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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 23, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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extravaganza. >> did we did this last year? >> we did. you sort of weren't there and then you ended up showing up. you seemed to like it in the long run. you were grumpy at first. >> it's pretty early to let people into our studio. >> it's christmas, joe. have you to. >> we got people just showing up. >> that's okay. >> we've got everyone running around. >> everyone's in they're jammies and it's christmas. are you excited? what's santa going to bring you? >> a bag of rocks. do i look excited about christmas? what's your favorite christmas memory. growing up for me was pretty rough. we didn't celebrate christmas for like five, six years. a big battle over -- >> i guess aside from celebrating with you, of course -- >> appreciate the sarcasm. >> -- we love having the family together and bringing everybody into the house. even our animals, our horse.
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that would be a wonderful christmas memory. >> i'm the redneck. what are you doing with a horse? >> she would drink beer and walk all over the house and then we would open presents and strawberry would get a present, too. >> okay. i have to say -- >> what about you, joe? >> i have no stories of barn yard animals in my house. >> would you like to get to the news? >> let's do it. >> a outbreak of wild weather that could stretch into the busiest area of the year. a storm in 32 states brought flash flood to record temperatures. in new york stated more than 1,000 pilllows were on standby clear ice off roads. 300,000 people in michigan were left without power. >> if only we had a meteorologist. >> i know. just drop in. come from under the fireplace
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just like -- oh, hello. >> hey, look. what are you doing? >> i thought you said christmas pimp. >> i like this very much. >> have you heard of swanz? >> a christmas sweater turned into pajamas. >> i want some. >> maybe i'll get some for you. >> what's going on? >> i'm sweating right now. i'm november sweating in a studio. >> i sweat all the time. you'll get used to it. >> what's happening with the weather? >> it's 65 degrees in new york city. everything about my outfit is inappropriate. it will cool back down by christmas. we'll get into much more seasonable weather. it feels like 30, 40 below in the northern plains where we have windchill advisories in effect. it feels like 15 below in minneapolis. we have cooler temperatures working into the east coast. it takes rain before that
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happens. we have heavy rain about to work into new york city and boston, stretching into the panhandle of florida. central and northern new england, that's where we have freezing rain. we could end up with half an inch of freezing rain up that way. we're also looking at about 3 inches of regular rain through virginia and into north carolina. and then temperatures will cool off. 60 today in washington, d.c. watch what happens as we go into tomorrow. back into 42. we'll be in the 30s through christmas. 11 degrees tomorrow in minneapolis with lighter snow showers. definitely across the northern plains and into the great lakes, that's where it's going to be a white christmas. any snow we've had here is dirty or completely melted away. >> where does one go to get those? >> you go to the wardrobe department and hand them an old christmas sweater and they can turn into the -- >> i want those for christmas. >> i thought i had good socks on until i saw your slippers. >> sock monkey socks. >> this is actually my
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mother-in-law's. i don't have one this heavy and this warm. >> tell your mother-in-law i need to know who her shopper is. i need that. >> exactly. i would like one for christmas. you've gotten my presents, right? >> no, i haven't opened them yet. >> now you know everything she wants. there you go. >> i have all yours ready. thank you so much. >> do we really have to do news? >> yes. come on. you want to read the paper? >> today -- we did that last time. would somebody give me a paper? >> he's all grumpy. >> i like what you did to fireplace this year. we put your picture up. >> it's great. >> i don't think anything sets the spirit more than that. >> no. that and pajamas. i think we should keep our pajamas on all morning long, right? >> you're missing the picture. go up to the picture. there we go. >> you look so handsome.
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you are one crazy guy. >> that's the present i give to everybody. >> i know. i have like 18. >> they're great. >> i have key chains with that on it. today is the last day to sign up for health care to get coverage bit first of the year. officials are expecting a last minute crush of web traffic and there's concern for the site's ability to handle the volume. people can still enroll -- >> do they really think people are going to sign up today? >> no, but i think they've been trying to and they've had problem. people can still enroll until the end of march to avoid penalty fees. as the year comes to a close, senator joe manchin said the tough rollout could come at a heavy political cost. >> do you think that obamacare will be a major factor in determining the success of democrats in 2014? >> it's weighing heavy on that. i'm very close to our democrats who are up right now, and even
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the republicans who are my friends. you know, they're using that. they think that that's a great advantage they have. the democrats right now are feeling the weight of it. we have some very good people who are truly there, i believe, for the right reason. they're going to be challenged for the wrong reason. >> on friday president obama announced 1 million people signed up for health care, but a new associated press report indicates many could face sticker shock. with many people buying the least expensive plans possible, out of pocket costs could be much higher than they expect. moving on now, unemployment benefits run out for more than 1 million americans after congress failed to extend them past 26 weeks. the emergency unemployment officially expires on saturday. the length of unemployment coverage varies by state but among the worst hit, california and new york, which will see hundreds of thousands lose extended benefits through 2014. despite overall improvements in the jobless rate, many americans
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still find themselves out of work. 37 weeks on average. >> the comments of duck dynasty and what comments he made over homosexuality. the family was at church sunday in louisiana, and phil robertson reportedly said, quote, i love all men and women and am a lover of hue man tishgs not a hater. he led a prayer in which he said, i will not give or back off from my path. the controversy, of course, has inflamed opinion on both sides. you had large crowds flock to duck dash 5k. restaurant and retailer cracker barrel announced it would pull some "duck dynasty" products from its shelves. after an uproar, they apologized and backtracked.
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you know the old saying, when you lose kraeshg bacracker bare lose america. a&e continued with a marathon all night sunday. it's even spilling over presidential campaign. mike huckabee taking a shot at the current president. >> there's a new level of bullying on the part of these militant activist groups who if anyone says something that holds to the same position that barack obama held in 2008 when he at the saddleback church with john mccain made it very clear that he opposed same-sex marriage and he said he did so because he was a christian and because of his biblical views. well, if that position was okay in 2008, how come it isn't okay in 2013 or 2014? >> you know, what's so
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interesting about this, it is all about money. a&e saw the quotes. they dashed one way and now, you know, they're -- you know they're trying to figure out how to backtrack and get this show back on. because at the end of the day, every time i tell my friends in hollywood how biased they are, they say, we are biased. we're biased about making money. it's about making money -- >> it's nothing more than a immediaty story, language story. this is ridiculous. this is ridiculous. it's not a thought leader. he's the star of "duck dynasty" and said some things in kind of a crass way. that's all. it's stupid. >> it's stupid. >> move on. >> where's uncle mike? uncle mike was supposed to bring my papers over. you have them? oh, look at that! >> the guy was late at the end of the driveway. >> he wears the same robe as
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dylan dreier. >> it looks better on dylan. >> this is my grandmother's. >> do you like it? >> could you close it up? thank you. just close it up. >> what? it's early. >> ho, ho, ho. >> oh, absolutely. >> it is early, that's all have i to say. >> we have to get to business. do you have any good christmas memories in 15 seconds or less? >> none. >> moving on. >> he likes business news. >> have you seen my shirt? >> no. >> who has two thumbs and loves christmas? >> exactly. like the artwork. >> you like this? oh, don't you like that? by the way, i sent that to mike for christmas, too. >> could you close your robe and go -- >> he closed his robe. >> i just brought you the papers. going to get you some oatmeal. >> i like the lace on that. >> to business now -- >> we'll be back.
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>> to business. we're expecting a light week of trading because of the holiday. investors are hoping to build on record closes for the dow and s&p 500. for other headlines let's go to cnbc's jeff live in london. jeff, don't you know it's christmas? all right. >> hey, good morning to you. i didn't know i had to dress up for the shot this morning. nobody told me. >> that's horrible. >> well, what's the business news? >> that's tough, isn't it? >> yeah. pathetic. >> there are great stories. chinese will be wondering if there's getting a new iphone for christmas. there's a deal apple has done with china mobile and the city folks are very excited about this because it gives apple access to the world's largest mobile phone market. the big question is, these are unsubsidized mobiles. it costs you over $500 to again an iphone 5c.
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it does make you wonder if chinese will buy high-end phones after the deal is done. a couple stories for you. one bah-humbug. jpmorgan chase says they're limiting your debit card $100 cash, $30 0 if you make purchases on the card after the target snafu. you know 40 million credit card and debit card holders had their data taken, we think, from target service. now jpmorgan chase saying they're going to limit how their 2 million customers with those cards use those cards going forward. that's a little bah humbug. 30% of charitable dounations happen over this period by americans, $300 million given to needy causes around the world. at least 10% of those to be made over the next 48 hours.
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this is where america shows how generous it is to those underprivileged and in need around the rest of the world this time of year. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. that was nice. wake up. >> i'm sorry. >> wake up. >> let's go to twitter where we're going back to our classic question, why are you awake? tweet your most creative answers by using #waytooearly. we'll put the best answers on the air later in the show. still ahead on "way too early "request record-setting day for peyton manning. while his broncos know his playoff position, there's more than a few spots up for grab. jimmy fallon and justin timberlake take song and dance to snl. did they have the box? oh, well. we'll show you the moment where they couldn't keep a straight face. that and a check of weather when "way too early" comes right back. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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it's time for sports. week 16 of the nfl and still the playoff picture is not set. let's turn to nfc where bears and eagles are fighting for division titles. eagles take a commanding three-touchdown lead. nick foles to wide open tight end and in the fourth eagles start to run away with it. jay cutler goes back and throws a pick six. this game is over. philly wins by final score of 54-11. let's go to dallas in washington. tony romo being criticized for late game collapse. in his defense it's only happened for the past decade. he was a hero yesterday, fourth down by 26, on own 8, romo throws deep hitting terrance williams. he scrambles to find demarco
2:48 am
murray who falls in for the score. dallas hangs on to win it 28 -13. saints and panthers. less than a minute to go, down by three. cam newton steps up and a 14-yard strike. panthers win late. what a game, 17-13. finally, the seahawks have been unbeaten at home in seattle for two years. fourth quarter carson palmer hooks up for floyd for the touchdown. the cards win 17-10. to the nfc playoff picture. the winners of eagles/cowboys game as well as winners of bears/packers game will be division champs. meanwhile, the cardinals still have a shot, but they're going to need help. to the afc, patriots and ravens. this one was all new england from the start. first quarter, brady, on the outside.
2:49 am
pats go up two scores. it was a rough day for joe flacco. he goes down without even getting touched. i hate when that happens. threw two interceptions, a long way from the super bowl championship last year. new england wins 34-17. peyton manning, what about manning? >> all-time record. >> he passed tom brady's single season touchdown mark with his 25-yard touchdown strike in the fourth quarter against the texans. his 51st touchdown of the season. the broncos beat houston to improve to 12-3. mike, they look great, don't they? >> broncos, i think -- broncos and seahawks in the nfc championship. one is coming to new york. >> all four teams still have a shot. dolphins, reigns aavens and cha all have to win. steelers can get in if all three
2:50 am
of those teams lose on sunday. broncos and seahawks -- >> you did good with sports. >> you like that? >> this guy likes sports. coming up on "morning joe" we're going to huddle around -- it's a good shirt. it's funny. we're going to huddle around water cooler to see one of the many guest who is joined justin timberlake on snl. "morning joe" is moments away. can we stay here? >> it's comfortable. honestly, my kids are hard to impress... so i got the windows nokia tablet. it's, well, impressive. it's got the brightest hd screen, super-fast 4g lte, so my son can play games and movies almost anywhere, and it's got office for school stuff. but the best part? i got the lumia 928 for my daughter for free, with the best low-light smartphone camera this side of the north pole.
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at the top of the show -- they're kitty cats, guys. >> they're all over your pjs. we could ask john heilemann your favorite christmas memory. look, he's wearing a plaid -- he's wearing a plaid christmas shirt, which we can't see from. the ongoing controversy surrounding "duck dynasty," tell your friends nearly 12 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere episode of season four. making it cable's most watched nonfiction telecast to date. >> that was smart, a&e. way to take they can off the air. good luck getting them back.
2:54 am
>> robertson will make $45 million on their duck command callers alone. that doesn't include the $200,000 per episode they earn. they stop by the weekend update desk to talk about their future plans. >> you're both leaving current jobs next year. are you excited? >> i'm so excited to be hosting "the tonight show" as well as bringing it back to new york city. i hosted "late night" for five years and then "the tonight show" and then after that i'll host "the nightly news" and then the "today" show and then five years after that i'm the new carson daly. >> what's next for you, mayor bloomberg? >> i'll fulfill a lifelong dream of enjoying a soda on a nonsmoking beach.
2:55 am
>> justin timberlake was the musical guest but he may have stole the show when he showed up in a few sketches. >> let's get two players on up here. >> all right! jimmy parsons! jimmy parsons! that's how it's done, my man. that's how it's done. am i right? jimmy parsons. >> there's a lot of good answers there, jimmy fallon. which one you going to pick? >> so many good answers. so many. so great. so great, my man. steve -- steve, there's only one way for a man to be really sexy. >> what's that? >> be justin timberlake.
2:56 am
>> they were cute. paul mccartney was on. it was fun. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? what is wrong with you? >> what's wrong with you people? >> why do you wake up too early? >> a day or two before christmas. >> your best and creative tweets just ahead. it's donut friday at the office. and i'm low man on the totem pole. so every friday morning they send me out to get the goods. but what they don't know is that i'm using my citi thankyou card at the coffee shop, so i get 2 times the points. and those points add up fast. so, sure, make me the grunt. 'cause i'll be using those points to help me get to a beach in miami. and allllllll the big shots will be stuck here at the cube farm.
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as you know, earlier in the show we asked, why are you awake? now we have some responses. natalie, what do we have coming in here? we must have a wave of responses. >> we have a lot today. laura says, because i see nutcrackers all over. they creep me out. don't know why, they just scare the bejezus out of me. >> nut cracker? >> you know, you put the nut in. >> i'm scared. >> dennis says, so i don't miss a minute of "way too early" because how could you miss this episode? >> you couldn't miss a minute today. hi to get up early.
3:00 am
hi to bring the papers in. this is a public service for people. >> it's great. >> j.b. says, because i didn't want to miss out on those slippers, joe. now my morning is complete. mine, too. >> morning's not complete until right now because right now "morning joe" starts. because r "morning joe" starts. and good morning. it is monday, december 23rd, the day before the day before christmas. >> the day before the day before. >> with us onset, we have mike barnicle. editor for new york magazine, john heilemann. >> look at this outfit. >> i'm looking at the fake christmas fire. the best thing. >> can we look at that picture