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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 7, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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leader did have his uncle slash vice chairman of national defense executed. it was likely execution by firing squad. still brutal. still authoritarian. still a terrifying story. still, the execution of a family member, right? just not as cartoon as real-life style. as much as it feels like you should, do not believe every insane-sounding thing about the person in charge of north korea. some of them really are made up. now it's time for "the last good monday more than, everyone. . the first storm dissends on the north and south. travel snarled at dozens of airports and one region getting six feet of snow. is glory. it went down to the closing sebdz for florida state as it steals auburn's dream. al qaeda surge, militants connected to the group in iraq are taking hold of some regions where american troops lost their lives. plus almost a thousand couples
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put in legal limbo in utah. and taking a moment to enjoy one of nature's wonders. thanks for watching, everyone, i'm betty nygen. the polar vortex is here. it is sending temperatures plummeting. readings fell 55 degrees in a matter of hours in central park. it's all life threaten, record breaking and travel tangling. and for many the worst is just beginning. a brave tracie potts is in washington. she joins us now. good morning. good morning from washington, d.c. it was seven degree this morning. with the wind chill, it feels like 11 below. that is not the worst. the temperatures are much colder in the midwest. it's actually warmer in minneapolis this morning. 33 below zero with the wind chill. minnesota's got some of the coldest temperatures in the nation today. the midwest frost comes on top
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of record snow that closed in d indiana ace m indiana's major interstate. power crews are in it trying to keep the lights on. >> you have to do your job. >> reporter: the hurricane known as a polar vortex dipped into the deep south causing power outages in dallas. >> 12 1/2 hours. >> and snow in georgia. >> i've been sweeping and cleaning some of this off of my car. >> it's pretty funny to see people bundled up. >> reporter: shelters opened in atlanta. >> there's no way you can really survive living out there in a tent with this cold weather. >> even if you had to sit in a chair with a blanket, at least you're out of the elements and stay warm. >> reporter: 2,000 cancellations already today. levi torres has been stuck in denver's airport for three days. >> just stay up all night, 24/7 and hope and wait that i get out
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of here. and hasn't happened yet. >> reporter: jet blue is hoping to get back in the air today after shutting down completely in new york and boston. all over the u.s. it feels like mother nature left the refrigerator door open. it's really cold across the nation. guess who is thrilled about all of this? students. schools were closed monday in 13 midwestern states, parts of those states and many of them are expected to be closed again today because of this weather. betty? >> i remember those days. thank you. stay warm. now to bill karins. all right, bill. when are we going to see relief? >> this is day two of the arctic invasion. yesterday was the peak. we had the wind chills of minus 60s in minnesota. today is very, very bad. not quite as extreme. the cold air moves from florida and texas and eastern half of the country. the lowest wind chill values out there this morning are correlated with mostly the
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lowest temperatures. minus 11 the real -- that's the real temperature in chicago. we're down to 8 degrees in atlanta. even central florida is in the 30s. the cold moved to the east. raleigh at 10, new york city at 8. then we factor in the winds. we're at minus 12 now in new york. d.c., minus 11. pittsburgh, minus 30. this is much colder than what you experienced yesterday morning. it's the same story for minneapolis and chicago. the other thing we're dealing with is a lot of areas of lake-effect snow. some of the snow coming off ontario and erie, they're expecting feet of snow. possibility of up to six feet. >> that's incredible. >> it is. you can't even picture it. >> thank you. the florida state seminoles, they are celebrating their first national championship since 1999. >> a dramatic second half come back by the noles.
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>> and with that, the acc ends the run of seven consecutive sec championships beating number two auburn. it was not easy. the auburn tigers dominated the first half leading 21-3. then jamies winston ran 20 yards with two minutes left heting sep the first touchdown of the game. freshman receiver whitfield with a 100-yard kickoff return for the lead. but under a minute and 30 seconds left, auburn does not give up. tray mason gets a rushing touchdown then 31-27 with seconds remaining. game mvp kekconnects for the wi. here's winston. >> we came out here. we were letting us be bigger than the game. we were bigger than the game.
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can't nobody be bigger than this game and we did that. >> that was a big game, congratulations. now to a phone call from joe biden to iraq's prime minister amid an up tick of violence in fallujah. biden is lending support to a local al qaeda branch. he's concerned about those suffering at the hands of terrorist and he spoke with iraq's parliament speaker. they came up with ways for cooperation. now at the white house, press secretary jay carney said the u.s. maintains a strong commitment to iraq. the u.s. can assist by delivering more missiles and surveillance drones this year. he said the fight against terror groups is something iraqis need to take the lead on. some members of congress, however, are questioning whether iraq would be better off today if the u.s. did not pull out two years ago. >> if members were suggesting that there should be american
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troops fighting and dying in fallujah today, they should say so. the president doesn't believe that. all right. so back here at home. nearly 1,000 newlyweds are in legal limbo after ruling by the supreme court. late monday justices stopped same-sex marriages in utah. they agreed to put the union on hold while state officials appeal an earlier ruling by a federal judge. but height xoucourt's decision s not answer a central question. will other marriage rez main legal? the state attorney general says they have not decided. and a gas station employee is nearly killed after an elderly driver loses control behind the wheel. a surveillance camera captured this attendant's brush with death monday morning. an 83-year-old slam i had cars into a gas pump. a small fire erupts from the
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crash but quickly put out. a driver and employee suffered injuries but they are expected to survive, very lucky. lawyers representing the nfl will determine how the money will be divide. 5 million goes to athletes with lou gehrig's and $4 million deaths involving brain trauma. johnny football might not be ready for the pros just yet. texas a&m m quarterback plans to talk it out with his family before a final decision is made. he led a & m to a 52-48 victory over duke and has two years of eligibility still left at the university. but according to espn, most draft analysts say that he'd be a potential first round draft pick. it sounds pretty tempting to him. he was hanging without tebow'
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bcs championship game. tim tebow was on the job though. it was his first appearance as an espn analyst. blake bordels led ucf on a winning streak. also draft bound oregon junior running back de'anthony thomas. he rushed for eight touchdowns this season. busted, jimmy butler is feeling 22 in a video posted by a teammate is 24-year-old was caught dancing in the locker room to a hit song by taylor swift. of. he has pretty good moves there. plans for a satanic temple is causing a controversy. we'll show that you. plus, mary okay lettourneau is in jail. and a dormant volcano has suddenly come back to life. you're watching "first look" on
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this story will have you talking today. a satanic group unveiled the statute of satan they want placed in front of the oklahoma state capitol right next to a monument of the ten commandments. it features a goat headed demon seated in a throne plafrflanked two children. they said the statue should be allowed since there is a ten commandments out front. the statue double as as chair where people of all ages can sit on the slap of satan. mary okay will lettourneau briefly back in jail after failing to appear in court for a suspended driver's license. a volcano that had been dormant for 400 years is spewing ash and destroying homes since sunday. 20,000 people had to evacuate due to the fast moving hot ash. and check her out, the panda had
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a chance to meet the press monday at the national zoo ahead of her public debut an january 18th. the cub was born in august. at this year's consumer trctio electronics show is now. it is full of gadget you can actually wear. we'll take a look at the future because it looks bright, doesn't it? it really does. good morning from las vegas. this is filled with some of the coolest high-tech gear you can ever find. the things that will be ooing and ahhing over for the next few years. >> reporter: a lot of what is new and neat is centered on the smart phone, tablet or pad. with a beat that is stronger than ever when heard throughout latest dockable speakers and high performance head phones and ear buds. you're devices can control a
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robot or a drone with a camera onboard. >> you with view your word from a different perspective. >> different is what ces is all about. soon all be able to text your appliances and they'll write back. >> they say may you're going to go away for vacation. the appliances will respond with a text message saying maybe i should go into low energy mode for that time? >> reporter: this oven and range are the first environment we are an integrated tablet. it will let your family know when they're ready. >> you can put your kids' phone numbers in there and receive a text message when dinner is done. >> reporter: going out for dinner? you won't have to leave your phone or tab on the table. the wrbracelet or necklace will let you flow is a text. >> it can be send to you in
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it would be the republican's sixth term. during an paerns on "the tonight show" with his daughter, the 77-year-old says he's at the top of his game. he did rule out another run for president. instaid they offered their opinions of who should be in the white house. >> i like chris christie. i like bobby jendal. i like a number of those people. they succeeded in states that have both republican and democrat. >> i like chris christie but we got in a fight and now i don't like him anymore. >> you got in a fight? what happened? did he hit on you? >> no, i just said he may not be my top contender for 2016 because like to seat field. and he did not like that answer. he went pretty crazy on me. >> well, daughter of megan was asked about the best advice her dad ever gave her which was don't lie, cheat or steal but everything else is fair game. former wyoming senate liz cheney called the man she tried
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to unseat to let her know she was dropping out. he described the call as brief and said he's keeping the cheney's in his prayers. the senate pushed back a scheduled vote on extending unemployment insurance. that vote will take place today. and new york senator chuck schumer talked with raidal madow about the gridlock in congress. >> it is becoming clearer and clearer to the american people that gridlock is not being caused by both parties but by one party. the turning away from the middle class is dominated by one party. the refusal to do things that even mainstream republicans did like unemployment insurance, like minimum wage increases even five years ago is hurting them. rick scott is being sued in hopes he'll fill the state's number two spot. a lawsuit filed monday argues the republican is legally obligated to name a lieutenant governor. the state has been without a second in command since fellow
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republican jennifer carol resigned last year. also in florida, a congressman brought in a power house ethics lawyer. rob walker is a former attorney for the house ethics panel. he is tasked wi eed helping a colleague. he expected back on capitol hill this week. new on this morning, judges ask how bad is too bad for texas women seeking abortions? the fifth circuit is looking into challenges of texas' tough new abt yea borgs law. and forget washington, how about lincoln? the republican senate candidate is the republican senate candidate from nebraska and he wants to move the capital to the cornhusker state. it will fix dysfunction between both parties. so that's how you do it. time for your first look at
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politics. joining me is ellis henican. >> let's go to omaha. >> apparently that's its answer to all ow problems. could it be the answer to the unemployment benefits that have been wiped away for over a million americans? there's a big push to get those back. is that hope diminishing a bit now? >> harry reed did nid did not h votes last night. if he had the 60 votes to have an ultimate vote, we would have had that last night. 10:30 this morning is the latest deadline. they're working very hard, including the president, making phone calls to republican senators. you know, he doesn't like to do that too much and trying to round up those last five that they need. >> but if they don't -- it's going to be down to the wire. but if they don't get i, what's going to happen? what's the effect for these american? >> well, i mean, you're right. there is a mi1.3 million people
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that are off and could soon be. they were currently getting $300 on average these are the long term unemployed. they work ford maed for many ye. it's not going quickly. it is bleak, honestly. >> let's look at the numbers. are you surprised there is not more outrage? you said 1.3 million lost already. this is at a time when unemployment is at the highest levels. you are surprised that there's not more outrage over this? >> yeah, dems were slow to jump on. 2014 is the year of income inequality, right? one piece of it is getting the unemployment benefits back. another is raising the minimum wage above $10 and there are two or three things coming after that. democrats are finally beginning to focus and say, hey this is a
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problem when all the money is in one hand. >> we'll see how it plays out today. stay with us. you're sticking around. we're going to talk to bill karins. there is a new tv with a pricetag not for the faint of heart. [announcer] word is getting out. purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy.
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time for our first buzz. bill is in the market for a new tv, parentally. >> i want it but i can't have it. >> i can't afford it. >> the three of us can't afford it. >> lg announced their 105 inch curved tv. the pricetag, $69,999! >> is that all? >> it's lcd, the first lcd.
2:28 am
can you divide the screen and has projection. you can split it up and watch it. can you do internet on one side, hd, movies on another. >> for that pricetag, you better take me to that place i'm looking at right now. ellis? you have a cool story this morning. >> this one is heart warming. we were up here suffering. neil patrick harris on his mexican vacation with his family sending out insta gram photos as he gets progressively drunker. >> this is lovely. >> he starts looking fine in a semi speedo. >> then the alcohol sets in and he's done. >> by number 12, he's like almost -- let's hope that number isn't real. >> hey, briefly, i want to talk about this. talk about tips. aside from getting a tip for her work, this waitress at a cracker
2:29 am
barrel had two customers come in and give her a $5,000 check for tuition for college and another 1,000 clr for anything she wanted. now that's a big tipper. congratulations to her. >> one man in omaha has a lot money. >> that's true, warren buffett. "way too early" starts right now. no. throw it, end zone. jump ball -- touchdown! >> isn't it nice when a championship game lives up to its billing? we have a new champ in college football and the best player in the country proved he deserves that label. we'll have highlights in sports. the story of the day is this unreal cold and wind impacting the country. schools are shut, cities at a stand still and lives can be in danger. we'll have details on when earth will stop feeling like mars. and what newscast is complete without asian carp threatening the great lakes? you're not going to believe the
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pricetag for making sure that species doesn't spread. just a typical tuesday on "way too early". ♪ good morning, everybody. tuesday, january 7th. the indianapolis colts, they signed an expatriots receiver for some gamesmanship as they head into the nfl playoffs this weekend. to make it more interesting, we'll have that story. here's a trivia question for you. name a real estate market more expensive than new york. we'll have the answer in business in about five minutes. we have to start with this weather. it's unreal. freezing temperatures affecting merely 190 million americans. it is being called a polar vortex and sending temperatures plummeting to the lowest levels in decades all over the country. new york city was


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