
6:40 pm
which is northern virginia put terry mccauliffe over the top and we can chalk it up to a number of things, the issue that terry mccauliffe advertised in northern virginia very much focused on swing women voters, issues having to do with contraception, it was a very similar campaign in virginia that barack obama ran in 2012, the government shutdown, there are nearly 200,000 federal workers and guess where most of them live in northern virginia. that is when i was told by both campaigns that mccauliffe's biggest lead that he ever held in any of the private polling took place during that government shutdown and it was the constant theme of the mccauliffe campaign going there, towards the end it was a theme that obama hit on sunday. it was a lot closer than a lot of republicans thought this race would b a lot of people thought this race would be, two weeks ago, that it would be somewhere, two, three points.
6:41 pm
ultimately mccauliffe will end up winning this case somewhere by 1 1/2, to t2, maybe 2 1/2 points. there is going to be some internal finger pointing and there's going to be a couple of sort of unintended consequences. you and i both know there are a lot of national, nontea party republicans that were almost hoping cuccinelli would lose, they want to send a message. they believe the tea party overall is hurting the republican party nationally. but a lot of conservatives and tea party folks are going to look at this cuccinelli result and say but for more help from national republicans, cuccinelli might have won. i don't think the establishment wing of the republican party was kind of hoping for tonight, was a big christie win, and a big cuccinelli loss and they're not going to get that. which means the tea party is not going too feel cowed as far as
6:42 pm
this race is concerned. >> we'll be watching the overall margin to see, actually both in the new jersey race and in this virginia race. if there is anything to be devined from the margins, that condition be devined from who gets the win. as you know, the virginia has picked a governor, the opposite side as the president, every single time they have voted for governor. w >> the reason that -- that was a quirk. that was because usually about 11 months into a presidential term, you start getting essentially voter fatigue, swing voter fatigue with the party in power. virginia being so close to washington, it's a natural occurrence, basically. so it isn't surprising. what if republicans were to
6:43 pm
nominate somebody more conservatives. they went that convention route. a lot of people are going to say that the republican bill bowling decided he wouldn't run because he couldn't win the nomination. a lot of people are saying if he were the nominee, he would have beaten mccauliffe head to head. i had a democratic pollster say this to me about the state of america politics right now and the state of the democratic party, and the republican party, voters right now are furious with the republican party, but they're not fully ready to reward the democrats, that twls this concern particularly with independent voters about the health carkacarocaroloue rollou. we saw it in a lot of the polling when a lot of terry mccauliffe support, when people said -- more people said that it
6:44 pm
wasn't that they were volter for terry mccaulifcauliffe, this is the republican brand right now, two conservative for a place like northern virginia which will support moderate main stream establishment republicans, if given the chance in virginia. they weren't given the chance. >> chuck todd, chuck thanks for being was, and if you want to do everybody a favor and just head over and -- based on what they see wings you get to us. >> i think they turned off, by the way, they did turn off that other channel realizing there's other stuff going on. i think they're looking for the remote right now. keep putting up the board, rachel and loet people see it. >> as a public service. hey, look, the news is here. thanks, chuck. again, nbc news projects that
6:45 pm
the winner for the governor's race is terry mcauliffe, projected as the narrow victor in the governor's race in virginia over republican ken cuccinelli, again as chuck was just explaining there, the historical trend is that democrats -- excuse me, that the commonwealth of virginia will choose a governor who is of the opposite party to the president. so when there's a democratic president, virginia picks a republican governor, when there's a republican president, they pick a democratic governor. that streak has been broken for the first time in 35 years. election night, we'll be right back. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions. our current situation seems rather extreme.
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happy election day. we have got some more results for you. in the boston mayor's race, 95% of the vote in and the associated press have called this race for martin walsh the time -- martin walsh defeating john connelly, he was seen as
6:50 pm
having the support of labor more than connelly did. martin walsh former union official. he will be the next mayor of boston. we also have a call from associ press, interesting ballot measure in new jersey. in new jersey, the new jersey state legislature had passed a rise in the minimum wage. and new jersey's republican governor, chris christie was re-elected by a large margin. he vetoed the rise in the minimum wage. supporters of a rising minimum wage put it on the ballot for a statewide vote. and the voters essentially overruled their governor's veto at the same time they turned him back for another term as the the state's governor. associated press called this race. new jersey question too. that will bring new jersey's minimum wage from the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour up to $8.25 and hour and annual cost-of-living adjustmentmes. big change for minimum wage
6:51 pm
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nbc projected the winner, the democrat over republican ken cuccinelli. when you read the beltway press about this race all along. there has been the gauzy wonder about how it is terry mccullough is doing disproportionately well among women. mcauliffe, maybe people think he is a woman. what could this be. it could possibly be a matter of policy. the last virginia governor's race before this one was in 2009 when the state elected, a deeply
6:55 pm
conservative, mild mannered republican. as an adult grad student. bob mcdonald wrote a thesis at pat robertson's university, it should be used to punish homosexuals, co-hab dhabitcohab fornicators. part of his legacy is he leaves the governorship. the raft of anti-abortion trap regulations that started shutting down clinics across that state. even before that though, virginia republicans under bob mcdonald moved to force unwanted and medically unnecessary ultrasound exams on any woman who fried tried to get an abort the state. remember the bob mcdonald commemorative vaginal probes. if you can read this your government is too close. small government. this violation courtesy of the
6:56 pm
virginia republican party. or this one, i can see the white house from here. that's not supposed to be the vaginal ultrasound probe talking. it is supposed to be bob mcdonald. before the governor ultrasound was thought of as a top contender picked as vice presidential nominee of his party. but you know forced medically unnecessary ultrasounds ordered by the state government at your expense even if you don't want one and your doctor doesn't want you to have one. that proved to be a wand too far for the governor. >> i have to ask you about this red hot story that has gotten so much ink, so many women in particular fired up. >> virginia drew national attention. for the proposal that -- that they did. >> this was a bill, an abortion bill that would have mandated women get what is called a transvaginal ultrasound if they were getting an abortion. >> if you were educating yourself on this bill. did you ridgealoriginally not r might mandate a procedure.
6:57 pm
>> normally a governor would review the hundreds and hundreds of bills. when in they get to your desk. you are so busy advocating, you don't read every legislator's bill. we can't always help what the media decides to focus on. >> actually it was your bill, sir. in the sense that you co-sponsored it when you were in the legislature. as governor, you signed the ultrasound bill. so governor, ultrasound was not picked as the republican party vice presidential nominee. the governor ultrasound nickname stuck as his governorship ultima ultimately dissolved in a scandal. prosecutors will take a decision whether to criminally indict bob mcdonald. heading into the race. beltway press. national press have been mystified at the gender gap in the virginia polling. turns out, you know, ken cuccinelli is not that much of a mystery. he is the harder to spell, dark haired, human embodiment of bob
6:58 pm
mcdonald's social agenda. even after shutting down the clinics, after the forced ultrasound on top of that. republicans are asking virginia will ti women to sta paupport this guy. it would ban the birth control bill, hormonal forms of birth control. there were republican, mainstream republican a. available to run for governor in the form of the lieutenant-governor. but ken cuccinelli and social conservatives outmaneuvered the rest of the party. got them to hold the conventional activists at a primary and through that the virginia party got themselves not only ken cuccinelli they got a statewide slate of fire and brimstone candidates. ken cuccinelli ran alongside, e.w. jackson, lost tonight, say gay people are sick, military homosexualized. obama the antichrist. they picked for attorney general, a state senator stood with cuccinelli getting the
6:59 pm
birth control ban, and proposed any woman who suffers a miscarriage has to report the miscarriage to the local sheriff within 24 hours. so the sheriff can investigate the circumstances of the miscarriage. because you know, small government. and so, yeah, history says republicans should have had this election tonight in virginia. in a walk. there is a democratic president for more than 30 years, now that means it has been guaranteed a republican would win the virginia governorship. if you ask virginia men tonight. that would have been the case. but virginia women are so strongly against the way republicans have been governing in virginia and propose to keep doing so that they have changed that political streak entirely. the beltway press has never seemed to understand that this is about policy. and honestly the republican party doesn't seem to recognize that this was about policy. the final list of candidates, who ken cuccinelli campaigned with, heading into tonight's election results, the people who he tried to turn people around,
7:00 pm
to his way of thinking on. his last list of big name surrogates were senator marco rubio, anti-abortion guy, representative ron paul, anti-abortion guy, scott walker, rand paul, mike huckaby, rick santorum, last surrogates. all anti-abortion, male, republican candidates. where is this gender gap possibly coming from? how did the republicans lose this governorship? well, next news again, projects tonight that the -- the winner of the gubernatorial race in virginia its terry mcauliffe, and that does it for us. the action packed hour. back at midnight with more. stay with us, msnbc's election night coverage, and "the last word" and lawrence o'donnell. it is election night