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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 20, 2014 2:00am-2:28am PDT

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unrest has nearly paralyzed the government. the army chief cited a 1914 law that gives the authority to intervene during times of crisis. well, charges of cyberspy rg3 putting a strain on relations between china and the u.s. the justice department charged five chinese military officers with hacking into the computers of several u.s. companies to steal trade secrets. it is the first ever criminal charges against officials of a foreign government for stealing u.s. economic secrets by computer. >> cybertheft impacts real people in real and painful ways. the lifeblood of any organization is the people who work, strive and sweat for it. >> china says the charges are based on fabricated facts. well, with the resurgence of polio in pakistan, the white house is promising that the cia will never again use
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immunization programs for cover for spying operations. it comes three years after they staged a fake program in the hunt for osama bin laden. the pakistani doctor who helped to run the campaign has been jailed for 33 years. the lawyer representing him recently quit the case because of death threats. safety official s are lookig into whether a switch in kitty litters may be blame for a ra radiation leak. 57 barrels were packed with organic kitty litter at the los alamos lab thought to cause a heat reaction and radiation release. the lab has taken a series of measures to make sure the barrels pose no significant risk to the public. all right. time now to get the late nest sports. look who is here. good morning. >> let's get started with the nba and thunder versus spurs.
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san antonio going into the game winless against oklahoma city all season. tim duncan hits down low scoring two of the spurs' 66 points. tony parker did his part with that right there. that layup. five spurs scoring in double digits but russell westbrook and kevin durant pushed back but it's not enough 122-105 spurs win the opener. on to the donald sterling sag g the league will terminate his ownership rights at a june 3rd hearing. racist remarks led to a lifetime ban and 75% of the owners vote against him, he will be forced to sell the clippers. sterling's attorney asked for a delay. the canadiens score first, thought so fast, the rangers take a 2-1 lead and back to madison square garden.
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the triple crown, the new york racing commission will allow california chrome to wear nasal strips after all allowing his pursuit of racing's elusive triple crown. deep into right field line, gone and the indians win it. >> the first game winner into the stand, indians beat detroit, 5-4 with the tenth inning solo shot. >> that was nice. yeah, all right, thank you, frances. the u.n. is rallying support for an international aid operation in bosnia serbia because they're experiencing the worst flooding since records began more than 100 years ago. at least 44 have died and tens of thousands are homeless. days of rainfall submerged entire villages you see here and trilogiered landslides across the region. bosnia says more than a quarter of its 4 million have been affected. from that too much to this now
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which is simply not enough, drought conditions in texas are getting dire. state officials say there are 34 communities that have less than 90 days much water left in their supply. a dozen municipalities mostly west of dallas/ft. worth are reporting that they could actually go dry 45 days or less, one state climatologist says the drought that started four years ago is among the five worst in the past 500 years. all right. let's bring in bill karins. 500 years. >> we weren't taking records back then but through geologists or whoever else they figure these numbers out. really bad drought. >> definitely. >> clearly have water for 45 more days, i think that says enough. as far as what we're dealing with today out there, it's the one-year anniversary of moore, oklahoma, tornado, ef-5 and this storm itself will be remembered
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with the helicopter flying alongside as we knew it would head through the towns and the facts that went along with this is ef-5s are rare enough, moore has been hit by two in 14 years, unheard of. the path was 17 miles. at one point with 200-mile-per-hour winds it was 1.3 miles wide. it was an incredible tornado and that's why it's going to be one of the historical ones we'll talk about for decades to come. nothing like that. warm throughout the middle of the country. some strong storms later but with wind damage, not so much tornadoes watch out peoria, chicago, indianapolis, columbus and late towards charleston, west virginia but nothing like what we saw a year ago. >> check this out. this is kind of frightening. a police officer in missouri was standing on the passenger side of a car while his partner spoke to the driver. right there, an alleged drunk driver slammed into the officer's cruiser, his name is kenneth lewis and sent him off the bridge and down a 30-foot drop.
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officer lewis on a job just three months ago is actually recovers in memorial hermann hospital. the driver charged with intoxication assault. all right. >> could have gotten pinned. jill abramson is speaking out plus the u.s. naval academy and the very slippery tradition. we'll explain in a few minutes.
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down to business. cnbc's seema mody. credit suisse pled guilty to helping wealthy americans pay taxes. the gabank agreed to pay$.6 billion and regulators, that's the largest penalties the u.s. justice department imposed in any criminal tax case. other news, chipotle is asking customers thought to bring firearms into its stores after military-style assault rifles were brought in.
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chipotle has complied with local laws regarding open and concealed firearms. can you guess the most popular free game on itunes. it's a game that lets you grow and sell virtual marijuana. >> i don't have that app just yet. one year since a deadly tornado swept through moore, oklahoma, 24 killed. hundreds of others injured and thousands of buildings reduced to rubble after the tornado touched down. let's get to nbc's sarah dallof. how is that city recovering, sarah? >> reporter: betty, it's been a difficult and a painful last 12 months but residents are making good on their promise to not only come back but to come back stronger. a year later, the memories in moore, oklahoma, are as fresh --
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>> stepped out of the house and seen a tornado about half a mile away. >> reporter: -- as the day the ef-5 tornado tore a 17-mile-long path through the metropolitan area. >> i wouldn't wish it on my absolute worst enemy in the whole world. >> reporter: 25 were killed and more than a thousand homes destroyed including kim and marty's place. they vowed to rebuild and now week as way from finishing their new home. the sounds of construction are sound sounds are here, he remembers the first resident to move back. >> that happened the very first one, i think some of us just about cried because they were so happy. >> reporter: perhaps one of the most emotionally difficult rebuilds that of plaza towers elementary. 9-year-old chris ler legg and six other students killed there. like 60% of oklahoma schools plaza did not have a tornado shelter. the new building will. christoph christopher's mom won't stop until there's one in every school in the state.
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>> it's not a matter of if a tornado is going to come to oklahoma again, it's a matter of when it's going to happen. >> reporter: preparing for the future with painful lessons learned the past year. residential storm shelters permits have increased dramatically, 8600 issued in the last year compared to just a couple hundred, betty, the year before. >> that's understandable. sarah, thank you. it was certainly a college graduation with a back story. in her first public appearance since her dismissal from "new york times," jill abramson addressed over a thousand new wake forest graduates monday and said she was kind of like a new grad herself. >> you know the stick of losing or not getting something you badly want. when that happens, show what you are made of. sure, losing a job you love hurts, but the work i revered,
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journalism that holds powerful institutions and people accountable, is what makes our democracy so resilient. what's next for me? i don't know. so i'm in exactly the same boat as many of you. [ laughter ] >> well, in a different and slippery rite of passage freshmen or cleaves took part in a decades old mission to climb to the top of a monument and replace the hat. only problem it is covered in 50 pounds of vegetable shortening. as you can see it took over two hours to get there. we do want to say congratulations to maya rudolph for the launch of her new variety show. sean hayes and fred arm miss sen lent a hand for the opening night festivities. a lot of fun. all right. so joe biden skips the prom. marco rubio on questions about
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meanwhile -- >> oh, my god! oh, my god. >> how cool is this? that was the reaction when president obama took a surprise detour on his way to a fund-raiser to stop at the little league game of spokesman jay carney's daughter and chatted with the teams while they warmed up and threw out a few pitches before heading on his way. former vice presidential candidate sarah palin is weighing in on hillary clinton's health. in a saar krcastic facebook pos that says, hey, hillary's brain is off-limits. leave her health records alone. democrats are right. scouring records of a female candidate is just politics of personal destruction and adds that at the end, "this just doesn't happen at this respectable level of american politics. just ask me and trig" referring to rumors that circulated around the election that she was the baby's actual birth mother. senator marco rubio says there is no responsible way to
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ever recreationally use marijuana. in an interview with abc and yahoo! news, and here's what he had to say when asked if he has ever smoked pot. >> here's the problem with that question in american politics. if you say that you did, then suddenly there are people out there saying it's not a big deal. look at all these successful people who did it on the other side side, if you tell people they don't believe you. >> they might be desensitized to misbehaving politicians. only 11% said they were shocked upon hearing a member of congress was arrested for buying cocaine and only 4% were shocked upon hearing a member of congress had an extramarital affair. well, vice president joe biden turned down an invitation to prom from a connecticut high school student but says he's flattered. the vp sent her a wrist corsage and handwritten note that explained his schedule wouldn't
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permit him to make it but invited her to the white house to meet him instead. right now joined by political analyst ellis. >> biden did right. there is no way for an older guy to go with a young girl to the prom and that seemed a little creepy. >> wrist corsages aren't exactly in. that's the only faux pas i saw. >> this is not cool. this new poll. listen to what it found out where the 2014 elections will actually be decided. likely voters said they would prefer a republican over democrat by 7 points. 41% to 34% and here's what's interesting. a quarter said they were unsure of their preference. what do you think jo. >> dem graphs will focus on the one-quarter because the other numbers are not good. >> i was interested in the fact 25% said, i don't know. >> who the heck knows. democrats are zoob at a disadvantage at this point six months in, right?
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particularly you've got the president's low ratings and the health care thing continues to be an anchor for democrats. but there's a lot of time to go and the dems will pound the local and other emotional issue, right, to watch the pay equity stuff and immigration reform and maybe gun also come back so, yes to early signs are tough but a long way to go. >> talk about those issues. here's what we found out in the poll it also shows nine in ten said the health care law would be important to determining their vote including 49% who said it would be very important. so is that really going to be the key issue during these midterms? >> a key issue, yes, the key issue, i'm not sure because here's the problem. what do you do? there is not an appetite, a great appetite for totally getting rid of it. a lot of aspects are still pretty popular and so folks say, well, i don't love it but, boy, don't take the good stuff away from me. >> got you. thanks foech sore weighing in
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time for first buzz. a lot to buzz about. bill is here as well as frances and i guess we have some new words to buzz about. >> we do. so every year they make new words that the miriam webster dictionary adds. naturally this is the kind of the year of the selfie. these are some words that have been added. selfie added. i don't have to tell anybody
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what that is. got your cell phone. next one, of course, this is a world of social media, hashtag but you know what's great, the love the air hashtag that jimmy fallon has done ef rhyme time you say swieg. tweep. good night, tweeps. >> urban dictionary is like the real one. this one, we thought this would have already been in there, turducken >> that's an old one. >> chicken stuffed in a boneless duck stuffed in a boneless turkey. how do you pronounce this, the fa. >> that is turl lir a real word. so i want to get to this. it's going to raise your eyebrows and, bill, actually has the video for it. it's going to blow your mind. >> babies are cute and babies are funny. >> not a picture of the actual
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baby. >> these are really responsible parents looking for a good time. >> these poor drawing. >> bad drawing of that one. >> pretty good. >> there's a really good one. >> poor little things. >> very cute. >> that's like a baby with too much botox. >> you're home. you like to -- >> so have you ever been on public transportation, say, the subway here in new york or anywhere and someone is a little close to you. this dress will expand to make sure people aren't standing too close to you. you have your personal space. hey, you could use this. >> dads would like that. >> i think so too. >> that's a lot to carry around. all right, thanks for joining us, everybody. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. it's not destroyed. it's not damaged. it's not water soaked. it's gone. >> it's not a day that goes by that i don't -- that i don't
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talk to a person who's having trouble with this. does it ever go away? i don't know. >> sometimes i feel pretty worn down from all of it. it's been -- it's been a tough year. >> when people just kind of question why we move back, it just -- i sort of get offended because, you know, this is my neighborhood. this is where i want to be. >> rebuilding a town and a community. moore, oklahoma, one year after one of the most devastating tornados in our nation's history, the stories of survival, healing and the plans to make the neighborhood stronger than it's ever been before. primary day across much of the nation. the recognizable names facing formidable challenges and the races that could have a larger impact on the elections in november. and the nba strikes back. new details on its plan to get donald sterling out of the owner's box and how many expect the billionaire to respond. this is "way too early" live
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from moore, oklahoma. hi, i'm thomas roberts. it is thursday, may 20th. welcome to "way too early." standing in front of plaza tower elementary school. this was one of the most hard-hit schools in the area. it lost seven children, but the devastating tornado that came through this area is one of the worst in american history. in all, 24 died.


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