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tv   English Premier League Soccer  MSNBC  May 11, 2014 6:59am-9:01am PDT

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truck of the year and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory. ram. season. only ten mansions remain and the title is still up for grabs. across the nbc family of network we are bringing you ten games on ten different networks. if you're interested in the title than nbc or nbc is for
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you. but there are eight other games and with just seconds to go, time to send you to your watch. >> in the barclay's premier league. . >> well, it might not be official just yet but the final match of the campaign will mark the end of norwich's three-year stay in the barclay's preleague. it's been a painful season for the norwich faithful and even the most optimistic accept their fate has been sealed even if the match might suggest otherwise. meanwhile, it's aiming for a fifth straight win a week before the fa cup finals. here's arsenal playing at center back along sign laurent
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koscielny. five changes. but it's been a pretty strong team out there for him. >> it is. they like the variety, i think, of scotland this season once again. no doubt in the court there's been more attention and the finish the season strongly. they find it very, very difficult to overcome losses. just seems to take the sting out of the whole squad, really. almost everybody goes up at the same time and that's why i don't think, actually, that the absence of ramsey for the last part of the season, from christmas, really, as affected the way they would have played, even if he was fit. >> it's keiran gibbs for arsenal. and mikel arteta. finishing its fourth play for the sixth time in nine years seven points above everton.
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norwich all but down, three points behind, but norwich with that vastly inferior goal difference. in reality they'll be with cardiff in the championship next year. here's gibbs looking for giroud. been a good sport, giroud. >> that's a good turn. he's been derided in many courts. thm has been pretty good for him. he's not had anybody really to consistently take that weight off his shoulders.
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he's had to shoulder most of that physical responsibility. >> giroud, passes the ball. did score at the emirates when norwich were beaten 4-1 back in october. cambridge saw the wonderful team goal finished off by jack wilshere, one of the most outstanding goals of the campaign. jack wilshere is here on the bench for arsenal which is good news with that world cup score being made tomorrow. >> it certainly would be fresh if he makes the final cut in going to rio. you would like to see one of your possible starters get a little bit more game time at the end of the season. i'm sure at some point he'll make an appearance today. >> he'll be starting in wembley
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in six days time. there's ramsey, he missed out with that thigh problem but back to the start here. ramsey here again, looking, here's redmond up against carl jenkinson. he's outside. >> that's a good line. >> a big ironic cheer there, by the way, as snodgrass put the ball there. they've scored just 28 goals in the league in this campaign. the only three teams that have ever scored fewer than that in the premier league down the years. >> well, i didn't expect them to be scoring 60 goals so i never
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expected such a poor return. >> testing with arteta. now redmond. off jenkinson. keep an eye on aaron ramsey here, also moving after that. the players here, this campaign for the whole season, that injury picked up on boxing day. >> well, he's been their best goal scoring mid-field sore far this campaign. he should be chipping in with few more goals. it's great for the players, they can play with all the freedom. for all intense and purposes they are down. same formation lineup.
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4-5-1, if you like. >> here's robert snodgrass just nipped away by gibbs. snodgrass named supportive player of the year here just before kickoff today. >> no small amount of quality for snodgrass throughout the campaign. one of the better players in a really disappointing season for him. that's what i like about him. he looks to cut back as well up to his strong left foot. >> snodgrass with the corner. just touched away by bacary sagna. roe sin sk-- here's tettey. >> instead of 4-5-1, it should
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have been over the last couple of seasons when w different personnel, of course, when grant hall, he works well with wesley hoolahan. he's been out too many times. he's not a creator. working through the middle. he's not quite there to play in a position at number ten. >> not in the score today, neither is rickey. i saw him leave the ground about quarter to not looking happy. i wonder if we'll ever see him back here again. they spent some money last year in norwich. money not well spent at the end.
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here's ramsey. it was a good try, the flag was up and it wouldn't have counted. >> lukas podolski just doesn't check himself. . >> he's suffered seven defeats in the league. six away from home in big-awaited games which really cost them during the campaign, the likes of liverpool, chelsea, man city. damaged their team with the title race. i think that long wait for a trophy might end this weekend. for arsenal, 37 points at the
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top of 26 table. nathan redmond. >> they've come a long way in terms of points but it was a big gap between themselves and liverpool. but you mentioned in terms of performance against each other, that's where the big clubs, liverpool, et cetera, really there's nobody overly concerned about them as long as you win. that real inability to truck into that big three or four performance wise. he's only seven points behind. >> a lot more in minuty opinion >> i think they thought might be one two of the younger players that he worked with last year to be given a chance.
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but as he throws his goal away for this final match -- >> couldn't agree with you more. josh murphy, a guy we saw a couple times on the season, he's out alone at the moment. one of the young strikers, they're hoping to see the first few. >> for arsenal, jenkinson, just got in front, charging up the left bank. johnny howson, olson into redmond. tettey who we know can't hit them. snodgrass. and tettey again is tacking the goal. perhaps one of the brightest
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moment this torturous campaign for norwich. . ryan bennett. now tettey. snodgrass, tettey again. here's russell martin. snodgrass in the box. intervention and now they clear away. well back by martin. and gibbs again. a fight there for norwich which you could argue this season. >> there was a great ball in for russell martin. he's got to be the man at the near post. nice play, nice one touch. gibbs is not really in the equation. shouldn't really be putting that ball beyond koscielny. it wasn't great delivery.
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>> no fall. now koscielny is standing up, he's playing his first game in the league for arsenal in this campaign today. it might be his final league game for the club. his contract is up. there was talk of him wanting to get away to get some regular football which i think he'd say he deserves. >> he's got the policy of playing in the cup, in that's the case he plays -- he'll put out his absolute strongest team next week. that means from one to center forward. >> remember, when they play mat city, for the final itself. that's next weekend. well, the end of three campaigns
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in the premier league for norwich. they finish 12th and 11th in the previous two seasons. this year eight points off of this campaign going into the final day. their relegation all but sealed. of course there was that success against west bromwich. there's been something of a revival over the past couple weeks or month which is just pushed norwich deeper. >> even the most ardent of some of the fans could haven't foreseen what was going to happen. certainly there was nothing negative in the mind-set of anybody connected with the football club talking how -- acting as if you're going to lose the last four seasons of norwich i felt that the timing was unfortunate.
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big mistake, in my opinion. the players at least openly and to the public were giving the imflaegs -- imflaegs we can give something to manchester united and they did. >> of course they made a change with that huge six point reminder and the way in which they lost, at that moment you felt this they were doomed. only one point in the five games in charge. only two goal scores for neil adams. he says he wants the job long term. he also said he wouldn't want to go back to being the uc coach, either. so if the job wants to go elsewhere, you can imagine that neil adams might leave the club. smart money would appear to be on bakai next year.
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he was up for the championship just over a year ago. former player here. has a house in the area, too. put those differences with cardiff to one side this week as well. here's ramsey looking for gibbs, just got there in time. aaron ramsey once again for arsenal. there's martin and that's a grab for norwich. >> quite as usual a short touch, aaron ramsey. two misplaced passes there are the opening 15 minutes. >> looks a touch rusty. he missed three months of the season with that thigh problem. he really came of age in an arsenal shirt. so his full summer he got himself fully fit for next year.
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snodgrass to johnson, here's michael turner, contract expires here in a couple of weeks time. howson. up there with nay on this redmond. >> the championship to many has inserted many of this norwich team. his teammates, snot grass and bradley johnson, he played in the championship, too. >> it's a league they're used to. it should be comfortable and have a question of mind that they can get themselves back up with a strong enough manager in charge and they'll be one of the favorites. >> the rain has return ed.
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he was wearing a hat and scarf alongside today. the usual sunshine for tend of the season here. maybe that just captures the mood around this part of the town here. howson, nathan redmond who's got the goal! couldn't save that, lukasz fabianski. a superb play by young redmond. >> it was a vicious one. what a strike. fabianski would just be glad this one was in midair. looks as if he wanted to catch that to begin with and changed his mind and probably got it out
7:18 am
of the air and palmed it away. >> redmond with a ball in, the header touched away by gibbs and returned by tettey, that one never testing fabianski but tested by redmond moments earlier so the goal of this campaign came way back in august, the winning goal here against southampton. >> what a strike that was. it was just a little bit off balance, the ball was behind him. he's criticized for his ball delivery, nay on tthan redmond. his younger wingers need to work on and on, not just two weeks in the season but throughout their career, really, to find that ball delivery. so important. >> here's tetty. so much speculation with his
7:19 am
future with arsenal. has a contract as well, no new deal has been signed even though one is on the table for him. short pass by gibbs. seized upon by johnson. you can see the idea that to play the ball, he's behind redmond but the right pass by johnson. >> that's underhit. the line wasn't actually great. it's got to be a good ball to beat sagna, but sagna's no slouch. >> redmond was foul there had so norwich with a free kick. here's olson. redmond there, that seems to be a foul by lee mason. >> we've got a greasy surface, the ball is not really
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traveling. just a little bit short to a wait. it's not overly long. half an hour before kickoff, i should say, we saw the ball running so slowly. >> fabianski, up went giroud ux podolski. it's short for ramsey, then came mart martin. arsenal aiming for a fifth straight wind to end the campaign. their fourth win in a row in those four games. they scored ten goals, let in just one. those four wins in a row, everton, when their season looked to be unraveling they regrouped pretty well.
7:21 am
>> yes, they're on their way to being at the top to get themselves back on track. >> there's an expectation at the stadium which is not really -- well, it's not prevalent during the months -- they have not been in situations often enough. finishing fourth or better at home. the players believe it, the managers believe it, the fans expect it. >> their 18th successive year that they put into the top four at the premier league. it was a great achievement for all the champion league playoff game saw them in august which they negotiate.
7:22 am
if laid by pack poe doll ski. lucas poe doll ski. >> good movement coming off. >> the rain is coming down here. the next big we do is ask is the end of his 18th year as arsenal's boss. i asked him yesterday if he will be staying for the club for next year. jenkinson dropped away by olson. it will be an arsenal throw. just past the midway point of
7:23 am
this first half but as of yet no arsenal attempts on target. >> i asked him i don't suppose you're looking to win the game? through there must be that real desperation if somebody challenge challenges. they'd be forgiven for not being fully committed. >> giroud, no ball there to attack it. martin, bent forward, holding off, back to martin but he went all the way with him. a good tackle, that, by the german. he is a compatriot. ramsey, once again.
7:24 am
ramsey, away by olson. the arsenal's best move there which began with podolski's tackle on the edge of his own box. >> always a good counterattacking side, isn't it? the pace he started, it's like that likes of chamberlain and walkoff. you really wonder who can stretch the opposition there. they're all very good with the ball as we know. but honor witch's side, they won't be too happy to go out themselves. so far stalemate. >> you've seen some of these end-of-season games which can be
7:25 am
pretty after at times. not so this one here today. goal after 25 minutes. kosciel koscielny, now podolski. those players caught up this week as part of germany's world cup score. so, too, their teammates, he's not travel, he has been rested by arsene wenge for this game her
7:26 am
here. gibbs, the 40th match of the season today which is the first ever achieved for arsenal. they had a lone spell here a few years back, six years back when norwich was in the championship. he was still learning his trade of the football, though. el manner, fouls from behind there by michael turner.
7:27 am
and oe livier giroud, podolski takes over, big save there for the norwich goalkeeper. great movement from ramsey to begin with. bradley johnson doesn't go women w him, he's ball watching. then again, it's bradley johnson is the man who's caught sleeping. not once but twice, runs up the back of it. >> the corner meets giroud, hacked away by elmander. there is a battle in terms of that goal keeping department for the world cup. john ruddy, which one would you snake.
7:28 am
>> well, i think foster is probably ahead of the other two because of his previous experience with england. i would go with foster. he has a lot of big game experience this season. almost a nothing position that they get the goalkeeper with a chance of actually appearing on the field are next to nil. so say why not take a rookie? everybody wants to go to the world cup. >> did miss out on the european championships two years ago with an injury sustained just before the tournament. here's johnson now ryan bennett.
7:29 am
turner. olsson. bennett once again. matched against today, know interest yen bassong as part of the norwich defense. martin, picked up by mikel arteta. tetty, martin looking for elmander, he's defended once again by koscielny. . ranlsy. back there by bennett. tettey tackles and -- >> we saw that four times at
7:30 am
least today when ramsey has a simple pass on his right, underhits it, miscued it, given the ball away. >> gibbs, ramsey, didn't go back that time. giroud. it was caught from behind there but that play continues. jenkin jenkins. rosicky. here olivier giroud, a good save again there by john ruddy. giroud was poised to score.
7:31 am
>> look at the reaction. no reaction when the ball goes past him. michael turner is almost turning and looking away and once again the goalkeeper pulls off a wondrous save. he says i'm not interested anymore, the ball has gone beyond me. who cares if he scores? john ruddy does, keeps a clean sheet. >> he is the corner. giroud met it. he can't keep the ball in play. >> a big chance for giroud to score his fourth goal in five games. >> he knows it. great chance. . probably just kept that ball low and it was tight in the end but stale smart reaction save. >> he's doing what he has to do and hopes people take notes. the flickoff, gibbs with a
7:32 am
header. gibbs was brought back to england back in november but has not left that spot. but there are several talented players. it will be a lucky time to be a left back. there may be two spots on that lean in rio. kos sellncielny. forced back to fabianski. .
7:33 am
arsenal has been at the table for more days than any other team this is season, 128 days in total. they have to finish in fourth. they were top of the pile in february. they were top when they beat norwich back in october. but that gap was slowly reined in. >> yes, how many days? 128 at a time. today's gone, they remain top of the table, they'll be 16 or 17. their timing has been impeccable. finally to see them as champions. giroud come the way of ramsey, just for the touch wide there and it's behind in arsenal
7:34 am
corne corner. >> just a little bit too wide with that cast from ramsey. do you mind taking the next one out, the? i'm picking on him already, they've only played 33 minutes. >> that's your job. >> the corner while giroud is a great tackler there. jenkins, rosicky. brought down by redmond. gibbs to ramsey, ramsey shooting chance. very good block by michael
7:35 am
turner. attacking for norwich, i'll get them with ease. robert snodgrass, so gibbs holding behind elmander. here's ozil. a big chance for the other end. it was good defensive work by michael turner. that's more like it. >> turner's back yet again. arsenal plays running off defenders. starts well enough, this time john ruddy not called into action. >> he may be moving into double figures in terms of his lead goal campaign. aaron ramsey, 14 so far, nine of those in the top light. best scoring of his career.
7:36 am
as a team they've scored 66 this season chp is off the pace by the top two. they've notched up their 100th goal. we were on 99 before this final day. part of why we here that is thomas rosicky. >> gibbs stays strong. mikel arteta. 12th rounds. snodgrass not happy.
7:37 am
>> he got the ball. stumble from the spaniard. maybe not taking clear you have no the referee's liking. we'll see some real fight today. they can crow about the summer months looking forward to next season. finish on a somewhat high. >> podolski, locked away by bennett. now rosicky, snodgrass with a tackle. he has shown the fight in the first game for norwich. he would beat robert snodgrass to the play who deserves to stay in this division. there has been thought they could sell them to the border. here's tettey.
7:38 am
martin olson. . elmander giving it away. rosicky. ramsey. here's ozil. podolski, ozil, mikel arteta. went to rosicky's right so it's back with jenkinson.
7:39 am
johnson. hunger shown there to win the goal back. ozil, here's giroud. and here ran gibbs. >> the lead double over norwich only once before. norwich went down. they won by 4-1. that big occasion for norwich coming nine years ago. back in 2005 they went down to the final day when they were thrashed. dramatic survival sunday which saw west bromwich finish with 33 points which is the same tally as they begin with here today.
7:40 am
jenkinson, rosicky, olivier giroud, good effort! john ruddy has been an unbeatable barrier for that norwich goal. his third top save. a dmooif the air. giroud had to figure that one out. probably not figuring that shot to come so quickly. just not high you have no get beyond the goalkeeper massive
7:41 am
playing today, olivier jgiroud, almost certain to start next week in the cup final. i thought he'd be resting this afternoon. >> arteta. arsenal crossing possession right now. can they find a goal at the end of it. podolski, there's snodgrass harrying. if they kept him outfield they would never go down. kicked in the goals, of course, through this year, their top lead goal scorer with six to his name. he had that late chance to win the match at chelsea, that's where he came on the break and oh, so different on that goal. >> weaker side, his right foot.
7:42 am
superb defending from gary cahill. >> arteta. of course, arsenal might just be one more week away ending their nine-year wait for a trophy. the 2005 fa cup was the last piece of silverware they won. gives them something to add to that. that gap has been gaping for some time. they'll all be at the fa cup. and their first first strikers shane long green will be up top for them.
7:43 am
the longevity, he's won the fa cup with arsenal four times before. eight major trophies and 18 years in charge. gib gibbs. moving towards ar tae ma, arsenal has gotten better as the game goes on. inspired norwich goalkeeper has kept them at by a. arteta, rosicky picked off by giroud. roe sick ski in for giroud,
7:44 am
ramsey. jenkinson for giroud. snodgrass jumping. redmond there blocked off. foul given against mikel arteta. there goes redmond, wrestling with jenkinson. the arsenal man wins out.
7:45 am
olsson, a lunging tackle by ramsey, the referee cleared the advantage. what is happening, the top of your picture there between referee and ramsey. turner, norwich possession in the first half. stoppage time just one more minut minute. >> as i expected, a pretty cautious and adventurous approach for both sides. >> here's elmander. here's tettey. both fans making a bit of noise
7:46 am
as we approach the half whistle. he's in an off side position. >> probably go wide anyway. he can't quite believe it, can he, robert snodgrass? he was looking for a little slide on elmander. it was on. the scotsman didn't see it. >> that's how bad he wants to play for brazil, he's going the right way about it so far. terrific first half play here. twice he kept back giroud who came close to making the breakthrough for arsenal. norwich subdued but a goal this first half. the half time score here, more towin 0, arsenal nil. .
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>> welcome along. you're watching championship sunday on the nbc family of networks. on this final day of the premier league season, the thrilling title race comes down to just 90 minutes and we have all ten games live for you simultaneously across ten different channels. to find out how you can follow your team or watch the tension-filled race, go to finder. now it's time for your geico championship update. when the final whistle blows, join us on nbc for a special two-hour championship sunday edition of premier league. we'll have the trophy presentation, host match reaction from the headline makers and all the indelible images of jubilation and despair from one of the most
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unpredictable and dramatic seasons in history. then after the premier league trophy has been raised, join us on nbc-sn at 2:00 p.m. eastern for premier league live. the champions. our review of the title winners' epic journey to the crown. . premier league goal zone will also include our top ten goals of the season. here's a sneak peek of a spectacular countdown. >> number 10, fabian delph. >> there again, he's been everywhere this afternoon. more efsively than offensively but here he goes. it's in! fabian delph! what a moment in the race for the barclay's premier league title. >> well, that's fantastic reward
7:53 am
for their hard work. they've really upped their game. they've won balls when they needed to be won. on this occasion all coming from the left. delph started the move and finished it. what a fantastic blip with the inside of his left foot. it just bounces back the goalie who's helpless. can't do anything about that. >> number nine, ross barkley. >> smith looks at it, the magnificent goal! ross barkley. an absolute wrecker. you will not see better than that.
7:54 am
how many times do you have a shot at goal like that? absolute absolutely spotless. then the dip. he was never going to get this. what a fantastic goal to set this match alive. >> number eight, jonjo shelvey. >> he wasn't happy. put anymore trouble and shelvey, this is magnificent. jonjo shelvey with a wonderful piece of improvisization. >> fantastic. that was a mistake that leads the ball coming to him. great vision, great awareness, a sensational technique. look at the swerve on it.
7:55 am
the distance is perfect and absolutely wonderful, spectacular goal. terrific play jonjo shelvey. very confident to take that. brilliant. >> number season. dani osvaldo. >> there goes davis, osvaldo against company. too many red shirts. still osvaldo, into the penalty, on the right foot. oh, what a goal! dani osvaldo with an absolute beauty. >> you have just seen a conte contender for goal of the season. it's a decent ball but look how much work he's got to do it with. there's four manchester city players around him, so much work to do. the way he reversed inside, one side then the other, slips it back, opens up the angle and what a perfectly placed right through the curl of that against
7:56 am
one of the tallest goalkeepers in the premier league. >> a mercurial talent, dani osvaldo. >> which stripe will be goal of the season? you can find out this afternoon on premier league goal zone on nbc after all the action. coming up next here is the second half of your match. this is championship sunday on the nbc family of networks. true business-grade internet comes with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet
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and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business.
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beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. >> it will be norwich who will get this match under way for the second half, now playing from
8:01 am
right to left trying to end their campaign on a high here and give their fans finally something to cheer. so we're under way once again. no half time changes from either team. norwich have beaten arsenal here only once in their six premier league meetings, that was last season. what 1-nil success when glen holt scored the winner. that's the only home winner with norwich since 1984. they push on after half time after what was a pretty lethargic norwich first showing. >> that surprised me.
8:02 am
i understand that under chris hughton that was his nature. one or two fans i met in the lobby down stairs agree with me. let's go for the win is what they were saying. >> here's johnny howson. he's hobbling pretty badly for arsenal, this from the earlier attack from norwich. keep a watchful eye on him. playing in a sunter back role
8:03 am
wi here. wouldn't have too much to tempt him in the first half of norwich. here's mikel arteta. rosicky. jenkinson back for ozil. ramsey. here's russell martin. the foul in the back of elmander. nothing too concerning because with the cup finals in mind they will surely take him off. >> as they should do.
8:04 am
he's got 210. never sawing weer e ing wwhen g looking so relaxed. he spent the first half sitting down. >> only won two of their past seven away matches. in their last final day games they've won six and drawn two. they've not been the most important of games for arsenal. here's ar zeta, now rosicky. ramsey. laid back for arteta.
8:05 am
podolski, gibbs, giroud, ramsey, now nathan redmond for norwich who is a player with a tush of price. back comes jenkinson, still to redmond. shows him to bacary sagna, the end of a promising move forward. snodgrass was up side, el manner will give chase. a surprise, elmander starting here. he won't be back for next season. >> well, he certainly pulls the shift in elmander but he'll be short on quality, i'm afraid, against southampton it seems they play beyond the end of a three-note drubbing.
8:06 am
got themselves a point. he's contributed, i think, reasonably well. >> ramsey for jenkinson. he's still going on. the player still searching for his first goal. a boyhood arsenal fan. >> from a long way back jenkins is found by ram any the end. >> rosicky with the arsenal corner just turned over by lukas podolski. >> it came through so quickly. a big deflection, just trying to guide up over alexander tettey,
8:07 am
then he gets it over him. . scored ten goals in 18 start this is season. that's not fulfill it had potential he has. second year with arsenal. won a few weeks back. i would have thought he was one of those players who's really playing for his place in the starting 11. i think because the word coming in for arsenal his place could be in danger.
8:08 am
rosic rosicky, getting traded to gibbs. how ear's jenkinson. rams ramsey, ozil, tomas rosicky, is gibbs arriving? oh, gibbs had podolski just inside hoping to be flipped in. >> approaching a goal, that took speed. you're just not quite sure if he's brought into the second. >> game time for gibbs having missed the previous four games with a hamstring problem.
8:09 am
koscielny signed a new long-term contract with arsenal on friday. one of several players to do that this season. . here's giroud. too much support for the time being. arriving now though is ramsey. that is special. aaron ramsey with a superb volley and quite the way to end the season for him. the technique was stunning. it's a wonderful goal. >> well, we've played nearly 55 minutes and this is the one true moment in this game. he's behind the goal and quite rightly so. back across the goalkeeper, they could do nothing about it.
8:10 am
he's given away almost -- almost every time he's got the ball he's given it to another player. and the one chance he gets to strike in on goal he does that. doesn't look too impressed, arsene wenger, does. >> well, we are. such a terrific first half of the campaign. just underlined again what a talent he is when he is fit for arsene wenger. >> it's pretty special to be job ready at norwich today. here olsson.
8:11 am
c koscielny. >> that has to be the case. just settle for 1-nil or throw in another striker, maybe mid-field player as well? do you throw out johnny howson or snodgrass to get forward? >> i think it's interesting there when giroud got possession he didn't have too much support so he just delayed the ball and he picked a terrific ball for rams ramsey. a double change coming up with norwich. the little striker coming on, hooper and luther, we
8:12 am
understand. hero sicky. giroud was there, rosicky again. snodgra snodgrass, looking to elmander, again to koscielny. ramsey's got confidence now. >> the goal this season has been affixed by several people ahead of this last game of the season today. rosicky plays the ball towards giroud. there was a team goal against norwich, of course, back in october. from ramsey, can't be too far off the top four or five.
8:13 am
>> tettey, snodgrass, bradley johnson. martin, johnson, martin once again. redmond. tackled by podolski but it will be a norwich throw. we'll see the two changes now with norwich. first someone a change with johann elmander going off and it could be his fare well to the
8:14 am
norwich fans at the end of his loan year. maybe one lead goal scored, three goals in total. he's been replaced here by gary hooper. second change, alexander tettey departs and a norwich debut, the young striker just 19 years of age, a young man who won ifau cup last year. that's what the norwich fans want to see now. the young guns given their chance. .za. . a straight away. norwich beat which he will any the fau cup final last year.
8:15 am
chelsea won this year beating fuller. one of several players on that norwich team hankering for action now. you mentioned the first half and a few people this year, josh murphy on the bench once again today. a possible knee problem, that's why he went off. back with john ruddy. redmo redmond, hitten by arteta, back
8:16 am
to reading. four ahead of him here for norwich, moving past ar tet a. loza. nathan redmond. >> after looking for that second goal, for the first time looking down you saw on the counter pretty wild finish. half and half you go. he's being called back by the arsenal bench after just having
8:17 am
warmed up so it looks as though his return is imminent for arsenal which is great for our club. there's loza chasing once again. heading towards lukasz fabianski. giroud, ozil to his left. arsenal may do it with the a throw. ozil. ramsey went down but no foul there against johnson. ozil has picked that from gibbs. arteta, ozil, now lukas podolski doing well to maintain
8:18 am
possession there. podolski's shot, it's a special goal for him. the first goal for carl jenkinson. he makes it 2-1. it's a goal. >> look at him. he's looking far ball on the right side. he stayed inside the box and arsenal's got six men in six red shirts and he couldn't deflect it back john ruddy. look where jenkinson is coming from. he'd be happy to stay on the edge, on the outside. yes, we do want a good striker, through the legs in the end. he deserves it. >> his father goes to every game. i hope he got to see that.
8:19 am
his 57th game for arsenal and he marx it with his first goal for the club. this might be the headline moment of the day for arsenal. ramsey is departing. his innocent the premier league with jack wilshere back on the bench. his first game since march 5 and his 100th practice in the premier league. >> since we do what we can at the world cup, we saw that one player who sell jibl. they'll show their fitness. that's assuming jack wilshere makes the squad. >> with that hairline fracture of the left foot a few months
8:20 am
ago, it kept him on the sidelines but here he is, back obstruction of justice the stage. of course he'll want to play next weekend at wembley for the cup final. it will mark his first chance with the club. here is wilshere. podolski. wilshere. here's jhing kin son. giroud.
8:21 am
wilshere, now rosicky. for the fans who traveled up here today, jenkinson. tries to shoot again. . he does so. . carl jenkinson a good read there. . it's all going so well for arsene wenger and arsenal here today. the play is back to business. still a bit shy of half an hour to go when you include stoppage
8:22 am
time. they'll wrack up some more yet here, arsenal. open, from behind. >> can norwich pull something back here? turner and bennett both up in the back. loza in the box, too. turner, sheffield, they've got fabianski, snodgrass by the near post. redmond with the corner. come back for johnson. now koscielny. rosicky. here's olivier giroud.
8:23 am
wilshere. ozil. snodgrass. just foul there had by the germ german. >> they were fourth last year and hope to have a better impact throughout the whole campaign in its second year with the club. >> you need to know what the league is all about here. come day one in august, he doesn't know where his future is.
8:24 am
if he's not performing up to high level and having a big much assist way. but they will need more. now it's just weather arsene wenger wants him and then they can be more competitive in the big match wes talked about so much. >> it's a real dote the arsenal squad when you see the team they picked today and the players they left behind. a good score that they got together, maybe just one or two extra players it should be oh, so different next year. but that's what they've been saying for four or five years.
8:25 am
wilshere still there. redmond has moved pack jack wilshere. he has it loaded to his left. here is loza on his second day. >> just never quite got it under control, though, the first and the second touch. not quite tight enough. you want to see your kid get a few shots up at least. >> he a has some football this seas season. 15 years of age up alongside hooper. johnson, hooper, and they got that goal sign ed.
8:26 am
>> long from sagna. one but michael turner. johnson and the mawn stay is the team with the three years they've had. redmond, trying to get there once again. olsson trying to get there yesterday again. funny, he didn't have to do much, just stand his ground wait for the cross todom him. good play his way but it's been in tackle. . now howson. >> it will be a pretty stretch the last 20 minutes here.
8:27 am
>> redmond. koscielny goes with him, back for redmond. wilshere. podolski. wilshere. in to the path of rosicky. giroud to the box. wilshere wants the return pass and he gets it. podolski. ozil. gibbs. back down now. just down to abou diaby and ya
8:28 am
ya sanogo are being prepared by arsenal for their final couple of changes. jenkins rosicky. >> norwich had embarked upon the championship, trying to get themselves back in the elite of english football.
8:29 am
only a few years ago they were in league one. the that rapid rise under paul lambert, back-to-back motions from league one to the top. we have to look back at perhaps the timing of the change in manager here. what made norwich fans refuse some months ago? olsson far too deep behind for a goal. >> what is it, finding yourself in fifth place. >> the change is now then for arsenal, their final two switches. abou diaby the first man coming off. his first appearance this season. great to see him back as well.
8:30 am
tomas rosicky the player departing. the day of his 28th birthday. abou diaby is back for arsenal and they cheer again as he enters the field of play giroud will make way for his young come patriot yaya to come on. norwich had to make a change, too. the player will be coming off of that shortly. the name abou diaby which is
8:31 am
reversing around the ground as those arsenal fans sing his name with glee. he was a player who admitted a few weeks ago at one point in the past year he thought about quitting football but he battled on and now he's back out there. >> he's been sticking around long enough to find his form. >> here is the aforementioned final change for norwich. nathan redmond departing and on comes the player whose season has been beset by injury. elli elliot. so wilshere and diaby, very
8:32 am
bright box. it's a winning day for arsenal. gibbs with a header. podolski. here's diaby in the box. here's diaby. big cheers as he gains possession. and diaby again. abou diaby is sent back.
8:33 am
you would think with the points there might be an chance at the french world cup. we'll rake it up in that french side and it would be a very outside chance you have to say now. >> just a couple of minutes of action is not going to be you have no commit that this guy should make the squad. >> here's russell martin. loza, nice touch by him, loza. good stop by fabianski. it was almost a big, big moment there. >> i like to see a young boy getting a shot on target, kept that down pretty well. the first time around just blocked high and wide, get a bit overanxiou overanxious. >> the wonderfully competent touch to make the chance and they took it away, went all the
8:34 am
way around. head down, he knew what he was looking for. you would expect fabianski to make these leaps the way he did. >> bennett, loza, hooper, back to johnson. >> this would be the 2 st defeat for norwich, one which would finally confirm their notion for the premier league. they've played just three of their last 23 games they're hoping to come in and provide a spark which would give them a chance of surviving this year.
8:35 am
it's not through yet. now they pull the trigger. >> it's time to really be adventurous, for against the biggest teams in the country. are you looking for a move? it's worked out for them in the end. wilshere. robert snodgrass, he has four
8:36 am
and finishing like that under norwich's campaign. >> what a chance. and he sanogo is wrestled to the ground and there's a card coming for him and it's yellow. >> he's not coming across a real need to make that challenge. the ball 1 probably too far for sanogo. still a challenge. >> first player today. a good 30 yards of goal. arteta and podolski.
8:37 am
it's arteta. that's a good save. he had to improvise quickly. >> that wasn't any trouble for the goalkeeper, was it? right in the middle of the goal. what disappointed me today is not that norwich are losing, i expected that. it's when they don't play the t top. snodgrass who's been in perhaps -- norwich as he has been all season. was a gutsy boy at chelsea last
8:38 am
weeke weekend. adams went down with norwich as a player. he spent 200 days with the club. he went back down in 1995. he knows the players out there as well. hooper, snodgrass, here's a chance. oh, lukasz fabianski came rushing off his goal line. >> good run, good timing at the bottom, gary hooper. the goalkeeper wanted it more had? grass was almost pulling out. he's apologizing almost for
8:39 am
making the effort. >> in comes the norwich corner, sagna there with a fine defensive header. >> not for the first time. he's been the bravest. . >> staying there by jack wilshere, he looks a big groggy but he's okay. snodgrass, howson. loza for hooper. olsson. now bennett. the final seven minutes of normal time. loza waits for the sign. za
8:40 am
zachary, the man with the good defensive pressure for arsenal. >> the way he's playing on the line, what a loss he would be if he was to leave the club. >> i find it incredible at 31 years of age he's only been offered a one-year deal. physically you never see him out of shape. tournament play as well, said he's center back today, not his favorite position but there's many a top club around europe willing to give him what he's looking for. >> this is his 283rd game for arsenal today. it could be his penultimate match. if he could bow out with a win, he can. >> they've lost too many experiences in nine years to not offer him plays tore age 3061 or so. that's not much to do we are w
8:41 am
their money. silva left disgruntled. that lack of experience and stability, especially defensively, missed field defensively and on to the back of having it not be the difference of finishing third or fourth and charting the exposed cycle. loza. martin. gibbs. koscielny. fabians fabianski. arsenal's got something now. a good performance with a third goal.
8:42 am
seemed like there the likes of jack wilshere on his return, a know go -- sanogo as well who's been waiting for his first goal for the club. gibbs. wilshere, jack wilshere. it was a lovely little move to cover inside and make the effort on the right foot that's always weaker. now here's more to norwich. snodgrass. that one by mikel arteta. he was never a defensive player. but he's been accustomed to being able to read plays' intentions. i astsume you've red his
8:43 am
situation, which way snodgrass was going to attack him. >> loza. jamar loza. bennett, had? grass. johnny hanson and, again, arteta to win it back for arsenal. couldn't quite get away there from russell martin. wilshe wilshere. podolski. wilshere. still wilshere. yaya a know go. it's deflected.
8:44 am
so for the first time today a very good safe for norwich. have to be alert there with that nick on the way through. >> with this type of transaction i would expecting something at least mid-way through the first half. i don't blame arsenal for not being so adventurous. they probably thought they could wear out norwich today. podolski. there's ozil, there will be a local darby against ipswich next season. >> i'll look forward to that.
8:45 am
>> with all due respect it will be some of the other glamorous locations of the championship. hatfie hatfield. johnson. johnson well forward. just can't get in time. >> have to take that on the 4. he would have mean because that's going skip away. great ball from bradley johnson. you can see it all the way marching off. he's looking -- he's asking for it. he didn't take it. >> he had a goal at the top like
8:46 am
that a few years back. >> wilshere, jenkinson. >> we move into stoppage time now. two minutes of added time to come. the final two minutes for norwich city in the barclay's premier league. >> here's jenkinson. i think that was meant to be a goal there. >> it was.
8:47 am
no doubt about that. he put too much space on to it. nice little givery. of course i've talked about it many times throughout the game today. in the first 70 minutes or so today for norwich city, we talked about the inability to keep sheets against their main rivals and not being overly concerned being low as long as they were in. but norwich city was all about their head-to-head against those sides. that wasn't good enough. >> here's johnson back for eliot bennett. he was swerving. just carried away by fabianski. >> you'd be glad if it were fabianski. more to switch going to score
8:48 am
two goals. the old poor return, maybe invested in and locked them up, the ones on loan and the ones they shelled out transfer fees for. abou diaby. >> they were passed but it's no-go. taken it by podolski. ozil, they're cueing up for the box. it ricochets around in the end behind for the corner. and we're on the brink of a thursday goal there, arsenal. >> all in all, good arsenal victory. they'll come back again in a year's time. it's official now, norwich are down, the inevitable confirmed after a 2-nil defeat against arsenal here today. arsenal deserves their win. aaron ramsey scored the first goal with a wonderful strike,
8:49 am
his 15th of the campaign added to by carl jenkinson's first arsenal goal. for them a perfect way to prepare for the fa cup final in six day's time. but the end of a three-year stay in the big time the final minutes of stoppage time at a jubilant stadium. manchester city have done the job today. they lead by 2-nil. just a matter of time now before city seals the title. they've only been top for 14 day this is season out of over 260. they've timed their run perfectly. company scored the second goal, the captain, how fitting it is.
8:50 am
we've had the three minutes of stoppage time, all eyes are martin atkinson, the referee, the whistle goes. manchester city are premier league champions for the second time in three seasons. manuel pellegrini has done in the his first season and the fans are flocking on to the field.
8:51 am
>> incredible scenes. the players have to fight their way through crowds to get off the field. they'll come back on once the crowd is dispersed for the trophy presentation at anfield liverpool lead in stoppage time by 2-1, newcastle were down to nine men. it's immaterial.
8:52 am
manchester city have done what they had to do. joe hart jubilant, exhausted, trying to get off the field here. liverpool is a final score. the gallant reds have won by 2-1 against newcastle united. those are the scenes. it wasn't enough in the final day. they needed west ham united to cause a shock here against manchester city and twin game. steven girard in his 16th season, the wait goes on for a first premier league title. luis suarez didn't bring the record today but what a season for him. 31 goals. it's not enough in the end. the defeat to chelsea, the 3-3 draw against crystal palace. manchester city metro nominate nick their brilliance after losing in their outfield and drawing against sunderland have
8:53 am
closed out the title win by two points. if. >> we will stay live here for the post-match celebrations on nbc and on nbc-sn.
8:54 am
for those of you on usa, sci-fi, cnbc, msnbc, bravo, e, esquire and oxygen, if you'd like to stay with continued live coverage, switch over to nbc right now. thank you for watching. we'll be back in a moment.
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