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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 12, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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avoid another wave of deadly incidents similar to the scandal at a phoenix va hospital. >> we can never let this kind of outrage, if all of this is true, stand in this country. good day to you, i'm peter alexander in washington in today for andrea mitchell. it's what u.s. officials believe is authentic, the first proof of life we have seen of those missing nigerian school girls kidnapped by boko haram almost a month ago. with that video comes new demands, asking for the release of imprisoned militants in exchange for the captive school girls. stephanie gosk joins me now live from cameroon where some of the girls may have been moved by their kidnappers.
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stephanie, thanks for joining us. first thing out of the gates, i want a sense of significance of this video. it seems to support the idea that some of these girls may have been separated, unclear exactly what happened but only about 100 or so young girls in that video. >> reporter: well, you know, peter, this is a hostage video we're looking at here. we've never seen one quite like this because it shows scores of teenage girls. as you say, there are about 100 there. that's by our count. we know 276 school girls were abducted from the school four weeks ago. it would be less than half of the total number. now, where the others are or when this video was taken actually, still we don't know. there's no way to clearly say for sure. what we see in this video are these girls sitting in conservative muslim dress and reciting verse u.s. of the koran, early verses of the koran
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that a convert would learn, these particular prayers. that's what we hear from them. then you see after that, the leader of boko haram, you see him with his demands. interestingly, he's not actually shown with the school girls, he is separate and these demands are very simple. he says they will be released only if the players for boko haram being kept around nigeria are released as well. >> have we heard from the nigerian government or families of the young girls? have they reacted to the release of this video? >> we haven't heard any response from the nigerian government. it's u.s. policy not to negotiate with terrorist organizations but nigerians haven't come out and said that themselves. they have weathered huge criticism for their reaction to this crisis in the very beginning, what was seen as inaction and even now doing too little, too late, despite the fact they are doing everything
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they can and sending two battalions of troops to the north, there are many families and people in nigeria that won't be satisfied until the girls come home safe. >> i know you're in cammeroon and chad and cameroon border nigeria. there any word from cameroon, how are they trying to assist as the world watches this play out? >> reporter: it's really important to point out, especially for cameroon. this is a regional problem. they moved freely back and forth across the border and the military here is trying to put a stop to that but the violence has already bled across into m cameroon, there was the family of a police officer in the north that was kidnapped. this is a reality they are already dealing with.
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officials here bristle at the situation they may have turned a blind eye to girls crossing the border. they insist they are not here in this country. but this is certainly a regional conflict and one of reasons why france has suggested a regional summit in paris coming up this weekend. peter? >> stef, finally, i guess to get a sense, i imagine for all of those reasons, there's fear for potentially more violence going forward. there's not a lot that's been done to prevent another attack of this sort. >> it's really been one of remarkable things since these girls were abducted. you have international community assisting nigeria and nigeria saying it's doing everything it can and attacks continue across nigeria and into cameroon and it appears as if they are able to attack with some level of impunity. you would think with the scrutiny and the fact they should be on the run, they don't appear to be on the run. on top of that, we have a video
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they released, second video, it shows the very way they are able to organize under what you would hope would be extreme conditions for them and maybe they are not is the point, peter. >> stephanie gosk, be safe. we appreciate reporting today. nigeria faces a well armed and determined enemy in boko haram and they have an enormous advantage against a state military suffering for low morale and resources. jacob is joining us now via skype from vietnam. jacob, i appreciate your time. out of the gates, can you give us a sense exactly what we're dealing with here. boko haram, how many members are there? who are they financed by? where does the money come from? >> boko haram is one of the most lethal militant groups in africa and of recent it has funded
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itself through kidnappings. for example, it kidnapped a 7-member french family in 2013 and received more than $3 million for that operation. the group's goal is to carve out an islamic state in northeastern nigeria by bringing the nigerian government to its knees. and in the hostage negotiation going on right now, it will likely not only be able to retrieve many of its members from prison, but also perhaps come to an disagreement with nigeria to carve out a defacto no go zone -- >> how many members would you say there are? >> i think that it's likely boko haram has around 1,000 members with heavy weapons, including rocket propelled grenades and ak-47s, as well as tanks. >> but it also likely has several thousand other members within its network.
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>> jacob, really quickly because we had a glitch in the skype. how many members are there? how many thousand? >> 3,000 members. >> 3,000. >> yes. >> i want to get a sense from you while we're looking at you on the screen we've been showing video of the leader right now, who we know took over, took the reign of boko haram in 2009 after the assassination of the individual who was the founder as it were of this group. what makes him such a terrifying but difficult individual, not just for negotiating with but dealing with in any capacity? >> what makes him difficult is that he has a lot of religious credibility. he is an imam and charismatic and justifies everything he does in religious terms, whether it's kidnapping these girls, beheading people who inform on him or nigerian troops, he provides a justification that is
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convincing to people northeastern nigeria. he is not someone who's easy to negotiate with. he has a goal to create islamic state and won't stop short of that. >> give us a sense of why this is such a -- the reason this is such a big conflict is the nigerian military is basically not able to root them out, low morale, limited resources. describe what the problem is in nigeria that disables them from doing more about this right now? >> one of the problems is that the troops in the northeast are underresourced to fight against boko haram, both on a strategic level where they don't have a proper mechanism to interrogate them or even imprison them and in terms of arming the troops in order to fight boko haram, they are getting slaughtered in many instances. moreover, there's no coordination with countries like
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cameroon and boko haram is able to carry out attacks in nigeria then retreat to cameroon. >> they adopted tactics that are so brutal that al qaeda has distanced itself from that group. can you elaborate that on a little bit? >> there is some truth to that. one faction called an is a ru, broke away because it believed the leader was killing too many innocent civilians. ann saru focused on kidnapping foreigners and targeting nigerian government personnel. other al qaeda groups have told boko haram it's okay to burn down a school or issue threats to the parents by killing students in the dorms is something that is consider eed islamically inappropriate. boko haram is trying to show it's treating these girls in an
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islamically acceptable way by converting them to islam and showing them in a video unharmed. we'll see how the global jihadist kmupt reacts. >> jacob joining us from vietnam, thanks you so much for helping inform us on that. we appreciate that. back in this country, republicans are hoping for a senate surge in november. to do that they are going to need to sweep competitive races in the south. today a new marist poll looks at three races and despite a tough political climate, the mid-terms may in fact not be as rocky as many democrats once thought. joining us now, our daily fix, political director and chief white house correspondent as well as host of the daily rundown and sits in this seat most days and msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart. chuck, we'll start with you, the democrats from your polling are holding their own in these races. we'll show those numbers right
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now in arkansas specifically, mark pryor widely considered to be the most vulnerable democrat, leading by double digits, 11 points. give us a sense of what's at stake here? what's most striking, you discussed earlier today, the fact that a lot of people don't like president obama are still sticking around to support mark pryor. >> reporter: a third of his support, he's getting a third of his vote -- a third of the support of folks that disapprove of the job president obama is doing. so you see that he is so far successfully positioned himself as a nonobama democrat, at least as far as arkansas is concerned. i think what all three polls show is a reminder that we can do all of the data crunching we want. you can take -- you can look at something behind a spreadsheet and claim that a state will vote this way and 85% of the time and vote that way. campaigns matter. and the fact of the matter is democrats are running in a very
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aggressive campaign against tom cotton, they've done it over the last three or four months. mark pryor is aggressive of showing independence. tom cotton and republicans haven't yet come out as strongly on the air in defense of cotton going after pryor in the ways they have in other states. cotton's favorable rating is upside down. mark pryor is a plus 15 when it comes to his personal rating. that's how you see that. in kentucky, mitch mcconnell successfully beat back potentially the primary challenge. he's run a very aggressive campaign and made it a change campaign, a choice election, not a referendum and in georgia, same thing, this conventional wisdom was the tea party guys would rise up in the party. campaigns still matter. >> jonathan, let me pick up on what chuck was talking about in kentucky. mitch mcconnell leading kentucky secretary of statalson grimes by
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one point. this is a race democrats would love to win. what's most striking in the polls, the fact that 25% of republican primary voters say they would support the democrat, alison grimes. >> that just goes to show just sort of the none popularity of mitch mcconnell. democrats would love to take out the not minority leader and put that in the democratic party's hands. the key thing here and alison grimes has been running a very good campaign, especially since she's virtually tied with minority leader mcconnell. it's going to come down to turnout. one of the interesting things in the poll, the poll where it shows they are tied is of registered voters. what i'll be curious to see as time goes on is to see the poll
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of likely voters and that's when we'll see just how strong alison grimes is up against senator mcconnell. she's been statistically tied or a little bit ahead of him for months now. i would think that once we start looking at likely voters that she's doing very, very well. >> if i can quickly, i want your sense of what the takeaway is in terms of president obama, the affordable care act more popular than before. what's his standing? >> when you look at these three states, these aren't states he might go in although i might argue he may pop up in a place like georgia, specific areas if they are trying to change the nature of the elect tore rat. he's got a horrible approval rating in both kentucky and arkansas, deep red states or deep anti-obama states. georgia showing that it's on its way to swing state status and president's job rating just a few points below the national average.
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it shows you why georgia is a place where democrats even if they come up short in the race this year, this is a state that is shifting particularly because of demographics in the direction and it's on his way to swing state. is it is there by '16 or 2020? >> speaking of fall, let's talk about fall football. jonathan, as we look at the nfl and you've been focused on this. it was a historic first not just for football but really for america this last weekend, michael sam becoming the first openly gay player drafted in the nfl. i want a sense from you of this moment, how significant this was. it felt like a cultural moment, the kiss between michael sam and his partner. that is not something that american professional sports has seen before. >> no, not at all. first, you know, there's the big news that michael sam was drafted by the st. louis rams, then in watching his emotional reaction of him bursting into tears but also having someone there with whom he could share
9:16 am
this and then to see them kiss, not one time, but three times, was historic all by itself. and the daily news reports that his name is vito, a champion swimmer at the same university of missouri where michael sam went. this is a huge, huge deal and toure and i were talking about this this morning. football is the -- like the manliest of sports. so now what's happening as toure told me, what we're seeing here is an expansion of the definition of masculinity just because you're gay does not mean you're not masculine and more importantly that you can't play football. >> on the topic of football, i want to put this in strictly sports terms. michael sam, a lot of guys get drafted and never have a successful career. i'm among those rooting for this guy to succeed. benefits by being not far away
9:17 am
from the university of missouri campus when he plays at st. louis. there are other teams where he may have had a better shot to have an impact? >> you know what he may still end up on other teams, he's going to be competing, you look at st. louis's defensive line, it's a tough -- might be tough for him to break in. if he has a good camp, others are likely to pick up. he's in this tweener category, an outside linebacker or defensive end, i think that is why his draft status is so up in the air and so uncertain and he was going to go to whether a team needed him or not. i want to go back to the moment, in many ways that could be the most significant cultural moment in hindsight, we may look back on that moment being the big moment when same-sex marriage and same sex relationships as far as pop culture was concerned went mainstream. look at the way that football has shuned the one or two players who took to twitter about that moment?
9:18 am
i think that was a significant as a state legalizing -- being the first state to legalize same-sex marriage. we may look back and say that moment was that big. >> definitely had that impression. jonathan and chuck, appreciate the sports center in there as well. >> thanks, peter. >> along wait is over, the washington monument finally open to advise tors thanks to three years of work and $15 million in renovations, half of that money donated by david ruben stein. the massive renovation was a necessity after the 5.8 magnitude earthquake in august of 2011. 130-yrd structure was covered in scaffolding and more than 100 cracks were fixed. if you happen to be in washington, tickets are on sale. al roker was the emcee in the ceremony. public tours begin at the top of the hour. this is "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. those little things still get you.
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of school funding decisions. ukraine's interim president dismissed weekend referendums held by separatists in eastern ukraine. claimed 90% of voters chose self-rule in luhansk, 96% voted for regional autonomy. richard engel has the latest. >> reporter: this every r referendum shows how divided ukraine has become. the people are waiting for the results of this referendum and already taking their own
9:23 am
independence by force. we're in the southern city of mario poll, this city is now effectively controlled by pro russian militias. the center of the city is patrolled by the armed pro-rush militias and setting up checkpoints and barricades. they were the ones supervising the vote yesterday to find ukrainian troops, government troops, you have to go to the edges of the city and they are operating checkpoints that allow people in an out. but once you're in the center of the city, it's the pro-russian community that is in charge. and here the voting took place in other towns just like it and organizers say that at least 90% of the people who cast their ballots in this referendum voted in favor of breaking away from kiev. there was no transparency, no
9:24 am
international monitors. the government in kiev is not going to recognize this vote. it has denounced it. washington has said it will not recognize the results of this referendum but moscow says it will. >> richard engel, thanks, reporting from eastern ukraine again today. also today, disgraced clippers team owner donald sterling seeking sympathy after the lifetime ban was passed down. >> i'm apologizing and i'm asking for forgiveness. am i entitled to one mistake after 35 years? i mean, i love my league, i love my partner. am i entitled to one mistake? it's a terrible mistake and i'll never do it again. >> the sterling family is fighting to retain control of the clippers franchise. donald sterling's estranged wife told nbc news she would fight any efforts to remove the rest of her family from team ownership. the nba released an official response as well say being a
9:25 am
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education, specifically girls education has long been the target of extremists worldwide but the escalation of the issue via social media is relatively recent and asking for high level responses. >> this was committed by a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education xs grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls. >> joining me now is gail le mond, author and senior fellow.
9:29 am
this is not first time our eyes have been directed to girls education under a crisis like this. there was the case of mala lala this is going on around the world in places we don't pay attention to every day. >> for so long the conversation about america's national security tended to treat half of the population as a special interest group. if we talk about what's happening to women and girls in fragile parts of the world it was definitely seen as per riveral and not central. what we're seeing now, what's happening to these girls, in pakistan, girls in west africa, girls in afghanistan, is that they are on the front lines of the battle against extremism and the battle to decide what our world is going to look like. i think it's time for all of us to recalibrate the way we see these issues because a world in which all of these children can get education, boys and girls,
9:30 am
is a world that is safer, and richer and stable and more prosperous. that is in everyone's best interest. i think we're finally starting to see that now. >> gail, you wrote a column about this, nick christoph said the following, what's so scary about smart girls? he writes, why are fan attics so terrified, the greatest threat to extremist isn't firing missiles but girls reading books. the world bank finding boosting girls education could lean to a gain in their lifetime earnings up to 68% of annual gross domestic product. it's directly correlative to more democratic societies, isn't it? >> that's the thing. if you want to talk about what is in america's security interest, it is a better educated world.
9:31 am
girls can't be left out of that equation. for so long we've really seen this as a special interest issue, something that we tryout once a year maybe on international women's day. if you look at the data, the numbers show this is how you get to a richer world. it's not just girls it's also boys who have been burned in their beds by boko haram. are we going to have a stake in the future that the unarmed kids are fighting for. hashtag diplomacy is great but what comes next, do we actually invest in education and better governance and security and very fragile parts of the world that may seem remote but aren't. >> that's the point i want to dig into. social media hash tag diplomacy is nice, gets on television and tweeted around a little bit but doesn't affect change necessarily. what is that next step? the question you pose in the column you wrote right now, what is the world willing to do? >> i mean, look, another
9:32 am
expression for leading from behind is following, which is what i think much of the media and in a lot of world leaders have done on this issue, it's taken social media to shove everybody out of their indifference and the question now is can we actually keep the pressure on all members of congress to actually care about this, can you keep pressure for those at home who care about this on investing in education, boys and girls in tough parts of the world? your poll recently was showing how america wants to pull back from the world. but the truth is, we don't have the luxury of that because what happens in one corner of the world can come here very easily and really is about what kind of world do you want your child to inherit. getting kids educated and actually investing in government and putting money into getting safer schools more secure has a benefit that pays off for everybody. you don't have to be in west africa or south asia. it pays off for all of us.
9:33 am
>> we've heard often about the war on women. this is the war in support of women and girls. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> we're monitoring more severe weather in the midwest today. strong thunderstorms and maybe even isolated tornadoes in an area stretching from texas all the way up north to minnesota. there it is on your screen right now, the 48-hour rainfall totals as well as your tracker. a lot of us across the east coast are finally getting a taste of 80 degree weather. look what's going on in colorado and wyoming and nebraska. they are still seeing snow. denver residents were greeted with a windchill of 25 degrees this morning. and snow covered driveways. unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one.
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eric shinseki will testify this thursday before congress. 40 veterans died waiting for health care at the va hospital in phoenix. the legislative director of the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america, appreciate you're being become here, alex. the systemwide falsification of records, the purposeful misleading as it's been described. this is the type of stuff where there is change. there are firings and heads roll. why hasn't anything happened yet. are you and your members satisfied by how it has been handled? >> that's exactly what we're asking and demanding answers to and what congress has been asking for quite a long time and chairman miller, our members are frustrat frustrated. i know firsthand from a lot of folks calling in daily who we talk to on the ground, people are frustrated and the va has not been not only as forthcoming with information but as forthcoming with action as
9:38 am
anyone would demand of any other federal agency. >> the need for cultural change is one of the reasons that secretary eric shinseki was put in place. you and your members feel it has not happened to this point. on thursday there will be a congressional hearing. a lot of americans have come to the point where they are like, another crisis, another hearing, nothing really changes. what in practical terms can congress do beyond listening to effect real change here? >> the hearing is important because the va has not been as out there with congress with the public, with the customers it serves, america's veterans as it should have been. that's one of the things that the hearing is going to actually serve. but one thing congress can do, right now today is move a bill that would actually enable the secretary to fire bureaucrats at the senior level responsible for crises like that. the va accountability act is someone miller and boehner have
9:39 am
been pushing, they want to move and that's something democrats and republicans can support today to make sure that secretary shinseki is able to hold bureaucrats accountable. >> it seems like the va is sort of stuck in a time warp right now. i dare say we benefit by the fact this is in the headlines because there are so many americans with loved ones serving as we speak right now. but the real fear is what happens when they do come home and this crisis does fall to the back pages of the paper and people aren't focused on a day to day basis. that's the real concern with fewer than 30,000 as we wrote on the screen u.s. troops presently serving in afghanistan. there's a lot of troops that haven't come and benefited from the benefits they are entitled to? >> that's why it's important to get it right now. we'll see a flood of veterans coming into the system as we draw down from afghanistan and potentially reduce troop numbers if that's what they are going to do. the va knows this is coming and can prepare now. we can hold folks accountable
9:40 am
for problems and bugs in the system now and get them fixed so we're not here, two or three or five years from now. >> what reforms in broad terms can we look for right now? what would satisfy you? >> in addition to passing the bill that allows tva to hold folks accountable, you have to get more hands on and involved. only with congress and media and veterans groups and people who serve under him. >> do you have confidence he can still do his job and serve in a way that you would view as sufficient? >> there's definitely a confidence crisis in the va, we're reserving judgment on the secretary himself and want to hear more from members. and that's one much things we're collecting opinions on right now. there's no doubt there's a confidence crisis but it is important to say it's still important for veterans to use the va if they are in crisis and need help. >> thank you for coming to visit. this morning the first lady and dr. jill biden hosted a
9:41 am
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music stops ♪music resumes music stops ♪music resumes [announcer] purina pro plan's bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption. [owner] come on. [announcer] purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. we're back, the plight of the missing nigerian girls highlights the dangers many children and mothers around the world face on a daily basis. in honor of mother's day, save the children published its 15th annual state of the world mother reports which focuses on millions of women and children and their daily struggles to survive. mark shriver is evsenior vice president and joins us here. >> nice to see you. >> the primary theme is
9:45 am
protecting women and girls, moms and girls in places of danger. what is the biggest risk right now to women and moms? >> it's been on your show for the last couple of minutes as well, the theme of the report is about the at risk nature for both women and babies, girls in humanitarian crisis, whether it's sandy or what's going on in the middle east or haiti. it's amazing that a natural disaster, women and children are 14 times more likely to die than a man. >> some of these things are particularly striking after 14 times more likely to die than a man. there are advanced and positives are places like afghanistan and rwanda have seen progress. but africa, in the headlines right now given what's happening in nigeria makes up the bottom ten in this mother's index rating. there are so many girls as we had earlier, 70 million elementary age young girls and boys who aren't even in sky
9:46 am
right now. these are the folks most at risk. >> yes, i mean, nick christoph's article about the most -- the biggest threat to terrorism in this country is an educated young woman. that's what we're talking about here. save the children is raising this issue and raising the visibility issue and it's tough to get the message out that we need to invest in young girls around the world. >> equally striking is the report that the u.s. ranked number four and now dropped to number 31. can you explain why that is and what we are failing to do here that needs improvement? >> there's a number of issues at play there. this is the issue of maternal health and issue of older women having babies that raise the risk factors here. but the united states should be in the top five or top ten. it should be competing against norway and sweden and denmark, shouldn't be in the mid-30s. our numbers are going down, going in the wrong direction. it should be a cause of concern for all policy makers on a federal and state level as well. >> i want to put up a statement you made on the nigerian
9:47 am
kidnapping from save the children much this is yet another indication of how sexual violence against children is being used in conflict. it is the right of every girl to be educated and protected against all forms of violence. this abduction case is a timely reminder of the importance of standing against all forms of violence against girls, an urgent issue addressed by preventing violence initiative in the uk. what is the message to the president and other members of congress, what more should the u.s. doing absent we're going to do everything we can to help nigeri nigeria. what can we do more than earlier hash tag diplomacy? >> there are 18,000 kids that die every day around the world. 800 moms mostly from preventible diseases and half adying before
9:48 am
the age of 5 and war torn areas and at risk of natural disasters. if 18,000 kids died in an airplane crash today you would be covering it. the bottom line is we need to raise the visibility and people need to go to save the children and go to the website and get involved and put pressure on political leaders. >> is one of the staff members to save the children said it's not a sexy topic, that's why it doesn't get in the headlines. by putting out what is now a viral video, we're going to play a clip. i want a sense of you from the significance of this. take a listen. >> what is sexy? >> perfect, let's do the next one. >> what are your deepest desires. >> desires. >> desires. >> brilliant, look into the camera. say lust. >> lust. >> lust is my mistress. >> keep it sexy and pour it on this time. >> so -- okay.
9:49 am
>> [ bleep ] what's up. >> you want me to say that sexy? >> the models didn't know what was going on and came here and trying to look sexy and run their hands through the hair then start reading statistics that right now people are dying in areas of armed conflict and natural disaster, 60 million are women and children. what do you hope this accomplishes? >> almost 2 million views i hope it's 20 million and people get upset and pissed off about the fact that 18,000 kids are dying from preventible diseases, that 800 moms are dying every day. this isn't over the course of the year. call up the representative and call the president and their elected leaders and say this is outrageous. they ought to get off their fannies and watch the video and send it out to networks and ask
9:50 am
people to get upset about it because it's rououtrageous. >> the same stsunami that affected all of us, this is happening every day. >> it's particularly at risk for moms and babies when they are in fragile situation. >> best way to honor mother's day is to help around the world. >> thanks. >> he shoots and scores, russian spectators saw that early an often from vladimir putin during an exhibition hockey game, six goals, five assists while playing with former nhl players, maybe a few of them, giving a questionable effort. we'll let you draw your own conclusions there. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." uhhh.
9:51 am
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which political story will
9:54 am
make headlines in the next 24 hours, mark murray. let's talk about new jersey, governor christie still having problems. michael drun yak, his press secretary among those appearing before the new jersey select committee in bridgegate tomorrow. what are you looking for? >> there's still more drip drip. there was testimony by a former christie aide who slightly kriked the earlier testimony and the report that was done for christie. this is what people have always worried is christie's biggest nightmare, this just does not stop, new revelation after new revelation and people are looking for the slightest daylight. >> can't christie say we've litigated this and you found nothing? >> this is just one hearing on the george washington bridge. peter, this also is going to federal prosecutors and interviewing people. this is why when you have multiple tracks sometimes it doesn't stop. the earliest this could be
9:55 am
resolve could be 2015. the rest of 2014 will be all about this. >> somebody call a plumber, that drip is going to continue. >> if it's tuesday, someone is voting somewhere. nebraska, west virginia, among those places with big primaries and west virginia specifically to replace jay rockefeller. what are you watching? >> the current congresswoman in west virginia is running for the senate and it opened up a huge republican primary. the biggest action will be taking place in nebraska, open senate contests and open gubernatorial one. the republicans will keep the seats but all of the republicans jockeying to be the next united states senator for nebraska or next governor and it is a free for all, lots of money has been spent and a lot of action. >> mark murray, good to see you in person. >> that's going to do it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow, andrea will be back and interview lynn cheney and glenn greenwald. you can follow me at peter
9:56 am
alexander. "ronan farrow daily" is next.
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climate change doesn't exist, according to marco rubio, the senator from florida, as soon be known as the gulf of mexico. do you think you're ready to be president? >> i do, but i think that's true for multiple other people that would want to run. >> the video could be first indication that the girls are first alive. >> the leader of boko haram claiming to be with the missing school girls and says they've been converted to islam and the group would swap them in exchange for prisoners. about 90% of the people who voted want to break from ukraine. while most was peaceful, in one town national guardsmen open fire on a crowd where voting was taking place. >> he is sorry for making offensive comments but insists he is not a racist. >> am i entitled to one mistake?
10:00 am
it's a terrible mistake. >> it we take the votes of 3/4 to force the sale of the team. shelly sterling plans to fight it. >> president putin took to the ice with the kind of confidence that only comes when you know you simply cannot lose. >> putin holds six goals and five assists and team putin won 21-4. >> wow, this guy can do everything. is the world doing enough to bring back our girls? that's the question so many are asking with the release of the new unsettling video from boko haram, the terrorist group that kidnapped the 276 nigerian school girls. that video shows them veiled and prayering and boko haram's leader offers to strike a deal.