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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 26, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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starting in about 10 weeks they will be hosting the entire world for the winter olympic games. do you think the final green peace guy whose booze their stole will still be in jail? whose booze they stole will still be in jail the night the opening ceremonies start? "first look" is up next. good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," one day closer to thanksgiving and mother nature continues to bring high winds, rain and snow, causing travel troubles for millions. inside the mind of the sandy hook killer. new details are revealed. president obama combines a massive fund-raising west coast swing while also getting serious about immigration, even while he's being heckled. plus, this puppy saved after being trapped for a week. startling, new information surrounding contraception and a woman's weight. and a popular "family guy" character is killed off and fans are flabbergasted. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. we're going to begin with that deadly storm marching across the
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country, a triple threat bringing snow, rain and wind all the way from the deep south to new england. and the system is already causing complications for holiday plans for millions of americans. let's get right to nbc meteorologist bill karins for the very latest. bill, good morning. >> good morning. it's hard to say what's going to be the worst of this. it could be the damaging winds that are possible in southern new england, it could be snow back in areas from pittsburgh to cleveland to buffalo, or maybe just the heavy, torrential rain and delays at the airports later tonight and tomorrow. so, let's get to who has the worst of it now. we have an ice storm from asheville, north carolina, to roanoke. cold air is trapped here right in the foothills of the mountains, and that's who's seeing the worst of it as far as driving conditions. be careful on interstate 81 through virginia this morning. as the day goes on, the storm moves up the coast, heavy rain develops up the eastern seaboard throughout the day. snow will be getting worse in areas from ohio to west virginia, northwards. worst of the airports today will be atlanta, charlotte, raleigh, late today washington, d.c., and pittsburgh. then as we get into your
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wednesday travel trouble, the storm moves over the top of new england during the day, very windy conditions in the morning in boston and hartford and snow on the back side of this. i think the worst of the airports, as far as the big ones go, the new york citys, the dulles, philadelphia, boston, will be late tonight, early wednesday. it gets better through wednesday afternoon. >> that's a little bit of good news, but it's still probably going to create traffic -- >> just the volume alone and this on top of it. >> yeah what a headache. thanks, bill. we are less than 24 hours away from the busiest travel day of the year and 48 million of us are expected to take to the roads and air this week. sarah dallof is joining us from o'hare international airport. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mara. believe it or not, the number of people traveling this year is actually slightly down as compared to last year, but this nasty weather means airports and roads are going to be as crowded as ever. before the crush of holiday travelers has even left home, a wallop of winter weather is
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causing flight delays and cancellations, stranding passengers and making for dangerous driving conditions. and mother nature isn't done yet. >> and the weather just isn't going to clear out until we get into thursday, and unfortunately, that's after all the major travel is supposed to have already occurred. >> reporter: it will undoubtedly affect the millions of people traveling this holiday. >> headed to wisconsin. >> waterloo, iowa. >> reporter: to celebrate with loved ones. >> family is what it's all about. >> reporter: wednesday and sunday are predicted to be the two busiest travel days of the season, with l.a.x. and chicago o'hare among the nation's busiest airports. officials recommend arriving two hours early for domestic flights, three hours for international. >> do everything you can before you leave home. printing out your boarding pass or sending it to your mobile device. >> reporter: the nearly 39 million people who will be driving to their destinations are in for a pleasant surprise at the pump. gas prices are the cheapest they've been since thanksgiving of 2010. >> it wasn't too much to fill up this time, comparatively.
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makes the trip a little cheaper. >> reporter: a silver lining during a hectic and wintry holiday journey. and even if you're traveling to an area with good weather, it is so important to check and double-check your flight status. the bad weather could cause a ripple effect of delays and cancellations. mara, back to you. >> yeah, especially at those travel hubs. sarah dallof, thank you for that. today the supreme court will take up a fascinating case involving obama care and whether or not for-profit companies have religious freedom when it comes to providing contraceptives. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington with the latest. tracie, good morning. >> hey, mara. good morning, everyone. several cases with that issue have made their way up to the supreme court, and today, behind closed doors, the justices are going to decide whether they will hear some or all of those cases together. the issue here is the employer mandate, the fact that companies with 50 or more employees have to provide some sort of health insurance plan, and those plans must cover birth control.
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well, what if there's a religious objection by the owners of the company? do they have to provide that insurance? that is the issue. and the supreme court has to decide whether or not they're going to hear those cases. they also may hear the issue of whether individuals paying premiums who object to birth control have to pay for that insurance. now, if the court decides to take any of these cases, it could be spring before we hear them, june before we actually get a decision. mara? >> all right, we will continue following them. thank you so much, tracie. turning now to the tragic shooting in sandy hook elementary school almost one year ago. a new report reveals chilling details into the shooting at sandy hook and about the killer, adam lanza. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: the report indicates the massacre lasted about five minutes and includes photos of the shattered glass where 20-year-old adam lanza shot his way into the locked school building. there are also pictures of empty shell casings from the more than 150 shots fired and the weapons
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lanza used during the rampage, killing 20 students and 6 faculty members before turning a gun on himself. investigators say lanza acted alone and planned his actions, including the taking of his own life. there's no clear motive, according to the report, which goes on to discuss lanza's significant mental issues. he was diagnosed with identified emotional and/or pervasive developmental disorder, a high level of anxiety, asperger's characteristics and obsessive-compulsive disorder. investigators say lanza refused to take medicines and did not engage in suggested therapies. newly released photos shows his blacked-out bedroom, a safe in his house and the gun he used to kill his mother before leaving for sandy hook. there are also pictures of a home computer he apparently battered. police say there was significant damage to the hard drive that limited the amount of information available, but there is evidence he researched mass shootings, firearms and suicide and watched videos of children being killed. they also retrieved an image of
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lanza holding a gun to his head. the 48-page release is a summary of the full investigative report, which sources indicate is close to 10,000 pages. that full report will be released at some point. right now, investigators are poring over the documents, removing names and other sensitive information before it's made public. jay gray, nbc news, danbury, connecticut. >> the report also reveals lanza wrote a book in fifth grade. it included tales of children being killed and a son shooting his mother in the head. meanwhile, a state judge will listen to the 40 minutes of 911 calls from the massacre before ruling on whether to make them public. president obama's west coast tour is in full swing, but so, too, were the hecklers at his immigration speech on monday. president obama said he's willing to side with republicans on a piecemeal approach. the democratic-controlled senate passed a comprehensive bill earlier this year that would provide a pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants, but a heckler confronted president obama on
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the issue of deportation. >> you have the power to stop deportation -- >> actually, i don't, and that's why we're here. okay. >> stop deportation! >> if, in fact, i could solve all these problems without passing laws in congress, then i would do so, but we're also a nation of laws. that's part of our tradition. >> the president also included major political fund-raising for house and senate candidates. magic johnson and his wife, cookie, hosted one of the events that included stars like diane keaton and samuel l. jackson. billionaire media mogul haim saban and his wife hosted another. at one point, tickets cost as much as $32,000 each. the president also raised money along with house majority leader harry reid and house minority leader nancy pelosi, among other high-powered democrats. now the latest in sports with richard lui. good morning.
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>> good morning, mara. monday night football, redskins honoring members of the native americans. they used the language to create code that the japanese could not read in world war ii. in the game itself, two teams with two consecutive losses wanting a win. this robert griffin iii interception in the first quarter told the story. later, rg3 runs it, loses it, gets it back. a field goal is all they get after that one. second half, it was all 49ers, scoring two touchdowns. washington gets only 30 yards in all of the second half. where were they? the niners trampled, 27-6. rocker jon bon jovi's publicist said, hang on a second here, bon jovi may not want to buy the buffalo bills. the price tag forbes estimates could be some $870 million. problem here, mara, the rocker may be only worth $290 million. >> only. >> only. ten former nhl players have filed a class-action lawsuit against the league.
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they allege it knew the risks of head trauma and failed to inform and protect players. similar to the nfl's lawsuit, the nhl is saying "we are completely satisfied with the responsible manner in which the league and the players association have managed players' safety over time," going on to say, "we intend to defend the case vigorously and have no further comment at this time." it is good to be the highest paid in the land! kobe bryant, yep, wish i was his friend. kobe bryant just signed a two-year extension worth more than $48 million. >> that's a lot of money. >> it's a lot of cash. he hasn't played since april when he tore his achilles tendon. a lot of folks wondering when he'll be coming back. and it's rivalry week ahead of the usc/clemson game saturday. here is a 110-year-old tradition called tiger burn. south carolina fans burn a 30-foot-tall replica of clemson's mascot, and that, my friend, is a fire. your usc game will be one, too. >> i'm not going to say anything about sports because i'll screw it up. i thought usc was the other one
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in california, so i'll leave it alone. >> ucla all the way, my friend. >> i'll let you handle this, but stick around for this one, because you strike me as a guy who likes a good puppy story. >> love them. a puppy in dallas has a lot to be thankful for. he spent a week inside a drain behind an elementary school. he was finally rescued monday. >> oh, look at that guy. >> he was provided food and they tried unsuccessfully to rescue the pup for days. a crew from the city arrived and brought the little guy to safety. >> i heard the mom, a white lab, was pacing back and forth trying to let them know that, hey, my kid's down there. >> seriously? fascinating. animals do stuff like that. >> it's awesome. cute. well, some hot deals for ipad and tablet buyers. we've got the details. plus, the "family guy" shocker that has thousands of fans fuming all around the world.
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now to other stories making news this morning. an ohio grand jury has indicted four school employees in connection with the steubenville
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rape case, including the school's superintendent and assistant football coach, both facing obstruction charges. a jury convicted two teen boys earlier this year of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl at a party. president obama and secretary of state john kerry are defending those questioning the wisdom of an iran nuclear deal. for his part, mr. obama says the u.s. cannot close the door on diplomacy. secretary kerry says the hard part of accountability and transparency is just beginning. a new jersey family tells our affiliate wnbc that they did not write a hateful message to a gay waitress and former marine and did, in fact, leave her a generous tip. the waitress claimed that the customer wrote "i'm sorry, but i can't tip because i don't agree with your lifestyle." both copies have the same date and timestamp, but the totals are different. turning now to business, stocks continue to set records as the nasdaq approaches 4000. ipads and tablets are this
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year's it item for black friday deals. according to the black deals finder, this year's ultra low prices are the lowest ever seen for gadgets. stores like walmart and target are offering $100 gift cards with ipad purchases. best buy is selling the kindle fire for half price and the microsoft surface is selling for under $200 for the first time ever. and reuters is reporting that h&m, the world's second largest clothing retailer, will begin paying what's called a fair living wage to their 850,000 textile workers beginning in 2018. a major first for a female member of congress. that and much more as "scrambled politi politics." ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh.
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now time for your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." florida gop chair lenny curry is calling on congressman trey radel to resign, saying voters need someone 100% focused on the northeast of southwest florida. radel pleaded guilty to cocaine possession last week and took a leave of absence. he's now in rehab. democrat mark herring is declared virginia's next attorney general. it marks the end of a three-week-long process in the closest statewide race in virginia history. herring defeated republican mark obenshain by just 165 votes. wyoming senate candidate liz cheney releases her second campaign tv ad. the republican highlights her family's wyoming roots and features her daughters. it comes as she finds herself in a high-profile dispute with her sister, mary, over their opposing views on same-sex
2:20 am
marriage. congratulations to congresswoman kathy mcmorris on the birth of her baby girl, brin. the republican makes history for being the first member of congress for giving birth three times while in office. a study says if you have more daughters, you're more likely to be a republican. researchers from nyu and university of kansas says parents with all daughters are 14% less likely to identify as democrat and 11% more likely to identify as republican than parents with no daughters. and this poor little turkey jokingly dubbed delicious -- that's not very nice -- he could be the unluckiest little guy this thanksgiving. he got a temporary stay of execution from minnesota's governor, but his two brothers are headed to the white house for the presidential pardon tomorrow. the unlucky turkey's legacy is that he will be the star of thanksgiving dinner. i guess he drew the short straw. and that's your morning's dish of "scrambled politics." and joining us now for our first
2:21 am
look at politics is ed o'keefe from the "washington post." ed, good morning. thanks for being here. >> mara, great to be with you. >> let's start with the president on immigration. as we mentioned, president obama spoke on immigration monday, saying that he could support a piecemeal approach to that legislation, despite the comprehensive package passed by the senate. is that the only way that this will get done? and in that case, will the reform be significant? >> it's the only way that the reform will move forward in the house, that's for sure. republican leaders there who say that they're not going to take up one big bill but want to do this piece by piece, border security, worker visas, whether or not the children of illegal immigrants should be given some kind of special status. the president once again yesterday saying yesterday, if that's the way they want to do it, let's do it, but we'll see, you know? there's no reason to believe they're going to get to that issue at all before mid-january when their next spending bill expires. after that, it remains an open question. and really, they only have until about easter to start getting something significant done, because at that point, that's kind of when members of congress
2:22 am
start heading home, worried about re-election. >> in terms of timing and them heading home earlier than easter for the holidays just around the corner, there are just a few weeks left in the year. so far this year, congress has fallen short of a lot of its goals on immigration, on a farm bill, they even had to resort to the nuclear option to get some deals done in the senate. can we expect them to get anything significant done before the end of the year or is 2013 pretty much a wrap? >> it is pretty much a wrap. i think the one thing we're waiting on is whether or not we'll get signs of a budget deal before christmas. there was some hope that they would have something by mid-december. we'll see if that's still possible. part of the problem is the house is back in town next week but the senate doesn't come back until december 9th. so that only leaves one week for both chambers to work out some kind of an agreement. remember, like i said, mid-january is the next spending deadline. and all signs indicate that there will be something in place by then. the other big unknown is whether congress can get a farm bill done by january 1st. technically, it has to be done by then, but again, i think they might use that january 15th deadline to get something done. >> all right. we will wait and see. ed o'keefe, thanks so much for
2:23 am
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fans of the show "the family guy" are up in arms after sunday's episode showing talking family dog brian being killed off the show by a car. fans started a petition on to bring the dog back to life. it already has over 25,000 signatures. it's time now for "first buzz," some of the other stories that caught our attention, bill karins. >> i'm not worried. stewy has a time machine. >> yes, i've heard this.
2:27 am
brian is one of the central characters on the show. >> exactly, he'll come back. >> he has to come back. you actually have important news about travel delays. >> it's important. >> it is important. i've got a dvr. you just ruined the whole show for me. let's take a guess, see how good you guys are. what are the top five airports in this country for delays? >> ever? just in general? >> over the last year. >> laguardia, jfk, newark i bet are all on there. >> i'll say those three and double down and put o'hare -- >> okay. >> and i'll also add in san francisco. >> i say atlanta's on there. >> top five. number one, richard lui, chicago o'hare. number two, washington dulles. that kind of surprised me a little bit. >> that surprises me. >> that averages only 77% departures leaving on time. houston is on the list. newark did make it, mara had that one, and dallas-ft. worth. is this a private jfk and laguardia didn't make it? >> a mistake. seems like they're never on time there. interesting story about
2:28 am
contraception, the morning after pill. we're learning now that some morning after pills may be less effective for heavier women. the european manufacturer of an emergency contraceptive called nor livo will caution that the product is not effective for women weighing more than 176 pounds. we should note, the average american woman weighs 166 pounds, and this is information just coming to light. so, presumably -- >> people have been taking it. >> -- there have been a lot of women counting on this as a form of emergency contraception and it's not been effective as they thought. >> that would be a big thing right on the front of the package that tells everyone because people are making life decisions about this stuff. >> and a lot of times they're learning these things as the products live on the shelf. so maybe they're just figuring that out now. >> that's what trials are force. >> exactly. >> fda as well. >> much lighter note, an important waxing story. >> yes, a waxing story out of london. there is a salon there evidently charging women with larger legs more money. yes. hoda and kathie lee -- >> they're charging hoda and kathie lee more? >> they were debating thisay.
2:29 am
>> for other reasons. >> the salon is called mm bubbles. if you are a size 8 or larger, u.s. size, you're charged an extra 20%. >> outrageous! >> it is outrageous. >> what's next? all right, we've got to go. "way too early" starts right now. we've got a big deal, nuclear deal with iran. they made some kind of an agreement. they will give up their enrichment program, but something's not right at the white house. did you see the president? >> no. >> i think it's the wear and tear of the office. president obama is announcing the big nuclear agreement with iran. >> okay. >> something is not right. >> okay. >> take a look at this, then we'll talk about it. here he is. >> diplomacy opened up a new path for the world is more important, a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program -- >> he's got a giant cat there. >> lip-synching cats, not sure they're up with any song or any nuke deal, for that matter.
2:30 am
speaking of the deal, people in iran pretty excited about possibly getting rid of those crippling economic sanctions. as for the president, he's on to immigration, connecting directly with people on the issue. how he dealt with a heckler on that topic. rg3 versus colin kaepernick. one of them did not show up last night. highlights from "monday night football" on this tuesday edition of "way too early." good morning, everybody. brian shactman, november 26th. just a little bit closer to thanksgiving. my favorite holiday of the year, by far. coming up, we're going to get you squared onway on the storm moving eastward as you're preparing to be on the move, let you know if you have to change your travel plans. also, ron burgundy, what he's doing in canada to promote his upcoming movie. i'll give you a hint, it


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