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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  December 4, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. and coming up right now, "the ed show" with ed schultz. good evening, americans. live from new york, let's get to work. a strength in our safety net for a new age. helped make sure we didn't go hungry. >> president obama wanted income redistribution along with health care access. and the only way to do that, to make money from the haves and give it to the have nots. >> at this festive season of the year, mr. scrooge, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and destitute. >> the idea that a child may never be able to escape that poverty because she lacks a decent education or health care or a community that views her future as their own, that should
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offend all of us. to take money from the haves and give it to the have nots, that's not what's best. ♪ >> be off with you! >> christmas is a time of generosi generosity. >> what other secular humanists are peeing on your you'll log. >> convince people saying that jesus would feed the poor which he would. we all know that. but would he impose a system that hurts one group to help another group? >> the top 10 percent no longer takes in one-third of our income. and now takes half. >> hum bug. >> it's this theoretical world that president obama seems to live in. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. did i just hear bill o'reilly say something about people are hurting? that jesus would want to help the poor, but he wouldn't want
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to hurt anybody else? you mean to tell me that bill o'reilly, who is looking out for us, thinks that the wealthiest americans are hurting right now? oh, i'll tell you what. food stamps, just a big problem for us, isn't it? well, it is the festive season we're all supposed to be in a good mood right now. things are a little frosty, though, with those folks over on the right, especially when it comes to the down trodden in america. people a little bit down on their luck in transitioning back into the economy, thinking, gosh, i could probably use a food stamp. well, it's the holiday spirit, republicans are getting into the holiday spirit this year, by oh, what the heck, let's attack the poor people and let's throw in the pope this time, too. leave it these guys, to slam the needy people in america. leave it to these guys to slam these folks just a couple weeks before christmas. [ whistling ] last night, bill o'reilly took
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his belittling of the poor to a whole new level. owe ri'reilly claimed that jesu might not be in favor of food stamps. >> the problem, as i stated, you're helping one group by hurting another group. and a bigger group. and so i don't know if jesus is going to be down with that. >> yeah, you don't know if jesus is going to be down with that. you know exactly what society was like some 2,000 years ago there, billo. oh, riley, he didn't stop there. he went on to say if you were on food stamps, it's your own fault. >> some of the people who don't have enough to eat, it's their fault they don't have enough to eat. particularly with their children. and this is where it really becomes dicey. if you're an alcoholic or ahern addict or a drug addict and you can't hold a job, all right, and you can't support your children. and that's a circumstance of millions and millions of people. not most, but a lot. a substantial minority, okay? then it's your fault.
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you're bringing the havoc. and you're asking people who may have -- be struggling themselves to put food on the table, to give their tax money to you, and then you're not even going to buy food with it. you're going to buy booze and drugs with it. >> you're going to buy booze and drugs with it? really? no kidding! you know those feex, o'reilly? i bet you dine with them every night, don't you? you know where america is. o'reilly's claim is absurd and totally insensitive to these people in this country in need. first of all, for the record, not that facts matter over at fox. it is impossible to buy drugs and alcohol with food stamps! if you get s.n.a.p. benefits, you get a government-issued debit card. and et ceteit's on the usda, un states department of agriculture website says s.n.a.p. benefits can be used only for food. it specifically says alcohol and tobacco are not prohibited. and i'm pretty sure drug dealers don't seem to be taking any
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debit cards as of late, but we would have to ask rush about that. billo said that he's also worried we are creating a society of dependency. >> my parents didn't make a lot of money, and they were able to put food on the table. and i'm just seeing a system now that creates dependence. all right, now let's go over to the dependence question. >> ready for some egg nog yet? it's the holiday season. bill, people on food stamps don't want to be there. do you know people who do? no one wants to live off the bear minimum. but there is a support system in this country that is very important to the stability of society. earlier today, president obama slammed the idea of dependency, and stuck up for the hard-working people on government assistance with low wages. >> these programs are not typically hammocks for people to just lie back and relax. these programs are almost always temporary means for hard-working people to stay afloat while they try to find a new job.
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or going to school to retrain themselves for the jobs that are out there. or sometimes just to cope with a bout of bad luck. >> who do you think is telling the truth? o'reilly or the president of the united states? you be the judge. meanwhile, there is rush limbaugh. he knows a thing or two about drug addiction. limbaugh is also wasting air time attacking poor people on food stamps this holiday season. he said food stamps are making poor people obese. >> most of the childhood obesity is minority. african-american and this story links it to food stamps! which makes total sense. we've got nearly -- 48, 49 million americans on food stamps, and they can buy whatever they want with it. >> whatever they want? not really. limbaugh, again, 100% wrong. there is no study that links food stamps to obesity. if anything, people on food stamps, they don't get enough to
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eat. the average food stamp recipient gets, put your seatbelt on now, $133.41 a month. holy smokes. how dare we give poor people in america that kind of assistance when the top 2% have just been rolling over the last ten years. he'd i'd like to see limbaugh fare on $133 worth of food a month. or maybe a day. it's important to point out last month congress cut food stamp benefits by $5 billion. annually. and really, it's the worst time to do it. this chart right here clearly shows the rate of food insecurity in the united states. it's at record highs with roughly 15% of americans struggling to put food on the table. one out of 15 people that you see walking down the streets statistically are having a hard time putting food on the table. but wait a minute, o'reilly,
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limbaugh and rest of the conservatives and republicans the way they vote, they have determined these people are the problem. what do you say we just weed them out? these guys right here are despicable, absolutely despicable, for attacking the less fortunate in our society during the holiday season. republicans got their $5 billion cut, and now people are suffering because of it. but, of course, the republicans, they want more. it's not just the poor they're targeting. limbaugh is actually now going after the pope. limbaugh is mad at pope francis for saying income inequality is immoral. he wasted no time attacking the pope. >> the pope is ripping america. the pope is ripping capitalism. the pope ripping trickle-down economics. and obama is having an orgasm. >> the president is doing what? certainly no crudeness over on the right, is there?
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well, catholics are upset with limbaugh, and they want an apology. a group called catholics and alliance for the common good have started a petition and are demanding an apology. i will say to them tonight, don't expect one. but then, of course, says fox news stuart varney, was also not impressed with the pope's statements either. >> i personally do not want my spiritual life mixed up with my political life. i go to church to save my soul. it's got nothing to do with my vote. pope francis has linked the two. he's offered direct criticism of a specific political system. he has characterized negatively that system. i think he wants to influence my politics. >> so i'm sure tomorrow stuart varney will probably see that catholics in america shouldn't even vote. how dare they think about voting. only republicans could stomach attacking poor people. and the pope. just a few weeks before christmas.
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we're in the holiday season now. you know, they love to say that people on food stamps are the takers. let's talk about the takers for a moment. any wealthy people you know may have, eh, played a little bit with the tax laws in this country to get a little bit better return. or maybe not have to pay so much. are they takers? you'll say it's legal. well, it's legal to get food stamps. how about those oil companies that take your tax subsidies? would they be takers? oh, no. how about those folks in detroit that are getting all these tax breaks because they're, quote, bringing business while employees who spent 30 years working for the city are getting shafted with their pension. there's no takers in that deal at all, is there? what about walmart? they have never had a tax abatement on any land going into any city, putting up one of those superstars, have they? no, there's no takers there at all. they only made $19 billion. i can't think of another
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corporation out there that might need another tax break. but you know what we're talking about over on the right, we're convincing americans that it's those damn food stamps. they're the problem. they're the takers, those fat, poor people. how come they can't find work? it's their fault. they're lazy. and then, of course, when it comes to the big takers, it's these guys. these guys, limbaugh and o'reilly, the biggest conservative voices and media profiles out there, they actually think that poor people in this country make too much. and if they are poor, it's only their fault. their fault. merry christmas. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. do republicans want to make poor people poorer? text a for yes, b for no. to 67622. you can always go to our blog at
2:12 pm we'll bring the results later on in the show. my dad used to tell me that money does funny things to people. en, son, don't of forget where you came from. it's the best advice i ever had. i would like to know if mr. o o'reilly could tell us what the best advice his dad ever gave him and would his dad stand up and say you're doing the right thing by hammering those poor people. for more, let's bring in congressman george miller of congress. good to have you with us tonight. thanks for skbroing us. >> thank you. >> republicans, they just can't seem to get enough of this holiday season. they think that cutting food stamps is the best way to get to this budget deal. that they haven't had enough. will they ever back off, congressman? >> no, they won't back off. they believe and for many years have played the political card of trying to demonize the poor, trying to suggest that budget deficits are created by the poor. you know, you mentioned walmart and others who pay a sub minimum wage, essentially, the minimum
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wage isn't worth what it was in 1968. and they get -- that cost us $7 billion in just food stamps alone, because those people don't have enough money to stay out of poverty. they're against increasing the minimum wage, and they're against these people having enough money for food and their family. they know the fact that most of the studies show that most -- so many people on food stamps run out of food. the third week of the month. that when they have the money for food, et cetera $1.40 per person, per meal. they know how difficult it is for them to have the necessity. but that's not their political agenda. their political agenda is to demonize it. that's why they fight back so hard when the pope suggests that we should appeal to our better humanity, and care for these people and be concerned about these people. and try to get them up on their feet and get them proddive in society and provide the mechanisms to do that. that's what the pope was saying to us. he was saying this is a better humanity in this holiday season. >> congressman, what about the pope? does the pope empower the
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conversation for those who are willing to help those who are economically in trouble in this country? i mean, this is -- the ferret i can remember that a pope has injected himself into a conversation like this so intensely. does this change the dynamic at all? >> well, you know, the popes have injected themselves into these societal conversations as part of the role of the church. to take care of the flock. >> not with income inequality. >> no, i understand. it's been a while since we have seen this. and i'm very excited about it. but they have injected themselves in a lot of other issues. that you've seen play out here over the last several years. but the fact of the matter is, what this pope is saying is be discerning. think about who you're talking about. think about the situation of these people. put your own self in their shoes. walk in their shoes. and there's mechanisms that we have -- we know that when you offer people jobs, you know, we've all seen 12,000 people show up for 500 jobs. >> yeah. >> stand in the cold, stand in
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the snow. many of those people are on food stamps. what are they doing, standing in the snow, trying to get a job. not enough jobs. >> congressman, about those unemployed people, republicans also, they want to eliminate long-term unemployment benefits. is this going to happen? is this part of these budget negotiations? >> they're going to work very hard to eliminate them. they expire december 28th. they don't want to raise the minimum wage, and they don't want to provide nutrition and food stamps for the families and the children in need. so they're running a trifecta here at the end of the year to make sure that these people are not only poor, that they can't get out of poverty. they're not a mechanism out of poverty. they won't pass a transportation job to create jobs in our community. so they really lock the poor in. that's their goal. and then demonize them for being locked into poverty. being locked into unemployment. >> are you aware of any republican idea to solve poverty in america, or is it just pull your boot straps up you and this is a way it is? >> they think that they can blame and shame the poor into
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doing i don't know what. but that's always been their proposal. somehow shame would correct the behavior of the poor. they haven't been in their homes. they haven't been in their apartments. they haven't been in the schools. they haven't been with the parents and the grandparents and the older siblings, that take care of their kids that try to cope with it. they haven't been with the people who move from shelters night after night, and they search for jobs during the day. they don't understand, they haven't walked in their shoes. it's just a very cruel political trick. but i think america, you know -- i think america has seen this movie before. it doesn't solve anything. >> no, it doesn't. it's just a different test of character. different cast of characters with a little bet edgier meanness, no doubt. congressman george miller, good to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. thank you so much. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter at ed show and on facebook. we appreciate it when you do that. and we always love to know what you think. coming up, new proof members
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of congress are a bunch of space cadets. their priorities are out of this world. plus, don't you think bubba needs to kind of butt out here? we'll cut him some slack. president clinton tries to clarify his claims about junk insurance. why won't though use the term "junk insurance". and still ahead in seattle, it's the workers against boeing. stay with us. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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2:21 pm 8th in ft. lauderdale. getting ready for it. wouldn't it be a great thing to get your uncle who is a righty a ticket and have him come to the ed schultz radio show and i'll school him up real good for you for the holidays. ed show social media nation has decided, we are reporting. here are today's to him trenders, voted on by you. >> it's jingle time. >> the number three trender, jet set santa. >> santa's annual christmas eve journey around the world. the u.s. military says will be accompanied by fighter jets. >> full power! >> santa's new little helpers are causing controversy. >> he's got a couple fighters on his tail. little more of a military operation. >> intel can confirm that jack frost and abottominable snowman will not be a threat.
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>> anti grinch viral is up and will continue to monitor for threats. >> no word if santa is going to use drones this year. wolf? >> the number-two trender. space cases. >> pigs in space! >> while the budget deadline looms -- >> there are only seven work days left until the end of the first session of congress. but there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency to get a deal or to meet any dead lien when it comes to a budget. the house science committee is out of this world. >> a full house committee will spend time today holding a hearing on aliens. >> do you think it's even conceivable that there is not other life somewhere in the universe? >> today's hearing appears to be a serious effort to educate congress. >> do you believe there's life out there, dr. dick? >> yes, i do. >> okay. dr. seger? >> yes. >> and today's top trender. bill backtracks. >> words matter.
2:23 pm
>> even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> president clinton, i think, went off the rails and defended the junk insurance industry. >> clinton says he was only trying to help by defending junk insurance. >> i was trying to be supportive of it. i said nothing about this until the president himself spoke. i don't think you can find anybody in america who has worked harder for his re-election or supported this bill or went out of his way to explain the bill to the american people more than i did. >> joining me now, doctor zeke emmanuel, msnbc contributor and vice pro voeft for world global initiatives at the university of pennsylvania. doctor, good to have you with us tonight. >> nice to be here. >> i can't take argument with bill clinton. he worked awfully hard to get president obama re-elected. he was tireless on the campaign trail. but we're almost at the point where every sound bite counts. what role could bill clinton play at this point, moving forward after trying to mop up
2:24 pm
what was said in that interview? >> well, actually, isn't it interesting how the sort of -- that whole narrative of people losing their insurance has died away has the web site has come back and 1 million people or so a day can visit the website and see what's available. i do think a large part of the effort now has to be try to drive people to take a look at what's on the website. for them to look at what the options are. and to see how much of a subsidy they're going to get. and so what the final price of insurance will be for them. getting the enrollment up into the tens of thousands per day is going to be the critical issue going forward. >> what president clinton was talking about was junk insurance. but it doesn't seem like anybody wants to use the term "junk insurance." why is that? i mean, isn't it time to kind of play hard ball with these people who are throwing around myths and misinformation that's just been flying out everywhere? i mean, a junk policy is a junk policy. you're paying for something and not getting much for it. why aren't they going down that road? >> well, i think there is some
2:25 pm
short memory about how bad that individual market was, and continues to be. that's actually a large part of the reason we did health reform, is because people who didn't have health employer-based insurance often went to that market. >> exactly. >> either got denied coverage, had carveouts of things. if they had cancer, couldn't get treatment for the cancer or had very, very high prices. and it changed from year-to-year. and i think people forget how bad that market was. >> exactly. >> now -- >> this is a vital point. the very things that they are trying to defend over on the conservative side, the antis when it comes to the health care reform law, is the very reason why the law morphed into what it is today. the reason why it was addressed. because the private insurance market was so horrible for consumers in this country, the rates going through the roof, the services not being delivered or should i say covered.
2:26 pm
and now -- they're turning around defending junk insurance. it's been a wild ride. i find it -- aren't you somewhat amazed at how this has all unfolded? >> i think it's political rhetoric and heated rhetoric. i think, ed, you make one very important point, which is that you cannot both be for, well, we don't want the preexisting condition exclusions, we don't want insurance company to discriminate against people who have serious illness. on the other, we do want them to be able to create these very slim plans, et cetera. that's exactly how they exclude people who have health conditions. and how they make it very difficult to cover everyone. if you're going to cover everyone, regardless of their health condition, regardless of whether they've had cancer or a serious accident or some other problem, you really have to have a mandate. you have to have a base coverage that everyone has to get to. otherwise, the market will not work. and that, i think, is a very important lesson that has been obscured by the heated political
2:27 pm
rhetoric. the reason you have to have this essential kind of health benefits plan and the reason you have to have the mandate is because those are the only ways you can get rid of the preexisting disease exclusion from the individual market. >> dr. zeke emmanuel, good to have you with us on "the ed show" tonight. appreciate it so much. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet. coming up, republicans in the house are hungry for what? impeachment? yeah. they're talking about outer space and impeachment. but they won't come out and say it. still ahead. you can call bill o'reilly the christmas crusader. he and the governor of rhode island land in tonight's pretenders. next, i'm taking your questions live. ask ed live, coming up next here on "the ed show" on msnbc. we're right back. [ tires screech ]
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thanks for staying with us tonight on "the ed show" here on msnbc. love hearing from our viewers in it segment. tonight in our ask ed live segment, our first question from
2:31 pm
james garfield. how can obama and biden be on the side of the tpp? the transpacific partnership. it is a huge trade deal, if you didn't know what that was. in fact, it is a trade deal that is going to dwarf nafta and gat, no question about it. to answer the question directly, it's a mystery to me. but what's troublesome is that the administration has not explained to the american people just how this is going to be good for american workers and how it's going to create jobs in our economy. okay, so we're going to trade with other countries. but there's also clauses in there that deal with international tribunals that will circumvent american law when it comes to trade and the grievance process is pretty gummed up, as i understand it. also, this is an attack on american labor. it's an outsourcing on steroids agreement. and none of the trade agreements we've had have been productive when it comes to jobs. i'm curious about this.
2:32 pm
it's a mystery to me. and i wish the president would step up and explain exactly what the benefits are of this to the middle class in this country. our next question is from g christmas. would you interview michele bachmann and find out what god says we should do about the affordable care act? well, first of all, the congresswoman from minnesota would never do an interview with me because my first question would be about the possible ethics violation that she is being investigated for. i don't think she wants to answer that. nobody else asks her about it, either. she insulates herself pretty good at the conservative media. i'll tell you what i think god thinks of the affordable care act. it's a big amen. stick around. rapid response panel is next. i'm seema mody with your cnbc market wrap. the dow dropping 24 points, the s&p 500 losing 2. and the nasdaq staying relatively flat. a sign the economy is improving,
2:33 pm
the private sector surged unexpectedly in november, adding 215,000 new jobs. the trade deficit shrank in october, fall 5.4%, as u.s. exports hit a record high on increased global demand. the housing market showing signs of recovery. new home sales jumped 25.4% in october. that's the biggest gain in more than 33 years. that's your cnbc first in business worldwide. e you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. how naughty was he? oh boy... [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx. get the best offers of the season now.
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if republicans have concrete plans that will actually reduce inequality, build the middle class, provide more ladders of opportunity to the poor, let's hear them. i want to know what they are. if you don't think we should raise the minimum wage, let's hear your idea to increase people's earnings.
2:37 pm
if you don't think every child should have access to preschool, tell us what you do differently to give them a better shot. if you still don't like obama care, and i know you don't, even though it's built on market-based ideas of choice and competition and the private sector, then you should explain how exactly you would cut costs and cover more people and make insurance more secure. you owe it to the american people to tell us what you are for. not just what you're against. >> amen to that. early today, president obama delivered remarks on the economy at an event hosted by the center for american progress. the president clearly outlined who and what his administration stands for, and asked the question, what are republicans actually for? do i get to answer that? i'll tell you exactly what republicans are for. on tuesday, republicans members of the house judiciary committee, they held this little hearing called -- titled "the president's constitutional duty
2:38 pm
to faithfully execute the laws." the topic was one of their favorites, the prospect of impeaching the president of the united states, of course. the party of no wouldn't even use the word impeachment. >> the word that we don't like to say in this committee, and i'm not about to utter here in this particular hearing. >> really? this is nothing new. republicans talk impeachment every time they disagree with the president and his policies. libya, obama care, gun policy, you name it. the 113th congress, you know what they're going to do, go down as the least productive congress in modern history. the only thing republicans have done is try to repeal obama care over 40 times chs they haven't weren'ted an alternative, haven't worked to improve the law. just say no to everything. now they're wasting the american people's time, holding these hearings. president obama is right. republicans do owe it to the american people to be honest and tell us exactly what you are for. why are you against minimum wage?
2:39 pm
and everything else that's on the table when it comes to jobs? today the president spoke about income inequality and upward mobility. i thought it was one of the best economic perspective speeches he has ever given. this is what the obama administration is all about. this is what this president is about. this is, i think, why people voted for him. he cares about those who are interested in having the american dream. while the conservatives continually want to whittle it away. joining me now, rapid response panel, washington bureau chief of mother, and msnbc political analyst, david corn with us tonight. also, ruth conniff of the progressive magazine in wisconsin. great to have both of you with us. i want to talk about this. income inequality and upward mobility, ruth. and here are the republicans, not saying the word, but this is really all about the president is really not executing the laws faithfully in the united states. >> well, i'm with you, ed. i think it's great to hear the president talk about raising the minimum wage and it's exactly
2:40 pm
what the republicans don't want to talk about. which is why they really try very hard to avoid a vote on that, where they have to go out in public and express their opposition to it. enormously popular. a lot of folks on economic hard times and it's unjust, not to pay people a living wage. so this is a winning argument and one that the republicans really want to avoid. and so instead, they're engining up for the midterm elections and presidential elections by talking about this preposterous laundry list, and stumbling over themselves. my favorite line was a daily headline this morning that talked about how republicans held a hearing to see how many times they could say impeachment without sounding crazy. at odds about whether to stay it -- representative stockman of texas has drawn up articles of impeachment which could be seen as an iq test for his colleagues, passing around this list of this things and range all over the map, reasons the president has violated the constitution. but we went to the supreme court on the affordable care act. so that one really is done as a
2:41 pm
constitutional violation. >> david corn, you have to lay the foundation before you build the house. it seems like the republicans are just covering their bases in case something really comes up, they can go back home and say, well, you know, we've held hearings on possibly impeaching the president. we've got it on record what we think he hasn't done when it comes to upholding the laws. what laws are they talking about? >> you know, it's almost silly to take them at face value and have a real discussion about this. because they seem not to understand that the federal -- within the federal government, the executive branch has a tremendous amount of discretion and lee way in issuing regulations that as -- about how they implement laws. and that seems to be the big beef here in a lot of ways, the obama administration is using the power of regulation the way every other president has done so in modern times. i mean, i thought the speech -- you know, so they can talk about that. the president -- i thought did a great speech today. was very reminiscent of speeches
2:42 pm
he has given in the past when he gave in kansas a couple years ago. and makes a strong case. he did this throughout the campaign that he believes in a government that works towards increasing social mobility, and lessoning income disparity, income inequality in america. i think that's great. i mean, i know where he is on this point. and i think he's where a lot of the american public is. i still think there is a second piece to this. which is, even though nothing is going to pass congress, he needs to, i think, perpetually campaign for a specific bill, whether it's minimum wage, head start, and infrastructure bank, other forms of investment. and just keep pounding away, saying, listen, it wasn't for these no, no, no republicans comments here are the things we could get done. and just, you know, drive that point home again and again and again. >> obviously, the president is not running for re-election. you use the word campaign. i totally agree with you. >> i meant a policy campaign. >> well, my -- the way i view it, i think the president needs
2:43 pm
to go in the backyard of all of these radical republican governors and campaign against them and give that very same speech in wisconsin, and also in ohio and in michigan and in new jersey and in florida, where these guys have been opposed to everything he has wanted to do when it comes to jobs, when it comes to opportunity for people. >> right. >> how would that -- how would that play in wisconsin, if that were to happen, rukt? rukt? >> i think it would be fantastic. we're in a state hurting economically. we're lagging the other states around us. we have a republican governor who has been incredibly divisive here. but when it comes down to it, really our economic situation is what hits home with people. and i think all of these fever dreams about impeachment and talking about benghazi, it's fine for fox news and republicans to drag it out in primaries in iowa. but the truth is, people have to live their lives. they need health care and decent wages and those issues profoundly resonate with them
2:44 pm
and i think they're very open to hearing that pitch. >> and david corn, it's not as if the president is just giving some political speech today. i mean, this was a visionary in what he believes the country has to do in asking the question about the republicans. do republicans have anything to rally around, aside from taking down president obama and his policies? is. >> as far as i can tell, they have five things. benghazi, benghazi, benghazi and benghazi. and that's about it. but i mean, you and i agree. this was a great speech, these are great sentiments, all about fighting for middle class people and making sure there is mobility for low-income workers and their children to rise up on the ladders of income equality here in this country. but i still think that the president has to be able to show that he's fighting for these things every single day. fighting, fighting, fighting. beyond giving very good speeches. >> yeah. david corn, ruth conniff, thanks for being with us tonight. appreciate it so much. still ahead, boeing's
2:45 pm
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and in pretenders tonight, cave man, lincoln chafy, rhode island governor, took a stand on the separation of church and state with a holiday tree in the statehouse. >> a holiday tree, really, governor? what's a tradition of a holiday tree? where does the holiday tree come from? >> did you have to go to public school and have to say the lord's prayer in public school? i did. and get this. first, we had to say pledge of allegiance, which is good. but then all of us had to say the lord's prayer. but then the supreme court ruled that that should not be. that all students, nonchristians, have to say a christian prayer. and there was outrage, just like there is now with this tree. but now you look back on it, and think, of course, you can't ask nonchristians to say a christian prayer in public school. so these controversies, you
2:50 pm
generate them here, really shouldn't be controversies. >> this season, the governor caved and now o'reilly is spiking the football. >> a very positive footnote in rhode island, governor lincoln chafy has o'reilly is spiking the football. >> the official state tree will be called a christmas tree this year. you may remember we debated the governor last year over the holiday tree designation and we are pleased that governor chaffee made the call to christmas this year. >> there is no war on christmas. if lincoln chaffee thinks it means boughing to cable news, he can keep pretending. o'reilly, let me show you the real war on christmas. my tree is bigger than yours. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology.
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is the show for the folk hostage a shower after work. boeing, they make jets. turning its back on workers in az add? question mark. they announced a record breaking number of customer orders and commitments for its new triple 7 aircraft. the majority of those order commitments were from international air companies. >> i'm pleased to announce that emirate also order 150 boeing
2:55 pm
triple 7 x aircraft. >> emirates and foreother airlines bought 259 new airplanes. these are worth more than $95 billion. boeing is only thinking of its workers and not its shareholders. >> and commit corporate suicide, it's their business, not ours. >> they rejected boeing's long term contract proposal to build the aircraft in the puget sound area because they thought it was a bad offer. they waited for results of a union vote before calling other states to find a new site for the assembly. some of the other states competing are california, south carolina, texas and missouri. boeing is trying to save a buck by moving operations away from qualified professionals, and
2:56 pm
they have the infrastructure in seattle. this is another wage war. where are they going to be built? the scrap is on. scott paul joins us tonight on this. good to have you with us. the timetable on this is really close. the states on the list have until december 10 to come up with proposals that are going to include, obviously, tax breaks, incentives for boeing moving the triple 7 x project to their state. how do you see this unfolding for the positive for the workers? >> i think the scenario has to change, ed, because you're right. this is ultimately about good, middle class manufacturing jobs. and that's the real value to the u.s. economy of a company like boeing making great planes. and they do make great planes. they make the best planes in the world. they have the best aircraft
2:57 pm
workers in the world in washington. they wanted to re-negotiate a labor contract a couple years ahead of its expiration. the state of washington was willing to give $9 billion in tax incentives, the largest in the history of the state by far to keep boeing there. and it's not like boeing is in debt. $4 billion in profits last year. good stock price, all of those orders as you indicate, and what i see this becoming, unfortunately, is a race to the bottom. and that's not a race that we want our workers to be in. that's not ultimately a race that's going to be good for the u.s. economy. >> doesn't question come up about boeing's quality because the work force is there in seattle, all of the infrastructure, when i say infrastructure, i'm talking about all of the guts that are put together to put an aircraft like this together. this is going to have to be
2:58 pm
major facility construction in these other states that simply can't match what seattle has right now. what about that? >> absolutely. i've been to the campus and it's state-of-the-art. the work force is the best in the world at making airplanes. they actually have a comparative advantage. they do very well at that. and so it would take a lot. and one of the lessons, and this is the shocking thing to me, of the 787 dreamliner which had a lot of challenges coming out of the gate, that a lot of that plane ended up being outsourced, both to other locations in the u.s. and overseas. and when they put it all back together there were some challenges with that. to me, the management lesson is you want to keep as much of that as possible on site to mitigate your risks. and this is heading in the opposite direction. so i'm not sure that even from a management perspective, it's a very wise path to take. >> boeing said it will not negotiate. it will not negotiate with the
2:59 pm
machinists in washington after they've rejected the contract offer. what's left for the union to do? >> well, hopefully the governor and some others can weigh in on boeing. and as you and i were just discussing that boeing comes to understand that they're not going to be able to replace that work force and all those years of experience that they have. and ultimately, a race to the bottom isn't going to do boeing any favors as well. you know, the companies that buy their planes, buy them because they fly very well, not because they're necessarily cheap. and that's what you want. and you don't want, necessarily, cheap worker. you want workers who are highly skilled, who have years of experience and who want a great plane together, as they have over the last couple of decades for boeing, right there in the state of washington. >> scott paul, alliance for american manufacturing. good to have you with us tonight. thanks so much for joining us. i'd like to know what congress thinks of these bidding wars
3:00 pm
that are taking place. and, of course, again, it's the workers who take the shaft. that's "the ed show." politics nation starts right now. good evening. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, a dangerous and growing inequality. today president obama spoke in one of the poorest areas in washington d.c. delivering a passionate 50-minute speech on economic fairness. a speech that was at times highly personal. the president warning that deep income inequality is threatening the company's economic foundation and its social fabric. >> a dapgs russ and growing inequality in lack of upward mobility that has jeopardized middle class america's basic bargain that if you work hard you have a chance to get ahead. i believe this is the