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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 27, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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>> dessert isn't the only problem facing the president's health care plan. now it has another date in court wlsh here's the question for you. how did the nsa trying to turn -- by revealing their on-line porn habits. i'll give it straight to you in five minutes. pretty much all of us know this yoga pose, but literally using your dog at yoga. that's right. it's a pre-thanksgiving edition of "way too early." >> dog lovers and their best friend. good morning. wednesday, november 27th. we have a lot of turkey-related stuff for you.
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there's turducking, right? bill. bill. bill is, like, giving it away. i'm glad your mike was off. obviously before we get to the fun of thanksgiving, you have to get to thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> for a lot of people that's going to be a problem. one of the busiest and sometimes worst travel days of the year you have to land on top of that the storm on the entire east coast, and you have a recipe for aggravation, folks. i book the a plane ticket and a train ticket -- >> now you're walk. >> it's literally planes, rains, and automobiles for me. i have decided to go with the car. i'm driving. >> at least you control e control your own destiny. >> i like that. >> he was struck by one thing. it was extremely warm where we are ms part of the country,
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which shocked me this morning. >> you see why we weren't talking a lot of snow or ice for that matter. new england is the focal point this morning. by ending we have rain to deal with. we still have rain to pick through atlanta and maybe flakes in the back side of that this morning. it's in new england this will linger longer. it's 59 fwreez in new york city right now. warmest temperature on the map anywhere. it's 40 in d.c. colder air will come into new york city during the day. the wind fwuss happening up there too. 47-mile-an-hour gusts out of long island. gusts from 30 to 40, and you'll continue to watch the winds gusting across the southern new england coast. flew port, 38. province at 33. just enough winds especially with the airports. the landing, takeoff will be
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delays when get the crosswind. significant airport delays early. from moon many new york city. after noon the morning city airport should be just fine. the rain will be much lighter. often in prov dinse and hartford, really this afternoon and this evening that we clear it out for you. if you can wait to drive, do so. it's much worse out there right now than, say, even five to eight hours from now. it's really about 6:00 or 7:00 that boston begins to clear out, and the snow part of the storm will -- -- >> i was flying out at 12:30 to boston, and i thought i was going to be flying into the heart, and i decided not to do that. some people blame us for being east coast biassed, but
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the parade is a big deal. a lot of people like to sit on the couch and watch it, and the balloons are a big deal. the question, will all the wind be cleared out by the time the parade starts. >> the winds are predicted to be 35, 40-mile-an-hour gusts. maybe we'll get lucky so the balloons may be lowered. only once in the history that they've never had no balloons. it's going to be a close call. my guess is they get lowered. >> thank you. appreciate the forecast. >> we have other news to get to this morning. the supreme court will hear another legal challenge to the health care law. less than two years of the justices wrup held the signature piece of legislation for they'll take up the contraception mandate that requires employer insurance plans to provide forms of birth control, including the morning after pill. some retail chains with ties to the christian community say the
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mandate infringes on their beliefs and violates their religious freedom. the white house firing back saying no insurance should have the right to deny contraception options for women. with just days to go before the deadline for fixes to be implemented for health, president obama went on offense yesterday against his critics. >> the product is good. people want it. we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt just because they get sick, and anybody who is going to keep on pushing against that, they want to meet resistance because i'm willing to fix problems, and i'm not going to -- that is not something we're going to do. >> the obama administration is looking to change big money's role in politics. yesterday the treasury department and the irs proposed a series of new rules that would limit the amount of money nonprofits are allowed to spend on elections. it includes new limitations on
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television advertising, candidate forums, and gets out the vote initiatives. republicans criticized the plan saying it was an attack on americans' rights. during the 2012 election cycle tax exempt groups spent more than $300 million of the so-called dark money in federal electrics in 2006. in comparison, that number was $5.2 million. meanwhile, new polling suggests control from congress may be up for grabs. according to cnn, opinion research poll, americans now say they are sense aing split between the two political parties. republicans hold a slight lead within the poll's margin of error. it's a big turnaround from last month when they favored the democrats by 50%. a new report says the msa came up with a distinctive way to undermine radical leaders on the internet to ebbing pose their on-line porn habits.
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that's the latest revelation in a document provided to the huffington post. snowden says the msa -- all muslims showed that personal vulnerabilities can be used to discredit them. they're monitoring their website, and they say the agency also speed on their conversation with young females. a national intelligence spokesman says the agency uses all of the legal tools it can to stop terrorists. united states and china over air rights in aces wra. over the weekend the chinese government announced it was expanding its air defense zone to include a disputed area in the east chinese sea. basically the government expects any flights using the airspace to declare a flight path and their frequency. the u.s. said absolutely no. fast forward to monday when the american bill said american b-52s streaming right across the disputed area. the pentagon says it was a long
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planned, unarmed drill. there was no reaction to the chinese. there's tension in that part of the world. >> we have dramatic video for you of the u.s. -- 100 heche -- a helicopter moved in, as can you take a look here, after a boat filled with 150 people capsized monday night. the survivors clung to the hull of the 40-foot boat for hours as they waited to be saved. there were no life jackets on board. the boat capsized near miami beach. days after the big announcement of the nuclear deal with iran it's still far from clear what exactly it means. secretary of state john kerry, the focus is on tehran's promise to halt production of uranium. president hasan is trumpeting
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the deal in interviews and on twitter. that playing the importance of the six-month time frame while emphasizing the fact that enrichment can continue and sanctions have been frozen. additional economic sakes. not a fan of trickle down economics. yesterday the catholic church played the free market for the world's economic issues and growing -- the politics calls for criticizing businesses and wemty individuals for chasing "self-serving tax evasion." he also says thou shall not -- exclusion and inequality because such an economy kills. speaking of that, let's go to business where this morning
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we'll get an early look at weekly jobless claims. we get that on a wednesday instead of a thursday. where heed the markets all many the green, although fractionally so in the s&p and dow. the response is better than expected housing report. there's a five-year high. steve sedgwick, good morning. >> yeah. the kay shiler home price was the real -- wrels we saw potentially the report coming out, and they could charge consumers for parking money on deposit. this is a long shot. the fed in its most recent chat talked about potentially charging banks. banks having zero interest rates, and consumers may be tied on deposit. it is a long shot. waiting for the banks to turn around and said no, that's not the case as well. men's warehouse turning the tables in a bid for -- basically
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when you are the acquirer, if you get acquired, this is called the patent house. 1980s. >> yeah. i actually have a retro little joy stick game of trying to teach my kids how to play pack man. speaking of games, do you have on your iphone and ipad, is it there a game you're a little ashamed to have on it? >> where he. but it's not candy crush. >> what is it, though? can you tell me? >> it's tetris. >> still? >> minesweeper. these are the most basic games. >> well, tell me about candy crush because these games come in and out of favor really quick. >> yeah, but at the moment it really is. it's doing better than, say, grand theft auto. it's been downloaded on ios, facebook, and android. over half a billion times. baefshgly this one is turning in revenues of greater than grand theft auto. $633,000. that meebz now they're getting rid of some of the really
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annoying ads because they're getting so much money in those purchases. i understand it is highly addicting with many members of the cnbc newsroom. >> i haven't tried is yet. thank you very much. thank the united kingdom for sending people seeking religious freedom to our country, and i'm going to get a lot of action newsing other twitter for that one. pretty simple. what are you thankful for? i'm thankful for my job. i still have that. the _#for us, way too thankful. just keep it simple. whatever you want. what are you thankful for? it can be heart felt or funny. whatever you like on this pre-thanksgiving day of "way too early." you may have heard of the butterball turkey hot lien. there's a big change at the call center. what you may be surprised hear at the end of the call. we know the guys are fun where i, and you're listening to the song. can the cast of anchor man actually sing? you know the chance to judge for yourself at the cooler. we'll be right back.
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♪ turkey for me, turkey for you ♪ >> whether you cook dozens of turkeys or if it's your first time. it's a comfort to know that butterball hotline is there in case of an emergency. this year the service making a big change at the call center. here's nbc's kevin tibls. >> for years there's been a helpful voice to help with catastrophes. carol miller has been doing is since the early days. >> since 1984, and i think if you do that math, it's, like, 29
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years. >> this is r.j. to you howe can i help you? >> yes, a man. men don't just do the carving anymore. butterball says 42% of them play a role in cooking turk yirs too. >> what did sd a typical male caller say aside from help? >> you got to talk them down. there's no crisis we can't hand here. >> now we have 25% of our callers are male. >> before ladling up the advice, you fwot to show your stuffing at butterball university. >> teacher, how many different ways are there to cook a turkey? >> many. many, many, many, many different ways. >> my favorite, of course, is grandma's way, in the oven, golden brown, a work of art. here everyone has their cooking
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skills tested too. many men are actively involved with the food preparation, the actual roasting of the turkey, side dishes. we're in changing times, kevin. s. >> when it comes to turkey, some things never change. >> isn't that looking great? >> it's delicious. >> gets your hands off there. >> that's the thanksgiving tradition. >> what are you thankful for? >> thankful for a safe ride to boston today at 9:30 a.m., and we'll share a bunch of them at the end of the show. coming up at the top of the hour, "morning sxwroe" the bad weather. of course, coming at the worst possible time. how the storm could affect your holiday plans. bill karen is back. we'll tell you why you may not need to leave your dog at home the next time you go to yoga. we'll be right back.
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>> if are you having trbl with your butterball turkey, they have men on the line answering questions because more and more men are calling many with butterball questions. here. it's going to be fascinating. take a look at the butterball hotline. >> as more and more men take an active role, butterball wants them to feel comfortable by including male operators among our butterball hotline staff. that's not our only innovation this year. depending on your specific turkey needs, you can request a female operator, a male operator, a male operator dressed as a female operator, or a female operator with a mustache. butterball, the dead bird people. >> ladies and gentlemen, that just ain't right. [ male announcer ] welcome back all the sweet things your family loves
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with 0-calorie monk fruit in the raw. it's made with the natural, vine-ripened sweetness of fruit, so you can serve up deliciously sweet treats without all the sugar. raw natural sweetness, raw natural success.
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>> as you know, millions of americans will dine out for turkey tomorrow. if you want to sound smart around the dinner table, tell your family seafood and veniceon were probably searched at the first thanksgiving. this year it is estimated that americans will consume 46 million turkeys, weighing an affirming of about 17 pounds. we're going fry about five of them. it's about to be awesome. let's set aside the real news. although there hasn't been a whole lot today. it might be the biggest
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promotional score of all time, which makes me nervous. they're promoting it so much it makes me woefr about the movie. the stars of anchor man 2, you wonder if the guys can really sing their signature song, well, check this out. ♪ going to find my baby ♪ going to hold her tight ♪ going to grab some afternoon delight ♪ ♪ my motto has always been when it's right, it's right smoet ♪ where wait in the middle of a cold, dark night ♪ ♪ when everything's a little clearer in the light of day ♪ ♪ skyrocket's in flight ♪ boom ♪ afternoon delight ♪ whoop ♪ afternoon delight >> solid. very impressed, actually. all right. you may have heard of the turduckin. the combo of turkey, duck, chicken. it's made famous by john madden. there's another option for you
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just aren't satisfied with tushlgy alone. i don't know if i can pronounce it. it's gross to look at. the -- according to the atlantic it's a pig's upper body sewn on to a turkey bottom. it's disturbing. the photos are courtesy of an experimental historian. that makes you want to vomit. you can also if with a top attached to the pig bottom, if that's tha suits you better. this one dates back to n terms of history to the 15th century. they started sewing those suckers together. we're not the only era of glut any. you're taken aback by that. the pigs with the turkey legs. snow is falling this morning, and that gives us a chance to show you the growing web phenomenon known as the scary snowman sfwloosh hey, snowman. [ screaming ]
2:55 am
>> oh, man. >> kind of evil looking. [ screaming ] >> that scared me. >> i could see someone whack him right in the head. >> finally, jimmy kimmel always watching the latest trends in fitness, and this one right up his alley. >> there's a way way to exercise. i'm shocked it wasn't developed here in l.a. >> panting exercises in this exercise class are taken to a whole new level. it's doga. >> come from your die fram, so you connect with your dog's breath. >> a class for yoga lovers and their best friends.
2:56 am
the teacher is a mick of massage and promotes a healthy life and can reduce anxiety for both owners and theirs dogs. >> they're getting their human yoga while the dog feeds off from their calm. >> i'm going to guess shooesz she's single. >> we've got don a lot of dumb things on the show. that's one of the dumbest things i've ever seen. i apologize, dog yoga fans. what are you thankful for? your best and most creative tweets and morning joe just moments away. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. >> the great responses out there from everybody. >> so thankful for my baby boy that was born this year. parenthood is the greatest gift i could have asked for. >> a lot of people just thankful for friends and family. obviously the next one i love. >> that says that 2013 world champion boston red sox. of course. >> of course. >> we had one that was thankful
3:00 am
for their closer. >> here's one from michael. hey, "way too early" i'm thankful for "way too early." simple enough for you? >> i'm thankful for our audience. ♪ >>. >> thafg may be the best holiday we have her in america, but we take a sharp nosedive into what is the worst day of the year, black friday, which is a powerful reminder we are no more evolved than animals. some shoppers have been sleeping outside some stores since monday of last week. >> that is nuts, but it is a good way to get on the local news. >> the mac desktop. >> i pba