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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 20, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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of the conservative media outlets that ran head first to the story that did not exist. not all are apologizing yet. and why would they? the stuff has been working for them for years. amazing. . good wednesday morning. right now on "first look," breaking news. a lear jet plunges in to the atlantic moments after takeoff. two people are confirmed ted while the search is on for those other two. a new deal in the works could keep u.s. troops in afghanistan longer than promised. a new disturbing new trend called the knock skrout game is putting unsuspecting victims in serious danger. plus a rocket speeds to space. a harrowing rescue for two hikers. and george w. bush explains why he stopped by jay leno last night. >> i mean, you're about to head
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out to pasture. just wanted to see what you look like before you got to the gate. >> very kind of you. good morning, everyone. i'm betty nguyen. we have breaking news overnight. a lear jet crashes off the coast of florida killing at least two people. four people were on board, including two pilots. two bodies have been recovered. the coast guard found the wreckage 45 minutes after the initial report. officials say a preliminary indication is that it was a medical flight. >> obviously this is an active and ongoing search and rescue. and we'd like to extend our thoughts and prayers and condolences to the families of those lost. the men and women from all the responding agencies are doing their best to try to find any survivors in the water. >> the skrjet took off from ft. lauderdale on its way to
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cozumel. one lawmaker will on the other side of the law. congressman trey ratel will be a raped on charges he possessed cocaine. "usa today" reports the florida republican bought the cocaine from a dealer who had been previously caught. the d.a. then set up a sting. in a statement he apologized to his family and added his battle with alcoholism led him to what he called a, quote, extremely irresponsible choice. he faces 180 days in prison and $1,000 fine. we move on to a bizarre and tragic story out of virginia. a prominent state lawmaker is in fair condition after a brutal attack. police believe his 24-year-old son did it. officers were called tuesday to the home of state senator deeds. he had been stabbed numerous times and his son gus was found dead of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. gus was a constant figure on the campaign trail in 2009 during his dad's run for governor.
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police say right now it all points to an attempted murder-suicide. a health official told the richmond times dispatch that gus had been admitted to a local hospital for a mental evaluation on monday and was later released. 48,000 troops are still in afghanistan with the u.s. combat mission ending in 2014. but a new deal between the u.s. and afghan governments could keep troops on the ground for years to come. nbc news chief for correspondent richard enfwel hgel has the det. >> reporter: nbc news obtain this had draft still up signnsi but it describes a sweeping long term relationship with the united states maintaining outposts in this country perhaps until 2024 and maybe beyond that. u.s. troops training and advising afghan forces and hunting al qaeda.
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movement off base would be severely restricted. afghan officials want 10,000 to 15,000 troops to stay for a decade at least. u.s. officials talk of 7,000 to 8,000. >> they're nervous about taking their first few steps without us. >> reporter: most afghan troops don't want americans to leave. >> we need strong support from international community, especially from u.s.. >> reporter: but why not just leave? the afghan government would likely collapse. afghanistan could again become a haven for terrorists. but after so many years would a force of 7,000 make a difference. iraq stands as a warning. there was no agreement there when the u.s. left. and the civil war has come back with a vengeance. afghans are gathering here in kabul this week to vote on the deal. if it passes, it will then be up to the united states to do it or not. richard engel, nbc news, kabul.
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>> george zimmerman has been released after a jail after charges related to a domestic dispute. the judge set zimmerman's bond at $9,000. he also imposed other restrictions including requiring zimmerman to wear a monitoring device. the former florida neighborhood watchman was arrested monday after a 911 call to his girlfriend's home. he faces domestic violence charges of aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief. his girlfriend told deputies zimmerman pointed a begun at gu and prosecutors said she feared for her life and zimmerman had mentioned suicide. >> i didn't see anything and i don't believe mr. downey saw anything that caused us any 3450ed conce immediate ker need concerns. in speaking with mr. zimmerman, he's clear and coherent.
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he understand what's going on. >> while on bond, zimmerman cannot have any contact with his girlfriend, travel outside of florida or possess any weapons or ammunition. he'll be back in court on july 7th. in july, he was acquitted of shooting death of trayvon martin and was officially served divorce papers while in jail on tuesday. now a new trend known as the knock outgame. it involves a single brutal and random punch on an unsuspecting sfra stranger. the aim is to knock someone out like in this video. several other videos show similar incidents. the game is believed to be the motive of attacks in chicago, pittsburgh, st. louis and new york city. at least one was deadly. in sports, olympic skier lindsey vonn recovering from knee surgery.
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she had to be helped off the practice slope in colorado tuesday. the u.s. ski team said it won't report more details until after a medical evaluation. vonn injured her right knee in february at the world championships. she was expected to return for her first races on thanksgiving weekend. to the nba, mike scott hit a turn around jump shot, but miami bounces back in the second half. ray allen costs up big with a three-pointer as the heat pull out a win, 104-88. the lakers kobe bryant practiced on tuesday and said it is possible he could return to the team late this month. his recovery is from an achilles injury last april. in college basketball, number two kansas got a scare as eye owe in a had the lead in the early going. butkansas turned it on and won
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in that. the check this out. which rodriguez tried to blast a pain of glass but the shot bounces back causing rodriguez a whole lot of pain. right bat at you. the crowd advised him just walk it off. and a new foot locker commercial suggests that their new shoes can right all the world wrongs for well-known sports figures. >> i'm sorry, evander. >> so round trip to north korea? >> one way. >> one way? >> you think mike really kept
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the ear? i don't know about that. good to see those two hugging it out. also we'll keep you posted on rod man's one way trip to north korea. bill karins is in. that's one of the best i've seen in a while. >> it was cute. the big names to play along. >> that's true, they got them all involved. >> do you have your winter gear ready? >> my winter gear? i need to pull it out of the closet. >> i don't mind gettinged cold, but i don't like spending the day indoors. >> you may not want to be outside the next few days. >> people still recovering from the devastating tornadoes. light rain heading that way over northern minnesota. so that's one of the stories out there. we also have a cool morning in areas of new england and that cold blast in montana is no joke. that is just the beginning of a very cold outbreak across the country. and it's chilly in the northeast this morning. windchill of 19 in hartford. really nothing compared to
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what's coming down from can that tod cana canada. that cold air will spread across the country. today it is just moving in to monta montana. minneapolis the high on saturday with sunshine 17. >> oh, my goodness. >> at night, it will get down to like 5. >> just stop right there. i don't want to hear anymore. >> it's like january. straight ahead, how is it poll that rob ford's reality show was canceled? and k-mart takes the jingle in your holiday to a whole new level. need a spoon, dear?
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toronto mayor's tv show has been canceled after just one episode. ford nation is relegated for one
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hit wonder status. nasa and the u.s. air force launched a rocket into orbit tuesday carrying 29 satellites. one was actually designed and built by high school students. in russia, two babies that were switched at birth were finally reunited with their parents after 102 days. the mothers had to actually pay for their own dna tests after the hospital denied any wrongdoing. pastor frank schaffer, you'll recall he was convicted of breaking a law for officiating his son's same sex marriage. he was given a 30 day suspension and in a statement he said it's a matter of conscience. i simply come notgod 's childre. and who hikers were rescued after realizing they weren't dressed warm enough for the freezing temperatures. they were air lifted to safety
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giving one of them a heck of a ride. now a look at all things money for you this morning. a water slide promises to be the world's tallest and fastest. the mega blaster as it's called will stand over 130 feet in the air and will propel riders at speeds surpassing 65 miles per hour. it debut in may, but owners say their greatest challenge will be finding thrill seekers thrill enough to ride it. i'll pass on that. k sma k-mart is taking a new approach. take a listen. ♪ and that's how you shake it. diane disney miller passed away
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tuesday it will not hear arguments on texas's new strict anti-abortion law. as we mentioned earlier, congressman trey radel will be in court on charges of cocaine possession. he was arrested back on october 29th. a date nancy pelosi finds very ironic. >> it's really interesting right soon on the heels that date on the heels of the republicans vote to go make sure that everybody who had access to food stamps was drug tested. just like -- what? if you get food stamps you have to be drug tested? so i hope that it will humanize shall we say their thinking. >> on, reid weighs nuclear option on nominations. harry reid is considering changing senate rules to he said filibusters on presidential nominations by requiring a simple majority vote. yesterday both barbara boxer and dianne feinstein joined a
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growing number in support of the option. and an update on a story we first told you about yesterday. the event catch an illegal immigrant proposed at the university of texas at austin, this morning the u.t. chapter of the young conservatives has canceled the event. the chair says they were concerned about violating the school's honor code. former president george w. bush paid a visit to the "tonight show" last night and he presented jay with a painted portrait of the talk show host. and remember the scare earlier this year with mr. bush's blocked artery? >> when the president had that heart scare, how scary was that? >> it was scary. it was very scary. >> i wasn't that scared. >> you had obama care some? >> bake sales, better beware. there is a food fight brewing in minnesota.some? >> bake sales, better beware. there is a food fight brewing in minnesota.ome? >> bake sales, better beware. there is a food fight brewing in
2:21 am >> bake sales, better beware. there is a food fight brewing in minnesota.e? >> bake sales, better beware. there is a food fight brewing in minnesota.? >> bake sales, better beware. there is a food fight brewing in minnesota. without a license, state law proceed hints cooks from selling more than $5,000 worth of products a year. local chefs and even moms and dads say that impacts bake sales and other food drives. we also want for say congratulations to former congressman patrick kennedy and his wife, amy. the couple announced the birth of their new healthy baby girl, 4 pounds 11 ounces. mom, dad and baby are all doing just fine. and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining me now from washington for our first look at politics is "washington post" reporter ed o'keefe. good morning, ed. >> more thaning. >> trey radel is charged with possession of cocaine. didn't he recently co-spoken or a bill to reform mandatory minimum sentencing for drug owe fences? >> he did. this is a freshman congressman perhaps best noip franklyowefen? >> he did. this is a freshman congressman perhaps best noip frankly as
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being on tv. just elected last november. got a lot of credit from house republican leadership for being active on social media. for being seen as a next generation republican lawmaker who was willing to talk about his lover of hip hop music, the fact that he used facebook and twitter and vine quite frequently to sort of connect with his constituents and try to demonstrate there is nothing to be worried about in using these types of media. when it comes to his legislative record, yes, he supported that bill. he's been on a few committees. but otherwise hasn't really distinguished himself when it comes to legislation. but that's not uncommon among new lawmakers. >> sounds like he's seen as the future for the party. will his political career survive this? because you reported that he was actually casting votes in the house on the day of his arrest and the day after his arrest. >> yeah, i think the bigger issue is it appears he was involved in some kind of a stipg operation where the d.a. and fbi had already talked to the cocaine dealer that sold him the
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drugs allegedly, he'll be in court later today to answer to the charges. depending on what we learn in the next few day, we'll see. a statement he issued yesterday afternoon suggests he's staying in office and will seek treatment. he admitted he's an alcoholic and that he's going to be seeking -- apologized for his extremely irresponsible choice. and we'll see what the voters in florida say. >> we'll be watching. thanks so much, ed. appreciate your insight. >> that care. "first buzz" is up next. we're talking about the sexiest man alive. and the spoofs keep rolling in for jean claude van damme's epic split. i always wanted to design a bike that honored those who serve our country. and geico gave me that opportunity. now naturally, we wanted it to be powerful, innovative and we built this bike as a tribute to those who are serving, those who have served and their families. and i think we nailed it.
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welcome back. we're talking about our first buzz today. >> we were just talking about the sexiest man alive actually. i'm right in the middle of the conversation. >> drum roll, please. >> bill has been waiting for this. ladies and gentlemen, adam levine voted sexiest man alive by "people" magazine. what do you think, yea or nay? >> he's a cute guy. i think last year's winner tatum channing is more my speed. >> but you don't want to be called cute. you want to take him home and put him in your doll house. >> he has a rocker vibe to him. >> and he says he stays sexy by practicing yoga every day. >> so who else do you recommend? >> what's the guy from fast and the furious? paul walker. for some reason, he's always been on my list. >> he is very hot. >> see? >> we just opened up your life. >> paul, if you're watching -- hey, speaking of sexy guys.
2:28 am
we talked about channing tatum. he won last year's sexiest man alive. he's also actually doing an epic split, if you will. it's a spoof on jean claude van damme's split. take a look at this. >> i've had my ups and downs. being an undercover cop is what made me who i am today. aah! [ bleep ]. >> i kind of thought he would have some moves. >> he's still sexy. >> although he can't to the splits. wasn't van damme at shall point one of the says yefof theies si?
2:29 am
>> who is on your list by the way? >> i've always had my derek jeter crush since i was like 18. so that continues. >> now we know. all right. thanks for watching. this is "first look". "way too early" starts right now. one of the many funny things about these interviews he's been doing, he likes to shift the focus on to his weight as if that's his main problem. and he has very consistent way of doing that. >> i am training every day, i'm in the gym for two hours every day. i'm dealing with a trainer every day while working out. >> if you're across from me five months from now, what will i be looking at? >> at least 30 pounds lighter. i'm training every day. if you don't see a difference in the next four or five months, then i have to eat my words. if you don't see a few pounds lighter, a couple inches bigger in my chest, i'll eat my words.
2:30 am
i'll be working out. if i'm not down 30, 40 pounds in the next six month, then i can eat his words. >> he will eat his words and many, many other things. >> eating his words. after one episode, the rob ford reality experiment is off the air. fortunately for us, his story far from over. technology as you might imagine impacts everything we do. how about and i remember pilots. are they so dependent on equipment that they can't do any old school flying? details on a new study and what it says about safety in the skies. sg and a classic tune finally gets a video. this is "way too early". brian shactman here, wednesday, november 20. we have a lot of


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