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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  May 20, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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john boehner, and we know that he is going to ask the president where the jobs are? but what does he have to say about immigration, and can the republicans pick up more house seats? i'm chris jansing, and today is the closest thing to a super tuesday that we will have this year, and we will set the stage for some of the major midterm matchups deciding the balance of the power in the senate. one of the big themes is the republican establishment versus the tea party. one in one of the closest watched races is mitch mcconnell trying to fend off his challenger. in oregon, mike simpson is trying to fend his opponent off. and also the watch involving saxton chambliss. today, should give us a read on how important obamacare will be which not so long ago the republicans considered the ace in the hole.
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today of the state's primary states are going to indicate the good and the bad of the president's laws and how they are working. oregon has been a mess and kentucky has been more of a success. we will keep an eye on the women candidates and the women supporters and whether it is enough to topple headwinwinds. and also, what will happen in november when the republicans need a net gain of six seats to take control of the senate. and let's start with mitch mcconnell and matt bevan. mitch mcconnell was trying to rally his base while matt bavn was -- matt bevan was on "the daily rundown" last how. >> it is little respect for the public officials. >> we need to change the country now. we need to impose the laws now. and with your help, starting
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tomorrow, we are on the way to change neshg. >> and bringing in harry bac bacon -- perry bacon from, and sam youngman from the "lexington herald." what are you planning to see, perry? >> well, when matt bevin got into the race, we thought it would be a dead heat, but instead, it is a margin of vick trishgs a tri, and anything can happen. we do expect senator mcconnell to pull out the win, but the question is how much. and that will tell us how much repair work he has do in the republican party in the fall campaign against alison grimes. >> and perry, as we know that the immigration is a one of the big themes, and especially in the primary turnout as well, they will tell you how much
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enthusiasm for a candidate, and what are you looking for tonight? >> if bevin gets within single digits, it is going to be interesting, and if he loses by 7 or 9, that is anything -- that is significant, and if he losings by by 20 which is what the polls are indicating, then lower than that is a win. >> and assuming that mitch mcconnell wins tonight, sam, as everybody expects, he is going to face alison lundergren grimes in the fall, and so looking at the money involved, handicap that general election race for
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us? >> well, it will start tomorrow, but both mcconnell and grimes have been focusing on each other for a while. we have said that mcconnell's outside groups will kick in $2.5 million and starting tomorrow. and over the next month i will want to know where bevin's voters will go. they said they would go for grims, but i have a hard time seeing that now, and i wonder if some of the disfaction of mcconnell won't start after the primary and give him a marginal lead within a month or so. >> and kentucky has never had a woman in the u.s. senate, and alison grimes has been unapologetic going after the theme, perry. let me play you clip. >> i am a kentucky woman and who i have been referred to as a an
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anti-dress who seeks to retire mcconnell. >> in going after the voters, she is talk about the mcconnell's violence against women act, and the patient's act, and abortion acts, and how do you see this playing out for the women voters? >> well, the core challenge is emphasizing a woman and young makes her different than mcconnell and a lot of the polling are saying that people are here weary of him because he has been in washington for a long time, and the big challenge for her, and she used the word in that event i'm an independent candidate, and she is going to try to make her running mate barack obama, and no matter what the issues are, how she takes position similar to barack obama, and voters here do not
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consider her part of the same party as the president. that is her challenge. >> thank you, both. i want to bring in democrat congressman from kentucky this morn morning. >> thank you, chris. >> and now ted jackson suggest ed that she going to lose her luster, and i want to quote him, her overly dramatic style is more suited for a game show host and not going to wear with the vo voters well, and you know alison grimes, and you know the state, and what are the challenges here going up against the mitch mcconnell? >> well, the outside money going to be significant, and there has been $7 million already spent attacking her, and mitch has spent $7 million of his own money already, and there are 17
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straight polls where she is tied or ahead, and he is tap theed out at low 40s, so it is hard to see how he can improve the stock. he has to discredit her, and the people understand that he is going to try to raise that obama issue, but we al ti is that -- but reality is if she is going to be elected, she will serve two years with barack obama, and then a new president, and the argument is not going to be much traction. he has to be careful, because he has ran against one woman who is not a serious candidate, but she is serious, and tough, and the kentuckians don't like the male candidates attacking women. >> one of the things that hee has talked about and the supporters have talked about is the power that he has talked about and obviously, if there was a senate that was led by the re rerepublicans, and he even seemed to acknowledge last night in the frustration out there in kentucky with washington. let me play for you what he said. >> i do think that for the
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status quo, for the same majority leader, for the same senate agenda and no change at all, and a new face for no change at all. so if you want to change america, you need the change the majority leader, and the maer joy in the senate. >> so essentially, what he is saying is that your choice is between power and a neophyte, and how does she counter that? >> well, she does not want to promote rand paul, but she can say, we have had a first-term senator who has had more impact than the senior senator the has had and the 30 years in office, he has not done much, and so i would think that she will continue to challenge him on what he would do if he were the ma juror ti leader. mitch mcconnell has never had a positive agenda, and it is block whatever he can, and she is going to call him to task. what are the ideas, senator? you have been there for 30 year, and how are you going to move
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this country forward? he has never had a answer for that. >> and the implementation to your state went well sh, and wi that, the polls show that one-third of the people in the state have a favorable view of obamacare, and 56% unfavorable, and so is this a problem for grimes and other people in the races? >> well, if you ask people in the poll about the connect, only 50% of the people oppose connect, so it is a huge d disparity, and so people are happy with the benefits of obamacare, and support the individual provisions, and now you 410,000 people in the state who are enrolled in either medicaid or the private insurance plans since the beginning of october. that is almost 10% of the state who benefits from the obamacare
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and they are telling their neighbors who a positive impact it is on their lives, so ultimately it is not a negative for alison lundergren grimes. >> thank you, congress mman. >> thank you, chris. and now, there are absurd is what is being called five individuals charged with cyber hacking. and china says that it is going to cause problems between the two countries, and it has led to the resignation of max baucus, and china has asked him to drop the charges. and now a federal judge has struck down the ban of same-sex
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marriages, and that is just one state who has decided to strike down the ban. >> and now a chris christie staffer is going before the committee. his name is matthew mauer and he used to be a regional director in christie's campaign office and he is the one who reportedly went to the ft. lee office who caused the what is now called bridgegate. >> and now, how will the pennsylvania governor's race prove that name recognition is not everything. chuck todd will break down races in oregon and pennsylvania. >> and we have this clip from the 2008 archives after hillary
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clinton lost iowa. >> this is a real rejection and repudiation of trying to sell people on what she is, and in fact, her top strategist said on the plane that this is a referendum on hillary clinton. >> what do the iowans think of her now? we will dig into that, and what a group of activists are saying about it later. age. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at but add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance...
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six primary states today and not just the locations, but the experience with the obamacare that is all over the map, and now political operatives want to know how obamacare will play in the elections this year. two states with wildly different experiences. kentucky and oregon. kentucky has one of the best exchanges in the kun tcountry a
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oregon one of the worst. and republicans are hoping that those problems will help get them elected and not just in the senate races, but in a series of races where the gop candidates have not won since 2002. i want to go to msnbc political news correspondent and news director chuck todd. i don't know if you heard john yarmuth just on, and not surprising that he said that obamacare is going to help alison grimes, and what about in oregon? >> well, what is interesting about to dday is that it show cases the good and the bad and the ugly of health kcare. a you talked about kentucky, and i don't know if it is going to hurt her, but it is not going to help her as much as others. and oregon tried to run its own exchange and fraught with problems and one of the worst in the country and so bad that they had to extend enrollment, and so bad to ask the federal government the take over essentially, and unclear whether they will ever be able to build a state exchange for build one
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for the next year. so republicans love the opportunity that is here in this e respect, because there is a physician monica webby who they like to see republican nomination to show about what the unease of competence to run health care, and i bring it up, because it is tough for her, and she has a tea party challenger by a gentleman named jonathan kong er, a conger, and it is all about getting health care into oregon and to support monica webby, and again, we will see if the personal issues stop her from getting the nomination, but if so, you will see the health care higher profile in a blue state like oregon than normal simply because of how poorly the exchange was put together. >> and speaking of the blue
7:19 am
states, there is a question of whether a slate of governors elect ed elected in the blue states four years ago can win re-election, and tell us about pennsylvania. >> well, today, we have been talking about the republican primaries and in 5 of 6, it is the republican primary action, but in pennsylvania, it is where is the democrat cannic primary action is, and tom corbin of all of the governors elected think john kasic, and rick walker and scott snyder in michigan and so from the penn state scandal which has dogged him since he came into office, and nevermind the fatigue of tom corbett, but what is interesting is watching the democratic primary fight that did not turn out a self-funded millionaire tom wolf and not the guy in the white suit who writes great books, but a different tom wolf.
7:20 am
many thought that alison schwartz and long time congresswoman, and interviewed for numerous times by both you and i, and she would take advantage of the most high profile woman in the race, and she never got off of the ground. maybe seen too much philadelphia, and there is a fine line in pennsylvania, because philadelphia is important in the primaries, but if you look too philadelphia, you will lose traction in the western part of the state in some of the thing, and kit cit e tough. ed rendell is the first philadelphiian governor to be re-elected statewide. and so alison schwartz is finding out the worst. tom wolf is the worst nightmare, because he is a business guy, and not connected to washington or connected to president obama too much. might be the ideal candidate democrats could come up with to knock corbett off. >> in the few seconds left, i want to ask you about president obama, and he has had a busy
7:21 am
fund-raising event in maryland and two more next month and how much of the president's time is going to be spent raising money versus getting out on the campaign trail with kand can dates? >> i would put it 80/20. 80% raising monies. there are places where they send president obama and places perhaps where they send michelle obama before him, and she is more pop ular than he is, and i would not be surprised if arguably you see her on the campaign trail, and if she is willing to do it more than you would see president obama and the requests for her are more of them for her than him, and there are places that president obama thinks that he can help to increase the african-american turnout in particular georgia in that senate race, and there are selective places that they may use him, but right now the approval ratings are not good in i of the red state senate races. >> nbc news director and msnbc
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political correspondent. thank you, chuck todd. >> thank you, chris. and who is spending what in the battle of the midterms. but first, to oklahoma where a year ago today, a tornado flattened an entire xcommunity, and what are they doing to rebuild? when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing.
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dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? about half an hour from now, moore, oklahoma, will hold a memorial service to mark the one-year anniversary of the tornado that killed 25 people, including children in a school that was demolished. it also destroyed more than 1,000 homes. civil engineers are looking at new information about the leveled buildings and how they might have survived. earlier this morning the oklahoma governor mary fallon spoke with msnbc's thomas roberts bt the legislative efforts to make the state safer in natural disasters. >> we have been working on
7:26 am
legislation that is going through that would allow a vote of the people to allow local school district s s to have a increase in the bonding capacity to reach the credit limits to put in shelters or safe rooms. som schools have storm shelters, but they might want to put in safety precautions for say against intruders who want to come into the school. >> and gabe gutierrez is there in moore, oklahoma, and on a somber day, there is the reality that there is so much more to do and rebuilding the do. what is the status there? >> well, it is a sombering anniversary, and it is incredibl incredible. we have been coming to moore for the last few months to show the follow-up stories of the community, and how they are rebuilding. you can see how the neighborhoods start to have more houses on the lots, and see some the rebuilding to take shape. this is plaza towers elementary, and this is the school where the seven children died and the first responders had to pull the
7:27 am
children from the rubble. it was destroyed last year may 20th, 2013, when the ef-5 tornado roared through and it is mostly rebuilt, and the school administrators hope to open it in the fall, and have classes again, and this school along with briarwood elementary being rebui rebuilt. and now that is a big issue here in oklahoma, how to pay for rebuilding them. 1,100 schools in oklahoma do not have shelters in the their schools, and so who going to pay for them? and right now the legislature is discussing how the pay for them and some of the estimates are $800 million. this is a somber anniversary for the community and a remembrance ceremony getting under way in a half hour or so, and again, a lot of progress has been made
7:28 am
here in moore, oklahoma, chris in the last year. >> thank you, gabe gutierrez. if you read one thing, when the wife of new york city's mayor had her first child at 40, it was hard. and she talks about that in new york magazine, but what a firestorm her comments touched off. one newspaper columnist calling her a bad mom, and now her husband is fighting back. the story sup on our facebook page. lets us knwhat you think at life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night
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if the predictions go, year 2016 is going to be the year of the billion presidential candidate, and what will it cost to have a contested senate race say in a big state with multiple television markets. well, the group crossroads is planning a ad blitz in four states critical to republicans for regaining c incontrol of th
7:32 am
senate. and meanwhile, the democrats say their campaigning arm will bring in $3.6 million last year, and edging them out in cash by just over $3 million. and last night, president obama was with 65 people in maryland, but the price tag was big, $10,000 per person, and $33,400 for a couple and vip status. let me bring in our columnist for goldie taylor and political analyst and former rnc chairman michael steele. is this what we have to expect? >> yes. welcome to the wild, wild west, and you will be watching for the grab for the money.
7:33 am
it is a free for all landscape right now, and the -- >> wait a second, michael, remind me when was the last year of the rnc? >> my last year as the head of the rnc, we raised a total of about $80-some million for that cycle which was around $198 altogether. and so you put it in perspective in that in 2009 to 2010 at the rnc, we raised $198 million. you are looking at two the three times those numbers particularly with the influence of the outside groups, and you are looking at the billion dollar campaigns on the national level going forward and it is an impact, because it is towards the tv ads and the negative campaigning that a lot of the americans say they don't like, but they keep buying into it. >> and goldie while american crossroads is gearing up for the blitz, president obama's advocacy group says it is stopping major outreach until
7:34 am
november. does this help or hurt democr s democrats? >> i don't know fit does help. we should be dealing with the level playing field even as michael says the wild, wild west and i have a big problem with the big money politics, and we have to play by the big rules and en gage the opposition where it is, and if they don't run until the fall, it is going to stymie other dems. and on the other hand, we are seeing a brand new day in politics with the billion dollar campaigns, and we are watching county commission races here run into the high six figures, and you have to wonder where the money is coming from and why. >> and county commission. and looking at the totals from country crossroads, more than $116 million, but we should say, michael, that was largely a
7:35 am
losing effort. how do you take the big money like this and spend it well? productively, and what is sort of the way that you approach this and how different from when you were the rnc chair? >> well, it is a good question, chris. because a lot of the people misunderstand the relationship of the money and the campaigns and the ultimate vote. this money out there is largely karl rove and others did in 2012, it is put tv ads on television, and when the voters have gotten to the point where they made up their mind or don't want to be bothered with the ad, it is wasted resources. that money is better spent on the ground where we put a vast majority of the $198 million that we raised in 2009 and 2010 in a grass roots level to turn out the vote. and yeah, folks will watch the tv commercial, but that is not going to motivate them to go
7:36 am
vote, but seeing what the neighbors are doing is will. and this is why karl rove had such a hissy fit on election night, because he realized that all of the money they spent did not get the result. so when you had a non-money election of 2012 where the vo voters are making up their own mind regardless of what is in front of them, that challenges the status quo, and you may see that in various races. >> and i am a big in favor of gtv. and goldie, when we are talking about this kind of the money, and already the saturation in the key states is unbelievable on television, and it is all of the commercials out there, and pes lish as you get closer to the election, but does it have the effect of people turning it off in this day and age of the fast forward through the dvr? >> well, i used to say that the year of the commercial has five
7:37 am
seconds or somebody is going to turn it off, and now you have three second from the time of direct mail to go from the person to trash can to capture their mind. so you have to spend the money that does move to hearts and the minds of people. >> goldie taylor and michael steele, thank you so much. we will talk more about this. >> thank you. >> thank you. the republican race on the republican side in georgia is a fight over who is the most conservative. saxby chambliss is going to be ret retiring at the end of the year, and to the look at how big the fight to become the most conservative has gotten, one of the establishment candidates would not commit to voting for mitch mcconnell as majority leader if the republicans gained control according to senator e
7:38 am
representative jack kingston. >> we have to change the status quo, and i have a plan to do it. >> he is one of the front-runners with david purdue and candle handle, and the big concern is whoever wins could be headed for the runoff where they could be beaten up. we have our reporter from the "star atlanta" benji moreland. >> well, i would say that purdue is the first-run candidate and his uncle is sopny purdue. it could get ugly, because there is a number of attacks being attacked especially over purdue's record. and you could expect those to get uglier in a prolonged run off. >> and michelle nun is very
7:39 am
moderate and ran an ad featuring herself and george h.w. bush and then in an interview with joy reid on msnbc, she talk theed about the position of the obama d.a.r. obamacare and the need to expand care. >> those who don't have health care as a result of the decision, and we are spending our tax dollars else places, and pay ing f paying for the emergency services for those here in georgia and at the same tie we could give them preventative and strong and good health care. >> so she was not in congress and does not have a vote to defend obamacare, but how is the affordable care act playing out there? >> well, there is no doubt that it is a weakness for her. plm is president obama is unpopular in georgia and conservative state, and so is unpopular the obamacare. and the individual mandate and
7:40 am
implementation is however popular. and so for her to increase the cuts tied to it, and she says, i was not there for it, and you cannot pin it on me, and so in that sense she has a sense of an advantage, but it is going to be a scentral issue in the race. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. a quick note on a graphic that we showed you earlier in the broadcast mea culpa, and contained a geographical error and a big up with. we were showing georgia and kentucky and showed mistaken tennessee. our apologies to both states. >> and now, a big penalty for helping to avoid paying taxes. credit suisse is the biggest bank to plead guilty in 20 years? >> yes, attorney general mishg eric holder said that they worked at that bank to deceive
7:41 am
americans and help wealthy americans pay taxes with offshore accounts. cr credit suisse will pay the largest penalty ever imposed on a case. ultimately the bank did admit to doing wrongdoing, and they are making changes to comply with the law, and in entering the plea agreement, they did acknowledge that the decades leading up to 2009, it had in place an illegal banking system to allow thousands of americans to open up those accounts to shield them from uncle sam, and the sentencing date is august 12th. >> now for the decade, i don't remember when burger king's theme was "have it your way" but they are changing it. >> yes, the new tag the line is "be your way." some people are -- have been
7:42 am
scratching their head and so why now "be your way" even though "have it your way" has not been used in the u.s. for year. but they say that self-expression is most important, and it is the differences that make us individuals and not robot, and what that has to do with the eat ing the burgers i'm not sure, but we will see if it is effective. >> yes, thank you. cnbc's mandy drury, thank you. >> thank you. and if you are looking for a job, there are 16 jobs that are paying well without a four-year degree. the median salary for a dental hygienist is $70,000, and registered nurse is $65,000, and web developer is 62,000, and respiratory therapist is
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we are getting a very early read on how the key presidential state of iowa is viewing hillary clinton and some of the insights come from asking this simple question -- who among these prominent democrats would you want to invite to a dinner party, president obama, vice president joe biden, former president bill clinton or former secretary of state hillary clinton, and that was asked with key conversations of e key republican and democratic activists, and for looking for a window to shape a clinton campaign. i want to bring in the national repo reporter for the washington post, and thank you for coming in. >> good to be here. >> philip, you went to talk to the democrat and the republican groups, and this is how the
7:47 am
democrats answered the question of who would you invite to a dinner party. one, one single woman for hillary, and most of them voting for barack obama. tell me about the conversations around that? >> yes. so, a lot of the activists few of them supported her in 2008, and a lot of them are supporters of president obama's, but they feel like it is hillary clinton's time, but she is ready to be president, but they are not excited by her, and they find elizabeth warren or joe biden at dinner, but when asked if you had a family emergency, who would you call and many of them said hillary clinton. >> yes. they used words for her strong, smart, competent. >> yes. serious, substantive and seas seasoned. they feel like she is ready, and a deep resume, and she is kind of earned her position through the four years of secretary of
7:48 am
state and they would support her candidacy, and there is not a lot of energy out there for any primary challenge to hillary clinton, but that is not still going to excite them. >> i wonder what the lessons are, because remember in 2008, the iowa democrat caucus she came in third, and 29.5% behind john edwards and barack obama significantly. so what are the obstacles this early in 2016 and to avoid them. they were not crazy about the campaign staff, were they? >> no. one activist said bad man feeling that the clinton came pain came into iowa with a sense of entitlement that the staff were not connected to the people in the state, and this hillary clinton and the advisers were not listening to them, and when one person said when they would come to talk to you, they were looking at the blackberry for
7:49 am
the whole time so that the lesson is for 2016 is to compete in iowa, they want to have her l listen to them, and stop and pay attention to the anxieties and t the feelings for the country. >> you quote and i want to say, that clinton and her campaign tame came across as aloof and inevitability. so one thing that you know if you have gone out on the campaign trail in the caucus or the primary states of new hampshire, they love the candidates and love them to go door-to-door and the town halls and they like the opportunity to talk to them. but is there a sense that it is hill clinton or are they sort of gearing up for what could be a interesting race on the democratic side? >> well, the anticipation of hillary clinton, and they believe she have be the no, ma'am nae knee, and possibly a
7:50 am
primary challenge, and one of the democrats that we talked to was supportive of bernie sanders who is a vermont senator who is thinking of running, and he has been in iowa for the last couple of days burk n sdays, but not a heated contest. they don't want hillary to take anything for granted and show up and fight for those votes. but they want her to be ready for hillary which is the pro clinton super pac has been organizing a number of the early activists. >> and not surprising the republicans have a different view of hillary clinton. >> yes. >> and what is a view of the strengths and the weaknesses. >> well, they view her as strong and experienced and certainly has the credibility and the resume to be president, but they view her as a politician. calculating and manipulative. they see the benghazi incident of 2012 as a big liability against her and a sense of the republicans that they can't
7:51 am
trust her. so interesting of the article that you presented. >> thank you for having me. >> and today, super tuesdayt the nfl meetings in atlanta, but no exit polls on this one. indy, minneapolis and new orleans bid for super bowl roethlisberger 52 in 2018. that should just about do it. gr! did it hurt? when you fell from heaven (awkward laugh) ...a little.. (laughs) im sorry, i have to go. at&t is building you a better network. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler...
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we want to show you this video just came in. this is california chrome who has won two legs of the triple crown, and moments ago we got this video in and that takes place june 7th, but look at this, no nasal strip upon the arrival. what a beautiful horse. and now, who would you invite to your prom if you had the chance? well, a 17-year-old connecticut
7:55 am
girl asked vice president joe biden calling him, quote, the most delightful man in america. biden couldn't make it, but he was a perfect gentleman and sent a wrist corsage and written note and invited her and the family to the white house in july. >> and maybe he was not invited, but president obama was certainly welcomed when he dropped in on a little league game and threw a few pitches and posed for photos and the team was excited. >> and the white house goes all "american idol" with michelle obama hosting the first ever talent show. the guests are jessica parker and alfre woodard and joan jett and so many others. turns out that jett is a political junkie, and no reports
7:56 am
on whether they hummed a little "i love rock 'n' roll." that is going to wrap up this hour of jansing & company, and "newsnation" is up next with tamron hall. i will see you tomorrow with more news from washington, d.c. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files. reckless seeding. a backyard invasion. enter homeowner, and ortho weed b gon max. kills weeds without harming innocent lawns. guaranteed. ortho weed b gon max. get order. get ortho®. ortho weed b gon max. i began losing my sight to an eye disease when i was 10. but i learned to live with my blindness a long time ago.
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are you type e*? good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall and this is "newsnation." we begin with the closest thing to super tuesday which is this election today. and battle of the polls. primary voters are casting votes in six states -- kentucky, georgia, arkansas, idaho, pennsylvania and oregon and so there are party lines playing out. in georgia, there are seven republicans on the ballot, and the democrats are looking at georgia and kentucky as a pickup as they hope to stave off the gop takeover of the united
8:00 am
states senate. in oregon, the leading republican candidate monica wehby is regarding accusations of personal issues of stalking and harassment of six ex-husband s. covering it all for us this morning is nbc news political director and host of the "the daily rundown" chuck todd. and break it down of course, starting with kentucky. >> well, we will, and what is interesting about the primaries, tam the ro-- tamron is that allf the storylines encompass what is happening today. today, the story sabt the tea party and fizzling out. you bring up kentucky, but it is one of three big challenges for the tea party. tea party challenge to mitch mcconnell by matt bevin and that is looking like it is coming up short, and what is