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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 2, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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news is happening. >> we're finding out explosive details about benghazi. >> dude. >> benghazi terror attack. >> watch this outrageous exchange. >> dude, this is like two years ago. >> dude, this is the thing that everybody is talking about. >> i reduded him his dude. >> to dismissively use the word "dude" in a sentence. >> if you examine tone by we he responded. >> this is the way the white house has operated, just the tone they've had when people have asked the hard questions. they try to -- they use word salad. >> because, you know, when you consider that the 200-plus years of military ethos -- >> word salad -- >> -- that was thrown out the window with hillary clinton and the crew there in benghazi. >> i felt like i had to come back with a "dude." >> benghazi. >> benghazi. >> good to have you with us tonight.
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thanks for watching. right up front, it has been a great day for the president of the united states. i mean, for years, republicans have been complaining about the obama economy. oh, yeah. when is it his economy? remember that back in 2009? righties have been try to get the president to admit everything is his fault. >> what we need the president to do is to say the obama economy is not working. >> the obama economy is producing slow economic growth, high unemployment and stagnant wages. >> the obama economy is making life more difficult for all americans. >> i think people are going to conclude that the obama economy is not working. >> if i were president obama, i'd keep the champagne on ice. this is not an economy to be proud of. >> well, mitch, it's time for you to whip out at least maybe half a bottle of champagne. the obama economy is booming, considering where we were. the economy added 288,000 new
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jobs in april. unemployment is now listed aat at 6.3%. by the way, this brings us to 50 straight months of private sector job growth. all positive numbers. the private sector has added 9.2 million jobs since march of 2010. the bush tax cuts, remember the conversation, well, they expired back in january of 2013. this was the big issue in 2012 in the election year. the economy has just done fine since then. in fact, we've not had a month where we've gone backwards since the job creators had it. now, look, i don't want to hear any republicans start saying that we just can't raise taxes on the job creators because that kills jobs. it is, by the numbers, a bogus argument. republicans had nothing to do with this economic recovery.
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that's what should be in the history books. but who knows how it's going to turn out. the economic news is good. despite that their blatant obstruction to this president of the united states. the economic news is actually bad news for the republican but they don't want to admit it. what do we have? oh, gosh, we better apologize. over 8 million people have enrolled in that thing they call obamacare. and of course the economy and obamacare off and running in positive territory right now, despite what you hear in the right wing chamber. so republicans, what are they going to do? hey, they're switching targets. oh, it's a very similar shiny object republicans just can't resist. hey, let's talk a little benghazi. >> today's hearing on benghazi, instability and a new government. >> it exposes the lie of benghazi. >> there was a pretty serious incident going on in benghazi.
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>> the entire benghazi fiasco. >> did they actually go to the sound of the gun? did they actually go into benghazi? >> we've done a lot of stories on benghazi but this is the one you've really got to pay attention to. >> wow. i tell you what, when all else fails, fall back on benghazi. it's our best play, right? these guys remind me of two very special members of my family. [ dogs growling ] see, republicans are all upset because some e-mail about benghazi was just released. the e-mail reveals white house officials tried to shape the way susan rice discussed the situation about benghazi on talk shows. now, we already knew all of this. republicans, you know what they
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are, they're in the ditch picking up garbage. that's all they're good for these days. on thursday, former white house spokesperson tommy vitter spoke to fox news about this very issue. he made clear republicans are making something out of nothing. >> according to the e-mails and the time line, the cia circulates new talking points after they've removed mention of al qaeda and then at 6:21, the white house, you -- >> me. >> add a line about the administration warning of september 10th of social media reports calling for demonstrations, true? >> i believe so. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe, i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude this is like two years ago. we're still talking about the most mundane process -- we're talking about the process of edited talking points. that's what -- your editors edit scripts multiple times.
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>> it must be what part of country you're from because i've always kind of viewed the term "dude" as a term of endearment. dude. dude! how many different ways can you say dude? dude, i'm trying to tell you something. hey, dude, what's happening. you know what, i think president obama's a dude. of course, i'm not the middle of the country. tommy vitter is exactly right. it's a two-year-old story. or is it 20 months? in and the same old talking points. what's the issue here? in the midst of all this great news, this is where they are. but you see, the word "dude" has all these squares that fox news just are totally outraged. >> for him to come back and dismissively use the word "dude" in a sentence. >> right, that is the most disturbing sound. dude, you're really the spokesperson? i feel as though after listening to that interview, what difference does it make, right, or, dude, it's been two years,
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get over it, right, paraphrase, is a tone that is unacceptable when it companies to liy comes. overall, the tone, when you hear, dude, it happened over two years ago. >> republicans, bottom line here, they are choosing to focus on a nonstory that is benghazi. i just want to remind our audience and conservatives that there were seven, there were seven attacks on u.s. embassies and consulates overseas during george w. bush's presidency. i never heard republicans talking about security issues under bush and cheney. then we have one of the deadliest embassy attacks in american history. let's roll it back. i believe this happened under -- yeah, ronald reagan's watch. back in 1983, do we remember that a suicide bomber detonated 2,000 pounds of explosives in front of the u.n. embassy in lebanon that killed 60
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americans? including -- or 60 people including 17 americans. we never hear republicans talk about that. there's no doubt it's horrible four americans lost their lives in benghazi. but republicans need to concentrate on helping people in this country. we have lost americans overseas for generations. it's terrible. but there's nothing here. there's less about the 28 million minimum wage workers who need a raise. they don't care about the 2.6 billion americans who need an unemployment extension check. and they certainly don't care about the 8 million people who have health insurance thanks to that thing they hate and have tried to repeal over 50 times, obamacare. republicans work hard every single day to take away your health care. that's their plan.
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benghazi fever is right-wing radio in this country. >> our democratic friends for the most part have been in the tank over benghazi. they think it's to get me re-elected. i mean, some guy said this about me yesterday on the left, that the only reason i cared about this was because i've got 16 party opponents. well, if that's true, i'm the biggest scumbag in america. i don't think that's true. i know it's not true. the scumbag, are ts are the peo the white house who lied about this. >> any apologize come, senator? republicans need to drop the sideshow and focus on the lives of the american people and where this country is headed in a positive direction. you know, senator graham, you seem very angry. you know what, what you said is beneath the position of a united states senator. i asked you tonight, when was
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the last time you heard a united states senator refer to somebody in the white house, staffers doing their jobs, as scumbags? that's where they are. james dobson saying president obama is the abortion president. the people in the white house are scumbags accord to the united states senator. the same group that voted down a minimum wage. the same group that wants to get rid of health care. the same group that has obstructed this president at a historical level. this is where they come out with. this is where they are. this is who they are. they can't run from their record. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, are republicans angry, are republicans angrier than two black labs fighting over a toy? text a for yes, text b for no to 27662 and go to our blog.
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we'll bring you the results later in the show. let me bring in media con settant holland cook. also with us tonight, liberal commentator john fuguelestein. great to have you both with us tonight. it's benghazi. all kinds of good stuff going on. but it is benghazi. john, your reaction to the outbreak of benghazi fever? >> the only way they can exploit the deaths more would be to fire benghazi t-shirts out of one of those t-shirt guns at the hearings. we went from using a terror attack in 2001 to cheer on a president to using a terror attack in 2012 to smear on a president. they exploded 3,000 terror dead to attack iraq and now they exploit 4 terror dead to attack barack. remember the quaint days of united we stand? this is all about one thing. it's not about a cover-up. if they cared about a cover-up, oliver north would be breaking rocks in a federal prison right now. this is about 2014.
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the gop has no ideas s so they got to get the base out. the democrats are taking this like a real pinata. they keep getting pummeled on this. the democrats need to turn this around and call these guys out for what they're really doing, a crass exploitation of four tragic deaths for a really disgusting political gain. >> what role does right wing talk radio play? you often talked about the crazy uncle act, but it almost seems like some of these lawmakers are being empowered by these right-wing talkers that just gnaw on benghazi like it's the best bone that the dog ever passed up in a field. what role do they play? >> i can't imagine that anyone's mind is going to changed by these new revelations, these new documents. if you were already outraged, you might are slightly more outraged. if you've already processed this and it's in the past, you might
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still be yawning. it doesn't have a lot of buzz value for talk radio. doing what i do for a living, doing what you do for a living, we got to be great eavesdroppers. when i'm loitering and listening at drunken dodunkin' donut, at have never heard the word benghazi. i hear job interviews. i don't hear benghazi. i hear great talk radio where the stations were talking about things that matter. in a number of states and municipalities, e-cigarettes are a hot item now, should we ban them, smoking is an addiction, it's a parent's concern, will kids latch on to this new gadget. that was great talk radio, because it had curb appeal. i just don't hear buzz about benghazi. >> i don't hear. >> john, why -- >> go ahead. >> it's not about buzz, it's not about making converts. it's about getting that 23%
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that's going to vote republican no matter what to show up and vote even though they have no reason to still trust the republican party. if the come democrats were smart, they would take their case to social conservatives. in the meantime, they're going to be bludgeoned with this. the gop wants this narrative out there. think anyone who says "dude" to begin a sentence over the age of 18 has committed an impeachable offense. they sadly gave fox news a great big candy wrapped christmas present with that. >> you know, it just goes to show how mission oriented the right wing talkers are. >> it works, man. it works. >> yeah, they're mission oriented. it's not about intertation. it's about the name calling. it's about the disparaging. it's about going after obama. what glenn beck has recently said about hillary clinton, having lesbian sex in the oval office. i mean, this is the kind of stuff that's being thrown out
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there. and the only thing -- >> and you don't think they want to talk about -- you don't think they want to talk about these employment numbers today, do you? it's like a fax go, out first thing in the morning with benghazi in great big letters. >> you're right but the democrats are letting them drive the narrative. i'd like to see them drive more high-profile democrats come out and say, you guys have blame ed barack obama, you played susan rice. when are you going to get around to blaming the actual terrorists who killed these people? >> let's see what comes out in these -- >> beg your pardon? >> let's see what comes out in these hearings. we're going to have a select committee. when is this going to be on tv, july, august? i can hear the snoring now. >> it's about getting the base angry and getting the base out to a vote and in that sense the gop's playing it very smart. they don't have to adhere to logic or morality. they can be hypocrites on this. you showed the graph of all the people we lost during the bush
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administration. and, again, with ronald regular be and the troops killed in beirut and then reagan turns around and sells arms to the same iranians who helped kill our marines in beirut. it's complete hypocrisy for the republicans to be angry about this. they don't care. they care about getting their base out to a vote when they've given them no other reason and this is going to help them. >> well, i think obamacare is blowing up on them. i think they thought this was going to be a big boondoggle, that they'd be able to run on. the economy continues to move forward. certainly not at the base we want. wait a minute, over 9 million jobs is pretty damn good considering where we were. >> it's getting better. >> they've been hecklers from the stands all along. >> absolutely. >> i guarantee you this number right here 288 in april and 6.3, that really bothers republicans. they want this president to fail on the economy. they want him to tank the economy. it's not happening. it's blowing up. all they've got lost is
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benghazi. of course there's a hillary connection. >> good news is unwelcome. >> they don't have to be logical. you know why? benghazi! >> and it works. great to have you with us on "the ed show tonight." remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts with us on twitter. we want to know what you think. coming up, a look inside the wisconsin republicans annual convention. rapid response weighs in. first, new developments to the keystone xl pipeline debate. the senate plans to vote early next week for power to approve the pipeline. we'll unpack that story. stay with us. we are right back.
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appreciate the tweets @edshow. the progress channel monday through friday noon to 3:00 p.m. "the ed show" has decided, we reporting here. ♪ i got the horse right here ♪ the name is paul revere >> the number three trender horsing around. >> the big hat, the seersucker suits, the mint juleps. >> kentucky derby 140 is ready to roll. >> the triple crown request kicks off tomorrow with the kentucky derby. >> it's like the original nascar. >> number 5 is the favorite california chrome looking to win its fifth straight race. >> the vehicles only have one horsepower. >> rosie is looking to become the first female jockey to win the derby. >> competition is fierce but you always got a chance in this business. >> the number two trender, horse analogy. >> why do we take a page from
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the lbj playbook. he got medicare. we made a lot of proef guess. >> conservatives push more bundy-style slave analogies. >> you have a slave mentality to you today. >> are they better off as slaves or better off under government subsidy. >> we have a people enslaved on the government dough. >> they put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton. >> pay for people to have more kids out of wedlock, pay for more people to go to prison instead of getting a job so we do have a problem with slavery today as lincoln did back in the day. >> i think they got less freedom. >> it's like looking in a mirror. >> in today's top trender, pipe dream. >> is it time to build the pipeline? yes. should we get about a vote on the senate floor to discuss strong support? i think the answer to that is yes.
2:23 pm
>> keystone backers push for a senate vote. >> some of us who support it have a little trouble understanding why such a big deal. >> it's literally in our backyard. >> this thing is going to get into our water supply. >> they need to honor our treaties. >> is this pipeline project in the interest of the united states or is it not? >> joining me tonight by phone is jane cleb, the executive director of bold nebraska. this bill, jane, that has been introduced has got the support of 56 senators, 11 are democrats. how is this going to be viewed by the activists against the pipeline? they're going to get this passed, but what does it really mean? it's so symbolic, i think. >> it's symbolic. it's really just a piece for political ads back home in tough re-election campaigns. folks like rland droe want to b able to say in a ad that she
2:24 pm
approved it and the president's standing in the way. it's really unfortunate because senator landrieu actually today told press that she was concerned about the nebraska routes and she thought the land owners had a valid concern. you know, that's just words to us. if she really did think we had a valid concern, she should be standing with land owners saying we're not going to rush this process and we're not going to vote to symbolically approve the pipeline. >> they continue to purport this idea that it is such a huge benefit in the job market. from your perspective, what jobs are we talking about? how many and how long short term, maybe middle term and long term jobs? what is it? >> we have keystone in the southern leg to show us the real jobs created. so construction jobs for about a year to put the pipeline in the
2:25 pm
ground. and then you're being looking at maybe anywhere 10 to 35 permanent jobs. things in the control rooms, lini looking for spills. folks in their home offices in canada. you're not looking at this huge 42,000, you know, million, the job numbers have been all over the map from the republicans. so that's the real jobs. and, ed, there's 500 land owners just in nebraska alone. those farmers and ranchers support way more jobs than the 800 construction jobs which would be happening in our state in the president approved this pipeline. >> so the republicans love to talk about a stable economy, long-term sustain abable jobs a we're talking, from your perspective, the information you have, 10 to 35 jobs. once this pipeline is done, if it is done, we're talking about a handful of folks. yet the republicans are running
2:26 pm
around telling the country that, oh, this is a big job creator. the other thing i want to know is how can the republicans and even in the advertising that's going on in nebraska right now, step forward and say that the price of gas in america is going to go down if the keystone excel pipeline is approved and constructed? what about that? >> it's amazing. representative terry was telling folks their home energy costs are going to go up unless keystone xl is approved. others are saying our individual gas prices are going to go down. it's just not true. we know oil is traded on the international market. things like wars definitely have an impact on gas prices. supply and demand clearly. this pipeline is an export pipeline. it has nothing to do with the type of gas we're putting into our carrings. in fact, it would by pass a lot of midwest refineries where there is essentially a lot of oil going in from the balkan area.
2:27 pm
that oil would get diverted to a midwest market. those prices would go up if the keystone pipeline got aproved so it's just a bunch of hot air from the republicans. >> there's no way this pipeline is going to fundamentally change how gas prices are speculated on in this country. it won't change anything. and anybody that says that knows nothing about the story or how gas prices are set in america. the next thing i think needs to be point out is canada is starting to really put on the pressure. canada's energy minister is calling on president obama to depoliticize this story. everything about energy in america is political. it's political. it's a political decision that the major oil companies get taxpayer subsidies. so i just don't think you can take the politics out of this story in any way, shape or form. it's the problrepublicans who h
2:28 pm
politicized this in nebraska. >> they have invested in this really awful energy source, the tar sands. it is landlocked. they thought they could get an easy pass through the heartland of america. we stood up to them. you know who didn't stand up to them is politicians in our state. you have politicians in nebraska who literally have taken payments from transcanada to store pipe on their land when they don't have any pipe stored on their land. this is the type of bribery happening in our state. it is that. it is bribery. they bribe local officials. lobbying our senators. all for an easy path. it's gotten transcanada twisted into knots and they have no route in nebraska. that's what happens when citizens stand up to corrupt politicians. >> so the senate vote that is coming probably next week is
2:29 pm
symbolic at the least and at the most. this is all about how they're running their elections back home. and how they think the pulse of the people are going to be on this story. jane kleeb, thanks for your time. still ahead, wisconsin republicans still aren't sure about this whole united states think is going, you know? rapid response panel weighs in on that. and later, seattle, the city, takes a bold stand to combat income inequality. congressman jim mcdermott weighs in on that. next, i'm taking your questions. stick with innovation.
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welcome back to "the ed show." love hearing from all our viewers tonight in our ask ed live segment. if republicans take both the house and the senate, will they
2:33 pm
try to impeach president obama? yes. absolutely. for a number of reasons. number one, they can't stand the guy. they fear him. they want to tarnish him. it would be a serious get back. they would definitely, as i see it, impeach president obama. they'd love to see joe biden as the next president of the united states until 2016 because that might make it a little bit harder on hillary and it might split the democrats up a little bit more. our next question is from the green democrats. why do we fawn over corporations with incentives to but not the working people? let's take the working people first. there's been an attack on laner in this country that is well documented over the last 30 years. it's really been ratcheted up over the last several years, attacking voices in the workplace, doing everything they possibly can to union bust across america, right to work
2:34 pm
legislation in a lot more states. it all favors the corporations. so it is the right wing, because the republicans, where they are right now, they don't think any americans deserve any fruits of their labor. that's where they are. they're drawing that line in the sand when it companies y comes worki working folk of america. stick around. your cnbc market wrap. worries over ukraine wipe out early gains. the nasdaq slips 3. april jobs growth the strongest in two years. employers added 288,000 jobs last month. while the unemployment rate fell to 6.3%. mean why, factory orders rose for the second month in a row in march.pmorgan shares are lower e after hours it the company disclosed $4.7 billion in
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welcome back to "the ed show." scott walker, governor of wisconsin, his cronies are so out of touch, they don't even know if they want to be americans or not. i have never heard of anything like this before. wisconsin republicans, what are they going to be doing, they're going to be meeting in milwaukee this weekend for their annual convention. and part of their agenda is to vote on a measure for the state to secede from the union if the situation becomes unbear be abl whatever that is. one major issue they're not paying enough attention to is job creation. this of course is what governor walker sold. he made a lot of empty promises about jobs while campaigning for
2:39 pm
his first term. he lease ereleased a new campai this week. >> the goal is everyone who wants a job can find a job. less dependence on government, more dependence on hard work and pride. that's progress. thanks to governor walker, wisconsin is back on. >> yeah, get those government and state incent ikrencentives way. that's the republican way, right? in wisconsin it is. the ad paints a pretty rosy picture but it's far from the truth. wisconsin is ranked 45th in the country for private sector job growth. governor walker promised repeatedly to create 250,000 new private sector jobs during his first term. well, there are only a few months left in walker's term. he's created far less than 250,000 jobs. what is the number? the budgets and development related programs have only made
2:40 pm
106,000 jobs. it must have been the recall or something. people don't have confidence in what's going on, right? joining us is our rapid response panel. alena taylor is with us tonight. also, congressman mark pocan. great to have both of you with us tonight. state senator, you first, lena, how can walker claim progress on job creation when data proves absolutely the opposite? >> well, ed, the facts have never mattered to them about telling the truth ordealing with the actual factual situation we're in in the state of wisconsin. whether that is true or false. he believes he can lull the voters, i guess, lull taxpayers. believing whatever he says he says is true it the facts show everything to be different. when you look at the unemployment numbers in my city,
2:41 pm
among african-americans in plash particular. why is that not the special item we're doing? >> what are the things they are doing? what is wisconsin doing? if you were to compare wisconsin's record with what mark dayton and the democrats are doing in minnesota, it's only a -- i mean, it's two totally different worlds. the economy is booming in minnesota whereas wisconsin is struggling. what do you make of that? >> you're exactly right. it's because we're spending our time on all these, you know, extreme policies that really have nothing to do with what matters to individuals, which is making sure that he keeps his promise that he said, 250,000 jobs. at least three-fourths of wisconsinites are concerned he hasn't kept that promise. instead, doing things like voter i.d. legislation, you know, racist mascot legislation. we've been doing things to
2:42 pm
address issues that are not frankly the concerns. and i can't tell you why. we're doing things like tweaking away at people's voting rights with changing so many election laws. and i know in the end 54% of individuals say maybe that they feel that wisconsin is on the right track, but it's because they don't know that walk are has also deviated from the facts when he tells us that we balanced our budget. mark pocan is someone who was a former co-chair of our finance committee. he can speak about how the governor has taken our daily, you know, finances, he put that on the credit card, so to say, and then said that he's balanced the budget. he's not done that. it cost us at least what, $91 million in interest while he's giving people something he calls a tax, you know, credit that's about 50-something dollars. i mean it really is shameful. we should be dealing with jobs all around. what are we going to do to change the plight of our start-ups and change the plight
2:43 pm
of businesses, especially among african-americans? because we are the population that is the most unemployed. >> congressman, if wisconsin's ranked 35th out of 50 states in the private sector growth, why does scott walker still have his sights set on the white house? what is this all about? >> well, ed, i think this is where it could backfire on him. people in wisconsin are exstreeextrem extremely hard working. we have a great work ethic. we expect that of others. scott walker's working really hard at running for president but he's not working so hard at creating jobs for wisconsin. think that's going to backfire. i think if people want to say, if you're really going to be president, fine, but we want someone to work hard for wisconsin. when you've got a state like minnesota, there's probably no state more dem graphically similar. they're succeeding and we're failing. it's because our governor's got his eyes on the white house and not on the state of wisconsin. >> well, i mean, it's not like
2:44 pm
minnesota's on the other side of the country. i mean, the fact is, you're in the same region, you're competing for the same businesses. it's the same work ethic. all of the ingredients are there. walkers an vision for wisconsin has totally failed. he's not been able to deliver the mail. he's running around the country, you know, saying he should be in the oval office. senator taylor, explain to our audience, what are the republicans voting on, that they would actually have a revision in their platform that they would secede from the union if things got bad? what's it all about? who are these folks? >> these are the extremists. these are the extremists that are trying to run the gop but they want to try to be a part of running this nation. and so, you know, we should be really concerned. so they want to say that they will secede the union if things get bad, but they also want to say if they don't agree with federal policy that they don't even have to follow federal
2:45 pm
policy, you know, something that -- >> that's bundy talk. >> something that the congressman said, i need you to know, ed, is this is the same pattern walker did when he ran for county executive and then ran for governor. while he was county executive, he wasn't doing his job, he was concerned about running for governor. while he's governor, he's not doing his job, not keeping his promises but he's try to run to be president of the united states. these are challenging times for wisconsinites. >> congressman, how much did the vote in the senate not to raise the minimum wage hurt the entire effort? what do you hear back home on this issue? >> well, i just think they're completely out of step with the country. think democrats, independents, republicans, all support an increase. america deserves a raise. the fact that they don't want to put us anywhere close to where we were in the 1960s even at a level, i think they're completely wrong. all they want to do is take care of the special interests and that paul ryan budget, you know, ed you and i talk about scott
2:46 pm
walker. look at paul ryan's budget as well. that budget doesn't have a single tax -- doesn't get rid of a single tax break for special interest to reduce the deficit but they lower the top rate to 25% and that means a $2,000 increase for every middle class family. that's scott walker, that's paul ryan, that's the extremists in the republican party trying to secede from the nation. that's what we've got to be aware of. if they take the senate because of things like minimum wage, that agenda, that paul ryan agenda, is what you're going to see. >> congressman mark pocan, senate senator lyena turner, thank you. coming up, lessons in history and feminism from glenn beck university. pretenders is next. stick around. in pursuit of all things awesome, amazing,
2:47 pm
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>> and in pretenders tonight, glenn beck. beck wants to send you an education he never bothered to get. you see, the college dropout runs an unaccredited online university. one of beck's so-called teachers at beck university says for the good of society, a woman's place is outside the voting booth. >> husband or wife, i mean, the two are considered one. that is the biblical precept. that is a family that is voting. the head of the family was traditionally considered to be the husband and even biblically still continues to be so. as we moved more away from the family unit, don't be chained to be a mother or a father. don't be chained down to your parents. we've moved into more of a family anarchy kind of thing. the more you weaken the family, the more it hurts the entire culture and society. >> well, the chauvinist in professor's clothing says a woman's independence is anarchy. beck is stacking his faculty with frauds. if glenn beck believes he could
2:52 pm
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2:56 pm
who take a shower after work. they're going to be showering after this one if it all comes to fruition. just one day after senate republicans blocked an effort to raise the federal minimum wage, let's hand it to seattle. they are doing things the right way. the mayor announced a plan to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour over the coming years. the proposal would gradually raise seattle's minimum wage from $9.32 an hour, which a lot of people would be happy with right now according to the republicans, to $15 an hour over the next seven years. i like it because it's a plan. republicans have proven they think folks on minimum wage, well, they just have it too good. progressive mayors like ed murray are putting them right to shame. what is your prediction, jim.
2:57 pm
this is going to be a job killer. who do you think seattle is going to respond to this increase? it's going to affect over 100,000 workers. what do you think? >> i'm so proud to represent the most progressive city in the country. we understand, ed, that if workers don't have money in their pocket, they will not buy things, so there's no demand so the economy does not recover. and the way to do that is to put money in workers' pockets by raising the minimum wage. we need to put money out for building projects, infrastructure projects. that creates jog jobs. but this is a bowonderful thing and it. >> going to move our area forward. and the rest of the country is just going to run to catch up up. $15 is not a living wage in seattle. $16.04 is considered a living wage. and that's spending $200 a month on food. if you call that a living wage, you're talking about right up on
2:58 pm
the bone. we're really trying to get people in the middle class who are trying an opportunity to really make it. >> will it hurt small business, that's the republican line. >> they came up with comp mices. i would like to go faster, i would like $15 an hour like they do in the little town of sea-tac down the road. small business people said we could go along with this if we do it gradually. i think if you work with the people, you can make the moves.
2:59 pm
>> we're asking for $10.10. thanks to the republicans in if the senate, the fight to increase the minimum wage is at a stand still. is it going to be there for long, in your opinion? >> as long as the republicans control the house and the senate doesn't want to make the economy work, you will have a low minimum wage. if we cull the senate and pick up the house in the next election, it will go right away. everybody knows if you give money to people, it's like the unemployment insurance. when you don't pay unemployment insurance, we've got 4 million long-term unemployed. they have no benefits, they have no money in their pocket to spend.
3:00 pm
>> seattle is the city to watch right now to see how this all unfolds. congressman, have a great weekend. jim mcdermott from seattle. that's "the ed show" "politics nation with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> right now, right now, good evening, ed. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, president obama is creating jobs and republicans can't handle it. the new jobs report today shows the unemployment rate has now dropped to 6.3%. that's the lowest since september 2008. for the third straight month, the economy added over 200,000 jobs. we've still got a long way to go.