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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 23, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PST

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deal or no deal? talks with iran on its nuclear program under way right now. why some are calling it a darkous gamble today. i'll talk with nbc's andrea mitchell >> evacuations of two terminals before finding out exactly what was going on. dallas, 50 years later. a city skill scarred by the the murder of a president and why tourists are drawn to one specific spot there. >> findings about nuts and coffee that might make you think twice about what you eat and drink.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt". here's what's happening out there right now. developing news as secretary of state john kerry is in geneva. mr. kerry arrived this morning. the latest round of talks began wednesday. so far there has been no deal. the state department said that kerry's visit should not be taken as a sign that any deal with the iranians is imminent. we will hear from andrea mitchell in just a few minutes. a big system that brought rain and snow to the midwest is heading east. in california, los angeles, and san diego, saw flash flooding. slick roads in las vegas accounted for 141 crashes over 24 hours. that's about five times more than normal. a vlad watch is in effect for the arizona desert. then freezing temperatures created quite the mess on the roads in texas.
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there in abilene, there were more than 50 crashes in an eight-hour period. in lubbock, 150 similar accidents. good morning, dylan. good morning purchase a mess in the southwest. heavy rain, snow and ice across parts of the desert southwest, eventually into texas too. temperatures down in the 20s and 30s. only 8 degrees in minneapolis. it is below zero across the extreme northern plains, north dakota. some of that cold air will move into the northeast as we head into tomorrow with high temperatures in the 30s. so we have the snow, ice across texas. new mexico, heavy rain falling in the desert southwest. actually record rainfall in that area. we have winter weather advisories, ice storm warnings. and even including oklahoma as well where we will perhaps see several inches of snowfall as we
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go especially into tonight and early tomorrow morning. near abilene, texas, that's where the pink is showing up. we have ice approaching oklahoma city. al what kirky is seeing snow. phoenix and tucson, that's where we have heavier rainfall, along with snow in the higher elevation. we will see things a little bit messy in the southwest. very cold in minneapolis. a high temperature of 15 degrees today. mid to upper 40s in the northeast. scattered showers around the gulf coast states. look at the cold air moving into chicago. 25 degrees. 32 for a high in new york. boston should top out 31 days. it will stay cold into the upcoming holiday. the storm system back through texas could make for a messy travel day on wednesday. biggest threat right now will be winds and perhaps some rain. >> thank you, dylan. to politics. new this morning, president obama is kicking off a renewed
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economic push by highlights the gains the country has seen since taking office. he's also calling out his opponents. >> imagine how much farther along we could be if both parties were working together. think about what we could do if a reckless feud didn't hold the economy hostage every few months. >> meantime, the white house is giving americans more time to sign up for health insurance, following problems with the obama care website. consumers will have an extra eight days to sign up for coverage january 1st. joining me now, defense reporter juana summers and ed o'keefe. your latest article is focusing on all the fallout. now that the senate is filibuster proof, if you will, what kind of doors does this open for the obama
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administration. >> sure. conceivably senate democrats could push through a bunch of nominees much more quickly than they would have otherwise. in speaking with democratic aid don't, they said we still have to follow the rules. still always the possibility that reference will filibuster a nominee. now it only takes 51 votes. expect to see confirmations in the next few weeks for jake johnson. three judicial nominees that caused the senate to make the rules. and congressman from north carolina who had been rejected earlier this fall because of the old filibuster rule. beyond that, not entire clearly exactly what might happen. the white house, its allies trying to sort out what if anything they could potentially do to get peel into new positions more likely. >> checking out your website,
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the really do-nothing congress. this congress is so track to be the least productive in history. it has passed only 49 laws so far, the fewest since 1947. so what wind of impact might it change? >> the impact i'm hearing from lawmakers will be devastating. lawmakers said this rule change would have a chilling effect over the entire congress. it would be difficult to ledge slate in the near future. what's adding on making it even more complicated is there are just a few days left this season. lawmakers have gone to washington for a two-week recess. senators return december 9th. that gives them just four days for the house and senate are in session at the same time. so not a lot of room left certainly to change that do-nothing label that my colleague gave it. >> this do-nothing congress, weigh in on that. also with this four-day window. >> at this point it is looking
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like a short-term budget deal that might kick things into the spring that would give republicans in the house a chance to work out a bigger budget deal. how many times have we said we're on the verge of a long-term deal only to get a shorter one. a defense bill dealing with policy. they did not get that done. they have to work out a farm bill. they might have to extend that into the new year yet again. of course the budget deal. so we'll see. the senate, what they will do when they get back, probably finish off confirmations, go back to the defense bill. over in the house, they're waiting for that bill to get finished so they can help send it to the president. and the budget deal and the farm bill. >> ed, he's launching a new economic push. he's heading out to philadelphia, glendale, dreamworks there. he's talking about getting vice president paoeuden out there,
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cabinet members. they're all heading out to highlight the economic gains. it seems like there are two economies. look at the green numbers. and look at the numbers, by the way. but the persistent unemployment. so how difficult a message is this going to be for the administration to deliver? >> yes, the unemployment rate stays where it is. people do see wall street is doing quite well. what the white house is trying to do is say, hey, yes, the the numbers aren't great but things are come back. part of the reason he's going to the west coast is he has a series of fund-raisers for house campaign committees. making good on promises he had given to them earlier in the year. yes, he is giving an economic speech at the dreamworks studio there in california, but that's only after a few fund-raisers in seattle and los angeles next sunday and monday. >> juana, another big talk this
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week was the afghanistan issue. is it a done deal that an american troop presence will remain in that country until 2024. >> it is absolutely not a done deal. car caye says he supports this tentative agreement. he said he wants successor to sign it. it is riling american officials who wanted a done to give america more certainty. defense secretary chuck hagel traveling overseas today said without some kind of a deal happening now, happening this year, he and military leaders are unable to plan for a troop presence post 2014. so certainly far away from being done there. defense secretary, other americans pushing the afghanistan body to finish up the deal this year rather than to wait for april. >> juana, do we know the numbers of troops to remain until 2024? has hamid karzai given a reason
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wyoming he says he supports this, yet he doesn't want to be the one to own it, if you will? >> he has. he talked about his distrust for americans between our nation and him. that was the reason he cited. it's not clear yet what number of troops will stay. senior defense officials leaked out numbers what that residual force has looked like. it's not finalized. although obviously a significantly smaller number than we have deployeded there right now. >> as always, good to see you both. thanks, guys. >> take care. chris matthews will be here to talk about the iran nuclear talks and the assassination of kennedy. a huge scare for passengers at l.a.x. last night. two terminals were evacuated. nearly 5,000 people caught up in the chaos that followed a series of mishaps inside and outside
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the airport. of course the same airport that the tsa agent was shot earlier this month in terminal 3. miguel, early good morning to you. can you break this down? what in the world happened? >> alex, it was a series of miscommunications and unfortunate incidence that led to all of this. there was a car accidents outside terminal 4 here, which is the terminal that we are inside. a car rammed into the terminal. there was a short explosion that sounded. that sent passengers inside this terminal running for the exits. police rushed in to see what was going on. during that exact same time period the dispatch center got reports of a man with a gun. police flew through the exits. thousands ran for the door. police moved through the terminal looking for a potential gunman. there was never a gunman. there was never a serious
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threat. but terminal 4 and 5 were locked down. as thousands of passengers exited, many confused. the scene somewhat chaotic. police able to lock down for a couple of hours and determined there was no gunman, no threat. dozens of flights were delayed. a couple rerouted around l.a.x. it was deja vu just three weeksing ago to the day that the police officer was shot here at l.a.x. police taking all kinds of he precaution as passengers themselves were a bit scared here. many jumping for the ground, trying to take cover, in fear there was a gunman on the loose. that was certainly not the case. >> was it a crank call? have cops traced that? do they know who it came from? >> they are still work to go determine who made that call. it was a hoax. there was never a gunman. the caller made that call and then hung up. they investigated it. they never found anybody who
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even looked suspicious inside the terminal. they are still investigating this morning, alex. >> miguel, this car accident, was it just an accident, a medical emergency? do we know? >> yeah. it was an older woman driving a vehicle. police say she had is a medical emergency when she hit the terminal here. there was a fairly big collision here. the front end completely destroyed. that's what caused the loud bang that sent so many passengers running for the exits. they say she had a medical condition and that she accidentally slammed into the terminal here. she was treated and released at a local hospital. >> okay. miguel almaguer, thanks. a few retailers not taking a bite out of your thanksgiving turkey. a new proposal about social security. is the program in crisis as one leaders suggests? and if so, can it be fixed. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you.
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to geneva where months protects of a historic nuclear deal with iran may be arriving. john kerry arriving earlier this morning. he is working with six world powers to scale back key parts of tehran's nuclear program. joining me now is aly who is in geneva. good day. does secretary kerry's arrival mean a deal is imminent, or is there still a lot to do here? >> well, alex, that's the $64,000 question. he can the fact that he has come here shows they're very close. i don't think he would risk coming here and not to get to sign something on a piece of paper. they say the politician has to have the ability to foretell what happens next month, next year and have the ability to say why it didn't happen. i don't think they want to get into that position this time.
4:18 am
that's why they haven't been telling us a lot of information here. they have been tight lipped about the details of what's going on in the conversations. both sides keep telling us they have considerably narrowed the gap but differences still remain. what those differences are. we can speculate it has to do with the heavy water refinery and some of the wording of these documents. i think iran wants the western sides to recognize their right to enrich. and that's become a slight sticking point. as you said, the point is secretary kerry and other foreign ministers are here shows a deal could be close and could spill into tomorrow. >> you and i were talking. we were talking about it being imminent. we have to keep open the possibility of that happening again. is the u.s. keeping israel informed on the talks and do they still object to any deal? >> i'm pretty sure they're
4:19 am
keeping them informed. part of the u.s. delegation went straight here to tel aviv. they are a close ally. they're concerned what they think about this. it's clear the israelis are very unhappy with any sort of deal here. they are adamant that the sanctions should be increased to put iran under more pressure. they think the sanctions are taken away more business will flow into iran. they will have more currency to spend. they will be able to take the nuclear program forward covertly. they are very worried. as are the saudis. they are talking off the same page here, which is very, very unusual. so, yes, they are very concerned. but we certainly get the feeling here that the americans and other western powers really, really want to push a deal through. and i think this is the best chance they have had with this iranian team.
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if they don't push here, this may all fall apart. >> okay. thanks, ali. one more reason to reach for the cup of coffee this morning. could it be the key to living longer? orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move.
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1 hour express whitestrips. removes years of stains in just 1 hour. whitening without the wait. now get the best 3d white deal of the year at selected retailers. bucking the trend, pay back perk and girl power. regina lewis, with a good morning, let's start with bucking the trend. what is that all about? >> well, 33 million americans expected to shop on thanksgiving, down from 35 million last year. to put it in perspective, the day after black friday, three times as many people will shop. but there are, as you know, stores that are saying we want our employees to spend time with their families. we have a list of stores that will be closed. they're making a point of this on thanksgiving day. starting by the home depot. it is not their peak season. t.j. maxx, costco, dillard's.
4:24 am
nordstrom the most hard-core of all. they have not been open on thanksgiving since 1901. they say we like to take it one holiday at a time. they don't even put up christmas decorations until black friday. >> i kind of like that. >> i know you're a fan of that strategy. the list of stars that are open includes big names like walmart, target, macy's, best buy. short hole tkaeup season. they don't think they can miss the traffic. >> i think it's a horrible idea. it should be a separate day. i think we should keep thanksgiving thanksgiving. spend time with your family. we're being crazy consumers. >> i think we're losing what our holidays are all about.
4:25 am
>> this has to be one of the best kept secrets. it's called price protection. odds are you've got it if you've got a major credit card. here's how it works. no one takes advantage of this. if you have the discover card by way of example and you purchase something for the holidays and that same item goes down in price over the next 90 days, you get up to $500 off. here you see the deadline. 60 days, $250 off. on december 26th, you see the post holiday clearance prices and take advantage of the strategy. annual minimums, up to $2,500 with discover and thousand dollar price points from some others. why not do that? >> yeah, that's great. what about this goldy blox.
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>> a stanford engineer who was struck by the fact that she was one of the very few females in her mechanical engineering class and looked into it. only 11% of engineers worldwide are female. she said why is that? her own story so she didn't know what an engineer was until she was a senior in high school and someone said maybe you should give it a whirl. toys that are designed to help young girls with basic engineering concepts. really clever. >> that is extremely cool. goldy glox. thank you so much, regina lewis. see you again soon. in the next hour, i'm be joining steve for a special battle of the network stars edition of up against the clock. i'm going up against karen finney of disrupt.
4:27 am
8:45 eastern. so stay tuned for that >> bill maher has gift ideas for that special season. >> bill o'reilly's killing st. nick. he's always killing people. paula deen, the extremely white christmas. chris christie's 12 days of thanksgiving. he likes to eat. nsa. we see you when you're sleeping. oh, mayor rob ford. christmas is for sharing so give me some of your crack. barack obama. if you like your present you can pick your present.
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hour. u.s. military scaled back its relief operations in the philippines after the typhoon has killed 250 people. the cut back will make way for civilian relief agencies. a criminal investigation into the supermarket collapse that killed 51 and injured 35 others. four students at san jose state have been suspended in a hate crime case. princeton university is confirming an eighth case of meningitis. doctors are trying to determine if it's the same type of meningitis that sickened seven other students and a visitor. the zumba instructor is expected to be released from jail today. alexis wright served six months of a 10-month prison term. she taped many of their clients without their knowledge. those are your fast five headlines. we are exactly one week out from the obama administration's
4:32 am
november 30th deadline for the website. has enough progress been made? my friend, what do we know about this. how is it looking? >> good morning, alex. just about a week to go until the self-imposed deadline by the white house we come to it. there's a lot of questions about whether or not the white house will be able to make that deadline. >> with just one week to go the countdown is on for for the obama administration. as it down plays its end of november mark. >> again, breaking news assertion that the web site did not function effectively in october i think we have taken on and fully acknowledged and conceded. >> with this being the president's signature piece of domestic legislation, in recent weeks mr. obama has talked about
4:33 am
becoming coder in chief. >> i wanted to go in and fix it myself but i don't write code. >> as for other key dates, health officials now say those wanting coverage come january 1st will have an extra week to enroll. the deadline to sign up for obama care now december 23rd. nancy pelosi welcomed the news saying this extension provides extra time and extra confidence to americans looking to enroll in quality affordable coverage for themselves and their families. and while enrollment is getting easier in many states due to recent improvements, tech experts say for the website to get a clean bill of health in the long term, there's still much more work to be done. >> as of last week the site has gone down twice. but i think of course there's a lot of progress being made. will the site be 100% by the 30th of november? i doubt that. but i think it remains to be seen. >> so, al ebb, there's a lot of improvement on some of those state-run web sites we have seen
4:34 am
and an uptick in enrollment. however, they are stillwell below projections that were originally set. this latest move to extend the deadline to enroll by a week, if you want to get coverage january 1st of 2014 shows you just how flawed this entire rollout has been. they need extra time. they say it is endemic of systematic failure of not only the website but the law. as you saw there in the spot, the a lot of experts are skeptical of that. but they are chugging along and trying to make that date. we'll see. many, many eyes and the country watching this closely, alex. >> they are. they're hoping for 50,000 people to go on at one time and successfully maneuver. tall order. we're going to hope. 50 years ago today, this nation mourned in the early
4:35 am
hours. in that room at 9:00 a.m., a private mass was held for the kennedy family. at 1:30 p.m., president johnson held his first cabinet meeting. like that cam lot had ended and in rushed a tumultuous new era. chris matthews, host of msnbc hard work. and the author of jack kennedy, elusive hero. >> i'm curious what the collective mood of america was the the day after. >> well, you know, 50 years later, still hasn't come together for me. it's very hard to put together all the liveliness of that administration of that man's life and try to put that together with the fact that he is dead. it's just hard to do that. i see the pictures. i see him alive again and then realize he's dead. it's very hard for us to put it
4:36 am
together. there must have been something bigger that caused this to happen. it's such a big thing in our lives it doesn't seem to click. i find the whole thing -- the word, i guess, baffling that this could happen to a president and to this guy. it doesn't go away. i know 9/11 was a big deal and it was horrible. but this was very personal. and we had a president we picked. we debated over, fought over, watched, were intrigued by. even his critics were intrigued by him. and then all of a sudden he's not around anymore. it's just profound. i guess that's the right word for it, profound. i think that's why so many people write about him, because they keep trying to find the answer to who he was. >> i think your book was almost
4:37 am
q qaa that is rightic. everybody was mourning. the nation couldn't stop. what was that like? >> i think the idea they let us continue is a great statement by president johnson. he came in and did great work. kennedy practically to the day he was killed was working the phones, working with the boston philadelphia bill green, work to go get the liberal democrats in line so they wouldn't be pushing too far. he was pushing the good republicans from the midwest. i have to tell you, todd purnham has a book coming out. johnson -- kennedy worked those people. johnson worked those people. the republican party was still
4:38 am
sref very much the party of lincoln. democratic party was hampered. southern members were all dixie crites and segregationists. that's why kennedy was in texas that day, trying to hold on to the state he needed because he lost mississippi, alabama, louisiana. those kind of states were gone. in fact, in my book i talk about how he was in the car with with the governor heading to the airport in an open car. there's tape of that. and he's asking why is dallas so right wing and why is ft. worth so yellow dog democrat? it had to do with the shape of the industry. it was all factory. and dallas is all insurance, white collar jobs, people wanting to go to the next floor
4:39 am
up and vote republican. it was the shift in economics that did it. conley eventually joined that. look at these pictures. the thought that jack is kennedy in that car smiling and relaxing, automatic pilot, thinking he had everything under control. and jackie actually talked afterwards about the expression on his face when he knew he had been shot. that almost mazing look when he was trying to answer a complicated question. what's happening here? she spoke to teddy white about how his mother never loved him. tried to explain his behavior with women. there's so much in the paper besides the cam lot you mentioned. >> can i ask to drawback on your team when the ayatollah took power. and switching to kerry being over there and talking about iran. so that happened nearly 35 years ago. did you ever imagine it was going to take this long for us to start talking again, or do
4:40 am
you think it might take longer? >> it's not our fault recently. it's our fault back when we disrupted their democracy and put the shaw in power. we took away their democracy. we didn't like the government they elected so we brought in a throne. they have resented that every day since our cold war involvement in their country. i remember working as a speech writer and smelling the tear gas because they were tear gassing the demonstrators. i was so angry they were demonstrating our country. of course they grabbed our diplomats, showing complete disrespect for us. i don't think we have ever measured how much they hate us for what we did to them, humiliated them. now we're trying to come back together. i'm rooting for the success of these talks. because the alternative is open-ended. which we don't know what it
4:41 am
would mean if we were to strike. sure, we would do the job and put them back a couple years. that's for clear. one thing we have leader from afghanistan, iraq and elsewhere, it's easy to start. it's easy to win the first battle. >> right. >> as churchilled, there's two kind of successful, initial and ultimate. if we get into an open-ended battle with iran and hezbollah, hezbollah will become a world hero. he will be battling us everywhere in the world. we won't know when the next explosion is coming. you open a war with with iran, you can't stop it. that's why it is so important we make a real effort before any bombing raids by us to try at least to stop them from going to weaponization. something we can't win if we begin a bombing campaign. even the hawks i believe know if
4:42 am
we bomb iran they will build up the greatest national sentiment and say you think you can stop us from having a nuclear weapon, damn, we're going to have many of them. and it will be this fervor all the way to the more secular people that we have been rooting for. they will never change positively toward us if we attack them. that is human nature. anybody who thinks we're going to make friends with iran by attacking them is crazy. you don't make friends by attacking people. and i think we're going to lose the friends we could find over there. this is going to take another 20, 30 years to end this. when you go to vietnam today, as i have been there now, there's no animosity. americans are popular. so things thank you. a new call for changing social security. how will it help avoid a so-called retirement crisis? [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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a battle is erupting in the senate over social security reform. and this time it's not cuts. senator elizabeth warren gave a fiery speech on monday in which she joined liberal senate democrats calling forex panned social security benefits and a new way of measuring inflation. joining me now is former chief exist for biden and a senior fellow on budget and policy priorities. thanks for joining us, jared. always good to see you. >> you as well, alex. >> calling for the adoption of inflation index, cpie. how does that compare to the change cpi which opponents of hers support? >> viewers, load up your coffee. we're talking price index theory here. look, it's pretty simple. there are different ways of adjusting for price increases. every month we hear about the consumer price index, the cpi. another is the chain cpi. and that's a way of measuring
4:47 am
prices that most economists consider more accurate. and it grows a bit more slowly which means the adjustments to social security benefits would go up less year by year. it's really a benefit if you compare that to the current plan, benefits under the cpi. what senator warren was saying, and she's right about this, another measure specific to the elderly. if you think about the things older people buy, their consumption basket is more heavily weighted to medical costs. medical costs have been going up more quickly in their prices relative to everything else. so the cpie, the elderly index, that goes up a little more quickly. that would mean benefits, colas for an older person would be adjusted upwards. so benefits would go up more quickly. >> i got it now. good. another reform that some democrats have called for is
4:48 am
lifting the cap on income that is taxed for social security. 2013, only the first 113,000 and change is subject to tax. what is the impact of getting rid of that cap? >> that is what senator harkin is calling for. close a considerable portion of the solvency gap in social security. social security is solvent for the next 20 years or so. after that it would be able to pay most of its benefits. that's an important distinction. people think after 20 years they won't be able to pay all of its benefits. that's wrong. it would be able to pay out 75%. you would close a big chunk of the gap. now, there are a lot of variations to this. but i think the important piece here is that -- and senator harkin and warren both said
4:49 am
this. there are three legs to the retirement stool. pensions, savings, and social security. the most solid leg these days is the latter, social security. so strengthening it does make sense. >> okay. so it sounds like you agree with senator warren when she says there's a retirement crisis. what is the political likelihood with anything happening with this congress and white house to address it? >> well, first of all, let me say it's a crises that's slow moving. it's not going to show up tomorrow. but because pensions have changed over the the years from the kind of guaranteed benefit that you would get monthly after you retired to the variations pensions that depend on the stock markets bips and bops, that has made retirement unstable for a lot of people. and the savings piece is not as solid. that's why social security is so important. i do think strengthening social security is something that
4:50 am
democrats are quite clear on. the problem is that it's going to take some money somewhere. and the alternatives are benefit cuts, which clearly the senators are against. or tax
4:51 am
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4:53 am
. >> now, two new studies that may have cracked open some of the secrets to living longer. in a largest study of its kind, researchers from brigham and young and harvard medical school says eating nuts on a regular
4:54 am
basis creates heart longevity. it touts the beneficial effects of caffeine on the heart. so joining me now dermatologist dr. susan taylor. it's niece to see you again i am very curious about eating nuts, how do they live longer? >> good morning, alex. this study showed individuals who ate nuts a week had a lower death rate. a 20% lower death rate. they showed they had a lower risk of dying from respiratory diseases. they had a lower disc of dying from heart disease and an 11% risk of dying from cancer. we know nuts are full of good things like unsaturated fats, anti-oxidants, lots of vitamins. so we think it improves our health. >> that's great. are there certain types for the body that are better or nuts? >> so, it was a whole wide range of nuts.
4:55 am
they grow on trees. so they included cashews, mi pistachios and pine nuts. it was sponsored by the society of nut tree growers. >> that's a good point to make. i do want to ask you about a study out of japan, it's a small one. it says caffeine is good for cirque lakes and good for the heart. >> so what they did is they gave 27 healthy individuals a cup of coffee. only five ounces of caffeinated coffee. what they found is that there was increased blood flow through their blood vessels if their fingers. so the little tiny microvessels had increased in size and we think that's an indicator of improved function of the lining of our blood vessels. that's called the endothelial
4:56 am
lining and probably decreased inflamation from the caffeine in the coffee and what we can tie that to is a lower risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. now, as you point out, this was a very small study, but it's an encouraging study and there are other studies that show benefits of coffee. they also had these individuals do the same compact thing drinking non-decaffeinated coffee. there was not that 30% of increased blood flow in the vessels. >> i think it's important to foe, there is a point where it's too much, right? was that looked at in this study? >> not in this particular study. you are absolutely right. we know caffeine can increase blood pressure and it can also increase heart rate. so i think everything in moderation and remember in this particular study, they only consumed one cup of caffeinated coffee. >> all right. thank you. it's interesting. i like coffee, i like nuts.
4:57 am
it's all good right now. >> thank you. >> that wraps up this hour with "weekends with alex witt." joan me at 2:00 eastern time. "up" is next. yeah, i'm joining steve kornacki and the gang. we are so going at it in the special battle of the network stars edition of "up against the clock."
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. >> when the master of the senate became the president of the united states. at the start of this brisk saturday morning in november, we are seeing some friends in a new light. we we're going to show you a long, lost interview with linden johnson conducted in the last weeks. what was actually a miserable vice presidency for him. we will examine what happened when he became president 50 years ago this weekend. what is it that makes us


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