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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 20, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that is "all in" for now. we will be back at 11:00 p.m., a special live edition, primary night continues with "the rachel maddow show." >> yay, thank you, chris. very exciting. thank you. see you later on. we'll be live later on, too. indeed. thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour and for the rest of the night. nobody is going to bed tonight. a the lot of polls close really late and we'll be here forever. pop your popcorn, we'll be here. get the blanket, sit on the couch. we'll be fine. all right. ralph nader ran for president four times. the first time he ran was in 1996. ralph nader ran on the green party ticket. he made the ballot in 22 states that year. he ended up getting .7% of the vote. bi bill clinton cleaned up that year in 1996. bob dole was way behind bill clinton. the coming of ross perot, he got
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about 8% that year. in 1996 there was ralph nader in fourth place that year with less than 1% of the vote. in 2000, obviously ralph nader ran again. ran again on the green party ticket. and comparatively speaking he did great in the year 2000. he got 2.7% of the vote. and rightly or wrongly democrats to this day still blame the spoiler effect of the ralph nader candidacy in 2000 for having cost al gore just enough votes to deliver to the country and ultimately the world the administration of george w. bush and dick cheney. ralph nader never accepted that he played any sort of spoiler role in the 2000 election whatsoever. and much to many democrats' chagrin he came back in 2004 and ran again. this time as an independent candidate, not as a green party candidate. perhaps unsurprisingly after what had happened in 2000, he did very poorly in 2004, worse
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than he ever did. 0.38% of the vote in 2004. undeterred he came back again and ran against barack obama and john mccain in 2008. again, as an independent. he barely did any better. he got about a half percent of the vote. he didn't run in 2012. and unless there is a surprise in store for 2016, it looks like 2008 will have been the last time that ralph nader's presidential aspirations petered out in public. 2008. but he was not the only third party candidate running. there was also a libertarian candidate the for president in 2008 who got way more media attention than ralph nader did that year. he actually got quite a lot of fawning national press including this long, vaguely positive profile in "the new yorker magazine. "even with all that attention and lots and lots of cable news attention, he even appeared here
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on this show, with all that attention with none of the spoiler baggage that ralph nader carried over from 2000, still, that other third party candidate, that libertarian party candidate in 2008, he did even worse than ralph nader did that year. he came in fourth with 0.4% of the vote. he just bottomed out. and that was former georgia congressman bob barr running as a libertarian. bob barr had been a fire and brimstone social conservative, hard core republican. the he treated the impeachment of bill clinton as almost a religious crusade in the house. he was a lock them up, throw away the key on the drug war. there was nothing remote ly wil libertarian about him when he was in congress. but then bob barr got redistricted out of his seat in congress in 2003. and he sort of decide d to re-invent himself. he left the republican party in 2006. he took a consulting gig with the aclu. he then joined the libertarian
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party just in time to run as their presidential candidate the where upon, as i mentioned, he tanked. he placed even after -- lower than ralph nader in the 2008 presidential election. now bob barr wants to come back and now he's a hard core republican again. and that's because this guy, two-term conservative republican senator from georgia saxby chambliss -- saxby chambliss is retiring. his retirement has set off a feeding frenzy among elected georgia republicans who want to move up in the world, who want to move up into saxby chambliss' still warm senate seat, and that includes three currently serving members of congress who decided to sacrifice their existing seats in congress to give up their existing jobs in order to run for the senate seat. one of them, phil gingrey.
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now this ex-libertarian, bob barr, he wants the seat back in congress. here is how he has been running for it. >> a lot of people died that went up against clinton. a lot of airplanes blew up, people got shot in the head five times. it does take backbone to impeach somebody going up against gangsters like this. we have to get rid of the clinton mafia. we put you back into congress, you are going to start investigating bringing charges of impeachment up in the house? >> alex, i was with some folks just recently and pulled out of a file in my office the house resolution. the house resolution i introduced november 5 of 1997 that was the very first official inquiry of impeachment filed against bill clinton.
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and that was mine. at the time i think i had 18 co-sponsors was all in november of 1997. and what i did, i took that document figurativelfigurativelt off, added language to it. darn if it doesn't sound pretty good with barack obama's name in there. >> the impeachment proceedings against bill clinton, those worked out excellent for house republicans. why not do it for barack obama, too? bob barr running as the impeachment candidate in georgia. he's a former libertarian, former republican congressman, wannabe again and he is running to try to get back part of his old district from the house. there are six republicans vying tonight in the republican primary for that one seat in georgia. among them some of the people with the best flames in all of politics right now against bob barr tonight there was mr. loudermilk running for that
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seat, a ms. pridemore running for that seat as well as bob barr and ed lindsey. the polls closed tonight at 7:00 eastern. in terms of that specific race the georgia 11th, i only he have 2% in right now. mr. loudermilk is right now leading bob barr who is leading ms. pridemore and ed lindsey. that's for the 11th congressional district. in georgia a seat that is open because its current occupant gave up the seat in order to run for senate. paul broun has represented the tenth district in georgia but no longer. he has had to give it up and there are seven republicans running in the primary for that house seat tonight. if you know the name paul broun, he's either your member of congress or you know somebody else named paul broun, a popular name, or the fire and brimstone thing to a whole new level.
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>> i've come to understand all this stuff i was taught about evolution, numerology, big bang theory that is lies straight from the pit of hell. >> paul broun for his seat in congress, most of the national attention to the extent there's been any has focused on a pastor who is one of the republicans in the race and the reason he's gotten a lot of national attention is that he has tried to match the paul broun record brimstone for brimstone. here he is explaining how secularism causes sexually transmitted disease. >> what do you get in secularism in a community, in a country, however big or small you want to make this thing, that basically throws god out? that god is not a part of the equation, we're not going to have prayers, you can't take
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your bible to school. what do you get in that environment? you all just think through that yourself. you get all kinds of problems. you get higher divorce rates. you get -- you get greater crime issues. you have problems with stds. >> i should note that whether or not taking your bible to school is a good thing or a bad thing, it will have no bearing on your susceptibility to the human papilloma virus or herpes. secularism causes stds, that guy is one of the seven candidates who is in the kun running to replace paul broun in congress tonight. one of the other guys running against him is this guy who is famous for being this guy straddling the two trucks. and that's his platform. tonight in georgia's tenth district if in the paul broun district we have 19% of precincts reporting so far jodie hice leading, how bringing your bible to school will keep from
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you getting stds but, again, 19% in, less than a fifth of the vote. extrapolate at your peril. the reason the tenth district and the 11th district in georgia have so many people running is because those are two of the three house seats in georgia where the sitting republican member of congress has given up that job in order to run for senate. the senate race in georgia is settled on the democratic side. michelle nunn will be the nominee for united states senate on the democratic side in georgia. on the republican side it honestly has been a very exciting race. there are seven republicans vying to be the nominee for senate the from the republican party in georgia including those three currently serving members of the house who had to give up their seats in order to compete in this race tonight. it has been a wild ride of a race. in terms of what we know about the u.s. senate primary in georgia we have 18% of precincts reporting. right the now jack kingston out ahead. david perdue in second. karen handel at 16%.
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again, less than a fifth of the vote is in at this point. heading into tonight's polling -- tonight's voting david perdue had been leading in the polls. what happens here is if the -- there will be a run-off if nobody clears 50% of the vote and that run-off will happen in july. in terms of the general election and who will win that senate seat in the end the polling ahead of tonight's primary showed the democrat michelle nunn polling even or ahead of every single one of the republican potential candidates who is in that primary. that, of course, is hypothetical polling. the republicans had seven people in the running, those poll numbers may shift one way or the other once the picture gets more clear. the again, less than a fifth of the vote in so far in georgia and that is going to be a f fascinating one to watch. the big, wide open seat in georgia, there is going to be a
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run-off. and it's all very exciting. what's exciting, though, rate now about georgia, is that there has been legitimate suspense both in terms of tonight's primary and looking ahead to the general in thames of what's going to happen with that senate seat, the saxby chambliss seat wasn't supposed to be like this. the republican math on their efforts nationwide to take back the senate, all the republican math to do that assumes that hold i holding on to that saxby chambliss senate seat was going to be a no problem proposition for the republican party. when you look at what's going on in georgia, though, much more interesting, much more open question than that. also tonight in georgia there's been some rare suspense on the democratic side of things. and the story there is sort of dramatic enough i'm surprised it hasn't had more national attenti attention. we're all wired now to look for suspense in contested elections among republicans. we're just not expecting that from democrats. in georgia there is one tonight and it's really interesting. in dekalb county, part of the atlanta area in georgia, the position of sheriff is an ele elected position.
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on election day in november 2000, a new sheriff was elected in dekalb county, georgia. five weeks after that new sheriff was elected, before he was even sworn in, the man who had just been elected sheriff walked outside his house and was shot 12 times and he died at the scene. december 2000. the man who he had beaten in the election to become the sheriff the month before was convicted of ordering that assassination as a hit. the previous sheriff who, again, lost his seat as sheriff of dekalb county and then was convicted of ordering the hit on the guy who beat him, that guy is now in prison doing a life sentence. the man who came in to run that sheriff's office after that nightmare played out and the sheriff elect got assassinated, the man who came in to take over and clean up in 2000, named tom brown. and former dekalb county sheriff tom brown is the guy who tonight mounted a democratic party challenge, the rarest of all things, a contested democratic
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primary against hank johnson from georgia. hank johnson may ring a bell. he's been in congress since he beat cynthia mckinney in 2006. in the past year or so on this show we featured him a couple of times because, frankly, hank johnson is really funny. he tends to make his points with a sense of humor that is so dry it usually succeeds at making his point by bewildering everyone who is listening to him. here he is, for example, the driest man on earth expressing deeply sarcastic skepticism about national helium reserve. >> imagine, mr. speaker, a world without balloons. how can we make sure that the injustice of there being no
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helium for comedians to get that high-pitched voice that we all hold near and dear to our hearts. imagine a world without balloons. >> congressman hank johnson of georgia is joking. he just has the driest sense of humor on earth. he represents the fourth congressional district in georgia, and even though this is not part of the national n narrative that democrats face primary challenges from other democrats, it is true that tonight he was facing an unexpectedly strong primary challenge from another democrat from the former sheriff of dekalb county right now in georgia's fourth district. again, hank johnson is the incumbent there. only 1% is in. so there's no reason to extrapolate from these numbers, but that's what we've got. we'll be keeping an eye on that. counter to the whole narrative that democrats ever face primary challengers except in extreme circumstances but this is one to watch in georgia tonight. georgia has a lot of interesting
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races tonight off the ballot and down the ballot. the senate race getting the most attention, that senate primary on the republican side as the republicans try to hold on to saxby chambliss' seat. a the lot of suspense makes for an election night and a fun night of courage. where there is no suspense but a lot of attention is in the great state of kentucky. as recently as six months ago everyone thought the top senate republican mcconnell might have a hard time in his own republican primary facing a tea party challenge from the right. the shakiness of mitch mcconnell's future only seemed shakier when his campaign started trying to fend off that tea party challenge from the right the by running ads like th this. there are no words to the ad. it's just this little music that sounds like a ring tone and then mitch mcconnell not saying
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anything. just smiling over and over in different locations with with -- oh, wait, this is the best one. hi, mitch mcconnell, what are you doing? oh, hey, over here. look at me. had hello. no? no recognition? these are the kind of ads that he ran. mitch mcconnell inexplicably talking and smiling with inspirational music playing in the background. then senator mcconnell ran an ad celebrating his love for kentucky basketball, in which he showed the state's archrival duke from north carolina celebrating a national championship. which is a bad move. mitch mcconnell actually did not run a great campaign. in terms of this masterful campaign, he did not run a great campaign. he ran one of the weirder ads anybody has ever seen. everybody had been worried about some threat to him from the tea party. in the end, even though he didn't run a very good campaign, this did end up a real cake walk for mitch mcconnell heading into
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tonight's voting. he was 20, 30, 40 points ahead. the associated press called this race, called the republican senate primary in kentucky just moments after the polls closed tonight in kentucky at 7:00 with mitch mcconnell wrapping it up and handily dispatching his tea party challenger. even with senator mitch mcconnell easily fending off that challenge tonight, the reason the attention tonight is still on kentucky is because the general election in kentucky for november is still shaping up you to be a doozy for mitch mcconnell. the polls show mitch mcconnell to be tied with his democratic challenger. she's pretty well known across the state, the secretary of state in kentucky. she's from a long-standing, well-known kentucky political family. she just finished a 50-county tour of the state. she's been running anti-mitch mcconnell general election ads for a couple of weeks already. mitch mcconnell is a 30-year veteran and everybody in the state knows who he is.
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the down side that have for him right now everybody knows who he is, and the residents of kentucky say they know who he is and they do not much like him. his disapproval numbers are really, really high in kentucky. and that does seem like it might be a problem for him come general election time in november. it seems like a rude thing to point out on a night a guy just won an election by a mile. joining us now is casey hunt. casey is in louisville, kentucky, at the mcconnell campaign's victory party. casey, thanks very much for being with us. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, ravche. good to see you. >> how does the mitch congress campaign explain how this turned from something everyone was worried about into tonight's landslide win? >> well, i might have to move a little bit from what you were saying earlier and say he actually did run a fairly good campaign against matt bevin. he learned a lesson that dick lugar didn't have when he lost to richard mourdock in indiana a few years ago. he did not ignore this guy.
6:20 pm
his campaign dug up opposition research. they aired ads on tv and radio. i've been covering this race for quite a while. i spent time with matt bevin. he spent a lot of time on the stump defending charges mcconnell was leveling at him on the air and he didn't do a very good job of leveling attacks at senator mcconnell. if you talk to his campaign, they'll say they tested whether or not the attack that mcconnell was too liberal was one that would stick and that just didn't register at all and that was bevin's main argument he was not conservative. i think for most people who covered him for a long time in washington would say that this man may be part of the g op establishment, even the embodiment of the g 0 op establishment which is not popular right now but he certainly is conservative. >> in terms of the mcconnell campaign to bevin, i'll give it to you he was very aggressive but i stand by my contention that that ad where there was no words and he creepily, mitch mcconnell, smiled at the camera,
6:21 pm
wasn't the hallmark of an excellent focus group tune, well oiled machine, right? >> that was a video they put out for b-roll and that stuff landed immediately in ads from outside groups. i guess you got to do what you've got to do. >> fair enough. let me ask you about how mitch mcconnell is set up for the general. as far as i can tell, and i may be wrong about this, he has already spent roughly $11 million getting to this point in the election. they're bragging about having $10 million cash on hand. do they think this fight against matt bevin made mitch mcconnell stronger for the general election or has he spent time and money that didn't do him much good? is he well set up for november? does he start anew? >> object stage tonight he said bevin made him a better candidate. i think privately republican aides would say he spent the
6:22 pm
last few months fighting a two-front war, and that's always something that's difficult and it was very hard for them to focus on alison grimes while defending themselves from the right all the time. you saw that in things that mcconnell is now going to run on, the projects he's brought home to kentucky, major deals he's cut in the senate. we can expect to hear him start to say, when i cut that fiscal cliff deal, i saved most k kentuckians from a tax increase. that's not an argument that he could make in the primary against matt bevin. instead, he was put in a very difficult position having to walk the plank on debt ceiling votes in washington, constantly having to step back even from his role as minority leader. i think the campaign is pretty relieved that now they can go forward with just one message with one opponent. >> kasie hunt, political reporter in kentucky tonight, thanks very much for being with us. good to have you here. >> thanks, rachel. always good to see you. >> thanks. let's bring in the host of "the
6:23 pm
daily rundown" chuck todd. chuck, thanks for being here. i know this is late night for you. i appreciate it. >> late night and early morning, it will all run together. >> exactly right. if you stay up late enough, it isn't late at all. >> that's right. >> chuck, let me ask you about the conversation i was just having with kasie how mitch mcconnell is set up for the fight against alison lundergan grimes in november after this tea party challenge. the best i can tell is the big advantage that grimes has right now she's in some polling up against mcconnell by double digits or another poll by seven points among women voters. she's a 35-year-old woman. he's been in the senate for 30 years and is not a woman. do you understand how those dynamics will play out for him and how they plan on working on that? >> i think this is the line. the playbook of survival has been a no holds barred -- a rip your face off the opponent kind of campaign er. he's cold-blooded in that political, calculating way that
6:24 pm
has made him a political figure, feared and respected. not always as well liked personally, but he doesn't mind that that's not something that bothers him. he's not out there to win those points. i think that's a tougher thing to do against a woman candidate. i think you heard him tonight. all after sudden talk iing abou his mother. he was talking about his successful wife, elaine chou. he is trying to present a softer image. they know it's trickier to attack a woman candidate in a way that it could end up backfiring. but my theory on this race, and you talked to some folks, this race, i think, will be decided -- we're going to know more in the next 30 days, the first 30 days of the general election rather than the last 30 because you see the mcconnell campaign. tomorrow morning a super pac will go up with the first round of negative ads against grimes. you'll see a huge outpouring of money in the first 30 days. it's a race to define grimes. how does she hold up? how does she respond? is she ready to go dollar for
6:25 pm
dollar? i don't think money will decide this race. a lot of national money on the democratic side going into this thing. i think this 30 days how does she handle the spotlight in the first 30 days, how does she handle the attacks that will come? is she still tied with mcconnell after the first month or two of this jep election? if she is, i think it is big trouble for mcconnell. this thing means it's a referendum on him. >> in terms of the other big, high-profile race tonight, georgia, seven republican candidates vying for that chance to stand up for saxby chambliss' seat. what do you see happening there tonight? >> well, look, the washington republ republican crowd is already happy. they don't mind any of the top three that are sitting out. they are relieved they don't have paul broun and phil gingrey. jack kingston more of a mainstream conservative rather than a tea party guy. even karen handel who i think still -- look, we have a lot of votes that haven't been counted. you can't even look at georgia results until you see fulton
6:26 pm
county come in, three big counties around the atlanta metro area. we have nothing out of kalb and gwinnett. the question is can kingston hold off handel? she should do well. does she do well enough to catch kingston at the end of the day? when all these -- we expect perdue to do well. weigh don't have any of that vote in. that's why it's probably going to be a long night for all three campaigns. >> a long night. i think it's a very different run-off contest between handel and perdue than kingston and per perdue. >> i'm glad you said that. i think you'll see a bunch of conservative groups come on handel's side in a fight against perdue. if it's perdue and kingston, i think some of these conservative groups stay out a little bit and it becomes more of a fight between two sort of mainstream conservative establishment types.
6:27 pm
handel will attract more of the outside conservative tea party support. >> absolutely. fascinating stuff. chuck todd, host of "the daily rundown." thank you very much. appreciate it, my friend. >> you've got it. see you soon. a big night. small deed democracy wise. we'll check in with the great state of pennsylvania where there has been a really important call.
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driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. she was a democratic member of congress elected the same year that bill clinton was elected president in 1992. the district that elected this new democratic member of congress, she was elected from a suburban district in pennsylvania. it was a district that the republicans held for generations. and while that kind of victory is thrilling for a democrat, y hey, democrats never win here and i just won here. it also makes that a very tough
6:31 pm
seat to hold on to because you know you're sort of in enemy territory even if you did manage to win one. after the 1992 election when she did win that seat, the very next election was the republican landslide of 1994 and that member of congress got turfed out after just one term. she tried to be independent. she tried to distance herself from the clinton administration and other democrats. but when president clinton had needed one more vote for his budget that year, one deciding vote for his budget, he, as president, personally called that brand-new member of congress from pennsylvania and he asked her to vote for his budget. he asked her for it. i need your vote. please do it. and she did it. and the clinton budget passed with her vote. and that was all it took. august 5, 1993. an anguished marjorie margolies
6:32 pm
cast the deciding vote for president clinton's budget. good-bye marjorie, the republicans chanted bleful eed . good-bye. >> president clinton made a lot of promises to get votes. democrat marjorie margolies-mezvinsk wr. >> i'm being called a villain and a heroine. i don't accept any one of those. i did it because it was the right thing to do. >> but her office in philadelphia is getting complaints from constituents. >> she's absolutely out. i mean, i can't believe that she would do such a stupid thing. >> on substance it wasn't necessarily a stupid thing. it was a vote for the clinton administration budget in 1993 n. that republican leaning district in pennsylvania it did get that member of congress, that brand-new member of congress turfed out. that personal phone call from president clinton asking her personally to make that vote. she had told him apparently that
6:33 pm
she would do it if he absolutely needed it. he called her and told her he it absolutely need it. everybody knew full well it would cost her her seat in congress. she kept her word and she cast that vote. she did what she told the president she would do and that's why she only served one time. tonight in pennsylvania she made her move to try to get back into congress. and in the interim 20 years between then and now, between bill clinton asking her to sacrifice her seat in congress for him and today when she wants back in in, what happened in those interim 20 years? her son married bill clinton's daughter. marjorie margolies' son is married to chelsea clinton. bi bill clinton, frankly, already owed marjorie margolies big time even before they became related by marriage. but now that marjorie margolies wants back into congress she is one of the only, if not the only democratic congressional in the
6:34 pm
country who can call on former president bill clinton to campaign actively for her to try to win her seat. so that's not the whole context of the primary for the 13th congressional district, democratic primary in pennsylvania tonight but it is some of the the context. the polls close in pennsylvania tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. at this point there's 25% of precincts counting. she is running second but, again, one-fourth of the precincts counted there. brendan boyle is out front. a four-way primary considered hard fought all along. that's on the democratic side. on the republican side a couple of things to watch there. one is a tea party challenge to a republican congressman who you might not have heard of. bill shuster. the reason this race has national implications is bill shuster is also the tremendously powerful chairman of the transportation committee in the
6:35 pm
house. you may have heard tell recently about how the highway trust fund is going broke and repair projects are idled across the country, literally potholes aren't getting filled in and bridges stopped being repaired because the funding got shaky. people will lose jobs because we haven't been able to fund all the basic transportation and repair projects we fund year. that is in part because bill shuster, who has been facing this tea party challenge back home in pennsylvania in tonight's primary, is in charge of the transportation committee and republicans facing tea party challengers are not the most likely candidates for passing huge spending bills out of their committees no matter how popular and necessary those bills are. well,that race tonight in the ninth district in pennsylvania we're looking at just about 16% of precincts in. right now bill shuster, the incumbent republican congressman there, has 50.4% of the vote. tea party challenger there, 42% of the vote. if shuster survives the tea
6:36 pm
party challenge tonight, may have national implications. who knows, maybe that had will unstick the repair the potholes, fix the bridges funding gummed up in washington under bill shuster's perfect view while are worried about this challenge. we shall see. so that's been one of two things on the republican side in pennsylvania tonight. the other thing to watch in pennsylvania tonight has been the astonishingly bad approval ratings for pennsylvania's republican governor, tom corbett. in november a ppp poll put him at an astonishingly low 24% approval rating. that's the kind of approval rating that gets the adopted by the cheney family because they go see you at the shelter where they keep politicians that need to be adopt ed and the cheneys recognize you when they look at your 24%. in february a quinnipiac poll still terrible, 36%, among the worst, if not the worst for any governor in the country.
6:37 pm
then in march tom corbett backed down even worse again. a mercy hearst poll put his approval rating in march at 29%. when you have approval ratings that terrible, what you get are challengers, a lot of them. a whole fleet of democratic challengers lining up for the chance to run against governor tom corbett in pennsylvania tonight. again, polls close at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight in pennsylvania. this was a hard fought democratic primary. allyson schwartz thought she had it wrapped up. that was just about 37% of precincts counted but the associated press is calling him the winner tonight. tom wolf didn't start off as the guy who was thought to be the one who was going to win. allyson schwartz was thought of as the establishment favorite. tom wolf dominated ad spending.
6:38 pm
tom wolf is a businessman and he ran that way in terms of this primary campaign. also worked in pennsylvania's popular democratic governor ed rendell. and i should tell you governor rendell will be with us later tonight to talk about tom wolf and to talk about his chances of unseating republican governor tom corbett in pennsylvania. again, tom corbett's approval ratings are just terrible now that tom wolf has sewn up the right to be the democrat facing him. tonight's primary was the first step to democrats trying to get rid of tom corbett. and we just got word, do we have another result? yes, we do actually. the an p is calling the primary for pennsylvania's 13th congressional district. mar marjorie march fwoe lis. she is chelsea clinton's mother-in-law. the ap called it for brendan boyle, the democratic nominee
6:39 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
it doesn't make sense to me. i was told in no uncertain terms they could not endorse the governor in the spring of 2013. at that point i did not view an endorsement as a possibility. upon passing this mofgs to others no one i spoke with seemed overly interested or concerned at the time. >> no one seemed overly interested or concerned at the time. that was former staffer to chris christie matt mowers testifying today in the new jersey legislator testifying about the decision to close access lanes on to the george washington bridge in ft. lee, new jersey, last fall apparently as some kind of political vendetta by the governor's office. now the working netheory for wh the governor's deputy chief of staff apparently ordered that traffic snafu to happen is that it was retribution against the town of ft. lee because the ft. lee mayor would not endorse governor christie for re-election.
6:47 pm
today, though, the staffer charged with getting that endorsement from the ft. lee mayor says nobody on team christie particularly cared about the fact he wasn't going to give it. >> at that point i did not view an endorsement as a possibility. upon passing this information to others no one i spoke with seemed overly interested or concerned at the time. >> okay. well, if it wasn't the endorsement that generated the apparent political vendetta from governor christie's office and today there was direct testimony that it was not, then why did that thing happen? there has been no alternate explanation put forward at any point for why it all happened but so far testimony under oath says the reason everybody thinks this thing happened isn't the real reason. joining us now is new jersey assemblyman, co-chair. thank you for being here. >> rachel, good to be here. >> watching these hearings today, mr. mowers, in charge of getting the endorsements, at least to for that part of new
6:48 pm
jersey, said it wasn't about the endorsement. nobody on team christie particularly cared that we weren't getting it. am i understanding the implication of what he said correctly that that means that isn't what caused the bridge shutdown? >> well, that's part of the problem we face throughout this entire investigation because the moment we get an answer there are a dozen more questions. if what he is saying is true that this wasn't about mayor sokolich and his endorse, why were these lanes closed? there was a group of people who said, we know enough. let's just get this done with. we still are left with this very big question. bridgette k bridget kelly sent an e-mail. we heard testimony she took orders from above and she was not the architect of the plan, but we still don't know who was the argue techitect or who gave order. that's why we continue to have these hearings. >> we have direct claims from governor christie himself saying
6:49 pm
he didn't know mark sokolich from adam. couldn't pick him out of a lineup. it wasn't important to him personally. has there been any alternate explanation put forward by anybody in a position to know that didn't relate to the ft. lee mayor that might explain where this vendetta came from and why they did it? >> there's the discredited theory by the report that said it was done because bridget kelly was distraught, which nobody clearly believes. >> everybody who is distraught lashes out by closing down bridges. >> it's a natural response, don't you think? that is really the heart of the problem we have here is that we have a group of people who at least turn a willful eye and don't look at the facts in front of them. we heard testimony that said nobody thought this was a big deal. we heard testimony the other day saying that, well, it was a lane closure but so what? but they didn't ask the logical questions as to why this was happening and why the governor was being implicated.
6:50 pm
these people are supposed to be surrounding the governor to give him advice. they seem to have shut off their curiosity button at that point in time and said, well, we don't need to know anymore, and that's troubling itself. >> it is fascinating to see how the story has -- sort of faded as a national story. governor christie keeps telling the national press this is over. i've been exonerated. since he has shut down the national press on this, the questions you have been able to get at have become more and more and more pointed in terms of figuring out what happened here. >> it is a head scratcher. the governor said december 13. he asked everybody in the administration if they knew anything. but the day before he expressed doubt to his senior people as to whether bill stepian really didn't know anything about it. he had his own internal doubts. yet went out on the national stage and said "nobody knows anything." that contradiction really need to be explained. >> now seemingly on the back burner, national press, the
6:51 pm
story is cooking hotter than it has. and sk thank you for being here. >> rachel. thank you. >> appreciate it. it we have got results coming in over the course of this hour. we'll be right back. stay with us. drive... being able to see so clearly... to respond so intelligently and so quickly, they can help protect us from a world of unseen danger. it's the stuff of science fiction... minus the fiction. and it is mercedes-benz... today. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers i live in a world oi am totally blind.. i've been blind since birth. i lost my sight to eye disease. i lost my sight in afghanistan. and it doesn't hold me back.
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6:54 pm
>> there has been a big development on a story we have been following for the last few days. the state of missouri was scheduled to put to death this man, one minute after local time
6:55 pm
tonight. 1:01 a.m. eastern time of. the first execution in the country since the horrifically botched lethal injection in oklahoma three weeks ago. lawyers for the man set to be put to death had been seeking a stay of ex-cushion, baecution o grounds. because tumors in the man's head, neck and face there is no way to know how it would affect him to inject him with the drugs that missouri planned to use tonight to try to kill him. missouri had twice changed its planned protocol for how they would do the execution tonight on account of the man's medical condition. well yesterday a u.s. federal judge district court judge refused the petition for a stay of the execution on those grounds. but tonight, the circuit court, appeals court at the federal level did step in and grant a stay. they ruled the state cannot go ahead with that planned execution tonight in missouri. again that execution was planned to take place just after the stroke of midnight tonight in missouri at 1:01 a.m. eastern.
6:56 pm
as for now at least the execution is off. the state is likely to appeal this decision. and, right now there is still time for the court to reverse its ruling on bank. but for now it seems that we will not be getting our next execution in this country after what happened in oklahoma. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. ♪ oh-oh, oh, oh, la, la-la, la-la, la-la ♪ ♪ na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na some things just go together, like auto and home insurance. bundle them together at progressive,
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to technology, to better connect with each other. with social media, digital devices and apps. if you don't think "hashtag love dad" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp" find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at voting still ham pppening i idaho and oregon. polls close at 11:00 p.m. eastern. in oregon, all eyes on the race to become the republican nominee for u.s. senate to get a chance to run against incumbent democratic jeff merkley. the front-runner, monica webby vastly outspent her opponent. the election has taken a weird turn at the very end as police reports surfaced from her ex-boyfriend and also her ex-husband, in both cases accusing her of stalking and harassment. now, technically speaking a lot of voting in oregon is done by
7:00 pm
mail. not clear how many people voted before the last minute bombshell news about her personal life was reported in the last four days before tonight's primary. but that's what we are going to be keeping an eye on in oregon. back here at midnight eastern. an hour after voting has ended in or gun aegon and idaho. our coverage continues live now with chris matthews. see you at midnight. it is super tuesday. i am chris matthews, you're watching special election coverage. the votes are in. we are looking towards november already. can mitch mcconnell be unseated in kentucky. what do the primary defeats mean for the tea party? live reports tonight analysis and key moments from the victory and concession speeches as well. let's get right now to the