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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 20, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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have 22 of them saved much to their sur price. cloak and dagger, super top secret, altruism. that its the best new thing in the world. good friday morning. right now on "first look," 40 million shoppers. that's how many target customers credit and debit cards were compromised. a republican representative out of rehab for cocaine is proposing man toir drug testing for officials. thief busted. . . had armed robber is confronted by a startled and brave passenger. plus show time as theater goers run for covers. have the "duck dynasty" s r stars quacked their last?
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good morning -- the target data heist is the closest thing to a national credit card hacking the u.s. has ever seen. let's get the very latest from melissa mo lay. target issued a letter to customers overnight. >> here's the letter. it's seven pages long. it goes into a lot of detail about how you can fix your credit if something has gone wrong. they are in full damage control mode this morning as millions of americans scramble to find out if they are victims. many of us do it every day without thinking twice. but after one of the largest credit card scams in history at one of the nation's largest retailers, the next time you pull out the plastic, you might reconsider. >> there are five fraudulent charges. >> reporter: she's not alone. 40 million cards now vulnerable
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over a span of 19 days. they stole strak data from the cards. target now issuing this letter to customers apologizing saying they are working with a forensics firm to find the culpri culprits. >> used a different card that you used at target during that period. that's probably the safest thing to do. >> anyone who has a credit history wants to continually check. it it shouldn't be exposure specific. >> reporter: the track data is very valuable on the black market and can be used to make purchases online or entirely fake cards in a a process called cloning. >> the more proactive you become and try to protect yourself, it doesn't seem to matter. >> reporter: the hardest part many of the largest rings are overseas. >> as you might imagine, those overseas rings make it very tough r the u.s. to prosecute.
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>> all right, thanks so much for the latest on. that. also new this morning, the florida congressman busted r pr cocaine possession has left rehab. he spent 28 days in a substance abuse treatment program and he's speaking about his future for the first time saying he has no plan s plans to resign from congressman. he pleaded guilty last month and was sentenced to one year to probation. he says that all elected officials should be subject to drug tests. a night at the theater turned to chaos when the ceiling collapsed at the apollo theater in london. more than 700 people were packed into the auditorium when plaster and wood fell from high above and injured nearly 80 people, 7 seriously. theater goers described the scene inside the building. >> a loud bang, i didn't think it was an explosion. the ceiling came down. dust and woodlanded on five or
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six rows. >> sections of the balcony also fell with the ceiling pinning down a number of people. for now they are ruling out foul play. the senate barrels into its last day in session with two major decisions. senators voted 84-15 just before midnight for a comprehensive defense bill that cracks down on sexual assault in the military and adds protections for victims. it includes a 1% pay increase to military personnel. a vote on jan el yelen will come in january. the controversy over "duck dynasty's" film robertson is far from over. the family released a statement in support of the patriarch saying his believes are grounded in the teachings of the bible. it went on to say "we are
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disappointed that phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith." the robertsons are discussing the future of show. the august premier was the number one telecast in cable history. and it's time for sports. richard lui is here with all the headlines. >> the question on kobe this morning out six weeks, a season or even a career. kobe bryant suffered a knee fracture tuesday six games returning after a achilles injury. hold on a second. some are saying this is a five-time world champ. lots of folks rooting for him. it's good to be the king. king james and the lebron family has the most jersey sales in all
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the land. kobe bryant's was number two. the nba saying the overall sales pr jerseys is up double digits. oklahoma city unstoppable. the bulls keep falling down taking refs with them right there. he's okay. they lose their fourth this. a row. thunder win 107-95. it was an all season low for ucla. despite them leading at the half, the offense sirgeing. duke wins 80-63. maybe they got a little nervous. there were 45 nba scouts on hand. >> then the scouts should stay away. >> they like duke. number one arizona, aaron gordon getting 21 points in that game. during a time-out, arizona pays tribute to an air force family. there's mom and wife thinking they are getting gifts.
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but it's her husband. they were reunited after six months for the holidays. she doesn't like surprises. probably one she did like. how about a hockey-winning goal like this one? a behind the back, no look shot. philadelphia rallying 5-4 over columbus. wasn't even looking at the goal. so how about imitating the hit stomp during a halftime show? that's what shaquille o'neal, ernie johnson -- barkley is not a fan. >> bill and i should adopt that. unfortunately our rhythm was quite not as good. >> speak for yourself. i'm trying. >> maybe if we were in the same place. tis the season to raleigh. with just six days until christmas, many have already hit the road. jay gray joins us live from atlanta.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. 75 and 85, the highways over my shoulder moving along smoothly. that expected to change as the sun comes up and continue to be busy throughout the next couple of weeks. that's because aaa is predicting this will be the busiest year in travel season ever. they expect to see 94.5 million people taking a trip of 50 miles or more. 91% of those will be on the roadwa roadways. 5.5 million will travel by air. it's going to be busy on the roadways. busy on the runways. you need to bring your patience along if you're taking a trip. the weather could play a role in some of this too. you want to check the forecast before you hit the roads. that's the latest here in atlanta. mara, back to you. >> hanks so much for that. now for a look at the weather. here's bill karins. we like the nice segues. >> travel is going to be more difficult over this weekend then as we approach christmas. there's no sorms across the
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lower 48. but this weekend, a different story. let me show you what's going on. a cold blast coming to the northern plains. 60s from texas almost into the ohio valley. 55 in indianapolis. the blue line is the freezing line. freezing drizzle through iowa, southern wisconsin. be careful around the milwaukee area all the way down to kansas city. the 40-hour rainfall, heavy rain from memphis to little rock through ohio and indianapolis. there's flash flooding possible. the snow melt and heavy rain on top of it is the concern. saturday is going to be the worst of it. we could see a possibility of a few tornadoes in the deep south. look at the temperature. 64 in d.c. by sunday. >> really hard to believe for this time of year. >> a lot of people on the east coast, it's strange to be christmas shopping in a t-shirt. >> sunday is my baby girl's birthday. >> congratulations.
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welcome back. a u.s. marine was killed in a sky diving accident on a trip to australia. his wife won it on "ellen requests show. i have been speaking with her and my staff has been in touch with her as well. she's asked to help us keep this private. i hope that everyone respect that. a jury decided in favor of ryan o'neill about a portrait of the late farah fawcett. he will be allowed to keep a painting of fawcett lo left her artwork to the university of texas. president obama commutes the prison sentences. one is a cousin of the
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massachusetts gov governor. each has served over 15 years in prison for r their drug crimes. the russian president made some pardons including an oil tie con. he's also letting the members of a punk rock band be released just before the holidays. and speaking of lucky duck shs these five pampered birds will be retiring from the peabody hotel. s that just the latest. but this special group will be retiring to the jack daniels distillery. warren buffett earned $1.5 million per hour in 2013 that works out to $12.7 billion for the year. now it's time for a look at business. we turn to seema mody. >> let's talk about facebook. the founder is cashing in on stocks. he's selling over 41 million shares worth around $2.3
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billion. facebook has said most of the net proceeds will go to uncle sam. he may end up paying between $2 to $3 billion in state taxes. he's donating about a billion dollars worth of facebook stock to charity. mcdonald's mighty wings didn't prove to be mighty. they have hundreds of frozen pounds in sorge. they spoke with mcdonald's and confirmed they are bringing back the wings very soon. >> thanks so much. a bipartisan group of senators defying president obama. that's coming up next. stick with innovation.
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i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. here's your first look at this friday's edition of scrambled politics. defying the white house, a group of 26 senators are prepping an iran sanctions bill led by senator bob menendez to increase pressure on iran as it fails its obligations of its nuclear deal. the president would veto if enacted. . chris christie is expected to sign a version of the dream act into law. it would allow students instate tuition but would not receive financial aid. 1.3 million people stand to lose their unemployment benefit was a christmas. the budget deal fails to extend the emergency unemployment compensation program. here's what jeff merkley told
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chris hayes. >> i have a slim hope that the senate and house will come to their sense because delivering 1.3 million lumps of coal across the country, kicking people when they are down is certainly absolutely wrong. >> and the reverend al sharpton interviewed michelle obama where she shared a personal story about her daughter's brush with meningitis at just four months old. >> but if we hadn't had insurance and access to a pediatrician and access to a hospital where we deny have to worry about the cost of care, if we had waited overnight, if we had postponed acting, there's no telling what the outcome would have been. organizing for action wants to know how you plan to spend the cold days in december. tweeting that pajama boy planning to drink hot chocolate and talk about getting health insurance. he will "wear pajamas and drink
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hot chocolate because that's all you can afford under obama care. words people want to see disappear is obamacare followed by shutdown, gridlock, fiscal cliff. it's time for your friday first look at politics. joining me from washington is kevin suh rilly. >> happy friday and happy early birthday to your daughter. >> that's sweet of you. thank you. let's start with the "duck dynasty" story. some are coming to their defense. why are they getting involved? >> i don't know and i don't care. aren't people sick of this yet? bobby jindal a potential 2016 contender walked into the middle of it and says he was just using
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his free speech and that people are too politically correct nowadays. i just don't understand why jindal would want to even weigh in on this at all. >> free speech issue, but this is r more of an employment issue you could argue. >> and it's just like wrong for so many reasons. hhs is easing the rules for those whose policies were cancelled under obama care. how long do you expect this tinkering to take place and is it undermining the intention of the law? >> it is undermining the intentions of the law and it took a lot of people by surprise. the latest reports are that this could impact up to 500,000 people who would be exempt from this. you called it tinkering. that's exactly what it is. it's the latest bullet point. we're three days away from the deadline for people to get on board by january 1st. it's just more criticism that republicans can lob at the
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administration. nbc political team has their predictions for the top political stories of 2014. i want to ask you. what issues do you think will be front and center this coming year? >> three things, the nsa is not going away. there's lawsuits making their way through the court systems. senator rand paul says they might be sueing the nsa. that could be another lawsuit for a contender. obama care, which we just talked about. i think this whole idea of russian olympics. i think there's going to be a lot of politicking with that as we head into midterm year and all of that. so a ton of stuff to look forward to not to meenntion the debt ceiling. >> thanks so much for your time as always. >> thanks for having me. coming up, bill karins will be here for first buzz. we'll tell you about the stories that caught our attention this morning. oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light,
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leading the news, slightly haunted pennsylvania home on sale for an unfrightening $1 $140,000. it it comes with screaming and someone lerking behind you in the bathroom mirror. >> it's got good bones otherwise. >> at least they are putting everything out front and center. it's either haunted or it's not. you have annoying words. >> annoying words of 2013. there was a study done by the
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college institute for public opinion. those are the most annoying words for 2013. obviously, number 4 is just sayin', number 3 is you know, number 2 is like. topmost annoying word, ladies and gentlemen, drum roll, whatever. >> i like to say it like that. >> what about yolo? >> it's i'm for yolo to go. >> come on. >> you have -- i have forgotten now. >> secret santa, the biggest ever. one of users got their gift and was sent to them and she opened it up and saw this. it said to rachel from bill. that's nice. bill got her a gift. not any bill. bill gates got her a gift.
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just to prove it it, he actually took the picture with him and so she wouldn't think it was a hoax. she gave her this it cow which is going to be donated to a charity. he got her this book, which she actually loves. she actually signed up for these things and that's why he got her this. >> people are saying that he's cheap, but the cow is an expensive gift. >> it was on her registry. >> now she probably wish she is put diamonds and saving bonds. >> this is a bittersweet buzz pr me. this is my last day here. >> that's a buzz kill. >> it is a buzz kill. i'm moving on to another adventure on tv. i have to say thank you to all of you for watching. i have to say thank you to all the people that the audience. the producers, the staff, the crew who all do the show. without them it it would be a big black hole. >> we will miss you.
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>> get a job where you sleep in. >> don't forget us. >> i could never forget you guys. you guys have a great weekend. i will miss everyone. "way too early" starts right now. that looks like a "duck dynasty" camo shirt is that it? >> we wear camo up here every day. i was wearing camo this morning when the producer called and asked to be on the show. i said, sure. i'll keep my same clothes if. you don't mind. >> a reality show controversy turns into a political football. high profile conservatives jump into the fray surrounding the suspension of a "duck dynasty" star and his remarks about homosexuality. it was a scary scene in london. what sent hundreds of audience members fleeing for safety right in the middle of a performance.
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will ferrell as will ferrell. describing how he wound up anchoring the newscast as ron burgundy. this is "way too early." will ferrell knows how to make an entrance. it is friday, december 20th. we start off with the obama administration is doing by making final preparations before the health care law tax penalty goes into effect in 2014. last night white house officials announced any american who had their health care policies cancelled because of the affordable care act will not be penalized next year. lawmakers have claimed the number of cancellations would exceed the number of people signing up through the exchanges. the white house refutes that claiming saying fewer than o


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