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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 13, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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enrollment period ended, which is pretty huge. yeah, you know, it's working. >> that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton begins right now. tonight's lead is a roll down dirty shame. we're more than two years away from the next presidential election. but karl rove is already digging into his bag of dirty tricks. the new york post says that loolast week, rove suggested that r hillary clinton may have brain damage from when she fell, suffered a concussion and developed a blood clot in december 2012. reportedly saying, quote, 30 days in the hospital and when she reappears she's wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury?
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we need to know what's up with that. first of all, mrs. clinton was in the hospital for three days, not 30. no question it was a serious illness. but somehow i don't think karl rove is all that worried about her health. >> how did this comment come up suggesting that hillary clinton may suffer from brain damage? where did that come from? >> no, no, no, no. wait, a minute. no, no. i didn't say she had brain damage. she had a serious health episode. >> oh, no. rove would never say she had brain damage. but he's doing his best to raise all kinds of doubts over whether she's fit to run. >> look, she's be 69 by the time the 2016 election. she will be 77 if she serves two terms. and this ends up being an issue. we don't know what the doctor said about, you know what does she have to be concerned about.
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we don't know -- i mean, she's hidden a lot, whatever it is, a combination of virus, dehydration, concussion and so forth. they're not particularly forthcomi forthcoming. >> a spokesman for mrs. clinton says, quote, please assure dr. rove she's 100%. karl rove has deceived the country for years. but there are no words for this levelov of lying. that should have been the end of it. but guess who weighed in next? >> my reaction is this. if hillary has brain damage, what difference does it make now? what possible difference does it make now? how it happened. or even if she has brain damage. >> rush limbaugh mocking secretary clinton's testimony on
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benghazi. what difference does it make? what was behind the attacks, when what was really important is catching those responsible. because if there's run thing republicans can't resist. the saek tear of state was just rong. only a few months before the attack, she outright denied security. >> if she was really sorry, talk is cheap. she needs to stands up and demand action. >> i've been president at the time and i found that you did not read the cables from again baz zi. you did not read the cables from ambassador stevens. i would relieve you of your post. it was inexcusable. >> what's really inexcusable is exploiting a national tragedy for political gain. and you know what's inexcusable, a whole new set of dirty tricks
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from karl rove. joining me now are david brock, founder of media matter, and wayne slater, senior political writer for the dallas morning news. he also is the author of three books on karl rove president "bush's brain" "rove exposed" and "the architect." thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> great to be with you. >> what is karl rove really doing here? >> well, first of all, this is textbook karl rove in that these kind of sleazy personal attacks, he goes back to smearing ann richards to suggesting john mccain was mentally unstable, outing valerie plame's status as a cia agent. this was a premeditated effort on rove's part to put a target on hillary's back in the prelude to these benghazi show trials that are about to happen.
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i think that was part of it. and i think he was trying to goad the press into this old republican playbook of trying to goad the press into making a legitimate issue out of a nonissue, really. and so i think he's made a big mistake, though. it's completely backfired and i think that going forward, people who are asking gratuitous questions about what is a nonissue are going to look like they're part of karl rove's campaign of dirty tricks. he tried to legitimatize the issue. he ended up delegitimatizing it. >> so dirty tricks is his mo in many ways. it's strange that karl rove is suggesting hillary clinton is too tick to run for president. she was faking. do you remember these attacks? >> she passed out somewhere? >> if you don't want to go to a meeting or an event, you have a diplomatic illness. >> we have great respect for secretary clinton. we're now calling this the
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immaculate concussion. >> hillary has severe benghazi allergy. >> i've been doing a lot of work on that investigative. >> let's see the medical report on that. >> so they were raising doubts about her sickness when it was convenient. but now rove is trying to say no, no, we'll give her sick bness and say she's too sick because that narrative works better for them now. >> whatever is going to come up, whether it's schoolgirls, hijacked, kidnapped in nigeria, whether it's benghazi, hillary clinton's daughter, whatever it is, where was hillary? she was behind it. if you examine karl rove's
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record of dirty tricks, then you see that episode against ann richards was one in which an ally said, you know, she's got lesbians around her in her administration. i'm not saying she's a lesbian, just asking questions. >> so he throws things out there, infers, gets it into the atmosphere so it begins to poison how the public may think or see someone. is. >> the fascinating thing here with karl is historically, he's try to have someone else do it, against ann richards, john mccain. when a group alied with george w. bush raised questions about the mental stability of john mccain, there was a series of other episodes. in this case, it's interesting that karl himself was out and is now trying to, as we say, in texas, sort of beat the rush here like a scalded dog. >> now we've heard all kinds of
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conspiracies about mrs. clinton over the years, david. and just over the last few weeks we've heard a lot. listen to this. >> the horrific kidnapping of 300 schoolgirls and whether hillary clinton and her state department should have and could have done more to track this terror group behind the attack. >> god answered hillary clinton's prayers and she's going to have the prop of being a new grandma while sthe rhe rur president. >> would "vanity fair" publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in "vanity fair." >> they were behind monica lewinsky coming out with an essay, they have a grandchild that's a prop that's going to be a born. i mean, are we going to start hearing more and more bizarre conspiracy theories as we get down the road to hear whether or not mrs. clinton is going to run
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for president? >> yeah, i mean, i think we have to look at the political context. the reality is the republicans are in a desperate panic. they've got no jobs plan, they've got 2340 health care plan. the affordable care act has lost steam. the debut of the benghazi select committee is going to be a joke. so now we've turned about lying about somebody's health. and so yeah, i mean, i think they know that hillary clinton, if she dhoozs to run would be a very formidable candidate. the pear would be united behind her. the republicans, on the other hand, are going to be divided. and so they want to create a negative environment now to try to discourage her from running. i believe that's what the strategy is. we're certainly going to hear more and more from this next several months, i believe.
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>> when you look at the recent polls, this enyou know why they're in a panic because mrs. clinton has a double-digit lead lead over several of the biggest republican names being floated around 2016. over jeb bush, 16 points, 15 points over cruz, 14 over rand paul. 11 over chris christie. are they trying to do everything they can to damage her if she were to decide to run for president, wayne? david has it right. she's the single candidate who is the one who could beat any republican likely to be in the mix, you've got to go after her, and you've got to go after her fast. what hillary clinton can do, though, is do the same thing if she chooses to run and become the nominee, do the same thing that ronald reagan did, get out
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there, be physical, move like she did when she was secretary of state and demonstrate on her own that not only is she healthy, but she's big enough to take on all those boys who may be in the race. >> thank you both for your time tonight. coming up, a dramatic day in chris christie's bridgegate investigation. one of christie's closest aides testifies. and makes some news. he makes news about a pivotal dinner he had with the guy who carried out the lane closings. plus is the new talking point on the right, benghazi is the new watergate. haven't i heard this one before? and disgraced clippers owner donald sterling speaks out. and it gets worse. his attack on magic johnson is over the top offensive. and tonight, magic is
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despite all the talk about the new gop's benghazi committee, h iz party is really focused on jobs. >> by doing, you're not doing other things. the creation of this committee is not going to educate one kid, not going to provide health care for one individual in this country. a whole host of things that are not being done while the resources, time and attention are being deployed to benghazi. what do you say about that? >> well, listen, our focus is on jobs. wages aren't grow, the middle class is being squeezed and that's our focus. but we can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> here's the problem, mr. speaker, there's very little walking going on and lots of benghazi gum chewing. they've held 13 congressional hearings on benghazi. 13 hearings. but as t"the washington postth" points out in terms of actual laws or bills being passed, this congress is headed towards historic levels of unproductivity. forget jobs, forget minimum
3:17 pm
wage, forget raising the minimum wage. forget imimmigration. it's all scandal all the time. and the party is so determined that they're invoking watergate. because nothing says scandal like watergate. >> somebody the other day said to me, this is as bad as watergate. nobody died in watergate. >> benghazigate is the right time of term for this. this is very, very serious. probably more serious than watergate. >> it's going to go down in history as the greatest cover. >> get to the bottom of it like we did in watergate and iran contra. >> if you had watergate and iran contra together and multiply it by ten you're going to get into the zone of what benghazi is. >> forget watergate. it's that times ten? it's not just members of the congress, the whole right wing media is pushing the same line.
3:18 pm
>> what we're watching here is the equivalent of woodward and bernstein help cover up watergate. >> so parent the obama administration tried to mislead americans about what happened. some many congress don't want to know the truth, just like vice president gerald ford during watergate. >> to me it's the equivalent of what was discovered with the nixon tapes. >> yes or no, is this worse than watergate? >> here's the answer, no it isn't. this isn't watergate. the only scandal here is the gop obsession with scandal. joining me now is e.j. dionne. thanks for come on the show tonight, e.j. >> good to be with you, reverend. >> e.j., please explain for some of our friends on the right why benghazi is no watergate. >> well, you know, i think republicans have had watergate envy ever since watergate happened. they've been looking for a
3:19 pm
scandal that would bring down a democratic president. and they keep looking and they keep looking. i thought maybe they could get over this after the clinton impeachment. i thought all right, they evened the scales. but no, i don't get what why they think what the talking points were for susan rice that sunday at a moment when lots of people including the intelligence agencies said that famous depiction, you know, oof that famous tape was really part of the reason that happened. i neen, it's not really controversial. and they keep saying they're going to go look at substantive things. but as my colleague, richard cohen wrote, there have been 13 public hearings. there have been seven committees that looked into this. were they all incompetent? there was a very long senate intelligence committee report on this.
3:20 pm
i don't see any new grounds except public relations grounds and that's what this is all about. >> listen to this. >> the response of the administration, sadly the response of senate democrats has been partisan stonewalling, rather than trying to get to the truth in the immortal lines of jack nicholson, it makes one think perhaps they can't handle the truth. >> really? i mean, really? look at how much attention has already been placed on benghazi. you pointed out. seven exit tees have already investigated it. 25,000 pages of documents have been produced to investigate it. and the pentagon says the cost of providing information is now in the million of dollars. can't handle the truth? they've gwynn everything they can. >> well, i think that is right. i mean, i've been thinking about
3:21 pm
this and richard clark has made this point a number of times, the former national security adviser. there have been tragedies like this in other presidencies. i actually was with the marines in beirut a month before that awful attack that killed 240 of our young marines. and our marines then felt they were vulnerable in that spot in beirut. we didn't have this kind of inquisition of president reagan. there were criticisms, yes, but nothing like this. we have had a lot of terrible things go wrong abroad. and no one tried to politicize those the way these guys are trying to politicize benghazi. i want to know what is it that they are looking for. because everything has come out a. and i just don't know what they want. >> they're looking for a talking point, a smear. how do i no sne because benghazi is not the only so-called scandal that they've used to turn watergate to compare to.
3:22 pm
look at this, e.j. >> how in the world could any of this have taken place, fast and furious, without somebody at justice running it by the president. this is far worse than watergate. nobody died in watergate. >> we've had three major scandals in the last 40 years. watergate, iran contra and the irs. >> this makes watergate look like child's play. >> this is almost nixonian in the cover-up going on with this fast and furious. >> whar nixon did pales in comparison to just this move today. obama declaring amnesty for 800,000 illegals. >> so everything that comes up that they try to make a big scandal, they run back to watergate. maybe in the words of e.j e.j. dionne, it's watergate envy. >> well, yeah. i think that the notion that republicans want to say in
3:23 pm
effect in retrospect, well, actually, watergate wasn't that serious. this there's this curious kind of expost facto defense of nixon going on here. but if you look at that whole list that you just gave, none of those scandals have panned out the way they'd hoped. and they keep move pong but the other thick that we can take heart from is if the affordable care act weren't working, the word we would be hearing now would not be benghazi but obama care. and ever since the affordable care act started working, they were looking for someone else and benghazi is the old stand by. >> and they'll keep looking. e.j. dionne thank you so much for your time to evening. >> good to be with you. straight ahead, chris christie's top spokesman under oath today in the bridgegate scandal. we'll tell you what he revealed about what the governor knew and when he knew it. ♪
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enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. today we finally heard from someone inchris christie's inner circle about the bridge scandal. michael drewniak spoke before a legislative committee. the most dramatic moment came when he told of his dinner with christie aide david wildstein who told him governor christie knew of the lane closings when they were happening, a claim that contradicts the governor's public statements.
3:31 pm
>> and then says to me that other people knew about this. and he had previously mentioned bill stepian and bridget kelly. and then he threw in, and i told the governor about this. and i was surprised. he said i told the governor about the traffic study and he said that he had done that on september 11. >> when they were seen together at the memorial? >> yes. >> christie was with wildstein on september 11, the third day of the lane closings. drewniak said today he told the governor about his dinner conversation the very next day. the conversation took place in the chief of staff's office. >> the governor walks in as he
3:32 pm
often does, and i had been telling kevin about the dinner from the previous night, and i think the governor actually came in and then i said, you'll be surprised to hear he now threw you into this. >> what was the governor's reaction. he was incredulous and said something to the effect, like a rhetorical remark what, he tells me something about a traffic study and i'm supposed to know what he's talking about? words to that effect. >> the next day david wildstein resigned. but as we heard today, he left many questions unanswered. joining me to answer them is former u.s. attorney kendall coffey and washington post jonathan capehart. thank you both for being here. >> thanks, rev. >> thanks for having us, reverend. >> kendall, we know -- we've
3:33 pm
heard now that michael drewniak on the record, we've heard now his account of his dinner meeting with david wildstein. how significant was this moment he's talking about, this dinner? >> well, it's extremely significant. when you consider it's the only thing anywhere in any of the information we've seen, any of the evidence that's been heard that provides some direct linkage to the governor christie. it's a one-on-one, remverend. and what that means is it could be a combination of wildstein saying, we don't know all the details but wildstein versus christie or christie saying i don't remember anything about it. but one of the most important things is simply to find out if, in fact, that conversation took place. we now have drewniak in effect corroborating the account of wildstein that conversation did take place. and consider also timing which
3:34 pm
is extremely important. this is timing before this became a major issue. >> right. >> before the feds were investigating. so all of that gives at least some backing to wildstein's statement that there was a conversation that involved the governor, because wildstein told him back in december. and now drewniak has confirmed that at least wildstein was making such allegations well before things got really out of hand. >> jonathan, how credible is this? because he's right about bridget kelly, he's right about stepian, how credible is he now that he's brought the governor in? >> look, he's someone who works directly with the governor. he's in that suite of offices. he worked with bridget ann kelly. he worked with stepien. he knew wildstein. talking about the dinner that they had. what i find significant about this is that it's bringing the circle a little bit tighter, closer to the governor.
3:35 pm
we know that there was some sort of conversation between wildstein and the governor on september 11, and now we're hearing that, you know, that drewniak and the governor had a conversation about the din we are wildstein where all this came up and the governor is being pulled in. what i find fascinating about this, there's so many people involved, so many conversations that were have, and so many avenues for plausible denyability, until we get another e-mail where this smoking gun e-mail like bridget ann kelly, time for traffic problems in ft. lee, that it's going to be, i think, almost impossible to tie this directly to the gor nor. you know, wildstein is somebody who made it clear to the feds that, you know, basically you give me immunity, then i can lead you down the right path. but until that happens -- >> let me -- let me go to you
3:36 pm
and lean on your experience as a federal prosecutor. if we know that now the claim has been made, three officials had knowledge of the closings, bridget kelly and bill stepien. the question is, two of those officials, kelly and stepien did have knowledge of the lane closings. kendall, how will they be able to investigate this further and try and get this to the governor. >> first of all, what were the real facts? is wildstein going to say he had a specific conversation, maybe a paragraph or so in which the governor acknowledged some awareness of what's going on. or is all we're going to get is a passing reference, one sentence, which anyone might not pay attention to and might not
3:37 pm
remember. the contents are critical. if there are important con tents, can the prosecutors make a good enough deal to get whoever they're trying to get to basically provide all the information available to do that and help the prosecutors go as high as they can in the investigative ladder. that's going to happen sooner or later, reverend. when you're in a position of a bridget kelly or a stepien or a david wildstein, the pressure is so excruciating at some point you're going to tell everything you can to make the best deal you can. >> jonathan, go back to credibility with you, because let's not forget the governor said publicly, the first time he learned about this was in the press. if these statements are credible that were made today under oath and that was being related at this dinner, then that is a direct contradiction to what the governor has said. he said he heard about this first through the media.
3:38 pm
>> right. the governor's explanations for what he knew and when he knew it and how he found out about it have been shifting over time as more information comes out separate and apart from the governor. the picture that's becoming clear here is that it's always been this sort of, he's between a rock and a hard place, governor christie. on the one hand, he's either incompetent or he's lying. either way he looks really, really bad. and the public image of governor christie has always been a hands-on chief executive who knows exactly what's going on at all times and every aspect of his governorship, but he wants us to believe that two -- that people very, very close to him, bridget ann kelly who sat outside of his office, deputy chief of staff, that somehow he had no idea what they were doing. i find that hard to believe. >> i've got to hold it there.
3:39 pm
thank you both. thank you for your time tonight. coming up, congressman paul ryan just cracked the code to fix poverty in america. yep. wait till you hear this one. and disgraced clippers owner donald sterling attacks magic johnson again. but magic is responding tonight. stay with us. we need it right away! we cannot let the fans down. don't worry! the united states postal service will get it there on time with priority mail flat rate shipping. our priority has always been saving the day. because our priority... amazing! you! the amazing spider-man 2 delivered by the united states postal service.
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>> last night, we saw republicans trying to prove they care about the poor by rubbing elbows with wall street millionaires. congressman paul ryan and former governor jeb bush trotted out their poverty ideas at an awards ceremony in new york. ryan said the poor should be, quote, embracing the attributes of friendship, accountability and love. that's how you fight poverty. so it's a friendship, accountability and love plan? poor people don't love each other? and they don't have friends? for his part, governor bush said a loving family taking care of children in a traditional marriage will create the chance to break out of poverty far better than any of the government programs that we can create.
3:44 pm
ah-ha. the traditional marriage solution to poverty. this kind of rhetoric is right in line with the gop's recent history of even uglier attacks on the poor. >> the greatest tool to lift families and children from poverty is one that decreases the probability of child poverty by 82%. but it isn't a government program. it's called marriage. >> why don't you just drop out of high school and have a baby? then the government will send you a check. and they'll send you a check for every baby you have out of wedlock. >> unmarried women are looking at government for everything. >> we don't want to turn the safety net into a hammock. >> why don't you just pay for your clothes? pay for your shoes, pay for your housing? >> poor people aren't poor
3:45 pm
because they lack friends or a spouse. they're poor because there aren't enough jobs. and they lack enough skills. and that's what we need to change. thank you for being here. >> congressman, what's your response to your colleague, congressman ryan's claim that all ewe need is love to get out of poverty. >> if it wasn't so offensive, it would be funny. if you have two people who are making minimum wage and they're in a traditional marriage, they're still poor. the bomb line is, people are poor because they don't have enough money. for two people who believe in
3:46 pm
reducing government programs, one of the best ways to reduce government programs is raise minimum wage. if people are making more, they won't need sfood staps. we know the majority of people on food starts are woking. if they made more, they wouldn't need them. i don't understand jeb, though. paul clearly does not understand what he is seeing when he goes around to various communities. >> they were at an awards ceremony hosted by a right leaning group, a think tank led by a high profile republican donor named paul singer. now, paul singer is a hedge fund billionaire who "forbes" described as a passionate
3:47 pm
defender of the 1%. he raised funds for the swift boaters in the 2004 election, and he's donated large sums to the koch brothers network and crossroads gps. is this gop billionaire looking for a republican candidate that reflects his own world screws in your opinion, maria? >> well, i think that most donors, that's what they're looking for. folks that represent their world view. but what's really contradictory is that jeb bush didn't do their homework. what you said is absolutely correct. he's also one of the largest backers on the right that actually support gay marriage. so even his phrase of bush using traditional marriage really is actually out of line with what paul singer actually believes in. but let me get back to what the congressman is saying. the only way we can stoch talking about these government subsidies and programs and getting rid of the hammock that paul ryan talks about is
3:48 pm
increasing the minimum wage. when you have feel that have to work two, three jobs just to make ends meet and at the same time, depend on government subsidies with we're failing royalty. how can we have business be a part of this conversation? >> speaker boehner admits to income inequality saying it is a problem, but he gets it wrong on what's causing the problem. watch this. i don't know if i have the tape right now, but basically he's saying that we do have an issue of income inequality. the president's policies are making that problem worse. the top third of america are doing pretty good. the bottom 2/3 are really being squeezed and i really do believe the president's policies are driving them in this wrong direction. i'm quoting him since i didn't have the tape available. but the question i wanted to
3:49 pm
pose, is how can someone who voted against tax hikes for the rich and voted for the ryan budget attack the safety net and says the president's policies are making income inequality worse. look what he's voted and supported? >> absolutely. you do have stom leaders coming out, you have santorum and romney coming out and saying they support an increase in the minimum wage. it sounded like the poor speaker started to say that and then cleaned himself up. because he knew once we go back in session he's going to get in trouble with his colleagues for saying that he thinks that there's income inequality. >> he had to go back. but let me say this quickly. i've got to ask you this, maria, rafael cruz, senator ted cruz's fatherer and adviser, he claimed president obama wants americans in poverty so he can buy their vote. watch this.
3:50 pm
>> we don't b get people out of poverty by giving them a handout. the administration is not concerned about lifting anybody out of coverty. they want them to continue the dependency so they can buy their votes. >> i mean, isn't this a common theme on the right? >> they want to keep people in poverty and dependent on government. isn't that a common line they use? >> it's a common line and also a copout. the only individuals that are trying to buy people's votes right now is, unfortunately, the supreme court's decision that basically says the person with the biggest bank account is the one that can actually elect different government officials. and let's not forget, sadly because of the current voter id laws and the long time it takes to actually cast a ballot, the only people suffering at the poles right now are these folks are poor people. when you start talking about the
3:51 pm
getting money out of politics, the more money we get out of politics, the more we can actually have an equal voice and those people that rafael cruz is talking about will actually participate in our politics and democracy. for him to say the opposite is completely absurd. >> the right's attack on government, they're completely unfounded. i mean, the government safety net has lifted 40 million people out of poverty. and paul ryan wants to roll that back 69% of his budget cuts from the safety net are programs like food stamps and medicaid, congresswoman. >> one of the reasons he wants to roll it back is so he can increase funding into defense spending. >> it's not that they're opposed to government spending, they just don't believe in a safety net. >> and who the government should spend the money on. like regular american people that need the help of the government they put their lives into. thank you both for your time.
3:52 pm
>> thank you. >> still ahead, we'll look at magic's real record in the community. also, what happened when the parents of those missing girls saw the video for the first time? stay with us.
3:53 pm
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disgraced l.a. clippers owner donald sterling says he's sorry for his racist rant caught on tape. but he's not done dishing out hateful comments. listen to his newest attack on legendary basketball star magic johnson. >> what has he don? can you tell me? big magic joen son. what has he done? he's got aids. did he do any business, did he help anybody in south l.a.? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the background. but what does he do for the black people? wh doesn't do anything. >> magic johnson certain live can defend himself from that garbage. just listen to what he said last year on our special advancing the dream show from the apollo theatre about his fight to get into business. >> when i first tried to get
3:55 pm
into business, ten banks turned me down. they loved the autograph, they loved me coming to dinner or lunch with them. but they didn't think i was smart enough or that i had the knowledge to really run a business. everybody thinks that oh, because i'm magic johnson i had it easy. well, i had it difficult because the theatre down the street and the starbucks, i had to do it with my own money until i had a track record of success. then they looked up and said oh, i guess he does know business. now i will invest with him. >> ten banks turned him down. so magic put himself and his own money on the line. and it paid off. in 1987, he founded magic johnson enterprises, dedicated to bringing businesses to minority communities across the country. and he's done it over and over again. and his dedication to charity is
3:56 pm
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honestly, the off-season isn't i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work! >> finally tonight, a reminder of what's at stake in nigeria. patients were driven to a nearby town to watch this video, the first glimpse of their daughters since they were taken last month. "the new york times" said watching the video, the parents wept and screamed at the sight of their daughters and expressed anger that the girls had been
3:59 pm
porsed to wear concealing islamic dress. parents wheeping and screaming, that's the tragedy here. that's why the u.s. government is now doing everything it can to get them back. sending a top army general and surveillance planes into nigeria to find those girls. that's why so many people around the world are using twitter to raise awareness of this crisis. and it's worked. since the bring back our girls hashtag was first tweeted, the number of u.s. publications referencing the story has exploded. yet we've seen some of the right mocking the twitter campaign. it's shameful. activism is activism. whether it's online or on the streets. if children, young girls are abducted, you use whatever you can to call attention to it . wheat it, facebook it, have
4:00 pm
vigils, have marches, open up the window and scream, whatever it is that you can do. don't let the world ignore when there's an injustice, because only silence consents to an injustice. any other measure is a step in the right direction. thanks for watching. "hardball" starts right now. lame bram. let's play "hardball." >> good evening pi'm chris math washington. let me start tonight with this stepped up attack on hillary clinton. karl rove who was known as bush's brain is talking about hillary's brain, for real. >> she's in the hos