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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 26, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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speaking of the deal, people in iran pretty excited about possibly getting rid of those crippling economic sanctions. as for the president, he's on to immigration, connecting directly with people on the issue. how he dealt with a heckler on that topic. rg3 versus colin kaepernick. one of them did not show up last night. highlights from "monday night football" on this tuesday edition of "way too early." good morning, everybody. brian shactman, november 26th. just a little bit closer to thanksgiving. my favorite holiday of the year, by far. coming up, we're going to get you squared onway on the storm moving eastward as you're preparing to be on the move, let you know if you have to change your travel plans. also, ron burgundy, what he's doing in canada to promote his upcoming movie. i'll give you a hint, it involves talking, ice and a
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broom. tweet me @bschachtman with a guess without looking on the internet. but we begin on a somber note, actually. and the long-awaited report on the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. the report reveals no clear motive for why 20-year-old adam lanza shot and killed 27 people. however, it paints a disturbing portrait of a young man whose life revolved around three things -- video games, guns and a fascination with mass shootings. the report carefully details lanza's life at home. in his bedroom, windows were covered in black trash bags. he didn't let anybody in, not even his mother. he communicated with her via e-mail and he constantly played video games, call of duty, grand theft auto, other games littered his room, including a role-playing game called "school shooting." as early as ninth and tenth grade, witnesses said he would often lock himself in his room and play video games all day long. his father told investigators
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his son was bullied extensively when he was young and the report says as he grew older, lanza's ability to handle life and school deteriorated and he increasingly became a loner. police even found photos of him with guns at his head. and then there was his fascination with mass shootings. on his computers, police found blog postings about mass shootings. he even made a spreadsheet on the history of them, listing them by name and what happened. he was particularly interested in the 1999 massacre at columbine high school and its perpetrators, dylan klebold and eric harris. yet, despite all this, investigators say there was no single emotional event that led to the carefully planned assault on the school. let's move on to iran now. fresh off the historic deal with that country to freeze its nuclear development, the white house facing a growing battle with a different political adversary, congress. harry reid has indicated the senate will consider stronger
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sanctions after the holiday break. he's also planning hearings on the pact, a move that could easily threaten the fragile accord. according to "the new york times," the deal is the latest strain on relations with longtime ally in the region saudi arabia. then, in san francisco, president obama panned the wave of criticism, saying diplomacy remains the best option. >> huge challenges were made, but we cannot close the door on diplomacy and we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. and tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not the right thing for our security. it is not the right thing for our security. and now to afghanistan, where president hamid karzai more reluctant now than ever to accept u.s. troops in his country beyond 2014. yesterday he met with national security adviser susan rice to discuss the proposed deal. karzai, however, issued a set of
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new conditions that made any agreement seem pretty unlikely. his spokesman says the afghan government is looking for a pledge to end all u.s. raids on afghan homes, for washington to send all afghan detainees at gitmo back to afghanistan, and for u.s. officials not to endorse any candidates in next year's afghan elections. and this seems to be all that this is about is that election. white house officials say without an agreement by the end of this year, military officials will have no choice but to operate as if all coalition troops will be withdrawn from the country. there's a stunning, new report out this morning about a secret cia program used after 9/11 to hunt down terrorists. according to the "associated press," the agency ran a facility at guantanamo bay to turn prisoners into double agents. they would then be sent back overseas to kill members of al qaeda. the cia reportedly flipped the detainees by offering them hotel-like accommodations with private kitchens, showers, tvs.
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according to the "ap," some of the prisoners received pornography when asked for it. once released, they were given millions of dollars and their families were offered protection. while the report says the program was successful in killing terrorists, the cia reportedly lost track of some of these guys once they went back home. the program ended in 2006. president obama no stranger to being heckled, but very rarely does he get it from his own supporters. that's exactly what happened on a stop in san francisco yesterday, as president obama renewed his push for sweeping immigration reform. as he was calling on house republicans to take action, supporters in the crowd began urging him instead to use executive powers to stop deportations. >> most importantly, we will live up -- >> our families are separating! >> most importantly, we will live up to our character as a nation -- >> our families are separating! i need your help! there are thousands of -- >> that's exactly what we're talking about here. >> every single day. >> that's why we're here. >> so, president, please, use your executive order to halt
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deportations for all 11.5 undocumented immigrants in this country right now. >> what we are -- >> we agree that we need to pass immigration reform. at the same time, you have a power to stop the deportation for all -- >> actually, i don't, and that's why we're here. >> please, i need your help! >> okay. >> stop deportation! >> all right. what i'd like to do -- no, no, don't worry about it, guys -- >> stop deportation. >> okay, let me finish. >> stop deportation! >> these guys don't need to go. let me finish. no, no, no, let -- he can stay there. let me -- [ cheers and applause ] hold on a second. if, in fact, i could solve all these problems without passing laws in congress, then i would do so, but we're also a nation of laws. that's part of our tradition. and so, the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like i
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can do something, but it won't be as easy as just shouting. it requires us lobbying and getting it done. [ cheers and applause ] >> that went pretty well. the democratic-controlled senate passed legislation earlier any year that did include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but the republican-controlled house has not yet taken up the issue. there are new charges in connection to the rape of a 16-year-old girl in steubenville, ohio. back in march, you might recall, high school football players trent mayes and ma'lik richmond were convicted of raping the victim at an alcohol-fueled party. pictures of the incident spread like wildfire on social media and the case drew national attention with a focus on whether the student athletes accused of the crime were being protected by officials at the school. yesterday, four school employees, including two coaches and an elementary school principal, were indicted. the schools superintendent michael mcvey is facing the most serious charges, including tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. the state's attorney general
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says the indictments send a clear message. >> it is up to the adults, it is up to the adults to intervene. it's up to the adults to change things. it's up to the adults to set boundari boundaries. it's up to the adults to teach the kids right from wrong. there is new hope for relations between the catholic church and eastern orthodox churches in russia. yesterday, pope francis welcomed russian president vladimir putin to the vatican. for 35 minutes, the two men met in the pope's private library, where they discussed the ongoing crisis in syria and other christian issues throughout the world. while a centuries-old rift between western and eastern churches was not directly discussed, officials view the visit as a positive step. the orthodox church accuses the vatican of trying to convert its members to its beliefs, an accusation the vatican denies, but the fears have kept any modern pope from visiting the country. because of that, putin did not
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extend an invitation to pope francis to visit russia, but of course, the pope and putin are two of our "way too early" favorites for very different reasons, so we thought it would be perfect. we haven't done it in like a month. it's caption contest time. little handshake, some good ones. i'm thinking of some good ones already in terms of, i don't know, whether it be -- i don't want to give it away, because people are going to copy it, but there are rings, there's hats, a lot of things we could do this year. best and most creative answers, use #waytooearly. we'll put the best ones on the show later. now to business. later today, an update on the housing market as well as the latest figures on consumer confidence. yesterday was a mixed day. the dow and nasdaq in positive territory and the s&p down. the nasdaq broached 4,000 for the first time in 13 years, closed below it, but it did breach that mark. cnbc's geoff cutmore is live for us in london. geoff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. that, of course, is the source
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of a lot of conversations at the moment on trading floors and elsewhere. 32% up side for the nasdaq this year is the tech-heavy index overvalued and back in bubble territory? well, you do the price-to-sales, you do the pe, you look at the cash on the balance sheets at these technology companies, and even though we've had so much up side, brian, it is difficult to make a case on those metrics to say that this market is currently overvalued on those numbers. and i talked to one analyst who said if you were to inflation this and look at 5,000 on the nasdaq, which would take us back somewhere to the all-time highs of 2000, on an inflationary adjustment, we should be at 6,800. so, he thinks there's certain amount of up side on this market so far. i want to move you on, because we're talking shopping a little later. walmart, change at the helm. doug mckillen comes in, 47-year-old, a veteran of this business. and he's got some problems on his hands.
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mike duke has left him with a business that's underperformed over the last five years and there are some issues over workers' rights. so, a job needs to be done over at walmart, brian. >> it's a huge job, and just an enormous company. and he looks really, really young, by the way. talking about retailing, we have black friday and all these supposed sales, but some of these retailers play some tricks on us with the pricing, don't they? >> yeah, i think it's what us guys have always known. when your significant other says to you, hey, but look at the discount, this is a real bargain. and you say, hang on, didn't they just mark the price up before they discounted? and there is some evidence, i think. when you look at the stability of the margins and the fact that discounting has gone up, there's something going on here, and it looks to me, and it looks to a lot of the analysts in the industry as though they mark the prices up high, then they discount it, then they sell it at exactly the price they want to sell it to sustain their margins. >> to keep their margins, yeah. it's priced at obscene levels and they just discount it too
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ridiculous. thank you, geoff. see you tomorrow. geoff cutmore live for us in london. still ahead on "way too early," rg3 looking to bring back last season's magic touch on "monday night football" and both washington and san fran both needed a "w." also, as if ron burgundy weren't busy enough, the best newsman of all time, his latest gig, he's going to need a work visa for it. we'll have details on that and a check on the weather. of course, we're preparing for the holiday. we'll talk to mr. bill karins when we come right back. >> it has been almost ten hours since heavily armed gunmen, possibly dozens of them, stormed multiple well-traveled locales throughout mumbai with reports that more than 100 people are still being held hostage. the number of fatalities stands for now at 82 dead. [ female announcer ] making a pie that pops is surprisingly easy.
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time for sports. "monday night football," 49ers visiting d.c. robert griffin iii and colin p kaeperni kaepernick, pretty lackluster guy for both guys who had breakout seasons in 2012, but it was kaepernick's night. three touchdown passes, including two to anquan boldin. rg3 on the other side only 127 yards and he was sacked four times. >> last year he doesn't get caught on that play. >> i just don't know if it's actual physical limitations or confidence. barnacle thinks he came back too early and he maybe is correct on that one. redskins have dropped three straight. 27-6 they lose to san fran. all right, nba news and injury news related to the knee and this is sad if you're a sports fan. after missing a whole year to repair a blown-out knee, derrick rose will miss the rest of this season after surgery yesterday to repair a torn meniscus in the other knee. the former mvp injured his knee monday night, although there appears to be two options on what to do.
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one could have seen the 25-year-old come back in a couple weeks maybe. the bulls went with the more cautious, long-term solution and do the surgery. speaking of injuries, kobe bryant's still coming back from his achilles tear, but when he comes back, it's pretty clear he's going to be a laker for a while, maybe forever. he signed a two-year contract extension yesterday, and sources say it's worth $48 million. >> that's a crazy number. >> it's incredible, but you know what, some of these contracts are like, thank you for making this franchise so much money, so -- >> yeah, but they need to get better. >> we'll see what happens. first it was the nfl, now the nhl has its turn to go into the courts to deal with policies and head injuries. ten former players in the nhl filed a class-action suit that says the nhl knew the risks of head trauma and should have taken more action to protect players. the suit also says the league created a culture of violence by not banning fighting and body-checking. the league responded with a statement saying "we are completely satisfied with the responsible manner in which the league and the players' association have managed player
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safety over time, including with respect to head injuries and concussions." all right, this is pretty funny but pretty bad. the new york mets, pretty bad season, but that's not keeping their pr department from working overtime to get fans into the holiday spirit. ♪ just hear the sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling, too ♪ ♪ come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ outside the snow is falling and friends are calling yoo-hoo ♪ ♪ giddyap, giddyap, giddyap, let's go, let's look at the show ♪ >> i mean, first of all, do you recognize one guy? >> i don't recognize any of them. >> you'd think whoever produced it would be like, get into it, work it. >> you know what the worst thing is? that's the best thing the mets have done in a couple years. >> first of all, we're talking about it on national tv, but it's not even the voices, just
2:49 am
the monotone, just classic. >> i think it's great. good for the mets. >> so, listen, we've got -- yeah, listen, it's not a fun morning for anyone out there packing their bags to get in the car on the east coast. you know what you're getting into. or getting to the airports to find out about your delays. ice storm developed overnight. cold air roanoke, west virginia, 31 degrees both cities with a good quarter inch of ice both areas. be very careful driving in western virginia, especially interstate 81 as it sneaks down through the appalachians. later today, that area will warm up and melt. rain heads up the coast. wintry mess inland areas. as far as airports go today, the worst of it, atlanta, heavy rain all day long. charlotte, looks like all day long heavy rain for you. raleigh, same for you in the afternoon and evening. d.c., after about 5:00 is when the wet weather will get to you, possible airport delays in d.c. and baltimore later on tonight. then on wednesday, the storm flies up the coast. it's good, it's a fast-moving storm, but the windy, rainy
2:50 am
conditions will be the worst early in the morning, from new york city to boston to hartford. those areas in new england won't clear out until the afternoon. and then snow on the back side of this. so, as far as snow goes, brian, i guess we're thinking maybe 5 to 8 inches for some of the cities out there, western new york and western pennsylvania. >> yeah, let's move it even faster, get it out of here. thank you, bill, appreciate it. coming up on "morning joe," neither honest nor trustworthy. the latest poll numbers not good for the president and now even his own supporters are heckling him. can obama begin to dig himself out of this hole? coming back, we head around the water cooler. the backlash around "family guy's" decision to kill off one of its most popular characters. how fans are hoping to bring brian griffin back to life.
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at the top of the show, we talked about the nasdaq topping 4,000 yesterday. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends, the last time the nasdaq topped 4,000, it was september of 2000. where were you and what was your hairstyle? give a little perspective -- that year, barack obama lost a run for congress, the number one movie that month was "bring it on," which i didn't even know about. justin timberlake was still dating britney spears and in in sync. and lewis bergdorf had braces, probably? >> i had braces and i was a
2:54 am
sophomore in high school. now let's go to jimmy kimmel, who's worried about the mental health of your pet. >> according to some animal behavior experts, both dogs and cats suffer from depression. there is hope. there is a solution. and you do not need a prescription to get it. >> is your pet listless, mournful or sollen? now there's hope with poop. it's everything you need to get that pep back in their step. dogs who have tried it have reported an increase in humping, deejay i deejaying, sliding, drumming and humping. this is not for everyone. poop may cause damage to shoes. ask your gardener about poop. poop, it is the [ bleep ] . >> what can you do? dogs eat their own poop. it's disgusting. then you usually give them a kiss on the mouth.
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i don't want to go there, but i did. sorry. now, you may have noticed ron burgundy's making the rounds with the release of "anchorman 2," and is bringing it across the border to canada. >> the fashion houses of europe have him on retainer. his sense of style impeccable, his mustache is insured with lloyd's of london. he's coming for you. >> weathermen, get ready to paint the town burgundy. finally, a story that's filled my heart with so much. "family guy" fans remain in shock after the loss of one of the show's most popular characters. brian griffin, the family dog was hit by a car on sunday, but peter and friends did have a chance to say good-bye. >> you had a wonderful life.
2:56 am
i love you all. >> i'm sorry, he's gone. >> oh, my god, he's -- >> yes, chris, i'm afraid that our brian is dead. we're all going to miss him, peter. we're all going to miss him very much. >> damn it, ortiz, stop swinging at joke. >> there was a huge internet backlash on. fans immediately created a petition to bring him back to life. more than 23,000 already have pledged their support on >> there is no show without brian, so -- >> i know! there is no show without brian. >> we'll have stewy go back in
2:57 am
his time machine. by the way, ron burgundy will be curling in canada. thank you. still ahead, what do you get when you put the pope and vladimir putin in a room together? you tell us. your best tweets coming up with "morning joe" moments away. it's donut friday at the office. and i'm low man on the totem pole. so every friday morning they send me out to get the goods. but what they don't know is that i'm using my citi thankyou card at the coffee shop, so i get 2 times the points. and those points add up fast. so, sure, make me the grunt. 'cause i'll be using those points to help me get to a beach in miami. and allllllll the big shots will be stuck here at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual apply, go to
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. great caption contest. the pope and putin. lowell. i use this to cover my bald spot. and richard. greetings prime minister. we should to be done by easter. "morning joe" starts right now. >> we got a big deal, nuclear deal with iran. they made some kind of an agreement. they will give up their enrichment program but something is not rightth