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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  December 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and he worked maybe a third of the year thus far. how about showing up for work. coming up next, chuck todd our old pal and he has the 1980 scene with him. the 2004 boston red sox. chuck, take it away. >> thank you, mike. it's not sad time. actual members of congress have something they can call a bipartisan deal. you hear from them the on camera reaction that nancy pelosi may have to provide the votes to pass along. more on president obama's low marks and the new nbc news "wall street journal" poll. we heard the frustration in battle ground ohio. cannery breakthrough from the slump and recover like reagan
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and clinton. the daughter of a vice president and the second cousin of the current president. a sitting member of congress. a few of the seven conservative challengers. we will look at all of that later in the show. good morning from mid-town, manhattan. wednesday, december 11th. this is "the daily rundown." we have a lot to get to. it's not a solution to the problems, but the fact that we have progress in washington. paul ryan representing senate democrats announced a bipartisan deal. >> i'm pretty sure that the
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chairman has written compromises and we worked to get something done. >> this is as it exists, the way things are and not the way the way i want things to be. >> the two-year deal in the senate raises the cap on discretionary spending. it reduces the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester by $63 billion. this is keeping some of those cuts in place. the deal uses the pension and the employees that has new fees for airline travel.
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the way to look at this deal, it's a do no harm deal. each knows the republicans with the fiasco. and democrats folded on to the polls and the short-term republicans did not get any of the things the president has to poet. the deal has the house speaker and the leader harry reid. it will fly through the senate. the question is the house. some conservatives are lining up against it. just over 12 hours elapsed since the deal elapse and it took plenty of fire from the right. they write this. in the coming days, members of congress will have to explain what they achieved by increasing spending and fees and offering another round of promises
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waiting to be broken. eric eric sop say the democrats took advantage of the nuclear option and paul ryan will help them raise spending. the red state blog said in more detail no matter how it gets, it can be conservative and it's like a duty it pay for it. it's like giving your percocet. >> the deal was announced at 6:09 p.m. marco rubio was out with a statement condemning it. this confirms the irresponsible budgeting decisions by spending more money than america takes in. it's not the savings you put out if you are running in's swing state for reelection, but you do if you are worried about your back in a republican primary. ryan responded to this criticism from the light last night on fox.
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>> i haven't talked to him about it. i do expect some people may vote against it. he has his reasons in the minority. you don't have to pass things. that's a luxury or not. >> interesting. they are calling it a political decision by marco rubio. they are watching their own backs in primaries and do they vote for or against this? just as many things for democrats to dislike. the pension cuts and the response from democrats has been muted. moments from now, we will carry it live. it couldn't have come at a better time for congress overall. check out the poll. the majority of americans rated any congress and this in particular the worst ever. 1% called it one of the best ever in a poll of 1,000 that
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works out to about four people. we want to find out who the four people are. as the president returns to washington, the botched health care roll out drives his ratings downward and the president confronted a series of unpopular issues. his current plight is driven almost entirely by health care. 58% said it is the single most important thing shaping their views about the president. we sad down in ohio and that was crystal clear. >> launching the health care website. >> it just wasn't tested. >> be more prepared. >> i'm needing more information. d. >> remember a majority of the voeks were obama voters in 2012. a year that began with president obama riding high ends with him in the biggest poll of his
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presidency. 54% disapprove, the worst ra rating of his presidency. this is a one-point tick up from the poll last month. for the second straight poll and second time ever, more people have a negative view of the president personally than a positive one. 28% call themselves proud or satisfied with the obama presidency. 50% say they are disa ponented or dissatisfied. 22% call themselves mixed. 41% of obama voters in 2012 rate his presidency even mixed or disappointed. >> he lot of as goals. >> says one thing and does another. >> health care was an issue that was important, but i think like all politicians, you talk the talk, but it's hard to walk the walk. >> the health care roll out is
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dragging down his ratings on personal performance. down ten points from last january. 28% gave high marks for being able to achieve his goals. 14 points down from a year ago on being a strong leader. they believe a long-term set back is unlikely to get better. the president's numbers are not helping other democrats. democrats have an eight-point edge on the generic ballot if we should control congress. the republicans have the first lead in this poll in three years. the question of course is can the president recover? the answer as one said, as health care goes, so goes the obama presidency. the only way his numbers improve is if the law looks like it's starting to work. while the administration is far behind, they meet the march goal that is clearly the website that
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is making progress. the administration said more than doubled the enrollment in november and the first two months of open enrollment. you have 364,000 americans enrolled in exchanges and 137,000 people signed up on the federal exchange. more than 227,000 have signed up on the 15 state-unexchanges. can the white house improve those numbers in the months ahead? we will have a lot more later in the show. it is being described as modest and a good first step. how do both sides avoid making significant compromises? i am joined by bill nelson who is a number of the budget conference committee. senator nelson, it is something about the perception of washington that has seen a good day. how can you describe this?
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very modest or you believe it's going to lead to 134g bigger and better? >> good morning, chuck. i take the long view. we come from a position that you can't negotiate if no one will negotiate. that suddenly changed. now we have got a deal that will take away in the first year most of the sequester cuts which we are going to vis rate things like defense and nih, transportation, nasa. we got an agreement. it should pass. then the backdrop of an expanding and improving economy and the backdrop of which you put up on the screen, the increasing success of the health care bill. what you are going to see,
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things start to improve. if, for example, this is foreshadowing an agreement on the farm bill, there is about $20 billion in savings right there out of the farm bill. you add one of those things to another, the deficit and getting rid entirely of the sequester. >> no politician claims that polls move them, but i am curious, it seems as if both parties on capitol hill looked at the numbers lately. the last two months they realized there was a sheepishness that almost like we better be able to work something out. is it fair to say that the public discussed both upset about the health care roll out. they almost forced this agreement. >> i hope so.
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the public doesn't have a very high opinion, although when i go to florida, all the time people come out and say thank you for standing up for common sense and political moderation. i think there is a reservoir of people wanting to invest that politicians stop getting into their ideological boxes and stop talking to each other. we are seeing a reversal and down the line, you can't get an agreement on tax reform and things are a blessing next year. >> let me ask you how the white house handled health care since the troubled roll out and the different things they have done. i know a lot of democrats have been stewing and the white house needs to show more
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accountability. are you satisfied with the changes that they made, for instance the hiring or do you think they need to show more accountability in what went wrong on health care? >> i have not been silently stewing. i have been vocally critical. i think it's a step in the right direction. kathleen sebelius is doing everything she can. i think at the end of the day when they get this fixed and it's beginning to get fixed, somebody ought to be held accountable and people ought to lose their jobs. >> the hand shake that a lot of people are trying to make a big deal out of, much a do about nothing or does in south florida did that picture resonate negatively? >> for those who want to stay in that ideological box, it will
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get them lathered up. it is much a do about nothing when you put it in context of other presidents who reached out and put it in the context of that memorial stadium when the focus is on mandela and you don't want to act in a way with the leader of the free world on a front which will be in a front to the memory of nelson mandela. i agree with the president. >> you made a final decision the governor of florida in 2014? >> i have no plans to run for governor. >> have you made a final decision? >> i can't say it any better than that. >> you are not running? >> they are coming to me all the time and saying will you consider. in the senate you retain the majority, i will be number two
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on the service. >> let the record show you are leading, but you have not said no, no, no. you have not been shermanesque. >> no, but i have said what i said. >> fair enough. bill nelson, a democrat from the state of florida. much more on the new poll in 20 minutes with the pollsters. a deep dive into the unlucky 7. the senators getting the challenge from the right. we expect to hear from nancy pelosi and her fellow house democrats. will they have to provide the numbers to pass the compromise by paul ryan. >> a busy day. the president touched down very early this morning on a whirl wind 46 hour trip back and forth from south africa. we'll be right back.
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waiting for the first on camera comments, we will go to the deep dive. it's that kind of middle of the road deal that will likely provide fresh ammunition to conservatives taking aim at washington incumbents. what's at stake for them and conservative challenges. so far seven of them are facing serious or semi serious challenges from the right. these are not freshmen senators. they are current and former party leaders. they combined 130 years. these are senators that survived
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the 08 onslaught and the democratic wave that took place with the president's first election. their challengers range from texas to the daughter of a former vice president. there is a bell manufacturer millionaire in kentucky. there was a distant cousin of president obama in kansas who is running. there is a mississippi lawyer and a tennessee farmer and a slew of candidates including the first woman to graduate from the citadel. the performance will set the tone and the direction for the gop in 2016 and more than anything else that happens, if all or nearly all squeak by, the tea party will be seen as the dog that didn't butt. all of them are on the verge of losing and it gets tough and it could set the course for another tumultuous primary season. joining me now, author of the fix and contributor nathan
6:21 am
gonzalez. a contributing writer. all right, boys. i want to uh down the individual races. let's start with the newest in texas. steve stockman and john corn in. noble believes steve is going to win except for the fact that look at what ted cruz did. could we be all under mostitying stocks? >> i always leave open the possibility that especially in a primary where it's so important to note, it's a tiny electoral. you are not talking about hundreds of thousands. >> it's a tinier electorate. he had a run off and basically more people vote in a state like indiana in general than republicans than maybe a run off in texas. >> i think that's really important to remember as we handicap all of these races. it is such a small group of
6:22 am
poem. steve is not ted cruz. cruz was able to unify the world and help him money and his profile. all of these groups. stockman is going to get some support from groups like that, but you saw club from growth was resistant. it's not the same guy. i think he has a ceiling and a floor in the 30s. >> he is out to figure out how to make money. from mississippi, nathan gonzalez, you believe what i believe. the single most vulnerable. >> i think it's important that you remember all the prime easier are not created equal. you have incumbents with different levels of vulnerability. the different levels of credibility and states that are more difficult or expensive to play than others. when you compare mississippi to
6:23 am
texas, you can advertise in mississippi statewide and if you transfer that, you can get about half of one of the 23 media markets in texas. >> and statewide mississippi. >> and chris mentioned with the club for growth, it's $5.5 million and not going to be with steve stockman, but mississippi is the one race where you have that alignment with the outside groups. the other thing is the senator is starting for scratch. he can't start the model of ahead of your challenge, 18 months in advance. he is starting from zero. mississippi is the to watch. >> then there is kentucky. they both feel they are more symbolic. lindsay graham and mitch mcconnell are symbolic. i go back and forth of who is more vulnerable.
6:24 am
some want to send a message and go after mcconnell and some who say lindsay graham talks. i go back and forth on which is next on the most vulnerable list. >> one interesting thing is whether you agree or disagree is both are good candidates and campaigners. if you look at lindsay graham, that's one of the best campaigns you will see run in the modern err a. you mentioned in the opening about matt. his family makes the bells at salvation army ringers use around the holidays. he is wealthy and that seems to be the x factor. he has never done this before. we don't know if he is good, bad, or indifferent. i was taken back that connell who stayed away from anything that had anything to do with bipartisanship was the guy who cut the deal.
6:25 am
maybe he is less worried about the primary. he knows something we don't. mitch mcconnell is a savvy politician. he wouldn't do this willie nilly. >> south carolina could end up with a run off. of course mcconnell is the only who has to worry about a general election. the next three and we will wrap it up, pat roberedson, lamar alexander and a special episode of mike enzi and liz cheney. roberts and alexander are not in trouble yet. both strike me as if the challenger got hot late, they could be snuck up upon. >> right. with pat roberts, his challenger, we have to see that. how his fourth quarter report looks.
6:26 am
if he was able to post a decent number, that will cause the outside groups to take a look at it. whether it's a club for growth or others who are not interested in picking up the candidate and they have to show lovability on their own. another point that is important is the calendar and how these take place. they will start with john corn in. and mitch mcconnell anded that cochran. if there is success from the outside groups at the beginning, that could snowball into the others or work in the opposite direction. >> vehicle quickly, it's a very special race. the cheneys versus enzi. this has nothing to do with ideology. this one is one that is not like the other. >> that was just the point i was going to make. i think it was cheney wanted to create this as she is the true conservative. mike enzi is among the most conservative members.
6:27 am
he is not part of a leadership. there is no argument that she made yet that convinces me and i'm sure voters why he needs to be fired. >> the most important thing here and will let you chime? on this. only one of the seven would be problematic in a general election if the incumbent loses. thank you very much. >> thanks, chuck. >> we have election results. that's one of the big things in the data bank. how many women have chaired the senate budget committee? the first person to tweet the correct answer gets an on air shout out. the answer and more is coming up. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
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>> time now for the daily editions. you were friends and simply say how about that? we start with the house and 79 is the number of women elected to serve in the house of representatives. katherine clark run to finish out the term of ed marky. hew is now a u.s. senator to replace john kerry in a special. clark is only the fifth woman elected and after american governor multiple women have been elected. i think they are past stereotypes should be tossed aside. the next number is two. the number of nominees confirmed since the filibuster wars since they voted to consummer patricia millet and confirmed the representative from north carolina to lead and give us another special election. next up, three million is the amount of cash that the charlie
6:32 am
crystal pain raised in the first month. the parties run as democrats and rick scott praised twice as much money and has billions to spent of his own money. the income number is staggering. 2,000 mourners are filing past nelson mandela's casket per hour. they are marking mourners fingers to make sure they only pass the casket once. the last number is 57%, the number of people who have a positive impression of pope francis. they named him person of the year this morning. i argued had they not named him, time should stop giving away the award. 41% said this pope has given a more favorable view of the catholic church overall. that's the impact he is having. so much more to dig into by the way. they are going to be here to
6:33 am
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which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee. go to back now for a look inside our new "wall street journal" poll numbers, this is a fork in the road number for the president's second term. he is at a tipping point with the american public. can he recover? the last two-term presidents had similar heads in the fifth or 6th year. for reagan iran contra. for clinton it was monica lewinsky. for george w. bush it was iraq, katrina and the economy. he did not recover. where are we? let's look back between bush and president obama. like bush the president suffered
6:37 am
a drop in job approval and personal favorable ratings and like bush, the public is questioning his leadership ability. you saw that throughout the poll and it had a reverberation effect. it shifted in favor of the other party. will republicans do the same? can the president recover and do what bush didn't do? the man behind the numbers, pollster fred yang. fred and bill, this was a topic of conversation yesterday. is president obama, reagan or clinton or is he more like bush or carter? fred, what in the numbers, are you optimistic and what have you concerned? >> i think barack obama will be barack obama. for obama supporters, obama opponents and those in the middle, right now the issue of the day for them is health care.
6:38 am
it seems like the last couple of years he is in charge of events. fundamentally that's what paul was saying. where is the leadership and the vision that we expected? i think health care is the issue of the day for him. things look like they are turning around. you look at the economic numbers. they were better for him than the shut down. i think it's too early to on where he will be. he was at this place august of 2011 and managed to recover. >> it's interesting and we will put up and i asked this question of our respondents, do you think it's a short-term set back or snag is longer term. the majorities say it's longer term to what president bush saw in november. the same point of his presidency that president obama did. you were talking about working for president reagan's pollster back in the 80s in iran contra
6:39 am
where you felt like it was never going move away from president reg land, but it did eventually. is the economy the key for president obama? >> no. here's what's happening. the president for the fertile time has a net negative personal rating. on honesty and straight forward, there is a core trust we need in our president and that has been pierced. that's vulnerable and damaging for the president. his numbers still continue to erode. i think there is a lot of troubled signs for the president. by the way, here's the difference. health care will roll out and there is lots of indications between the troubles that folks are signing up and get coverage and the mandate coming up. this is unlike some of these other controversies for past presidents.
6:40 am
keep it rolling out and out and raises the spector of people believing that it's not working the way it is supposed to. >> i want to definitely into the health care. the health care law, it seems to me that there is a contradiction in how the public views the health care law. a majority call it a bad idea. 80% now say they are satisfied with their own health care coverage, an increase since before the full implementation began. explain the contradiction. >> it's easy. this happened in 1994. people like what they had when they realized they could lose it. we are watching the same thing when people say don't take what i have. today people are saying this law did not impact meechlt i think this in country there was a strong sense we have been fight being this.
6:41 am
they haven't come to final judgment, but it's how long they have to convince people this will be a productive idea. the president has a harder road. >> the 58% number, having no impact, the fact that that is a large majority that said the law had no impact. how important is that to the white house? views on the health care law, just 26% want full repeal. if you want minor and major reforms to the law itself together, there is 7% that would like to see it repaired. >> the american public wants this to work. they want to fix it. i think the 58% number is important. this is a landmark law that will impact for years, but in terms
6:42 am
of who is being affected, it's not the majority of the public. the bad idea good idea numbers are tough for the administration, but not like it was ever popular. it's always been a very politicized partisan issue. actually the first we did on this was the only good idea. it has been a bad idea since it passed. the president's numbers have waxed and waned separate from how people feel. again, this is the topic of the day and dominated the conversation. that's why we are seeing the impact both from his supporters and opponents. this is going to be fixed. we are going to move on. the economic numbers and the foreign policy again is too soon tell whether he will be george w. bush or whether it will be barack obama. >> i want to move here and we asked this in three ways and
6:43 am
this is a big topic of conversation. we had the strike with low wageworkers. what was interesting is the broad coalition for raising the minimum wage to $10.10. you start seeing that coalition shrinks. what was interesting here was there was a bipartisan mix, an ideological mix of support for raising it just over $10. explain. >> the minimum wage has strong numbers with democrats and on the $10.10 figure, you have almost half of republicans and tea party say they would favor that. that's a very unusual finding and it shows the pent up demand and the pressure i think will be in congress and our cities and around the states. to deal with the issue. i think overtime we will see our
6:44 am
country come to resolution. y we will see some increase overtime, but this says that's it. support begins to erode and anything above the $9 or $10 had level. that's why there is no support for those numbers. >> when you look at the minimum wage, it seems obvious that the white house probably goes and trumpets this quickly in early january. it could be an easy early win given the support. >> when the economies are doing better, this is as we see from recent reports and rising concerns about income inequality. this is another thing for the country to chip away that issue. >> i have to leave it there. we have a lot of other stuff and i will probably bring it back to talk about that. thank you, guys. still to come, when a hand shake
6:45 am
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>> apollo 17 astronauts are on the moon and preparing to start their first moon walk. >> can you believe this? 1972. this was when the last manned moon mission happened. of course they spent three days on the lunar surface and no one has set foot on the moon since they left more than 40 years ago. go figure. one of the things about the budget deal is it was supposed to give certainty about the economy and there was thought
6:49 am
that maybe the markets would explode today. right now they are down a little bit. perhaps all of us in washington are overreading. trivia time, one woman chaired the budget committee. she took over as chair in january. congratulations to today's winner. i hope i said that right. he is from miami, florida. send your trivia questions in. still waiting on nancy pelosi. they are more than 35 minutes late. perhaps they are waiting to see how house republicans are going to be responding. they're trying to get over the debate. there has been plenty of tweets talking about the fact that they heard applause and singing. maybe half the republicans are more excited than some in the twitter verse. we'll be right back. hoo.
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let's take you now, the house democratic leadership team is just now starting their press conference. i think now javier pecera is speaking. we will dip in and take a listen and of course want to hear from the minority leader herself, nancy pelosi. >> mr. clyburn, who is a member of the leadership will speak as well and miss lowy, another member of the conference committee. if i could just let them speak on the budget, i'll just say one thing. some decent news. some good news. and that is that today we've learned that some 1.2 million people in america have gained health insurance coverage as a result of the affordable care act. over 360,000 under the marketplace having applied directly through the marketplace and 800,000 through medicaid. and we know that another 1.9 million americans have already
6:54 am
started the application process and simply need to choose which option they'd like to have. so some 3 million americans today we can say will have health security, something they did not have before. clearly americans want health security and they're signing up for health insurance under the affordable care act. like the american people, democrats want to make sure the health security law works. we don't want to shut it down. and so now on the issue of hopefully no more shutdowns, we want to be able to start talking about moving forward on the budget so we can get to the real work of the american people, which is creating jobs, raising the minimum wage and making sure all of us who want to work in america have a chance to get a good job. with that let me yield to our leader -- let me yield now to mr. van hollen and mr. clyburn and miss lowie. >> thank you, mr. becerra. it's great to be here with my colleagues and fellow conferees, mr. clyburn and miss lowie.
6:55 am
this was a hard-fought negotiation and i want to thank leader pelosi and my fellow conferees for making it clear as recently as 12 to 24 hours ago that the way the agreement was taking shape would absolutely not be acceptable to members of the democratic caucus. it's now in a form where members of our caucus will have to decide for themselves. speaking individually, my view is that it is a small step in the right direction because we are able to restore many of the cuts that would otherwise take place as a result of the sequester, those very deep and immediate cuts, and it especially is good at restoring some of the cuts that would have taken place in important domestic investments, in our kids' education, in science and research at places -- >> it's the first comments that matter the most. two quick things taking away what you heard there. number one, the fact that they led with the news out of hhs
6:56 am
regarding health care sign-ups, that tells you what is concerning many democrats on capitol hill first. but the second thing is to hear what chris van hollen said. it wasn't a full endorsement of the deal. members will have to decide for themself. that's an important tell on whether they're going to, quote unquote, whip for this. but he himself, it's a hit on federal pensions. it's his district that would get hit a little bit on this more than most, but he sounds like he is going to be for the deal sending that signal. so sort of reluctant endorsement of the deal is probably the best way to describe that. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." chris jansing will have nancy pelosi's coming up literally in minutes. across america people are taking charge
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freezing cold by warming up rocks in a campfire. and secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius will testify before congress again. she's just announced that the inspector general will review the development of and we're also waiting to hear from the speaker of the house, john boehner, and house democrats in their first new conferences since the budget deal was announced. good morning, i'm chris jansing. today we do have the first bipartisan thing that congress has worked out in a long time. it is a budget deal. but this morning the critics are already lining up. conservative groups pushing members of congress to vote against it. and 2016 contender senator marco rubio was one of the first to put out a statement saying he will vote against it, calling the plan irresponsible. the deal reverses $63 billion in sequester cuts, but also cuts the deficit by $23 billion by extending a cut to medicare providers. federal workers will have to give a little more for their pensions and