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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 14, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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jones makes sense of investing. ♪ hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following three breaking stories right now. we're getting new details about what chris christie is expected to say in what could be the most important speech of his career to date. in an hour, christie will deliver the state of the state address which was scheduled before the bridge scandal came to light in a federal investigation of a tourism ad featuring christie. plus, pop star justin bieber's home is being raided. and just in, a judge rejects the nfl's $765 million settlement over concussions
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saying it is not enough for the players and their families. we begin with governor chris christie delivering as i mentioned what will be one of the most important speeches so far of his political career. in one hour, the governor will give his annual state of the state address which he's expected to discuss proposals for the state education. but of course, the topic surrounding the lane closures near the george washington bridge. and sources tell nbc news that christie will acknowledge the ordeal during his speech. the governor delivering the speech before a democrat-controlled state assembly what has launched multiple inquiries into the scandal. starting thursday, lawmakers plan to subpoena christie's top advisers including deputy chief of staff bridget anne kelly. and the manager stepien. and they'll determine if any federal laws were broken. and yesterday, we learned there's a federal awe dit by the
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department of housing and urban development, whether this ad featuring christie, whether his administration improperly used money to pay for the ad. $4.7 million, by the way. the tourism marketing campaign stars the christie family. and there are also claims from a number of new jersey mayors who suggest they were targeted by governor christie's office for political retribution. joining me live is new jersey majority leader lou greenwald. he is set to deliver the democratic response to christie's address and vincent raide raidell. we've been told that christie will acknowledge the bridgegate bridge scandal. we don't know to what extent. but at this word, it's simply an acknowledgement in what's going on here. what's your reaction to that? >> tamron, right now, the governor's office has acknowledged that there's been
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an abuse of power. what we don't know how deep that abuse goes. what's the root of the abuse. and who really was the one who masterminded this. i think everyone who knows bridget kelly would know that she was -- she was a worker. she was someone who would be a soldier, so to speak. she's not someone who would have masterminded something like this. we are in the process of an investigation. we will renew supercommittee to further that investigation with subpoena power. and with those subpoenas, we will try to find the. >> translator: appearance as to where this began. >> okay, when you say mastermind or where this began, am i to believe that you are saying that it had to start with chris christie? who are you looking for the mastermind, when you say that, who do you have in mind at this point? >> you know, right now, we don't know. that's what the process of the investigation will be. chris christie has stated in the two-hour press conference that he had no knowledge of this. i take him at his word.
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chris christie as a u.s. attorney he was very skillful and artful at acknowledging we go where the evidence leads us that that's what we're going to do. as we sit here because of the redactions and people who have testified and taken the fifth amendment, we don't know where this goes. but that will be exactly what we're trying to find out. >> but when you say you take governor christie at his word but there are multiple investigations and still lingering questions it leads me to believe you don't take him at his word. he said he's investigating that there are more people involved. he insists he knew nothing about it until these e-mails were released. so do you take him at his word at that? >> listen, the governor's taken an oath to represent the state of new jersey and uphold the constitution. he's made a very dwefinitive statement. i take him at his word. the governor as you indicated in the two-hour press conference
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that he's going to look into the investigation. we can't allow him to independently do the investigation that is why as a legislative branch, as an equal branch of government, we also are conducting an investigation. >> let me point out what "the new york times" are reporting in regards to democrats who endorse chris christie and what they reportedly receive. can according to "the new york times" the democratic mayor harrison who endorsed christie got $250 million for a new transit station. the mayor of union, another endorser got aid when big cities were being cut off and $3 million in port authority money even though the authority does not operate there. the democratic essex county executive got $7 million for a park, $4 million in state aid for a vocational school. your reaction to that information reported by "the new york times"? >> a number of years ago, the
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state legislature outlawed the procedure of giving what were considered christmas tree grants. they were in washington known as pork projects. and it was done because as chris christie was the u.s. attorney, they looked at those projects over the time over 1,000 grants given out to legislative districts throughout the state or local towns. and it was chris christie who indicated and inquired whether or not those grants were being hand out for appropriate purposes. the truth of the matter is, it raises this very question. and i think the question will be asked of the governor, were those grants handed out for appropriate public service purposes which very well may have been the case? or were they handed out for some other motive to receive some kind of political favor? >> so in your response to chris christie's state of the state address which is happening, will you lay out those questions? >> our response to the state of the state will be really directed upon what the governor outlines in his speech. and where new jersey currently stands in its economic recovery, its job growth, the level of
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unemployment in the state. investment and education. if the governor touches upon this, we will as well, in response, more importantly, what our response tends to be is say question and answer with the press. and if the press asks questions down this line, obviously, we will be forth coming with the assumptions that we have. >> and the assumptions are that the press will do that lou greenwald, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. joining me from trenton new jersey star ledger columnist paul mallshine and kelly o'donnell. what were are we hearing acknowledging bridgegate and the federal investigation of chris christie? >> well, good afternoon, tamron. thanks for letting me join you by phone because i'm in the hallway in the chamber where chris christie will deliver his address. it's already packed. lots of activity here.
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with respect to the campaign that was done for tourism to bring aid back to the area after sandy, a federal review, an audit, if you will, not a criminal investigation, but it's a federal audit, to look at how the contracts were handled that included a broad range of media. sort of -- a campaign that included the governor in tv commercial, but a broader media strategy to try to get people to come back and spend money and increase tourism in new jersey. so they know that that audit will proceed. they say, they believe that when it's done, that it will be determined that it was a valuable use of resources to try to restore a vital business. they also point out that the obama administration had approved that contract prior to it being finalized. again, this came up during his re-election campaign last august. the concerns about it were
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certainly renewed in the controversy of the traffic lane. all things related to chris christie, a subject of criticism have a moment to be looked at more closely. so federal investigators who were part of the inspector general's division of housing and urban development will look at that and then they'll have a review which could take months from now. but the questions came back again. and that's part of the political problems for christie, for questions about how the administration has done business. >> let me get to you hang on for a second, kelly. and paul, you've written a head line, when it comes to cover-ups, chris christie has no credibility. that is interesting when you juxtapose that against senator greenwald who was just on. he's a democrat here, but he's giving chris christie the benefit of the doubt. you point out the spin he tried to sell in that marathon news conference is likely to become unspun once the subpoenas go
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out." >> yes, i think simply greenwald was giving him enough rope to hang himself there. i think he's trying to set a high standard and say, oh, i'm sure everything he said is true. then when some of it turns out to be false, the democrats can say gotcha. but the real problem with this, you know how expressive chris christie is in his press conferences, well, when he was denying this to the media in the state house on december 2nd, he convinced us all. we're going joking, oh, i moved the cones myself. and making similar statements. and i, for one, thought that he thought this was nothing. but in fact, it now turns out that his people as early as when the jam was still on, some of his people were in contact with david wildstein at the port authority. so he had to know that this was a fake study. now, last week, he kept saying over and over again, he thought it was a true study until
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wednesday when the e-mails came out. >> right. >> that's just not possible. it was the most fake study. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. in your article, you point out that's the portion of chris christie's story you that believe will unravel regarding this claim that he did not know that until the e-mails hit that it was a fake traffic study. but another thing that many people point to that appears to be unraveling is his contact. christie's contact with david wildstein. "the wall street journal" now has a picture, and it says despite governor christie saying thursday that he had no contact with david wildstein in a long time, that before the election, "the wall street journal" now has a photo of christie appearing to interact with wildstein on september 11th, 2013. that's the third day of the lane closures. if that's an accurate time line and this picture is accurate and there's contact there, that's another part of the story that may be unraveling. >> yes, i hadn't heard of that
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but that really proves a lot. if he actually had wildstein there in the office. it's hard to believe two old high school buddies didn't chat about this thing. maybe it's possible, but i don't believe it -- i don't believe it's likely. and then there's the question of the new york executive director who found out about the study five days in and shut it down. the new jersey representative on the board, david sampson, instead of chewing his people out for this really fake blockage of the road, he chewed out foye for releasing this to the press. well, when you cover up things to the press that sounds like a cover-up to me. he talked about leaks. you know, that's what the plumbers were for in watergate. we the public, we who pay $13 to cross that bridge, you know, really deserve to know. >> certainly so. let me bring kelly back in before we end this. we've got new polling out and it also telling an interesting story, kelly, how this is playing nationally. how it's playing in new jersey,
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as well as what people think. one of the questions, when did chris christie learn that his staff was involved? 33% believe after the e-mails became public. 52% of his polls say before the e-mails. another question, do you believe it was done in retaliation? 64% believe it was political retaliation here, kelly. >> one of the great challenges politically for the governor, tamron, is personal credibility. without that, it's hard to be effective in office. he's got four years to go. he's just beginning a second term. and so, to lose that trust or credibility with voters both in new jersey and nationally, it's politically quite treacherous. he said he didn't know. so far, there's nothing in the evidence if you will in terms of e-mails and so forth that directly point to the governor having knowledge. but the things you've been discussing raise questions, make people uneasy. and many people don't understand, people close to the
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governor knew, how could he not know? and that nagging question is is not sort of squaring with his tell it like it is style is harmful for the governor. he's got a lot of work to do to repair trust with the public and regain credibility, if he can. >> and a drip of things that he must explain, including that photograph if the time line is accurate in "the wall street journal" during the heart of this fiasco, whether or not he was meeting with the individual. he says he was not. we'll see what he says regarding that. kelly, thank you. paul, thank you as well. i appreciate you both joining me. and again, governor chris christie's state of the state address is set to start in less than an hour. 3:00 p.m. eastern time. "the cycle" will cover it live. we've got more breaking news. this involving pop star justin bieber. l.a. county sheriffs are executing a search warrant. it is in connection with a vandalism at justin bieber's neighbor's home. this took place last week.
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a sheriff's department spokesman said eight people have been detained inside that mansion including justin bieber and that everyone is reportedly cooperating. no arrests have been made. this is being called a raid on his home. the vandalism marks the latest clash between bieber and his neighbors who accused him of throwing loud parties and speeding recklessly through the gate where he lives. the neighbors called saying someone had pelted his home with eggs. this incident it turns to be a felony because it was several thousand dollars in damage. $30,000 in damage. we're expecting a news conference on this in the next hour. we will bring you the latest as this is a felony case that's being investigated. not a run-of-the-mill misdemeanor. more breaking news. $765 million settle mengt between the nfl and retired players over concussion injuries has been preliminarily rejected by a federal judge. nbc news justice correspondent
11:16 am
pete williams joins us now. what's behind the judge's decision here, pete? >> this is the judges presiding over a collection of lawsuits brought by more than 4,500 retired professional football players. they claim the nfl failed to protect them from head injuries and concealed the risks. late afternoon yesterday, with the settlement, the judge is concerned it isn't big enough. it sets out fixed payments for players diagnosed with concussions. for example, $3.5 million for those with alzheimer's or parkinson's disease. $5 million for als sometimes calls lou gehrig's disease. anita brodie, you mentioned the total, $765 million. is not enough to cover 20,000 retired players over the next 65 years. she says even if only 10% of them are eventually diagnosed by one of the medical problems
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covered by the settlements. it's difficult to see how the fund would cover all pull but this isn't over. but she asks for more information and will revisit this soon tamron. >> thank you for the details. a wrongful death suit is now being brought against a charlotte police chief and the city four months after an officer shot an unarmed college athlete who was seeking help. he was shot ten times. >> he was one of the most kindest people you ever wanted to meet. and they haven't given me any answers. plus, cincinnati is now shutting down a critical water valve to protect residentses from the chemical spill in west virginia. you can join the conversation in to wit are. you find me @tamronhall. i've been gone for nearly two weeks so, of course, i'm reading your tweets. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus are dermatologist tested to be gentle and they lock in moisture better.
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the family of an unarmed man shot ten times by a charlotte police officer has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit. jonathan fairly, a former a&m football player was shot last fall after a woman called 911 believing he was trying to break into her home. according to his family farrell was looking for someone to help him after crashing his car nearby. a criminal investigation into the officer is under way and that officer is on unpaid leave. that case heads to a grand jury later this month. nbc's gabe gutierrez is there live regarding the family as they're seeing justice for jonathan ferrell. >> hey there, tamron, this case drew national attention. and farrell's family hopes this new lawsuit will grant them
11:22 am
subpoena power to find out what really happened. >> as a family, we want answers. >> reporter: for the family of former florida a&m football player, jonathan ferrell, the last few months have been agonizing. >> he was one of the most kindest people you ever wanted to meet and they haven't give me any answers. >> reporter: they just filed a wrongful death lawsuit against officer randall kerrick, the city police chief and the county. despite being completely incapacitated and mortally wounded mr. farrell was handcuffed with his hands behind his back as he lay dying on the ground. >> i'm at a loss. >> reporter: in mid-september, police say farrell crashed his car and then walked to the nearest house and banged on the door for help. the woman inside thought it was a burglar and called 911. when three officers arrived, police say farrell ran towards them, and officer kerik fired 12 shots hitting the unarmed
11:23 am
farrell ten times. the family's attorney said farrell could not have posed a threat. >> i'm looking at the trajectory of the bullets they're down and on an angle which means he was down. >> reporter: he was charged with involuntary manslaughter less than 24 hours later. his family had nothing to say about the lawsuit but he said this about the criminal case. >> we're confident that the resolution of the case will be found that the officer's actions were justified. >> reporter: since then, officer carrick's family has grown frustrated with the pace of the investigation. still, they've forgiven the officer. >> we have to forgive, we learn too much and been through so many different things. this is something else that god has put us through, and it will make us stronger. >> neither the charlotte police department nor the city nor the county have responded yet to that civil lawsuit. meanwhile, the north carolina attorney general has said that
11:24 am
the criminal case will go before a grand jury later this month, tamron. >> so, gabe, that brings neat question regarding the dash cam video that the family says the tape shows a downward trajectory suggesting that jonathan ferrell was either on his knees or on the ground. is this information not being commented on because of the grand jury? and what do we know as to why authorities have not at least responded to the release of this dash cam video? >> well, tamron, from the very beginning, authorities have been careful in commenting about the case. the only comments heard from the police chief were the hours following the incident. since then, they've been careful to let the process play out. the family has been asking repeatedly to see the dash cam video. they say they have seen it once, they were allowed to review it but it has not been released publicly because they say it's
11:25 am
an ongoing investigation. the police department here, they took the rare step of charging officer carrick less than 24 hours after the charge of involuntary manslaughter. local authorities have let the north carolina attorney general handle this investigation. so authorities say that they're just watching this play out and letting the grand jury take a look at this later this month. >> okay, gabe. thank you very much for the update on that. and still ahead, we are certainly keeping an eye on the new jersey state house. that is where governor chris christie is expected to address the bridge scandal during the state of the state address. that starts at 3:00 p.m. "the cycle" will have live coverage for us. plus, another political scandal. this one in france where the president is slamming a magazine's report that he is having an affair with an alleged french mistress. we'll have details on the love triangle being reported in france and the country's first
11:26 am
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well, on to another high-profile political scandal france's president hollande spoke out for the first time today amid reports he's having an affair with an actress. the french magazine published pictures of hollande arriving at a motel late at night. it sent his long-term partner into apparently shock. she and hollande are not married but they live together and she is considered the country's first lady. the tabloid alleges that hollande has been having a secret affair for months now. michelle kosinski is live in london. >> he hasn't denied anything publicly. he has said this is a terrible
11:30 am
breach of privacy in a statement prior to the press conference today. so this was an incredibly awkward moment for the president and for france. i mean, people online are talking about wanting the image of france to be improved by him actually confronting this issue. the question out there is who is the first lady of france? and then some french are going further and saying do we we even need one. and there shouldn't be a first lady of france. constitutionally there is no official role for that capacity. but hollande didn't want to talk about this at all. it was so clear. it was this big press conference that he had planned for some time now to address the biggest issues facing france. unemployment, economic stagnation. and everybody there seemed to not want to listen to this. they wanted to know what was going on with his alleged affair. the first question, after this -- i mean, this was a nearly three-hour long press conference. and when he finally went to questions from the press. first question was, what's going
11:31 am
on with this? and he would not say anything. >> okay. michelle, thank you very much. we're going to take you to breaking news in los angeles where police are giving more information regarding this morning raid on the home of justin bieber investigating a felony case of vandalism. let's listen in. >> was a circle warrant. >> mr. bieber has security that we contacted. mr. bieber was in the residence with various friends that apparently spent the night, and everybody including security was cooperative. >> how many people were there? >> somebody did get arrested unrelated to the investigation while we were there. it was a narcotics violation. >> were there narcotics there when you went to serve the search warrant? >> correct. >> who found the narcotics? what kind of narcotics? >> i believe it was cocaine. i don't have his name. he was an adult -- >> was? >> he was an adult.
11:32 am
until that's being processed, i won't. >> was he connected to that cocaine at all? >> he was not connected to the cocaine other than the gentleman staying at his residence. >> why does vandalism rise to this level of concern even though there's a threshold for felony? >> the felony comes from the dollar amount of the damage. >> right. >> and this residence sustained a great amount of damage that easily achieved the felony vandalism section. >> that wasn't my question. my question is why does a vandalism says see this level of attention from a tenant of the detective bureau? >> well, it's a felony crime. i get that it was done with eggs which makes you kneel itfeel tha lower level crime. a felony crime is a fell ony crime. >> was the damage just from eggs
11:33 am
or anything else? >> the damage i believe was from the eggs and the damage that the eggs caused to the residence. >> has justin bieber been exonerated or is he still under investigation? >> the investigation is ongoing. again, he was not exonerated or investigated at this time. >> cocaine that was found only on this fellow, why was the fellow in the residence? >> the cocaine, i believe, was in plain view of the deputies when they were looking for other evidence. >> sir, can i ask you, can you give us details of the question of how long it took, first by one officer? >> i don't believe will bieber answered any questions at the time we were there. i believe he'll probably do that through his attorney. so i don't have any information related to his questions. >> so farce yas far as you knows not questioned --
11:34 am
>> other than during the search warrant. normal questions that we could ask questions. >> which is like what? >> how many people are in the house? what doors are locked? stuff of that nature. >> what kind of evidence as you listed in the search warrant affidavit, does it involve what was taken? >> well, you can look for any number of things at this time. so i'm not going to release what exactly we were looking for. but obviously, it doesn't take much of a stretch of imagination, with the security video. >> how many police cars responded? >> i believe there was probably almost a dozen detectives that were there. and the cars probably numbered about eight to carry that many up there. and in these types of situationses, we don't know what we're going to confront. mr. bieber, of course, is cooperative in most cases.
11:35 am
however, we don't know who's staying at the house. and who may be under the influence of anything. and so, it's always better to err on the side of safety. >> we are listening into this news conference following a raid at the home of justin bieber. authorities indicating that justin bieber was not arrested nor was he exonerated in an incident that happened last week. a vandalism complaint was filed against justin bieber by a neighbor who says, as bizarre and silly as it might sound that justin bieber egged his home. but the neighbor said this resulted in $30,000 in damages. as a result, it is considered a felony. john burress is an attorney. he's represented a number of celebrities including michael jackson. john, you're sit here, what of the things that's intriguing to me, an official is saying that cocaine was found in that home. that an individual was arrested, not justin bieber, but the cocaine was in plain sight, but the home belongs to justin
11:36 am
bieber. how does that work? >> well, that's actually kind of surprising when an officer goes into a house on a search warrant anything in plain view can be confiscated and evidence of the crime. generally, that will be attributed to the owner of the house. so they must have had some other reason to believe that some other person possessed it. >> we're going to go back to the news conference, but does that mean that the individual would say, no, that's my cocaine, not justin bieber's despite of the fact that it's his home? >> i would have to think that would occur or he was so close to it that it was attended to him. >> let's go back to the news conference? >> -- mr. bieber in the house was there -- >> there was not any counsel there, just members of his security detail. and i'm not sure about the music question. that would be for the state
11:37 am
department. [ question inaudible ] >> that, i'm not aware of. >> you can tell us what the damage was to the house? >> it was pretty much paint. the houses of that neighborhood are of a quality thatthy damage is going to be extensive. so they had imported wood and brick that was significantly damaged. >> did you say you have surveillance video that you obtained? >> you know, i'd have to talk to the lead detective on that. i'm not sure if we obtained that or if in fact it would show the incident. >> was it at night? >> yes, 7:30 in the evening, i believe. >> with the eggs and everything, how serious will the sheriff's department take this? >> well, the sheriff's department hopes to enhance the quality of life of all of our residents. and so, i get that the eggs don't seem that significant, but it does rise to the level of a
11:38 am
felony. there is a victim in this case who had extensive damage done to their home. and that's a serious home. and you wouldn't like your quality of life or anybody to be put in a situation like that. so there's an extensive amount of damage and i as the sheriff's department take that seriously. >> there have been reports that neighbors have a lot of run-ins with him. not just this neighbor, but others. so if you are concerned about the welfare of everyone, what do you tell the neighbors to say this is going to continue? >> well, i certainly hope it doesn't continue. we didn't do the search warrant to send a message. that's not what we do. but we hope, maybe understanding the gravity of this will change some of the behavior. we have -- i've met most of you from previous run-ins that have occurred at the residence with him or someone else. and so, we hope that we can give the neighborhood the quality of life that they deserve.
11:39 am
>> lieutenant, do you -- pardon? >> did they dismantle and take away the surveillance? >> we did take tech crew with us. that, we'll have to discuss with them. they may have just reviewed it. i can't discuss the evidence collected because honestly i don't know what they took. >> was it the bieber house? >> i don't have that information. >> how would you respond to those who say this level of response by the sheriff's department is due to the celebrity? >> none of this has anything to do with him being a celebrity. this is a felony crime that we investigated, determined it was a felony crime that had evidence. a judge signed a felony search warrant. and this could be mr. bieber, this could be you, this could be me, this could be anybody. we do would this same level to
11:40 am
anybody that committed this crime? >> is that person being arrested for narcotics, and how much was it? >> i don't have that information. that is being processed. >> let's go back to john burress and talk about this, as i mentioned, john, you have representeded a number of celebrities including michael jackson including is this just for show. you're talking about it's a felony case, it's a felony one, i even feel silly saying it, regarding eggs, it's $30,000 allegedly caused here. i'm still perplexed by the cocaine found in the home and the individual arrested, not justin bieber who owns that home. nevertheless, you believe this is all about celebrity. what's going on here? >> i don't think it's about celebrity at all. i mean, obviously, there's a lot of damage here. and the celebrity nature of it, i think the sheriff is probably right in terms of the extent that he has to make a decision
11:41 am
based upon evidence in front of him. what may be, ultimately, the matter may get resolved in a way consistent with him being a celebrity. that being said, it's a civil compromise, he just has to pay the damages and the charges are dropped. that happens in a celebrity case i would think there's an effort to try to solve this without criminal charges being filed. >> if that's the case, john, i'm not representing justin bieber and not a purchaser of his music either. i'm curious, a search warrant, a raid in someone's home to look for eggs in a refrigerator? >> well, it seems like -- well, it's only because the people have made the allegations and the claims and damages are $20,000 or $30,000. that's a lot of damages. . so, you can easily have a felony warrant issued for those kind of damages. so, i think it's probably opinion that the damages are so
11:42 am
large, greater than $400. >> right. >> and the warrant could be issued for it. and therefore you could bring it. that doesn't mean that the d.a. is going to file felony charges. it just means at this stage, they're looking for evidence to prove it. the fact that he wasn't arrested would suggest they may not have the evidence they need. >> john, definitely one of more bizarre stories i've followed. absolutely. style ahead, we continue to follow what could be the most important speech of chris christie's career. the governor is expected to discuss the traffic scandal when he delivers his state of the state address. in 20 minutes "the cycle" will cover that live. some of you have tweeted that christie may be thankful for justin bieber for distracting. d.
11:43 am
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president obama warned today he will not wait for congress to pass legislation for-to-advance his policy priorities this year. speaking before a cabinet meeting today, the president
11:46 am
emphasized his ability to take action on his own. >> we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we're providing americans the kind of help that they need. i've got a pen. and i've got a phone. and i can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward. and i've got a phone that allows me to convene americans from every walk of life. >> and joining me live now nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, we know the pen can be mightier than the sword. and the president seems at least in thisser year news conference that he might be tired of fighting in washington and ready to take action. >> well, people always want somebody who is promising action, even if you're president obama in the position that he is now, beginning the sixth year of his eight years in office, tamron.
11:47 am
and there was discussion about the president possibly entering the lame duck period. but this is one of the positions that the president finds himself in when he hits year six. there are items getting through immigration in the house of representatives. finishing up on the unemployment benefits. getting the final signoff on the appropriations committee omnibus bill. beyond that, a lot of that is executive orders. and one thing to keep watch on the next year, tamron, is on energy. and what comes out of regulations and executive action there. >> let's talk about the jobless benefits. you mentioned, the latest developments, harry reid working out the details. the conversations continue. why the slow walk here? >> because they're at loggerheads right now. senate minority leaders want to offer more amendments than senate majority leader reid wants. and the other thing is paying
11:48 am
for this. and of course, harry reid and the democrats the biggest challenge getting the 60 votes needed for passage. and they're trying their best to do so. but those are two of the disagreements right now. >> a lot of those conversations started before the new year. we know, mark, these benefits expired december 28th. a number of lawmakers that we spoke with, i got the impression that both sides knew the perils that they faced in that you've got 1.3 americans losing these benefits. and the ramifications of that, and a deal would be reached rather quickly. >> you know, talking at the very beginning i said about action. this is one of the points that people do get frustrated with congress. sometimes, it takes them a very long time to wind up. we've seen them act very quickly on a few things, tamron. one thing they want is coalition or a political party that kind of grinds to a halt. the senate is the easy part, the
11:49 am
house of representatives of whether they take and vote on jobless benefits, that's a whole other story. >> yeah, absolutely. they've got to put together something that will pass in the house, and to your point, easy is certainly relative because nothing is easy in that town. thank you, mark. a judge has denied bond for a florida man suspected of shooting another man who was texting at a movie theater. curtis reeves jr. a former tampa police captain said he was afraid of being attacked when he fatally shot a man at the screwing of "lone survivor." reeves has been charged with second degree murder. four middle school students have been injured, two of them seriously, at a shooting at a school in new mexico this morning. a suspect is now in custody, two critically wounded students a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy were taken to a
11:50 am
trauma center in lubbock, texas. no motive for the shooting has been given. and new details of the investigation into a southwest flight that landed at the wrong airport in minnesota. sources tell nbc it was a southwest airlines dispatcher in the jump seat of that flight sunday night. the black boxes from the flight have arrived in washington, d.c. for analysis. and investigators will be looking to see whether the presence of a third person in the cockpit was a distraction. and still ahead, a live picture from the new jersey state house where governor chris christie is set to deliver that state of the state department in about ten minutes. we are hearing he will acknowledge the bridge scandal. that is certainly testing his political career. michael smerconish will join us on the "news nation." the facebook page, [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help protect your eye health. as you age, your eyes can lose vital nutrients.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
here's some things you should know. just minutes from now, president obama will welcome in the 2013 nba champion miami heat to the white house. should be the dallas mavericks but anyway, it's the second straight year that lebron and company celebrated with the president. the highlights last year, president obama telling lebron james, quote, it's your world, man. the heat will visit wounded warrior at walter reed this afternoon. good for them for doing that. and the national museum of american history is marking the 100th anniversary of one of the most popular exhibitions. the first lady's, by displaying michelle obama inaugural gown the ruby colored gown was designed by jason wu and will be on display at the smithsonian. those are things that we thought you should know. we're moments away from governor chris christie's state of the state address.
11:55 am
this is a live look at the new jersey state house. as we told you at the top of the show, this will be one of the most important speeches of christie's career. many will be watching. sources tell nbc he will address christie's delivering the speech before a democrat-controlled senate and assembly which has launched inquiries into the matter. joining me now michael smerconish, an nbc contributor. let's talk about the polling here. nationally, it seemed that people are not tuned into the story. but each and every day, as i watch this, you see drips of information. perhaps some might see the inconsistencies of the details that we got from chris christie at that news conference. bottom line here, how much time does he need to invest in the speech coming up. >> i think he's got to acknowledge the wrongdoing that took place in his administration, and to do so so it doesn't contradict that
11:56 am
two-hour press conference. so the semantics of this are going to be interesting. i think he must address it. how exactly he does that in a way that still keeps a little distance between himself and that wrongdoing that will be interesting to listen to. >> let's talk about the politician of this. we know in the past, some conservatives have been critical of chris christie. now it seems if you look at the polling and pundits out there, conservatives may be rallying around him to see that democrats may be on his polls grade. down with democrats if he is to run for president, to get past the primary, yes, he needs the conservatives to get on to the white house. he will need independents and democrats who may have been open to him in the past. but now might be turned off in the polling is accurate. >> the most surprising thing about the pew data which is what you're referring, to me, is a
11:57 am
slight bump by some people who might be favorable about him, 6%. you're saying who could watch these events and say, gee, i really like what i'm seeing in chris christie. i think the only perception among that group, they don't like the way the media is treating chris christie and therefore, they view him sympathet sympathetically. >> i'm saying is that the media? if that's a bump, maybe they didn't like him, and they are circling the wagowagon, and thee that as democrats celebrating as opposed to the media being caught up in it. >> i think they don't particularly like chris christie and whatever is meant by the mainstream media. consequently, given a choice, they're going with christie and not you tamron. >> i've got 3,000 things to say to that, but none of them will keep me employed. okay. michael, thank you very much.
11:58 am
what does your gut tell you? does chris christie need to address the bridge lane closure scandal, short form bridgegate. in the state of the state address go to news nati nation @msnbc. that does it for this edition of "news nation." very happy to be back with my "news nation" team. i never leave home without them. "the cycle" led by crystal ball picks up coverage. thanks, in full coverage mode. i'm here with torii and abby. let's get to new jersey where governor chris christie is set to deliver this fourth state of the state address. and the big question, of course, is he stronger than the storm? let's face it today is all about bridgegate. who better to get us started than someone who knows jersey politics inside and out. let's go to trenton and talk to
11:59 am
michael aaron. michael, what do you think if anything, will or should the governor say about bridgegate today? >> well, i've seen an advanced copy of this speech about 15 minutes ago. the first four paragraphs are devoted to the bridge scandal. he never says the words "george washington bridge," he never says "ft. lee." but in general terms he apologizes once again and reprises what he said last thursday. and i think the key line is he assures the people of new jersey what happened last week -- or what has been revealed in the past week was an admiration and not a general rule. >> michael, from new jersey, 51% of new jerseyans don't believe the governor. how does he change that? >> well, i think he changes it
12:00 pm
by switching the subject as he's going do after four paragraphs in the speech. but in that same poll, his approval rating was 59%. i would say that christie supporter could take heart from that poll. that, yeah, jersians are skeptical people and cynical people and realistic people. and he may not have told every tiny truth in 1 hour and 48 minutes last week. so for 51% to say they think he's not telling the truth, i think there are other numbers in that poll that offset that. >> okay. >> and michael, as you know, this story is very much being played out both locally and nationally. conservatives around the country are still debating, figuring out how legitimate he will be come 2016. and that will continue to play out. but help us understand the feel more locally on the ground. you've been following this very closely. is it your sense that both republicans and democrats see