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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 15, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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realize he cannot go around waving a magic wand and fixing this by executive fiat. this is a law. we are a nation of laws and we abide by the rule of law. >> so there we have minority leader nancy pelosi and marsha blackburn debating on the house today. hi, everybody, good morning. i'm thomas roberts and we lead off with this developing news. hold or fold. will democrats defector help their president hold the hill as he promises to fix those flaws in the aca. so here's what members of the house are considering today. it's called the keep your health care plan act sponsored by republican fred upton. it would allow insurance companies to continue to sell plans regardless of new minimum standards, but some democrats say his plan will gut the health care law. here was congressman upton just minutes ago.
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>> at one point earlier in this week it looked like we were going to get 100 democratic votes, and that's when the president decided to actually do something. so he was content for this broken promise to continue to have legs. >> the hill is already out with the names of five democrats that it expects to stand shoulder to shoulder with republicans. and the white house is already firing a warning shot saying that the bill is sabotage and vowing a veto. now, the president is fighting to keep his democratic rank in file marching in lock step, one day after a spormea culpa to hin party. >> i think it's legitimate for them to expect me to have to win back some credibility on this health care law in particular and on a whole range of these issues in general. and, you know, that's on me. i mean we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. >> my operative theory in life
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is you're never as smart as you look when you're winning and you're never as dumb as you look when you're losing. and i always kept that in mind in periods like this, you just have to fight your way through it. >> football metaphors, politico jumping on president obama's word fumble and "the washington post" putting the word "fumble" on the front page. a fumble mitt romney doesn't think he can recover from. >> is there anything within you wants to say to the american people "i told you so." >> well, i think a lot of people recognize the flaws in the obama care product. not just its implementation, but the more fundamental flaw, which was the president promised people could keep their plans. that promise was not accurate, it was not honest and the whole foundation of his second term i think is in jeopardy. >> we'll get to more on health care in just a moment but there is a press conference right now about the death of renisha mcbride, the 19-year-old woman who was shot in the face after
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trying to get help after a car accident. let's listen. >> and the third and final count is possession of a firearm during the attempt, commission or commission of a felony which is a mandatory two-year term which must be served prior to any time being served on any other convicted offense. we obviously do not feel that the evidence is the defendant acted in lawful self defense. where i go on to explain what the michigan law is, i want to introduce the people to my left and your right. i'm going to have them introduce themselves. i'm going to start to my left and your right. if you say very loudly where you are from, your name and spell your last name, please. >> captain jeff seipinko. >> loudly, please. >> captain daniel voltattorni. >>sergeant steven gurka with the dearborn heights police
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department. i'm the oic on this investigation. >> also in charge. >> chief lee gavin with the dearborn police department. >> jerry dorsey iv, wayne county prosecuting attorney's office. >> danielle hagman clark, lead attorney in the homicide unit here in the prosecutor's office. >> terry anderson, assistant prosecuting attorney in wayne county. >> alfena -- >> robert stevens, deputy chief, prosecution. >> danielle hagman clark and terry anderson will be prosecuting this case. this is a summary on self defense. there is no duty to retreat when you're in your own house. but someone who claims self defense must have an honest and
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reasonable belief of imminent death or imminent great bodily harm to himself or another person and the use of force is next to prevent that imminent death or imminent great bodially harm to himself or another person. the arraignment is supposed to be scheduled for this afternoon but i would leave it to you to check on that. that's the information that we have been given. i'm available to answer a few questions from you at this time. >> madam prosecutor, does this come down to the statement that he gave to police and the 19-year-old is deceased, so does it really come down to his statement to establish whether he was in fear of his life and that was reasonable under the circumstances? >> i make it a habit to never quantify or put in order the importance or lesser importance of evidence. we evaluate our case based on all the evidence we have, so it's that and all the other evidence we have in this case. >> was this a stand your ground
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case? >> again, the -- this is a case where -- and the self defense act was changed in michigan law in 2006 doesn't call it that, but again, i'm not going to call it that. but the law is what it is in this state. >> is the race of the shooter and the victim relevant at all in this case? >> no, it's not relevant at all. not to our charging decision. >> were there toxicology reports done on the shooter? and if so, what were they and what were the results? >> to my knowledge that was not a toxicology at the time. >> had he had any prior run-ins with the police department? >> that's not something i'm going to answer at this time. >> can you tell us more about what happened in that confrontation in that moment? >> i have given you all the facts i'm going to give you at this time. all the other facts will come out at trial or an examination. >> kid they know each other before the confrontation? >> our information is that they did not. >> is he arraigned in dearborn
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heights? >> that's my understanding, sometime this afternoon. >> was there a toxicology done on mr. wafer. >> no, not sglito my knowledge. >> do you know where she was coming to or going to -- >> we have been listening to the prosecutor for wayne county outside detroit, michigan. it was in the early morning hours of november 2nd that renisha mcbride, a 19-year-old, was involved in a car accident and looking for help. she went into a neighborhood and approached a house, where the homeowner came out and pulled the trigger of a shotgun that he was carrying, believing that this person was trying to break into the home. but they have now gone ahead after a delay now that we've seen of the investigation for a couple of weeks to come forward with charges, one being the most pressing here is second-degree murder plus two other charges. but they had been waiting on initial investigations to come together. one that has come back does display that the 19-year-old woman who was shot and killed
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was inebriated at the time, had a blood alcohol level of 0.22, that's more than twice the 0.08 for legal driving in michigan. but kim worthy is going ahead with three different charges against the person who has not been identified and put out in the media as of yet, but now the charged are moving forward, that name will become public knowledge. we shift pack to the lead story as we watch what's going on in washington, d.c., today and all the debate that's taking place currently on the floor now about whether or not fred upton's bill in the house will move forward. this bill would dramatically gut the aca. democratic congressman jackie speier of san francisco joins me now. she serves on the oversight and government reform committee. congresswoman, as chuck todd put it, there was widespread panic among democrats in washington this week so not everybody is sold on the president's so-called fix that was given to us yesterday. the president is going to go to the well one more time to ask for the support of the
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democratic caucus. but is the well dry? >> no, absolutely not. the well is full of water, to use your analogy. the members that spoke up were concerned that they were hearing from constituents that wanted to keep their plans because the cost of adapting to a new plan was going to increase their premiums so much, so they had really low cost catastrophic care and they wanted to keep it. he made that commitment to the american people, we made that commitment to the american people so we're going forward and keeping that promise. >> meanwhile we have the president coming out saying no matter what happens right now with the upton bill that he would veto it, saying that the work you're doing really is an effort in futility in the house. but some democrats say that they're actually going to support this. we've got two senate democrats in mary landrieu and mark udall, democrats are are trying to figure out something that looks
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like a fix but doesn't undermine the entire law in spirit. and then if we look at minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann, she was out there this morning gloating about what's taking place with the aca. here's just a small clip of what she said to say. >> again, the american people especially competence, they expect their lives will be better, not worse. we hate to say we told you so, but quite honestly we all look like geniuses now. >> so do you think that the right and mi shael bachmann look like geniuses now because of what happened. >> anyone that calls himself a genius is suspect in my book. the truth of the matter is that americans are grateful for the affordable care act. there have been 100,000 that have signed on to the regular program. there's 400,000 that have signed on to the medicaid expansion. i just had a constituent who wrote me last night who said, you know, i was on kaiser, but i lost my skbrajob. my cobra expired and i was going
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to have to pay $1,000 a month so i dropped it. i'm 60 years old. i now went on, i got my coverage, i'm going to be paying $25 a month. that's the kind of stories that aren't getting out. and i think we've got to make sure that all of the good news stories are getting out as well. >> do you think it's a false equivalent, though? many of the headlines are saying this is president obama's katrina moment or monica moment or iran contra moment. do you think that's false equivalents? >> i think it's hyperballic and i don't think it at all compares. the health care plan is going to work. it has had some hiccups but it is going to work over the long term. much like medicare. when medicare first came out everyone was crying and wringing their hands. ronald reagan said this is the death nell for this country and you couldn't pry a medicare policy away from a senior today nor should we. it is one of the bedrocks that keeps them out of poverty. we're going to see over the long term this is going to be healthy for all americans.
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>> congresswoman, we'll let you get back to work. thanks for your time. jonathan gruber is an economics professor and the key architect of massachusetts romney care law and anne filipic. i know we're rolling with the punches this morning but jonathan, we have the president meeting with insurers today trying to get their buy-in on this. i'd like to get your reaction to the president and his comments that he made yesterday, basically putting his mea culpa out there about the many admissions of this fumble. >> another mistake that we made i think was underestimating the difficulties of people purchasing insurance online and shopping for a lot of options with a lot of costs and a lot of different benefits and plans and somehow expecting that this would be very smooth. >> as we look at comparing the
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national issue with what happened in massachusetts, the health care rollout of that state when it happened in the early 2000s, '06, where just 123 people enrolled in that first month. then we look at obama care's weak rollout numbers they beat massachusetts numbers percentagewise and that's the standard we use to measure success. jonathan, explain to all of us how much of the worry should the aca and the anemic sign-up numbers be for people who are looking for this to rise over a marathon period of time as opposed to a sprint? >> i mean you put it exactly right. we should not be measuring the success of the aca in days and weeks but in months and years. look, in massachusetts, as you mentioned, the first month we had 0.3% signed up. the relevant date to focus on is the end of march where people need to be signed up to meet the
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mandate. that's the first time we should even pay attention. i was reflecting last night that the 123 number -- i was on the board in massachusetts and followed implementation of health care as closely as anyone. i didn't even know that number until we looked it up last month. we were just calmer and more patient about it. >> there was not that much coverage over the initial numbers as people were agt wait to see how it would take. anne, we have something on calling it a tweak and while it may mall pollify consu it could raise insurance costs by keeping young people out of the exchanges. anne, what is the potential impact of any of these executive or legislative fixes to the way that your organization is now recruiting young people to get on board? >> and i think this is a really important point. even with this administrative fix, the fact is going to remain that for many people who got
8:15 am
these notices, the best option for them is going to be going to health insurance marketplaces and there they may find something that is higher quality coverage with a lower cost associated with it, especially when you factor in that tax subsidy. we have heard stories of people who fit just that description. we met a couple in new mexico who got one of these notices, but they were able to go to the health insurance marketplace and after putting their information in, they found that they could get a better quality plan as a zero dollar premium each month. so there's a lot of people out there. and the challenge is to make sure that they know about it. >> guys, we'll have to leave it there. economics professor and aca adviser to the white house, jonathan gruber and anne filipic, thank you so much. it is a marathon and not a sprint. but our big question for you today, the obama care fumble. do you think this is president obama's katrina moment? we heard from wha congresswoman speier had to say about this and the other analogies being drawn up are monica or iran contra.
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tweet me your thoughts or chime in on facebook. i know we're up live right now but i don't know if we -- i -- mayor ford speaking as mayor ford does, very plainly. >> reaction to reporting on mayor ford. he's been shocking reporters and his constituents for weeks in toronto. up next, breaking news from the city and the city council voting to strip the mayor of some of his powers. we get the very latest in a live report on the ground. and then, miami dolphins richie incognito fighting back against his suspension from his team. straight ahead i'll talk to two former nfl players, jon ritchie and the great joe namath about what the incognito/martin controversy means for the culture of football. and then miss universe 2013. i got to announce her big win on saturday night and today she's joining me right here in the stud studio. that's right, gabriela isler will be here. we'll be right back after this. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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so breaking news. justice moments ago toronto's city council voted to curb some of the mayor's powers there, the embattled mayor. this is after a really crazy press conference yesterday morning where the mayor used some pretty choice words to answer the allegations that he had been con sorting with a suspected prostitute. >> the last thing was olivia, it says that i wanted to eat her [ bleep ]. i've never said that in my life to her. i would never do that. i'm happily married. i've got more than enough to eat at home. thank you very much. >> mayor, what about drinking and driving? >> oh, my god. >> are you kidding me?
8:21 am
>> i know we're up live right now, but i don't know if we -- i -- mayor ford speaking as mayor ford does, very plainly. as he said in council yesterday, he f'ed up and now using language that i don't think we can broadcast that on tv but we just broadcast that on tv. another unbelievable day here at toronto city council. >> unbelievable is right. joining me now is don peat, city hall bureau chief for "the toronto sun." he's been covering the mayor since he took office. don, it's good to have you here. obviously that reporter's reaction was fresh, right in the moment. certainly tried to play it off to the best of her ability. later on in the day, though, we have the mayor coming back out of his office to apologize. i want to show that to everybody. take a look. >> i want to apologize for my graphic remarks this morning. these allegations are 100% lies. >> i might have had some drinks
8:22 am
and driven, which is absolutely wrong. >> so we know that he's admitted to drinking and driving. during one of the pressers his wife put it best when she said my husband has already said enough. don, over your years of covering this mayor, i mean because he was on the city council prior to becoming the mayor, what was his behavior like and how is this going over with the people who elected him into office? because the behavior, it's a personal influence that's rubbing off on his professional decision-making. >> right. well, his behavior has always been erratic and he's always a bombastic character. you never know what you're going to get when he's out in public. during the 2010 campaign he was kept in a bubble and you didn't see a lot of the erratic behavior. we saw it when he was on the council in the years leading up to that.
8:23 am
he seemed to mellow but we've seen a pattern of his behavior getting worse and worse the longer he's in office to the point we're at now where there's these allegations of erratic behavior with his staff, mistreating his staff and the crack cocaine use he's admitted to, the excessive drinking that he's admitted to. as you saw, his outburst yesterday as well that caught a lot of people off guard. >> and now we have the city council just voting to curb some of the mayor's authorities and powers. this was his reaction just a short time ago. >> i completely understand the situation my fellow colleagues are in. and if it wouldn't cost the taxpayers an arm and a leg, which obviously it's going to, i would have done the same thing. >> so he's saying it's going to cost the taxpayers an arm and a leg mainly because this is the first step getting him removed and having to go through the process of electing somebody else to take his position. then we have kathleen wynn
8:24 am
getting involved saying she could give the city council more power to deal with mayor ford. would a formal request earlier and party leaders gotten involved earlier with the changes needed, do you think if that had taken place that we wouldn't be seeing this epic political demise? >> i think what needed to happen earlier was the mayor needed to either take a temporary leave of absence or fully resign from office. that's the only way really that he can leave without these extraordinary measures. when he was saying in council chambers that it was going to cost an arm and a leg, he's promising to be in court challenging this so he's going to drag his own city to court and fight this council foot and nail to get these powers back that they tried to strip away from him so it's going to get a lot uglier, especially knowing the way the mayor can behavior
8:25 am
at times. i think he's going to have a couple more outbursts between now and his court date. >> don peat, thank you. >> thank you. richie incognito fighting back, filing a formal grievance against his suspension from the miami dolphins. straight ahead i'll talk to jon ritchie and joe namath about incognito and the current culture of the nfl. also ahead, we're continuing to follow today's developing news. house lawmakers debating the keep your health care plan act. how many democrats will defect and what that means for president obama. the agenda panel will weigh in on that. stay with us. in the nation, sometimes bad things happen. add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items with brand-new versions. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping.
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8:29 am
the nfl players association confirming that incognito has filed a grievance against the dolphins challenging his suspension. joining me is jon ritchie, nfl sports analyst and former fullback for the raiders and the easing and also joe namath who has a podcast that airs every monday. joe, let me start with you on this because you went pro back in the 1960s. do you think that what is happening now is the status quo of what happens regularly in football locker rooms and rookie hazing? >> not just football in all segments, in several parts of society. it's as old, as far back as you want to go. >> and so, jon, "usa today" is calling the martin/wells interview one that could alter the dynamic of nfl culture forever. just how important was that interview and what kind of questions do you think martin will be asked now? >> i guess he's just going to have to lay out exactly what
8:30 am
went down. what makes this different than, as joe said, the history of locker rooms in football. i think the big question mark is exactly what went on. no one knows exactly where to stand on this, whether the union is supporting incognito or martin or both just because we don't have the details yet. i would love to hear that. >> so obviously this is being dragged out into the light of day in public perception. we've got the former miami dauphin, greg camarillo quoted as saying that you want those guys that are borderline crazy on the field, it's just hard to find that one where he doesn't also do it off the field. it takes a unique human being to go out there on the field for three, four hours and beat up on somebody and then just completely turn it off. how do you respond to a statement like that in thinking about the mentality of what it takes to go out there, do that and the type of personality that
8:31 am
football players are off the field and how they walk the borderline of nfl, that is, the nfl needs this zero tolerance policy on hazing. do the two just not meet up? >> i don't believe you should stereotype a football player with his behavior. do you want to do the same thing with police officers, with elected officials, with religious leaders? whenever somebody goes bad and something has gone awry, you need to find out why and correct it. this is not about locker rooms alone. no. this is the way we treat people generally, and we need to get to the basis of this and what's gone on, as jon says. we don't have the facts. >> so as we continue to look for the facts here, jon, let me ask you if it's proven that incognito was abusive and also they deem his behavior to be racist, will there still be some people who think that martin was
8:32 am
weak or soft for coming forward and exposing what's happened or potentially using this as an excuse because he wasn't performing well on the field? >> right. well, i think the fact that he came forward is not a soft move. i think when i look at the film, he was not playing well. i just -- i feel as though the culture of the sport itself -- this is not an nfl problem, this is, you know, when i was 5 years old, i was taught to go outside and play pickup football and the toughest guy wins. football is a game of bullying and the biggest, baddest bully wins the one-on-one matchup. and if you have more big, bad bullies winning those matchups on a play, you win that play. you win enough plays, you win the game. this isn't going to go away, regardless of the outcome of this meeting.
8:33 am
>> we'll continue to watch and see what facts do come up but i want to say thanks to both of you. football legend joe namath and former nfl fullback jon ritchie. gentlemen, thanks for being here. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you, thomas. coming up next, has the obama presidency hit rock bottom or does he still have time to salvage his second-term agenda after admitting he fumbled the ball on obama care. our agenda panel will weigh in on that and the latest republican sabotage effort as we await that vote on the upton bill on capitol hill. plus miss universe 2013 begins her reign by stirring up some controversy. she says transgender contestants should have their own beauty package ants and we'll talk to her about that right here live on msnbc. [ imitating engine revving ] that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ come on, kyle. ♪
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if you like your current coverage, you should be able to keep it. the president should heed his
8:37 am
own advice and work with us, the congress. >> this bill is not a bill to let people keep their health insurance plans. the president took care of that issue yesterday. this bill is another vote to repeal the affordable care act. >> so right now members of congress are debating the keep your health care plan. the act is right now on the floor. the white house has said that the president would veto this bill introduced by republican congressman from michigan, fred upton. democrats get their chance to debate an alternative plan at 12:15. i want to bring in today's agenda panel, maria teresa kumar, igor volsky and bill scher. happy friday, gang. good to have you here. igor, i start with you because you put up a comparison of all those "you can keep it" bills and this is confusing for the american people.
8:38 am
the "new york post's" front page calling this a disaster. aren't they undermining the entirety of the aca? >> well, i think it's difficult to argue on one hand, has democrats do, that you want people to move into more comprehensive policies that will be there for them if they get sick and then on the other hand to be offering these proposals that keep people in subprime policies that they have argued all along, democrats have, don't work. so they're trying to fix a problem that can't really be fixed. if the goal of the entire law is to move people towards comprehensive policy, and that's why they're running into these problems. it's a political issue that they're trying to solve, but the policy here really isn't very good. >> so then this morning we have former vermont governor howard dean telling "morning joe" about a plan that would help fix the situation, his idea anyway. take a look.
8:39 am
>> there's no reason you can't have 10,000 people in a call center answering phone calls and an 800 line and writing down if i were the president right now, i would get the insurance companies to come in with the names of every single person whose policy they cancelled and i would call them up. not the president, individually have them called and say, okay, here's what your options would be. >> m.t., how realistic is that? we'll get everybody up on ma bell and ring everybody? >> i think it's obviously incredibly cumbersome. let's not go down this road. i think we should talk to people in a straight fashion and say, look, you may be having trouble going to the exchange and finding out what your premium is today but if you download a form and do it the old-fashioned way, you'll get your quotes. but let's not forget that the reason we needed health care insurance was because the number one reason people filed for bankruptcy was related to health issues and the fact they couldn't pay their bills.
8:40 am
so it's not like not having health insurance and removing the affordable care act fixes the problem. no, it's going to be slow and cumbersome. i think had the president said that from the very beginning, the american people would have embraced themselves for these challenges. >> this is an amendment to the social contract that we have with one another. it's not going to happen overnight to see this come to fruition. bill, you have a different take on this fix because you say it's more of a solution to a nonproblem and it might not be such a bad thing. explain that. >> well, to what igor was saying before, the law is designed to get to -- to entice people out of junk plans into comprehensive plans. what obama said yesterday does not force people or force insurers to stay in the substandard plans, it gives a little bit of flexibility to expand the grandfather clause. but the insurers don't have to renew those plans. the state regulators don't have to allow insurers to do that. a lot of insurers are saying we may not want to dig up these old
8:41 am
plans that we were about to bury because it screws up our priegz models. some may choose and some may not. that doesn't take into account that the consumers would have to agree to keep those plans once they see all their alternatives and subsidies which they haven't had a chance to do yet. so this may not change all that much on the ground and the fundamental law won't be undermined. >> eigor, let me ask you the comparisons that are being made, is it a false equivalency to say this is the president's monica moment or katrina moment? >> i think it really is. with the law, it's going to be providing millions of people with health care. it's actually going to be serving people of color who were disproportionately impacted by katrina. they're going to be disproportionately helped pie t by the law. but i also think republicans have said that this, that, the other thing is his katrina or iraq moment about eight or nine
8:42 am
times by now so this doesn't surprise me. meanwhile, we continue to watch what's going on over the debate on the upton bill. we'll watch that and see where it goes. our agenda panel, maria teresa kumar, bill scher, igor volsky, thanks to all of you. you can join our agenda setters. the website being real quickly a market alert we want to pass along. we're watching the douw jones industrial which is closing in on 16,000. investors cheered by the notion of continued stimulus. the dow right now up by 42 at 15,918. the dow, the s&p poised for six weeks of gains after today's closing. back after this. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
fatally shooting 19-year-old renisha mcbride. she wekt to the man's house looking for help after a car crash. during the prosecutor's announcement, kim worthy addressed the issue of self defense. take a listen. >> we obviously do not feel that the evidence in this case feels that the defendant acted in lawful self defense. >> so the homeowner now being identified as 54-year-old theodore p. wafer. he's expected to turn himself in sometime today. we've reached out to his attorney. the attorney for the mcbride family joins me by phone. gerald, what's the family's reaction to the prosecutor's announcement? i know they were trying to demonstrate patience. >> well, their patience paid off because the prosecutor did a thorough and complete investigation and she has instituted the appropriate charges against this killer. >> when we talk about the specifics of the case now and toxicology reports have come
8:47 am
forward about ms. mcbride's state after this car accident, saying that she was over the legal limit by double the amount, how do you think that that lends itself to the self defense argument of the 54-year-old man who's now charged in her death? >> i don't think it will play any part whatsoever. he was in his house, the door was locked. he had his shotgun in his house. he had his telephone. all he had to do was call 911. if she was intoxicated, and apparently she was, maybe she was boisterous, maybe she was noisy. that gives nobody any justification to blow off her head. the prosecutor stated that there was no justification and that specifically there were absolutely no signs of breaking and entering of his home. so she was outside making noise. we don't shoot drunks who are making noise. we don't shoot people who are intoxicated making noise. and i think that this is a good
8:48 am
message to the community and to the world, that you can't hide behind stand your ground laws when there's no just fictiifica no real justification. he was in his house and in lieu of calling 911, he got his shotgun, he opened up his door, took the safety off the shotgun and blew off her head because she was boisterous and making noise. >> again, we will know more as this case moves forward. he has yet to turn himself in. it's expected that that will happen today. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. my colleague, tamron hall, will speak with renisha mcbride's parents coming up at 2:00 p.m.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
so miss universe 2013 is -- venezue venezuela. >> thank you, moscow. >> congratulations to you. >> i sound so excited, don't i?
8:52 am
we're finally reunited. that was the moment on saturday i announced miss venezuela is the new miss universe 2013. the 25-year-old beat out contestants from 85 other countries to take home this coveted crime. gabriella traveled here. she was in moscow where miss universe was held. we've been reunited. it's so great to see you. you did not hear me properly. >> yes. >> you were stunned. spain who was standing next to you, who was also your roommate. >> my roommate. >> she was the one that said, it's you, it's you. >> no, she didn't hear. she was asking me in spanish, what happened? she was so excited. we had the same energy, same emotions. >> so now it's almost a week later, has it sunk in this crown, this title is yours and you've won?
8:53 am
i know it's been a whirlwind? >> it's my thursday in new york city, i'm still in moscow, new york time. i can relax now after two days of media tours that i'm miss universe. it's not easy word. some people ask difficult questions. i realize today i'm miss universe. >> lets talk about difficult questions. i think you got one yesterday when it came up at the "huffington post" when they asked you should transgender women be allowed to compete. >> yes. >> you don't think they should be allowed to compete. >> i don't say that. >> no? >> i say i believe in -- i believe as a human being you have a right to make judgments come true. i know the person to make a decision or judge. i'd be happy miss universe, as olympic games, this decision, not mine. >> you're okay to have them
8:54 am
compete in pageants like miss universe. >> i believe you can follow your dreams. i believe you can make true your dreams. i agree miss universe pageant is allowed. >> as miss universe, you're going to continue traveling around the country and around the world for that matter. we have some images of you from moscow that show you and your work with sick children. he know that's one of the staples of what miss universe does, as well as hiv/aids awareness. you'll be visiting with children around the world where just a smile makes a difference of a day. >> what does it mean to you to be able to now utilize the spirit that you have and what you bring to miss universe to make a difference in people's lives? >> i think the best opportunity to become miss universe is you have opportunity to give
8:55 am
happiness to people. they give me this title of miss universe to show a smile to the people, can help the kids that are sick and also be part of the aids and hiv awareness program. i feel oh, my god, blessed to have this opportunity. i would like to work in a lot of organizations after the organizations. why not? i would like to. >> personally, you have a boyfriend back in venezuela. >> yes. >> you've been together two and a half years. >> yes. >> we want nothing but the best for you. i know there's a lot of work ahead of you. good luck, gabriella. great to see you again. >> sorry about my english, i'm just practicing -- i try to improve my english. >> i think it's really good. gabriella, great to see you. that's going to wrap up the show for me. thanks for your time. see you back at 11:00 eastern. "now" with alex wagner coming up for the next hour. hey, alex. >> hi, thomas, happy friday. >> you, too.
8:56 am
>> the house is set to vote on another bill to undermine obama care as the white house tries to calm frustrated americans and reassure insurance companies. fixes and fumbles, we will discuss that next. police texas congressman joaquin castro discusses good news. a new report about possible u.s. war crimes in afghanistan and america's forgotten war. all that when "now" starts right after this. now i'm a manager. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. hey, i notice your car yeah. it's in the shop.
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patches, fixes, fumbles and recovers. it is friday november 15th and this is "now." if you like it, you can keep it for now, even if you don't actually like it. yesterday in an attempt to staunch the bleeding from the
9:00 am
disastrous health care rollout, president obama announced a fix that would allow people to continue their plans under the health care rollout for a year. if it was a policy solution to a political problem, it was also a mea culpa. >> there is no doubt people are frustrated. i would be, too. i was not informed correctly that the website would not be working the way it was supposed to. had i been informed, i wouldn't be going out saying this is great. we did fumble the ball on it. what i'm going to make sure we do is get it fixed. >> unfortunately the president is looking to recover the fumble. because if you like it, you still might not be able to keep it. it's even hard for me to get out. although the new proposal laos insurers to keep people on existing and substandard plans, it does not necessarily mean insurers or individual states will agree to it. president obama is meeting today with insurance ceos to discuss