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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 8, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the national republican campaign committee is trying to raise money off the tragedy in benghazi. they're taking advantage of their base. their base is going to wake up at some point, i hope. >> congressman, appreciate your time tonight. thanks so much. that's "the ed show." politics nation starts right now with reverend al sharpton. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, politicizing tragedy. that's what's happening right now. house republicans are expected to vote on forming another benghazi committee. you are looking live at the house floor where they'll vote for a brand-new gop-led panel to investigate the 2012 attack. and if you're getting a bad case of deja vu, you're not alone. because we' beve been down this
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benghazi road before. seven committees investigated, including chairman issa's committee. there have been 13 congressional hearings, including that high profile hearing with hillary clinton. 25,000 pages of documents have been produced to investigators. the pentagon says the cost of providing information is now in the millions of dollars. and yet amazingly, any moment now we'll get another committee charged with leading a benghazi investigation. because this isn't a search for answers. it's a political stunt. americans with playing politics with it. some in the republican party playing this kind of politics. some are even fundraising off of it. the national republican
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congressional committee is sticking with its call for donations from so-called benghazi watchdogs. today speaker boehner was asked about that. are you ready to see some real leadership? roll the tape. >> speaker boehner, four americans died in benghazi. should the nrcc fundraise off your efforts with the select committee? >> our focus is on getting the answer to those families who lost their loved ones. period. >> the nrcc, they're fundraising off of it right now. >> our focus is getting the truth for these four families and for the american people. >> donling the question. amazing. the correct answer is no, they should not be fundraising tragedy. they just can't help themselves.
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they're treating it like the super bowl. >> where was president obama that day and that night? >> people have been trying too get an answer for this for 20 months. where was the president the night of the attacks? >> they leased a photo after the killing of bin laden, but we don't have any photots from the other night, september 11, 2012. >> where is president obama? why isn't there is a photo? yes, there is a photo. here it is. president obama in the white house on the night of september 11. it's been available for more than a year. just one of the many republican questions about benghazi that have already been answered. but to the gop, this isn't about getting abcs. it's about politics.
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joining me now is crystal ball and washington post dana millbank. his latest article is about the gop congressman trey gauti in scharch of this bep gas zi show trial. haven't we seen this before. >> i think this is a case the republican leadership realizes to continue down this path of politicizing a tragedy is a dangerous game and not ultimately a political winner for them. it makes people feel, because they are, treating this event in a very callous way, especially with the new fundraising teams off of benghazi. but, you know, they ginned up
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their base so much on this issue that now the base is driving the bus. the base is continuing to say we want more investigations. we need more, we want more documents. we need more time, more hearings. so finally john boehner has given into the base to give them what they want with the select committee. >> you know, just a few moments ago, dana, speaker boehner was on the house floor, swearing this has nothing to do wf politics. listen. >> this doesn't need to be, shouldn't be, and will not be a partisan process. four americans died in a well court -- coordinated asalt. we will not allow any side shows that distract us from those goals. >> now, this is the same speaker who earlier today refused to say the gop shouldn't fundraise off
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of benghazi. it's a creation of the house leadership. boehner is in charge of it. it's like you don't really have any comments on what they say on "politics nation." that's now how this works. a stop to it. trey gowdy says he doesn't approve, he's never raised a penny off of this. and we find he has spoken out benghazi at fundraisers. the fact that they've chosen trey gowdy rather than more experienced legislators. this panel has no more authorities than the previous seven panels, it's going to be more of the same.
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it answers its own question, what the motive is here. >> the fact is, crystal, the republicans have referred to this, this whole investigation as a trial. some republicans have actually used the language. listen to this. >> we need to try this thing really in the public eye. we need to have witnesses under oath, in a single setting. >> i can't end a trial simply because the defense won't cooperate. >> i mean, the second person there that edshowed, krystal is, of course, trey gowdy himself, who is leading the committee and he's calling this a trial. >> they made it pretty clear what they're all about here.
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even in that fundraising e-mail and on that fundraising website, they made it clear that they were going after president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. this is all about a show trial, trying to get what they say as a conviction of the president and the former secretary of state hillary clinton. they've never realize genuinely wanted answer, wanted to move toward in a productive way. it was all back in 2012 when mitt romney was running. it was about trying to tarnish this president. it's still all about trying to tarnish this president. and i just want to make it clear, there's no one out there, no democrat out there saying that this was okay what happened and there aren't lessons to be learned and there aren't things we should take from this horrible tragedy to try to move forward in a better way. but what we're objecting to is the politicization of such a horrific event and the attempt to score cheap political points and the continued use of these
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committees that are supposed to be a real troop for getting at the truth of this matter and other matters. these are used as just sort of the political trials. it's corrosive not just in this instance, it's actually corrosive to trust in government's ability to do fair investigations at all. >> dana, that is a point that has to be considered. democrats are meeting tonight. thu she's now considering some lawmakers to the fa panel. so if this is considered by them a trial, if this is a hail mary
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on display, just a circus to try and smear the administration, do they participate or do they boycott and what is better to present to the public? the truth of what we're looking at here is no more really than political theatre? they're macking the points that this panel isn't interested in. we're all obsessed over talking points from a tv show. the point needs to be made that it was house republicans who exposed the very fact that this was a cia facility. and 15 people who have been cooperating with the united states since the benghazi attacks in libya have been bill kilned.
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maybe that's because of the loose lips of the house republican investigators. there's lots of serious questions to be asked. so yeah, i would like to see somebody get into the face of trey gowdy and holding him to account. >> crystal, what do you say if you were a democrat speaking tonight. >> i would say we're not going to legitimatize this thing by participating at all. we've seen congressman elijah cummings when he's been able to confront darrell issa and some of the irresponsible hearings and questions that issa has raised, i think it is incredibly valuable and important to have those voices there. >> krystal ball, dana millbank, thank you for your time tonight. catch krystal on "the cycle" weekdays right here on msnbc. coming up, president obama speaks out on gop obstruction and we've got some surprising
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news in the fight for fairness today. and what does the titanic have to do with the affordable care act. nothing. but senator mccain is trying to connect the two anyway. plus, senator ted cruz, ugly talk. we'll tell you what he's saying now about president obama. it's truly amazing. stay with us. what if a photo were more than a memory? what if it were more than something to share? what if a photo could build that shelf you've always wanted? or fix a leaky faucet? or even give you your saturday back?
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. ever wonder who the gop represents? how can they be against what the country wants? this is fred delucca. he's the ceo of subway, the largest restaurant chain in the world. in an interview with cnbc, he said something surprising on minimum wage hikes. quote, over the years, i've seen so many of these wage increases, i think it's normal. it won't have a negative impact hopefully, and that's what i tell my workers, the people who come to work deserve to be paid properly. and there's no excuse. this is great to hear. good for him. and he's joined by 63% of
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millionaires who say increasing the minimum wage would help reduce inequality. and that's what's so strange about what's going on with the right. on issue after issue, the republican party is against what the majority of the country wants. 69% of americans want to raise the minimum wage. 74% say we should expand medicaid. and a majority of 52% want to extend jobless benefits. the ceo of subway wants a minimum wage hike and so does the majority of america. what are policymakers doing? what are they going to say about this. >> we've seen this debate bubbling over for many years
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now. you do have people who are extremely wealthy. sometimes they're democratic donors. there are plenty of the 1% who also support democratic policies and agenda. the idea that the 1% is only interested in their self-interest is not actually true for democrats just as it isn't for republicans. the thing you have to ask for republicans is why would they be on the wrong side of something that polls 69% against them which is the minimum wage. the president at this point in the cycle doesn't have much to campaign on. and you're already hearing president obama say look at where we are on the minimum wage. they are handing this one to him. doesn't make any sense. doesn't even make sense for the 1% that should be backing the republicans right now. >> you're right. but i want to go back to the cnbc millionaire survey. 64%, this is nearly 2/3 support higher taxes on the wealthy as a way to narrow the wealth gap.
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64% of millionaires. we're not saying nearly 2/3. we're talking about millionaires! they support it as a way of supporting -- or dealing with the inequality gap. in this country. >> republicans don't represent millionaires, they simply represent some millionaires. some what want to keep minimum wanls artificially low. i just don't know that this poll departs from where my thinking really was on this kind of thing. what delucca and others in the quick serve restaurant business understand is that if you pay your employees, your associates living wage, something that they can put food on the table, something they can pay their rent with, something they can put gas in the car with, they're going to come to work, they're going to be more productive, they're going to invest more in
3:20 pm
their daily lives, they're going to stay with you long, or the ceo of costco is one of those people who believes and understands what it means to pay a meaningful wage and what it means long term in terms of the health of the business. >> and, you know, they're going to spend money. it's good for the economy, richard. so i could understand millionaires say what is the problem here because their businesses would have people out in the communities and twhereve, they have money to spend. you want to have people buying your own products. one thing the clintons understood in support of walmart is cheaper goods were actually great for people at the lore end of the scale. if only walmart lived up to that and paid its workers a living wage as well, all too many people working in some of these places,ing they are not getting the kind of wages that will
3:21 pm
allow them to be good consumers, too. if this economy is going to grow with sustainable jobs, you've got to increase the middle class. you can not just have a working class that is supporting people at the higher end. that doesn't grow for the people at the higher end, it doesn't grow the middle class. >> now, you know, despite the widespread support even for millionaires, the right just can't get behind the idea of a fair wage hike, goldie. watch this. >> instead of focusing on this sort of defeatist mentality where we've got to up the minimum wage. why don't we focus on yating better paying jobs. >> i don't want people to make as much as they can. i don't think the minimum wage law works. >> you would abolish the minimum wage? >> correct. >> would you seek to block the minimum wage? >> it's bad economics, andrew. >> bad economics, defeatist attitude. don't want to have a minimum wage at all. i mean, who are they speaking
3:22 pm
for? >> they certainly aren't speaking for working class people. the minimum wage are the em bodmebod bodiment of what our american values are. it says a lot about how we want to treat families and invest in communities. that minimum wage, that lowest rung in the pole, speaks to how much we value the individual and all of their earnest work. and so to say that there should not be a minimum wage means that you're okay with an employer coming to market and offering $3 or $2.50 an hour if they can find an employee who will take it. that means you ear allowing wages to be depressed in the name of creation of more jobs at unmeaningful wages. in the name of soaring corporate profits which are at higher in any other point in this american history. is it creating jobs? no. it isn't creating jobs. in fact, we've seen that our
3:23 pm
economy has stagnated and had a sloer pace of groe had it not been for the idea that they wouldn't pass even the american jobs act. >> all right, i'm going to have to leave it there. coming up, senator john mccain, the titanic and some anti-obama care talking points that have gone completely overboard. plus, we have some developing news in the fight for voting rights tonight. it's a big loss for voter id and a big win for people power. that's next. okay ladies, whenever you're ready.
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not seek a repeal of an overturn of the voter id law. tfts one of the strictest in the nation. the law was temporarily blocked by a court before the 2012 election and was most recently struck down in january. last week, that judge decided he would not revisit the opinion. and today, governor corbett backed down. this is a huge victory for people like vivian applewhite, the 93-year-old woman who couldn't and didn't have the documents to get a voter id. she later was given an id, but others may not have been so lucky. this is why we fight and we'll keep on fighting. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow.
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>> i'm flying. jack. >> what in the world does the titanic have to do with health care? just ask senator john mccain. here he was at a hearing for sylvia matthews burwell, president obama's nominee to lead the department of health and human services. >> i advised her against taking a leadership position at hhhs. after all, who would recommend their friend take over the titanic after it hit the iceberg. >> senator, you might be a little seasick. or just in denial. the affordable care act is working. and the bogus gop talking points on the law are dying. yesterday, we even held a funeral for all of the fact talking points.
3:32 pm
but today they came back to life in that hearing. going to the website, you've got to love it. but more than 8 million people have signed up on the exchanges. slamming the website just doesn't make sense anymore. and today, they brought out this old favorite. >> the board is supposed to be made up of 15 elected advisers who decide which treatments of medicare coverage should be reformed, i would ska terminated. if confirmed, will you activate the medicare reform or again what i would call rationing. >> death panels are alive again. but this claim that an advisory board will ration care, it's 100% bogus. the health care law explicitly states that the board is forbidden from submitting any
3:33 pm
recommendations to ration health care. but they weren't finished reviving the old talking pointing. >> fuzzy math that seems to be a part of obama care. >> i think it would be on the part of the department to advise who buys the premiums. >> oobl 67% of the ees had paid their premiums by april 15. >> only 67% did pay their premiums, the only problem is, it wasn't true. just yesterday a group of insurers told the same committee that most enrollees have paid their premiums, between 80% to 90% of them. so forget that titanic talk. the law is working. but rehashing these lame talking points, that's just like rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.
3:34 pm
joining me now is vermont senator bernie sander who was in that hearing today. senator, what was it like hearing your colleagues bring back old talking points today? >> it just shows how desperate the republicans are in terms of health care. they have nothing to offer. under bush for eight years, they have nothing significant to say about expanding health insurance to the other insured. in recent years, all they could do is talk about the affordable care act. they are upset that we now have 8 million people getting their insurance through the exchanges. they are very upset that young people now are getting insurance on their parents programs and they're equally upset that millions more people are now getting medicaid through the affordable care act.
3:35 pm
>> how could it be that republican governors all over the country are denying health insurance to their people who desperately need it, even though the federal government is picking up 100% of the cost. bottom line, they have nothing say. >> people are upset that people have health insurance. and governors, as you say, blocking health insurance for their own state citizens when 100% of it is paid by the federal government. but the good news is that democrats are starting to stand up. because today we saw going on the offensive was north carolina's kay hagan in that hearing today. watch this. >> last year in north carolina, our state legislature and governor decided against expanding the state's medicaid program and as a result, about
3:36 pm
500,000 people who would have qualified for coverage on medicaid are now not able to do so. these are some of the most vulnerable citizens in our society who will continue to seek care in emergency rooms and then will leave chronic conditions unmanaged. >> she's in a tough race. politically, is this a good issue for her? >> i believe it is. al, forget the politics for a moment. what does it mean if i make $25,000 a year in north carolina, if i have an illness, if i have no health insurance. i can't get to see a doctor. i can't go to a hospital without going bankrupt. and i think that every one of those iz citizens in north carolina and throughout this country who are now entitled to health care and are not getting it, i would stand up and say to the governor how come you are
3:37 pm
not allowing me to get the health insurance the federal government is allowing you to have. >> they said the law was unaffordable. but a brand-new anlcy shows the law helped bring down health care spending by $900 billion. another talking point, senator? >> absolutely. absolutely. health care costs in america are still much too expensive. no question about that. but what experts now tell us is a result of the affordable care act, we are beginning to slow the growth of health care costs and that is extremely important. look, al, at the end of the day, if you don't believe that people are entitled to health care, if you want to cut medicaid drastically, if you want to end medicare as we know it, and if you have legislation which is now working and you're a republican, you've got a problem. you' got a political problem,
3:38 pm
you've got a public policy problem. insurers on the panel testified that the law had not led to a government takeover of their industry. so if the was the government takeover, isn't that another talking point, senator? >> as you well know, i happen to believe that medicare is a very successful program. i believe in a single player for all. the president does not. the affordable care act is not a government takeover of health care. far from it. >> i'm glad you said that. because many of us, i included one single payer plan.
3:39 pm
they act as though this is some far left progressive notion when it really is not. it certainly helps millions of people. to act like he's going over the deep end left is just absolutely not true. >> you know the fundamentals of the affordable care act were developed in republican think tanks as abopposition approach to a single payer approach. and to implement the affordable care act in to the state of massachusetts under mitt romney, that well known communist revolution. >> senator bernie sander, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. breaking news. moments ago, the republican-d l republican-controlled house passed that measure creating a new benghazi committee. the vote was on along strict party lines. tomorrow house democrats will huddle on whether to boycott the committee. we'll be watching this. up next, ted cruz has said some
3:40 pm
pretty out there things about president obama. but you won't believe what he's saying now. plus, the outcry to bring back nearly 300 nigerian girls still missing after being kidnapped by terrorists. we have news tonight from the secretary of state. stay with us. so i c
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>> these are impeachable offenses. the things going on in our country are impeachable offenses. this is dangerous, impeachable stuff that we're talking about. >> that was glenn beck just yesterday talking about the president's impeachable offenses. and he's not the only one. next week, an anti-obama group called operation american spring plans to hold a rally to rid washington, d.c. of tyrants. oh, a and you remember world ne daily, right? the one that thinks obama is a gay king and muslim? they're talking about trying the president for serial treason. and here's where it gets scary. it's not just glen beck. it's not just the fringe. it's senator ted cruz who just made an impassioned case about
3:45 pm
the president's lawlessness. even comparing him to a king. >> i actually think the breadth of the lawlessness in the aggregate is disturbing. it eat not just one example or two examples or three examples. the declaration of independence, i believe, had 28 particulars. that king george had committed against the rights of englishmen. well, this particular report lists 76 examples of lawlessness and abuse of power. >> 76 actses of lawlessness and worse than key king? but this crazy talk wasn't done there. >> how exactly do we go to putin and say you need to be boundary rule of law when multily our
3:46 pm
government is saying never mind the laws that our congress passed we're going to dig regard them. >> that's absurd. but senator cruz's speech was awful obscenely disrespectful. >> when you have a president who can pick and choose which laws to follow and which laws to ignore, then you no longer have president. >> we do have a president. you might not agree with him, you might not like him, but he won an election. he has a mandate, and all this bogus talk of imimpeachment is nothing more than just that -- talk. joining me now are joe madison and jimy williams, thank you both for coming on the show tonight. >> thank you, reverend sharpton. >> joe, let me start with you. why does the right keep going back to this argument that the president is lawless? >> because they're priming the pump for the november election.
3:47 pm
and i hate to say i've told everyone so, but i'll say it. i've told you so. this is the argument that they're going to use. they're going to use their talk show personalities on the right. they're going to use fox. these are now the talking points. and they're going to try to use this to hope that they can take over the senate. the only thing really keeping this impeachment from going forward quite honestly is the democratic control of the senate. get out the vote effort. that's the strategy that has to be in place in target states. >> senator cruz even argued that the president's overreach should be acknowledged as a nonpartisan issue. listen to this. >> listen, i recognize there's a poisonous, even toxic atmosphere in washington where everything
3:48 pm
gets viewed through a partisan lens, through the battles of one team versus another, one side versus another. but this shouldn't be partisan. >> this shouldn't be partisan, jimmy? and yet all they're doing it is in a partisan way? >> yeah. this is the guy that was trained at the foot of his phatter who said that barack obama should go back to ken that. okay, i got it, i understand the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. but here's the sad reality of ted cruz. he's an empty suit. ted cruz has yet to -- if he's just issued a report card and said that barack obama, there's 76 things that barack obama's done that are impeachable offenses, then where are the articles of impeachment. oh, they don't exist because he hand introduced them. why? he wouldn't dare do do that because mitch mcconnell may have to scurry back to kentucky where he's about to lose and tell kwun of his old caucus members, don't
3:49 pm
introduce impeachment articles, we will not get the senate if you do. he's a political suit. he has absolutely zero desire to lead, to legislate, or to do anything except be a mouthpiece for the far right. and by the way, that's fine. that's okay that he wants to do that, but do using the united states senate at his problem to do it from, that's disgraceful. and in my opinion, un-american. >> let me push right there. push back a little on that. because joe, he is also out with a big report outlining president obama's abuse of power. he did outline that. and some of the examples are outright outlandish. >> one abuse of power cited says that, quote, president obama told nasa administrator to find a way to reach out to the muslim world. another abuse is that he shut down an ammish farm for selling
3:50 pm
fresh unpasturized milk across state lines. i mean, this isn't "the onion." this is in an actual report, joe. >> and i'm going to push back, too, on this. i'm going to tell you why. impeachment is an indictment. and that's what will happen in the house of representatives. then the trial takes place in the senate. and here's the other thing. they don't have to be reasonable. they don't even have to be impeachable offenses. they're trying to destroy this man's legacy, even if they're not successful in the trial. they can say yes, the first african-american elected president of the united states, but guess what? we impeached him. and that's what this is about. that's the hidden hand, and nobody wants to say this, but i'm going to say it. they want to ruin barack obama's legacy and they'll use any false charges that they can, but if
3:51 pm
they get the -- if they get control of the house and the senate, then it will be political and that impeachment vote will be a along political lines. it won't be a fair trial, you can count on that. >> let me go to this. the right keeps arguing, jimmy, that the president is a king, that he's a dpik tictator, but that he's weak. listen to this. >> we have a weak and indecisive president. >> has the president is smothering the american dream here at home and projecting weakness abroad. >> the president doesn't understand that a weak america leads to instability pop. a critical reason for putin's aggression has been president obama's weakness. number one, don't demonstrate weakness for five years. >> now let me get this straight, jimmy. the president is weak, he's weaker than putin. but didn't we just hear cruz say the president is the worst
3:52 pm
tyrant then putin? so which way are we going here? he's either a worse tyrant or he's too weak. i mean, you said schizophrenia. i mean, this is absolutely crazy. they have contradictory talking points about the very same subject. >> i'm accusing at the time cruz of having political schizophren schizophrenia. they're such logical candidates to say some sort of thing, the president must be politically bipolar. i don't know. what i can tell you is this -- osama bin laden is dead. he's dead. gadhafi, gone. i mean, we could go through an entire list of this thing. we could have three hours of the things tt barack obama has done right. but it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. because no matter what barack obama does, until the day he leaves -- in fact, even the week after the leaves, it doesn't matter. it won't be good enough for them. nothing he can do will ever be good news for them. here's the difference, 5 million
3:53 pm
more americans voted for barack obama in the last election than they did for mitt romney and he won. they can't handle it. >> that's about right. joe madison, jimy williams, thank you both for your time this evening. >> thank you, reverend sharpton. >> coming up, inside the home of those missing nigerian schoolgirls. we're hearing from the parents tonight why we must not give up hope. this is mike. his long race day starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery.
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finally tonight, nearly 300 nigerian girls are still missing after being kidnapped by the terrorist group boko haram. it's been three week since they were abducted from their boarding school. today, u.s. intelligence officials say they think the girls have been separated. today, grieving parents of the missing girls visited the school where the kidnapping happened. a reverend who spoke to up with of the victim's fathers described the pain. >> it is better that you know that the child is dead. but when the child is alive and in the hands of people who you know can kill, people who you know can rape. >> ted, secretary of state john kerry says they are going to do everytng they can. >> our interagency team is
3:59 pm
hitting the ground in nigeria now and they are going to be working in concert with the government to do everything we possibly can to return these girls to their families and their communities. we are also going to do everything possible to counter the menace of boko haram. >> justice this evening, the legendary civil rights hero congressman john lewis added es phototoe, tweeting out the message my heart aches for these young girls. this is a civil rights issue. the world took too long to begin their response, but they have responded. we cannot ignore growing terrorism in africa. we cannot ignore trafficking anywhere around the world. this is the 21st century. this is unbelievable that this is happening in 2014. and a program note, please join us tomorrow for a special
4:00 pm
edition of "politics nation" growing hope, live from the sweet auburn festival in downtown atlanta. we'll look at ways we can all give back to our communities and improve the lives of people around us. we hope to see you there. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton, "hardball" starts right now. a tail of dark sposs. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. let's start with the right wing efforts to scare off people with benghazi and scare off minorities who might vote democrat without outright voter pp