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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 28, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PST

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a kid coming home from the >> i'm like, oh, my god. oh, my god. look at this. >> artwork made with ketchup and fries? >> i couldn't believe that it was real. >> they are videos so original, so funny, so bizarre, you just have to pass them on. they're viewed by millions. >> owwww! >> what's their secret formula? ♪ "caught on camera: viral videos - millions served." >> hello. i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." have your friends ever e-mailed
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you a video that's so funny, so unique, or so completely absurd that you felt like you have to send it to everyone you know? if you've pressed "send," you've had a hand in spreading a viral video. it's not big budgets or great production values that make these videos so compelling. in this hour you'll see some of the most watched viral videos. each video has more than a million hits online. but why? you be the judge. ketchup and fries make a great snack, but can they make a work of art? using about ten packets of ketchup and a carton of fries, artist jason baalman proves, well, yes, they can. >> when i first saw it, i watched it a few times. i couldn't believe that it was real. >> it was very impressive and edible. >> in march 2007 jason posed a time-lapsed video on youtube, which shows him using french fries and ketchup to paint a picture of mcdonald's icon ronald mcdonald and "super size me" filmmaker morgan spurlock. >> this guy basically takes bags of mcdonald's fast food ketchup
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and makes art with french fry and ketchup. it's incredible. >> within a week, the video receives more than 1 million hits. >> it was quite shocking. i knew that there were such things as viral videos, but never in my intentions did i think i was ever going to create one. never even thought of that. i was just playing around. >> but why use ketchup and french fries to paint a picture. as a portrait artist, jason grew tired of drawing with charcoal and pencil. he looked everywhere for inspiration, and one night he found it -- in his happy meal. >> i came across it by accident, eating some french fries, and saw that i could manipulate the ketchup with the french fry, and it could be like a brush. >> jason wanted to paint something that related to the tools that he was using, so he
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decided to paint his own version of the movie poster for "super size me." >> it related to the ketchup. it gave somewhat of a meaning and interpretation to it. >> with a small web camera recording, jason prepares his ketchup, picks up a fry, and begins painting. >> mcdonald's french fries as a paintbrush. it's unbelievable. >> ketchup may work as a condiment, but it proves tricky as paint. >> unlike paint, the ketchup was a matter of how thick it was on there. so if there was a very thin layer of ketchup, it showed up as a light color because the background showed through. if it was piled on there thick, it was the darkest red. so it was more of sculpting the actual height that the ketchup stood out on the page. >> working with flimsy french fries also becomes problematic. >> well, i was constantly having to change the french fries and find ones that maybe had a point, or actually at the end i found like the soggy ones performed -- it was like having a variety of brushes, but never
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knew what i was going to get. >> yet despite jason's unique challenges, a very realistic depiction of ronald mcdonald begins to emerge. >> it's interesting to see the building of it because it really can help kind of go, oh, wow, that's how you do that? >> the french fry brush dances across the paper, and suddenly the image of morgan spurlock comes to life with true artist precision. jason finishes the painting in one take in less than an hour. >> he's obviously a true artist, but rather than just do portraits like everybody else, he's done something really different. he's used a different medium. i think it's really cool. >> since its original posting in 2007, jason's ketchup art has had great success, earning more than 3 million hits. >> anytime somebody has an extraordinary talent like that, it seems to do really well on the internet. add to the fact that they use a time-lapsed camera, people love to watch things in time-lapsed cameras. >> some people even go so far as they will get ketchup and french fries and try it. >> jason's passion for creating unusual works of art doesn't stop with ketchup and fries. there's the cheetos elvis using crumbled cheetos, the lipstick
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angelina jolie drawn with various shades of lipstick, and the bette davis mascara painting drawn completely with mascara. but his most famous work comes shortly after he finishes ketchup art. it's a time-lapsed version of the mona lisa using microsoft paint. >> most people that have used windows have tried microsoft paint. it's the paint program included. it's usually good enough to draw a stick figure, and that's the extent of it. >> jason says he wanted to create fine art while using a simple consumer program like microsoft paint. >> the idea i had was to take something that people had experience with and put it with another thing, which was the mona lisa. it was two things that they could relate to and give it a value of its own. >> despite the limitations of microsoft paint, jason finds ways to add depth to his painting. >> i was using a drawing tablet, so that made it a lot easier, but i used a variety of the
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tools, and a lot of it is kind of an optical illusion. >> within about an hour and a half, jason finishes his painting, and since posting, jason's rendition of the mona lisa has gone viral with more than 11 million hits. jason says he hopes to continue to use the internet as a medium to showcase his work. >> the internet expands people's horizons, and it opens up the world to their self-expression. their art's probably getting seen more on youtube even if it's not making millions. but on january 11th, 2000, noah begins his project. "noah k. every day," an experimental photography project that captures the passage of
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time. with the flip screen of his digital camera, noah's able to see the image while photographing. he lines up his nose in the center of the screen and snaps. in the beginning he doesn't think it will be possible to photograph himself every single day. but soon it becomes as normal as brushing his teeth. six years and 2,356 photos later, noah compiles his still photography experiment into a 5-1/2-minute time-lapsed video, and in august 2006 posts it on youtube. >> this blew up when this first came out. it was like mind-exploding. >> viewers watched more than a half a decade of noah's life unfold, his apartments, his hairstyles, even his girlfriends.
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>> in some ways it's a very personal video, where it's like this is me, just completely exposed, and people start to really get into that. >> in three weeks the video shoots to one million hits. >> every once in a while you get that one where he's like, whoop, on vacation, or like, weird night vision. >> you just find little things every time you watch it. you see little people in the background sometimes, and he's switching rooms, and his style has sort of changed, and he's got some facial hair. it's really a day in a life. >> and though noah never smiles, there's something about his stare that's completely mesmerizing. >> it's really creepy. it's like this guy's staring into my soul. >> but viewers seem to love it because noah's video has earned more than 13 million hits and counting. >> people are really interested in the passage of time, to watch somebody's face and hair and style change over six years every single day. it's really interesting. you know, i could watch this over and over again. >> noah's "noah k. every day"
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photography project is still a work in progress. since he started back in january 2000, noah has only missed 22 photos. according to his website, noah plans to release a new "noah k. every day" on the video's ten-year anniversary, and he hopes to continue photographing himself every day for the rest of his life. coming up -- a bride can't stop laughing during her wedding vows. >> oh, gosh. here she goes again. and a little boy can't remove his finger from his baby brother's mouth. >> ow. ouch, charlie. when "caught on camera: viral videos - millions served" continues. [ male announcer ] we took new febreze free with no perfume to prove the skeptics wrong. hi. are you karen? [ karen ] yes, i am you said in a focus group,
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most people are nervous on their wedding day, but while reciting his vows in august 2009, 25-year-old groom andrew engstrom has a slip of the tongue. >> i, andrew paul daniel engstrom --
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>> do take melissa rene warren -- >> do take melissa rene warren. >> -- to be my lawfully wedded wife. >> to be my waf -- lawfully -- >> the church erupts in laughter, including the 22-year-old bride, melissa warren. and just as things start to quiet down, she completely loses it. >> i just lost it. it was so funny. >> she starts to laugh, and then she just can't stop laughing. i know she's going to keep laughing. so i'm like, just give her a minute, folks. like i know the next one's coming. >> when the video hits the internet, it earns more than a million hits. >> melissa and andrew first met at seattle pacific university where they were both students. >> we lived in the same residents halls. i was a freshman. he was a junior. and we had a lot of mutual friends. spent some time together within groups, but it was after he graduated that we connected again. >> after graduating, andrew
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received some devastating news. >> my dad came down with lung cancer, like horrific tumors the size of grapefruits. >> deeply religious, andrew copes with his father's cancer with prayer, and the first person he reaches out to is melissa. >> it just felt as natural as could be to go to melissa about it. even though we didn't know each other really well, i knew her in a way that i trusted her a lot. >> he e-mailed me and said will you pray because i don't want my dad to die. and it was to the point where they weren't going to treat him. so we all started praying. >> call it divine intervention or simply good luck, but after one month of prayer from andrew, melissa, family, and friends, andrew's father defies the odds. his tumors completely disappear. >> he started getting better. his pain started going away. >> and when andrew returns to seattle pacific to interview for a master's program, he has more on his mind than impressing the faculty. he wants to see melissa, who's a junior at the school. >> i was hoping i'd get an audience with her.
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sure enough that night she was there. >> we just had this wonderful time with our community, and then after that point, we both kind of knew something's going on here. >> after a whirlwind courtship, dating, and engagement, andrew and melissa are finally ready to tie the knot, and as the day of the wedding arrives, everyone is eager to begin the ceremony. >> i was stressed. i was feeling really kind of uptight, and i just had this moment of like i don't want to feel like this on my wedding day, and i asked god for joy. >> and joy she gets. as melissa and her father walk down the aisle, things just keep getting funnier and funnier from the organist who won't stop playing -- >> i was like, okay, come on, organ lady, this is my wedding day. >> -- to melissa's dad telling their love story. >> oh, thank you. >> we were just laughing through the whole thing and crying. >> things become downright comical. but by the time melissa and andrew get to their vows, the
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mood turns serious. >> both of us have prepared for a long time for our spouse and saved ourselves for marriage, and so it was like, woe, i'm giving you my life, even only part of the way. you can see that gravity. >> melissa and andrew's dads, who are both pastors, serve as officiants, and andrew's dad has the honor of giving the vows. when melissa recites her part, she gets choked up. >> until death do us part. >> until death do us part. >> this is my solemn vow. >> this is my solemn vow. >> now it's andrew's turn. >> you can see how intense i am. >> i, andrew paul daniel engstrom, do take melissa rene warren -- >> do take melissa rene warren >> -- to be my lawfully wedded wife. >> to be my waf -- lawfully wedded wife. and pancake-y. i caught myself at waf, you know. it wasn't like waffling. but it was too late. and her dad loved to giggle.
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and then she starts laughing. it's like all right. you know, that's cool. i'm all right with that. >> it just sort of hit my funnybone. >> she started laughing. i've learned enough about her by now to know that was not the end of it. >> to the amusement of everyone in the church that melissa finds it so funny that she belts out a screeching laugh. >> every time i looked at andrew after i first started laughing, i would remember what he just said and the fact that we're standing in front of 400 people saying our vows and couldn't stop laughing. it was so funny. >> and she keeps on laughing. >> and then dad starts all the way over. >> i, andrew paul daniel engstrom -- >> i'm like, if you're ever going to give me a chance to mess up again, it's if you start all the way over. i'm not feeling that sure right now. >> to quiet the laughter and move things along, andrew quotes one of his favorite lines from the movie "the princess bride." >> say, "man and wife."
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>> that's when i said, "say, 'man and wife'" because i wanted him to get things speeded up. >> and his tactic works because shortly after the laughter dies down, andrew and melissa are presented to the world as husband and wife. andrew's slip-up is so funny they tell their wedding videographer to post it on the web. >> we were thinking, you know, it will be for our friends, and people will watch it. and then it started picking up speed really unexpectedly. >> it gets so many hits that melissa's and andrew's parents contact them on their honeymoon. >> we got calls from our parents on our honeymoon. you've got to get to a library and watch your wedding video, which was silly because we were on our honeymoon. >> and when they finally returned home, the hits continue to climb. >> it's like 80,000. it's crazy, you know. so it's clearly not just our friends watching it, which is what we expected. >> the popularity of the video is catching, and eventually it reaches more than 1 million hits. >> the fact that she cannot stop laughing and she can't pull herself together makes it viral magic. >> andrew blames his slight of tongue on a term called
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"spoonerism." >> my dad does it on purpose. so it's actually his fault. he trained me to do this. he switches the first two letters of the word, so like "sleeping bag" would be "beeping slag." a "cup of water" would be a "wup of cotter." >> but despite his spooners, andrew hopes his wedding day gaffe will be a sign of how he and melissa will handle whatever hardship comes their way, with love and with a lot of laughter. coming up -- one of the hottest acts on the web -- >> hey, it's fred. >> -- features one of the craziest characters you've ever seen. plus, a little boy's trip to the dentist -- >> do i have stitches? >> yes. >> on my teeth? >> yeah. don't touch it. >> -- leaves viewers in stitches. >> don't. and a baby's bite goes viral. >> ow. ouch, charlie. >> when "caught on camera: viral video - millions served" returns. the secret is out. hydration is in.
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[ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. hey, it's fred. >> wait! rewind. who is that? >> hey, it's fred. >> who or what is fred?
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>> fred is -- i think he might be the number one subscribed channel on youtube or close to it. >> close to it is right. previously in first place, the fred channel moved to the second most subscribed channel on youtube in 2009 with more than one million subscribers. >> oh, my god! >> fred is sort of an internet phenomenon. >> but with a following that size, who are the brains behind the operation? comedy sketch group in new york? >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> a major entertainment company in hollywood? >> uh, no. >> how about a teenager in rural nebraska? >> oh, my god! it's cold! >> if you guessed the teen, you're right. fred is the brainchild of a 16-year-old boy named lucas cruikshank. the fourth of eight kids, lucas has been coming up with funny characters as long as he can remember. >> i was always like making random characters and sketch videos with my family with my mom's camera. >> but after receiving a camera of his own at 13, lucas unknowingly took his sketch
1:24 am
comedy videos over to a whole new level. >> like i had two cousins over, and we started making just a bunch of random videos and posting them online, thinking nothing of it. i like to understand that people from all over the entire world can watch the videos. >> in october 2006 one of his videos featured a new fictional character, a hyperactive 6-year-old with a high-pitched voice named fred. lucas shoots, stars, and edits the video, and films it -- where else -- at his house. >> fred is a 6-year-old, and he's really random and crazy. his mom is an alcoholic. >> my mom's in rehab because of her problems. >> and his dad's in prison. he's never even met his dad. >> fred, unlike lucas, is so socially awkward that he has no friends, and with his shrill voice, he rambles on and on into the camera. >> whatever. >> when he's just in front of the camera, he's just all confident, and he'll say anything. when he's actually like out with other kids, then he's like this awkward person, and he does like weird stuff that kids just like look at, and they're just like i don't want to be friends with someone who does that, you know.
1:25 am
>> in fred's world, there are plenty of people to impress. you never see them, but you hear them. lucas voices them all. >> don't take off any of your clothes in front of that camera unless someone pays you. >> besides fred's alcoholic mother and absentee dad, there's fred's crush, judy. >> this is getting kind of stalkerish. oh, my god. >> no, no, judy. you can't come in. nooooo! >> there's fred's arch nemesis and judy's pseudo boyfriend kevin. >> let's go beat up fred inside the pool. >> no. do you want me to get the cat with rabies to bite you again? >> and then there's fred's trusty cat with rabies. and then there's a few kind neighborhood squirrels played by dogs. >> there's obviously the animals who are kind of fred's friends -- only friends. >> oh, i knew you would always be on my side. >> in each roughly 2 1/2-minute video, lucas's character fred deals with ordinary situations in the only way he knows how, by acting completely crazy. take a look at this video. fred goes swimming. one of lucas's most popular, with more than 34 million hits. >> basically it's fred talking
1:26 am
about this new big pool that he's received and then swimming in this pool that ends up not being as big as he at first said it would be. then he gets attacked by some sort of plastic shark. it's all very specific, yet out there. >> very silly, total slapstick humor, the kind of thing that my 4-year-old son finds hysterical. >> and then there's one of lucas's favorite videos, fred stalks judy." >> that was so much fun to film because there's like a little photo shoot, and that was so funny to see fred do, like him trying to look cool. >> how does lucas create fred's signature voice? >> fred's voice you could either do with like helium, which probably isn't safe to do. i speed up the video so it sounds more crazy and looks more crazy. i just thought it added a whole new element to the character. >> when lucas first realizes his little household hobby is being viewed by millions of people, he becomes a little anxious. >> it like really freaked me out. i felt all pressure to think of ideas. and when i'd film, i was like all nervous. >> but the nerves don't last long, and lucas's fred videos continue to be wildly successful
1:27 am
with their primary audience, tweens and teens. >> he'd just talk about texting and internet-y stuff, and i think it just really appeals to the younger generation. >> lucas's videos are so popular, that soon this teenage entrepreneur is approached by a licensing agent, and now fred dolls, shirts, and bags are being sold all over the country. >> it's so weird like walking into a store and seeing dolls made out of you. it's really weird. >> but just how successful is lucas? well, his "fred" videos have earned him enough money to go to college, but his mom says despite his fame, he's still lucas at home, a teenager who does his chores and picks up his younger siblings from school. besides staying tuned for the next season of "fred," fans can also look forward to the upcoming "fred" movie. >> the "fred" movie's going to be kind of different from the videos in a way that it's not just not going to be fred the whole entire time, and you'll see all the other characters. and i won't be playing. there'll actually be other actors playing the other characters. >> and if you're older than 18 and scratching your head because you just don't get fred, maybe
1:28 am
you're not supposed to. >> it depends what kind of comedies you like. some think it stupid. some think it's awesome. i don't think about the audience. i think about the videos. >> thank you. thank you very much. coming up -- >> i feel -- >> a little boy's trip to the dentist has millions with their mouths open wide. >> is this going to be forever? and is that cat really playing the piano. >> she's doing two paws at a time. it's amazing. >> when "caught on camera: viral video - millions served" continues.
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welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. it's one of those moments we dread, going to the dentist. that maybe why this next video resonates with so many people. millions of clicks made a little boy with a toothache a bite-size celebrity. when david devore buckles his son into his car seat on the way back from the dentist, he notices his 7-year-old son is acting pretty strange. >> is this real life? >> he was just being very crazy acting. he was very loopy, kind of sliding down the seat and just seeing double and that sort of thing. >> that morning in may 2008
1:33 am
david junior had surgery to remove an extra tooth, and apparently the anesthesia had not yet worn off. >> i'm hungry. >> yeah, i know. how did it go? >> i didn't feel anything. >> yeah. it was pretty invasive surgery, so he had a strong sedative. >> with david junior strapped securely in his seat, his father decides to document the moment. he pools out his camera and begins taping in the parking lot. >> the original intent of the video was to record it because my wife couldn't be there. i just wanted to tape it to show her. >> david junior is extremely confused. so his father tries to reassure him. >> my main goal was to calm him down. >> do you feel good? >> and to not make him more agitated. so i was trying, you know, with my voice -- >> now i have two fingers. >> good. >> oh.
1:34 am
four fingers. >> four fingers? >> but david is completely out of it, and like most curious kids, his finger goes straight for his stitches. >> nah, nah, nah, don't put it -- don't put it in your mouth. >> head bobbing, david is disoriented. >> do you feel good? >> but tries to cope. >> i can't see anything. >> yes, you can. stay in your seat. [ screaming ] >> i think he was just trying to wake himself up, you know, to see if it was real. >> but those little hands keep going for the stitches. >> do i have stitches? >> uh-huh. >> do i have stitches? >> yes. >> on my teeth? >> yeah. don't touch it. >> do i have stitches? don't put your finger in your mouth. >> don't. >> don't. don't do it. damnit. i want nothing more than to put my fingers in my mouth right now.
1:35 am
>> why can't i touch it? >> because it will mess up the stitches. >> but when david can't shake his crazy nightmare, he becomes upset. >> i feel funny. why is this happening to me? >> it's okay, bud. it's just from the medicine, okay? >> is this going to be forever? >> no. no, it won't be forever. >> there's something about the sort of honesty of seeing a kid go through this process that most of us have experienced. we've all, you know, had some sort of medical procedure where you had to wake up from anesthesia and you're completely blown out of your mind. you don't even know what's going on. >> when david senior and his family watch the video, they love it so much that a few months later they post it on facebook. >> i got into facebook and posted it and just got some good reaction from our family and friends and started to get more and more requests to see it. >> so david senior decides to
1:36 am
put the video of his son on youtube, and in just one week the video receives a jaw-dropping 3 million hits. >> you know, you're just shocked, you know. not negative or positive, right? but you're just like, wow, so many people are reviewing it. >> and though some viewers love "david after dentist," others see it as poor taste. >> i feel funny. >> david senior and his family are invited to appear on the "today" show to discuss the video and the controversy surrounding it. >> and though some viewers love "david after dentist," others see it as poor taste. >> i feel funny. >> some people say, okay, this is funny, david and tessy. and others say, no, this is exploitation. in fact, a writer of the "sun times" says videos of kids on the video cross the line. we expect parents to protect their children in situations where they cannot protect themselves, not exploit them. how do you feel about that? >> well, we certainly understand the reaction, that point of view, and as dedicated parents, we actually appreciate that.
1:37 am
but this is an isolated incident. this was something that our family, you know, thought was okay. should i have posted it? why did i videotape it? you know, as a parent i understand because it is, you know, a child. and if we thought there was anything that was harming david or putting him in harm's way, we wouldn't do it. >> but despite some criticism, there have been some positive results. david senior has started a "david after dentist" t-shirt line, using those now famous quotes from his son. >> we have a graphic picture of david with that picture and that quote. >> and what does the star of the video think of all this? >> i take pictures with everybody that recognizes me. >> his favorite part of the video? not surprising to me, the part where he screams. [ screaming ] >> of course, david junior doesn't remember much about his dentist visit. >> i remember my dad and this other lady carrying me out. i could barely see.
1:38 am
my eyes were barely open. i was like dizzy. >> whether david loves the video or wishes he would go away, it's one he won't live down. >> is this going to be forever? >> on youtube, you bet it will. >> i think this video is like this generations, you know, naked baby pictures. >> why is this happening to me? >> but i don't think he'll be embarrassed by one. i don't think he will. i think he'll enjoy it for a long time. halfway around the world two more kids hold the title for one of the most watched viral videos of all times. >> charlie bit me. >> this is one of my favorite viral videos of the last two years. easily. >> spring 2007, england. howard, who prefers we don't use his last name, films his two young sons as they watch tv.
1:39 am
>> i tend to get the camera out every now and then. i'll just take videos of them just doing what they do as children. >> 3 1/2-year-old harry is holding his 1-year-old brother charlie on his lap. >> charlie is just sitting on harry's lap, and for some reason -- >> using no force at all charlie pretends to bite harry's finger. thinking it's funny he sticks his finger in his mouth again. >> and all of a sudden charlie decides to clamp down and bite it. >> ow. charlie, that really hurt. >> just the reaction is sort of like the pause. >> ow. >> and charlie bit me, ouch. >> ow, charlie. >> ouch, charlie. >> it's just classic. >> he bit me really, really, really, really hard. >> so his little brother is gnawing on his finger, and harry never makes a move to make him stop. >> it's very brave of harry not to retaliate. he didn't hurt charlie.
1:40 am
he took it and realized that charlie really wasn't trying to hurt him. >> but charlie must have sensed his brother wasn't happy because he quickly opens his mouth and lets go. >> that really hurts. >> and that's when charlie starts laughing. >> all of a sudden the baby just goes -- like out of nowhere the kid is full on maniacal laugh about biting the kid's finger. >> he found it funny because either i was finding it funny or the whole experience made him laugh. >> howard, the first to witness what millions would come to see and love shows the video to his wife when she came home. >> i thought it was funny. we put it on our digital photo frame for a few weeks and we showed it to friends and family when they visited. >> but howard wants to show the video to a few friends in the states, including the boys' godfather. his friends suggest uploading it to the internet.
1:41 am
at first the video only receives a few hundred hits, but within a few months it begins to double almost daily, and howard's video soars off the charts when it reaches a million hits in 2007. >> we just can't imagine that kind of thing happening. >> and it's become a whopper. since its original posting, the video of a moment between his two sons sitting on their living room chair has earned more than 130 million hits. >> when millions of people start watching, there's something you can't really comprehend. i think it's so popular because it appeals to everybody. >> there's an innocence about it i think that people can really relate to, and i think there's a realness to it that everybody loves. plus, it's funny, let's face it. >> it's become so popular there are several spoofs. >> ouch, charlie, ouch, ouch. >> harry and charlie may have one of the top viral videos of all time, but they'd better watch out for a new young star. in 2008 baby brother jasper joined the family, and he's
1:42 am
already proving to be quite the biter. >> jasper seems to have taken onboard as well, and jasper now enjoys going around and biting people's fingers. coming up -- have you ever wondered how to do the moon walk? >> certain things aren't that hard if you know how to do that. >> that and cat on the keyboard. >> she brings up her left paw and begins playing with the other paw. i think that's remarkable. >> when "caught on camera: viral video - millions served" continues. are you ready grandma? just a second, sweetie. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain... ♪ ready or not. [ female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more.
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want to learn how to flirt? do a magic trick or skateboard like a pro? well, now you can find all you need to know right in the comfort of your own home because
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a new phenomenon is taking the internet by storm. >> great, great stuff. >> viral videos, more informative than absurd. >> you might watch this video and learn a little something. >> they're how-to videos, and they can teach you how to do just about anything. >> how to carve a pumpkin. >> they're instructional and educational videos that can show you how to do something. you can find a video how to treat a mosquito bite or where to go on your next vacation. >> from tiling bathroom floor s to curing gum disease, there are thousands of how-to videos to choose from. gregory believes how-to videos are so popular because they make things simple for people to learn. >> step one. >> text articles are great for learning how to do certain things, but a lot of people learn visually, and videos sometimes teach you things visually. >> take skateboarding, for example. >> there's a skateboarder, and
1:47 am
he's walking through the trick. one of the best parts is through the end it slows it down so you can see the full trick executed. >> daniel blackman, chief operating officer of "how cast" another how-to site, says even the mysterious art of flirting can be taught in a two-minute video. >> use these proven methods to charm and produce. >> give him a bright smile. >> also picking up the cues to see if someone's flirting with you. >> someone who can't take their eyes off you is very intriguing. >> it's definitely told from a woman's perspective because i think a lot of these tips, if they were given to a guy, might be arrested. >> just keep it above the belt. >> if you're flirting with someone and their feet are pointed toward you or away, there are all these subtle clues that you can use. >> happy hunting. >> daniel says the how-tos of making a how-to video follows a straightforward formula. >> don't look now, but you're juggling. >> take this example this video on how to moonwalk. >> there's a short walk.
1:48 am
>> unlike the hustle and the macarena, the moonwalk still has it. >> there are two things you will need. >> you will need a slippery floor, optional, socks. step one, find a floor good for sliding like hardwood or tile. >> usually punctuated by a tip. >> remember to apply puncture. >> then we end with a little fact. >> michael jackson got the idea for the moonwalk from french mime marcel marseau. >> how do these ho-to guys come up with these topics? >> a lot of it's demand-based on what's going on around the internet, our own usage, competitive analysis. we look for what people are searching for. what they're searching for online might be different than what they're viewing on television, so that becomes very important. >> world events like the death of pop legend michael jackson significantly impact what people search for on the web. after he died, "how to moonwalk" earned more than a million hits. >> a newsworthy event happens, and there's something that was captures the zeitgeist of the
1:49 am
moment, that can go vie rah. >> some are about simple things like how to pick a lock. >> locked yourself out of a house? before you call a locksmith, try this. >> or how to treat a mosquito bite. >> three, make a paste of baking soda and water. >> so think things become popular because they're practical and useful. there's going to be people who want to remodel or cook something, learn how to do a skateboard trick, so that information going to always be useful. >> and as long as there's a need to learn, how-to videos will be there. >> certain things aren't that hard if you know how to do them and you have clear concise information. it's all about achievement ultimately. i've figured out how to do something, and that makes me feel good. coming up -- a clever cat can't keep her paws off the piano. >> we're like, oh, my, god, oh, my god. look at this.
1:50 am
nora, what are you doing? a surprising inspiration for a symphony. when "caught on camera: viral video - millions served" returns.
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just when you think you've seen everything, a cat plays the piano. >> she's actually playing a song. i think, what is she playing? "chopsticks" or something. >> she's doing it two paws at a time. it's amazing. >> say hello to nora. the 6-year-old gray bull's-eye tabby cat. besides eating, sleeping, and playing with toys, nora just so happens enjoying making music. >> she brings up her left paw and begins playing with the other paw. i think that's remarkable. ♪ >> remarkable is right.
1:54 am
nora's performances are posted all over the internet. she's so successful, her videos have received more than 20 million hits. >> i don't know when the cat party got elected, but the internet has embraced cats like nothing i've ever seen. >> it all begins in 2004. it begins when artist betsy alexander and her husband go to petsmart to buy food. >> all the cats were out playing, and nora was playing by herself. she was a kitten, and i immediately fell in love with her. >> betsy got very excited about her, wanted me to come see her, come and hold her, and i was very resistant to doing that. >> burnell doesn't want to add another cat to the family. >> i didn't want to get like really attached. >> but betsy is so smitten with the kitten they decide to adopt her. a few days later when betsy and burnell came back to the shelter
1:55 am
to collect her, they noticed something very different about her. >> she was by herself with a big index card that said "bossy." >> that's how they learned nora is not good with other cats. betsy is sure this won't be an issue in her home. >> we have five full grown cats there. we'll show her her place. >> boy, is she wrong. nora takes charge of the other cats and turns the place whiskers over tail. >> nora was so disruptive in this household. for six months it sounded like we had a house of snakes living here. screaming, hissing, growling. it did not stop for six months. i was really starting to get worried. >> but after the sixth months things began to quiet down and the other cats learned how to walk around the new boss of the house. >> nora would never be in the same room with them.
1:56 am
they've basically learned to stay clear of her. >> she's a diva. she likes to just do her own thing and be left alone to do it. >> nora often retreats to the piano studio and watches betsy give piano lessons to her piano students. >> very obsessive from day one. she would go underneath the piano, dance on top of the circles, look over their sheet music while they were playing. >> and one night the passionate puss decides to take music-making into her own hands or paws. >> burnell and i were upstairs, and we heard this plink, plink, plink, plink. repeated notes like two together. >> to their shocking delight, nora's playing. >> we saw nora sitting at the piano in perfect posture with both paws on the keys, alternating, reaching for black notes. she would play, you know, five
1:57 am
or six notes, a little riff, and look over at us like, you know, how was that. >> we totally lost it. we were like, oh, my god, oh, my god. look at this. nora, what are you doing? >> betsy believes this is just an isolated incident, but for nora, this is just the beginning. >> she started playing every day and started doing it during the piano students' lessons. >> nora becomes a neighborhood hit. betsy also wants to show the performances to her niece in wyoming. some of her students suggest youtube. >> i said youtube, what's that? that's how out of it burnell and i are. the first day it has 71 hits. then it started. we didn't know what the term "viral video" meant. the next thing you know, it's a million. >> nora's videos are so popular they come to the attention of a
1:58 am
lithuanian composer. >> he performed for the chamber in lithuania for the children. he wanted to do an orchestra piece that is based on nora's playing the riffs that she plays. >> and thus the catcerto is born. >> i think this is the first time that a concerto has been written for an animal. i think it only exists because of the internet. >> when posted on the internet, the catcerto receives more than 100, hits and in 2009 she wins an aspc award for an honor. >> it's nice to see a cat succeed. >> they're creating t-shirts and calendars and books featuring
1:59 am
nora. >> i'm going to write a positive life philosophy book. it's called "nora's piano life guide for how to make every day a catnip day." >> and they hope her music will continue to inspire people all over the world for years to come. >> she's like a little miracle that's actually happening. she has a lot of piano-playing years ahead of her, but even when that's over, those videos will live on. >> can you play some more? >> there's really no formula for creating a popular viral video. they can be caught on camera any time, anywhere. and as you've seen, they can star just about anyone. if you have a video you'd like to send to us, send them to our website. i'm contessa brewer. that's it for this edition of "caught on camera." .
2:00 am
good thursday morning. happy thanksgiving. right now on "first look," will they fly? high winds could ground the stars of the world famous macy's parade. right now ovens are preheating for those turkeys as shoppers get warmed up to battle for bargains and find out why police officers are using stun guns on themselves. today's the day for that icy comet to come in contact with the sun and own a piece of rock and roll history bruce springsteen's "born to run." happy thanksgiving, everyone. after days of treacherous travel for so many the holiday is finally here. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first, all eyes are on the stars of this thanksgiving morning, the 16 balloons flying in the


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