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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 14, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show," live from new york. i'm ready to go. let's get to work. the bottom line is that natural ka tacatastrophes have s existed. >> fire risk from southern california to arizona. >> i do not believe human activity is causing these changes to the climate. >> the conditions are what we are seeing in september or october. >> in l.a., drivers told to keep streets clear for fire trucks. >> yes, we are prepared for the worst. >> i have never disputed the climate is changing. >> i have four pumps in my basement. we don't know what to do anymore. >> they ended up with a foot of snow. >> the highest level of draught. >> what started as a small brush fire -- >> of course the climate is
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changing. >> -- into a wildfire. >> i do not believe the laws they pass will do anything about it. >> good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. you ever know anybody in your life that has the habit of saying something just to be saying something? if we were going to give marco rubio the benefit of the doubt, we would put him in that category. he's saying something just to say something. let's start talking about this guy here. senator marco rubio from florida. he is considering a 2016 republican favorite. keep that in mind, this guy really wants to be the president of the united states. he thinks he is knowledgeable enough. he thinks he has the leadership and he thinks he should lead this country and the world, the free world. "time" magazine called him the republican savior. let me tell you something,
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folks, rubio may somehow save the republican party, but he has no plans to save this country or the planet when it comes to climate change. you see, on sunday, i mean this was like hidden. rubio came under heavy criticism for making these, what else do you call them, ignorant remarks on climate change. >> how big a threat is climate change? >> i don't agree with the notion some are putting out there, including scientists that there are actions we can take today to have an impact on what's happening in the climate. our climate is always changing. >> you do not think human activity caused warming to our planet? >> i do not believe human activity is causing these dramatic changes to the climate the way the scientists are portraying it. i do not believe the laws they propose to pass will do anything about it, except to destroy the economy.
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>> i know you are intelligent viewers. so i'm not lost, did he say he doesn't believe the scientists? did i hear him say that our climate has always changed? um, did he say that, ah, there isn't anything we can do about it? now, if that's what i heard, that is a stupid position for a united states senator to take on the heels of this most recent report that's come out. very comprehensive, the most recent climate assessment for this country. scientists agree, climate change is real. it is manmade. on tuesday, rubio, the national press club attempted to walk back his comments on climate change at the press club. let's do it. >> headlines not with standing, of course the climate is changing because the climate is always changing. it's a measure you can see. the issue is not that the
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climate is changing, the issue is there are proposals before us that can do anything about it. if we pass cap and trade, it will stop it from happening. i'm in favor of advances in technology and innovation that make us cleaner and more efficient in a way that through a cost benefit analysis is good for our economy. i don't think the two things are compatible. i agree we need to spend time and energy on mitigation as well because there are mitigation actions that need to take place whether it's how we store water in the west or harden and address storm occurrences in the southeast where i live. >> wow! is that an end run. he must have picked that up at miami dolphins training camp. folks, here's the bottom line. this man is a denier. he did not answer the direct question. he does not believe human behavior has anything to do with the climate and the rest is
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gobbledygo gobbledygook. if the republicans believe in the free market, where are all the scientists that are going to side with rubio on this? i haven't heard them come out since the national climate assessment has been delivered to this country in the last week telling us that it's here. that it's real. that we need to do something about it. why isn't the free market of scientists working on that? they can't. the bottom line here is, folks, we have never had a report like this one. we have never had an alarm like this one. to the american people that climate change is real, it's here, it's now and we need to do something about it. now, i'm not letting rubio walk this back. no, this is where the republicans are. attempting to walk this back is a lie. he made a calculated risk by making those remarks on sunday and he got burned for it. rubio admitted, climate change
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exists. really? but he didn't admit people are responsible for climate change and our human activity on this planet. well, at tuesday's event, he was asked, listen to the question. he was asked about his irrational position. >> what information reports, studies or otherwise are you relying on to inform and reach your conclusion that human activity is not to blame for climate change? >> well, again, headlines not with standing, i have never disputed the climate is changing. i pointed out the climate, to some extent is always changing. it's not static. the question before me as a policymaker, if we ban all coal in the u.s. and all carbon emissions in the u.s., will it change the dramatic changes in climate and the weather we are reading about? anyone that says we will is not being truthful. >> you are not being truthful,
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senator. you can't point to a report. you can't report to a study as to how you come to the conclusion that climate change has nothing to do with human behavior. that was the question and you didn't answer it. so, give us a name. just like last week, i was asking for a number on how many people would be affected on minimum wage. notice how the republicans are great on rhetoric, but never on detail. bad to do business with people like that. you don't want to give detail? way to dodge the question, senator. rubio has not admitted climate change is manmade. that's the key. he believers there is nothing we can do to reverse climate change, no activity we can do as humans. he just wants mitigation. i think it's impossible to construct a floodwall around the entire state of florida. what do you think? is that feasible. let's see if rubio can mitigate
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this. here is a map of florida, as it stands right now. this is florida today. uh-oh, noaa, national ocean graphic aeronom cal administration, right? here is what florida is estimated to look like in the year 2100. whoa! three foot sea level rise. see ya, miami. all of this red area will be under water. see that? this is all going to be affected. it's estimated that $31 billion in florida real estate will be simply wiped out. you can fix this problem with mitigation? you can only fix this problem with long term solutions, which rubio doesn't believe in and he is very short on. here are some other things that rubio can't mitigate. this week, 20,000 homes in san diego, california were evacuated after 700 acres of land were
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torched by a wildfire. ah, just another bad day at the office, huh? an extended drought and high temperatures are to blame for this blaze here. they are more frequent and more severe. the temperature in san diego today was over 100 degrees. the average high this time of year is only 70 degrees. ah, it's an anomaly, right? nut sg happening to the planet. let's go to texas. they are seeing the worst drought in 500 years? yeah. worst draught in 500 years. gosh, just the luck of the draw to be born right now. the drought started four years ago. it's bad for the lakes that have dried up. cattle ranches have closed. entire towns have disappeared. when towns start disappearing, don't you think we have a problem, houston? this kind of ironic, isn't it? considering that the governor of texas likes to talk like this.
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>> the science is not settled on this. the idea that we would put americans economy at jeopardy, based on scientific theory that is not settled yet, to me, is nonsense. i mean, i tell somebody, just because you have a group of scientists who said here is the fact. galileo got outvoted for a spell. >> whew! let's be really, really fair about this. the comment that the governor of texas made was back in september of 2011. i'd be curious if he has these same attitude and opinion about climate change now that the assessment has been released and unlike any report we have had before. let's give the republicans a chance to change their views on this. you know, with that attitude people in texas are in for a
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rough ride. republicans consistently sided against reality based science on climate change. it's in their dna. republican politicians are in the pocket of big energy companies, i.e., big oil. it's a simple equation. oil companies donate to republican candidates. they go out and do their mission, they deny science as best they possibly can, without looking stupid. this time, rubio crossed the line. it's exactly what marco rubio did on sunday. the oil and gas industry donated $265,000 to his 2010 senate campaign. no wonder this guy was out talking about mitigation. that's the easy way out for those guys. someone who denies reality based science is not ready to be president of the united states. isn't it ironic, let me see that florida map, the very senator that represents this city that is in the cross hairs of this climate assessment, that's who
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rerepresents. this climate assessment says that miami stands to be one of the most vulnerable cities out there when it comes to severe damage. so, what motivation does marco rubio have to say to miami, basically, ah, it's all bs. don't worry about it. it's okay. he will sell his soul to major oil companies so he might be able to be the nominee for the republicans. oh, brother, bring it on. you'd be perfect. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think to tonight's question. do you think senator marco rubio would be a good science teacher? text a for yes, b for no to 67622. how's that one for you, buzz feed? go to let me bring in ring of fire radio most, mike and also with
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us, former montana governor and msnbc contributor brian. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. mike, we'll start with you. in florida, what is this all about? i mean, it's total denial. this is the biggest denial and the biggest walk back we have seen on climate change from anybody in the senate, isn't it? >> we have to remember, rubio is the guy that a year ago said he doesn't understand the concept of evolution. he said it's a complete mystery to him that he's not a scientist and can't understand evolution. rubio has always been a nightmare for his handlers, ed. they have always needed handlers to go in and fix the rick perry kinds of goofy statement that is come out predictably almost every month. in this instance, you have rubio telling florida voter that is are going to be catastrophically
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that he's too dumb to know what noaa has to say or nasa has to say. this is what he knows. he knows that, as you point out, florida is going to be plagued with flooding, coastal erosion, salt water intrusion in their drinking water. a heat index between 8 and 15% in 100 years. trillions of dollars of damage to our biggest city and, you know what? he's still talking like that because the oil industry owns him and everybody knows, this is a guy who wants to run for president and doesn't understand the science here. that's a scary notion. >> governor, has rubio put himself in a hole saying climate change isn't manmade? >> i can help him out, you know, because i have an advanced degree in earth science and taught it at montana state university. if he would like tutoring, call me, i have time on my hands.
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here is his problem. here is his problem. he needs to take money like the rest of the republicans. sunday, he was singing the hydrocarbon hymns and he collected up the offering. on monday, he cashed the checks. then on tuesday, he remembered that i'm actually supposed to represent florida, which has the most to lose in climate change. so, he decided to blame, let's see the asians and europeans because they weren't moving fast enough on climate change. he's got a complicated world. but, if he needs help with science, he can call me. >> mike, you live in florida. how are you going to mitigate a rising sea level? >> well, there is no way to mitigate it. listen, the best scientists in the world said that rubio's hometown of miami is the number one target in this country. he knows that. it's inconceivable to me, ed, that he at least hasn't read
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this material. i can understand why he can't comprehend the notion of how bad it is, but he knows this. just read the material and they talk about miami at the top of the list, every time. it talks about the big stretch of condos that are going to be undermined because of the way they are built and the intrusion of the salt water, into the drinking water. it talks about the everglades being destroyed by the intrusion of salt water. >> he stated he doesn't believe the scientists. >> yeah. >> i mean, governor, how can the republican party take that position and survive politically? >> well, when the hydrocarbon industry is putting quarters in the jukebox, you have to dance to their music. until they decide to stand-up for the american people and the rest of the earth, until they are prepared for a new energy system designed by american engineers that is cleaner and greener and start today, they
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have going to demonstrate they are owned by the special interests. we need to start today if we are going to solve this problem. >> governor, has there ever been a report delivered to this country with this type of assessment? >> well, this is -- this has probably the most catastrophic predictions of any of the suggestions that we have heard in the past. he's right. as an earth scientist, i know the earth has been warmer and colder, oceans covered the earth and glacier national park was loaded with glaciers and they will be gone in my lifetime. in 150 years since the start of the industrial revolution and the use of hydrocarbons, we are destroying the planet. we have to move away from the oceans. we are not going to have the bred basket. we have to change. now. >> michael, i want to answer you quickly, does this play into the governor's race in florida? i mean, will this be a charlie
2:18 pm
crist/rick scott battle point, battleground? >> we won't see it. charlie crist won't have the money to go toe-to-toe with rick scott. his issue is rick scott is a criminal. he needs to stick to that and stay away from issues like this. he doesn't have the money like you are talking anlt. >> great to have both of you gentlemen with us tonight. preernt it so much. coming up, republicans in search of a scandal. barbara boxer weighs in on the gops benghazi witch hunt. first, operation american spring. tea partiers head to washington with the hope of a revolution. trenders, next. hey! so i'm looking at my bill,
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time for the trenders in social media. join the twitter team. ssiriusxm. we are reporting here at today's top trenders, voted on by you. >> how do you like your tea? >> the number three trender, tea time. >> we need to fight to bring common sense to washington. >> a tea partier triumphs in nebraska. >> ben sasse is a huge favorite. >> we can only fight big government with big ideas. we need to repeal obamacare. >> it's not going to happen. >> a new group looks to oust obama. >> our goal is to see the resignation of barack obama.
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>> this is a call to all patriots, we are not going to take it anymore. if you love freedom and liberty, consider attening. the number two trender, magic's words. >> i'm going to always fight for myself and my people. when he attacks me personally, i have to speak out about it. >> the nba star responds to donald sterling's attacks. >> the statements he made about myself and minorities, it was disappointing. then he wants to ask me what i have done. you know, in the minority community. it's well documented what i have done. i don't have to sit and publicize everything i do. i hope donald can see the mistake he has made and also the people he has hurt along the way. today's top trender, bundy backtrack. >> bundy's family putting together a team of legal advisers. >> clive and bundy back off the plan to sue the feds.
2:24 pm
>> impersonating police officers, blocking public roads and threatening to use taz zers. >> those are some of the crimes bundy's family says they committed. >> i can do this, too. >> working through the legal system. >> at this point, some folkings did break the law. we are working hard to ensure those who did break the law are held accountable. >> joining us tonight, john, journalist and host of rolston reports in nevada. good to have you with us tonight. what can you tell us about the latest on the investigation surrounding the bundy ranch, the fbi and blm? >> i don't know much about what the fbi has found out. there's enough information from local law enforcement to indicate they barely avoided a confrontation out there. there were anecdotal reports from the folks in militias pointing guns at federal officers, which you cannot do.
2:25 pm
bundy is saying he's assembling a legal team. who knows who is on that. a lot of lawyers would love the publicity to sue the sheriff and the governor. that's what he was talking about in an e-mail his family sent out yesterday. this is all going to come to a head. as we talked before, this guy is still in violation of federal orders. his cattle are grazing on federal land. i hope he doesn't have to sell them to get a lawyer. >> there are report that is attorneys around the country offered to work with him and for him for nothing. what do you make of that? is this bundy clan growing around the country? we have seen things prop up in utah, also now there's a situation that has developed in new mexico. what's going on here? >> you are going to have a lot of people in the legal profession who are going to see an opportunity here to make some
2:26 pm
publicity for themselves. you have seen the classic opportunist, larry, talk about a judicial watch. you know the extent of publicity for the chasers out there in the legal profession. it's going to be there. they are going to try to help bundy. i should tell you, a couple years ago, bundy won the blm was after him and did not go out to arrest him. they stood down. they didn't go out to the ranch. he consulted with prominent, constitutional lawyers here in las vegas. they refused to take the case. my sources tell me. you know why? he wants to make the case in court that the federal government has no authority that essentially doesn't exist. what quality lawyer, ed, would take that case? >> okay. so, as we see this unfold, a lot of national media backed off this story. it seems to me, officials are afraid of this guy. they are afraid of what this
2:27 pm
could be. is there a way they would walk from this knowing there could be some type of issue down the road that could be harmful? >> i don't think that the federal government, the blm can walk away from this. they can't. they can't allow the precedent out there if you call down a bunch of militia people from idaho and elsewhere you can make the blm stand down. they have to either arrest this guy or confiscate his cows or both. that has to happen. again, we have talked about this before. there's a lot of guns up there in the neighborhood of ma skeet and bunkerville in the gold butte area. there are check points leading up to the ranch with people with guns. the blm doesn't want to go up there and get into a shooting war. the question is how long can they wait before it emboldens people to stand-up to the blm. >> is there a way they could pick him up on the way to the grocery store? does he leave the ranch?
2:28 pm
does he travel with security? is he well armed all the time? is that not a credible scenario? >> it's a great question. he doesn't leave the ranch often. in fact, his whole family asked supporters to come to las vegas and file criminal complaints against the blm with the local sheriff. a lot of people thought he would come down then. of course, he didn't leave the ranch. i think he's afraid of being arrested. one of his sons held a press availability but he's not leaving the ranch. once he's arrested, it falls apart for him. >> thanks. we'll follow the story. still ahead, the benghazi witch hunt is wasting valuable time and tax dollars. barbara boxer has had enough. plus, controversial t-shirts spark a fire storm at the university of north dakota. members of the sioux nation join
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now earn 2x the points on dining out, with no annual fee. go to welcome back to "the ed show." we love hearing from our viewers. thanks so much. tonight, the first question comes from dave. what prompted you to invest so heavily in solar power at your canadian lodge? oh, i was talking about that today on the radio. well, obviously climate. it's the money. i don't understand these republicans when i looked into our lodge in canada going totally solar, it's a huge money saver over the years. it's clear why the oil companies don't want to do anything and the politicians don't want to do anything for solar and wind because it's dangerous to the energy companies. i'm proud of this. i'm going to talk more about it as they imlempt it up there.
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>> the next question is from lenora, with all your political sense, who do you think will be the republican presidential candidate for 2016? >> well, we are really fast forwarding here, but since it is the middle of may in 2014, i think i'll say jeb bush, if he wants it. if not, i put my money on chris chris t. lots more coming up on "the ed show." stay tuned. i'm cortney reagan with the cnbc market wrap. the dow sliding 101. the s&p off eight. the nasdaq shedding 29. profits from deere came in better than expected. shares fell more than 2% today. mortgages are up. applications rose 3.6% last week as rates slipped. after the closing bell, cisco reported earnings sending the
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welcome back to "the ed show." well, republicans simply are not being honest about the motivation behind their benghazi witch hunt. there have been how many hearings, briefings and congressional reports and 25,000 pages of documents reviewed. republicans say not enough. now, they have a new select committee, a brand-new committee. california senator, barbara boxer has had enough and telling it like it in. in an op-ed, she writes between 1998 and 2013, there were at least 501 personnel in 70
2:38 pm
countries, which resulted in the deaths of 586 people, including 67 americans. during the bush administration, 166 attacks, which killed 116 people including 18 americans. those attacks were all terrible tragedies. the difference is that we never had a political party spend years exploiting them for political gain. folks, let's call this what it is. it's an election year special. republicans are getting a two-for-one deal. they are openly fund raising off this tragedy by keeping the scandal narrative alive. republicans are also using the side show to smear hillary clinton ahead of 2016, if she decides to run. itis obvious, republicans are afraid of hillary clinton and bill clinton, their fund raising machine. they should be. the clinton's, by the numbers raised well over $1 billion for non-profits and hundreds of
2:39 pm
millions for those -- for their own political campaigns. you think the republicans want to go up against that? no, they want the easy route. start smearing early on. they didn't do it that way, the way the republicans did it, the clintons. instead of wasting taxpayer dollars and misleading the american public, i would like to see the republicans work and pass any kind of meaningful legislation. ain't going to happen before the midter midterms. joining me is senator barbara boxer. good to have you with us tonight. thank you for profoundly putting out the numbers. i think that has been -- i think i'm remiss for not going that deep on exactly what it has been like and thanks for doing that. in your op-ed, you said republicans have one goal, that's to turn this into a scandal. >> yes. >> or what is their target? >> well, benghazi is a tragedy, we know that. when we lose one american it's a
2:40 pm
tragedy. we lost four here. it's a tragedy. but, they want to turn it into a scandal for their own benefit and the only thing that is scandalous is their behavior. you know, ed, i was in the congress for a long time. when i was in the house there was a horrific terror attack on a marine barracks in beirut. i don't know if you remember that. >> i do remember. >> we lost 241 marines. they were killed. unbelievable. tip o'neill and the republicans joined hands. there was a bipartisan investigation, cooperation, everyone worked together. at the end of the day, we learned something from it. we worked together to make sure that never happened again and that's what we should be doing here. look, the republicans won't let us pass an embassy security bill. they block it every single time. we need to make sure that our embassy's are protected. i want to share something with your viewers.
2:41 pm
i'm not leaning over for water. i'm leaning over to show you something. i don't know, can you see this? >> i can. >> ed, it's very heavy. that's half of the reports. half of the reports that have come out from the congress on this. we have had 17 hearings and 50 briefings and 25 interviews and subpoenas and 25,000 pages of documents and six congressional reports. this is just half of them. >> how is this hearing going to be different? >> because, if you listen to the person they picked to head this, before he was watching his ps and qs, he said he was going to put the administration on trial. on trial. they are so blatant in this. i think it's going to backfire. they never mentioned, it was hillary clinton who was the first one to call for an independent investigation. that investigation was headed by the most non-partisan team, ambassador pickering and mike
2:42 pm
mullin, a military man. they said look, we have a lot more to do in terms of securing our embassies, our consulates. who was it that put those actions into place? hillary clinton and now john kerry. so, if you really want to be honest about this thing, hillary clinton called for the first investigation. they are just so scared of 2016, ed, they don't know what to do. they can't talk about obamacare anymore, because 8 million people signed up. then people are getting med cal, medicaid in my state. it's working. they have to turn their attention to this. >> private sector job growth, they have had nothing to do with that, either. a fund raising campaign called benghazi watchdogs. speaker boehner deflected questions about the fund raising. here it is. >> four americans died in benghazi. should they fund raise off your
2:43 pm
efforts? >> our focus is on getting the answers to those families who lost their loved ones, period. >> should the nrcc, they are fund raising off it. >> our focus is getting the truth for these families and the american people. >> the campaign committee, which you are involved in is fund raising off this. why is that happening? >> our focus is on getting the truth for the american people and these four families. >> senator, your response to that? >> it's just sad. you know, you see a speaker of the house is ducking and dodging and won't answer the question. it's insulting to the person who asks it. it's insulting to the american people. answer the question. >> yeah. >> and the biggest question is, why are you doing this when we have had all of these hearings, subpoenas, documents, papers, briefings, interviews. there is no right answer. it's just that they want to make the people believe that the
2:44 pm
obama administration and hillary clinton did something wrong when they didn't. they didn't. this is a tragedy. it is not a scandal. and their behavior is scandalous. >> senator barbara boxer, great to have you with us. thanks so much. still ahead, a culture war on campus. native american students demand action over racial insensitivity at the university of north dakota. two members of the sioux nation join us. transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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2:49 pm
impact of race based mascots. >> over all, this is a deep, deep systemic institutional issue. this isn't just a one incident thing. away place where villages floated on water away place and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place expedia, find yours [ male announcer ] "west" didn't end where columbus landed. not on the banks of the mississippi, or even the coast of california. the new ram 1500 ecodiesel. with 9,200 pounds of towing and 28 highway miles per gallon. west will never end.
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2:53 pm
recent weeks. supporters of the law-breaking nevada rancher cliven bundy drove atvs on sunday, the home of native american artifacts connected to the navajo nation. meanwhile, conservatives in congress are pushing for passage of the proposed keystone xl pipeline. native tribes say building the pipeline would ruin their land. so the question is, where does all this disrespect come from? i think it's deeply rooted in our society. it's almost cultural. over the weekend, a group of students at the university of north dakota wore t-shirts displaying disrespectful imagery against native americans. here's the local report from the nbc affiliate kvlv news live in fargo. students are pictured wearing the shirts that read "super drunk." below the phrase, you can see a face of a native american head drinking from a beer bong.
2:54 pm
the students in the picture tell us they are getting threats over social media. other students are filing complaints with the university. >> the native american students say they just hope the university will finally take action. >> well, i would like to see the university step up and teach students as to why the name is derogatory. >> they need to, like, address issues like these and, you know, tell students, this is not okay. this is why it's not okay. >> to the credit of the university of north dakota, und has one of the most extensive native american studies programs in the country. they did retire the logo several years ago. if this is a backlash residual, i don't know. what is it? let's ask a rose bud sioux tribal member and also with us tonight, dallas gold tooth, a member of the sioux dakota nation and community organizer for the 1491s. they join me tonight. gentlemen, good to have you with
2:55 pm
us. what is your reaction to this story, is this ever going to go away? >> well, ed, we certainly hope that it goes away. my reaction is that once again, yet again, i'm deeply saddened by the level of ignorance in america, you know, we as native americans, we as the first americans, you know, have been here for thousands of years and we've, you know, had in the past a tumultuous relationship with the immigrants and others who have come here to america and share the land with us. but, you know, we're committed to working with and to forming, you know, good relationships with our neighbors based on understanding and mutual respect, so once again, i'm just deeply disappointed in the level of ignorance. >> dallas, the und fighting sioux logo was retired after 68% north dakota voters voted to
2:56 pm
drop the nickname. do you think the students are acting out because of racism, blatant racism, or is it ignorance? >> i think it's a combination. i think it's definitely ignorance. people are unaware of -- i don't know. it's weird, because there's a fine line between ignorance and racism at times, and i think ignorant acts can be racist, which is clearly is the case here in this incident, but also mind you that what happened here, the super drunks t-shirt isn't is not a precedent. it's not the first time something's happened in america, we all know that, but also not the first time something's happened at the university of north dakota. there's been a number of acts and incidents that have been pushing the limits for a lot of people in the area for the last couple years, ever since the whole logo thing was brought up. >> does shining a light on it the way the local media has, and i've never seen anything like that before in the local media where they have spent time to
2:57 pm
explain what's going on and forcing a response from the university. robert kelly, university president, released a statement saying that the message on the shirts demonstrated an unacceptable lack of sensitivity and complete lack of respect for american indians and all members of the community. what more should a president do to turn this around, now that it's in the spotlight, unlike some of the other incidents, dallas? >> i think that the university can do a lot more, and i think actually the students at the und have organized, they put out a press release a couple days ago. there's going to be a protest, a march on friday, 11:00 at the american union students services building, and that march is to -- a march for change. they want to increase the awareness about the issues. it's a nonviolent march, but i think there's a call for the university to step it up a little bit more. to say, oh, you know, i think there's some back pedaling, the university looks like they are using a lot of, you know, trying
2:58 pm
to get out of it, when, you know, the event is called und spring fest. it's at the university park. it's partially organized by the student senate. i mean, there's some responsibility there where i think they can step it up and actually hold some of those students accountable. and whether they say they can't find the students is not true. go to facebook, face recognition, find them. >> you think they should face disciplinary action, the students? >> i think so. definitely, there needs to be at some point a stronger message sent across. >> your thoughts on that? >> well, absolutely, i think the university can bring charges according to their university handbook and student code of ethics. also, you know, any university throughout the nation has to go through certain accreditation criteria in order to remain in good standing, so there's probably some violations there, and so swift action is going to be needed by the president and the university to address this,
2:59 pm
but i also think that it's incumbent upon everyone else throughout the nation and there at the university to stand up in solidarity with the native american students there, who are feeling insulted and, you know, harassed by this kind of behavior. >> i got to quickly ask you this, wizipan, what do you tell your kids? what do native american parents tell their kids who see this? >> well, we tell them the truth. you know, one fact that is very little known is that actually, american indians have the highest rate of sobriety of any ethnic group in the united states. only 34% of native americans use alcohol, compared to 56% of whites in this country, and to face a stereotype like this is just insulting and wrong, and so the only thing we can do with everyone is to tell the truth. >> okay.
3:00 pm
wizipan and dallas goldtooth, i appreciate your time. we'll follow up on the march and what impact it will have. >> that's the ed show, "politicsnation" starts right now. good evening, ed. >> good evening, ed, and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, karl rove gets schooled. today, former president clinton went after karl rove's dirty suggestion, that hillary clinton might have brain damage. >> well, first of all, i got to give him credit, you know, he did that embodies that old saying that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. first, they said she faked her concussion, and now they say she's auditioning for a part on "the walking dead." >> he openly mocked rove and exposed just how absurd these attacks is. >> she works out every week,